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Best Robot Lawn Mower – Detailed Buyers Guide and Reviews of 6 Top Models

Last updated on February 1st, 2022

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Maybe you thought that having a lawn was a good idea; something lush and green to picnic on and somewhere safe for your children to play. But now you realise that in reality, it requires a lot more upkeep than your fantasy lawn ever did.

Don’t despair, you’re in the right place. Our review of the Best Robot Lawn Mowers introduces you to tools that cut the grass for you. You won’t even have to start the robotic mower up after you’ve programmed your scheduled mowing times. We won’t hide that it’s time-consuming to set up the boundary wire to enclose your lawn for the mower, but that’s a one-off task. It’s a life of ease after that.

And it gets even easier with the new generation of smart robot lawnmowers. You can control and track these mowers from your smart device; you don’t even have to be at home to do so. And some of our mowers accept voice commands from Amazon’s Alexa technology.

Our Best Pick is the Flymo 1200R Robot Lawnmower. Suited to smaller lawns, this mower works in rain or sunshine so you don’t have to.

The McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower is our Runner-up Pick for the best robotic lawnmower. Better suited for larger lawns, this mower is designed to cut your grass every day so that it always looks trimmed and smooth.

Have you got a large lawn to mow? We now have an updated article that compares the best robot lawnmowers for large gardens here.

I have also reviewed models that are better suited to smaller lawns that are under 750 m2


Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower
Our Best Pick of the best robot lawn mowers is the Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion RoboticLawn Mower. It’s best suited for lawns less than 400m2 and offers great value with its many features.

Its sensor collision sensors reverse the mower immediately if it bumps into anything, including your pet or child. Mowing 30m2 per hour, and for an hour on a full charge, the mower returns itself to the charging station when it needs to recharge. And it works rain or sunshine, in the mowing periods and on the days that you’ve programmed into it.

Security measures include an anti-theft PIN code and an alarm that sounds if it’s picked up. Unfortunately the Flymo 1200 R Robotic Lawn Mower come with a smart app for your smart device, so all programming has to be done through the control pad on the mower.

The Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower is our best pick for its outstanding quality and performance at an affordable price.

Robot Lawnmower Buyer’s Guide

In this buyer’s guide, we will look at some of the features incorporated into robot lawnmowers and what they actually do, we also discuss what makes a good robot lawnmower and what to look out for when choosing a suitable model that is right for your garden.

Some models are not great on uneven lawns for example, so this might be something you need to think about if your lawn is not perfectly level.

The main thing to think about is the size of your lawn. If it’s under 400 square meters, any of the models would work just fine but depending on the model, they have limitations to the size of the lawns they can cut, some, for example, have a maximum lawn size of 400 or 500 square meters whilst others will easily cut a large lawn that is 700 square meters. Some are terrible on sloped lawns and others excel.

You can read my guide on the best robot lawnmowers for sloped lawns here

Below we go over some of the benefits of using a robot lawnmower other mowers

The big plus is convenience, leaving you with more time to relax or do more important gardening tasks

Robotic mowers are very convenient and this makes them very attractive. The mower does all the work for you once you have it set up, this usually takes a couple of hours but once it’s all set up it virtually runs itself. You may need to quickly nip round the edge of the lawnmower every couple of weeks with a strimmer or edging shears to keep the lawn edges tidy but that’s it. This gives you more time to enjoy your garden and relax.

They are environmentally friendly

With fossil related fuels acting as major players in the field of pollution, machines operating on renewable energy are a sight for sore eyes. Electric lawnmowers are much more environmentally friendly compared to petrol mowers.

They return clippings to lawns that will add nutrients back to the lawn for a greener, healthier lawn

The consistent cutting and dispensing of clippings back onto the lawn are some of the most advantageous features the mower has to offer. The systematic approach lets the clippings act as fertiliser and moisture retainers for a greener, healthy lawn.

But cutting the lawn daily or every other day, robot lawnmowers only trim a little each time they mow the lawn, this means it only applies a small amount of cuttings back onto the lawn so you still have a super tidy lawn.


Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower
The McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower is our Runner-up Pick. It works best in a larger garden up to 1000m2 but lacks some of the features of our Best Pick lawn mower.

This mower is designed to mow your lawn every day, keeping it short so that the grass clippings it discharges on the lawn act as nutritious mulch. This is one of the quietest mowers in our review so you can mow late in the evening and not disturb anyone. It starts to mow on schedule by itself and returns alone to the charging station for a battery recharge.

Five cutting heights of between 20mm (0.8 inches) and 50mm (2 inches) let your grass have the polished finish you want. The mower cuts in a random pattern with its 17cm blade (6.7 inches) so you won’t have stripes on your lawn. One downside is that the McCulloch ROB only comes with a one-year warranty; most other mowers have at least two years of support.

What to consider when choosing a robot lawnmower

Ease of use and setup

Some models are complicated to set up and use, especially the more expensive models with lots of features you probably never use.

We recommend looking at models with easy-to-set-up controls with a limited number of options. It’s amazing how many people send them back when they realise how difficult they can be to set up when they purchase models with fancy features and apps connected to mobile devices or home wifi.

The essential options you really need include the ability to set which day and what times to mow. This will allow you to mow whenever is convenient for you, because most models are very quiet, mowing at night is a good option or during the day if you’re at work.

What size lawn you have

All mowers have a maximum area coverage they can mow, for example, the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower has a maximum mowing area of 400 sq.m which is plenty for most British gardens, while the Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower has a maximum mowing area of a very impressive 1000 sq.m and this is perfect for very large gardens.

The ability to mow on slopes or over uneven lawns

All mowers have a maximum slope gradient they can climb, with some models its around 14 degrees such as the Flymo model, while other mowers are better suited to sloped lawns and can easily mow up 24 degrees such as the more expensive AL-KO Robolinho 500 E Robotic Lawn Mower.

If your lawn is fairly level with no sloped areas this will not be a concern.

Security features

Most good models have security features, the models we recommend have key code pads and alarms. The alarm is activated when the mower is lifted off the ground, if not put back on the ground within around 8 seconds it activates the alarm that helps deter would-be thieves.

The keypad is used to activate the mower when it’s set up and if the alarm goes off to reset it. If it was to be stolen it would not work because they would not have the key code, only the owner would have this. On some models it also only works with the base it comes with and is charged on.

In the end, they don’t really stop someone stealing it but they render it worthless if stolen, and hopefully this will ensure that it isn’t stolen in the first place.

Safety features such as sensors to detect pets and obstacles

Most models come with sensors that sense obstacles, this allows them to mow around trees and other objects. It also ensures they are safe around pets. If the mower bumps into a dog, for example, it would reverse immediately and mow in a different direction.

One of our concerns was the blades, we only recommend models where the blades are positioned well under the mower, so even if your animal was slightly bumped, there is no chance of them being harmed.

Another safety feature we ensure they have is that the blades stop straight away when lifted off the ground, for obvious reasons.

Cost and budget

What you spend will depend on your budget, we found that you could get a good robot lawnmower for level lawns with slopes up to 24 degrees for around £500 with the more advanced models costing £600-£700.

If you have a larger lawn up to 1000 square metres, you would probably need to budget around £600+ for the lower end of the market models to well other £1000 for the advanced models.


Most models come with a warranty of around 2 years, some even have 3-5 years. The longer the warranty the better. With such an expensive item the safest bet is looking at models with 2 years plus.

Top 6 Best Robot Lawn Mower Reviews

1. Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200R


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Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V

Just like most models, the Flymo model has been designed for easy installation, the Flymo 1200R Robot Lawnmower comes with a DVD to help you get set up and running as well as a manual and a quick guide to refer to.

Installation is fairly straightforward, all you need to do is lay the boundary wires, this takes the longest amount of time, maybe a couple of hours, it can either be pegged to the lawn or buried, we prefer to lay the wire under the ground because that way it’s out of the way, especially if you have children running around.

What we like is that the robotic mower can be set to operate on different days and times and it works on its own at the programmed times, even when it rains. 

Whether you have an uneven garden or there are obstacles in the area, the 1200R mows in an irregular pattern meaning it covers all areas regardless of the garden shape. The boundary wire along with highly sensitive collision sensors helps the mower to avoid any obstacles, it really is genius.

It’s worth mentioning that a full charge of this robot mower lasts up to 60 minutes and when required, it takes itself to the charging station to recharge and then it will carry on mowing.

What we really like about all the models we have seen, is that you don’t have to worry about disposing of grass clippings. The 1200R blades cut the grass repeatedly into tiny unnoticeable pieces that will eventually disappear into the soil, acting as a natural fertiliser. We have talked about mowing lawns before and returning the clippings because this is an excellent way of feeding the lawn and keeping it looking greener. With the robot lawnmower mulching the clippings and returning them to the lawn, this results in a well cared for lawn without much effort.

If you’re wondering about having grass clippings everywhere (as we first did) then don’t worry, because the mower can mow every day or at least every other day you can’t actually see the clippings as they are so small because it cuts so frequently.

With cutting heights of between 20-50mm, the robotic mower allows you to set your desired grass level. You will probably find that if you have a bumpy lawn, you can set the height until you get it just right, it’s a little bit of trial and error but once you find the perfect setting it is job done. 

If your garden is anything up to 400m2, this  Flymo model will complete the job in a matter of hours, working at 30m2/hr. The best part is that it can work both day and night, this means you can set it to mower at night or very early morning for example and because of it super quiet, and it really is amazingly quiet, it will not disturb anyone.

In the long run, it saves you so much time because after programming to your desired settings, you only have to sit back and wait for results.


  • A large working area of 400m2 +/- 20% that is ideal for most garden sizes.
  • Cuts around 30m2 per hour give around 6 hours of cutting the time a day.
  • Irregular navigation system means it cuts in all directions, this prevents tread marks and helps give a more even finish.
  • Thanks to the automatic charging system, it returns on its own when it needs recharging.
  • Battery-powered – 18v 1.6Ah Lithium-ion battery.
  • Easy installation – Simply lay the boundary wires and program the mowing schedule.
  • Mows and mulches which means it returns the clippings to the lawn and fertilises the lawn to keep it healthy.
  • Offer multiple cutting heights between 20-50mm so you can get the perfect finish for your lawn.
  • Works day or night, sun or rain.
  • Anti-theft key code (cannot be used without it) and alarm that sounds when lifted to help prevent theft.
  • 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

The Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower is probably the best robot lawnmower that you would say is affordable in Robot Lawnmower terms, none of them is what you would call cheap, however, this model offers the best features and performance at a good price and it always seems to be dropping. When we first reviewed this model it was around £1000, now its nearly half that price only 18 months later and has probably been improved.

With a maximum cutting area of around 400m2, this is probably within the size range of most gardens, which is why we chose this model as our ‘Best Pick’. It’s one of the easier models to set up and program and this can all be done from the mowers control panel. It has a good cutting width of 17cm and more than enough cutting heights.

It’s worth mentioning that it manages 400m2 fairly easily, I would think it could probably do a little more if needed, maybe 500m2. 

Overall, the quality is outstanding and the performance is as good as you would expect once everything set up. It would be nice if it had a little smart technology incorporated into it, perhaps an app that tells you if the alarm is going off because it has been lifted up and the ability to tell it not to mow today, for example, if storms are due that day.

That being said, this would likely increase prices so whilst it doesn’t have these features, Flymo is able to offer a model that gets the job done with minimum effort on your part.

It’s worth noting that this model now appears to be one of the most popular robotic lawnmowers on by a long way, with over 1000 reviews. You can learn a lot from them.

9 out of 10 times, this is the model we would recommend if your garden is within the recommended size capacity. If you do have a larger lawn, then our next pick, the Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower seems to have all the same great features but with a larger capacity battery so is able to mow lawns up to 1000m2. Check it below to learn more.

2. McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower


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Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower 18 V, Up to 1000 m sq

The Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower is an adequate machine that can get the job done come rain or shine, but it lacks the bells and whistles of the more advanced models, however, it’s the best alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ if you have a larger garden with extremely similar specs, it could nearly be the same lawnmower with a different battery. 

It comes with everything you need to get up and running including boundary wire (200m) enough for most gardens, 400 staples for fixing the boundary wire, and all the necessary connectors.

Just like the Flymo model, installation is easy – lay the boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn and around any obstacles like flowerbeds and staple it to the ground. We recommend putting it under the ground but it may be a little easier to lay it on the surface first to test the mower for a few days, then place the wire under the ground in the same place it has been stapled to the surface. Remember, the boundary wire plays a crucial role in telling the robot mower where to cut so it needs to be right and it’s easier to set this up above ground first in case you need to alter it.

Back to the robot lawnmower, it is fully programmable, so you can set it to mow at specific times and days. It has a good range of cutting heights (20mm min, 50mm max) so you can get the perfect finish.

In regards to slopes, these generally aren’t a problem either as long as they aren’t too steep but it can struggle a bit if it is wet, however, its high-performance motor and wheels enable the ROB to cut slopes with a gradient capacity of up to 25 degrees so most of the time, it will be just fine.

What we like and one of the reasons we named this as our ‘Runner-up’ is because it comfortably covers an area up to 1000m2, which is great for such a small robot mower.

Like most robotic lawnmowers, the ROB cuts in random patterns to prevent creating track lines on your lawn. This sounds like it will produce irregular results, but it actually delivers a consistently smooth finish. That’s because the robot mower is meant to cut every day so it won’t miss any part of the grass. And when ROB’s battery goes too low, it cleverly finds its way back to its charging station. It recharges fully in about 50 minutes and then returns to work if it hasn’t quite finished mowing. Totally automatic, you don’t need to do anything.

As with most models, it cuts fine grass clippings that quickly break down to return nutrients back into the soil, resulting in a thicker, healthier, greener lawn. No grass bag to empty and you’ll never push a mower to cut grass again. The robot mower is also extremely quiet at just 57dB of sound whilst it mows, probably one of the quietest. We noticed that most other mowers produce more than 60 decibels of noise.

McCulloch designers also thought about safety and theft prevention when they made this robot lawnmower. For instance, if some sneaky theft lifts the mower, it produces a loud audible alarm and the mower will not work at all, hopefully, this helps put off any would-be thieves. It can only turn back on by inserting a secret PIN code that only you as the sole owner has.

In addition, your robotic mower is only paired to one charging station and it will never work with any other. So if someone steals it, it will just be a useless toy, probably wouldn’t help you if they took it but it does act as a deterrent.


  • Perfect for larger lawns up to 1000 sq m and can handle slopes up to 25 degrees.
  • Wide 17cm cutting width with 5 cutting height settings between 20mm and 50mm.
  • Easy to set up and program.
  • An anti-theft alarm that sounds when lifted and security keypad that ensures it cannot be used without the code.
  • Features theft and tilt sensors.
  • 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Our recommendation

The Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower certainly has the good features we look for in a robot lawnmower. It’s easily programmable, delivers good results and its coverage is more than double of our ‘Best Pick’ by Flymo makeing it a good alternative if you have a larger garden.

We really like the quiet operation, arguably the quietest robot mower out there, so it won’t disturb anyone at night.

Overall, a decent choice for large lawns but a little bit expensive for its simplicity still is probably the next best model before going into models that cost over a £1000. The only real downside is that it only includes a 1-year warranty, it would be nice to at least have 2 years for such an expensive product. Other than that, this is a great mower for lawns up to 1000m2.

3. WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower

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The WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower is another smart robot lawnmower that you control either through an app or directly using the screen and keys on the top of the mower. However, this is a basic mower designed so you buy any additional functionality that you need. This means that you don’t pay for features that you’ll never use.

The WORX Landroid lawnmower is quite compact but powerful enough to cut small to medium lawns up to 300m2  (3,200 square feet). It’s powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery that is compatible with all WORK 20V, so you could use a suitable battery that you already have. The charging station is relatively unobtrusive compared to some others and won’t be an eyesore in your garden.

The WORX Landroid has an intelligent navigation system so the mower always knows where to go and is able to mow the lawn in an efficient pattern. It will move “randomly” around your lawn so you won’t have stripes on it. The mower adapts to the shape and size of the lawn as well as the grass growth rate and selects the appropriate schedule for mowing. Your mower will be networked with thousands of similar mowers and will learn from their experiences. You can override the schedule that the mower comes up with.

The blade width is 18 cm (7 inches) and this is appropriate for a small and medium-sized gardens. The cutting heights range from a close-cropped 20mm (0.8 inches) to a more shaggy 50mm (1.9 inches). The small clippings are finely ground and dropped to the lawn as mulch. That’s another gardening task you won’t have to do yourself.

The five add-on modules that are sold separately to the WORX Landroid are anti-collision system so the mower won’t get stuck on a chair or the garden shed; voice control with Amazon’s Alexa as an option here; GPS tracker so you always know where the mower is (especially useful if someone takes it away); an off-limits feature to do with the boundary you set; and a radio link in case you don’t have wifi throughout the mowing area.

You can extend the two-year warranty to three years if you register online within 30 days of your purchase.


  • Compact and best for small gardens up to 300m2.
  • The battery is 20V (included) and can be shared with all other WORX 20V cordless tools, so you may not have to buy the battery this time.
  • The charging station is unobtrusive so won’t be an ugly item in your garden.
  • Designed for the daily cutting of your lawn.
  • Instructions can be directly added through the keys and screen on top of the mower.
  • The app for controlling the mower is available from your smart device.
  • Intelligent navigation so the mower always knows where to go and mows the lawn efficiently.
  • Smart auto-scheduling; the mower adapts to the shape and size of the lawn and its growth rate and schedules itself.
  • Five add-on modules sold separately: Anti-collision system; voice control; GPS tracker; Off Limits and radio link; lets you add only what you need for your mowing circumstances.
  • Blade width is 18cm (7 inches).
  • Cutting heights range from a smooth 20mm to a more shaggy 50mm. 
  • Puts the small grass clippings back as mulch onto the lawn.
  • Comes with: WR130E Mower, battery pack, charger, charging base, 9 blades and screws, 100m Boundary wire, 130 Staples, 1 hex key, 2 measurement gauges, 8 nails for securing the charging station.
  • Two-year warranty, extendable to three years of you register online within 30 days of purchase.


  • Mobile app is limited to just a few features.
  • No cut-to-edge capability so you will still need to use the strimmer for the grass edges and against fences.
  • Bumps into obstacles, such as a shed and gets stuck.
  • The set-up manual is only available online.
  • Need to have wifi access across your entire lawn or purchase the optional radio unit.

Our recommendation

If you’re looking for a basic robot mower without too many extras, the WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower is worth a look. You can add to its basic functionality by buying one or more of the five add-on modules.

You control the WORX Landroid by entering instructions manually using the screen and keys on top of the mower. Or through an app on your smart device, though online reviewers say that the app is basic and quite difficult to use.

This lawnmower is autonomous in taking itself off to work, recharging when necessary and even scheduling when it’s best to cut the grass. It mows your lawn efficiently but in a seemingly random pattern so don’t expect clear parallel stripes in your grass. The WORX Landroid has a standard 18mm blade and cutting heights between 20mm and 50mm. This covers how most people want their lawns to look.

As the anti-collision module is an add-on, this mower tends to bump into obstacles (sheds, toys) and isn’t always able to find its way out. You should have wifi access across your lawn to communicate with the mower. If you don’t, you need to purchase the add-on radio unit.

The WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower is a consideration if you’re looking for a basic robot mower without unnecessary features.

No products found.

4. Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set, Robotic Lawnmower

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Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set Robotic Lawnmower

If you have a medium to large-sized lawn, up to 750m2, the Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set Robotic Lawnmower might be the model you’re looking for. With a longer-than-usual run time, this mower has some features not found on other robot mowers.

The Gardena SILENO Life is one of a range of smart garden products from the company. You control your mower from the app on your smart device or manually through the control panel under a flap on the top of the mower. All Gardena smart system products can be networked and communicated with. This means that your smart Gardena irrigation system won’t come on whilst your smart Gardena mower is cutting the grass. It can cut the grass in the rain.

This mower is powered by one 18V lithium-ion battery for lasts for an impressive 65 minutes per charge. The battery’s charging time is 60 minutes, so it can make several passes of your lawn in a scheduled mowing session. The motor has SilentDrive technology and is one of the quietest robotic lawnmowers on the market. It makes a noise that’s barely above a whisper. Your neighbour’s sleep won’t be disturbed if you have your grass cut in the middle of the night.

The Gardena SILENO Life is autonomous in that it starts up by itself on schedule, cuts the lawn you’ve identified by the boundary wires, takes itself to the recharging station when the power is low and goes out again to finish the mowing task. There’s a frost sensor that shuts down the mowing plan if the temperature drops to around freezing. 

The SensorControl adapts the frequency of mowing to the grass growth so you don’t need to remember the last time you cut the grass or check whether it needs mowing again. The Gardena SILENO Life cuts flat lawns and slopes up to 30 degrees, so you won’t need to roll your lawn level before you use this mower.

This mower automatically increases its mowing intensity if it encounters tough grass. The grass clippings are dropped as mulch to add nutrients to your lawn so you can cross that task off your gardening chore list. It also has sensors for collision, tilting and lifting so you’ll know if it’s stuck somewhere in the garden, if it’s lost its balance or if someone has picked it up by its four carrying handles. However, the PIN code security ensures that only people who have that number can use the robot mower.


  • Mows medium to large-sized lawns up to 750m2.
  • Weighs 7.3 KG (xx pounds) so not too heavy to move around.
  • One 18V lithium-battery is needed and is included. 
  • Mowing time is an impressive 65 minutes on one charge.
  • Charging time is 60 minutes and then the mower can go off again to finish the lawn.
  • Four carrying handles for easy lifting and transportation.
  • Control panel on the mower is under a flap on its top for easy access and protection from the weather.
  • Gardena Smart app lets you control the mower from your smart device.
  • Silent Drive motors are quiet so the sound of mowing grass won’t annoy you or the neighbours.
  • Cutting height ranges from 20mm to 50mm for seasonal variations in optimal length.
  • Cutting width is 22cm (8.7 inches) that suit a medium to large-sized garden.
  • Grass clippings are dropped as mulch to fertilise your lawn.
  • Automatically returns to the station to recharge when needed; you don’t need to keep seeing if it’s still working on the first battery charge.
  • Programmable mowing schedule via the screen and keypad on the mower or through the app so you can change the schedule even if you’re not home.
  • Can be used in the rain so you don’t have to shut it off in inclement weather.
  • Handles flat lawn and up to a 30 per cent incline for bumpy areas of grass.
  • Intensively mows areas with strong grass growth to get the straggly bits.
  • EasyPassage feature lets the mower go through narrow corridors.
  • Sensors for collision, lift and tilting make sure the mower remains upright.
  • Frost sensor shuts down the mowing schedule if the temperature is close to the freezing point.
  • PIN code for the security of who uses the mower means kids can’t start it up.
  • Network communication between all GARDENA smart system devices in your garden (e.g. between the mower and the irrigation system).
  • Comes with: mower, smart Gateway, 200 m boundary wire, 300 hooks, 4 couplers and 5 connectors.


  • Limited features on the app; can’t set up the mowing schedule through it.

Our recommendation

If you’re faced with a medium to large-sized lawn to mow, the Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set Robotic Lawnmower is a good choice for a robot lawnmower. It’s one of the next generations of smart garden devices you control through an app on your smart device (phone, tablet, iPad). 

The Gardena SILENO Life is able to handle lawns up to 750m2 with its one 18V battery. Each charge lasts for an impressive 65 minutes and this is enough time to cut a significant area of grass. After 60 minutes at the recharging station (it takes itself there), this mower is ready to go again and finish the task.

SilentDrive technology makes this mower one of the most silent available, so it won’t disturb your nap on the patio. The Gardena SILENO Life has sensors for tilt, lift and collision, and you’ll get an alarm if it’s in trouble. There’s also a frost sensor that stops the mower from cutting the lawn if it’s getting down to freezing temperatures. 

While the app controls the basic functions, online reviewers state that it has limited features. For example, the mowing schedule is programmable only through the control pad under a flap on the top of the mower and not through the smart app.

The Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set Robotic Lawnmower is a powerful and robust choice for those who love medium or large lawns yet don’t want to mow it themselves.

5. AL-KO Robolinho 500E Robotic Lawnmower

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AL-KO Robolinho 500E Robotic Lawnmower

The AL-KO Robolinho 500 E Robotic Lawn Mower is new to the market and it has a set of competitive features that put it up there amongst the best robot lawnmowers. This one is intended for small to medium-sized lawns (up to 500m2) and is on the higher price side of mowers. It installs in a few steps just like all the models in this review, which involves setting up the perimeter wire, connecting the base station and configuring your settings.

Engineered in Germany and manufactured in Austria, this model has been built to the highest technological standards. It features DCS (Double-Cut System) which cuts and chops grass clippings before returning tiny particles to the lawn as organic fertiliser as we have discusses before. It includes powerful software that controls and displays various information through its display box. For example, you can adjust the cutting height from 25mm to 55mm through a simple turn of a knob and you can see the values on the display panel.

In addition, built-in sensors allow the mower to detect obstacles including people and pets and avoid them for their own safety.

A feature this model does have that I don’t think any of the other models have is a “Home” button which when pressed, commands the mower to stop on its tracks and return to its base station. Other models will only be shut off then need to be transported to their base stations, so the “Home” function is a big plus.

Its wheels are rubber coated to provide powerful traction and a proper grip on the ground. These can tackle gradients of up to 40% with no problem, even if your lawn is not flat. And with a sound level of only 60dB, it’s unlikely that you or your neighbours will hear this mower during operation.

The Robolinho is powered by a 20V / 2.25 Ah Lithium-Ion battery that delivers a runtime of up to 50 mins and recharges in 60 minutes.

This model has just been introduced into the online market and there wasn’t feedback reported yet as of the time of writing. It’s also a little more expensive than the other models we have reviewed.


  • Ideal for lawns up to 500 sq m and will easily manage sloped lawns up to 24 degrees thanks to the rubber-coated high grip wheels.
  • Very easy to set up with an LCD screen and just 6 buttons.
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting height from 25mm to 55mm so you get the perfect finish.
  • Wide 20cm cutting width.
  • Powerful 20v/ 2.25 Ah Lithium-ion battery provides extended run times.
  • Security sensors detect when it is being lifted and sounds an alarm.
  • Lightweight at approximately 7.6kg.
  • Very quiet mower at only 60 dB(A).
  •  2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

The AL-KO Robolinho 500 E Robotic Lawn Mower operates uniquely compared with many robotic mowers. This model is compact and agile with durable components and sophisticated technology that make it a reliable companion for daily lawn care. 

An integral feature of this mower is its Double-Cut-System because it delivers a perfect cut, chops grass clippings and then returns them back to the soil as natural minerals and nutrients. We really like the home button, this could be useful if you water your lawn or need the lawn clear for some other reason, you just need to press the button and it will go back to its base.

If you are looking for a robot mower with high maneuverability and reliable sensor technology, this one is worth considering. In general, we have used Al-Ko tools before and they are very high quality so we have no reason to think this model will anything but impressive.

6. Bosch 06008B0100 Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350

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Bosch 06008B0100 Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350

The Bosch 06008B0100 Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 is one of the new generations of robot lawn mowers that come with an app. This enables you to control it through your smart device (phone, tablet or iPad). The Bosch Indego S+ 350 takes this one step further than most smart mowers though, by letting you control it using voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa system. In addition, this mower has standard features that come as options on some other mowers.

The Bosch Indego S+ 350 is a small and compact mower best suited to small or medium-sized gardens up to 350m2 (3700 square feet). As with most mowers, it moves about your garden cutting the lawn by itself and when it needs to recharge, it takes itself back to the charging station. This lets you sit back and watch the work being done without worrying about when it’s going to run out of power.

This mower takes all this a few steps further though. Instead of having to remember the last time you mowed the lawn and going outside to see if it needs another trim, you can program the Bosch Indego S+ 350. You set the AutoCalendar to when you want the robotic mower to go to work (date and time range) and the mower takes off within this time period to mow your grass. But taking this yet another step further, the Bosch Indego S+ 350 has a smart mowing feature that figures out the best time to mow your grass with regards to the garden size and the weather forecast.

This mower makes your lawn look great by mowing in parallel straight lines, giving you the stripes you’ve always wanted. The Intelligent Navigation Logicut function maps the size and shape of the lawn to mow it efficiently. It’s also smart enough to change the direction of the stripes each time it mows to stop your grass from being unduly stressed. If your lawn isn’t quite flat all over, the Bosch Indego S+ 350 can work on slopes up to 27 degrees.

You can also enter any instructions and find out any information that’s available from the screen on top of the mower. Next to the screen, there’s a big red STOP button that lets you turn off the mower instantly in case of any problems.

The Bosch Indego S+ 350 weighs 7.5kg (16.5 pounds) so it’s easy to pick and move if you need to. The cutting blade is 19cm (7.5 inches) which is an appropriate size for a small to medium-sized garden. There are three cutting heights available in the range of 30mm to 50mm (1 inch to 2 inches) give your lawn a close crop through to a more informal length. The Bosch Indego S+ 350 is designed to be used frequently (every few days or more often) and so it discharges the grass clippings (which are short) back onto the grass as mulch. The SpotMow option lets the mower cut the grass under your garden furniture so you won’t have to move the table and stack the chairs on top of it.

This mower runs on one 18V battery which is included. The battery run time is 45 minutes in which time this mower can cut an average sized lawn. The battery recharge time is also 45 minutes, so you can get several cutting sessions in one scheduled period.

Unusually, this mower comes in a selection of colours including blue, dark grey, yellow/green and fuchsia. With these bright tones, you’ll easily be able to see it in the garden.


  • Small and efficient for small to medium-sized lawns up to 350m2.
  • One 18V battery (included) that has a run time of 45 minutes and a recharge time also of 45 minutes.
  • Intelligent Navigation Logicut maps the size and shape of the lawn and mows it efficiently.
  • Bosch Indego 350 Connect lets you control the mower from your smart device, including by voice with Amazon’s Alexa.
  • AUTO Calendar feature allows scheduling of mowing times.
  • Smart-mowing feature calculates the best time to mow your lawn with respect to garden size and weather forecast.
  • Autonomous operation in mowing and recharging so you don’t have to bother with anything.
  • Parallel Line-cutting strategy changes the direction of mowing with each session so your grass won’t become stressed.
  • Multi sensors to detect and avoid obstacles so the mower doesn’t become stuck against a tree or a fence.
  • Weighs 7.5kg (16.5 pounds) and easy to pick up and move if necessary.
  • The cutting blade is 19cm (7.5 inches) for a reasonable-sized cutting path.
  • Height of cut is 30mm (1.2 inches) to 50mm (1.9 inches), with three height cutting settings.
  • The mulching function returns grass clippings to the lawn for added nutrition.
  • SpotMow allows for mowing under garden furniture so you don’t have to move anything.
  • Big red stop button on the top of the mower to cease the mowing process.
  • Can handle slopes up to 27% that will suit bumpy lawns.
  • Comes with: mower, battery, 100m (30 feet) perimeter wire, 140 fixing pegs, charging station, fixing screws and power supply.


  • The base station has to be placed absolutely level and precisely.
  • Difficult to set up the perimeter wire around the lawn and the app.
  • Difficult to read the information on the screen on the mower.

Our recommendation

The Bosch 06008B0100 Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 has all the features, and more, of other robot lawnmowers. The mower has many smart features accessible through the app or manually through the onboard screen and buttons. You can get to the app through your smart device or by voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa technology.

This mower has an impressive array of features. The Intelligent Navigation Logicut maps out your lawn and figures out how to mow it in parallel lines. The AUTO Calendar lets you set up a schedule for mowing the lawn. The Smart-mowing function calculates the best time to mow your lawn depending on its size and the weather forecast. The Bosch Indego S+ 350 even makes sure not to mow parallel lines in the same direction on subsequent mowing trips so that your grass doesn’t get stressed.

You can also access this robotic mower’s functions through the screen and keys on the mower. However, online reviewers state that it’s difficult to read the screen and not all the information makes sense.

Once you’ve set up the Bosch Indego S+ 350, the mower is autonomous in starting the mowing schedule and recharging at the charge station. The cutting function of the lawnmower is done with the 19cm (7.5 inches) blade at three preset heights in a range of 30mm (1.2 inches) to 50mm (1.9 inches). But the assembly of this boundary line system is difficult, according to some reviewers. You have to place the base station exactly according to directions and that’s not easy to do.

This is an excellent mower for small to medium-sized gardens if you love smart devices that do the chores you don’t want to.


Are robotic lawnmowers safe? 

Robot lawnmowers have many safety and security features built into them to make them safe. The blade is well within the mower’s deck boundary and doesn’t stick out at all. Most mowers come with a collision sensor that triggers when the mower runs into something. Some mowers will stop then and others will reverse out of the way, so nothing breaks. If the mower runs into the boundary wire and cuts it, it will stop until you fix the boundary loop but if the boundary wire is properly fitted this should not happen. 

Many robotic mowers have alarms for when the mower loses balance in some way – lifted, tilted or collision. If an unauthorised person carries away your robotic lawnmower, you will receive an alarm about it. Mowers may require you to enter a PIN code into the control pad or smart app to activate the mower, so only you and not your children can make changes to the programming.

How do robot lawnmowers work? 

Robotic lawnmowers work on a boundary loop system. You use boundary wire, which is usually included with the mower, to surround the area you want to be mowed. The wire should be placed low to or under the ground. These lawnmowers stay within that boundary as they cut your grass. Some mowers will cut in straight lines and others in a random pattern. When the robot mower senses that it’s running out of power, it returns to the charging station that you’ve installed in the cutting area. You can program your mowing schedule into most robotic mowers manually through the keypad on the mower or remotely through the smart app if it has one.

Do robot lawnmowers collect grass?

Robotic lawnmowers do not collect grass. As many of the mowers are designed to cut your lawn every day or so, the grass clippings are short. These clippings are finely chopped up and discharged back onto the lawn as mulch which adds vital nutrients back into the lawn, saving you that task to do.

How do you set up a robotic lawnmower? 

It takes three distinct steps to set up a robot lawnmower. First, you use the boundary wire and pegs to outline the area of your garden, ensuring that there’s a continuous and closed loop. Then you need to install the charging station in the garden, which usually takes a bit of time because it needs to be completely flat with space around it. The last step is to charge the mower’s battery and to program your mowing schedule into it. This can be done manually through the control pad on the mower or with your smart device if the robotic lawn mower comes with an app.

Final Conclusion

Gone are the days when cutting the lawn is on your to-do list. Now you can sit back and watch your robot lawnmower do all the labour. Or you can be anywhere if you have an app on your smart device to control and monitor your mower.

Our Best Pick is the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower. Best for a small to medium-sized lawns, this mower works hard for a full hour on a single charge. Our Runner-up Pick is the McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower that can handle larger lawns up to 1000m2 very quietly.

Once you’ve chosen which robotic lawnmower to purchase, your only decision is what to do with all your new free time. And if you decide that you’re not quite ready to automate your lawn mowing chores, check out our reviews for Best Petrol Mowers, Best Electric Lawn Mowers and the Best Cordless Lawn Mowers.

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