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Top 6 Best Cordless Strimmers: Tested and Reviewed

Last updated on April 9th, 2024

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I’ve been testing the best cordless strimmers for a good few years on this site but I’ve been using them professionally for over 10 years. I must admit, they’ve come a long way now that we have brushless motors but perhaps, more importantly, they are mostly powered by lithium-ion batteries and come at a price that most can now afford. These days, for around £100 you can get a decent cordless strimmer.

36v and 18v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmers I have been testing against each other
My 36v and 18v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmers I have been testing against each other

Quite simply put, cordless strimmers have come a long way. I’ve been really impressed with my more powerful 36v Black & Decker Strimmer. However, my DEWALT DCM561P1-GB XR Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer is probably the best although it’s rather expensive. That being said, my recent testing of this Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer shows that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your hands on a decent strimmer.

Testig 36v Black + Decker cordless strimmer on overgrown area
Testing the 36v Black + Decker cordless strimmer on an overgrown area – The right side of the fence, I cut the left-hand side with my new 18v strimmer

During my testing, I found these newer cordless strimmers to be just as powerful as any corded strimmer. They come with a little less rpm if I’m being picky, but they cut just as well, and you don’t need to worry about the cord. I have also found that some of the more powerful cordless models are just as effective at clearing overgrown brushes as some of the petrol strimmers I have been testing, one example of petrol strimmers is my McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer. That thing is super lightweight for a petrol strimmer, although you have still got the noise and maintenance to worry about which I don’t with my cordless models.

The blades that attach to my strimmer are great for thick brush including brambles
The blades that attach to my strimmer are great for thick brushes including brambles

The only exception, where I think most cordless strimmers (not all) are not up to the job is when hacking back brambles or saplings. For this, I use my brush cutters that come with a steel blade (as shown in the picture above) but there are also a couple of cordless brush cutters I think are up to the job. These come without the maintenance of a petrol engine and the freedom of a cordless model.

The 18v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmer was eve up to cutting several feet tall weeds and grass
The 18v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmer was even up to cutting weeds and grass that were several feet tall

This is where my recent tests got interesting. Just recently, I decided to test some of the more affordable 18v cordless strimmers to see what they could do. After all, most people don’t really need a high-end expensive strimmer to maintain a small garden or even a large but well-maintained garden.

Watch the video below to see this little strimmer hacking back 3ft grass and weeds

Despite having many strimmers at my disposal, this 18v Black + Decker Strimmer is going to be my new go-to strimmer for my own small garden.

My new Worx 30cm mower and my Bosch 37 Li Mower
My new Worx 30cm mower and my Bosch 37 Li Mower

I’ve already switched up my Bosch cordless mower for a more compact WORX WG730E 20v Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower. You can see these side by side in the picture above. What a great little mower it turned out to be, and even better was that it was a bargain at only £200. Anyways, back to strimmers!

The roller wheel ensures you can cut right up to the edge of  fences
The roller wheel ensures you can cut right up to the edge of fences

The rotating head on this Black + Decker strimmer is perfect for cutting the edges of my lawn and its more compact size makes it a better choice for my own garden and limited storage space. I have far too many tools and pieces of gardening equipment, but I need to test them out thoroughly over a decent period of time. Ideally, at least an entire season to get a proper feel for if they are any good or not.

My 18v Cordless strimmer hacked through thick 3ft tall weeds with no problem but its really designed for garden maintenance for a general tidy up after mowing the lawn
My 18v Cordless strimmer hacked through thick 3ft tall weeds with no problem, but it has really been designed for garden maintenance for a general tidy-up after mowing the lawn

Let me just say, this Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer (I got for under 100 quid) just kept going and going. This model, despite its lightweight design, is somewhat limited in power being powered by an 18v battery. Despite its more affordable price it turned out to be an impressive piece of kit. It really did a great job at hacking down this overgrown area in the nursery even though this is not really what it has been designed for. I was also impressed with the battery life because it only has a smaller 18v 2Ah capacity battery. This gave me around 20-25 minutes of run time and that’s on a higher speed too. You can read the full review further down.

Cutting back thick weeds and grass with the Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer
Cutting back thick weeds and grass with the Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer


Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer
It's between this and the more powerful 36v model for me, I own both now. I really have been impressed with this Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer after using it for a while now and pushing it to its limits with 3ft weeds and grass to see what it could do and boy, was I impressed. At the end of the day, it's light weight and easy to handle, it gives me a good 20-25 minutes of strimming and that's when using the more powerful second speed which does speed things up even if its not really needed. Maybe something equaly as impressive is the price I picked this thing up at, half the price of most other models and its a steal at that. Overall, I love the rotating head as its perfect for keeping my garden tidy and that wheel design works really well to keep it nice a straight on the edge of the lawn. I feel like with some models which are big and bulky or petrol strimmers, I'm less likely to get them out for small bits and pieces but with this, its not a problem to get it out for a few minutes, do a quick tidy up and then put it back. Charging does take a little longer than some of my alturnative models but at about 3-4 hours to charge, its fast enough for most people. Overall, this is a great strimmer for most people looking for a light weight strimmer for general garden maintance on the weekends and the occasional more demanding job. If you have alot of thick brush, i'd opt for the 36v model or even the DeWalt strimmer I also recommend. For modt people, I think this will do everything they need and more.

After over 2 years of use, check out my detailed review of the Black + Decker 36V Cordless Strimmer by clicking here.


DEWALT DCM561P1S 18V Li-Ion XR Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer
Designed for heavy-duty strimminng, the DeWalt DCM561P1S 18v XR Strimmer has a professional style guard to ensure enhanced protection during use. Housing a brushless motor, I tend to get much longer runtimes, reduced friction becaue of the brushlress motor which results in a longer life or at least it has up to now. The cutting speed varies from 0 – 6000rpm so you can tackle both tough grass and soft foliage effectively.

In addition to the main handle, there’s a secondary handle that reinforces the ability to manoeuvre this strimmer. The line trimmer’s 33cm cutting swathe is larger than average, so you’ll be able to cover areas a lot faster. Overall, what your getting with this strimmer is a model that that can get ant job done, its reliable, durable , well built. This thing is an animal. This is what I would use arounnd the nursery on very overgrown areas. It also comes with a much larger 5Ah capacity battery which gives a much long running time even on the most demanding jobs. The downside, its fairly expensive but you get what you pay for and this is one of the best strimmers hands down. I wouldn't expect any less from DeWalt though.

My top 6 recommended cordless strimmers:

  1. Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer – Best Pick – After personal testing.
  2. Black + Decker 36v Cordless Strimmer – A great pick if you need plenty of power – I have also personally tested this strimmer and it is a great choice for larger gardens.
  3. DEWALT DCM561P1S 18V Li-Ion XR Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer – RUNNER UP – Great for professional use where durability and power are essential.
  4. EGO Power + STX3800 Grass Trimmer
  5. Bosch ART 30-36 Li Cordless Strimmer
  6. WORX WG163E 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer

Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews

1. Black + Decker 18v STC1820PC 23cm Cordless Strimmer


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Black + Decker 18v STC1820PC 23cm Cordless Strimmer
The Black + Decker 18v STC1820PC 23cm Cordless Strimmer

When I first purchased this Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer for testing, I never imagined it would become my new best pick. I thought maybe it would be a good recommendation for smaller gardens or for occasional use to keep the edges of the lawn tidy.

Black + Decker 18v 2.0 AH battery which charges in 3 hours
Black + Decker 18v 2.0 AH battery

After all, this is only an 18v cordless strimmer. My previous best pick (its older brother) is a very respectable 36v and is an impressive strimmer that is great for large areas of overgrown brushes and those with larger gardens. The problem was, it was overkill for smaller gardens, and that included my own.

The thing is, not all strimmers are for everyone. I recently did a survey of my readers to see what type of gardens they have and most actually said they had well-maintained small to medium-sized gardens. With this data, I started to understand that most people probably don’t actually need the premium more powerful strimmers. What they need is something with a little finesse, innovative cutting features for maintaining the edges of the lawn, something that is easy to use, perhaps with multiple speeds, and a model that is compact for easy storage.

This is where this Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer came into its own. What was really impressive though was how powerful this little strimmer is and what it’s capable of strimming.

Using the Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer on some very tall and thick weeds
Using the Black + Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer on some very tall and thick weeds

As you can see in the pictures above and below, I found the tallest weeds and overgrown grass I could and really put it to the test. I actually thought beforehand that it wouldn’t be up to the job, however, to my surprise, this thing ripped through it all without a single problem. Maybe not as quick as my 36v strimmer, but it did it quickly enough and with no problems.

Area cleared of weeds and grass with the 18v strimmer on full power
The area has been cleared of weeds and grass with the 18v strimmer on full power

I have also been testing it for some time in my own small back garden. This wasn’t to test its power but more to see how well it cuts the edges of the lawn as well as against fences and walls. And again, it didn’t disappoint. It had all the useful features to make this task easier and a joy to use.

The wheel is handy for strimming up to edges as well
The wheel is handy for strimming up to edges as well
The strimmer head has been rotated 90 degrees and the wheel helps keep it nice and straight
The strimmer head has been rotated 90° and the wheel helps keep it nice and straight

It has a rotating strimmer head and you can easily rotate the head by pulling the shaft out and rotating it 90°, as shown below. By doing this, you can easily cut the edges of the lawn and it only takes seconds to switch between the two strimming modes. I really like the wheeled design because it also helps when cutting along the edges.

rotating head so you can easily rotate the head by pulling the shaft out and rotating it 90 degrees
You simply pull the main handle and shaft apart and rotate to turn the strimmer head 90°

Something else it has is two speeds and these are easy to switch between thanks to the sliding button. This is a fairly common feature but one that’s useful all the same and makes it a better strimmer.

Two power setting 1 and 2, I use number 2 to speed the job up or cut through thicker growth
Two power settings 1 and 2. I use number 2 to speed the job up or cut through thicker growth

The speeds are labelled 1 and 2 with the latter obviously providing more power. This is the mode I used on those taller weeds earlier and it did a great job. The lower power setting is ideal for general strimming and tidying when you aren’t in rush. I’ll be honest, I personally always use it on full power because it speeds everything up.

You the strimmer in my own garden for general maintenance, great little strimmer
Using the strimmer in my own garden for general maintenance. It is a great little strimmer

This strimmer also comes with what Black + Decker calls AFS: Automatic single line feed system. This means that it actually detects when the strimmer line is too short and lets more out automatically.

Something that does stand out with this model is how small the charger itself is. In the photograph below you can see the battery sat on the charger, and as you can see, it’s not a big battery. I have a lot of chargers (from my collection of tools and gardening equipment) and they’re usually big and bulky, however, this charger is actually small and compact so it doesn’t take it too much space on my garage shelf.

Cordless strimmer small compact charger and 18v battery
The small and compact charger and the 18v battery which slides onto it. It takes up very little room unlike most chargers that come with garden power tools


  • Designed for general garden maintenance with a 28cm swath.
  • Rotating strimmer head that rotates 90° to allow you to strim the edges of lawns and paths using the wheeled edging mode.
  • AFS: Automatic single line feed system to make releasing more strimmer line quickly and easily.
  • Powered by E-Drive – The high torque gear system provides the power to strim thick grass and weeds when needed.
  • Line cutting speed 5500 – 7400 rpm.
  • Powered by an 18V 2.0Ah Lithium battery.

My recommendation

I have to admit, I really like this little strimmer and I’ve been really impressed with what I was able to strim with it. I don’t usually go for these more domestic strimmers, but as I mentioned earlier, most people really don’t need to be spending a small fortune on a strimmer and for them, this 18v Black + Decker model is something that is well worth considering.

If you have a lot of overgrown brushes to clear then this is probably not the best choice, although it’s more than capable of clearing smaller areas of thick brushes. I’d opt for the more powerful 36v model or even the DEWALT DCM561P1-GB XR Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer for cutting thicker brushes. For most people who just need a decent strimmer, and have the occasional overgrown area to level, this will certainly do the job and would be a great strimmer to have in your shed.

2. Black + Decker 36V 2.0AH Cordless Strimmer

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Update: This 36v Black + Decker model I have tested has now been replaced with a newer improved model. It has all the same features but they have altered the handle design, it still has the sliding loop handle. It also still has the same great features including low and high speeds modes (previously called eco and turbo) plus the rotating cutting head and of course the more powerful 36v lithium battery.

Testing the Black + Decker 36v for 12 months
I have been testing the Black + Decker 36v for over 12 months now – it never lets me down and has some great features

Watch my video review and see this strimmer in action


  • Powerful 36v cordless strimmer ideal for the domestic strimming of small and larger gardens.
  • Quickly switch to edging mode to finish off the edges of your lawn quickly (my favourite feature).
  • The telescopic shaft makes it easier to store as well as being able to adjust the length, which is useful so that my wife can also use it comfortably.
  • The main loop handle can also be adjusted up and down the shaft easily.
  • Comes with two power settings, eco mode gave me around 40 minutes of strimming while the turbo mode gave me the extra power for tougher weeds and lasted around 20-25 minutes.
  • Charges in only 90 minutes and has a battery charge indicator built into the battery.
  • Fold-down plant guard, ideal for strimming around trees and plants to avoid accidentally strimming them.
  • 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind

As mentioned, I have been lucky enough to try a few strimmers whilst running this website, some manufacturers offer to send them for free for testing, however, I actually purchased this model myself to test for around £180 from Amazon over 12 months ago.

Quick release clip to change shaft length for storage and for finding the best position for you
Quick-release clip to change shaft length

My first impressions were great, all I needed to do was attach the plastic strimmer head guard and the loop handle, this took around 5 minutes, if that. I extended the shaft by releasing the quick clip and it was ready to use. The battery was even charged ready to start testing straight out of the box.

Black + decker cordless strimmer in use

The first thing I noticed was it was fairly lightweight in comparison to some of the other models I have used, with the exception of the smaller 18v Black + Decker strimmer which is now my best pick. I’d say this larger model is perhaps around 3-4kg. I think officially it’s around 3.5kg but I have no scales handy to check this.

The thing is, lighter tools usually mean lower quality, however, this Black + Decker model is extremely well built. All the plastic parts are good quality, and durable. It’s fairly substantial and I think the shaft is made from aluminium but I’m not 100% sure, it could just be steel but there are no signs of rust.

Black + Decker 36v Cordless Strimmer aluminium shaft
The strong shaft of the Black + Decker Cordless Strimmer

In terms of power it’s obviously 36v but on checking the specs it runs up to 8500 RPM. In the real world this means it has plenty of power and that it does as much as the DeWalt model I’ve also been using I would think. That’s how it feels anyway.

Eco mode on Black + Decker Cordless strimmer, gives around 40-50 minutes of running time
Eco mode on Black + Decker Cordless strimmer gave me around 35-40 minutes of running time

It actually has two settings, eco and turbo. ECO, which is more than enough power for finishing the lawn off after mowing. Don’t forget the edging feature too that allows you to rotate the strimmer head by simply pressing a button. This is my favourite feature because I no longer need to finish the edges of the lawn with a pair of scissors or the manual lawn edging shears I have.

Lawn before strimming
Lawn before strimming
Lawn after strimming
Lawn after strimming

In ECO mode I usually get around 35-40 minutes which is good. In TURBO mode (which I only really use for occasionally strimming back long grass or nettles that seem to come from nowhere) it lasts around 20-25 minutes. Not too bad when you consider the power it is using at full pelt.

Turbo mode on Black + Decker Cordless strimmer, gives around 20-30 minutes of running time
The TURBO mode on the Black + Decker Cordless strimmer gave me around 20-25 minutes of running time

One last feature that is also useful (but I don’t use that much) is the plant protection guard (think that’s what it’s called). This is handy if you are strimming around trees, furniture, plants, basically anything you don’t want the strimmer line to touch.

36v Lithium iron battery which takes 90 minutes to fully recharge
The 36v Lithium-ion battery only takes 90 minutes to fully recharge

The battery (which is a 36v 2.0Ah) takes around 90 minutes to charge. Not too long, the DeWalt model charges slightly faster at around 70 minutes and that’s a 5Ah battery but only 18v. However, when you think some models can take up to 3 hours to charge, 90 minutes is just fine for me.

My recommendation

I have always found that Black + Decker tools are just average. Although they have always been okay and completed the job, I have never really been that impressed by Black + Decker. Just recently I tested some portable workbenches, the Bosch model was way better than the Black + Decker alternative, be it more expensive.

Black + Decker 36c Cordless Strimmer

However, with this 36v Cordless Strimmer, they have really put a lot of thought into it. For Black + Decker, I can honestly say they have actually made a garden tool I would recommend, and is by far better than most alternatives within the same price range.

My first impression was that it is very well made (one box ticked for quality).

Black + Decker 36c Cordless Strimmer lay on grass

Now some models are still underpowered but Black + Decker has fitted this model with a 36v 2Ah battery. What this actually means is that not only does it have plenty of power, it also has an impressive running time. The running time is around 40 minutes in ECO mode, which is great for completing most jobs, such as strimming around trees and edging around the lawn. In TURBO mode it lasts around 20-30 minutes, which does a great job at cutting through tough nettles, long grass and thick brush as shown in the pictures below.

Before strimming with the 36v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmer
Before strimming with the 36v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmer
After strimming with the 36v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmer
After strimming with the 36v Black + Decker Cordless Strimmer

The adjustable head, which tilts 180°, was great for cutting around the edges of the lawn and the telescopic handle was very useful because it made it more comfortable to use, especially for my wife. Finally, it’s not the lightest model, however, at 3.5kg I think it is light enough for most gardeners to be able to use comfortably.

Overall, I think it’s a fantastic strimmer with plenty of power and for most people, you can’t really go wrong with this model. The only exception is if you have lots of rough ground to strim, or need to use it daily if you’re a professional gardener for example, then I would go for the DeWalt model or even the EGO model I review next, if you have the budget.

For everyone else looking for a strimmer with plenty of power, just get yourself the Black + Decker 36v Cordless Strimmer, you won’t be disappointed. If you have a smaller garden or never let your garden get overgrown in the first place, then the smaller Black + Decker 18v version is probably going to be a great option and save you some money.

Looking for something with more power? Check out my review of the best cordless brush cutters in this guide here

3. EGO Power + STX3800 Commercial Cordless Strimmer/Brush Cutter


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The EGO Power + STX3800 Cordless Professional Grass Trimmer is designed to provide durability and optimum strength and has been designed with professional use in mind. This means it’s a real workhorse that provides exceptional reliability. 

The grass trimmer comes with a brushless motor that is guaranteed to run quietly and for much longer in comparison to the brushed motors that are often seen on cheaper domestic strimmers. This is fine for occasional use around the garden but for professional use, a brushed motor is essential. The brushless motor is powered by 56V batteries that sport a special ARC design that permits each battery cell to operate at optimum levels without overheating.

This model is to be used with the 1500 backpack battery (which is sold separately) and although this kit is expensive, for professional daily use, and cost-saving compared to petrol alternatives, it still offers excellent value for money. 

When fully charged, this grass trimmer offers up to 540 minutes as a brush cutter and 330 minutes as a line trimmer. This is a significant time for you to get some work done. There is a slightly smaller battery pack, the BAC1330 which is cheaper and gives around 240 minutes. This may be better suited for domestic use where the exceptional longer running time may not be needed.

To cut through tough overgrowth material with ease, the cordless trimmer has a reversible steel blade with a 38cm cutting width. The wide width helps in covering large areas at a go, therefore, making sure the work gets done quickly. The line cutter function is better for general grass strimming and it is equipped with a 2.4mm diameter dual trimmer line to give clean cuts.

The grass trimmer also possesses a lightweight body thanks to the carbon fibre material that is used on the shaft. Weighing approximately 5.9 kg, the model is ergonomically designed to offer comfort and balance while working. It has a soft start motor and a loop handle to see to it that the user has full control over the machine at all times.

Sporting a manual line feed, this durable grass trimmer is easy to use, even on the busiest of days. It has a constant variable speed of 5800 rpm enabling it to slice through growth and brush material like a hot knife through butter. The power can easily match any petrol alternative without the noise or maintenance to worry about. To reassure you that the quality can be trusted, this model comes with a 5-year warranty where terms and conditions apply. Read through the terms and conditions to understand what is covered.


  • Designed for professional use in the most demanding situations and for long periods of time.
  • Features a brushless motor that offers optimal performance and durability.
  • It comes with a wide cutting width of 38cm.
  • Works with a 56v battery pack to provide much longer running times of 300 minutes with the line cutting and 420 with the brush cutter using the BAX1500 battery pack.
  • It has a sharp three-sided reversible steel blade for clean cuts.
  • Features a lightweight carbon fibre body for easy maneuverability.
  • Comes with a soft start motor and loop handle for ease of use.
  • Accompanied by a 5-year warranty for domestic use and 12 months for commercial use.

Our recommendation

The EGO Power + STX3800 Cordless Grass Trimmer was created to serve in a professional capacity and it does this exceptionally well. Compared to the rest of the models, this grass trimmer is more powerful and provides a longer running time. Additionally, it is lightweight making it easy to handle.

It is important to note that the charger and battery pack are sold separately and this makes the complete setup fairly expensive. Therefore, it is important to add up all these costs before making the purchase. This gives you an idea of the overall sum you are working with to avoid any surprises. Don’t forget the cost-saving though compared to petrol models. Other than that, this durable grass trimmer is a dream to work with and it provides good value for money for all things considered for the professional gardener or ground maintenance person looking for the best reliable cordless strimmer.

4. DeWalt DCM561P1S 18V Li-Ion XR Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer


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DEWALT DCM561P1S XR Brushless Split Shaft String Trimmer 18V 1 x 5.0Ah Li-ion

The DeWalt DCM561P1S 18V Li-Ion XR Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer is one of the best on the market. Combining a sizable battery, a powerful strimmer motor, and an array of features to make strimming a breeze, there is a lot to like with this DCM561P1S.

A 33cm cutting swatch makes it ideal for both small and larger areas of grass, and so is the 18V 5Ah battery and 2-speed variable setting ranging from 0-6000rpm. Keep in mind that lower settings like 4500rpm result in a longer runtime of about 40 minutes, while the highest speed offers a lot more powerful cutting but at the expense of a shorter runtime of around 25 minutes.

This is further enhanced by the brushless motor outfitted in this cordless strimmer which provides more torque, sustained cutting speeds under various conditions, reduced friction and longer tool life. This makes it suitable for applications that need to use extended runtimes on higher power settings. In addition, the 18V battery charges fully in a matter of 75 minutes, making this tool easier to use in larger gardens that need multiple runs.

What’s more? The DCM561P1S features a fast-loading 2mm dual line bump feed string that can be adjusted accordingly to suit different needs. There’s a professional-style guard for extra protection and a secondary handle to enhance maneuverability. The main handle is well-padded and features integrated over mould for user comfort during application.


  • Equipped with a brushless motor for reduced friction, long runtimes and durability.
  • Variable cutting speed from 0-6000rpm, perfect for both wet and dry grass.
  • Comes with a padded handle with over mould plus an extra one for enhanced maneuverability.
  • 33cm cutting swatch – suitable for small and large gardens.
  • Powered by an 18V 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery with fast charging times.
  • Includes a professional-style guard for added protection.
  • Fast loading 2mm dual-line string.

Our recommendation

This strimmer from DeWalt guarantees a professional performance because it’s outfitted with a brushless motor. Add the 18V 5.0Ah battery and you have a reliable tool that can complete the job in one go. In any case, it charges up quickly so you can soon get back to unfinished jobs, unlike some other batteries that take hours. Its 33cm cutting diameter will also ensure that you cover acres of space within the shortest time possible.

The fact that you can control speeds from 0-6000rpm is something to appreciate because you’ll be able to tackle both wet and dry grass. The fast-loading dual-line string grants you total control over the line size whilst and you are sure of comfortable use with the padded handle that has an integrated over mould. There’s even a second handle to improve handling and comfort.

On the downside, this strimmer weighs 7.24kg and this is quite heavy compared to other models on this list. Nonetheless, a great choice for anyone seeking a grass strimmer that delivers according to specifications.

5. WORX WG163E 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer

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WORX WG163E 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer With Command Feed And 2 Batteries Strimmer Line Strimmers Edge Cutter Black

The WORX WG163E 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer is a versatile tool that can double up as a mini-mower or even as a wheeled edger. Converting from one function to another is super-easy and you don’t need any tools. Its two wheels make it easy to cut in a straight line whilst enhancing stability and control.

This strimmer is designed to use an 18V 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery and is even compatible with a 20V battery, especially if more power is needed for tougher conditions. In fact, it comes complete with 20V 2.0Ah Li-Ion battery packs to ensure that you’ll never run out of power. These batteries not only provide extreme performance but also allow you to interchange with WORX 20V power and garden tools. The charging time is 3 hours.

Better still, the strimmer comes with a telescopic handle that allows you to adjust accordingly to suit your height and convenience. It’s incredibly light at just 3.5kg, so you should be able to use it for extended periods without feeling the effects. In addition, the articulating cutting head makes edging very easy because it can adjust between 0-90° angles. This attribute also allows this strimmer to reach into those difficult spaces in your garden.

The cutting width is a decent 30cm so it can tackle longer and thicker growth as well as cover a large area quickly. Another nice touch is the CommandFeed which lets you feed the line through at the touch of a button.


  • Can convert into a mini-mower or wheeled edger.
  • Flexible, ergonomic handle that allows you to adjust to an ideal height.
  • Fitted with two wheels that enhance stability and control.
  • Adjustable head from 0-90°, allowing cutting in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Command Feed line system that allows the line to be released at the touch of a button.
  • Supplied with two 20V batteries.
  • Lightweight strimmer – 3.5 kg.
  • Good value for money.

Our recommendation

If you’re looking for a highly versatile cordless strimmer, this WORX WG163E 18V (20V MAX) provides you with value for money. Apart from being able to convert into a mini-mower or edger, it comes with two 20V batteries to offer unlimited power, something absent with most other cordless strimmers.

And unlike many other models that utilise a bump feed system, this one features a CommandFeed function and this allows you to get more line from the spool by simply pressing a button. Even more, this strimmer is ultra-lightweight considering its 3.5kg weight. The DeWalt DCM561P1S is around 7.4 kg, so you can imagine that contrast.

Edge trimming is also possible with this strimmer because of the adjustable head plus the wheels that enable it to go into tighter spaces such as under garden furniture. Although some users said it can be a little tricky to convert from trimmer to edger, this grass strimmer is still a bang for the buck.

6. Bosch ART 30-36 Li Cordless Strimmer

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Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Grass Trimmer AdvancedGrassCut 36 (1 x 36 volt battery, Cutting diameter: 30 cm, Weight: 3.1 kg, in carton packaging)

Bosch is known for their quality garden tools and they manufacture a number of cordless strimmers. This Bosch ART 30-56 Li cordless strimmer is one of their larger heavy-duty models, designed with large gardens in mind and for tougher strimming where less powered models may struggle.

Powered by a 36c / 2.6Ah lithium-ion battery, it will easily cut through the toughest brush and long grass in larger gardens.

Like other Bosch models, it uses a Bosch Syneon Chip that intelligently controls the energy and power required for the type of strimming you are currently doing.  At the cutting end, it uses a semi-auto feed twin line feature that gives it more cutting power because it has two cutting lines, unlike most other models that only have one.

The ergonomic design and adjustable auxiliary handle ensure that it’s comfortable to use, even when used for longer periods of time.


  • Robust heavy-duty design.
  • Powered by a very powerful 36 V / 2.6 Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • Lightweight design at only 4kg when compared to other heavy-duty strimmers.
  • Cuts for approximately 35 minutes from one charge and can be recharged in only 90 minutes.
  • Uses a twin nylon cutting line, for a more efficient cut, especially when strimming tough brush.
  • 30cm cutting width, ideal for large-sized gardens.
  • Plant guard to protect plants when strimming around them.
  • 2 years warranty that can be extended to 3 years by registering online.

Our recommendation

We have reviewed a few Bosch power tools including garden shredders, cordless lawnmowers and hedge cutters, and they always seem to impress and are always very well manufactured. We have looked at a few different Bosch strimmers in the past and we have never been that impressed with them, however, when we first saw the Bosch ART 30-36 Li strimmer we knew that this was about to change.

It’s a very well-made, rock-solid machine and it is worth mentioning that it’s only really designed for strimming large gardens. It will strim anything you put in front of it, from tough brushwood to long grass.

One great feature we do like is the plant protector, which means you can strim around plants without worrying about damaging them.

What it lacks

Because it’s only designed with strimming in mind it does lack a few features some gardeners might prefer.

Firstly unlike most other models, it doesn’t have an adjustable head which means you can’t use it for edging. Another feature this strimmer doesn’t have is a telescopic handle to adjust the height.

Overall, it’s a great strimmer, especially if you have a large garden and need a strimmer capable of strimming through tough brush and long grass, then this is probably one of the best models for the job. One charge lasts around 35 minutes which we found would be enough for most larger gardens and the battery can be recharged in just 90 minutes. If you have an extra-large garden or field to strim, it may be a good idea to invest in a spare battery.

Buyer’s Guide

What you need to know when buying a cordless strimmer

The number one consideration will be ‘What batteries do they use?’ This can be a little confusing to understand at first because they don’t all use the same batteries and some models are available with different batteries, this can have a large impact on the price of the strimmer but also the overall performance and running time. 

Look for models powered by Lithium-ion batteries. They have longer run times, and much shorter charging times, with many fully charged within 60 minutes and they do not lose their charge like other types of batteries do.

Understanding lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries hold there charge better and charge fast
18v battery and charger from my Black + Decker Strimmer

The best cordless strimmers are available with a range of different battery sizes, most cheaper models are powered by an 18v lithium-ion battery but these are usually less powerful, have shorter running times, and are only really suitable for smaller gardens or large well maintained gardens where they won’t have to do any really demanding work.

There are also models that are powered by 20v and 36v batteries. These models have plenty of power and are often comparable to mains powered and petrol strimmers in terms of performance and power.

Voltage (v) & Amp Hour (Ah) – What it means to you

36v 2Ah battery provides more power but limited run time
36v 2Ah battery provides more power but limited run time

If you look carefully at what battery they come with, they will state the ‘voltage’ (v) and generally the higher the voltage the more powerful the strimmer will be. However, this isn’t always the case as my DEWALT DCM561P1-GB XR Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer is a heavy-duty 18v machine and it runs at 6000rpm but it also comes with a 5Ah battery so actually lasts longer than any other strimmer I have. Talking of Ah, they will also state the ‘Amp Hour’ (Ah), they usually start at 1.3Ah and go up to around 9Ah and the higher the rating the longer the running time is. This is the main reason the price can vary so much between models that appear to be very similar.

My Ryobi 18v 5Ah battery will powers tools for much longer thanks to the large capacity
My Ryobi 18v 5Ah battery will power tools for much longer thanks to their large capacity

I always recommend looking for an Ah capacity of 2Ah for smaller or larger well-maintained gardens and 5Ah if you have a large garden or more demanding jobs that drain the batteries quicker.

Generally the higher the voltage (v) and Amp Hour (Ah) the heavier the model will be, so sometimes more is not always better or even needed.

It really comes down to what you plan to use it for and how long.

Take the recharging time into consideration

One of the main advantages of lithium-ion batteries is their ability to charge quickly, usually between around 1 hour and 3.5 hours depending on the battery.

Unlike older batteries, lithium-ion batteries can be recharged before the battery is flat, with the old Ni-can batteries, doing this damages the batteries but with new lithium batteries, this is not the case and they can be charged at any time. They can also hold their charge for longer periods of time which means they can be stored over winter and will still have a full charge, even when you get it out after a long period of time.

This means no getting your strimmer out, only to find the battery has gone flat over winter, which used to be a common event.

If you have lots of strimming to do, consider buying a second battery when you purchase your strimmer because they are often cheaper than if you buy it separately at a later date.

Final Conclusion

I actually started by looking at over 15 different cordless strimmers and it quickly became clear that lithium-ion batteries were the way to go. Prices ranged from around £90 for a nice entry-level model for smaller gardens, to well over £300 for a cordless model that was capable of strimming tough growth in a larger garden. After more testing, it’s actually become clear that even some of the more affordable 18v strimmers with the 2Ah batteries are more than capable of doing short bursts of demanding strimming on long grass and even thick weeds.

Which strimmer is best for you will largely depend on what you intend to use it for and how much strimming you need to do.

We hope you’ve enjoyed and found value in the products above. Cordless strimmers have come a long way and the models available these days are more efficient and affordable than ever. Moreover, their batteries charge quickly so even if you can’t complete a job with one charge, you can always resume within an hour or two or get some spare batteries.

Whilst the cordless strimmers in my list are of the highest quality, my favourite is probably still the BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer with 2.0 Ah Battery as it’s just so light and easy to use. With two modes of operation, E-Drive technology, 7400rpm and weighing around 2.5kg, I felt it offers the most value compared to the others.

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