Best petrol lawn mower – 6 top models reviewed & compared

Best petrol lawn mower – 6 top models reviewed & compared

Best petrol lawn mower – 6 top models reviewed & compared


If your lucky enough to have a large garden, then a good petrol lawn mower will make mowing the lawn a much easier job. We have reviewed cordless lawn mowers in the past, and all though we think they are a 'great jump forward in lawn mower technology', offering both freedom without the cord, as well as being very lower maintenance. On the downside, cheaper models can lack power when compared to similar priced petrol models.

Some gardeners just love petrol lawn mowers, as they often produce that extra power when needed for tougher jobs. The best petrol lawn mowers have some great added features, not all ways seen on other types of lawn mowers such as mulching, side dispatching, as well as the freedom to simply refuel to get mowing straight away.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowerr

Frisky Fox PLUS 20inch lawn mower review - Our Best Pick - Great all round lawnmower with superb build quality


  • Powerful Wolf 'Dynamic' OHV 5.5HP 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Wide 20 inch cutting width with double sided cutting blade
  • Self-propelled, with full drive speed control
  • 4 in 1 - Cut, cut and collect, side dispatch or mulch
  • Fitted with lawn striper to leave your neighbors envious of them perfect stripes
  • Full spares & backup service with a dedicated telephone helpline

Want the freedom of a petrol lawn mower but without the need to fuel & Service the engine

If your interested in what we consider to be some of the best lawnmowers, and are looking for a more low maintenance option, without the need to deal with fuel and basic servicing associated with petrol lawn mowers, be sure to read our Cordless Lawnmowers Review Here.

Advantages of petrol mowers

  • Available in many sizes with small models suitable for small gardens and larger moels suitable for medium and large gardens.
  • Compact design, most models incorporating folding handles to make them easy to store even in small spaces.
  • Powerful 4-stroke engines provide unmatched cutting performance, that cannot often be matched by electric models.
  • Freedom of cutt the lawn, without being restricted by power cords or battery run time, refuel and your good to start mowing again within minutes.
  • Most petrol models are 4 in 1, this means they will 'cut', 'cut and collect', 'side discharge' and 'mulch'
  • Portable - because they do not need a power outlet, they can be used in areas where you might not have access to electric sockets etc.
  • With petrol lawn mowers starting at around £120, they are extremely affordable for most gardeners and the cost to entry is low.
Powerplus 410mm petrol lawn mower review - best entry level model


  • Powerful 98.5cc 4-Stroke petrol engine
  • Self-propelled, steel cutting deck and blade with 7 cutting heights, adjustable with a single lever
  • 3 in 1 -  Cut, cut & collect as well as mulch
  • Large 50 litre collection bag
  • Start cord on handle bars, now bending down
  • An impressive 2 Years home user warranty

Choosing a petrol lawn mower, thats right for you

With such a large choice of petrol lawns available in many different sizes, with various features and specifications, here are a few things to take into consideration before purchasing a petrol lawnmower.

  • Mower size - Most petrol lawnmowers vary in size and most models have a cutting width of between 400mm and 510mm wide, for smaller gardens think about choosing a smaller cutting width as larger mowers can be difficult to turn in tight spaces and are generally much heavier. For large lawns, consider larger models as they can mow for longer and cover more area faster.
  • Self-drive models - Some mowers are self-propelled while others you need to push, this is not a problem for small lighter mowers but you may want to consider a self-propelled mower if your going for a larger mower. Some models even have variable speed control so you can mower at your own pace.
  • 4 in 1 models - Some models with simply cut and collect or cut and drop, usually smaller simpler models, but some more advanced models can cut and collect, cut and drop, have the option to mulch and also have a side dispatch mode. Mulching is great if you have a particular dry lawn, as it can help retain moisture and add goodness back to the lawn. We recommend using the mulching feature every now and again even if your lawn in not a dry lawn as it will still put some goodness back into the lawn.
  • Quality - The quality models are made from the quality materials, better materials will usually last longer and less likely to get damaged during normal use. The most important part of a lawn mower is the mowing deck. In general the highest quality models have steel decks for added strength and durability but some models have plastic decks which is not all ways ideal as they can be damaged by stones being picked up by the mower.
  • Spares & backup - Its important that you can get replacements parts, at least for major parts such as blades, spark plugs and pull cords.
  • Warranty & Guarantees - Is this important to you? if you plan on purchasing an expensive mower then it should be. Most models come with some sort of warranty, most models include at least 1-2 years warranty, ideally you want at least 2 years warranty, what you will find though, is that even some of the most expensive and and most popular mowers only have one years warranty. This is probably because if not maintained correctly you can damage the engine and the manufactures have no control other the maintenance as this is down to the owner to do, either by themselves or by taking their mower to a service company yearly.



  • Designed for medium to large sized gardens
  • Powerful Wolf 4.5 hp 4-stroke petrol engine
  • Control deck so you have all controls at your finger tips
  • 4 in 1 Mower - cut, cuts and collects, mulches and side discharges
  • Effortless push button electric start - No more bending down to pull the pull cord
  • Self-propelled with drive speed control
  • Large 60 litre collection box
BMC Lawn Racer 18inch petrol lawn mower review


After many hours of intensive research and testing, we have reviewed each lawn mower in more detail below, to help you decide which model would be most suitable for your mowing needs



Frisky Fox PLUS 20inch lawn mower review - Our Best Pick - Great all round lawnmower with superb build quality

The Frisky Fox PLUS Sef-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is powered by a Wolf 'Dynamic' OHV 5.5HP 4-Stroke Petrol Engine which gives it the cutting power needed for even the most demanding mowing jobs.

With a wide cutting width of 20 inches (51cm), and a large 55 litre collection box, this mower is ideal for for medium to large gardens.  It features 5 cutting heights so you can get the height you prefer simply by using the single lever height adjuster. This combined with the lawn striper, ensures that the lawn finish leaves the neighbors wishing they had a lawn that looks as good as yours.

Because this mower is 4 in 1 model, this means you can cut and leave, cut and collection using the large collection box, side dispatch and as well as mulch.

Finally to ensure its very easy to move and manover, it features engine speed control, so you can control the drive speed of the mower, so you can cut the lawn at your own pace. This is probably the best self propelled lawn mower we have reviewed thanks to it variable speed control.

Comes with a full spares and back up service and includes 1 years manufactures warranty for extra peace if mind.

Our thoughts

The Frisky Fox PLUS Mower is winner of our 'Best Pick', this mower simply impressed and offers everything you would expect from only the most popular mowers.

First, the build quality is excellent and within about 5 minutes you should be up and running, don't forget to add engine oil (very simple to add ), note that its not included so will cost you around  £10. Other than adding oil and fuel, attach the handles with a few bolts and it good to go.

Its seems to do a decent job at cutting the grass and the side dispatch is great, specially when the grass in long.

The self-propelled speed controller is great addition, as you can set it, to a speed you can work with.

Overall this is mower offers great value, while still offering great quality and performance.

This model includes 1 years warranty and comes with a full spares and backup service and a dedicated telephone number. If you have a medium or larger sized garden, this mower is worth considering and taking into consideration. 

Important note

The mower above is one of two mowers, Frisky Fox manufacture. They sell a slightly more expensive model called 'QUAD-CUT', its nearly identical in specification with the exception of a superior quad cutting blade.

Its my option that its probably worth paying the extra cost for the quad-cut feature as our research found it gives a more superior cut, specially on longer grass and rye grass stalks. You can read about this fantastic mower below.

Frisky Fox QUAD-CUT petrol lawn mower review


  • 5.5HP 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Self-propelled, with full drive speed control
  • 4 in 1 - Cut, cut and collect, side dispatch or mulch
  • Leaves stripes on the lawn
  • Full spares & backup service with a dedicated helpline

What makes the cutting performance superior when compared to standard blades.

The quad-cut blade rotates are 200mph and gives twice as many cuts per revolution, when compared to a standard mower blade. The aerodynamic mower deck and quad cutting blades, ensure the grass is more efficiently packed into the grass box compared to most other models as well as giving a more superior cut.



Powerplus 410mm petrol lawn mower review - best entry level model

The Powerplus 16" 3 in 1 Petrol Lawn Mower is designed with smaller to medium sized gardens in mind and offers great quality and performance at a very affordable price.

Like most smaller petrol mowers, this model is powered by a 98.5cc 4-stroke petrol engine and has a mowing width of 410mm (16") making it ideal for smaller gardens whilst the 50 litre grass collection bag ensures it large enough to cope with medium sized mowers, without the need to empty the collection bag too often.

This model is self-propelled and has a all steel deck which is rust resistance as well as hard wearing to cope with the toughest mowing jobs.

It has 7 adjustable height setting that can be set between 30mm and 75mm,  these setting can be altered with a single lever making adjusting the cutting height very quick and easy.

This mower also comes with 2 years home user warranty for extra peace of mind.

Our thoughts

The Powerplus 16" Petrol Lawn Mower is a fantastic little mower, its small enough for smaller gardens, but is also large enough for medium sized gardens too, making it a very attractive choice as a entry level mower.

The all steel deck is all ways a welcomed feature as some cheaper models, swap this for a plastic deck which can be easily damaged by stones when mowing.

Other things we really liked was that it is self-propelled, a feature not seen too often on cheaper small mowers, it has a good range of cutting heights, which can be easily changed and the collection box is a good size at an impressive 50 litres, quite often small mowers only have a 40 litre collection box which is not all ways large enough for medium sized gardens.

Its one of the smallest and lightest mowers at only 17kg which makes it ideal for storing in a small garden shed.

This mower also has the ability to mulch, this feature is also not often seen on small mowers.

If all of the above was not enough, it also comes with 2 years home user warranty. Again most mowers, including more expensive mowers, usually only come with 1 years warranty so this is a big advantage and will give you plenty of time to test it out.

Overall, an excellent mower, which we would highly recommend for anyone on a budget or who has a smaller garden. The only feature it did lack was a lawn striper to leave those famous lawn stripes on the lawn. 



BMC Lawn Racer 18inch petrol lawn mower review

The BMC 18" Lawn Racer Petrol Lawn Mower, is perfect for those with medium to larger gardens that require a mower with a little cutting power. Designed with both, quality and performance in mind, this model is powered by a very powerful and reliable 4.5HP 4-Stroke Wolf Petrol Engine.

It has a wide cutting width of 18 inches (457mm) and has 7 adjustable height setting which can be set between 25mm and 75mm. These height setting are easily adjustable in seconds using a single level to set the height that suites you. The large 60 litre collection bag ensures you spend more time mowing and less time stopping to empty the grass clipping.

It features a full steel mowing deck for extra durability and is a 4 in 1 mower, this means you can 'cut', 'cut and collect', 'mulch', which returns the grass cutting to the lawn which can help put a little goodness back to the lawn, and finally it also features side dispatch which dispatched the grass to one side of the mower. This is specially useful when mowing very long grass.

The central console ensures that all the main controls are at your finger tips, which also includes a push start button which is powered by a lithium-ion battery to ensure it starts first time, every time. No more bending down and having to pull the stiff cord. It does have a pull cord though just in case the electric start failed.

The model is self-propelled and also features a drive speed controller so you can set the speed to your desired pace. Finally it also features a lawn striper to leave them beautiful stripes on your lawn.

Our thoughts

The BMC 18" Lawn Racer is simply a very impressive machine which is near faultless, i'l cut to the chase and say if you have a large lawn, you probably want find a better mower at its current price.

All the features on this mower are very impressive, but one feature this mower has that no other mower we have reviewed has, is the 'automatic push start button'. Simply press the start button and the mower burst into life, no cord to pull, this feature would be very worth while for anyone who had trouble pulling the pull cord, specially as some engines can take quite a pull, to get them started.

I has noticed on Amazon in the reviews section, how many old gardeners had commented on how this was an essential feature for them as they no longer had the strength to pull the cord on petrol mowers and was a very welcomes feature.

This mower is deferentially built to last, if you have a larger garden, then I would highly recommend you take this model into consideration. The only reason this mower did not get our 'TOP PICK' Spot, is because of its 'slightly more expensive' price point, however if its within your budget we feel its worth paying the cost for the electric push button start, extra cutting heights (its has 7, (other models have 5) and slightly larger collection box, you get an extra 5 litres and of course the quality build.

I think is also worth noting that this model usually comes with oil included, so all you need is petrol and your good to go.



Hyundai 16inch petrol lawnmower review - Best for small gardens

Hyundai makes several models of mowers of all sizes, but this 'Hyundai 16" 99cc Petrol Mower' is there smallest mower ideally suited for small gardens.

All though its lacks the self-propelled feature, which is fitted to nearly, all the other mowers we have reviewed, its polypropylene rust free chassis ensure this mower is extremely durable and light weight at only 18.5kg. This means that it is very easy to manover around a small lawn, so lacks the need for the self-propelled feature.

The compact design, which includes a soft grip handle, that folds over the engine, to ensure its easy to store in the smallest of spaces, whether in a small shed, garden storage box or corner of the garage.

Its powered by a 99cc 4-stroke OHV Hyundai engine, its very economical and has low noise levels which means it is unlikely to interrupt the neighbors when mowing the lawn.

It has a cutting width of 200mm (16") and a 40 litre grass box which is large enough for most small gardens which minimises the time you need to spend emptying the collection box, without it being too large and bulky.

It has 3 cutting heights between 25mm to 75mm, which you can set to a height that suites your desired length.

Our thoughts

If you have a small lawn and are looking for a good little petrol mower, then this 'Hyundai 16" petrol mower' could be just what you need.

Its basically a no frills lawn mower, that is designed to be affordable while still offering great quality and performance. It does a great job a cutting the grass and the engine starts first time, one feature we were impressed with is that the pull cord can be placed at the top of the handle, this means you don't need to bend down to the engine to pull the cord, this was a great idea and seems to make life a little easier when starting the mower for most people.

One downside of this mower worth mentioning is, it does not have a simple lever control to change the cutting height like on all the other mowers we have reviewed, basically you have 3 positions, where the wheels fit, and you need to change each wheel to one of the axle positions to change the height setting. Its a simple system that is easy to do and helps reduce weight and cost, but at a price. It takes a while to change the height setting, but for most of us, this should not be a problem as once you have got your desired height, you can leave it at this setting permanently.

Other features it lacks are self-propelled drive, this is not needed as its fairly light weight, lawn striper which is not essential, all these are not essential features and more extras you may not need.

Overall a great little mower that also includes 2 years warranty, not bad for a basic lightweight economy petrol lawn mower. This is the cheapest mower we have reviewed and is worth a look for anyone looking for either a mower for small gardens or a cheaper lawn mower. Dont let the cheaper price tag put you off, this offers excellent value for money. Very impressed with thus little mower.



Mountfield sp414 15inch Lawnmower review

This Mountfield SP414 Petrol Lawnmower is powered by a 100cc 4-stroke petrol engine and has 5 cutting heights that range from 25mm to 70mm which are easy to change. It has a cutting width of 15inches (390mm), which makes it ideal for small and medium sized gardens.

This self-propelled model weights in at only 20kg so its lightweight thanks to the Polypropylene chassis which makes it very easy to manover around the garden when mowing the lawn.

The 40 litre collection box ensures you spend more times mowing and less time emptying, it can also be used without the collection if you wish to leave the grass clipping in the lawn.

Our thoughts

Overall its not a bad mower but we really think 'Mountfield' could be better, after our research its clear it does a great job at cutting grass, that's great, however the built quality could be better, maybe a steel chassis instead of plastic, but this would add weight and may increase cost. The self-propelled drive is also one speed, several speed setting would be better and the collection box is also maybe a little smaller than you might prefer.

Overall not a bad mower and it does come with 2 years warranty for extra peace of mind, however I would probably go for the Frisky Fox mower over the Mountfield mower, even though it does only have 1 years warranty. The extra features and steel chassis make it the better choice over this Mountfield mower.

If your wondering, the Frisky Fox and Mountfield mowers are both around the same price range.



Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S self-propelled lawnmower review

This German made Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower has been made to the highest standards with small and medium sized gardens in mind. 

The mowing deck is made from powered coated steel which is scratch resistance and very durable. With reliability in mind, Einhell have fitted this mower with a very reliable 4-Stroke Briggs and Stratton 125cc - 450E series engine, this produces 2.6HP which provides all the power you need and produces a cutting speeds of  2900 rpm.

Other features include the self-propelled drive, this makes mowing effortless as you simply walk behind the mower at a nice peace, large back wheels provide maximum grip and the large 50 litre collection bag which also incorporates a full indicator do you know when to empty the box.

It has 9 cutting positions of between 30-80 mm, the cutting heights can be easly changed to get a cut that suites you.

Finally it also features adjustable padded handles for extra comfort that can be set, to suit your height. When you've finished mowing they can be easily folded down to make the mower more compact for storage.

Our thoughts

This Einhell mower definitely impressed, the build quality is excellent and the cutting performance is what you would expect from a decent mower, the collection bag indicator is specially useful.

Overall a great mower and it does come with 2 years warranty for extra peace of mind, however it does lack a lawn striper and does not have side dispatch like some other mowers, not everybody wants these features anyway and they often add extra weight. If it was between this and the Mountfield reviewed above, I would buy this Einhell lawnmower every time.



McCulloch m40 125 petrol lawnmower review

This McCulloch M40-125 petrol push mower offers quality, reliability but without all the fancy features you may not need. This helps keep the cost down, while providing a mower that performs exceptionally well and has been manufactured to the highest standards.

Powered by a 125cc Briggs & Stratton 450e engine, this provides the reliability you would expect from the best lawnmowers. It has a cutting with 410mm (15.75inches) and has 5 cutting heights that can be between 20mm and 75mm.

It incorporates a large, sturdy 50 litre collection bag and includes 1 years warranty.

Our thoughts

If your looking for a very reliable lawnmower which is made to last, and your not looking for a self-propelled model or most of the added features seen on more expensive models, then this McCulloch mower is worth taking into consideration.

Its a basic mower that's only designed to mow and leave or mow and collect, by keeping it simple, McCulloch have been able to produce a very high quality lawnmower at a very reasonable price. This mower the one of the cheapest models we have reviewed but it will not leave you disappointed if your looking for a basic simple lawnmower at a good price.


I have used my fair share of petrol mowers over the years, both for personal use in my own garden and on a daily basis when I did garden maintenance for a living, so you could say I know my way around a good petrol mower.

What I will say is that there is no 'one mower that is suitable for every gardener', As you have probably noticed by now, there are many features not every gardener needs such as a lawn striper, side dispatch, mulching, electric start, in general these features make lawnmowers more expensive, so if you don't require them, why pay extra for features you don't use.

When I started reviewing the best petrol lawnmowers, there were many that were crossed off the list early on, either because they simply had high numbers of bad reviews, weren't quite up to standard and were just simply disappointing. After many days of intensive research we were left with 6 of the best petrol lawnmowers that we would be happy to recommend, from basic models for small gardens to all singing all dancing models for larger gardens

Keeping all this in mind please see our recommendations below:

OUR BEST PICK & BEST SELF PROPELLED LAWN MOWER - Frisky Fox Plus Lawnmower - This model is a great all rounder and suitable for small and medium sized gardens, its packed with all the latest features, its fully self-propelled with speed control as well as having a lawn striper, full metal chassis and more. Its probably offers the best value and you get a lot of lawnmower for your money. Overall this mower is probably going to be most gardeners best choice.

BEST ENTRY LEVEL MOWER - Powerplus 3 in ?1 mower - This mower was a great little mower ideal for both small and medium gardens, fully self-propelled but it does lack speed control so you need to learn to cut at its pace, it will cut and leave, cut and collect as well as mulch. Not to fancy but a step up from really basic models, offers great value at well under £200 and comes with 2 years home user warranty. Looking for your first mower without breaking the bank, this mower could be for you.

RECOMMENDED MOWER FOR LARGE GARDENS - BMC 18" Lawn Racer ESi mower - This mower has it all, designed for medium and lawn gardens, its very powerful and will get through the most demanding mowing jobs. Self-propelled with speed control, electric start, full steel mower deck, large collection 60l bag, 7 adjustable heights, wide 18inch mowing width. As you can see, this is a real show and tell model. More pricey than our other recommended mowers, but still other excellent value, as its still half the price of some similar petrol mowers on the market. If you have a medium to large lawn and looking for something a little special, this mower could be what your looking for.

RECOMMENDED BUDGET MOWER - Hyundai 16" Push Petrol Mower - Hyundai have kept it simple and basic with this model, by doing this they are able to provide a quality mower but on a budget. Its simply cuts or cuts and collections, you want find the self-propelled feature on this mower as you have it push it, but as only 19kg its lightweight which makes pushing it, very easy. Keeping it basic, changing the heights takes a while as you need to change each wheel at a time, the idea is, once it set you leave it at this height, again this keeps cost low. Overall a great low cost mower and it comes with an impressive 2 years warranty.

Mountfield Mower - I'm a fan of Mountfield garden machinery, but we felt this mower could be better, to be honest, we much prefer the Einhell petrol Mower (BELOW) or Firsky fox (OUR BEST PICK) other the Mountfield mower.

ANOTHER GREAT MOWER - Einhell Petrol Lawnmower- This is a great lawnmower ideal for small and medium sized gardens from a well known brand you can trust. Comes with 2 years warranty and beautifully made. It does lack the lawn striper feature seen on some other models and does not have a side dispatch. but its does have adjustable handle bars which may be useful for some gardeners and its had a indicator on the collection bag so you know when its full which is a great feature, 

We hope our finding will help you find the best petrol lawn mower for your needs.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowerr

Frisky Fox PLUS 20inch lawn mower review - Our Best Pick - Great all round lawnmower with superb build quality


  • Powerful Wolf 'Dynamic' OHV 5.5HP 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Wide 20 inch cutting width with double sided cutting blade
  • Self-propelled, with full drive speed control
  • 4 in 1 - Cut, cut and collect, side dispatch or mulch
  • Fitted with lawn striper to leave your neighbors envious of them perfect stripes
  • Full spares & backup service with a dedicated helpline

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