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Best BBQ Gazebos – Comparison & Reviews

Last updated on November 29th, 2022

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Instead of letting the weather get in the way of your barbecue, it’s well worth investing in a shelter for your grill. These shelters protect you from the elements including both sudden downpours as well as providing shade on the hottest days and providing an ambient place to cook and eat.

And since you’ve landed here in search of the best shelter for BBQ, you’ll find herein five durable (and what we consider) to be some of the best BBQ gazebos that you can consider. We are not sure the kind of model that you are looking for, but we can ascertain that one of these gazebos will spike your interest and be well worth considering. 

Grab a cup of tea or some wine and read through this post to find the best gazebo for BBQs.

We have already selected our best pick in the form of the Rowlinson Barbeque Shelter which is a great wooden model and our runner up is the Charles Bentley Steel Grill Gazebo which is great for being able to put and take down as needed.


Rowlinson Arbour and Barbeque Shelter
Made entirely of treated wood, this shelter is among the most robust and attractive models you can find. The shelter is spacious and it comes with a collapsible seat and shelves to make things easy. This fire retardant model is a bit on the higher side price-wise but it is worthwhile. You can paint it any colour you want and enjoy compliments from visitors and neighbours. What we really like is how it quickly converts to seating arbour to gazebo grill in seconds.


Charles Bentley 8 X 5ft Steel Grill Gazebo
The Charles Bentley 8 X 5 ft Steel Grill Gazebo is an affordable option for a large barbecue gazebo. This model consists of a strong steel powder coated frame and a water-resistant cover providing shade from the sun and light showers. Many customers are pleased with this product because it is not only durable but it is spacious and the side shelves are also a useful feature. For the price you pay for this model, it is a steal and teh fact that it can be built and taken down quickly makes it a great choice for those looking for a more flexible option.

5 Best BBQ Gazebos

1. Rowlinson Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter


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Rowlinson Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter

The Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter from Rowlinson not only looks good, but it also has convenient features like a foldable seat to quickly convert from seating arbour to gazebo grill in seconds and the side tables really finish it off.

This wooden shelter is made from sustainable durable wood that has been pressure treated to avoid rot, which is a must for those looking for quality long-lasting products. The softwood structure bears a cool design that will add some décor wherever you choose to place it, especially if you have a wooden decking or other wooden garden furniture because it will blend in quite well.

Something we did have concerns about was using a wooden shelter over a BBQ for obvious reasons, however, the wood used in this model is also specified as being fire retardant. At 95kg and measuring measures 181cm x 129cm x 240cm once it is assembled, this really is a good heavy-duty piece of kit.

You can fit your gas or barbecue charcoal BBQ inside with ease. It comes with assembly instructions to make assembly as smooth as possible.


  • Features pressure treated fire retardant wood for durability.
  • Very sturdy.
  • It comes with a lift-up seat and collapsible side tables.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • You can paint it the colour you want.


  • Assembly instructions provided could be better.
  • Won’t accommodate a BBQ wider than 150cm.

Our recommendation

The Rowlinson Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter is a very sturdy model that will last for many years. It is very well designed and it can be used as a seating area and BBQ gazebo, although not at the same time.

You do not have to worry about securing this gazebo to the ground because it is heavy enough to stand its ground. We like the overall design of the gazebo and the fact that it comes with side tables to hold food and other items you need. 

It is a premium-priced model but at least you can be sure that its robustness provides good value for money as well. Besides, it is spacious and you can paint it the colour you want to match the general décor. Overall, we think it is a product for those looking for a more permanent structure and one that can be used for other uses when not being used as a BBQ shelter. We like that it quickly converts to a seating bench too.

2. Charles Bentley 8 x 5ft Steel Grill Gazebo


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Charles Bentley 8 X 5ft Steel Grill Gazebo

The Charles Bentley 8 x 5ft Steel Grill Gazebo is robust and easy to assemble. The steel frame that supports the canopy is powder-coated to prevent the metal from rusting or corroding. It can be dismantled fairly easy to use as and when needed but it can also be screwed to the ground as a more permanent structure.

This gazebo bears a 180g polyester cover that is water-resistant to prevent water from seeping in during lighter showers, however, in heavy showers water may start to seep through.

You will find that the 19kg model is stable enough to withstand the wind in most situations, with the exception of heavy wind if it’s not screwed down, but at least you have the option to fix it down with screws and this is easy enough on decking or concrete.

To hold items that you require while barbecuing are two side tables which is a nice touch, and much easier than having a separate table. These metallic side tables are spacious and they can be omitted during assembly if they are not required but we feel they’re well worth attaching. This gazebo is supplied with full instructions for seamless assembly.


  • Made from robust powder-coated steel.
  • Can be fixed permanently to the ground.
  • Comes with side shelves for added storage space.
  • It is an affordable model.
  • Features a water-resistant 180gr polyester cover.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The quality of the canopy could be better and would benefit from a separate cover to protect it when not in use.

Our recommendation

For those looking for an affordable metallic gazebo, the Charles BentleySteel Grill Gazebo is not a bad option and is well worth considering.

The steel frame is robust and stable therefore it can last for many years but we do recommend fixing it to the floor if you intend to leave it up permanently or for any length of time.

This metallic gazebo features a polyester cover but the polyester cover is not fully weatherproof, although it is described as being water-resistant so this was expected. We recommend treating with water repellent spray and this should resolve this issue and keep it in good condition.

Overall this model is a great option, but, as with all fabric models, the cover may need replacing every few years if left outdoors permanently.

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3. Sorara Milano BBQ Shelter

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Sorara Milano BBQ Shelter

The Sorara Milana BBQ Shelter is stylish and durable, first of all, it’s extremely well made, has a solid structure, and has metal eyelets to prevent tearing of fabric but this model is fairly expensive.

The metallic shelter is made from powder-coated steel that will survive the elements, even if left outside all year-round. This metallic frame supports a strong canvas that can withstand the sun because it’s resistant to UV rays. The canvas, in addition, is fire retardant and water resistant thus, it can be used whether it rains or shines. Something we do like is that the roof can be removed for winter storage, something that some other models don’t allow you to do.

On the side of the shelter are two tables that you can use to hold your food and other items you need as you cook. The 150cm x 265cm x 200cm model is fairly spacious and weighs 54kg, not too heavy but not so light that it will blow over easily if not fixed down permanently. The good news, it is easy to assemble by all reports.

It is a stable structure, but if you require extra stability and to prevent it from blowing over in very high winds, you can bolt the poles down. This barbecue shelter comes with a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind that the quality is reliable.


  • Comes with an easy to assemble powder-coated steel frame.
  • Features a 600 g/m2 fire retardant canvas for safety.
  • The cover is water-resistant and UV safe therefore it will survive the outdoors.
  • The roof can be removed for storage.
  • Provides two side tables for additional storage.
  • Features a hanging rack for holding spices and hooks to hold BBQ utensils.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty for full peace of mind. 


  • A bit pricey.
  • The fabric cover could have extended beyond the frame to protect the side tables when it rains.

Our recommendation

The Sorana Milano BBQ Shelter is pricey but it is spacious so you can fit a large-sized BBQ grill easily underneath and it’s extremely well made. The frame is strong and easy to put together, even with no added assistance. We appreciate that this model can stay outside without being damaged thus it can be used for longer and we really like that the roof can be removed to store over winter to protect the canvas.

We also find it a good fit for those who are looking for a spacious all-year-round BBQ shelter. Furthermore, the shelter comes with a 2-year warranty so at least you can be sure your money will not go to waste.

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4. Outsunny Grill Gazebo

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Outsunny Grill Gazebo

Fourth on the list is another metallic model the Outsunny Grill Gazebo. This model features a powder-coated steel frame to protect it from the elements.

The roof of the gazebo consists of polyester fabric that has a PU coating to prevent water from seeping in. This 180g/m2 polyester fabric is fire retardant, therefore, you can grill without any worries.

To give you enough space for your utensils and other items you need while cooking, this model is equipped with two glass side tables which is a nice touch. These durable glass side tables are easy to keep clean and additionally, there are hooks to hang up your grilling tools. There are also bars on the side where you can hang your kitchen towels.

This 22kg model measures 220cm W x 215cm H x 140cm D so offers plenty of space and it is one of the biggest models in this review. It comes with instructions for easy setup and if you want, you can bolt the structure down for stability like most other models.


  • Features a durable powder-coated steel frame and 180g/m2 polyester fabric.
  • The cover is fire retardant and water-resistant.
  • The feet can be secured to the ground.
  • Comes with hooks and glass side tables to provide added storage.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The cover does not extend to all sides thus things on the side will get wet if it rains.

Our recommendation

The Outsunny Grill Gazebo is ideal for those who want a large but affordable model. This bbq shelter is spacious enough to contain large-sized BBQ grills without any parts hanging out.

It is nice that the model comes with hooks and side tables where you can place different items as you cook. It is easy to assemble and to keep clean making it a user-friendly product. In conclusion, it is a workable model for those who need protection from the sun/light rain as they grill.

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5. Bigzzia Patio BBQ Gazebo with LED Lights

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Bigzzia Patio BBQ Gazebo with LED Lights

Enjoy barbecuing during the day and night thanks to the Bigzzia BBQ Gazebo. This metallic model is fitted with LED lights to illuminate the area at night so you can cook comfortably as well as it looking amazing lit up, which is where it differs from our ‘Best Pick’. The stylish gazebo’s lights are battery operated and you can manually switch them on and off as needed.

The frame is made with powder-coated steel to protect it from the elements. This model’s roof consists of a two-tier polyester cover that allows wind to pass through without disturbing the entire structure, this also helps the smoke from the barbeque escape through the top more easily.

Finally, there are also two shelves and hooks where you can hang your grilling tools and hold different items. This entire model measures 245.11cm x 152.4cm x 259.08cm and it weighs around 20kgs. Again, as with most models, if not all, we recommend fixing to the ground.


  • Comes with LED lights to keep the area illuminated at night.
  • Stylish large steel gazebo that is sturdy and durable.
  • Features a two-tier canopy that is well ventilated.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Possesses hooks and side shelves as additional storage features.


  • It may lack the right number of assembly bolts.
  • The quality of the canopy could be better.

Our recommendation 

The Bigzzia BBQ Gazebo is an affordable option for those who want a gazebo that comes with lights.

This model looks good and it is quite easy to setup. It is not the most hardwearing model on the market because it is lightweight, however, it does provide shade from the sun and the rain.

It is spacious with an 8ft x 5ft footprint so you can fit a large barbecue grill model in there with no problems. Overall it is an awesome product considering the price.

Buyer’s Guide

You might be aiming to own a wooden or metal shelter depending on the price you can afford. To select the best gazebo for your BBQ, one needs to look at different factors such as the construction of the shelter features likes hooks to hang items.

We will explain all the considerations to make in the guide below. Barbecue shelters are not complex structures so there is little information to keep in mind but do consider the size if you have a particularly large BBQ because some models will not accommodate them if they are too wide.


Because barbecue shelters are designed for outdoor use, the structure must be able to contend with the elements. The better the construction, the longer it will last. This really comes down to the quality of the materials used.


The frame is usually constructed from steel or aluminium depending on the manufacturer. Aluminium frames are lighter than steel frames making them ideal for temporary structures. You can also get shelters made from wood as long as the wood is treated to prevent rot so check it’s made from pressure treated timber first. The metal frames usually bear a powder-coated finish to protect the metal from the elements.


The canopy of a barbecue shelter is mostly made from polyester or nylon which can keep up with the outdoors. The best shelters for BBQ feature tear-proof material that is waterproof or at least water-resistant. It has to be treated against UV rays that usually causes fading of the material over time. We always recommend treating the fabrics with a waterproofing spray.

Easy assembly and maintenance

Nobody wants to spend a whole day assembling such a simple structure. The best grill gazebo will come with clear assembly instructions and enough bolts/screws to hold the structure together. If you are not good at assembling things, ask a handy friend for assistance. In most cases, anyone who can build IKEA type furniture will have no issues building one themselves.


Stability is important to prevent the whole structure from toppling over as you cook. Some of the best gazebos for BBQ activities are heavy and therefore, they do not have to be secured to the ground for stability but we still highly recommend doing so, especially if they are being left out permanently. Lightweight models will need to be weighed down or bolted to the floor, especially for those living in windy areas.


Whether the shelter is made from wood or features a fabric canopy, it has to be fire-retardant. This is important to prevent accidental fires that might damage the structure or worse. Some models do not provide fire retardant canopies because the canopies are positioned higher. The high roofs reduce the chance of the canopy catching fire because of an errant flame. This is why we don’t recommend cooking underneath a standard gazebo as they can very easily catch fire.


This is not a feature that you will find in many models thus if it is important to you, make sure you select brands that offer them. Lights can be fitted on the roof frame and removed when they are not needed. Some may use solar power to fuel the lights but many rely on batteries. You will have to change the batteries to keep the lights on running for night barbecuing.

Hooks, bars and shelves

Extra storage space relieves you of the need to rush back and forth into the house to fetch things that you need. The models featured in this review offer shelf space to hold various items, which is where they also differ from normal gazebos and canopies. There are some models like the Blumfeldt Steakhouse Grill Gazebo that come with hooks to hang your cooking tools.

Some models even come with a spice rack and a sitting to make the area a complete kitchen.


A warranty is a way to ensure that your money does not go to waste just in case the shelter is faulty. The best grill gazebo will offer a warranty even though it might not be a lengthy one. 1 to 2 years is the standard warranty for most BBQ shelters.

Final Conclusion

It is evident to see that the best shelter for BBQ use is easy to find. Do not waste any more time, as long as it can house your barbecue grill comfortably, you are good to go. 

Purchase your favourite model and enjoy a good barbecue whether it rains/snows/shines. You might want to look at our best pick and runner up model one last time before you go.

The Rowlinson Barbeque Shelter is attractive and it offers good value for money because the pressure-treated wood used is durable and it also doubles as a seating area when not used for grilling.

Our runner up, the Charles Bentley 8 x 5 ft Steel Grill Gazebo is a fan favourite, and it is robust at an affordable price. Everything you need for cooking.

We hope you have enjoyed this review and that you will enjoy the best grill gazebo even more!

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