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Last updated on May 26th, 2022

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Choosing The Best Heater for your Garage

Many people are now working in their garage, from the DIY enthusiast working on their latest woodworking project to the car enthusiast tinkering with their favourite classic car on a Sunday afternoon. Whatever you choose to do in your garage, one problem that everyone seems to have, especially in winter, is the need for a little warmth to make working in your garage more comfortable. 

To understand what heater you need for your garage, you will first need to accustom yourself to the basic functions and different types of garage heaters available. That way, you will be able to pick the best garage heater for your garage space. 

There are two main types of garage heaters, the first is electric heaters, of which we found the space heater types very good. These are by far the most popular due to ease of use, and the second type is gas powered heaters.

After hours of intensive research and comparing over 20 models, we narrowed our search down to just 6 garage heaters that we found to be very effective at warming a standard-sized garage (or larger) quickly and efficiently.

Before we go into these heaters in more detail we would like to point out that the heater we think is the best garage heater for most people is the Kingavon 3KW Industrial Heater because it can heat up an impressive 60 square metres quickly, has 3 adjustable heat setting which makes it ideal because you can turn it down if needed, and it comes at an incredibly good price.


Kingavon 3 kW Industrial Heater

  • Heats up to an impressive 60 meters squared of space effectively.
  • Features 3 adjustable heat settings with thermostat control.
  • Powerful 3kw heater with twin heating elements.
  • Full metal case for extra durability and heater overload protection.

The top 6 garage heaters that we have included in our review are listed below

  1. Kingavon 3 kW Industrial Heater – BEST PICK
  2. Sealey LP14 Propane Heater
  3. GardenMile 10Kw Industrial Space Electric Fan Assisted Heater – BEST FOR LARGE GARAGES
  4. Honeywell Heavy Duty Heater – BEST FOR SMALL GARAGES
  5. Kingavon BB-FH207 Industrial Heater
  6. Hylite HHT205 500mm Slimline Eco Heater

Garage Heater Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a good garage heater you have to consider a few factors first. There is a countless number of customers who have returned bought goods because they did not have the right specifications. You will find that the differences are minimal but they can affect some more than others. Be sure to look for a unit that has a stable construction if used in a working environment, so this means it should have a metal case and secondly, an effective heater power output that can sustain heat production. We found that most people would need a 3kw model to effectually heat a garage.

If you read further, you will get to understand and compare the different types of heaters but we strongly recommend electric blow heaters with a fan (also known as space heaters) for most people.

Types of good heaters

  • Electric Space Heaters – These are usually cheap to run because they have active thermostats. Once the preferred temperature is achieved the unit stops producing heat. They usually include fans that are used to propel the warm air around the room. They are usually easy to work with and install as their size isn’t too heavy. A good model will only weigh around 3-4kg. They are, however, limited to use when there is no electricity and this can be a problem for some people. Despite this, they are good for the environment since they have no emissions and are very easy to use. Simply plug in and turn it on.
  • Infrared/radiant heaters – We put these two kinds together because they have similar ways of heating up the space. They heat the direct objects around them. There is a high chance that everything that is outside of the unit’s direct heating radius will be cold. If you are looking to heat one specific area (such as a workstation) you can rely on these forms of garage heaters and they are economical.
  • Gas garage heaters – Under this category, we include propane or natural gas, the same type used for gas BBQs and patio heaters that you can buy in bottles in garden centres and at local garages. These are very effective in heating the air around your space. You are guaranteed that they will warm larger spaces effectively. They are low-maintenance units once you have the fuel in place. They, however, need physical monitoring to control the temperature. These kinds of heaters are appropriate for greenhouses. The carbon dioxide and vapour help with plant growth. They are not encouraged for indoor use due to the emissions.


GardenMile 10Kw Industrial Space Electric Fan Assisted Heater
This title goes to the Kingavon 10Kw Industrial Space Electric Fan Assisted Heater. This is because of the fact that it can heat up large rooms quickly and efficiently. This is a heater that can handle heating up even the largest garages. We also love the design and the fact that it is economical to run. Overall if you got a very large garage then this is probably the best option as its 3 times more powerful than our 'Best Pick' at a very impressive 10kw.

What is the amount of space that you want to heat?

The space that needs heating will determine the size of the unit. A smaller unit will do well covering small areas. Larger units consume more electricity and space. If you have a large garage, you will need to purchase a sizeable unit. You also have to put into consideration the insulation of the space. If your space is insulated, then you have no need for a unit with a large heater because the heat produced is contained. If not, you need a unit that can keep up with constant heat production. We recommend insulating your garage as much as possible as this means the heaters are more efficient as less heat is lost.

Movable or Permanent units

Depending on your requirements and the size of the garage, you may need a movable or a permanent unit. There are units that come with brackets that can be used to mount them for those who need permanence. For those who would like to move a unit around, you need features like wheels and freestanding feet. That way, no matter the place you put the unit, it will stand in accordance. You can decide to have a technician hard wire your heating system with compatible models. The choice is yours. For most people, a small but powerful 3kw heater is more than sufficient while still being lightweight enough to move it around.

Look for safety features

Safety is paramount when working on anything. You do not want to spend money on equipment that is possibly a fire hazard. When looking for a safe unit, you need features like a tip-over switch and, at the very least, overheating prevention mechanisms. A tip-over switch allows the unit to switch off automatically if the unit is knocked over by accident.

Features like cool-to-touch are important if you have curious children lingering around. Be sure to look at any safety recommendations set by the manufacturer to avoid any mishaps. This goes without saying, never leave children unattended with the heater on.

Consider the price and warranty of the unit


Your spending power will determine the level of quality you will receive. We know that the cheapest is not necessarily the best and neither are the pricey products. Work with a budget to help you narrow down the range of products you can access. You have to be sure that the product provides value for money. That is why we recommend that you compare the features offered against the price. We found that if you allow around a £50 budget this will be enough to get a good garage heater, with more than enough heat output for most people.


Make sure it comes with a warranty, all heaters should include a least 12 months warranty with some more expensive models including 2 years warranty. The longer the warranty the better for you.

The Top 6 Garage Heater Reviews

1. Kingavon 3 kW Industrial Heater


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Kingavon 3 kW Industrial Heater

The Kingavon 3 kW Industrial Heater is probably the best heater of its type we have seen. Its dark colour can fit in most domestic surroundings and you can tell from the minute you see this heater that it’s the ‘real deal’ when it comes to a garage heater. It is robust and very well made with its metal casing.

This unit is perfect for warming up standard-sized garages, workshops and even sheds. It has a maximum output of 3000 watts and is rated at 3kw, which is as high as you can get for an electric heater that has a standard 3 pin plug. If you go any higher you are then onto 3 phase power and this is something that most people don’t have in their garages. However, this heater can efficiently heat up to 60 metres squared with ease, which is more than enough for most garages.

This unit is also fitted with an adjustable thermostat, although the thermostat doesn’t allow you to set the exact temperature, it will allow you to select between the available 3 heat settings.

The heater itself is fitted with a fan to make sure that the hot air is circulated effectively and efficiently. The twin heating element ensures that fast regular heat is produced straight away so it almost instantly starts producing heat which makes it more efficient.

The unit is also designed with a handle that facilitates easy movement and its compact shape means it is easy to store. The handle is ergonomically designed to make certain that the user’s hands are not damaged.

We really like the metal casing because it provides durability and protection from random impacts. Some models that are mainly manufactured from plastic are easily broken so it’s nice to see this model has a full metal casing.

The dimensions provided are as follows, L20 x W22 x H33.5cm (like we said, compact). All the basic safety functions like thermal protection and the overloading mechanism have been fitted, which is extra reassurance. Finally of has a rating of IP44 and this means that it is safe for use and has passed UK safety standards.


  • Heats up to an impressive 60 metres squared of space effectively.
  • Features 3 adjustable heat settings with thermostat control.
  • Powerful 3kw heater with twin heating elements.
  • Full metal case for extra durability and heater overload protection.

Our recommendation

The Kingavon 3 kW Industrial Heater is perfect because it’s very effective at heating up areas quickly, has some great features (including the thermostat and 3 heat settings) and best of all it comes at an affordable price. We really like the build quality and the metal casing that protects the heater. The double heating element is also a great feature that isn’t usually found on similar models.

We love its simple and easy interface that allows people to use the unit with ease, even if you have never used one before. Simply plug it in, switch it on, and then set the power setting 1, 2  or 3. 3 being the highest setting.

We have three very similar models in this review, but we think this model has the edge because it has that extra kW of power, meaning it does give off slightly more heat. The only way we would maybe recommend the Honeywell or smaller Kingavon model over this heater is if you have a particularly small garage or workshop where the smaller 2kw and 2.5kw would be sufficient.

However, it is better to have more heat with the option to turn it down than it is to not have enough heat after you have purchased the product. Taking all this into account, we felt it only right that we named this garage heater our ‘Best Pick’ winner. It really is a brilliant little garage heater.

If you have a very large garage or workshop then your next best choice would be a gas space heater, such as the Kingavon Garden Mile Space Heater which we review further down.

Compare prices from available retailers

2. Sealey LP14 Propane Heater

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Sealey LP14 Propane Heater

The Sealey LP14 Propane Heater is a great little heater and a great alternative for those who either don’t have electricity in their garage or prefer to use gas. The propane-based unit has the ability to run for longer periods of time, depending on the capacity of the propane tank. This, in turn, would probably lower the running cost even more because you can invest in larger bottles of gas. The ceramic plaque-type heater is safe to use in your garage, workshop or even shed.

The maximum output recorded for this unit is 15,354 Btu per hour, we think that on the lowest setting it would probably last around 80 hours from a 13kg bottle. You can control the rate of heat production by controlling the regulator, which means you can turn it down to the lowest setting once you got the room to a suitable temperature. You have to look at the space and calculate if the rate of output will work for you. It should, however, easily heat a double-sized garage to give you a rough idea.

It does come with a stand to make certain that the unit remains freestanding. We do like the steel construction because it’s very durable. This garage heater comes with a 150cm long hose to make sure that you have enough reach and a regulator to attach it straight to the gas bottle.

Finally, it comes with a one year warranty for full peace of mind. But, being how simple these types of heaters are, it is unlikely you will experience any problems.


  • Stable construction.
  • Very effective at heating spaces.
  • You do not need electricity to run this heater.
  • 1 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Not suitable for use in the home.
  • The instructions could do with being a little clearer.

Our recommendation

The Sealey LP14 9,200-17,000Btu/hr Propane Heater is perfect for commercial applications as well as for garages and workshops.

The rate of output is high enough to easily heat a double garage or fairly large workshop. You will have to purchase another propane bottle from time to time when the supplies run low and this is the only real disadvantage.

The unit is very easy to use (once you have attached the gas bottle) so you will not have a hard time operating it. For the price that you get it at, it is not particularly expensive, probably around the same price range as most electric heaters, including our ‘best pick’.

This is a great option for someone looking for a gas heater to heat their garage and as there is no fan fitted you don’t need to connect to an electricity supply meaning it can be placed nearly anywhere you want.

Overall, a great little heater that gives off a lot of heat.

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3. GardenMile 10Kw Industrial Space Electric Fan Assisted Heater


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GardenMile 10Kw Industrial Space Electric Fan Assisted Heater

This GardenMile 10Kw Industrial Space Electric Fan Assisted Heater is another propane model, but one designed for larger garages. It effectively heats the space up much quicker because of the electric fan it incorporates. The design of the model makes it look fantastic, like something from a sci-fi movie. This propane-based garage heater has a maximum 700m bar output of 320m³ per hour and will heat up a 200m2 garage.  

These units are strong enough to cater to industrial functions that are not necessarily stretched. This mighty machine is economical to run as it is estimated to consume 0.73kg in a given hour making it very affordable to run.

To make certain that you have the perfect reach a long 150cm gas hose has been provided so you have plenty of reach, for even the larger sized gas bottles.

What we like about this heater is that can run on LPG gas or propane gas and comes with a regulator that you can use. Not all models come with a regulator and this would be an extra expense. If you have a large area to heat, this is the unit that you can rely on.

The unit has basic heat safety features installed which is obviously a must.

What this model does lack is a thermostat so you cannot set it to a certain temperature. You would need to manually turn it off if it gets too warm. 


  • Perfect for larger garages and workshops where electric heaters are ideal.
  • It is of good construction and is stable.
  • Fair price for the features provided.
  • It runs with little noise.


  • Not recommended for use in unventilated areas.
  • No thermostat control.
  • Needs to be plugged into a plug socket to power the fan as well as being connected to a gas bottle.

Our recommendation

The GardenMile 10Kw Industrial Space Heater is great for the big areas that still require ventilation or larger garages where the smaller electric heaters wouldn’t be effective.

The fact that it can consume small amounts of gas per hour makes it rather economical to run. The only real downside is that you will have to purchase the gas separately, this will be an added cost for you to consider and extra work.

For industrial and commercial functions, this unit is perfect. Smaller spaces should look for a smaller unit because it does kick out a lot of heat. It would be too much for small garages.

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4. Honeywell Heavy Duty Heater


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Honeywell Heavy Duty Heater

The Honeywell Heavy Duty 2.5kw Heater is made of durable metal and is another very good heater for a small garage or workshop. If you look at the whole construction of the unit you will understand why it is called a heavy-duty heater.

One feature this model does have that our ‘Best Pick’ doesn’t have is the frost watch function. If the temperatures happened to fall below 5°C, the unit will re-activate itself keeping the room at a reasonable temperature at all times. This feature cannot be found on all models that you meet on the market and it’s also worth noting that this model could also double up as a greenhouse heater because of this feature.

To ensure that all the warm air is evenly dispersed, the unit has a fan. This fan can also be used independently as a cool fan on those hot days when the sun is relentless. Back to what we really need the fan for, it ensures the heater can effectively heat up 30m². In comparison, our ‘Best Pick’ can heat double this amount of space which is why this heater is better suited to smaller garages. However, this may be enough for some people who do only have a small workshop or shed to heat.

A thermostat has been installed so that you have control over the temperature and it has two heat settings. A tip over switch makes the unit all the safer to use around children and pets or in case you knock it over by accident. If the unit falls over it switches off automatically. So that the safety measures are optimum, an overload prevention mechanism has been installed.

Just in case you find something wrong with the unit, you can take advantage of the 3 year warranty offered and this is 2 years more than our ‘Best Pick’. We struggled to find a heater that came with a warranty as long, so 3 years is very impressive.


  • Well-constructed metal casing.
  • 2 heat settings with thermostatic control.
  • Frost watch function that keeps the room above 5°C.
  • Fast heat circulation thanks to the powerful fan.
  • 3 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Is limited to warming small spaces.

Our recommendation

The Honeywell Heavy Duty Heater is a really good heater if you have a smaller garage or workshop smaller than 30m². Larger rooms would need more than one unit to effectively heat the space, which means that our ‘Best Pick’ would be a better choice in these circumstances because it will heat double the space.

We really like the strong metal casing as it makes it adaptable to the workshop environment.

Overall this is a very good heater but do make sure your garage or workshop is less than 30m² first because it does retail at around the same price as our ‘Best Pick’. What we do like about this model though is the frost watch, this could be handy if you have a washing machine, fridge etc in the garage and want to keep the temperature above 5°C to stop the pipes freezing etc.

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5. Kingavon BB-FH207 Industrial Heater

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Kingavon BB-FH207 Industrial Heater

The Kingavon BB-FH207 Industrial Heater is another good product, but again, only really suitable for small garages or workshops because it’s only 2kw. This brightly coloured unit is hard to miss. 

To control the temperature settings, you will find that you have 3 heat settings. You can select between the 650 watts,1300 watts or 2000 watts. The 650w heat setting though is actually cold.

The unit also has received an IP44 rating making it safer to use in environments with high moisture levels.

Like most models, it also has a fan to make sure that the warm air is circulated around the space. It also features a simple thermostat that is adjustable to aid you in your need to control the heat.

This model doesn’t give off any emissions or smells so it is safe to use in sealed areas as no ventilation is needed. For a small garage or shed, this unit will do just fine. However, anything larger and you will not feel the benefit.


  • Nice, robust design.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use with 3 heat settings and a thermostat.
  • IP44 rated.


  • Can only heat smaller areas.

Our recommendation

The Kingavon BB-FH207 Industrial Heater is dependable for heating small spaces. You will realise that the unit cannot support heating larger rooms due to its lower-powered design.

With this heater, you get what you pay for. For a unit in this price range, it is not a bad product. If you need something with more power you would be better investing the extra money in a more powerful unit. For those who do not want to spend much and still need to warm up a small space, this is the unit for you.

Overall a nice little heater which is more than suitable for small sheds.

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6. Hylite HHT205 500mm Slimline Eco Heater

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Hylite HHT205 500mm Slimline Eco Heater

The Hylite HHT205 500mm Slimline Eco Heater is a lightweight tube heater that is more designed for preventing dampness and condensation and keeping the room above freezing. This means it’s not really designed to make the room what you would describe as room temperature. 

The tube heater is fitted with a thermostat that will enable you to control how hot it gets in your space. The unit has a slim design that is easy to store and move around. The size just makes it convenient for people with smaller spaces and you can use the included brackets to mount it to the wall if needed.

A 1.5 metre cable has been provided to give you some wiggle room when moving it around. The unit has a 1P44 rating which indicates that it is safe to use in high moisture content areas if needed without being damaged by moisture. Without this protection, the unit would succumb to water damage.

When the maximum temperatures are reached, the cut-out becomes active to prevent the unit from overheating and to help keep the room at a consistent temperature.


  • Designed for preventing dampness and condensation and keeping the garage or shed above freezing.
  • At 55w it’s a very low-cost heater.
  • Built-in thermostat to control the temperature.
  • IP44 rating for water resistance.
  • Can be mounted or left freestanding.


  • Can only heat small spaces.
  • The thermostat needs more visual aids for accurate temperature settings.
  • Needs a guard that is bought separately.

Our recommendation

The Hylite HHT205 500mm Slimline Eco Heater is not designed to provide a lot of heat but more as a way of preventing dampness and condensation and keeping the garage or shed above freezing. 

However, surprisingly it will get a small room to a reasonable temperature, as long as your room is small or you have a few units. We also like that this unit can be mounted, making it convenient for those who are pressed for space. You have to be sure of the performance before purchasing this unit or you will be highly disappointed.

This is an affordable unit and you can expect the available features to reflect great performance. The unit is fitted with a seven-step thermostat but you cannot determine the actual temperature which is a shame. Those looking for a cheap and moderately heating unit can keep this one on their shopping list, perhaps ideal for a garage where it might be attached to your house and not get quite as cold as a stand-alone garage.

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Final Conclusion

We looked at other 20 different heaters we thought would be suitable for use in a garage. When we started our research, we found that there are a lot of very underpowered heaters on the market that are simply not up to the job. You have to remember garages are not like our homes because they aren’t as well insulated if insulated at all.

After our research, we narrowed our search down to just 6 garage heaters that made it onto our review. We feel these were the best garage heaters depending on what size garage you have.




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