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Top 4 best chainsaw boots for tree Surgeons and ground use

Last updated on September 24th, 2021

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Choosing the best chainsaw safety boots and what you need to know

Safety is paramount when working with a chainsaw. It starts with your clothing and as you will learn in this buyer’s guide, includes specially designed footwear. A pair of boots can be underestimated for other jobs, but professional tree surgeons know they can’t set off to work without safety boots. Boots can make a difference between just a damaged pair of boots or a minor injury, and a very serious, life-changing injury. But, it isn’t just the protection that should be considered, comfort is very important as well, especially to professionals who wear them all day.

Finding the best chainsaw safety boots is not as easy as you may think. If you scour the internet, you will find many different pairs of chainsaw boots available. However, if you don’t know the importance of steel toe caps or the difference between chainsaw class 1 and class 3, then you may really have a difficult time finding the right pair for you, especially if it is your first pair.

Luckily for you, we address the things to consider when buying a good pair of chainsaw safety boots in our comprehensive buyer’s guide further down. We also review four chainsaw boots that we have handpicked to serve as examples of what the best chainsaw boots should look like.

Check out our ‘Best Pick’ below, the Oregon Yukon class 1 Chainsaw Safety Boots. We think these are the best pair overall, suitable for most people, both those just starting out and professionals. You can get cheaper pairs but these stand out when it comes to safety, comfort and value for money. Further down we have a more detailed review and three other great alternatives.


Oregon Yukon Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protective Boot
These boots are designed to offer class 1 protection for chainsaw users. Most importantly is that they have been tested, approved and certified by KWF as suitable for professional applications. They feature non-corrosive metal lacing hardware that offers up to 65kg pulling resistance. Lightweight construction that has outsoles designed to be anti-slip and the uppers are water-resistant with a waterproof layer.

The best chainsaw safety boots to buy which we have included in our review

  1. Oregon Yukon Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protective Boot – BEST PICK
  2. Oregon Yukon 295385/46 Chainsaw Protective Rubber Safety Boot – BEST BUDGET PICK
  3. Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Leather Boots
  4. McCulloch CLO044 Chainsaw Protective Leather Boots


Oregon Yukon 295385/46 Chainsaw Protective Rubber Safety Boots
These boots have a traditional design and, therefore, are good for working in the woods and other out-of-town places. They have a comfortable leg lining and a useful steel toe cap. The boots give chainsaw protection class 3 which means they are rated to chainsaw speeds of 28m/s. It's hard to find anything better than these boots for the price they go for. Maybe a little warm but very high safety rating.

Chainsaw Boots Reviews

1. Oregon Yukon Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protective Boots


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Oregon Yukon Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protective Boots, Metal Toe Cap, Professional Recommended Water Resistant Anti Static Safety Work Boot, UK Size 9 (43 EU, 9.5 US), Black Red

The Oregon Yukon Leather Chainsaw Protective Boot are one of the top-rated boots on the market and it is easy to see why many professionals have chosen them as their boot of choice. Affordability is obviously a major factor, but there are many reasons why people love this pair. When you look at the construction of the boots, you can notice the quality of the material, workmanship and attractive design, something you will notice is that they are not overly heavy either, despite looking very substantial.

Let’s begin with the leather uppers, which are puncture and water-resistant. We would not recommend soaking the boots in water puddles, however, because they are not fully waterproof but they do have a waterproof membrane which means they’re more than suitable even in damp environments. You can apply a waterproofing spray if you intend to use the boots on very wet grounds which we recommend. We like the PU construction that is resistant to impacts plus the polyester protective lining. The boots are additionally lightweight, much lighter than you might expect at 2.1kg which ensures reduced strain and fatigue on your feet which I’m sure you will agree is important. 

Designed with steel toe caps (which is obviously a must) these boots not only protect your toes against impact but also from chainsaw cuts. The outsoles also enable you to manoeuvre through the toughest working conditions because they are slip-resistant, hydrocarbon resistant and prevent perforations. 

The lacing system itself comprises 170cm laces which give you plenty to work with to get them nice and tight, plus non-corrosive metal holes that contribute to the protection of these chainsaw boots. On top of that, the metal holes boast 65kg pulling resistance and the fact that these boots are KWF certified provide enough evidence of their quality and suitability. 


  • Class 1 rated to speeds of 20m/s for protection against chainsaws accidents.
  • The boots have a lightweight construction, meaning you can work without much fatigue or strain on your feet. 
  • The uppers are very durable due to the leather material used in the build. They are also water-resistant for maximum protection. 
  • They come with sturdy metal lacing hardware with remarkable 65kg pulling resistance. 
  • Outsoles are slip-resistant, thus enabling you to tackle greasy floors and other tough grounds. 
  • The boots come at affordable prices and are built to last to ensure excellent value for money.


  • None found.

Our recommendation

These chainsaw boots come in at a mid-range price and they have plenty of convincing qualities. We also like the lightweight construction that ensures fatigue-free working and they really are lightweight when you consider the size and level of protection they offer. These boots have been approved by professional loggers and it’s hard to point a finger at any negatives.

Overall, if we could only recommend one pair then these would have to be them. You get quality,  high level of protection and you should find them very comfortable. They are Class 1 protection, not class 2 with the difference being 4 metres per second chain speed, that being said this is more than enough for most chainsaws and still provide significant protection. Brilliant pair of boots, worth every penny.

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2. Oregon Yukon 295385/46 Chainsaw Protective Rubber Safety Boots


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Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Rubber Boots with Steel Toe Cap (Size 46)

The Oregon Yukon 295385/46 Chainsaw Protective Rubber Safety Boot will definitely give a safe and comfortable experience when working in wet areas. The boots feature stainless steel toe caps which provide enhanced safety in case a heavy log accidentally falls on the toe end of your boots, which happens more than you might think.

The heels are reinforced in a way that they remain comfortable as well as provide maximum protection against injuries during cutting. In addition, the heels are designed to absorb shock, thus ensuring comfort even when stepping on rocky grounds. Another comfort-enhancing feature is the cotton lining in the interior of these boots. 

Made from natural rubber, these Oregon Yukon boots are not the heaviest pair of boots, but certainly not the lightest pair either, however they are manageable and very durable.

Professionals like tree surgeons know that if they do not cover the top of their boots, then sawdust may fill up the boots. Oregon designed these boots with lace drawstrings so that you can fasten around the top and prevent any dust from going in. That being said, if you wear them with the chainsaws trousers going over the boots, this would not be a problem anyway, however it does give you the option which is a plus.  The appearance of the boots is also striking such that they are bright orange in colour. The boots are also available in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 to 13, so anyone that uses a chainsaw can find their ideal size. 


  • Ideal for wearing in muddy and wet environments.
  • Highly comfortable boots due to interior comfortable cotton leg lining. 
  • The boots provide excellent safety rated at class 3 and feature steel toe caps, shock absorbent heel, and slip-resistant rubber sole and are resistant to chainsaw speeds up to 28m/s which is the highest rating possible.
  • Made from natural rubber that offers excellent grip and fends off water.
  • Available in all sizes; from 5 to 13 UK. 
  • Very affordable boots that can last a while too. 


  • Quite heavy compared to some pairs and your feet do get a little warm in them.

Our recommendation

Oregon is famous for manufacturing top quality outdoor products and these boots are a good example. Much of the construction of the boot is geared towards providing maximum comfort so that users can enjoy their time working. The rubber sole is a major safety feature too that enables you to confidently work in wet and slippery areas. These boots may be heavy but they provide a decent level of comfort and the best chainsaw rating possible at class 3. They may get a little warm but they offer excellent value for money and are a little cheaper than most other pairs available and are in fact half the price of some of the boots we looked at.

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3. Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Leather Boot

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Cofra Power Black 8 UK

The Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Leather Boots are a robust pair of boots that provide safety and comfort whilst still be lightweight. The combination of safety and comfort is exactly what you need to work in demanding environments for longer periods of time, whether it be climbing trees or cutting logs up at ground level. This boot has high-quality Italian grained leather uppers that are water-resistant as well as having chainsaw cut protection.

Featuring a lace-up closure system with good strong laces, users can fasten the laces to their desired fit and feel comfortable wearing the boots all day long. The metal clips that hold the laces are very sturdy too. The footbed is made of soft PU material and is covered with cloth to guarantee maximum comfort and impact absorption. In fact, the insole is removable should you wish to clean it from time to time. 

The outsole is designed for the toughest conditions thanks to the use of Nitrile rubber that is resistant to 300C for up to 1 min contact. This doesn’t mean a right lot, but it does confirm they are made to very high standards. Cold and heat insulation is another unique element of these boots, which ensures that you can wear them in both cold and hot weather. The front part features a non-metallic APT plate that provides special protection against chainsaw cuts and logs that may accidentally fall on your toes. Note that this boot has a wide fit of 12 mondopoint.


  • Class 2 chainsaw protection up to 24 m/s.
  • The uppers are made of high-quality Italian leather that is durable and very protective against chainsaw cuts.
  • Comes with a removable insole that is made of soft PU for maximum comfort. 
  • Can be worn in any weather due to its excellent cold and heat insulation.
  • The front has a non metallic APT plate for special protection around the toes. 


  • Fairly expensive.

Our recommendation

These boots have been getting very positive feedback online and it is easy to see why. Some like how lightweight and comfortable the boots are, whilst others have praised the fit.

The quality is top-notch thanks to the grain leather and rubber material used in construction. Many professionals will love boots that they can wear in any weather and these ones excel in that area as well as having a class 2 rating for added safety.

Overall these boots are a little more expensive than our ‘Best Pick’ but they do have a slightly better class rating.

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4. McCulloch CLO044 Chainsaw Protective Leather Boots

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The McCulloch CLO044 Chainsaw Protective Leather Boots provide chainsaw protection class 1, 20m/s, meaning as you probably know by now, it has been tested with a chainsaw speed of 20m/s. These come with water repellent leather uppers to ensure your feet stay dry when working in wet conditions. Designed with a steel toe cap, the boots provide extra chainsaw protection where it’s needed most, towards the top of your foot.

Anyone who works with a chainsaw will want shoes that don’t cause quick fatigue or leg strain. These boots are a good choice because they are lightweight yet durable with high resistance to wear and if looked after correctly should last for many years. Another thing they do really well is in providing stability and ankle support. They also come with a full piece inner sole featuring breathable lining that works like a charm in hot weather to help prevent your feet from getting too warm. In addition, the outsole is stud ready and non-slip for maximum grip on surfaces. 

One thing we noted is that the boots are only in sizes 41 to 45 EU and each size goes for a different price. Just a slight variation in price but it is good to be sure of what you will want to order.


  • Class 1 rating up to 20 m/s.
  • Comfortable and lightweight, thus you can wear the boots for extended time periods without leg fatigue.
  • The boots feature steel toe caps at the front that are very protective against falling objects and compression. 
  • They have non-slip outsoles that provide extra protection against slipping. 
  • The uppers are water repellent, making them ideal for use in wet grounds. 
  • Very good quality build that should last for many years.


  • They are not really stud ready because the soles have no holes where you can screw studs into, which is usually the case with other boots that are usually described as stud ready. 

Our recommendation

These boots not only look good on first impressions but are also clearly very well-made from the best materials. The cushion lining with mesh construction on the inside underlines the comfort you can expect when wearing these boots. You will love wearing these boots in hot summer months because of their breathability and lightweight body.

In winter, the water repellent uppers will work wonders at ensuring that your feet stay dry throughout your day. They seem to have slightly more protection towards the top of the foot than other boots we have reviewed, with the exception of the Oregon Yukon 295385/46 Chainsaw Protective Rubber Safety Boots.

Overall these are in the more expensive price bracket but are still a very good buy and a pair that should offer adequate protection and comfort.

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Chainsaw Safety Boots Buyer’s Guide

The right pair of chainsaw safety boots can do more than simply protecting you from chainsaw cuts, including protecting against slippery surfaces, cold temperatures and exposed sharp objects. The best chainsaw boots will additionally give your feet the proper support. Whilst the importance of boots is understandable, getting the right pair can be quite complicated.

Below are the key factors to consider when buying chainsaw boots:

Toe caps

This should be at the top of your list when shopping for chainsaw safety boots. Steel toe caps provide utmost protection against falling objects but they may be heavy and uncomfortable. They are not suitable for cold temperatures though because steel conducts temperature.

The other option here is alloy toes. They are lightweight, however, they fail when it comes to handling compression.  

You can also find composite toe boots. These are very light but the least protection is provided against compression and impacts.

Whichever type of toe cap the boots have, they all need to meet the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard and must be able to withstand 200 joules effect which is like a 20kg weight being dropped 102cm onto the toes as well as a 15KN pressure test, which is roughly like having 1.5 tons laying on the toe area. If they don’t meet this standard they cannot be classed as chainsaw safety boots.

Chainsaw protection classes

Chainsaw boots are available in three classes of protection. Each class shows how the boots will be resistant against specific chainsaw speeds, which is the speed at which the chainsaw can be halted or not. Chainsaw boots class 1 are resistant to speeds of 20m/s, whilst class 2 have extra resistance of up to 24m/s. Chainsaw boots class 3 are even more resistant and capable of stopping chainsaws spinning at maximum speeds of 28m/s. It is worth noting that the higher the class does not necessarily mean they are more expensive, in fact, some class 1 boots are more expensive than class 3 boots. 

Standard Safety Legislation

Chainsaws are some of the most powerful tools and they can cause extreme injuries if not handled properly or even by accident. As such, your chainsaw safety boots ought to meet set requirements for safety footwear used for general purposes. These include mechanical risks, thermal risks, slip resistance and ergonomic behaviour, just to mention a few. 

The current legislation is the EN ISO 20345:2011 and it has that chainsaw boots can withstand an impact of 200 J. In other words, that is the same as the 20kg that has fallen from a height of 1020mm. These boots have also been tested on compression and they can withstand a force of 15 KN. Simply assume 15 tons have been placed on the front of your boots without injuring your feet. 

Other chainsaw boots safety ratings to pay attention to include:

  • SB: Such boots meet the minimum safety requirements. Toe cap tested to 200 J.
  • SBP: Similar to SB with the addition of a mid-sole that’s resistant to penetration.
  • S1: These boots have an energy absorbing heel and resist static electricity. 
  • S2: These boots have water-resistant uppers. 
  • S3: The boots have water-resistant outsoles that can also resist penetration. 
  • S4: These boots feature polymer or rubber construction; they are anti-static, waterproof, and have energy-absorbing heels. 
  • S5: Same characteristics as S4 boots but boast cleated outsoles and are additionally resistant to penetration. 
  • HRO: These boots are heat resistant to 300 degrees C. 
  • WRU: Water penetration and absorption resistance. 


Work boots must give optimum comfort or else users may suffer from numerous health conditions. The obvious problems are blisters, corns and bunions. Generally, people tend to get sore and fatigued when wearing uncomfortable boots. That said, make sure you get a lightweight pair, especially if you are always on your feet. In addition, look for boots with an ergonomic design, that helps reduce fatigue, particularly if you are working for extended shifts on rugged terrain. An ergonomic design can also prevent pains and aches in other parts of your body. 


Obviously, the fit is key to achieving a desired level of comfort, but it’s tentative if you’re shopping for your boots online. Of course, all online retailers do list the boot sizes but buyer reviews can help you know if the sizes are accurate. If you are buying from a local store, then it makes sense to try the boots on before you pay. They should be comfortable around your toes, heel and ankles. 

The fit can vary depending on the type of toe caps the boots have and according to the current weather. Do you have wide or narrow feet? This is also something you should consider before buying boots. 


There are many factors that could affect the durability of chainsaw safety boots including construction material and general quality. The brand name may not be a good indicator. Boots may have all the niceties but if they can’t last an extra season then you won’t get the value for your investment. Again, user reviews can help you judge the durability of the boots you want to buy. Customers are always quick to complain about boots that fell apart within a few months, so make sure to read a few reviews.

General protection

The UK weather definitely needs you to have waterproof and insulating boots so that you can have an easy time whilst working. Insulation may not be important for those working in hot climates though. Also keep in mind that the more insulation the boots have, the more uncomfortable they can be to wear in the summer months. 

Slip-resistant soles are a must if you regularly work in places where there’s a high risk for slips, whilst ankle support is needed for climbing applications. Lightweight boots are ideal if your job involves wearing them for longer hours.

Final Conclusion

The best chainsaw boots should provide protection against all types of dangers and weather. Settling on the right pair is the only challenge but we’ve listed some of the best-rated boots on the market to help you decide.

The chainsaw boots above should serve you throughout the year, especially the Cofra Power Chainsaw Safety Leather Boots, thanks to cold and heat insulation. We picked the Oregon Yukon Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protective Boot as our best overall because they are lightweight, weatherproof and durable construction including slip-resistant outsoles.


We were a little surprised to find that the boot with the highest safety rating which is class 3, is the Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protective Rubber Safety Boot which is also the cheapest safety boot in our review. These were more of a welly style which may put some people off, but they are great for waterlogged areas as most chainsaw safety boots are water-resistant and not waterproof.


All in all, the boots we have reviewed above are all reliable and should last long if properly maintained as well as offer adequate protection. We hope you are ready to pick your right chainsaw safety boots.

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