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Welcome to pyracantha.co.uk, with over 20 years of experience being a professional gardener and nurseryman! I started this website as an outlet for my knowledge on gardening while also providing reviews about the products that I use in order to help others along their journey into gardening too! It has since grown from just me sharing information online-over 2 million people visit every year who learn about the latest garden trends, product opinions, and helpful tips. You can learn more about me here

John Moore

Professional Gardener & Founder


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Bosch PWB 600 Portable Work Bench Review
I'm fairly handy when it comes to DIY, I've renovated two houses over the last few years and I mean[...]

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We spend countless hours researching, testing, comparing and reviewing some of the UK’s best garden & DIY products. Our database of reviews has taken over 5 years to build. Search our site to find our top recommended products from hundreds of carefully researched and tested reviews.

About me

With over 20 years of experience as a professional gardener, I've dedicated my life to sharing my knowledge and expertise with others. I've put my years of experience to the test by personally testing and reviewing the best gardening products and tools on the market.

I've tried and tested the products I recommend on this site for over 20 years, and can confidently say that they are truly worth considering.

Now, I work full-time on this website to bring you honest and comprehensive reviews after hours of testing and comparison.

Join me in discovering the top gardening products and tools for a greener thumb!

I also have City and guilds horticultural qualifications which I proudly display the certificates for below!

City & Guilds Certificate of Unit Credit Towards Horticulture Skills Test

City & Guilds Certificate of Unit Credit Towards Horticulture Skills Test

City & Guilds Certificate Horticulture Skills Test

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