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Top 5 Best Metal Sheds

Last updated on September 29th, 2023

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Wooden sheds are popular, but metal sheds are also beneficial in their own right. Metal sheds are durable, and they are resistant to pests compared to their wooden counterparts and often require much less maintenance if any at all. These structures come in various sizes and designs, and so it is up to you to decide which model best suits your purpose. 

Instead of combing through hundreds of metal sheds online, we have listed five quality sheds suitable for garden use. These sheds feature different designs and individual features that may appeal to you. We have preceded and selected our best metal sheds, which are both from the same company. These include; Duramax ECO 6′ x 4′ Metal Garden Shed, which is a regular-sized model that would suit small gardens, and the Duramax ECO 10′ x 10′ Metal Garden shed, perfect for those with sizeable gardens and various things to store.

You will discover more about our top products and the others in the detailed reviews below. Look over the buying guide for clues on how to differentiate the best sheds from basic sheds. Let us begin:


Duramax ECO 6' x 4' Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed
The Duramax ECO 6' x 4' Metal Garden Shed uses steel that has gone through the hot-dipped galvanising process, which gives added protection from the elements. This ventilated shed is suitable for small spaces because it is not too large. Out of the shed presented, this model has the best reviews from satisfied customers, and it is the most affordable. It is available in two colours, and it is ideal for storing small-sized things that you use in the garden frequently. Overall, there are now a lot of cheap metal shed made from inferior steel, often not galvanised so this shed is not to be compared to these and really is well worth considering.


Duramax ECO 10' x 10' Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed
The Duramax ECO 10' x 10' Metal Garden shed has also received glowing reviews from customers which further confirms our own findings. This shed is more extensive, so you will have space to store a few lawn larger garden tools such as mowers. The shed has vents for air circulation, and it comes with a 15-year warranty, which speaks to the reliable quality of the model. It might be a little challenging to assemble (most metal sheds are, a little tip is to have an electric screwdriver handy), but the metal shed will be worth the effort once that is accomplished. Overall if your after a larger model this is well worth considering

Metal Shed Reviews

1. Duramax ECO 6′ x 4′ Hot-Dipped Galvanised Metal Garden Shed


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Duramax ECO 6' x 4' Hot-Dipped Galvanised Metal Garden Shed

The Duramax ECO Metal Garden Shed comes in three colours, anthracite, green, and ivory so from the get-go you have some choice when it comes to colours. It constitutes of electro-galvanised steel for protection against rust, super important for steel sheds and something often overlooked, especially with cheaper models.

Because the shed will obviously be outside year-round, it must maintain its structure throughout the many years and through all weathers. With this in mind, the Duramax ECO Metal Garden Shed consists of steel that is 20% thicker than some other sheds in the market, so you are guaranteed durability. When it comes to choosing a shed this is not always obvious so when comparing sheds, always consider the steel structure. Many cheaper sheds are much more flimsy.

It also features groove reinforced walls that provide the structure with enhanced strength and stability. When it rains, the gable roof drains the water easily so that it doesn’t seep into the shed. Something that is important, especially on metal sheds, is that the shed has vents. This is important so that the shed is ventilated at all times, whether it is sunny or raining and helps reduce condensation which can be a problem with metal sheds. 

In terms of how easy it is to build, you will have no trouble assembling this shed because it has pre-drilled holes and adequate instructions on putting it together checking the parts numbers that are stamped on the parts. That being said, prepared to spend an afternoon putting it together, probably around 4 to 5 hours for most people and get a second pair of hands to make the process much easier. I also recommend having a 6mm spanner or socket to make putting it together much easier.

The shed arrives compactly packed for more comfortable transportation, and when you put it together, its measurements should be around 122 x 202 x 181cm.  Backed by an 8-year warranty, this model’s durability gives good value for money. Just make sure you assemble it on level ground, ideal a concrete pad.


  • Robust galvanised steel structure that is 20% thicker than some cheaper alternatives, and it won’t rust.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Features two vents for air circulation to reduce condensation.
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.
  • Offers a foundation kit for those who need it.
  • Can be secured with a lock with the handles.
  • Accompanied by an 8-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Assembly instructions are a little vague in some areas, just read over them first before building.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a shed that is durable, not too large but not too pricey either, then the Duramax ECO Metal Garden Shed is well worth considering. It is made from galvanised steel, so it will not rust or corrode over time which is obviously important. It is good to note that this model is not heavy, hence it is crucial to anchor it to the ground which is easy enough.

Take your time to go through the instructions; in areas where the instructions are vague, you can devise logical solutions to make assembly easy. Overall, it’s a great shed which is also sturdy and is backed with an 8-year warranty which is why it’s our best pick.

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2. Duramax ECO 10′ x 10′ Hot-Dipped Galvanised Metal Garden Shed


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Duramax ECO 10' x 10' Hot-Dipped Galvanised Metal Garden Shed

Offering more space to work with is the Duramax ECO 10′ x 10′ Metal Garden Shed which is a larger version of our Best Pick. This model is spacious, and it can withstand the British weather because it is made of hot-dipped galvanised 0.33mm steel. The shed is designed to be pest-proof as well as resistant to rust thanks to the galvanised steel construction but it will feel flimsy until full constructed and be careful as the panels are sharp too. Its roof is stable enough to support up to 12 lbs/sq. ft of snow which basically just means it has strong roof trusses installed to cope with the weight.

This model also has air vents in both the front and back which helps promotes good air circulation to help reduce condensation, a simple but important feature. Measuring 10ft x 10ft, this model features wide sliding doors for easy accessibility and plenty of storage space but at a more afforfdable price. You also have the option to lock the shed although it’s probably not as secure as you might think.

If you want the assembly to go faster, get a friend to help over a few beers and a BBQ, expect to spend at least a full day putting this shed together. The shed does come with a 15-year warranty according to Amazon, however, on the brands own website it actually states 8 years so we are unsure which one is correct. Overall though, its a great shed, sturdy, well made and for most people, relatively easy to put together.


  • Spacious galvanised steel shed that is low maintenance, rust and pest proof.
  • It has vents for air circulation to help prevent condensation.
  • Easy to assemble because the parts are numbered although it does talk a full day to assemble. 
  • Plenty of space with 690 cubic feet.
  • It can be locked for security.


  • Takes a while to assemble.
  • You need gloves during assembly because the material is sharp.
  • Comes in one box which is very heavy, takes two good strong people to move.

Our recommendation

The Duramax ECO 10′ x 10′ Metal Garden Shed is what you need if you have something significant to store or just need a large shed with plenty of space. The shed is spacious even though it is slightly smaller than the advertised measurements so just bear this in mind. This issue is that the inside dimensions are actually 309 x 283 x 165cm and the dimensions given by the manufacture are approximate.

Be careful during assembly and wear gloves to prevent unnecessary cuts because the steel edges are sharp. Overall it’s a great shed at an affordable price for its size.

3. Yardmaster 6 x 4 ft Store-All Pent Roofed Metal Shed

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Yardmaster 6 x 4 ft Store-All Pent Roofed Metal Shed

The Yardmaster 6 x 4 ft Store Metal Shed is strong and durable as it consists of hot-dipped galvanised steel like our prevous two recommendations, are you seeing a pattern here with quality metal sheds.

The six-step galvanisation process provides the material with better rust protection compared to the electro-galvanising. It can stay outside year-round without rusting for many years and comes with a 10-year warranty provided which you may have noticed is 2 years longer than our Best pick but this model is slightly smaller, especially inside. The dimensions, 6 x 4ft is actually the outside dimensions of the roof, its a little smaller inside so it’s just something to be aware of.

The shed comes with secure doors with anti-tamper bolts, something which is the case with most metal sheds is that the handled where you attach a lock is plastic which means it’s maybe not quite as secure as you might have thought.

The sliding doors are easy to manoeuvre for direct access into the shed, a little more headroom would be better maybe.

So in terms of building the shed, it’s obviously much easier with two people but someone who is confident with DIY should build it on there own within around 6 hours, maybe a little sooner.

What we do like about Yardmaster, they offer a dedicated UK customer helpline.


  • It comprises robust hot dipped galvanised steel.
  • Safe and easy to assemble thanks to the folded safety edges.
  • Features lockable overlapping doors that keep the contents dry.
  • It is affordable.
  • Comes with a 10-year rust guarantee.


  • Assembly instructions could be a little better.
  • Has no vents.

Our recommendation

The Yardmaster 6 x 4 ft Store Metal Shed comes in silver, and it is a good quality durable metal shed once built. This model is maybe a litter lighter than you might expect but once erected it very sturdy and it does come with fixing bolts to secure it to the solid ground. Most don’t include fixing bolts so this is a little bonus. We like that It’s made from hot-dipped galvanised steel so it will not rust easily. 

Some reviews we read talked about holes not lining up properly, this is easy to overcome if you don’t tighten the screws until it’s erected and then tighten all the screws at the end. This process alone should resolve this issue but the same goes for all metal sheds but its common mistake most people make and probably why metal sheds have a bad reputation.

This model is affordable comparatively cheaper for its size, so it is a good bargain for those looking for a lightweight structure that is not too wide which comes with a good long warranty for peace of mind.

4. Outsunny 8ft x 6ft Outdoor Metal Garden Shed

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Outsunny 8ft x 6ft Outdoor Metal Garden Shed

Introducing the Outsunny Metal Garden Shed gives you the best of both worlds; it looks like wood but offers metal durability. The outer section of the shed is made of painted steel to give that wood effect and to maintain the durability of the shed.

Some of the other components are made from Polypropylene which is also weather resistant.

This shed has four vents that facilitate ventilation to keep odours from building up. The vents reduce condensation inside, keeping the items dry all through the seasons. It has sliding doors to make access in or out of the shed easy, and you can secure the door with a lock.


  • It looks attractive with the wooden look design.
  • Made from painted stainless steel and polypropylene for durability.
  • Comes with four vents for air circulation.
  • Features lockable sliding doors.
  • Offers good value for money in the long run.


  • Takes a while to assemble due to unclear assembly instructions.

Our recommendations

The Outsunny 8ft x 6ft Wood Look Metal Garden Shed gives you the best of both worlds, a metal shed that looks like wood which is why we decided it was worthy of being included even though it’s maybe more difficult to build.

As mentioned, assembly will be a little challenging, mainly because of the instructions but the lightweight structure provides good value for money because it is durable and sizeable and we think it looks amazing once built.

5. Deuba Garden Metal Tool Shed

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Deuba Garden Metal Tool Shed

Lastly, we have the Deuba Garden Metal Tool Shed, which measures 257 cm x 205 cm x 177.5 cm (8ft x 6ft) to give a total volume of 8.38 m3. The shed is made from stainless steel so it can remain outdoors without much damage from the elements so basically rust proof. This metallic shed is easy to access as it possesses sliding doors that can be locked for security.

Once you store what you want, shut the doors and rest easy, knowing that the items will remain dry. The vents play a crucial part in air circulation to prevent internal condensation. What this model does also include that the other models don’t is a frame base kit to help make installation easier and provide a base to attach a floor to. 

The shed arrives flat packed in three boxes with assembly instructions so is easier to move around before building unlike some models that come in one large box; read these instructions carefully to avoid mistakes. Assembly of the shed is not what you would call easy but we are yet to find a shed where you would describe it as easy to build.


  • Sizeable stainless steel shed available in green colour to blend in with the garden.
  • Features easily accessible sliding doors.
  • Comes with edge protectors for safety.
  • Offers a total storage volume of 8.38 m3.
  • Provides vents for air circulation to help prevent condensation and damp.
  • Comes with a frame kit to facilitate floor installation.


  • Takes a while to assemble.

Our recommendation

For its price and size, the Deuba Garden Metal Tool Shed is not bad at all it just takes a little time and patience to build. This green coloured shed which made from stainless steel is lightweight, but it is also durable. This model is sizeable, so you can store several things comfortably. 

We like that it is ventilated and has sliding doors for direct access into the shed although the sliding doors are perhaps not a secure as we might like, we think the doors may be able to be prised out with enough force.

If you choose to assemble it on your own, read the instructions carefully, if you can’t find them it’s because they’re usually in the order confirmation email and be patient because it will take a while. Other than that, this model is a good option for those who want something sizeable but affordable.

Buyer’s Guide

Sheds come in a wide range of designs and sizes. As a buyer, it is essential to understand the type of shed that you want as this will help eliminate confusion as you browse through different products.

In this section, we have compiled vital points that will assist you in selecting the best metal shed to store your items. These points are easy to remember, which makes shopping a more straightforward process.


You can find sheds in the market made from various materials like plastic, wood, and metal. Because we are focusing on metal sheds, the thing to remember is that the quality of metal matters. Most manufacturers use steel because it is a strong material that can sit outside for years. 

Manufacturers employ methods like introducing a powder-coated layer, painting, and galvanising to prevent the metal from rusting. All these methods are useful, but for prolonged use, sheds should be galvanised. It is commendable to use steel that is galvanised through the hot-dip method rather than the electro method because it applies a thicker layer of protection.

Check out our review of the best plastic sheds, a great alternative to metal sheds and much easier to build

metal garden shed with sliding doors


When considering which size to buy, think about what you want to store and how much space you have to spare. People with less space to work with can select models with a narrow build but more extended height. They can then prop shelves or hooks to place smaller items and leave the larger items’ floor space. 

If you want a shed that stores sizeable equipment like lawn mowers, chainsaws, and the like, look for a sizeable shed. This way, you have enough space to work with if you decide to get a new gardening machine.

Something else to consider is the internal dimensions as this is the real size of the storage space and the dimensions quoted are usually outside and include the overhangs of the roof etc.

Door type

The door is for gaining access to the items in the shed, and its size matters, more importantly, the width as some garden machinery such as rotavators can be wider than a standard lawnmower.

There are sheds that feature a singular door and those that have sliding doors. Sliding doors are convenient if you are storing machines with wheels; all you have to do is open the doors and roll them out. Singular doors are perfect if you store small garden tools that you can carry by hand.


A shed that is not ventilated is prone to internal condensation, leading to mould growth. If you are storing chemicals with flammable fumes, having ventilation is essential for safety. Ensure that the shed you select offers good ventilation to help prevent condensation. If the shed you bought does not have vents, you can create them yourself with a bit of creativity. There are thousands of DIY videos online that can help.


secure metal shed

If you have children around, sometimes locking the shed is for their own safety. Some sheds come with a locking facility, and some don’t. If securing the shed is an important feature for you, then look at the structure of the door handles to determine the size of the lock that would fit. The issue with most metal sheds is the lock is attached to the plastic handles so are not as secure as if you fit your own clisp and lock to the steel doors

Base installation

The base is essential as it shields the items from getting into contact with the ground. Having a base, whether plywood or concrete, helps the shed be more stable in strong winds. When the shed is secure, then your items are secure from the elements. Some people prefer building a foundation and adding some concrete to ensure the structure remains solid in the long term. If you want to create more headspace you could raise the shed on the base but this does create a step.


Some sheds come with warranties but warranties do vary from 8 years to as long as 15 years. If you find a shed that offers a warranty, then it is a sign of a manufacturer that is sure about the product. An excellent example of this is our best pick; the Duramax ECO Galvanised Garden Shed that offers an 8-year warranty but Yardmaster offer a 10-year guarantee.


Can I build a shed myself?

If you have the strength and determination, yes, you can. Most people prefer buying sheds that just require quick assembly because it saves time. They don’t have to measure out everything and cut each piece, and in some cases, it costs less. That being said, metal sheds are more difficult than plastic or woodsheds to build as they have many more tiny screws to install. an electric screwdriver is worth its weight in gold.

Do I need a concrete base?

It is advisable to assemble your shed with a base even if the manufacturer hasn’t provided one. However, if you find that it is not important for you, you can leave it out but we always recommend placing a shed on a solid foundation. It all depends if you don’t mind the stored items being in contact with the bare ground.

Are there garden sheds that come with shelves and windows?

Yes, there are, but they will cost considerably more than the basic sheds. Windows are convenient for those who spend most of the time in the shed, while shelves offer extra storage. You can find ways to incorporate shelves or hooks to hold small items. We recommend investing in some basic storage racking.

Our Final Conclusion

The right shed will last you for many years, protecting your tools and garden equipment and giving you extra storage space and somewhere secure and dry. Make sure you take your time before settling for a model you can easily call the best metal shed you have ever bought. Before we go, here is a quick summary of our top metal sheds;

The Duramax ECO 6′ x 4′ Metal Garden Shed is protected from the elements, and it will serve you for many years if build correctly. It has an 8-year warranty to back it up, and its price is affordable offering excellent value for money.

Alternatively, you can settle for the larger Duramax ECO 10′ x 10′ Metal Garden shed that is equally as strong. It will cost you more, but at least it is spacious to store all your oversized items and is easy to build.

Be sure to check out our review on garden storage boxes just in case you are looking for these too. That is all for now, all the best!


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