Best Bandsaw – Top 6 Models, buyer guide and detailed Reviews

Last updated on November 23rd, 2021

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The band saw is a piece of important equipment in any workshop, making easy work of cutting, re-sawing and ripping thick materials. Whether straight or curved lines, it tackles them all quickly and cleanly. A great piece of equipment for DIYers or professionals in woodworking, metalworking and lumbering applications.

But not all band saws are created equal. They differ in cutting width, cutting depth, table size, and price. These are the same features among many that you’ll consider when choosing the best band saw for the jobs you intend to use it for. We have handpicked our favourite 5 models that any serious woodworker should consider.

Before you get into the details though, we would like to point out our best pick is the Lumberjack BS254 Professional Band Saw. Now this band saw for the price is a fantastic piece of kit, way better than most other models we reviewed in fact but does cost a little more. It offers, among others, the most cutting capacity, dual speed control, powered LED work light and a dust extractor that’s compatible with three different hose sizes. It doesn’t get any better than this model.


Lumberjack Bandsaw BS254 Professional Bandsaw
This band saw boasts some impressive features that other models can’t match. One is the huge cutting depth of 150mm/6 inches. Combined with an unparalleled cutting width of 254mm/10 inches, it makes cutting thick logs such a breeze. It also comes integrated with sealed bearings; three on the guard and two mounted side-on the blade to keep the blade true for smooth and precise cuts every time.

The work table is made from ground cast iron and can tilt up to 45 degrees to allow for angled cuts. Thanks to 2 cutting speeds in the form of 400 and 800m/min, this band saw is perfect for a variety of wood types, unlike single speed models. Then there’s a mains powered LED work light that makes it possible to work in dim areas. The machine’s dust extractor is also compatible with three different hose sizes; 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. It’s such a wonderful machinery that’s worth every penny.


Draper 13773 200mm 250W 230V Two Wheel Bandsaw
This model is a typical DIY machine, equipped with a 5mm 6tpi blade, rip fence, mitre gauge, push stick and dust extraction facility. Its table is made from cast and ground aluminium and has a tilting range of 0 – 45 degrees to allow a variety of cuts. The cutting speed is an impressive 15m/s and a decent throat depth of 200mm. This Draper doesn’t have the bells and whistles like the Lumberjack BS254 band saw but it definitely suits the bill for small to medium applications.

Top 4 best band saws which we have reviewed are listed below

  1. Lumberjack Professional Bandsaw
  2. Draper 13773 200mm Two Wheel Bandsaw
  3. Record Power BS250 benchtop bandsaw
  4. Dewalt DW876 Bandsaw
  5. Scheppach 240V Basa 1-Hobby Bandsaw
  6. Silverline 441563 Bandsaw



1. Lumberjack BS254 Professional Band Saw

Lumberjack Bandsaw BS254 Professional 254mm 10" Tilt Table Woodworking

The Lumberjack Professional Band Saw has an extensive cutting capacity of 150mm or 6 inches as some people might prefer. It is a compact floor-standing woodworking band saw with a good capacity which makes ideal for woodworkers who are short of space in their workshops. The band saw has a perfect set of blades guides which ensure straight and accurate cutting every time.

The Lumberjack BS254 professional band saw has 3 sealed bearings on the blade guard; two mounted side-on the top to the blade to control blade from twisting and the other bearing takes the thrust of the back of the blade allowing it to run freely and it also has the same set-up repeated beneath its table. Power is delivered to this powerful Lumberjack band saw using a quiet but powerful 375w induction motor with a belt-drive, through the band saw wheels.

The Band saw features a dust collection outlet with 3 rings which allow the band saw to accept 3 sizes of hose; 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, making it very compatible with most types of dust extension systems. However, the bandsaw is also fitted with an integral dust collection draw if extraction is not being used. The dust that falls into the base of the machine is collected at this point hence allowing quick and easy emptying of the band saw dust collector. This is a great feature not seen on all models but one that is very useful.

It also features a tilting table which tilts from 90 degrees to 45 degrees and both of these positions have a positive stop respectively. Any angle between these two positions can be read off the scale and locked in. For long cuts, the guide fence can be situated on either side of the table and be locked into position with a single press of the lever. It also has a clear marker to set against the metric scale.

The fence of this band saw table can be fitted in two ways. When you are cutting thin and narrow strips of wood, the fence is fitted with the small face against the blade to allow clearance around the guides. When you are cutting thicker wood, the full face height of 60mm (6″) is used.

The Band saw also features two doors which are fitted with safety locks to cut the power to the motor when the doors are open for blade changing or cleaning. Another feature included in this model not found on most other models is the LED job light for better visibility.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum cutting depth – 150mm (6inch)
  • Throat width – 245mm
  • Table size – 360mm x 320mm
  • Table tilt – 90-45 degrees
  • Cutting speeds – 400 & 800m/min
  • Motor (induction) – 375WBlade length – 182.6cm
  • Blade width – 6-12mm

Product Includes

  • Floor stand
  • Rip fence
  • Mitre fence
  • Mains Powered LED work light.


  • Clean, smooth and straight cuts every time.
  • Features a vert impressive cutting depth of 150mm (6 inches).
  • Powerful 375w induction motor and 2 cutting speeds making it suitable for a range of wood types. (400 & 800m/min)
  • Comes with a very useful table that tilts from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Incorporates a versatile dust collection system – compatible with 3 different hose sizes (50mm, 75mm & 100mm).
  • Incorporated LED work light to ensure the working area is well lit. 
  • It has two doors, fitted with safety locks to cut power to the motor when they are open.
  • RIp fence allows swift and precise cuts.

Final Conclusion

In the market, price should not be the only factor when you are looking for the best band saw for your workshop. You should consider what you expect to get from your equipment and think of its value than the price tag.

Talking of these factors, the Lumberjack Band saw is very adaptable and capable of delivering the powerful cuts you need. This makes it reliable and effective and overall is one of the best band saws we have seen and after taking everything into account, it was awarded the winner of our ‘Best Pick’. We really could not find a bad thing to say about this model which is very unusual for a tool. If we were to invest in a new band saw, we would choose this Lumberjack band saw every time, it may be a little more expensive compared to some models in our review but we think its worth every penny and is one of the best band saws available.

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2. Draper 13773 200mm Two Wheel Bandsaw

Draper 13773 200mm 250W 230V Two Wheel Bandsaw

The Draper 13773 200mm Two Wheel Bandsaw is a nice little saw for the price. It comes with a range of accessories including rip fence, mitre gauge, push stick and dust extraction outlet. The rip fence helps you cut material evenly, accurately and safely by ensuring that the material being cut is lined up for a clean cut.

The mitre gauge comes in handy when you need to hold a workpiece at a certain angle before cutting it. As for the push stick, it’s an essential safety device that helps you manoeuvre the workpiece, keeping it flat against the fence whilst it is being cut. And since dust is constant when cutting wood, the dust extraction outlet couldn’t be more useful.

What’s more? This band saw features a tilt facility that ranges from 0 – 45°, making it easy to perform angled cuts, ripping, and mitre and bevel cuts. The table itself is made from cast and ground aluminium for maximum strength and durability. The band saw also comes equipped with a cable and plug, but it has no-volt switch. With its 5mm 6tpi blade, you can expect it to cut logs up to 6 inches thick.

It does have a few shortcomings, though. One is that the dust extraction outlet tends to come off under heavy load. Vibrations are another thing as the bed isn’t that solid.


  • Cutting height max. – 8cm
  • Throat depth – 200mm
  • Cutting speed – 15m/s
  • Blade length – 140cm
  • Table size – 11.4 x 11.4 inches
  • Table tilt – 0 – 45 degrees
  • Weight – 17.5kg


  • Comes with everything you need for convenient working.
  • A superb cast and ground aluminium table.
  • Table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees.

Final conclusion

This band saw falls under the hobby niche and is well constructed for the purpose. Set up may take a little while but the fact that you get all the essentials to do the job is something to appreciate. You are also guaranteed to do a lot with this band saw thanks to the decent table tilt range. We love the overall construction as it seems really sturdy and durable. A bit of extra support from underneath can surely curb vibrations and the dust extraction outlet can be stuck firm by some glue. All in all, this Draper 13773 200mm 250W 230V Two Wheel Bandsaw should be top of your list for DIY applications.

3. Record Power BS250 Benchtop Band Saw

The Record Power Company has designed this woodworking machine to offer those with limited space a real band saw for excellent cutting power. Record Power BS250 benchtop band saw features a cast iron table, strong steel frames, dynamically balanced band wheels and a powerful 1/3 hp induction motor.

The Record Power Company has designed this woodworking machine to offer those with limited space a real band saw for excellent cutting power. Record Power BS250 benchtop band saw features a cast iron table, strong steel frames, dynamically balanced band wheels and a powerful 1/3 hp induction motor. It is designed to offer the user a serious machine with high stability which is normally found only in much larger models. One thing to mention is that is not portable as it does way a lot, maybe just over 30kg so not the type of machine you can easily move around.

It does have an optional wheel stand kit, which is available separately, the machine can be bench mounted to the optional stand, hence providing great flexibility and perfect if you need to move it regularly. It can also have rubber feet as well as wheels.

The powerful induction motor makes light work for any job and gives you a good standard finish. An extraction port expels sawdust thus keeping the work area as clean as possible. BS250 bench top band saw gives sensible capacity and performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Large cutting depth of 120 mm making it suitable for thicker wood.
  • Throat Depth – 240 mm
  • Table Size – 315 x 350 mm
  • Table Height from Floor: 370 mm
  • Powerful motor that produces 1/2 hp
  • Blade Length – 70.5″
  • Flexible blade capacity of 1/4  and 1/2″
  • Blade Speed – 740 m / minute
  • Extraction Port Diameter – 58 mm (100 mm with supplied adaptor)
  • Heavy-duty professional machine weighing 30 kg


  • Small but powerful compact design.
  • High performing cutting performance, not to be confused with similar hobbyist models.
  • Great for woodworking.
  • Finished in good looking green colour.
  • 5 Year warranty for a full peace of mind.


  • Very having meaning it not really ideal for easily moving around a workshop.
  • The stand which means it easier to move with cost extra and is not cheap.

Final conclusion

Being a piece of fine woodworking machinery, this high performing and affordable Record Power BS250 benchtop band saw can be bought with confidence, since it offers real value and backs up with long term support and a 5-year warranty, something you want to find with many models.

One thing we really like is the portability when used with the optional wheeled stand which makes it perfect for moving around a workshop. The downside, of course, is the extra cost at around £100 for the stand-alone it’s not cheap. However its really well made, very strong and probably one of the best models we have seen.

During our research, we found several complaints but mainly due to the packaging and damage caused due to the lack of it. However, we did notice that it looks like they have now improved the packaging so this should not be a major worry. We only mention it as we were also concerned about this.

Overall, this is a great alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ and when you take into consideration the price of the stand, its also in a similar price as the Lumberjack Band Saw which includes a stand but it does not have wheels fitted so is not easy to move around the workshop.

However our ‘Best Pick’ does have 2 speeds and is probably slightly better made all things considered but the Record Power has a longer warranty.

Both machines are very good, if you need to move around a lot we would probably go with the Record Power Band Saw put if not then the Lumberjack Band Saw is the way to go and you get a few extra features.


4. Dewalt Dw876 230V Bandsaw

The Dewalt DW876 Bandsaw is made from very strong steel material and from the second you see it you  can tell this is a professional grade band saw that can tackle some serous jobs. Firstly, It's fitted with high quality fidelity blade, designed to stay sharp up to 10 times longer than other standard blade types, the downside is replacements are expensive but they are worth the extra cost associated with them.

The Dewalt DW876 Bandsaw is made from very strong steel material and from the second you see it you can tell this is a professional grade band saw that can tackle some serious jobs. Firstly, It’s fitted with high-quality fidelity blade, designed to stay sharp up to 10 times longer than other standard blade types, the downside is replacements are expensive but they are worth the extra cost associated with them.

Featuring two speeds like our best pick, it provides extreme strength and accuracy even at maximum depths of cut with are 200mm which is the deepest depth of any band saw on our review and 50mm more than our ‘Best Pick’. This is a top feature for professionals since it allows them to adjust the speeds to their liking which can be set to 380m/min and 880 m/min.

This band saw comes with an aluminium booted table which provides a large support area for flatness and accuracy.

Speaking of the build, it has an all-steel welded construction for durability. The table tilts anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees to allow bevel cuts. It also features powerful 1000w induction motor which produces all the power you need so no matter what you’re trying to cut it want to miss a beat and slow down like cheaper models, easy to adjust blade tensioning with integrated tension indicator for different types of blades and their applications and 100mm dust extraction port for efficient dust control.

As you would expect, DeWalt stands behind their tool and they’ve covered this product for 1-year warranty extended to 3 years by registering online which is standard for a professional-grade tools which are expected to be used daily and over longer periods of time.

Product Includes

  • Table Size – -500 x 500mm
  • Max. Cutting Height – 200mm
  • Max. Cutting Width – 315mm
  • Cutting Speed – 380 & 880m/min
  • Blade Length – 2215mm
  • Power Input – 1100W
  • Item Weight – 54 Kg
  • Diamond ground steel blade
  • Leg stand
  • Mitre and rip fence
  • No volt release switch


  • Perfect for professional use in the most demanding situations.
  • Powerful 1000w motor for reliability and durance over longer periods of time.
  • 310 mm throat and 200 mm depth capacity designed for large workshop applications.
  • Dual speed cutting ensures versatility on a range of materials.
  • It is very classy, stylish and durable.
  • Very easy to change blades.
  • 1-year warranty extended to 3 years when you register online for full peace of mind.


  • Set-up takes a long time.
  • It is very expensive for amateur DIY use but with the investment for a quality machine that is simply unmatched.

Final conclusion

The Dewalt DW876 Bandsaw makes for some of the best cutting you can find but it comes at a price but a price worth paying if being used in a professional workshop environment.

Firstly It easily cut through even the hardest hardwoods and lasts long thanks to its steel body and very sharp blade. It looks decent on the ground and you’ll find it easy to work with once you got it set up which will take you some time.

The fact that it offers 2 cutting speeds is a bonus but is a feature shared with our best pick. The only major flaw with this model is the price when compared to other models, at around 3 times more than our ‘Best Pick’ it takes some investment upfront. But then for the performance, durability and the brand itself, you might be tempted to spend on it rather than some cheap knockoff.

Overall if you’re after a professional-grade machine with the maximum cutting depth and reliability, this model by DeWalt is worth careful consideration. If you’re a hobbyist type, we recommend sticking with our ‘Best Pick’ by Lumberjack or going for the Record Power BS250.

5. Scheppach 240V Basa 1-Hobby Bandsaw

The Scheppach 240V Basa 1 hobby bandsaw is the perfect choice for those users with smaller workshop who are looking for a quality machine which is a little better than the entry level band saws on the market. It is a compact and powerful bench top bandsaw offering many of the same design features found in the larger Basa professional machines we have seen in the past. The Basa 1 Has good capacity features which can help you realise all your innovative ideas whether your projects are model making or regular smaller joinery projects.

The Scheppach 240V Basa 1 hobby bandsaw is the perfect choice for those users with smaller workshop who are looking for a quality machine which is a little better than the entry-level band saws on the market. It is a compact and powerful benchtop bandsaw offering many of the same design features found in the larger Basa professional machines we have seen in the past. The Basa 1 Has good capacity features which can help you realise all your innovative ideas whether your projects are model making or regular smaller joinery projects.

The Basa 1 Hobby bandsaw also features rigid lever lock rip fence for making straight cuts, vibration-free performance, tilting table angles to 45 degrees, solid steel and cast iron construction to ensure maximum efficiency, and triple bearing blade guides that keep the blade from making twists and provide consistent curved cutting performance.

It has one hand setting control and its rigid fence system with a magnifying glass is used for precise setting. Also, it is a single speed control machine and has balanced polished wheels with rubber facing.

Technical Specifications

  • Table Size – 300 x 300mm
  • Max. Cut Depth – 100mm
  • Throat Width – 195mm
  • Motor Power – 300W
  • Table Height – 310mm
  • Blade Length – 1490mm
  • Cutting Speed – 850m/minute
  • Mitre Gauge as standard
  • Triple blade guides top and bottom as standard


  • Ideal for smaller jobs.
  • Strong and durable construction.
  • Delivers straight and precise cuts.
  • Easy to set up, install and use.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.


  • Not suitable for cutting thicker wood as it has a maximum cutting depth of 100mm.

Final conclusion

The Scheppach 240V Basa 1 is a simple model that boasts a solid cast iron table which is tiltable to 45 degrees so from the offset you can tell this is going to be a very good machine for small DIY tasks.

We like that it still offers almost all design features found in larger Basa models. For instance, it comes with top and bottom triple roller precision guides for improved accuracy and a rigid fence for precise setting.

This model is specially intended to help you realise your innovative ideas while doing simpler jobs such as toy craft and model making so is perfect for the home DIY person or hobbyist.

If you are looking for a truly lightweight and ultra-mobile cutting bandsaw, this one delivers great performance. Overall a great addition to any workshop worth every penny.

6. Silverline 441563 Bandsaw of 190 mm

The Silverline 441563 Bandsaw of 190 mm is an affordable bandsaw that can make a great difference in the workshop of a amateur woodworker just starting out.

The Silverline 441563 Bandsaw of 190 mm is an affordable bandsaw that can make a great difference in the workshop of an amateur woodworker just starting out. This is not the most heavy-duty tool around, yet the minimal touches added to it go a long way in making good cuts. The tools come with a 350W induction motor which provides enough power to handle any kind of wood and is surprisingly powerful for such a little band saw, however, you have to remember that it only has one cutting speed and that it is a low-cost model so don’t expect professional results.

The best part of this bandsaw is that the table tilts to 45 degrees to enable the making of curved or complex cuts. The table itself measures 300 x 300mm work surface which isn’t too small but on the smaller side, how it still provides ample space for slicing through workpieces for smaller projects. Supplied with 6 TPI blade, the tool delivers a maximum cutting depth of 80mm, again not the best cutting depth but acceptable. A table lock handle combined with a fence will allow you to make stable and clean cuts.

Another cool thing about this tool is that it’s not very messy when it comes to dust. Most of the sawdust goes into the lower section and is expelled out of the exhaust hole. You’ll get some sawdust on the table, however, not excessive. Let’s not forget that this tool is compact and light, so it will be suitable for a workshop with limited space.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor power – 350W
  • Maximum cutting depth – 80mm
  • Maximum cutting width – 190mm
  • Table size – 30 x 30 cm


  • Inexpensive.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Very quiet.


  • Guides are not easy to adjust.
  • Not great for cutting thicker wood.

Final conclusion

The Silverline 441563 Bandsaw is one of the cheap bandsaws on the market but it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s a very friendly model since its quiet, less dirty, compact and light. This tool will allow you to slice through small pieces of wood, however, not thicker ones.

Those looking for a budget band saw can put their money in this tool but remember you are limited to what this band saw can do and it has the smallest cutting depth of any model. Depending on what you intend to use this band saw for it may be perfect and for the price, you can’t really ask for much more. If in doubt we advise you to spend a little more and get a slightly better machine.

Band Saw Buyers Guide

There are many things to think about before selecting a bandsaw. You need to estimate the amount of work you are dealing with and gauge the power needed. In doing this, you will be able to narrow down on the size and the cost. Bandsaws are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, remember that safety is paramount and that the unit has to be placed in a balanced position at all times. Band saws are fairly safe to use as there is generally no kickback as the blade only moves down.

Let us look at what we can find in relation to bandsaw selection.

Bandsaw types

You are likely to meet with different designs and styles of band saws. We shall narrow down the major types of Bandsaws that you are likely to come across. Most band saws are designed to saw wood but some with also cut through metal but he models we concentrate on are mainly suited to wood.

  • Horizontal bandsaw – As the name suggests the length of the blade is horizontally positioned with the teeth facing in the direction of the object being sawed. The saws depend on the weight of the blade holder to slice through varied materials. Since gravity applies the needed pressure, your energy can be conserved.
  • Vertical bandsaw – Probably the most popular and most useful, vertical bandsaw has the blade positioned vertically. The upright position makes it easy to work with small materials with ease. These vertical saws can be floor standing models or bench models. Wherever they are placed, they deliver accurate cuts. You will find that the floor-standing models are appropriate for heavy-duty work and the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ by Lumberjack is one such model.


The size of the motor will affect the overall performance of the bandsaw. You will find that the larger the motor, the more it is likely to handle heavier applications. Usually, you find that most basic models range from 200 watt with a good range model being around 300 – 375 watt and expensive professional model being even higher. If you are looking for a home unit that is used for small projects, then smaller units with smaller motors are appropriate but we recommend looking for a model in the 300-watt range if you’re looking for the power and performance needed for more intensive cutting and simply look for a higher-end model for your workshop.

Consider the frame design

This is one feature that you cannot skim off on checking. If the house is not sound, the components inside won’t stand for long. The quality of the frame determines the durability of the whole unit. You need the construction materials of the unit to be hard-wearing and rust-free. You can select between wielded steel models or cast-iron models. The welded models are preferred for more power. The blade will also factor in. Choose blades of high quality intended for specific materials. Again price pays a large part, the more expensive models are usually better quality.

Look at the size and table manoeuvrability

When it comes to size, we are talking about the overall size of the unit and the size of the working table. A small unit which is likely to take up minimum space is likely also to have a small work table. In the case that you are working with a large piece of hardwood, you may need a sizeable table for accurate cuts. A table that can adjust will give you more angle to work with depending on the cut you are after. If want more power and have enough space, you can consider buying larger units.

What are the speed and the cut depth

Speed is everything, especially when working with different grains of wood or metal. Ideally, you want a unit that lets you adjust the speed according to what you are working with. The speed that is usually measured in surface feet per minute (SFM). The higher the speed the faster you will get through the material, A good band saw will usually have 2 speeds but cheaper models usually just have one and so are less versatile and not as efficient.

The cut depth is very important. It basically the distance from the blade guard to the table. It determines to what depth the blade cut get through to. You want to have a deep cut depth so as to enable you to work with different wood sizes. Shorter cutting depths are appropriate for small projects and but become unsuitable for thicker woods whereas a large cutting depth with does both smaller and larger thicknesses of wood.

Ease of use

Those who are willing to get the floor standing models needs to ensure that it has wheels if you want to move it around regularly. Wheels enable the user to move the unit from place to place as needed. There are units that come with carrying cases for the smaller units. These cases provide effective storage for when the unit is not in use.

A dust port is a convenient little feature that you find in some models. This dust ports are basically used for easy dust collection around the worksite. If you have a shop vacuum this feature will suit you very well. Look out for the dust ports provided to see if they are compatible with your shop vacuum. Good models with accept several sizes of the pipe so they fit most dust extraction systems.

Lock face mechanisms are also present to keep the objects being cut from moving around. An LED light is sometimes installed to make the working area more visible in poor lighting conditions and is a nice little added feature.

Price & Warranty

The price of all these features has to be fair. If you look at a model on sale, you should be able to get value for money. Work with a budget so as to narrow down the range of products you can afford. There more power behind the unit, the more it is likely to cost. Overall we found that price has a massive effect on the quality and performance of a band saw. We found that if you budget for around £120-150 this will get you a good basic model for a home DIY project and if you want a really good model which is reliable and very efficient you are looking at spending around £250 plus.

A warranty is a good thing that lets you test the validity of the product and some models come with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means that you can return it within 30 days if you have now happy with the bandsaw. 


What are band saws used for?

Band saws are suitable for a wide range of applications. These include cutting straight and curved lines, circles and deep sections, as well as making rip cuts, crosscuts and re-sawing. The best models easily cut metal too.

Which is better scroll saw or bandsaw?

Indeed, the choice between a scroll saw and band saw may be confusing, but no machine is better than the other because they’re intended for different purposes.

The scroll saw is perfect for making intricate cuts such as caricature carvings. You can easily control the speed of a scroll saw by pressing on a pedal. When used on a tabletop, you’ll also be able to rotate it, allowing you to achieve precisely detailed finishes.

On the other hand, the band saw is geared towards cutting large, thick materials, making rips through hardwood and cutting awkward angles quickly and smoothly. If you try to carve designs using a band saw, they aren’t going to be as precise as a scroll saw would do. Any regular cuts, though, and the band saw is the way to go.

What is the difference between a band saw and a jigsaw?

At first impression, the band saw and jigsaw look similar. However, a closer look and use reveal the following differences:

The band saw is heavy, large and bulky, and nearly all models are immobile. On the other hand, the jigsaw is small and portable and can be handheld.

The blade of a band saw is connected to a band, which is mounted on wheels that allow it to pass through a workpiece. For the jigsaw, the blade is attached on the top of the tool and the bottom is free, which is why it’s a reciprocating saw.

In terms of application, the band saw is ideal for large-scale precise cutting and is mostly used to cut large material. The jigsaw is perfect for making smaller cuts as well as curves of all kind.

What is a good general-purpose band saw blade?

That may be something you need to figure out for your specific needs, but we would say a 1/4-inch with 4 to 6tpi is ideal for general purpose, assuming you have a standard 14-inch band saw.

Our Final Conclusion

Finding the best band saw should never be a difficult undertaking, at least after reading through the content in this post. If you are just starting out with woodworking, one of the small, simple and affordable models such as the Draper 13773 200mm 250W 230V Two Wheel Bandsaw should suffice.

Professionals in need of more power, increased versatility and extra accessories are better off with the Lumberjack Bandsaw BS254 Professional or maybe the massive DeWalt Dw876 230V Bandsaw 300 – 800 1100W. So have you have found a good band saw yet?

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