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Last updated on January 22nd, 2021

Wall-mounted patio heaters are a great way to add a little warmth into outdoor spaces. Did you know some models are fully waterproof while others still need to be protected from the rain. In this review, we look at both types and what this means for you when choosing the best wall mounted outdoor heater

Apart from the standard freestanding patio heater, wall-mounted patio heaters have gained popularity in the marketplace. That’s because wall-mounted heaters are such space-saving tools. Found in both domestic and commercial areas such as pubs, restaurants and clubs, wall-mounted patio heaters are just as effective as their freestanding counterparts. They can heat up large areas and they are equipped with safety features to ensure things run smoothly.

The issue as always is choosing the best wall mounted patio heater from the plethora of options on the market. And if you are still wondering why you need one, a patio heater is the go-to thing when the nights become cool. It will help you enjoy its heat and soothing atmosphere on those mild evenings. 

While the size of the area you will want to warm will influence your purchasing decision, there are still other things to consider when it comes to buying the best wall mounted outdoor heater. Some fine features such as pivoting head and two or more heat settings can provide a new level of convenience and these are the kind things to look out for. 

That said, allows us to introduce one model that stands above the rest as far as construction, ease of use and price are concerned.

The Futura Deluxe Wall Mounted Patio Heater has three heat settings that will let you find your perfect temperature, while its remote control means you don’t need to move a muscle to select settings which is also handy if it’s just a little out of reach height-wise. The IP65 weatherproof casing allows the heater to be used in all weathers and a complete wall mounting kit is supplied for easy installation. The price itself is a bargain given the quality and no wonder it is ‘Amazon’s Choice’ at the moment. It’s worth mentioning that being rated IP65 means it completely waterproof and can be placed anywhere outdoors, many models are IP44 rated which means there splash-proof and need to be fitted where they cannot get wet, under a canopy for example.


Futura Patio Heater Deluxe Wall Mounted

  • Comes with a remote control, allowing you to control heater from the comfort of your chair.
  • Heats large areas of up to 20m² making it perfect for patios, gazebos, workshops, restaurants and more.
  • Rated IP65 which means it fully waterproof and can be mounted even where it will get wet such as outdoors against a wall.
  • Includes a powerful 2000W infrared heating element that creates a comfortable warm glowing heat.
  • Three heat settings for added control and comfort.
  • Very low running costs at around 25p per hour depending on electricity cost. 
  • Comes complete with mounting kit for hassle-free installation.
  • 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

Our top 6 wall mounted patio heaters that we reviewed including our top picks

  1. Futura Patio Heater Deluxe Wall Mounted – OUR BEST PICK – Fully waterproof, IP65 rated.
  2. Veito Blade S2500 Wall mounted Outdoor Patio Heater
  3. NETTA Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater
  4. MYLEK 3kW Electric Patio Heater
  5. Firefly 1.8kW Patio Heater

Buyers Guide

Is it your first time looking for a wall-mounted heater? Or are you looking to replace your old model? Nevertheless, it is good to grasp what features you are looking so as to select the best wall mounted patio heater you can find. This is for the right price of course. First, let us look at why wall mountable units are advantageous;

  • They save on space especially if you have little floor space to work with.
  • Add a decorative effect to the garden.
  • Because of the unit’s high position, light from the heater can be cast on a wider space.
  • Curious children and pets are kept away from the heater to avoid accidental burns.
  • Wall mounted heaters are good for commercial spaces as they can heat up the space without getting in the way of human traffic.
  • They usually come with remote controls to facilitate comfortable operation.

Things to consider when choosing the best wall mounted patio heater

Size of the space you want to heat

The size of the space will affect the amount of power needed to heat up the space. A larger area will need more power to heat effectively. That is why commercial spaces tend to have several patio heaters to ensure that their customers are cozy. A patio heater such as the Veito Blade S2500 Wall mounted Outdoor Patio Heater is able to warm up large spaces with ease. A basic model such as the Firefly 1.8kW Patio Heater is more effective for small spaces.

Measure the size of the space and compare with the information provided by the manufacturer. If the heater is designed to cover 9m2, avoid installing it in a larger area. This is because heat distribution is uneven and ineffective.

Power settings

People have different temperature preferences. To serve these preferences requires the heater to have a number of heat settings. These settings will assist in reducing or increasing temperature according to the seasons. If you are avoiding spending more money than necessary for a temporary heater then you can select models with only one heat setting.


Veito Blade S2500 Wall-mounted Outdoor Patio Heater
Costing three times more than our best pick, this heater has some exceptional features for extra convenience including four heat settings. Its sleek design adds the wow factor to your space and its waterproof IP55 properties make it perfect for outdoor conditions even in the rain.

Safety features

Dealing with heating systems needs safety features to prevent accidents. There are many who have ended up in hospitals for reasons that could be avoided. Manufacturers ensure that their patio heaters have safety features such as;

Automatic shut off

This feature allows the machine to cool and avoid overheating. Overheating causes damage to the unit and may lead to electrical fires. Once the unit has reached maximum temperature and the heater is running hot, it will shut off. Not all wall-mounted patio heaters have this feature, therefore, it is important to inquire before purchase.


A heater that contains a programmable timer permits the user to determine when the unit runs. In the case that you will be out of the house, you can set a timer to shut off the patio heater automatically. The timer can assist in avoiding overheating which can cause fires. Timer are particularly useful for commercial premises.

Secure installation

Wall mounted patio heaters usually come with the brackets and fixings to secure the heater to the wall. If you are unable to secure the unit properly due to inexperience, please call a professional, some of these types of heaters are heavy and must be secured properly. The last thing you need is a loose heater that may fall on someone’s head or crash on the floor.

Also great

Best low-cost garden heater but must be fixed undercover out of the rain

NETTA Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater
Cheap does not mean the quality is bad. This NETTA heater comes at a very affordable price and still has the capacity to warm your patio effectively. With three heat settings at your disposal, finding the right temperature is achievable. If you are on a budget and you need a reliable heater and have somewhere to fix it undercover, ie under a canopy or maybe in a shed, then this model would be perfect as you don't need the higher water proof rating.

Waterproof and rustproof properties

It would be ridiculous to have an outdoor heater that lacks some form of protection against the elements. Moisture and dust will damage an unprotected heater over time. That is why you should look for models that have a waterproof rating. The higher the rate, the more protection is offered. For example, a heater with a rating of IP65 is more effective than a rating of IPX4. A good example of a model that is waterproof that can survive the outdoors is the Futura Patio Heater Deluxe Wall Mounted model. If you want to fix your heater to an area where it is open to the weather and rain, look for IP55 and IP65 with the latter being rated for sea use, so exceptionally waterproof.

Pivoting head

Selecting a heater whose head can pivot may be a convenience for you. On days where a chilly breeze is the norm, you can tilt the head and direct the heat where it is required. If this is a non-issue for you then you can select a stationary model.

Top 5 Wall Mounted Garden Heaters

Below are products in the market that possess quality features that will brighten your experience. What works for one, may not work for another person thus take your time and find the right model for you.

1. Futura Patio Heater Deluxe Wall Mounted

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Futura Patio Heater Deluxe Wall Mounted


  • The heater is fully waterproof to IP65 which means it can be used in any weather, a true outdoor heater.
  • Highly efficient warming areas up to 20m2.
  • Easy to install, with all fixings included.
  • Comes with a remote control for comfortable operation which means it can be fixed out of reach.
  • Offers adjustable heat settings for temperature regulation.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty backed by a responsive customer service team.

Meet the Futura Deluxe Wall Mounted Patio Heater that comes will all the conveniences you need, for the price we don’t think you will find a better wall heater and being IP65 rated, its fully waterproof so can be fixed absolutely anywhere.

Using a durable 2000W heating panel, the heater is able to supply both heat and light at the same time. During the night, you can sit on your patio and enjoy the warm ambiance and light that the heater emanates. The models heat can be regulated depending on the user’s preference. The three heat settings include the 750W, 2000W and 1000W which is pretty standard for patio heaters in general. You can interchange the settings freely depending on the outside tempature and weather.

Since it is a wall-mounted heater, it comes with mounting brackets and other fixtures to secure the heater to the wall. Measuring 63 x 15 x 12cm and weighing 2kgs the heater should be easy to assemble and install. It is not a large heater compared to some, therefore, it won’t take up much space either.

Warming up areas up to 20m2 the model is effective for both smaller and medium sized patios. You need not to worry about moisture damage to the patio heater as it is fully waterproof. With a rating of IP65, you can expect the heater to work optimally despite the weather which is what separates this from some other cheaper models. To gives you can idea, IP65 is designed to withstand powerful jets of water.

This patio heater will not increase your utility bills to unmanageable heights as it costs approximately 25p per hour to run but these obviously depends on how much you pay per kw. Rates may vary from location to location but you can be sure that the heater is energy efficient. below is a quick guide

Full Power (2000W) – 2.0kW x 1 hour = 2.0 kWh x 14.7p = 29.4p (per hour) Medium Power (1000W) – 1.0kW x 1 hour = 1.0kWh x 14.7p = 14.7p (per hour) Low Power (750W) – 0.75kW x 1 hour = 0.75kWh x 14.7p = 11.025p (per hour)

A remote is also provided to help you engage with the heater comfortably so you don’t need to keep changing the setting manually. In the case of elderly or disabled people or anyone who simply cannot reach the heater once mounted, the remote control will surely lessen the strain of using it. Accompanied by glowing reviews and an affordable price, it is hard to overlook the Futura Patio Heater Deluxe Wall Mounted model.

Over a brilliant heater with a good IP rating and over 50 reviews on Amazon.co.uk all point to this model being one of the best models for domestic use.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

2. MYLEK 3kW Electric Patio Heater

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MYLEK 3kW Electric Patio Heater


  • Energy efficient offering both light and heat with the highest setting being an impressive 3kw.
  • Comes with two remote controls for easy changing of settings.
  • The heater is both rust-resistant and waterproof with an IP65 water waterproof rating.
  • Easy to install with all the brackets and fixings provided.
  • ROHS and CE certified as a safe product.
  • Offers 3 adjustable heat settings – 1kW, 2kW and 3kW.
  • 1 year warranty.

The MYLEK 3kW Electric Patio Heater has a sleek and stylish style that would add aesthetic value to your outdoor space. The heater is made of aluminium steel so as to provide durability that is needed for the outdoors. The quality aluminium reflector used will see to it that you not only receive warmth but light that can effectively illuminate the space.

For effective heating purposes, the heater comes with three heat settings and the first thing you may notice that the highest setting is 3kw, thats 2kw more than our ‘Best Pick’. You can select whether to go low, high or medium depending on your preference. The 3000W heater effectively warms small-medium spaces with ease depending on the structure of the space.

We want products that are not only healthy for us but for the environment also. The MYLEK 3kW Electric Patio Heater has undergone thorough testing to make sure that it is suitable for use. That is why under the unit’s manufacture information you see ROHS and CE certified.

For a model that will spend hours on end outdoors, it is important that it is able to withstand the worst weather conditions. Water and electronics simply do not mix, unlike a lot of electric patio heaters this model is fully waterproof and rustproof with a IP65 rating which is adequate to keep water and rust damage from damaging the heater.

Assembly is easy as the manufacturer provides all the brackets and fixings needed to secure the unit in place. If you are not so handy yourself, your handyman will be a suitable option to install the heater. Another user-friendly feature is the remote control device that allows you to regulate the heat without moving about. If you lose or damage the remote, worry not! It does come with a spare remote making it convenient for you as there is no point of buying a new one.

Measuring L105cm x H10.5cm x W16.2cm and weighing 3.21kg, the model comes with a 1 year warranty which is a year less than our ‘Best Pick’ despite it being more expensive, however it does give our more height which is worth taking into consideration. The cable provided is 1.42m.

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3. Veito Blade S2500 Wall mounted Outdoor Patio Heater

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Veito Blade S2500 Wall mounted Outdoor Patio Heater


  • Premium heater full of setting such as timers and temperature setting.
  • Can be controlled manually or through the supplied remote control.
  • Energy efficient carbon infrared heater.
  • Features tip over protection and overheating protection. 
  • Includes four power settings plus off-timer for convenient operation so you can be sure you don’t leave it on.
  • You can also programme the heater in degrees to a set temperature from 15c to a toasty 30c,
  • Waterproof IP55 rating means it’s fully waterproof for outdoor use.
  • 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.

The Veito Blade S2500 Wall Mounted Outdoor Patio Heater looks sleek and edgy like something from the future. It will cost you more than the average patio heater, in fact it very expensive compared to most models, however the quality of heater and features is incomparable, it simply has setting most models don’t such as timer and temperature control to the degree. Used both indoors and of course outdoors, the 2500W model utilizes a carbon infrared heating element to disperse heat. Whether indoors or outdoors, the patio heater produces a warm light that makes you feel cosy and relaxed.

To regulate the temperature, there are four heat setting provided. You have the option to interchange between the 1000W, 2000W, 2500W and 1500W setting to suit your needs. Because many people install wall heaters high up on the wall, a dependable remote control is supplied. When you don’t feel like getting up, press a button and enjoy the warm air caressing your skin.

Designed to be also used in bathrooms, the issue of waterproof features is unavoidable. This model is designed to function optimally even in areas with high humidity and heavy rain. It has a waterproof rating of IP55 which is jet water proof, ie great for very wet weather.

Covering an area of 30m2 this patio heater comes with a few valuable safety features. For one, the unit automatically shuts down when temperatures are high to avoid overheating. Additionally, the infrared heater comes with an effective timer that can be programmed to switch off the heater at a certain time between 1 and 9 hours. Another safety feature is the tip over sensor. If the unit is knocked over the sensor picks up the movement and shuts the unit down.

Offering a lifespan of 10,000 hours which is double that of most heaters, the 2.2kg heater is also very energy efficient. Your electricity bill will not skyrocket which is what most people want to hear. It has been TUV/CE/GS certified validating that it is safe for use and will not harm the environment. Accompanied by a 2-year warranty, the 3ft long heater requires a simple installation that doesn’t take up much time. All the brackets and accompanying screws are provided for safe installation.

The brand Veito has supplied heaters to people living in the extreme conditions of the Antarctic so they rally know how to build a reliable outdoor heater, and they have proved effective. They clearly know what they are doing so why not try the Veito Blade S2500 Wall mounted Patio Heater if you have the budget and value the timer and temperature control features.

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4. NETTA Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater

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NETTA Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater


  • Powerful quartz heating element with three heat settings for optimum temperature control.
  • Weatherproof safety rated to IPX4 for outdoor use – IMPORTANT – still needs to be protected from the rain so cannot be mounted where it will get wet. Under a canopy, in shed etc would be ideal.
  • Comes with wall mountable screws for straightforward installation. 
  • CE certified model, thus safe to use at home.
  • Very affordable other excellent value for money.

The NETTA Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater is a simple patio heater that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use but only when mounted in an area it’s protected from the rain such as under a canopy and veranda. To heat up the space, the heater uses high-quality quartz tubes that provide both light and heat. The 2000W model heats up small spaces effectively as it doesn’t have enough power to heat up large spaces. Unless you buy a couple of them of course.

It comes with three heat settings ranging from low to high. The lowest setting is 650W while the highest setting goes all the way to 2000W which isn’t bad. Nights when temperatures drop lower than usual, use the maximum heat that the heater can provide. The CE approved heater is also able to pivot to 45 degrees so as to direct heat where it is primarily needed which is nice.

Because it is intended for outdoor use as well as indoor use, some level of protection is required. It is not the type of model that you may leave outside without worry as it is not entirely waterproof as we have mentioned. With a rating of IPX4.

The 2.2kg model measures 50 x 25 x 13cm so it much smaller than our other recommendations. The manufacturer provides all the fixture needed to mount the unit therefore, the installation will be an easy process. The cable is about 3m which is adequate to facilitate easy installation and operation. Overall a good little waller heater for occasional use under cover but outside.

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5. Firefly 1.8kW Patio Heater

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Firefly 1.8kW Patio Heater


  • Comes with a remote control for hassle-free operation. 
  • Includes a highly efficient ruby halogen heating element, which also provides LED lighting. 
  • Comes with a mounting bracket for easy wall fixing. 
  • Offers the option to buy an extendable stand.
  • Made from anodized aluminium alloy frame which is very durable.  
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors, having weatherproof properties with IP55 approval it is fully waterproof. 

The Firefly 1.8kW Patio Heater is an affordable heater that will cost you little money to run and is a good alternative to our ‘Best Pick pick and is fully waterproof which is a good start, I nearly forgot, its also one of the most affordable models which is fully waterproof.

At an estimated 26p per hour, you can enjoy time with your family and friends without running high utility costs. The heater is made of extruded iron that has been anodized to make it stronger and less prone to damage and it looks pretty slick too.

Inside the frame lies ruby coloured halogen heating element that is responsible for dispensing heat. The quality of the heating element is high enough to sustain up to 5000 hours before requiring a replacement. The 1800W model has one heat setting and therefore cannot be adjusted for the user’s preference.

This infrared heater possesses the ability to heat up areas up to 9m2. Appropriate for both indoors and outdoors, the heater comes with a remote control so that you don’t have to get up each time to operate it which is a nice addition for the price.

In order to survive the outdoor environment, a heater needs to be fully waterproof. This is one model that is capable of being mounted outdoors without any protection due to its IP55 waterproof rating. The level of moisture in the air will not affect the electrical components in the unit.

Measuring H23cm x D20cm x W70cm, the patio heater comes with a 2m power cord. If you choose to purchase this model, you have the extra option to get an extendable stand. This just provides easy relocation of the heater if need be. Otherwise, all the brackets and screws needed to mount the heater are provided for simple installation.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Our Final Conclusion

As you have seen, selecting a good electric patio heater is not something tasking. You have all the information you need to look into the market place and acquire a sustainable heater These models cost little money to run and can be a good investment especially for those in cold areas. Remember to read the manual to understand what the outdoor heaters need to work optimally and what the IP rating mean, ideally if you have it outdoors in the rain it needs to be at least IP55 or higher. Other than that, it is smooth sailing from here.

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