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Top 6 Best Outdoor Playhouses For Kids

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My eldest daughter is now almost 13, and my youngest is now 6 years old, and over the years, I’ve owned quite a few of the best kid’s playhouses over the last 12 years. These include both plastic and wooden playhouses of various sizes, from standard single-story children’s playhouses with large windows and accessories such as this SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse to raised playhouses on stilts with additional slides and ladders to reach the playhouse similar to this Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse.

If your kids love being outdoors like my youngest daughter does, a kid’s playhouse can be an excellent way to get them playing outdoors. It has helped massively with her development, and I believe it’s actually essential for children to play outdoors. In so doing, even from a very young age, they learn crucial life skills, including socialising, conflict resolution, fine motor skills, decision making, and problem-solving, making a playhouse a crucial toy for children.

One of the best best playhouses for older kids

With countless different playhouses available, I’ve included what I consider to be the very best playhouses for kids. These include more expensive playhouses such as this treehouse style Smoby Playhouse on Stilts with a Slide to more affordable alternatives such as this Backyard Discovery BYD Timberlake Wood Playhouse for those on a budget.

Close up of the materials used in the best childrens playhouses

I have also included a handy buyer’s guide further down and a detailed reviews for each model, including suitability to age and how easy they are to assemble, amongst other important factors to consider. I have also found that playhouses are a great addition to garden swimming pools I also recently reviewed, outdoor swing sets, bouncy castles as well as garden trampolines.

SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse

Before I do get into my detailed reviews, I wanted to mention some of my favourite playhouses. First, I’m a fan of this SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse, which comes with 15 Accessories. It’s beautifully designed in a gardening theme with a trellis, a large trough and small pots, a little chalkboard, and even a working water butt and watering can. Overall the quality is excellent, and it others hours of fun. From memory, it took around 3 hours to build, but when assembled together (and there are quite a few parts), seeing the face light up on my daughter was well worth it.

KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Playhouse built in my garden
KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

So if you are looking for a wooden alturnative, this KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Playhouse is well worth considering. Again, excellent quality and reasonably easy to assemble, but like most decent wooden playhouses, it takes 4-8 hours to build, depending on how you rate your DIY skills. You will find it reasonably straightforward if you are used to assembling Ikea furniture or any flatpack stuff.

If you are looking for a kid’s playhouse that also has a slide and is raised off the ground tree house style, this means you can often also make use of the space underneath as a sand pit or get creative and make use of the space. Many people think you need a big garden for these types of playhouses, but they are surprisingly compact and make good use of space.

Smoby Playhouse on Stilts with Slide

I think this Smoby Playhouse on Stilts with Slide, made of plastic, or this Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse, made from wood. Both are great choices and beautifully designed and easy to assemble. These playhouses are better suited to children aged up to 5, maybe even 6 if your children are small.

I also want to discuss the differences between plastic and wooden playhouse. Without a doubt, plastic playhouses are lower maintenance, with a quick wipe down needed now and again, or even a quick wash with a pressure washer will bring them up like new. I use my Karcher k5 for this, but I also own the smaller Karcher K2, which is also up to the job. Really you could hose it down with a hose pipe; I use this Gardena Auto Hose.

However, I’m a big fan of Wooden playhouses; I just love how they look, more natural. However, they ideally need treating every couple of years with a wood preserver to help keep them in good condition. With wooden playhouses, I have found that using a moss and algae cleaner does an excellent job at cleaning the green algae off.
With so many playhouses available, I wanted to recommend just 6 models that I genuinely think are worth considering.

Check out my guide where I have reviewed some of the best garden bouncy castles.

The Best Plastic and Wooden Playhouses

  1. SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse With 15 AccessoriesBest playhouse for nature lovers
  2. KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Garden PlayhouseBest wooden playhouse
  3. Smoby Playhouse on Stilts with SlideBest raised plastic playhouse with slide
  4. Backyard Discovery BYD Timberlake Wood PlayhouseBest budget playhouse
  5. Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated PlayhouseBest wooden playhouse with slide
  6. Little Tikes Cape Cottage PlayhouseAnother fantastic playhouse

Top 6 Children’s Playhouse Reviews

1. SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse With 15 Accessories

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SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse

This SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse is one of my favourite playhouses. Plenty going on with the design, and overall just excellent quality. What people often overlook with playhouses is keeping them looking clean, being plastic. This can easily be washed with a garden hose or even a pressure washer, as I do with my Karcher K5. It’s also worth noting that it has much lower maintenance than wooden playhouses. I also have a nice wooden playhouse, and as nice as it looks and my kids love it, it needs painting every couple of years. With plastic playhouses, this simply isn’t the case. This ticks all the boxes for me. It looks amazing, the kids love it, and it’s low maintenance.

What about assembly? thats one of the first questions I always ask. Well, when it comes to DIY kits, I’m pretty competent and have built plenty of flatpacks so for someone who is no stranger to assembling stuff, think Ikea furniture, plastic sheds etc. This will be easy enough to build, yes, the instructions could be better, however, I’ve seen much worst. 

Plenty is going on with this playhouse, so allow 3 hours to assemble, maybe 4-5 hours if you have never really assembled something like this before. With that out the way, let’s talk a little more about what this fantastic playhouse offers.

My SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse front door
Working water butt and watering can

Firstly, it comes with 15 accessories that keep kids interested and busy for a long time, especially if they’re interested in gardening, I’m green-fingered myself, so am really appreciate this.

This is, in fact, a one-stop gardening station, with all the tools that anyone needs to create their garden. Children can use the (included) planter and flower pots to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers or just use the garden tools to plant everything in a bed in the ground. My daughter likes nothing more than playing in the flower beds. The tags that go in the soil let you (or your children) label the seeds or seedlings that are planted. No more waiting anxiously to see what comes up in order to remember what they’ve planted.

The playhouse is made of strong and durable blow-moulded plastic pieces. This material has anti UV-ray properties and won’t grow brittle and crack over time which is something that separates it from cheaper alternatives. As already mentioned, it’s also easily washed down with your garden hose.

SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse trellis with small pots to plant

The playhouse itself is inviting in bright colours of blue, green and red with a neutral grey background. The roof has gables that give it a real house look. There are two rectangular windows, each with shutters, and two round portholes. Plenty of light makes its way inside the house.

On the outside of the house is a green trellis. The playhouse kit comes with rings that allow the flower pots and the bird feeder to hang on the trellis. As there’s no table inside the house, the kids need to use the attachable tray that fits on the window sill for a working surface. This is also where they store the gardening tools.

And for beginner gardeners, there’s a gardening book with some instructions on where to start. How cool is that!


  • PE playhouse focussed on gardening with accessories for this.
  • Has four windows, two rectangular and two circular.
  • Rectangular windows have working shutters to cover them.
  • Gardening tools included are: a shovel, a rake, a dibble and a watering can.
  • Accessories to plant in included: a planter (20L); and six plant pots.
  • Trellis lets the gardener hang pots from it.
  • The gardening tray attaches to a window sill for space to work and to store the gardening tools.
  • Six slate tags for labelling the plants and a bird feeder.
  • Everything is brightly coloured in bright blue, green and red.
  • Dimensions: 132cm (width), 128cm (depth), and 135cm (height).

My recommendation

If you have children who are interested in growing plants, or you want to introduce your kids to the natural world, the SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse with its 15 Accessories is the playhouse I would consider. Not only is this playhouse bright and cheerful to look at, it comes with everything a child needs to start their own garden, except for the seeds.

Let your children have their own gardening shed and tools with the SMOBY Kids Garden Playhouse. Definitely well worth considering. You won’t be disappointed, just take your time during assembly.

2. KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

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KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Playhouse
KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

If you have children between the ages of 2-10 years old they will certainly enjoy the KidKraft Wooden Outdoor Playhouse. The playhouse is designed to offer children a platform to let their imaginations run wild.

The playhouse looks like an actual house and the front door opens to let the children in easily. There is a mailbox with a flag on the front door so that the children can pretend to get mail just like they see you do every day.

KidKraft Modern Wooden Playhouse for Kids, Outdoor Play House with Toy Kitchen and Garden Furniture for Children, 00182

Made from solid wood, this playhouse has interesting features that your children will enjoy. It comes with a picnic table and benches attached to the side to give the children more seating space. It even has a pretend outdoor grill that has a removable cover for a realistic effect. Your children can have fun pretending to cook and eat at the playhouse, therefore, further expanding their imagination.

KidKraft Modern Wooden Playhouse for Kids, Outdoor Play House with Toy Kitchen and Garden Furniture for Children, 00182

Because the playhouse is an outdoor model, it has to be able to keep up with the weather. The wood has been treated to prevent warping/weathering that is usually associated with wood getting wet but we still recommend painting it to ensure that it lasts. 

It’s fairly large at around 6ft wide by 5ft tall and should take around 3-4 hours to assemble, even with the help of your little ones. The good news is that some of the parts come pre-assembled to save you some time. You may want to get a spare set of hands to make the assembly an easier and quicker job.

KidKraft Modern Wooden Playhouse for Kids, Outdoor Play House with Toy Kitchen and Garden Furniture for Children, 00182


  • Made of durable wood that has been treated to protect from the weather, but we still recommend giving it another coat of paint.
  • Appropriate for children between 2-10 years old.
  • Features plenty of windows that allow light into the playhouse.
  • Comes with a picnic table and benches for the children to sit.
  • Offers a mailbox with a flag.
  • It features a pretend barbecue grill with a removable lid so that the children can play cooking games.
  • Easy to assemble in around 3-4 hours.

My recommendation

The KidKraft Wooden Outdoor Playhouse is cool if you don’t want to spend too much money on a decent playhouse. It is made out of wood that has been treated so it is a durable model as long as it is maintained. Many customers pointed out that it took a while to assemble but not too much time that it became an inconvenience. Expecting to spend around 3-4 hours would be reasonable.

We love that the playhouse has many features that allow the kids to explore their imagination which most other models simply don’t have. The picnic table is especially endearing as the children can use the table to eat if they don’t want to eat indoors. Overall, we would say that it is a playhouse with features that are surely going to keep your children busy. Well worth considering if you are looking for a wooden playhouse but one that is not just a mini shed with windows which many other models are.

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3. Smoby Playhouse on Stilts with Slide

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Smoby Playhouse on Stilts with Slide

The Smoby House On Stilts provides the right environment for children to play a wide range of games. The playhouse is built on a 70cm platform with a slide and ladder on either side. It includes two windows, one porthole window, a barn-style door and two sliding shutters.

Kids will obviously have to climb the ladder to get onto the playhouse but that’s the fun part of it. Once they are in the playhouse, they will enjoy an unobstructed view of the garden from their little tower. Handing them a pair of binoculars takes their view to a whole new level. The half-door design plus three windows on different facades additionally allow your little ones to have an eye on their surroundings. 

Whilst one child can enjoy being on the slide, the other one can relax on the playhouse porch. Some can even sit underneath the raised platform and read a book. Thanks to the sliding shutters children will be able to play hide and seek games, meanwhile adding an electronic doorbell will help alert children of their friend’s arrival. 

This playhouse is made from plastic and it is imported from France, so you can see the quality difference in comparison to similar Chinese-made models. It is waterproof and UV-anti treated to guarantee maximum resistance against elements and increase durability. The recommended age is 2 – 8 years, so if your children are young enough it will offer years of entertainment.


  • Durable plastic build with anti-UV treatment to prevent fading.
  • Has many features that will offer endless entertainment. 
  • Ideal for children up to the ages of 7-8 years, so toddlers can grow with it.
  • Comes with wonderful features including a ladder and a slide. 


  • Older children aged 6 or above will quickly grow out of it.

My recommendation

The Smoby House On Stilts stands out because it boasts what other playhouses in this list don’t have – a slide, ladder and porch. Children will love hanging out in this playhouse because it looks like home to them and they can do lots of fun things at the same time. Built on a raised platform, the playhouse gives children stunning views of everything around them. The plastic construction itself will last for years and it’s a good thing to know that your children can grow up with this playhouse. 

Whilst the porch is a nice addition to the Smoby House, we just feel it could’ve been even better if it had a roof over it. Nonetheless, this playhouse is a great addition to any home with two to three children. 

If your children are aged 5-6, then it would be still okay but bear in mind that it will probably only last a couple of years before it’s probably a little too small. With this in mind for older children, you may be better looking for a larger, probably wooden playhouse that will last longer. However, if your children are 2 to 4, then this is perfect and will offer them years of fun. Overall, very well made and a brilliant playhouse for younger children.

If you’re looking for something with a little more floor space and maybe at ground level rather than raised, then our next recommended playhouse below might be for you.

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4. Backyard Discovery Wooden Playhouse

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Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Wooden Playhouse Complete with Half-Front Door, Flower Pot Holders and Snack Window - Easy Assembly with BILT App

This Backyard Discovery BYD Timberlake SpielhauS Playhouse is probably my favourite budget wooden playhouse, and this one is manufactured from stained cedar. What I like about this design is that it has a 360-degree design in that it can be placed in the centre of a lawn or patio and have views from all 4 sides rather than being designed so that it needs the back to be placed against a wall or fence. The other advantage of this is it’s not too heavy, so you can also be moved into a garage or shed for winter if you want to. It weighs around 35kg, so ideally, it needs to be moved with 2 people; although one person could move it if they really had to, a second pair of hands makes it much more manageable.

Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Wooden Playhouse Complete with Half-Front Door, Flower Pot Holders and Snack Window - Easy Assembly with BILT App

When it comes to dimensions, it’s not too large. I would say age 2-4 is perfect, or even 5-6 years old if there small children.

It does have a somewhat simple design of just a square box, with holes for windows on each side, as already mentioned and a half-size wooden door in the front (with a window above it).

Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Wooden Playhouse Complete with Half-Front Door, Flower Pot Holders and Snack Window - Easy Assembly with BILT App

Inside this cedar playhouse is a kitchen area that imaginatively is just below the window designated as the “snack” window. Not only can your kids use the play two-burner stove and the play sink to whip up tasty pretend food, but they can also serve it to their friends through the snack window. Teach your children how to run a food shack while learning about cooking. I’ve recently started home educating one of my children, and this would be perfect, get a small till, and you can also incorporate some maths.

They can take phone orders by using the play cordless phone too.
The young ones who use this playhouse also have the opportunity of learning about décor. On either side of the door are shelves to put plants on to brighten up the house. They can choose pots or planters and colourful flowers to go there. Not to mention any other interior décor they want to do inside this rather bare playhouse.

Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Wooden Playhouse Complete with Half-Front Door, Flower Pot Holders and Snack Window - Easy Assembly with BILT App


  • Cedar playhouse with two flower boxes on either side of the front door.
  • Front door is half the height of door frame.
  • House contains play two-burner stove, a play sink and a pretend cordless phone.
  • Windows on four sides (one above the door).
  • One of the windows is a snack window for serving snacks to friends.

My recommendation

This Backyard Discovery BYD Timberlake Wooden Playhouse is an excellent budget model. What I will say is that from experience, cedar is quite a soft wood, so just go easy with the screws to not split the wood when assembling it.

However, once built and sanded down if necessary (this is optional), this playhouse is a sturdy blank slate just waiting for more decoration. This Backyard Discovery Playhouse is a good choice if you’re looking for a budget, basic wooden playhouse. Excellent value for money that will keep your kids entertained for years.

5. Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse

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Backyard Discovery 100% Cedar Wood Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse with Play Kitchen, Raised Playhouse, Wave Slide and Flat-Step Ladder with Easy Assembly with the BILT App

This Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse is a playhouse on stilts. This is an excellent alturnative to the plastic Smoby Playhouse on Stilts with its slide if you prefer a wooden playhouse as I do. Very similar in size to the Smoby alturnative, this is also a compact design, so it will actually fit in a relatively small area. I have seen some parents who removed the steps and installed a small climbing wall instead, which was a nice touch. 

Let’s first talk about assembly, which is usually the main concern with playhouses like this. Depending on how handy you are, it can be built in as little as 4 hours with two people. However, around 8 hours is more reasonable for most people. Something I do like is that you can scan a QR code and then watch step-by-step instructional videos to help with assembly.

Backyard Discovery 100% Cedar Wood Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse with Play Kitchen, Raised Playhouse, Wave Slide and Flat-Step Ladder with Easy Assembly with the BILT App

Because it’s elevated above the ground with a nice clearance underneath, the space underneath the structure can also become a play area, perhaps a sandbox or another room of the playhouse. When it comes to ages, I think it’s a good size for children up to 4, maybe 5, probably 2-3 children, any more, and it will feel cramped.

This Elevated Playhouse has two ways into or out of the raised house and verandah. First off, there’s a ladder that has flat, wide steps so even little kids can climb it easily. Then you have a 2m wave slide down another side of the upper platform. 

Backyard Discovery 100% Cedar Wood Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse with Play Kitchen, Raised Playhouse, Wave Slide and Flat-Step Ladder with Easy Assembly with the BILT App

A feature on one of the vertical posts is a measuring chart. This is excellent for measuring the growth of your children and their visitors as they come over to play. It’s amazing how kids love to record their height!

Once the children make it up to the platform, they go into the bright playhouse through a fully functioning door. Visitors can use the bell to announce that they’ve arrived!

Inside the house, there’s a kitchen area with a playful battery powered functioning blender and some other battery operated accessories, as well as a stove. I like that children can prepare pretend meals when they invite you over for dinner. 

Regarding safety, I like that you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on children in the playhouse. The windows are big enough for the house users to see outside and for you to clearly see into their space.


  • Gable-roof playhouse on stilts for compact space.
  • Constructed of 100% cedar, pre-cut, pre-stained and pre-drilled.
  • Includes play kitchen with accessories.
  • Working door, with a working doorbell, is the entryway into the house.
  • Ladder with flat steps is one way up to playhouse.
  • Wave slide is one way down from the playhouse platform.
  • Growth board to keep track of all the kids’ growth spurts.
  • Large open windows for visibility, both ways.
  • Assembly instructions are a step-by-step video.


  • Problems with wood splitting.

My recommendation

This Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse provides a fully functional playhouse in a small space. You can make the space underneath the raised platform another play area. I would recommend filling it with sand for younger ones. I like that on a warm summer’s day, this sand pit under the house can also provide a little shade too.

If you have limited space in your garden for a playhouse for your children, the Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse is well worth considering.

6. Little Tikes Cape Cottage

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Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse - With Windows, Door & Mail Slot - For Indoor or Outdoor Play - Red

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage is a compact playhouse that is ideal for smaller gardens. Finished in red and black, the playhouse has an arched door, modern windows plus funky brick details. This playhouse instantly becomes the centre of attraction in any garden due to its contemporary design.

Weighing a mere 14.1 kgs, parents will find it a breeze relocating the playhouse to various locations of the garden should it be necessary. The model is made from heavy-duty plastic that not only won’t fade if left out in the rain but it also makes the playhouse stable. 

This fits 1 – 3 toddlers at a given time and offers enough room for them to embark on new adventures due to its open interior design. There’s even a mail slot for kids to pass through messages whilst they are playing. Inside the playhouse, you will find flag holders where children can hang their favourite flags and add to the styling. Kids will also be wowed by the house number and door lock feature. 


  • Has a sturdy, plastic construction that is weatherproof and doesn’t fade.  
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe down with a wet cloth. 
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors. 
  • Includes a mail slot for children to deliver each other messages. 
  • Has a modern design with closed-off walls, large windows and brick detailing exterior.


  • Too small for older children.
  • May be roo small for more than two children at a time. 

My recommendation

This one is a toddlers choice and is budget-friendly too. They will find it enjoyable opening and closing the windows whilst role-playing and running in and out of the house. The mailbox is a major highlight of this playhouse, allowing children to exchange notes or artwork. Accent stickers including the mailbox sign and house number will also appeal greatly to young children. They will also love the ‘real house’ look of this playhouse due to closed-off walls. 

Unfortunately, this model is too small for more than two children and will struggle to find enough room to play. In addition, there are no features to entertain older children and so your child will not really grow with the playhouse. So the Little Tikes Cape Cottage is strictly for toddlers and whose parents don’t have acres of space for a playhouse.

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Buyer’s Guide

From brands to materials and size, there are many factors that make choosing a playhouse a bit challenging. You may be reading this and thinking that a playhouse may not be a major investment, but it is. If you want your children to have a fun time and enjoy their childhood, these are the pointers you should look out for:

Type of Playhouse

Children’s playhouses are either plastic or wooden, and each has its own pros and cons. 

Plastic playhouses – generally cheap and aimed at toddlers. Smaller models are lightweight and portable enough to move from one location in the garden to another. Additionally, if you are looking for a simple design, a plastic playhouse is the best bet.

They come pre-packaged as many pieces that need slotting together, making them easy to build. In terms of durability, plastic can’t compare with wood and some cheap plastics can fade over time due to the effects of sunlight and the weather. 

Wooden playhouses – are aesthetically appealing, environmentally friendly and most look amazing. A wooden playhouse is actually handmade by craftsmen and arrives disassembled for you to build it up. Wood adds a touch of class and sophistication into the garden, something that plastic can’t. Wood brings the genuine sense of a child’s hideout, a gang hut, a clubhouse, a secret den – a wooden playhouse is a haven, but a plastic one is simply a ‘toy’.

The best wooden playhouses are made of pre-treated timber, meaning you won’t need to treat them as often although we advise giving them paint once a year. And if the wood is damaged, it is readily repairable by almost any carpenter and most DIY enthusiasts can usually fix any broken parts themselves. Assembling a wooden playhouse can take hours and usually requires two people to build.

Plastic or wood? You decide

By now you’ve picked either a plastic or wooden playhouse, but there’s more to narrow down to a playhouse that suits both you and your child’s needs: 

Size of playhouse

The playhouse should be big enough to accommodate your children and allow them to invite a friend. However, it should not devour too much of your garden space. Make a point to measure the area that you’re planning to locate the playhouse against the dimensions of the product. You want to leave a few feet for children to run around or for other things.

In the meantime, think about monitoring kids as they play. If you won’t always be around to supervise them, then make sure the playhouse can host older kids to play with the younger ones. 

Playhouse safety

Safety is a primary consideration when buying a playhouse. There are regulations for toy safety that every manufacturer must abide by and that’s something you’ll want to confirm with the model you want to buy. Such information can be found on the manufacturer’s website or on the product description on online retail stores. Apart from that, the playhouse should be firm and steady. Beware of models with sharp edges, especially if the playhouse is to be used by toddlers. This won’t be an issue with well-known brands such as Little Tikes but if you see cheaper models you have never heard of it is best to double-check, just to be sure.


Let’s be honest, a plastic playhouse looks exactly that way, plastic. Over time plastic playhouses begin to fade and lose their colour as well as lose their firm uprightness. On the other hand, wooden houses look like mini houses designed with walls and windows. Plastic playhouses score incredibly well when it comes to looks as many are painted with beautiful artwork and bright colours. Of course, wooden playhouses have a natural appeal to them, but being plain leaves little to be desired by young enthusiasts. Fortunately, the wood can be customised to your child’s wishes but it will cost a lot more to decorate it. Some playhouses already come painted but not all.


No doubt, wooden playhouses are by far the most durable as well as highly weather-resistant if properly treated. A plastic option is easy to assemble and clean, but its longevity cannot be compared with a solid wooden playhouse. 


Models with many accessories are more engaging than those with few features. If you want to motivate your child to play more and have more fun, consider accessories such as slides, mailbox, a kitchen, doorbells, stoves, sink, flags and other interesting features. 


Almost every playhouse needs some home assembly, but the task and how consuming one can be varied. Some playhouses come partly pre-assembled, whilst others require a complete set-up. This also depends on the material used in its construction. Generally, wooden models will usually take longer to build than plastic ones. 

Top 5 Playhouse Benefits

  • Fosters social development in children –  playing, chatting, and interacting with other children helps improve a child’s social skills. Kids can learn to work as a team and to solve possible conflicts among them. Additionally, children can improve their language because they will have to communicate with each other. 
  • Teaches responsibility – when you buy a playhouse for your child, you are entitled to make the rules. Setting a specific time frame in which the child can play in the playhouse is on such rule. If the child values their time in the playhouse he/she will do their best to always follow the rules set for them.
  • Improves a child’s health – as children involve themselves on slides, ladders and chasing each other around the playhouse, they do exercises and this helps to keep them fit. Unlike sitting in the house and watching television all day long, physical exercise will promote physical development and reduces the risk of obesity or a weak immune system. 
  • Teaches the child about the world – if your child remains indoors all day, they are less likely to explore and find out more about their environment. You may be a parent concerned for your child’s safety, but exposing them to their external environment means they are able to study science at home too. 
  • Child sleeps better at night – your child will use a lot of energy while playing in the day. They will require a good amount of sleep for them to regain their energy and strength for the next day. As a result of this, they are easier to persuade to rest. Sleep is an important aspect of the mental and physical growth of your child.

Maintaining a playhouse

When the child is done playing in the playhouse, it will not be as clean as before. You are required to keep the area clean to avoid any dust and germs from collecting on the surfaces of the playhouse. This will be harmful to the child.

Plastic playhouses are much easier to clean because their surface is smooth. Wiping it with a damp, soapy cloth frequently can keep it looking tidy always. During the hot weather, employing a sheet over it can keep it out of direct sunlight and prevent the plastic from heating up or fading. 

With a wooden playhouse, some may require annual treatment of the timber, but most models arrive pre-treated and ready to take the elements for years to come. 

Final Conclusion

Playhouses provide a range of benefits for both children and parents. Kids will become more active and healthy, whilst parents will rest easy knowing their children are within their garden and safe. In fact, children will love to show off their little castles to their friends. Children may as well spend all their day indoors if you can’t get them moving, so one of these playhouses can do you a lot of good. 

I believe my top models will have a significant contribution to your search for the best playhouse for kids. Before you look any further, however, we are certain one of the playhouses above can suffice. Let’s be frank, doesn’t the Smoby House on Stilts look so beautiful? Plus, it has a slide, ladder, and a sizeable balcony for two kids at a time. Alternatively, the Little Tikes Cape Cottage is an affordable option with plenty of space for play, a mail slot, and functional doors and windows.

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