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Best Garden Hose Spray Gun Review with Buying Guide

Obviously, for you to keep your garden looking lush and keep your plants growing, you need to water them from time to time, specially during dryer periods over summer. A good hose spray gun and a decent garden hose are what is needed for this job. Yet, it's easy to go out shopping and end up with a mediocre product - a purchase that you later regret. 

Here at Pyracantha, it is in our nature to mind the state of any garden. In this guide, we thought it would be wise to provide you with everything you need to know on choosing the best garden hose spray gun. To help you further, we spent several hours doing an extensive market research in order to find models that deserve the title, best watering gun. Think of the 6 models we found as samples but still you might want to take one home. 

From our research, we determined that the best garden hose spray gun overall is the Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle. Take a look at its highlights below but we have a full review further down the guide.


Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun Review
  • 100% metal build for unmatched durability. However, the connector and tip are made of brass, while the grip is rubberized for increased comfort.  
  • Delivers high pressure - up to 250psi - required for cleaning stubborn dirt off items. 
  • Has a leak-proof design that is covered with a 1 year guarantee. Free replacement in case of a single leak.
  • Has a pistol grip design and it's very comfortable in hand. 

If your also in need of a good hose pipe, don't forget to check out our Best Hose Pipe Reviews which includes some great models.

Having glimpsed at our 'Best Pick', it's high time you learn the things to consider when buying a hose spray gun. Feel free to skip to our garden hose spray gun reviews below if you already have the purchasing know-how. 

Garden Hose Buyers Guide

Hose spray gun styles

There are several types of hose nozzles. Below we explain the 3 common styles.

Gun Grip

This is the most common hose spray gun. As the name suggests, this spray gun is held in hand like a gun Some have a trigger in front of the handle which is squeezed with a user's fingers to turn the water on or off. Other models have the trigger placed on the back of the handle and in this case you have to depress it with your palm to control the flow rate. To use the gun grip, point to the direction you want to spray and squeeze or depress the trigger. 

These models are usually made of metal or sometimes a mix of metal and plastic. They have many moving parts and can be prone to damage if handled carelessly. Be sure to invest in a top quality model if you are to buy a gun grip type. 

Dial spray guns

These are called 'Dial' because they have a dial feature that can be adjusted to select a spray pattern. That said, they have different spray patterns ranging from two to eight, including jet, mist, shower, flat, cone, and more. If you tend to do varying watering jobs in your garden and need to constantly change the spray, a dial nozzle is the best option for you. For instance, the mist setting is ideal for delicate watering of seedlings whilst jet is perfect for thorough cleaning.

Most dial spray guns are made of plastic, though you can also find some constructed from part aluminium and part plastic. 

Watering lance

A watering lance are specialised water sprayer designed to extend your reach to those hard-to-reach areas. Let's say you have hanging baskets or deep garden beds, a watering lance can be useful in these scenarios. The best watering gun is this category offers a range of spray patterns, just like the dial hose nozzles. They also have a cut-off valve at the base to allow you to start and stop the water as needed. 

Best Spray Gun for Hanging Baskets

Draper Extendable Shower Lance Review

Some plants and items can be beyond reach, specially hanging baskets. At this point, you need something that can help you water the hard to reach areas. From our two extendable models, we think the Draper extendable Shower Lance has an edge of the Karcher model and is more affordable. 

First, it has 8 spray patterns, making it the ultimate leader in offering this kind of flexibility. It does a good job at extending to reach hanging baskets and it features flow control too.

For the price of this model, we think it offers good value for investment compared to the expensive Karcher Spray Lance. Therefore, we think it is the best spray gun for hanging baskets. 

Construction material

The first thing you want to consider when shopping for a hose spray gun is the material it's made from. There are two options here; metal or plastic. Let's explore the pros and cons of both. 


Metal is considered the best material a hose spray gun can be made out of. The reason is simple - metal is durable. Still, metal differs in quality. Aluminium, brass and zinc are the common metals used to make hose spray guns. 

The metal nozzles tend to be heavier than the plastic but this works to their advantage in regards to their shelf life. The quality of metal spray guns also depend on how easily the metal parts fit together and how they glide against each other.

The insulation of the metal hoses also matters. The most common coatings include powder coating that protect the spray gun from water damage and rust; plastic or rubber insulation that improves the grip of the gun; and nylon insulation to keep your hands warm while you use regardless of the season. 


They tend to be very cheap for people looking for the most affordable option. However, the cheap price comes with a quality price too. The plastic hose spray guns are more likely to fail after dealing with high pressured water for an extended period of time. The plastic also tends to break down in the sun due to the lack of insulation against the heat and they can break if dropped.


When you are looking for a money saver hose spray gun that will last you for quite some time, you can consider one made of both plastic and metal. It is advisable to get one where the handle is made of plastic and the sprayer and all important parts inside the nozzle are mad of metal. The plastic handle tends to be rust proof and lightweight.

Spray patterns

From above, it is possible to figure out that there are various types of spray patterns. They range from single spray patterns to a range of spray patterns. There is the shower, mist, jets patterns and more other patterns as you will discover in the spray gun of your choice. 

For cleaning larger surface areas such as cars and driveways, a powerful jet patterns is usually ideal. If you are watering your flower beds or lawn, mist or shower patterns can work just well respectively.

The flow rate can also be of slight concern depending on the spray pattern you choose and the water pressure of your hose.

Quick connect

One of the biggest problems people are faced with is how to connect the nozzle to the hose. The quick connect option enables to you snap your nozzle onto the hose easily. The other option would be to screw them on every single time you need to use the hose.

There are some with threaded metal fitting to attach the nozzle. The ones with a plastic fitting tend to break easily and this is a reason why you are advised to avoid them. Rather, use rubberised washers to reduce the chances of springing a leak while in use. Most sprayers have hozelock style quick connections.

Shut-off valves

Who would not want convenience while using a hose? Well, it is not really a must have but you should really consider buying a hose nozzle that will give you the capability of turning off the water flow at the nozzle. You, however, have to ensure that the quality of the valve is good so as to prevent the leaking of the hose.


The grip of the nozzle needs to be comfortable so that it can be easy to use for extended periods of time without straining your wrist. Nozzles with a locking mechanism located at the bottom of the handle also increase the ease of the use of the nozzle and is a simple but great feature to look out for.


There are usually reports of people injuring their hands while they are using nozzle gun hoses. You need to ensure you know exactly where your hand will be positioned while in use. It should be away from the outlet to avoid injury by the jet of water. You also need to be able to regulate the flow of water efficiently to have control over the hose.

Top 6 Hose Spray Gun Reviews

Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun Review


Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun Review

Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun

The Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle has a stylish design featuring a black and silver finish. It's made of metal which makes it a tough item to break while some parts are made brass and iron - brass nozzle, stainless iron trigger and painted cast iron handle. 

The input water flow pressure is 40 - 100psi whilst the output is 170 - 250psi. What this basically means is that the output water pressure is at least double of the hose inout pressure from your tap. This figures simply tell about the flexibility of the hose spray gun. It can operate at low pressure for gentle cleaning tasks and as well deliver high pressure required for tough cleaning tasks such as patios. Some other low-flow water faucets may be frustrating as they slow people down. The Crenova HN-01 succeeds where other low-flow water faucets fail. It even delivers a consistent flow of water in whatever position and direction. 

Featuring a leak-proof design, the Crenova HN-01 can help save so much water. A lot of money is lost every year through leaky water faucets but the designers at Crenova made sure that's not the case with this spray gun. In fact, Crenova is so confident of this product that it offers a free replacement in case the hose nozzle leaked within one year from the day of original purchase.

Furthermore, the manufacturer made this spray gun to have an adjustable flow rate so you can regulate the amount of water you use on a given job. By rotating the head of the nozzle from left to right, you can select from fine mist to moderate spray and jet stream. These settings are very handy for homeowners. For instance, you can use the spray mode for watering delicate plants whereas use the power of the jet stream for cleaning. 

There are also some nice features that make this spray gun easy to use. One is its ergonomic rubberized grip that makes the spray feel comfortable in hand while using it. Another one is a front trigger that is perfectly positioned for easy start and release. Then there's an integrated trigger lock that is very useful for continuous spraying. Just pull the trigger, lock it in and focus on spraying. 


  • Build with metal to provide enhanced durability.
  • Offers great flexibility in water flow pressure, both input and output.
  • Can help save on water loss due to its leak-proof design.
  • Hose nozzle is covered by 1-year guarantee in case of any leak.
  • Flexible and adjustable water flow rate to help you customise depending on the task.
  • Easy to use due to its ergonomic handle along with front trigger. 


  • No problems to report.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Crenova HN-O1 Garden Hose Watering Gun is a solid product thanks to its metallic construction. The brass material used in some parts is also good quality and so is the black and silver finish.

It's comfortable in hand and easy to use. We like its adjustable spray settings too.

Overall, great hose spray gun to use for a wide range of cleaning and watering jobs, including watering your garden, hosing down cars, motorcycles and cleaning off garden furniture and tools such as lawn mowers.

After taking everything into consideration we think you won't find a better hose spray gun for cheaper and with a 1 year guarantee against leaks, what more could we ask for. For those who are not sure about connections, it will even fit Hozelock quick fitting.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun Review 

Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun Review

Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun

The Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun is one of the best selling spray guns on Amazon.co.uk at the time of our review and there are enough reasons as to why. Probably even the brand name itself has contributed to the thousands of sales across online stores. Obviously, when you see the name Hozelock, then you know it's anything hoses and gardening equipment. 

It is made from high quality plastic material for increased durability. With a quick connect male connector, the Multi Spray gun allows quick switching between fittings and ultimately making lawn and garden watering incredibly easy.

This version offers five spray patterns intended for different cleaning applications. There's a cone spray for watering flower beds, Powerful jet for cleaning of cars, bbqs, patios and the likes, and 'Fast Fill' for filling watering cans and buckets. The other two are high definition metal rose for gentle watering and Fan mode for rinsing soap off cars. 

The spray gun additionally features a flow adjuster to give you total control over the spray. Another element that affects the flow of water is its trigger. The idea is that the more you more you squeeze the trigger, the greater the amount of water is delivered. And if watering for an extended time, you can make use of a water lock feature to reduce the strain that comes with squeezing and releasing frequently. The trigger itself is very tender on the rear for comfortable operation. 


  • Made from top quality materials for enhanced durability.
  • Offers five spray patterns, making it suitable for most gardening tasks.
  • Comes with a male connector that allows quick changing between accessories. 
  • Excellent water control with the help of trigger, flow adjuster and water lock features. 


  • Prone to leaks after some months of use. 
  • Can break if dropped or stood on by accident. 

Thoughts and recommendations

If there are one of those products that you simply buy because of their brand name and affordability, this Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun is just the kind. Of course, it is a decent spray gun but with a few niggles. 

Most people like its adjustable spray modes as it allows them to perform various tasks accordingly. For us the major selling point is the gun's ability to control flow rate and save up to 50% water wastage. Yet, there are complaints concerning leakage after several uses. 

Finally, if you are the kind of gardener who does a wide range of cleaning and watering tasks on a daily basis, the Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun is a great choice for those looking for a very affordable mode.If you like this model but would like a more robust alternative, then the pro model reviewed below would be a better choice and has a 3 year guarantee and 7 spray patterns. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro Review

Another one from Hozelock, the Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro is more feature-packed than the Seasons Multi Spray model and much more rebust which is backed by a 3  year warranty. It is also on the expensive side yet we think the price can be justified by what you get. 

First of all, you get 7 spray patterns to use for a variety of watering and cleaning jobs. They are also well labelled for you so you know the one that's perfect for a particular situation, a simple but great idea.

The first setting is the cone spray, which is meant for delicate spraying such as watering flower beds. Number two is the powerful Jet, intended for cleaning jobs such as washing down cars and patios if you don't have a Pressure Washer. After applying soap to your car, fan spray setting will do the job of rinsing down the soap. If you need to fill some garden buckets and watering cans, fast fill pattern will do the job. Another setting known as high definition metal rose is used for gentle watering, while fine mist is perfect for taking care of seedlings. The last one is the aerated spray pattern, which is designed for watering the lawn unless you have a lawn sprayer which we have looked at recently.

The best garden hose spray gun not only does the job of spraying, but also helps on saving water. This Hozelock version is designed to do just that. It features Water control that regulates the water flow by simply squeezing and releasing the trigger to determine the amount of water delivered. In addition, there's a flow adjuster that gives you control over the spray patterns. You can manage the flow from 50% to 100%. There's also a Water Lock feature that can lock the trigger in position when watering for an extended period.

Speaking of the build, it has a durable zinc alloy body combined with comfortable soft touch ergonomics, this is what the extra money well spent pays for. The Multi Spray Gun fits nicely in the hand and feels comfortable thanks to the soft touch trigger. Last but not least, it comes with a very impressive 3 year guarantee, which can be activated by visiting the official Hozelock website. 


  • Provides seven spray patterns for all cleaning and watering tasks. 
  • Made with super tough zinc alloy material for enhanced durability. 
  • Designed with a trigger lock that comes in handy when watering for prolonged times. 
  • Has a soft ergonomic trigger for increased comfort and ease of use. 
  • Includes Flow Control and water control mechanism, which helps regulate water usage. 
  • Comes with a 3 year guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • It is expensive and some may be concerned whether it's a worthy investment.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro is a great product that will help in major watering and cleaning jobs at home. The 7 available spray patterns are the real deal here. The gun also allows you to control the flow of water as well as help in saving water.

Many people also like its solid construction plus it feels comfortable in hand. It's hard to justify whether these features are worth nearly 3 times more than out 'Best Pick' but for what we know this is a fantastic product and worth every penny. If the price is not a big deal to you, this is a hose spray gun for everyday use and a great alternative to our 'Best Pick' for those looking for more features.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Hozelock Flexi Spray Lance Review

Hozelock 2683 Flexi Spray Lance Watering Gun Review

Hozelock 2683 Flexi Spray Lance Watering Gun

This Hozelock version is more than a spray gun. It is specifically designed to help reach those hard-to-reach areas. The Hozelock Flexi Spray Lance is perfect for watering containers, pots, flower borders and of course hanging baskets thanks to its flexible attachment and extra reach. 

The flexible spray gun can be moulded into different shapes to perform a variety of watering tasks. For instance, it can be transformed into a hanging basket watering device, which further extends its reach by 60cm (2ft) to reach those confined spaces. For those times when you need to water a specific area or plant, this device can be moulded and left to perform on its own. 

Like all Hozelock spray guns, the flow of water is regulated by the amount of pressure you apply on the trigger. If you squeeze it more, it delivers a great amount of water, vice versa. The trigger can also be locked in position when watering for long periods, thus reducing hand strain. There's also a flow control feature on the handle that helps regulate the flow even when the trigger is locked. 

The Hozelock spray gun is also convertible into a sprinkler that can water your lawn up to an area of 69m2. It has four spray patterns. Fast Fill pattern for filling watering cans and buckets, Rose for gentle watering, Powerful Jet for cleaning, and Sprinkler for wide area watering. It is such a fantastic, multi-functional gun and attachment designed to use for a variety of watering tasks. 


  • Designed for use in those hard-to-reach spaces due to its conversion into a hanging basket watering gadget. 
  • Has 4 spray patterns intended for different applications. 
  • Can transform from sprayer to sprinkler to help water the lawn. 
  • Has water flow regulation features that can help save water greatly. 


  • Prone to leaks around the trigger area. 
  • Some users may find it difficult to balance the head when twisted into different spray positions. 

Thoughts and recommendations

If you are looking for a multi-purpose spray gun, the Hozelock 2683 Flexi Spray Lance is a perfect choice. Designed to convert into a sprinkler when needed, it can help in lawn watering while still functioning as a regular sprayer. It has a few spray patterns and flow regulation features. As flexible as it is, however, some people find it hard to balance the head for precise watering and the build quality could be better to reduce leaks.

All in all, a well-designed flexible hose and sprinkler that comes at a decent price and great for watering hanging baskets.

If your just looking for a long spray lance and don't need the flexible feature the Draper Shower Lance reviewed next may be a better choice with solves the leaking issue associated with this model.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Draper Extendable Shower Lance Review

Draper Extendable Shower Lance Review

Draper Extendable Shower Lance

We present another spray lance, the Draper Extendable Shower Lance. It is similar to the Karcher model we also reviewed in terms of design but the Draper wins when it comes to spray patterns variety. The Shower Lance offers 8 spray patterns including; Shower, Mist, Jet, Cone, Flat, Vertical, Triangle, and Centre. 

These patterns allow you to customise your spray to suit almost every watering need. The Mist, for instance, is perfect for delicate seedlings, whilst the cone is an ideal choice for pot plants. The centre option will do the opposite of the cone by concentrating water in one central area as opposed to spraying evenly around plants. The Jet as always is the ideal choice for cleaning and removing stubborn grime off cars. The Shower option works best for watering flower beds and the Vertical and Triangle can be used alternatively for accurate watering. And, you can always use the Flat setting for lawn watering. 

This lance features telescopic action, meaning it can extend anywhere from 73cm to 106cm to enable watering of hanging baskets. There's an ON/OFF lever that can be used to control pressure of the water coming through the lance. The item is also compatible with Hozelock connections. 


  • Lance extends and reaches fairly high; ideal for hanging flower pots. 
  • Offers multiple spray patterns, which is handy for a range of applications. 
  • Integrated flow control feature for regulating water pressure. 
  • Lightweight at only 400g, so it doesn't cause fatigue when watering overhead plants. 
  • Compatible with Hozelock systems. 


  • Has weak plastic connections that can cause leaks under high pressure. 

Thoughts and recommendations

The Draper Extendable Shower Lance is an affordable spray lance that can be useful in a wide range of applications. Whether you want to water hanging baskets, flowerbeds or delicate seedlings, this spray lance will do it all.

The availability of flow control is a plus and, of course, its core ability to extend to different lengths is the real selling point. Overall, a decent spray lance to use for most gardening tasks and an alternative to expensive options. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Karcher Premium Spray Lance Review

Karcher Premium Spray Lance Review

Karcher Premium Spray Lance

Karcher is another brand known for manufacturing garden cleaning devices, from pressured washers, to guns to nozzles and spray lances. With the Karcher Premium Spray Lance, they offer a simple, on-handed way of watering beds, borders and gardens at large. 

Featuring a telescopic design, the 70cm lance can be extended up to 105cm to reach those difficult to reach spots and water hanging baskets. The spray head additionally can be angled up to 180 degrees so as to direct water precisely where it's needed. 

Speaking of spray variety, it has 6 patterns. These include Cone Jet, Fine Mist, Horizontal Flat Jet, Power Jet, Shower, and Vertical Flat Jet. The patterns give users great options for various watering tasks. You get to choose the ideal spray for watering small, medium or large-sized gardens. As well, you have nice selections for watering plants and important plants such as small beds and pot plants. Even if you want to regularly clean garden furniture and tools, there's just an ideal spray for you. 

At 500g, the Premium Spray Lance is likely not to cause hand fatigue even when used for a considerable amount of time. As a matter of fact, it's designed for single hand operation, making it a hassle-free solution to numerous watering jobs in the garden. Even the Flow Control mechanism is conveniently placed on the handle for easy reach and it includes ON/OFF function. 

Designed with a convenient hanging hook, the lance can be easily stored away when not in use. Worth mentioning is that Karcher spray nozzles can work with most hose diameters and all the available click systems. Like many products in Karcher's watering range, the Premium Spray Lance is made from high quality materials including brass and anodised aluminium, ensuring a long service life. 


  • Offers a range of spray patterns for watering as required.
  • Has an extendable design that comes in handy for those hard to reach areas. 
  • Features an adjustable water flow control that can be altered using one hand. 
  • Comes with a rotatable spray head that can be angled to direct water wherever its needed. 
  • Compatible with all click systems and most hose diameters.
  • Made from top quality materials for increased durability. 


  • A bit expensive than other spray guns in its category. 

Thoughts and recommendations

The Karcher Premium Spray Lance is for those looking for a device that can reach difficult to reach areas, this is the real deal, thanks to its extendable design. The on/off flow control feature is also a great addition as well as the useful 6 spray patterns.

What's more? It's compatibility with most hose fittings and click systems is a plus. It means you don't have to have everything Karcher at home to make use of this spray lance. The only downside for us is the price tag. Otherwise, a great solution to complex garden watering situations. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Final Conclusion

There you have it; what we consider to be the 6 best hose spray guns in the market. They have their good and flaws and any other product out there does too. Nonetheless, the goal is to find the best garden hose spray gun for every day use.

As we mentioned earlier, the build material will go a long way towards determining the durability of your spray gun. Multiple spray patterns can only make for a customised watering experience, while flow control features can help save water wastage. Our needs are different and the best watering gun is one that fulfills them adequately. 

Our garden hose spray gun reviews have clearly shown that models can vary greatly in terms of quality and even things like price can affect purchasing decisions. Just find a spray gun within your price range and go care for your garden. We love to see beautiful gardens, so it will be our pleasure to know that you found a fantastic spray gun. 

Check our commendations below and don't forget to leave us a comment!

Our Best Pick

Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun Review

The models we selected above are graced differently and they all have their standout features. From our comparison, we picked the Crenova HN-01 Garden Hose Nozzle Watering Gun as the best overall for most gardeners. The reason behind as to why we pick this is based on durability. Being a metallic spray gun, it's likely to serve a long time after most plastic models have been replaced once or more. 

Apart from that, it has 5 spray patterns - only behind the Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro. Then, it is leak-proof. In fact, the manufacturer offers 1 year guarantee on leak plus a 60-day money back guarantee. When other models are accused of leaks, the Crenova HN-01 is praised for saving water. 

It also has water pressure and flow control features. The package includes a brass quick connector and from the way it easily connects to a hose, we believe its the best spray gun for hose pipe. Finally, this piece comes at a very decent price. We were even surprised to find some plastic models cost twice as much. Best garden hose spray gun for the price - no doubt. 

Best Budget Model

Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun Review

Hozelock Seasons Multi Spray Gun

Certainly on of the best selling spray gun on Amazon.co.uk is the best budget model here. For less than £10, you get a quality spray gun with 5 spray patterns. It comes with a quick connect male connector for seamless compatibility with Hozelock systems. Hozelock also claims that it's made from ultra-tough plastic for durability. Flow control and trigger lock mechanisms are all available. Looking for an affordable model? You can't go wrong with this spray gun. 

if you like this model but would prefer a more robust version then the Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro is a great alternative and has 2 more spray patterns with 7 in total.

Best Spray Gun for Hanging Baskets

Draper Extendable Shower Lance Review

Draper Extendable Shower Lance

Some plants and items can be beyond reach, specially hanging baskets. At this point, you need something that can help you water the hard to reach areas. From our two extendable models, we think the Draper extendable Shower Lance has an edge of the Karcher model and is more affordable. 

First, it has 8 spray patterns, making it the ultimate leader in offering this kind of flexibility. It does a good job at extending to reach hanging baskets and it features flow control too.

For the price of this model, we think it offers good value for investment compared to the expensive Karcher Spray Lance. Therefore, we think it is the best spray gun for hanging baskets. 

Our website supports our amazing readers with countless hours of research and testing to help you find the best product so you don't regret making a purchase. You support us through our independently chosen links, which earn us a small commission and cost you nothing but helps support our research.

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