Strong weedkillers that the professionals use

Strong weedkillers that the professionals use

Strong weedkillers that the professionals use

The strongest weedkillers that the professionals use

There are many weedkillers (also known as herbicides) on the market, but what do you do when the domesticed weedkillers that have been created for home use, simply don’t do the job? There are a few industrial grade weedkillers on the market that are very effective.

Most are systematic which means that the plant takes it into it’s system and it eventually kills the whole plant including the root ensuring that they do not grow again.

Industrial Glyphosate weedkiller

Most weedkillers used by professional gardeners to treat commonly used areas around buildings, large areas of beds and borders as well as on paths and car parks have one thing in common. 

Most are concentrated, Glyphosate-based weedkillers. This has many advantages, one being that it kills the foliage and the roots. Another advantage is that once the weedkiller touches the soil it bio-degrades into natural substances and does not poison the soil like some other residual weedkillers.

Glyphosate is used in some domestic weedkillers but in a much weaker concentrate, professional weedkillers are much stronger meaning they are much more effective.

They control most broad-leafed weeds as well as grasses, it is important that these weedkillers are only used when the weeds are actively growing which is usually between March and September for best results.

Recommended very strong weedkillers

There are three professional-grade weedkillers available from manufacturers and they are all available as a concentrate and need to be applied with a garden sprayer. It is very important that you use protective clothing especially gloves when mixing and using industrial weedkillers.

Gallup 360 Weedkiller

Elixir Gardens Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed killer treats upto 3332 sq/m 2Lt Bottle + Complimentary Measuring Cup and Gloves by Prime

Gallop 360 is probably the best selling professional weedkiller available and is actually the best selling weedkiller on for industrial use.

This systemic weedkiller is a foliar-applied translocated herbicide that can be used in aquatic areas unlike some other weedkillers available.

This weedkiller needs to be applied when the weeds are actively growing and it will kill most annual, hard to kill perennial weeds and grasses.

It is available in several different quantities including a 1 litre container, a 5 litre container and a 10 litre container. It has flexible application rates but it is recommended that you mix 300ml of concentrate for every 10 litres of water (30ml to every 1 litre of water).

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Rosate 36 Weedkiller

rosate 36 weed killer review

Rosate 36 is another very strong weedkiller used by professionals and will kill most hard to kill weeds including annuals and perennial broad-leafed weeds as well as grasses.

One litre of concentrate will cover approximately 2,000m sqr at a rate of 20ml per litre of water. This weedkiller is absorbed by the weeds on contact and kills the foliage and roots.

Once the herbicide touches the soil it becomes ineffective as it is broken down by by microbial activity, this means the area can be planted in shortly after application. Do not use near waterways or where it could contaminate water.

Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre containers.

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Clinic Ace Weedkiller

clinic ace weedkiller

Clinic Ace is the last industrial-use weedkiller we recommend and like the others it contains glyphosate to kill broad-leafed weeds and grasses.

It works by blocking several important biological processes resulting in the gradual decline and death of the plant. It can take up to 4 weeks to see the full effects of this weedkiller and 5 litres will make you over 16 litres of weedkiller, it has a dilution rate of 300ml of concentrate to every 10Ltrs of water.

Available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers, it becomes inactive on contact with soil or river bed silt so can be used around ponds and rivers.

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Important information when using professional weedkillers.

As the above weedkillers are ‘Ministry Approved Professional Products’ you must be trained and certificated in using and applying them.

  • Always read the instructions thoroughly on the container before use and apply only as directed.
  • Always wear protective gloves, mask and goggles for your own safety.
  • Although some weedkillers can be used near water ensure you avoid run off into water as much as possible.
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    Always use a garden sprayer to treat areas and never use a sprayer you also use to spray pesticides on plants as the weedkiller could kill plants even if the sprayer has been rinsed out before use.

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