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Top 5 best BBQ covers to protect your BBQ from the suns UV rays, rain and wind

Last updated on June 23rd, 2021

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Why should you subject your barbecue to the elements if you can purchase a cover for it? By purchasing the cover you can keep your barbecue in tiptop condition for many years. To select the best bbq cover requires a bit of knowledge so that you can select the most suitable cover out of the hundreds of products.

We have taken our time to present you with reliable bbq covers that are waterproof and not just water-resistant. These products suit different types of barbecues and they come with weatherproof features. Take your time to read through and discover what each product has to offer.

We have selected our top picks which include the Grillman Premium Barbecue Cover as our ultimate choice for most BBQ’s and the Bosmere Protector 6000 Kettle BBQ Cover for those with a kettle style BBQ.

Discover what these top-performing products have to offer you below:

Best Pick

Grillman Premium Barbecue Cover
The heavy-duty BBQ cover is well designed to offer adequate coverage for many barbecue grill models in the market. This cover is made from oxford material and it has weatherproof features and more importantly fully waterproof. It is perfect for those who have their barbecues in shaded areas like the garage or patio. It offers UV-resistance but it better suited when kept away from long exposure to the sun as with all covers. With good maintenance, this premium quality cover will last for many years.

Runner Up

Bosmere Protector 6000 Kettle BBQ Cover
This cover is of good quality and you can tell because it has a 6-year warranty to back this up. This cover is designed for kettle barbecues and it comes with a drawstring to fasten it to the barbecue grill to stop it blowing off, even in storms. It is made of sturdy polyester material and it is available in different colours. With this product, you are assured to get good value for money. You can leave it under the sun without suffering irreparable damage. Overall Bosemere make some fantastic covers and this is an excellent example of there attentional to detail and quality

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Top 5 Best BBQ Covers

1. Grillman Premium Heavy-Duty Barbecue Cover

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Grillman Premium Heavy-Duty Barbecue Cover

Introducing the Grillman Premium Barbecue Cover that is designed to be wide and fit around around most BBQ’s, especially the top branded models. It doesn’t matter if you own a top of the range gas Weber BBQ, Charcoal Brinkmann, or a state of the art Char-Broil barbecue, this 58-inch cover will provide protection from the elements and everything the UK weather can through at it.

The high-quality cover is made from Oxford material that has been lined with PVC. This allows the cover to remain waterproof and water-resistant. You can comfortably cover your barbecue and expect it to remain in good condition through the different seasons of the year. On top of that, the material is strong enough to resist tearing easily which is where most covers fail and it offers resistance from UV-rays which is also where most cheaper covers fail.

The cover is secured to the barbecue using hook and loop straps to prevent the wind from blowing it away which is a nice feature. It additionally has a handle sewn in to make moving the barbecue to storage easy. This cover measures 58″ L x 24″ W x 48″ H, thus check to compare with your barbecue model measurements to make sure it fits. They are so smaller covers from inches and larger covers all the way to 72 inches which is just over 6ft wide.


  • Made from durable oxford material lined with PVC.
  • Compatible with most of the barbecue brands like Weber, Broil and Char among others.
  • It is waterproof, UV-resistant and water-resistant.
  • Comes with hooks and straps to secure it from the wind.
  • Its heavy-duty quality provides good value for money.
  • Available in many sizes from 30 inches to 72 inches.


  • The material could use more UV-resistance to prevent sun damage to the material in the long run but seems to hold up.

Our recommendation

The Grillman Premium Barbecue Cover is an awesome cover if you keep it out of direct sunlight if possible. The material is UV-resistant but it seems the strength of the resistance is not adequate.

We find this heavy-duty cover more suitable for those who store their barbecues in a shaded area. It is designed well to fit over your favourite barbecue brand and for what it is worth if well maintained, it offers good value for money. It’s also available in many sizes too.

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2. Bosmere Protector 6000 Kettle BBQ Cover

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Bosmere Protector 6000 Kettle BBQ Cover

The Bosmere Protector 6000 Kettle BBQ Cover is available in three colours to choose from. This kettle barbecue cover is made from polyester fabric backed with PVC to prevent water from seeping in. The cover possesses double stitching for durability and the top seams are waterproof to prevent water from seeping in when it rains.

This cover will accommodate most of the kettle barbecue brands in the market, especially webber. It measures 68cm H x 71cm and it possesses bungee cords to secure it around the barbecue which is a nice touch. You do not have to worry about the cover fading in the sun as it is UV-resistant. Its water-repellent coating will protect your barbecue from any moisture damage.

You can trust that the quality is good because this model comes with a 6-years guarantee. It offers good value for money because it does what it says on paper.


  • Made from durable PVC backed polyester material.
  • Features a water-repellent coating to keep water from seeping in.
  • Comes with bungee cords to secure the cover around the barbecue.
  • Available in different colours.
  • It is UV- resistant thus it won’t fade fast.
  • Comes with a 6-year guarantee.


  • Length is shorter than seen in the advertisement.

Our recommendation

The Bosmere Protector 6000 Kettle BBQ Cover is designed for those who own a kettle barbecue such as the Weber 67cm. This polyester cover has a decent quality that will keep your barbecue protected from the elements for a long time. You can choose between the colours available to suit your taste. 

While it may or may not as long as in the picture, it does provide sufficient coverage. It is sold at an affordable price and it is accompanied by a very impressive 6-year warranty. You can try and test it to see if it meets your requirements. We think for most people with kettle style BBQ’s this is probably one of the best covers currently available.

3. AmazonBasics Gas Grill Cover 

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AmazonBasics Gas Grill Cover

The AmazonBasics Gas Grill Cover which is obviously designed by Amazon as an affordable option is designed for everyday use, this size we reviewed is suited for those with barbecues up to 111.7cm W x 55.8cm D but they also do several larger sizes up to 187.9 by 66cm for those with larger BBQ’s. This barbecue cover is made from strong polyester material with a water-resistant backing to keep water from getting to the barbecue. The weather-protected cover can withstand the sun thanks to its UV-resistance too.

To prevent the cover from blowing in the wind, the cover possesses bungee cords that can be tightened for a better fit. Furthermore, the cover is equipped with air vents to reduce billowing in the wind and condensation caused by temperature changes which can often lead to moisture under the cover on some models which leads to surface rust.


  • Made from quality woven polyester.
  • It is UV-resistant and it as a water-resistant backing.
  • Comes with bungee cords to secure the cover.
  • Features air vents to prevent billowing and condensation.


  • Water might seep through if left under heavy rain.

Our recommendation

The AmazonBasics Gas Grill Cover is a good cover for its price and has been well thought out. It is easy to fit around your gas barbecue especially if you select the right size and its worth noting they sell around 6 different sizes do you should be able to find the right size for your own BBQ for a snug fit.

This cover is made from quality polyester that will not disintegrate in the sun easily. We like the design because it is compatible with most of the gas barbecue models in the market. It does have a few flaws but none that cannot be managed because they are minor flaws. Overall, this cover performs very well and offers excellent value for money.

AmazonBasics Gas Grill Cover
See availability from the best retailers

4. Tvird Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover

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The Tvird Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover measures 145 x 61 x 117cm which is large enough to cover your favourite barbecue grill. This cover is compatible with popular brand names like Weber, Cosmos Grill, Char-Broil and George Foreman among others.

To keep up with the demands of the outdoors, the cover is made from a high-density fabric. The 3000D nylon oxford material is waterproof and features a silver coating that is UV-resistant. You can keep your barbecue protected from the dust and moisture therefore maintaining its condition.

This cover wraps around the barbecue and it is secured by loop and hook straps. There is an additional drawstring feature at the bottom that secures the cover around the base of the barbecue making it windproof.

When dirt accumulates, you don’t need much force to clean the cover. By simply using a hose you can clear off the dirt and dry the cover in preparation for storage in the bag provided. The storage bag comes with a zip to secure the storage bag during storage.


  • Compatible with different barbecue grill brand names.
  • Made from durable 3000D nylon oxford material.
  • It is waterproof and UV-resistant.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • Features drawstring, hook and loop fasteners to secure the cover around the barbecue.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • Fabric is perhaps a little thinner than you might anticipate.

Our recommendation

For people with double grills, the Tvird Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover would fit perfectly. It might fit a bit baggily on single grills but it is manageable. This cover comes with fasteners in two places to prevent it from blowing in the wind which is a nice feature rather than just the one. 

It is awesome that it comes with a storage bag because when the cover is not in use it can be stored safely. The fabric is a bit thin but it is not flimsy enough to tear to easily.

No products found.

5. Sotor 600D Barbecue Cover

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Sotor 600D Barbecue Cover

Last on this review is the Sotor 600D barbecue cover that is made from high-density Oxford material. The weatherproof material features a PVC lining to prevent water from seeping in when it rains or snows. It is also dustproof and UV-resistant hence its ability to stay under the sun without fading.

This durable cover is compatible with most of the barbecue grills on the market whether from a brand name or not. If you have 2-4 burners, you can easily secure this cover around the barbecue without it looking clumsy.

The cover is equipped with adjustable buckles on the sides and a drawstring at the bottom to provide a snug fit and prevent the wind from blowing it away.

Measuring 151.99 x 124 x 75.01 cm, this cover comes with handles to move the barbecue easily. If the cover is not in use then there is a storage bag provided to keep it from getting dirty.


  • Feature a high-density Oxford material with a PVC backing.
  • Compatible with different barbecue grill brands.
  • It is waterproof, dustproof and UV-resistant.
  • Possesses double-stitched seams for durability.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • Features adjustable knuckles and a drawstring to fasten the cover.


  • Colour of the cover fades over time.

Our recommendation

The Sotor 600D barbecue cover is a decent product whose fabric is commendable. It is not thin and prone to tear which makes it much more durable than the cheaper alternatives on the market. We love the fastenings provided because they do a good job securing the cover to the grill. It is also nice that they included a storage bag which offers more value for money. 

Generally, it is a well-designed cover whose colour might fade but the fabric will remain strong. If you keep it under the shade, the sun will do less damage to its constitution.

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we explore some of the considerations to make before selecting the best grill cover. Even if you own a kettle grill you still need to make an informed decision regarding the best kettle grill bbq cover out of the many available in the market. The good thing that they are fairly simple products so there isn’t much information to digest.


This is a very important factor to consider because you do not want to waste money on low-quality covers. The type of material used should be capable of surviving the sun and other forces of nature without struggling. In many cases materials like nylon, polyester, and oxford fabrics are used. These fabrics can manage wear and tear especially if they are of a high density.

If you require a cover that will survive the outdoors all year-round then the quality of fabric should match the task at hand. A thin cover can’t withstand 365 days of the elements nonstop without taking in some damage. 

If you just want a cover for your barbecue that sits on a shaded place then you have more leeway as to the density of the material. Barbecues that are predominantly outside most of the year requires something more hardwearing.


There are very many different types of barbecue grills in the market from different brands. Whichever cover you select should be able to suit the barbecue grill model that you have. Whether you have a barbecue with two burners or four, you should be able to find a cover that fits without being too snug.

Compare the measurements of the barbecue and the possible cover to see if it will fit. You can always look at the product description because some manufacturers specify which barbecue brands are compatible. In many cases, most covers are designed to be compatible with the majority of the barbecue models available.


Because these covers are not weighted down, it is easy for the wind to blow them away. The best bbq cover will feature two or more methods of fastenings. This is to ensure that the cover is secured on the sides and at the bottom. Most covers feature the hook and loop strap to secure the sides or adjustable knuckles. The bottom of the cover is secured by a drawstring so that it does not billow in the wind.

Protection from the weather

By purchasing a cover you are making an active decision to protect your barbecue from the elements. It would be a shame if the cover you selected failed to do so. To prevent this, you have to select a cover that has been weatherproofed. This includes water-resistance/waterproof features, UV-resistance, dust resistance, and windproof features.

If you are leaving your barbecue outdoors then water-resistance and UV-resistance are very important. Poor quality covers tend to disintegrate quickly under the sun. Check the customer reviews for a potential cover to see if it is durable in the long run. If previous customers have no complaints about the product years down the line then that is the best grill cover.

Ease of use

First things first, any cover you buy should be easy to slip on the barbecue. If it is frustrating to put on or remove it then it is not worth the frustration. 

Secondly, the cover should be easy to clean. Fabrics that stain easily look unappealing and will be a struggle to keep clean. If you can hose the dirt off that would be perfect.

Finally, select a model that offers a storage bag because it makes it simple to store the cover when it is not in use. You don’t have to fumble around the garage looking for a cover because you will know exactly where it is.


Our best kettle grill bbq cover offers a warranty of 6-years. This indicates that the cover would at least serve you for 6-years before maybe starting to be effected by the suns UV rays and weather in general.

Selecting a cover with a warranty assures you that your money did not go to waste. Not all covers come with a long warranty so be sure to check out customer reviews to have insight on the longevity of the cover. 

Final Conclusion

We hope with this review we have proven how easy it is to get your hands on the best bbq cover. All it takes is to understand the features that you require from a grill cover because after that it is smooth sailing. Before you go, here is a small recap for our best performers:

The Grillman Premium Heavy-Duty Barbecue Cover is our best pick because of the quality it offers. For people whose barbecues are stored in shaded areas, this model is perfect.

Our runner up the Bosmere Protector 6000 Kettle BBQ Cover will suit our kettle barbecue lovers with its efficient design.

In case you are in the marketplace for a barbecue grill, check this barbecue grill review. That is all for now, good luck!

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