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8 Best hose spray guns for the garden put to the rest

Last updated on July 13th, 2023

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Over the last twenty-odd years, I’ve used many of the best watering hose spray guns and longer watering lances. I’ve worked in my family’s horticultural nursery for over 20 years, so I have much experience. The watering spray guns we use around the nursery differ from what I use at home. Because of this, I’ve included both types in my personalised guide. Basiclly, the watering lances we use in the nursery daily are also perfect if you have a polytunnel on an allotment or even a large greenhouse.

So first, I want to quickly talk about what makes a decent hose spray gun for anyone at home. For me, this means it has to be very durable; this usually means it’s manufactured from mostly metal and durable plastics and will last many years. I also like to have a few decent spray patterns to choose from. This includes a light spray for seedlings, then a heavier or course type spray for general watering and then a powerful jet or fan spray for cleaning off garden furniture, rinsing the bikes down, and cleaning paths. What they don’t replace is my pressure washer I use on my patio, I’ve currently got a Karcher K5 which I talked about here.

The best hose spray guns have between 5-7 spray patterns or a rotational nozzle to adjust spray like the one im using in the picture above. My two personal favourite hose spray guns I use in my garden are this Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer shown above, as well as this Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro but thats a bit pricey. At my mum and dad’s nursery, we use these metal Geka Soft Rain Watering Lances because they are exceptionally well made and very durable, and you can replace parts such as the rose heads and rubber seals.

All metal hose spray gun with a rotational nozzle to adjust spray and a rear dial to adjust the pressure
Vintoney All metal hose spray gun with a rotational nozzle to adjust spray and a rear dial to adjust the pressure

For example, if you need a watering lance with the extra reach, rather than a hose spray gun, for hanging baskets. Then this Gardena Premium Watering Lance is what I recommend over the Geka lance as it uses all the Hozelock style connections, whereas the Geka Lance doesn’t, and you need a few extra accessories to make it fit a standard hose pipe. More on this in the actual review.

LinkTap G2-S wireless water timer
LinkTap G2-S wireless water timer I have linked up to my hose pipe, drippers and sprinklers

All these hose spray guns will connect to any hose with the Hozelock style push and click connections. It’s worth noting I currently have an automatic hose reel. What a game-changer!

However, I’ve also used them with my expandable hoses and hose reel carts. I now also have an automatic watering system, using drippers for pots and sprinklers in my raised beds, all controlled by my LinkTap G2-S wireless water timer shown above.

My favourite Gardena Comfort hose spray gun
My favourite Gardena Comfort hose spray gun

I then use my hose pipe and watering spray gun for my beds and borders, feeding my lawn using this Envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed, watering hanging baskets and just general watering.

I also have a buyer’s guide further down; however, before I get into my detailed, tested reviews for each hose spray gun, I want to highlight some of my favourite garden hose spray guns.

My Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer, which I think is the best hose spray gun
My Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer, which I think is the best hose spray gun

My personal favourite is now this Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer. For the price, this is a fantastic piece of kit. It’s half the price of the Hozelock Multi Spray Pro and is very similar in terms of build quality, but the Hozelock is more metal and heavier. Honestly, it’s just as good. It does have five spray patterns. I think the Hozelock has seven, so there are not as many.

Large nozzle on Gardena Comfort water gun with 5 spray patterns
Large nozzle on Gardena Comfort water gun with 5 spray patterns

Both are excellent, I’ve owned two of the Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro, and after getting this Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer, this is what I would buy again, mainly because it’s half the price. It offers excellent value for money. It’s also comfortable to use and very well made. You can adjust the pressure for each spray pattern too. I’ve been very pleased with this over the last 12 months.

Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro

As mentioned, I’ve also had two of these Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro over the last 12 years. One leaked after a few years, but the other has been fine. The only downside is the price, they are very expensive, maybe too expensive for what they are. However, they are also very well made, mostly metal, it has seven spray patterns, and you can adjust the pressure from full to 50% for each spray pattern to give you more control. 

This is a difficult one; I can’t help but think Hozelock’s price is so high because it has ‘Hozelock’ on it. I personally think Gardena is a better brand! Still, it’s a great watering spray gun with many features that will last for years. It may be better than my Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer as it is probably slightly more durable as there is more metal used in the design, but it’s super close.

GARDENA Premium Watering Lance

I also like to have a watering lance handy as it’s easier to water my hanging baskets without getting soaked. I recommend this Gardena Premium Watering Lance. It’s very well made and durable, much better than the other models Gardena also make. It’s basic because it has three spray patterns and no adjustable rotating head like some of the other models. However, this is often where some of the other lances fail and leak. It’s very well made using steel and durable soft plastic, and comfortable to use. It’s a great lance for watering up high or in harder-to-reach places, up high, the back of polytunnels, places like that.

Geka 5596KMSB Soft Rain Watering Lance

If you have an allotment or even a large polytunnel and looking for a professional grade of lance, the ones the professionals use. Then you can’t go wrong with this Geka 5596KMSB Soft Rain Watering Lance. This is what we have always used and similar on the nursery for over 20 years, strong metal and thermoplastic handle. They are made to last, and we still have some of the originals that must be 20 years old. We have only updated the rubber seals and the end rose (the part the water comes out of), which unscrews in seconds. We use them as we have large polytunnels, greenhouses, and wide benches to reach the back and ensure everything is watered evenly; we also have hanging baskets that need watering and are perfect for this. Go to any professional nursery, these are what you will see them using.

  1. Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer – Probably my favourite hose spray gun, it is a good combination of durability, features and price
  2. Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro – Mostly metal, these are made to last and have a good range of spray patterns and pressure control. Very expensive!
  3. Geka 5596KMSB Soft Rain Watering Lance – I’ve used these on the nursery for over 20 years. Great quality, ideal for watering polytunnels and greenhouses
  4. GARDENA Premium Watering Lance – This is a great option for watering hanging baskets and hard to reach places like the back of polytunnels
  5. Vintoney Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun – These are mostly metal, last for years and are affordable with a simple design but limited spray patterns.
  6. Karcher Premium Spray Lance
  7. Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun
  8. Hozelock 2683 Flexi Spray Lance

Top 8 Hose Spray Gun Reviews

1. Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer

Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer hose spray gun that proved reliable
Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer hose spray gun that proved reliable

This Gardenia Comfort Multi Sprayer is my favourite watering spray gun. It’s also incredibly well made and manufactured from metal and durable plastic; the usual plastic alternatives don’t even come close to this in terms of durability. I would say that it’s very similar to my Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro, which I actually reviewed below and cost twice the price!

Both models are great; however, for the money, this definitely offers way more value for money. Where the Hozelock is maybe slightly better is that it has 2 more spray patterns to play with, plus it is slightly more robust as it has more metal parts than this Gardena model. 

Gardena hose spray gun as five spray patterns
Gardena hose spray gun as five spray routines

However, I think this Gardenia Comfort, with its five spray patterns, still has all the spray patterns you need. I use it mostly for watering my beds, some pots/planters, and occasionally for my pots that are not yet connected to my automatic watering system. It also proved ideal for washing down furniture or bikes.

I like that it’s made of steel and soft plastic that lets you hold the graden hose spray gun for significant periods without my hand becoming cramped and sore.

Trigger locked in position for easy water with less pressure on your hand
Trigger locked in position for easy water with less pressure on your hand

Other conveniences I like that make it easy to use this garden hose spray gun include the trigger button on the front of the handle and has a lock that lets you set the flow of the water permanently. You don’t have to hold down the trigger to allow the flow of the water; you can relax your hand as the water flows freely. This is often overlooked but can be a real problem and cause discomfort on some models if the trigger can’t be locked in place.

Water flow regulator to increase or decrease pressure
Water flow regulator to increase or decrease pressure

Another feature I also like is that there is also a water flow regulator that’s controlled by just one finger. This dial lets you adjust the pressure of water coming through the spray gun. Use low pressure for watering delicate plants or seedlings and high pressure for rinsing off the bikes, and patio furniture or washing the patio down. I like that I can set the spray pattern and adjust the actual pressure!

One of 5 different spray patterns

Let’s quickly discuss the five different spray patterns. While this isn’t as many as other sprayers I own, it’s enough for most gardening and cleaning tasks.

Spray pattern which is perfect for filling watering cans or buckets
Spray pattern, which is perfect for filling watering cans or buckets

There’s a spray jet pattern and a bubble jet that are good for accurately watering flower beds or planters; the fine mist spray works best for watering seedlings and delicate plants in the greenhouse; the flat spray is the one to use for cleaning your car; and finally, the hard jet is the one to choose for washing down patios or walls.

You have everything covered with the five spray patterns.

Another last feature often overlooked is the filter. It has an integrated dirt filter as shown below which keeps your Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer clean by trapping coarse dirt before it gets into the spray gun. Just remove the filter, clean it and replace it. 

Built in filter to help prevent the nozzles from getting blocked up
Built-in filter to help prevent the nozzles from getting blocked up

Finally, this is ‘frost resistant’. Remember, this does not mean it’s frostproof. If you leave water in the gun and it freezes, this will probably damage it. There is no such thing as a frostproof spray gun; hard frost will damage all water spray guns as well as hose pipes and even your outside tap. I always turn the outdoor tap off in winter and put the water timers and water diverters inside my garage for winter. If you have to leave your hose pipe on in winter, I recommend insulating the tap and always draining the hose and spray gun of water once you have used it. 


  • Manufactured from frost-resistant stainless steel and durable plastic, this sprayer is built to last many years if looked after correctly.
  • Features five distinct spray patterns, including Spray jet, bubble jet, fine mist, flat spray and hard jet, providing the flexibility to take on any watering task with ease. 
  • Features slip protection measures. These include a handy trigger lock and a controllable water flow that can be adjusted to your liking.
  • I like that the shower head can swivel to suit your watering angle.
  • An adjustable water flow feature is one of my favourite features, letting you control the water intensity depending as well as the actual spray pattern. 
  • The thoughtful design of the Gardena Comfort Multi Sprayer includes a convenient hanging option, perfect for easy storage when it’s not in use.
  • Comes with an impressive five-year Gardena warranty for full peace of mind. 

My recommendation

I’ve said it once or twice, and I’ll say it again. I think this is my favourite hose spray gun to date. I was already a fan of Gardena garden products and love my Gardena auto hose, and this is an example of another fantastic product. If I had to repurchase a new spray gun, this would be it unless I need a long-reach one for hanging baskets that are high up.

2. Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro

Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro

This Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro is a feature-packed spray gun. Honestly, it’s between this and the Gardena Comfort I’ve just reviewed above. I do love this spray gun, and I’ve actually had two over the years. One leaked after two years, and the other one is still fine after around 3 years. It’s very well made. However, I think it’s perhaps a little expensive for what it is. I paid half the price for the Gardena comfort and there is not much in it, both are durable and great to use hose spray guns!

My problem is the price, it is definitely on the expensive side. I really do struggle to justify the price. Thats being said, it’s very durable, has plenty of watering patterns, more than the Gardena pro and you can even adjust the pressure for each spray pattern. Because it’s good, maybe one of the best or even the best water spray gun, I’ve decided to include it here.

So more about the hose spray gun itself. First of all, you have seven spray patterns to use for various watering and cleaning jobs. They are well labelled so you know the one that’s perfect for any particular situation, a simple but great idea also I do find myself flicking through them until I find the right one still.

The first setting is the cone spray for delicate spraying such as watering flower beds. Number two is the powerful jet that is intended for cleaning jobs such as washing down cars and patios if you don’t have a pressure washer or want to give it a quick rinse. After applying soap to your car, the fan spray setting will do a good job of rinsing down the soap too.

If you need to fill your garden buckets and watering cans, the fast-fill pattern will complete the job in no time, this is what my Gardna Pro is missing, you have to use the yet instead. Another setting known as the high definition metal rose is used for gentle watering, while the fine mist is perfect for taking care of seedlings. The last one is the aerated spray pattern which the Gardena Pro does have. That is designed for watering the lawn unless you have a lawn sprayer but I often like to water the lawn after applying lawn weed feed and mosskiller with a garden spreader to avoid burning the lawn.

There’s also a flow adjuster that gives you control over the spray patterns. You can manage the flow from 50% to 100%. A water lock feature also locks the trigger in position when watering for an extended period.

When it comes to durability, it has a durable zinc-alloy body combined with comfortable soft-touch ergonomics on the trigger. Last but not least, this model comes with a very impressive three-year guarantee, not bad but the Gardena Pro comes with a five year guarantee. 


  • Made with super tough zinc alloy material for enhanced durability.
  • Provides seven spray patterns for all cleaning and watering tasks.
  • Designed with a trigger lock that comes in handy when watering for prolonged periods. 
  • Has a soft ergonomic trigger for increased comfort and ease of use. 
  • Includes flow control and water control mechanisms that help regulate water usage. 
  • Comes with a three-year guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • Expensive.

My recommendation

The Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro is a premium product for major watering and cleaning jobs at home. The seven available spray patterns are the real deal here. The gun also allows you to control the flow of water as well as helps in saving water. Many people also like its solid construction plus it feels comfortable in your hand.

We’ve made the Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro our Best Pick of the products in this review. If the price fits into your gardening tool budget, this is a hose spray gun for everyday use for those looking for more features.

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3. Geka 5596KMSB Soft Rain Watering Lance

Geka 5596KMSB Soft Rain Watering Lance

For over 20 years in my family’s horticultural nursery in Manchester, these Geka 5596KMSB Soft Rain Watering lances are the watering lances we’ve always used. These are incredibly durable and essential in a professional setting. They often get dropped and knocked around when used daily in different tunnels and greenhouses. Basiclly they can take a beating!

They are perfect if you have polytunnels or greenhouses, which is what I’ve used them in. The reason there so useful in larger polytunnels is that you can easily reach the plants at the back of polytunnels or greenhouses and more easily water-hanging baskets hung up high on crop rails in the tunnels.

They don’t have fancy features to break. You simply turn them on and off. What you can do is change the watering rose ends to a more coarse or finer spray if you want. The rose ends just screw on and off if you want to switch them up.

This Geka Soft Rain Watering lance is made of metal with a thermoplastic handle that’s easy to grip and comfortable to hold. It also has an angled head to get into tough to reach places. The one spray pattern this specific lance comes with as standard is designed to give a soft rain effect. This spray pattern gives a very gentle spray for their plants. This spray pattern works well for most watering needs, from watering seedlings to trays of bedding to established plants in borders. For most people, this soft rain spray will be perfect.

The lance is 60cm long, which lets you get to plant pots at the back of shelves and up high. There’s also a version of this watering lance with a 90cm long lance if you need to reach back and up even further. This is only really needed if you have large tunnels like we have in the nursery.

The only downside is that these professional lances fit 3/4 inch hoses as standard, which is fine on the nursery and even many allotments as they are geared up with bigger hose 3/4 hoses. 

However, if, like me, you have 1/2 inch hose, which is standard and what most people have, you will need to buy a step down piece as the lance is geared for 3/4 inch pipe.

This is easily done by having a small section of standard hose pipe, maybe 1-2ft long, with a standard Hozelock connector on one end to attach to your tap or hose pipe. Then the twist and grip brass connector attachments on the other end of the small 1-2ft section of hose and connect directly to the watering lance.


  • Long durable metal lance to water the back of polytunnels and greenhouses or large beds with ease.
  • One spray pattern is a soft rain effect ideal for most watering jobs with options to buy different spray rose ends with different patterns from course to fine.
  • Handle constructed from thermoflex plastic.
  • Dimensions: 60cm long.

My recommendation

This Geka 5596KMSB Soft Rain Watering lance is probably the best choice if you have a polytunnel or decent size greenhouse or have many hanging baskets to water. This lance lets you reach back or up to plants that are a bit out of the way, and it’s incredibly durable. We have a few of these types of lances that have been on the nursery for over 15 years, and all we ever changed is the black rubber seals that cost pennies that just pop out and can be replaced to stop leaks.

The downside is that you do have to buy a coupler to connect the spray lance to the garden hose pipe, but that’s not a deal breaker and is easy to do. Overall if you have a small allotment with a polytunnel, these are well worth getting.

4. GARDENA Premium Watering Lance

GARDENA Premium Watering Lance

Gardena has around 4 different versions of a watering lance similar to this. However, despite this Gardena Premium Lance being quite basic in design, it’s definitely one of the most durable. I would go as far as saying only the professional metal Geka Watering Lances is more durable. It really is that good!

The fact that it has no adjustable rotating head and 3 basic spray settings is also why it’s so reliable; this is where most other models fail and eventually leak. It also helps that it’s more metal than plastic, hence the word ‘Premium’ in the name.

Made of metal and soft but durable plastic, is actually sold as frostproof (like all the other Gardena spray guns in this review), so you don’t have to worry about when the first frost of the year is to bring in the spray lance. However, as already mentioned in this review, none are true frost proof; they are frost resistant as best. This means you need to turn the water off and drain the water from the gun. If you don’t and get a hard frost, it will damage it as teh water freezes and expands. If you drain the lance but leave it out in frost, it will be fine, hence frost proof in this way.

More about this watering lance, like all lance style sprayers, the trigger for the water flow is conveniently situated just where your hand holds the lance. There’s a button there to press that locks the trigger in place and ensures a continuous flow of water without you having to have your hand on the trigger. This saves your hand from becoming numb and sore. Also, if you are left-handed like my wife, you will find it a little more fiddly to lock the watering on.

Spray patterns are limited to just three. This doesn’t sound like much when you consider that most water spray guns have at least five, but this Gardena Premium Lance covers all that you need for the basic tasks in your garden and outside your home. Here you have a spray mist for the more delicate watering tasks such as seedlings, a soft shower jet for regular watering and a jet spray for heavy watering and for cleaning.

The lance is 90cm (3ft) long and angled at the shower head end. This lets you get into further away places or into out-of-place parts of your garden or greenhouse, or up into the eaves of your home.


  • Garden lance made of metal and thermoplastic.
  • Trigger conveniently placed on handle.
  • Three spray patterns: soft shower jet; jet; and spray mist.
  • Trigger lock button.
  • Adjustable water flow.
  • Swivelling shower head.
  • Hanging option for storage.
  • Frost proof.
  • Dimensions: 90cm.

My recommendation

If you’re looking for a long lance spray gun, from a world-renowned manufacturer that has just enough features, then I do really like this GARDENA Premium Lance and think it’s a good choice. The three spray patterns go from gentle to strong, and the angled lance lets you get into awkward spaces if needed. Overall, you’re definitely paying for the durability and to have a long-lasting premium product and maybe a little more, as Gardena is not the cheapest gardening brand.

5. Vintoney Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun

My Vintoney Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun

The Vintoney Garden Hose Nozzle has a stylish design featuring a black and silver finish. It’s made of metal which makes it a tough item to break, while some parts are made of brass and iron – brass nozzle, stainless iron trigger and painted cast iron handle. 

Vintoney Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun on jet

The input water flow pressure is 40 – 100psi whilst the output is 170 – 250psi. So the output water pressure is at least double the hose input pressure from your tap. These figures simply tell you about the flexibility of the hose spray gun. It can operate at low pressure for gentle cleaning or watering tasks and deliver the high pressure required for tough cleaning tasks such as patios. The Crenova HN-01 succeeds where other low-flow water faucets fail because they slow people down. This model even delivers a consistent flow of water in every position and direction. 

Featuring a leak-proof design, the Vintoney can help save water. In addition, Crenova is so confident of this product that it offers a free replacement if the hose nozzle leaks within one year from the day of original purchase.

Furthermore, this spray gun has an adjustable flow rate so you can regulate the amount of water you use on a given job. By rotating the head of the nozzle from left to right, you can select from fine mist to moderate spray and jet stream. These settings are very handy for homeowners. For instance, you can use the spray mode for watering delicate plants and use the power of the jet stream for cleaning. 

There are also some handy features that make this spray gun easy to use. One is its ergonomic rubberised grip that makes the sprayer feel comfortable in your hand while using it. Another is a front trigger that is perfectly positioned for easy start and release. Then there’s an integrated trigger lock that is very useful for continuous spraying. Just pull the trigger, lock it in and focus on spraying. 

This Crenova garden hose nozzle even fits the Hozelock quick fitting attachment.


  • Built with metal to provide enhanced durability.
  • Offers great flexibility in water flow pressure, both input and output.
  • Helps save on water use due to its leak-proof design.
  • Hose nozzle is covered by a one-year replacement guarantee in case of any leakage.
  • Flexible and adjustable water flow rate helps you customise water use depending on the task.
  • Easy to use due to its ergonomic handle along with the front trigger. 

My recommendation

The Vintoney Garden Hose Watering Gun is a solid product thanks to its metallic construction. The brass material used in some parts is of excellent quality and so is the black and silver finish. This spray gun is comfortable in your hand and easy to use. We like its adjustable spray settings too.

Overall, this is a great hose spray gun to use for a wide range of cleaning and watering jobs, including watering your garden, hosing down cars, motorcycles and cleaning off garden furniture and tools such as lawnmowers.

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6. Karcher Premium Spray Lance

Karcher Premium Spray Lance

Karcher is another brand known for manufacturing garden cleaning devices, from pressure washers to guns, nozzles and spray lances. With the Karcher Premium Spray Lance, they offer a simple, one-handed way of watering beds, borders and gardens at large. 

Featuring a telescopic design, the 70cm lance can be extended up to 105cm to reach those difficult-to-reach spots and hanging baskets. The spray head additionally can be angled up to 180 degrees to direct the water precisely where it’s needed. 

Speaking of spray variety, this spray lance has six patterns. These are cone jet, fine mist, horizontal flat jet, power jet, shower and vertical flat jet. The patterns give users great options for various watering tasks. Choose the ideal spray for watering small, medium or large-sized gardens. As well, you have the perfect selections for watering plants and groups of plants including small beds and containers. If you want to regularly clean garden furniture and tools, there’s a spray selection for that as well. 

Weighing just 500g, the Premium Spray Lance is likely not to cause hand fatigue, even when used for a considerable amount of time. As a matter of fact, it’s designed for single-handed operation, making it a hassle-free solution to numerous watering jobs in your garden. Even the flow control mechanism is conveniently placed on the handle for easy reach and it includes an ON/OFF function. 

Designed with a convenient hanging hook, the lance can be easily stored away when not in use. Worth mentioning is that Karcher spray nozzles can work with most hose diameters and all the available click systems. Like many products in Karcher’s watering range, the Premium Spray Lance is made from high-quality materials including brass and anodised aluminium, ensuring a long service life. 


  • Offers a wide range of spray patterns for watering as required.
  • Has an extendable design that comes in handy for those hard to reach areas. 
  • Features an adjustable water flow control that can be altered using one hand. 
  • Comes with a rotatable spray head that can be angled to direct water wherever its needed. 
  • Compatible with all click systems and most hose diameters.
  • Made from top quality materials for increased durability. 


  • A bit more expensive than other spray guns in its category. 

My recommendation

The Karcher Premium Spray Lance is for those looking for a device that can reach difficult-to-reach areas. This is the real deal, thanks to its extendable design. The ON/OFF flow control feature is also a great addition as well as the useful and varied six spray patterns.

What’s more? Its compatibility with most hose fittings and click systems is a plus. It means you don’t need to have everything Karcher at home to make use of this spray lance. The only downside for us is the price tag but it is an investment product that lasts for years. Otherwise, a great solution to complex garden watering situations. 

The Karcher Premium Spray Lance is the Runner-up in our review of hose spray guns for those looking for extra reach giving you a little more flexibility.

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7. Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun

Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun

The Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun is one of the best selling spray guns on the market. Obviously, when you see the name Hozelock you know it’s something high-quality to do with hoses and gardening equipment. 

This Multi Spray Gun is made from high-quality plastic material for increased durability. With a quick connect male connector, the Multi Spray gun allows quick switching between fittings and ultimately makes lawn and garden watering incredibly easy.

This version offers five spray patterns intended for different cleaning and garden watering applications. There’s a cone spray for watering flower beds, a powerful jet for cleaning cars, BBQs, patios and such, and the ‘Fast Fill’ option for filling watering cans and buckets. The other two are a high definition metal rose for gentle watering and a fan mode for rinsing the soap off cars. 

The spray gun additionally features a flow adjuster to give you total control over the spray. Another element that affects the flow of water is its trigger. The idea is that the more you squeeze the trigger, the greater the amount of water is delivered. And if you plan on watering for an extended period of time, you can make use of a water lock feature to reduce the strain that comes with squeezing and releasing the trigger frequently.


  • Made from top quality plastic materials for enhanced durability.
  • Offers five spray patterns, making it suitable for most gardening tasks.
  • Comes with a male connector that allows quick changing between accessories. 
  • Excellent water control with the help of trigger, flow adjuster and water lock features. 


  • Prone to leaks after some months of use. 
  • Can break if dropped or stood on by accident. 

My recommendation

If there is one product that you simply buy because of its brand name and affordability, this Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun is just the kind. Of course, it is a decent spray gun but with a few niggles. 

Most people like its adjustable spray modes because it allows them to perform various tasks with the right spray pattern. For us, the major selling point is the gun’s ability to control the flow rate and save up to 50% water wastage. Yet, there are complaints concerning leakage after several uses. 

Finally, if you are the kind of gardener who does a wide range of cleaning and watering tasks on a daily basis, the Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun is a great choice for those looking for a very affordable model. If you like this model but would like a more robust alternative, then our Best Pick, the Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro, is a better choice, with a three-year guarantee and seven spray patterns. 

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8. Hozelock Flexi Spray Lance

Hozelock Flexi Spray Lance

The Hozelock Flexi Spray Lance is much more than a spray gun. It is specifically designed to help reach those hard-to-reach areas with a flexible hose. This spray lance is perfect for watering containers, pots, flower borders and of course hanging baskets, thanks to its flexible attachment and extra reach. 

You can twist the flexible hose of this spray gun into different configurations to perform a variety of watering tasks. For instance, it can be transformed into a hanging basket watering device, which further extends its reach by 60cm to reach those confined spaces. For those times when you need to water a specific area or plant, this device can be moulded and left to perform on its own. 

As with all Hozelock spray guns, the flow of water is regulated by the amount of pressure you apply to the trigger. The more you squeeze it, the more water it delivers; let up off the trigger and the water flow slows down. This lets you easily and quickly change how much water a plant receives. The trigger also locks in position for watering for long periods, thus reducing your hand strain. There’s also a flow control feature on the handle that helps regulate the flow, even when the trigger is locked. Hozelock has designed this flexible spray gun with your convenience firmly in mind.

The Hozelock spray gun is also convertible into a sprinkler that waters your lawn up to an area of 69m2. It has four spray patterns – Fast Fill for filling watering cans and buckets, Rose for gentle watering, Powerful Jet for cleaning and Sprinkler for wide-area watering. This is such a fantastic, multi-functional spray gun and attachment designed for a wide variety of watering tasks. 


  • Designed for hard-to-reach spaces due to its flexible hose and convenience of use.
  • Has four spray patterns intended for different applications. 
  • Transform from sprayer to sprinkler to help water the lawn. 
  • Water flow regulation features that help save water greatly. 


  • Prone to leaks around the trigger area. 
  • May be difficult to balance the head when twisted into some positions.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a multi-purpose spray gun, the Hozelock 2683 Flexi Spray Lance is a perfect choice. Designed to convert into a sprinkler when needed, it can help in lawn watering while still functioning as a regular sprayer. It has a few spray patterns and flow regulation features. As flexible as it is, however, some people find it hard to balance the head for precise watering and the build quality could be better to reduce leaks.

All in all, a well-designed flexible hose and spray gun/sprinkler comes at a decent price and is great for watering hanging baskets and hard to get to places.

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Buyer’s Guide

Choosing which hose spray gun to buy doesn’t involve many decisions.

Hose spray gun styles

Hose spray guns come most usually in one of three styles.

Gun Grip

This is the most common hose spray gun. As the name suggests, this spray gun is held in your hand like a gun. Some have a trigger on the front of the handle that you squeeze with your fingers to control the flow of water. Other models have the trigger placed on the back of the handle and in this case you have to depress it with your palm to control the flow rate. The more you squeeze or press, the faster the water flows.

These models are usually made of metal or sometimes a mixture of metal and plastic. They have many moving parts and can be prone to damage if handled carelessly. Be sure to invest in a top-quality model if you are to buy a gun-grip type. 

Dial spray guns

These are called ‘dial’ because they have a dial feature that you use to adjust and select a spray pattern. That said, they have different spray patterns ranging from two to eight, including jet, mist, shower, flat, cone and more. If you tend to do various watering or cleaning jobs in your garden and need to constantly change the spray pattern, a dial nozzle is the best option for you. For instance, the mist setting is ideal for delicate watering of seedlings whilst the jet is perfect for thorough cleaning.

Most dial spray guns are made of plastic, though you can also find some constructed of part aluminium and part plastic. 

Watering lance

A watering lance is a specialised water sprayer designed to extend your reach to those hard-to-reach areas, such as hanging baskets or deep garden beds. The best watering gun in this category offers a range of spray patterns, just like the dial hose nozzles.

Construction material

The first thing you want to consider when shopping for a hose spray gun is what material it’s made from. There are two options here; metal or plastic.


Metal is considered the best material a hose spray gun can be made out of. The reason is simple – metal is durable. Still, metal differs in quality. Aluminium, brass and zinc are the common metals used to make hose spray guns.  The quality of metal spray guns depends on how easily the metal parts fit together and how they glide against each other.


Plastic sprays guns are less expensive than their metal counterparts for people looking for the most affordable option. Plastic hose spray guns don’t have the high quality of metal ones and usually fall apart quicker.


When you are looking for a money saver hose spray gun that will last you for quite some time, you can consider one made of both plastic and metal. It is advisable to get one where the handle is made of plastic and the sprayer and all important parts inside the nozzle are made of metal. The plastic handle tends to be rustproof and lightweight.

Spray patterns

Different nozzles for different spray patterns
Different nozzles for different spray patterns

Every spray gun comes with a variety of spray patterns, often from two to eight patterns. Don’t assume that what’s called a Jet pattern from one manufacturer is the same Jet pattern in another brand, though the most common patterns usually are similar. Spray pattern names usually relate to the shape of the pattern of water dispersed and the manufacturer will recommend what pattern to use for what cleaning or watering task.

For example, for cleaning larger surface areas like cars and driveways, a powerful jet pattern is usually ideal. If you are watering your flowerbeds or the lawn, mist or shower patterns can work just as well respectively. This is where knowing what you plan on using the spray gun for informs your knowledge of what spray patterns you need.

The flow rate can also be of slight concern depending on the spray pattern you choose and the water pressure of your hose.

Quick connect

Hozelock quick connect fitting allow you to change accessories instantly
Hozelock quick connect fitting allow you to change accessories instantly

One of the biggest problems people are faced with is how to connect the spray gun nozzle to the hose. The quick-connect option enables to you snap your nozzle onto the hose easily. The other option would be to screw the nozzle on every single time you need to use the hose. Most sprayers have Hozelock style quick connections; it’s worth looking for spray guns with these.


The grip of the nozzle needs to be comfortable so that it can be easy to use for extended periods of time without straining your wrist. Look for spray guns with handles and triggers that are ergonomically designed. Nozzles with a locking mechanism located at the bottom of the handle also increase the ease of the use of the nozzle. This is a simple but great feature to look out for.

Final Conclusion

There you have it; what we consider to be the seven best hose spray guns on the market. Whether you plan to use your spray gun for cleaning or watering tasks, or both, the key is to select one that has all the spray patterns that you need in a material that gives you the durability for the frequency of your tasks and the length of time you want to keep the unit. Plus ensure that it’s comfortable to use. Remember that spray lances serve a great function if you have many hanging baskets or out of the way places to water and clean.

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