Top 5 Best Lawn Spreaders – Detailed comparisons & Reviews 2019

Top 5 Best Lawn Spreaders – Detailed  comparisons & Reviews 2019

Top 5 Best Lawn Spreaders – Detailed comparisons & Reviews 2019

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Best lawn and grass seed spreader reviewed

We all want to have a beautiful lawn, but that needs some work. A lawn that looks brown-dry and splotchy isn’t eye-catching. So to achieve that curb appeal, a lawn spreader comes in handy. It’s the most efficient and effective tool for lawn maintenance.

Lawn spreaders come in different styles, shapes and sizes along with different features. Some are designed for small gardens while others for extremely large lawns. Depending on the nature of your lawn, you’ll have to decide what type of spreader will serve your needs best. Yet, there’s the common challenge of choosing the best lawn spreader from the thousands of available models.

Whether you want a multi-purpose lawn spreader or simply looking for the best grass seed spreader, there are several aspects to consider before investing in one. We’ve done our extensive research and came up with some great models just to share some knowledge on our recommended lawn spreaders.

Best Pick

Best Grass Seed Spreader

The Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader is the best grass seed spreader and our 'Top Pick', keeping in mind the ease of assembly, ease of use, mode of application, and affordability. 

  • Adjustable handle bar for comfortable handling and variable spread settings make it ideal for a range of applications.
  • Convenient hand regulated on/off switch to reduce wasted and uneven seed distribution.
  • Wide 18’’ spread width for covering larger areas quickly.

Lawn Spreader Buyers Guide

Lawn spreaders basically come in two distinct types; broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. To go down further in terms of delivery, there are handheld spreaders, walk-behind spreaders and tow-behind spreaders.

Broadcast spreaders

  • These are sometimes referred to as rotary spreaders. They are usually perfect for relatively large lawns as they are capable of covering large areas. However, with a broadcast spreader, it’s not always easy to control the spread of seeds since the built-in disc doesn’t spread the seeds in a uniform manner.

    The area closest to the spreader usually gets the best seed spread or fertilisation while the surrounding areas won’t be done evenly. This can be a challenge when spreading grass seeds as you want the entire area to spread without leaving some spots untouched. So, the best way to deal with a broadcast spreader is to make more than one pass over the area.

    The major advantage with broadcast spreaders is the ability to throw seeds far away up to 8 feet. Yet, it’s advisable to walk at a steady pace to cover your lawn effectively. This requires some skill also considering that the spreading is affected by wind. The major flaw is that they can throw seeds to unwanted areas.

Drop spreaders

  • These spreaders are the most common and most favourable options for lawn spreaders. They give a uniform spread of lawn feeds as the products come out of the hopper. It’s important to check the width of a drop spreader just to be sure on the precise coverage. The major drawback with a drop spreader is that it may leave stripes if you miss some areas. So you must be keen enough to ensure every space is evenly spread.

    Most people like drop spreaders because they are great at spreading seeds around trees and shrubs. They also create a better edge around patios and flower beds. A drop spreader design is usually a trough mounted on wheels and dropping seeds as you walk a. These models are usually ideal for smaller lawns of approximately 5,000 sq. ft.

    When it comes to delivery of seeds, lawn spreaders are categorized into handheld, walk behind and tow-behind spreaders.

Handheld spreaders

  • These spreaders are compact for small gardening needs and are usually cheap. They are usually operated by a crank but are still effective at taking care of any plain patches on your lawn. However, it will take a great deal of time to cover all areas. Just like broadcast models, these spreaders have no uniform way of spreading; they throw seeds in all directions.

    The best use of handheld spreaders is on damaged areas of your lawn. Generally, they are great at getting to areas where broadcast and drop spreaders cannot reach. Some can be held easily on your hand while other can be supported against your body by shoulder straps and achieve better control.

Walk behind spreaders

  • A walk behind spreader is ideal for those who have large lawns to cover with seed or fertiliser. Walk-behind models usually have wheels that allow you to push them forward as you spread. Before choosing on any walk-behind spreader, be sure to check the capacity just to know if you can comfortably push the container.

Tow-behind spreaders

  • These are wheeled models with incredibly large capacities. The wheels are designed in a way that they don’t leave deep imprints behind. They are meant to be pulled along behind a garden tractor or ATV. They usually have wide spread diameters to allow them cover large distances within the shortest period of time. If your lawn is extremely large, then a tow-behind model will be your best choice but you obviously will need something to tow it.

Top 7 Lawn Spreader Reviews

Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader Review


Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader Review

Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader

  • Adjustable settings to ensure correct even distribution of grass seed and lawn feed in lawns.
  • Convenient hand-controlled on/off switch to reduce waste and unwanted drop of grass seed and fertiliser which can result in burnt lawns when you stop.
  • Adjustable handle bar for super easy compact storage.
  • Large wheels for reduced marks on lawn, easy to push and more grip.
  • Wide 18 inches spread width to ensure less passes and covering larger areas quickly.

This Scotts Miracle-Gro Drop Spreader is designed for even spreading of grass seed and precise application of lawn products thus reducing the risk of scorch a common problem when applying fertiliser products to lawns. The Miracle-Gro EvenGreen is convenient to use thanks to the variable settings that allow you to choose the appropriate rate for specified products. Whether you are spreading Scotts Lawn products, Evergreen or Micro-Granular grass seeds, this model will ensure even distribution of the products.

Scotts made the handle bar of this product adjustable to make sure it suits every gardener regardless of your height. Then there’s the on/off switch conveniently attached to the handle for starting and stopping the application of the granules. This moving spreader is approximately 18 inches wide and when spreading, it creates a strip of granules underneath. The big wheels on this spreader are another convenient feature, allowing you to turn around easily and apply lawn food throughout your lawn.

For this spreader to last long, make sure you hose down with pressure washer after every use to remove all traces of lawn products. Fertiliser traces are corrosive to the main centre axle so it’s just a matter of maintenance. Make sure you also re-grease the axle quite often which WD40.

Possible concerns to take into consideration

  • Just like most spreaders, this spreader is vulnerable to corrosion caused by fertilizers and moss control products. Therefore, it calls for thorough maintenance every now and then, specially after spreading fertilisers and lawn sand.

Would we recommend

If you are looking for a lawn spreader that will evenly apply lawn products, the Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader will be an excellent choice.

Just make sure you wash and grease the right parts after every use and it will serve you for years. Overall the quality is great and the seed application is good as it gets.

This really is a fantastic model which is probably, why it's one of the most popular choices for many gardeners and has a good service record with thousands of happy users and hundreds of reviews on alone.

Overall, it would make a great choice for most gardeners and with very little to complain about and the fact that it offers excellent value for money, we decided it was worthy of our 'Best Pick Ward'. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus Review


lawn spreader reviews

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus

  • Convenient on/off switch.
  • Adjustable settings.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sophisticated dispensing mechanism.
  • Easy application of granular lawn products.

The lawn Easy Spreader Plus from Evergreen is ideal for applying granular lawn products and seeds to your garden. The Easy Spreader Plus takes about 2 minutes to assemble which is something most of you will appreciate. This spreader is sure to take care of your lawn with its large tires that’ll take it anywhere, easy-to-use control, and ergonomic handle for moving it around comfortably.

The Evergreen Easy Spreader comes with information on which setting is ideal for the kind of seeds you are using. These settings are adjustable which means you have total control over your lawn spreader. It has a sophisticated dispensing mechanism that ensures no product escape from the side and drop on the beds and borders. This is especially important when applying products such as weed and moss control products.

Walking the spreader is not much of a chore; you’ll be able to find your comfortable setting regardless of your height. It is even lightweight with good width and thus you’ll cover wide areas within the shortest times.

Possible concerns to take into consideration

  • The design is not up to standards and some users have commented on the wheels sometimes becoming jammed when spreading.
  • This model does not have a on/off swith, this means when you stop it may deposit more product on the lawn. If spreading lawn fertiliser or weed and moss killer this can lead to burnt grass where you stopped so you need to be careful.

Would we recommend

The EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus is easy to put together and use. We like the adjustable settings that allow's you to comfortably handle the spreader and select the appropriate settings for the seeds you want to spread.

We find it ideal for spreading lawn products on medium sized gardens, however it does have its faults as mentioned above, mainly the none use of a on/off switch for stopping fertiliser/grass seed dropping when you come to stop or turning. 

It's worth noting that it does offers excellent value for money at under £20 (at time of review) and many gardeners are happy with this model, however our 'Best Pick' is a much better option and probably worth the extra investment for most gardeners.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Handy 50lb Wheeled Push Lawn and Fertiliser Spreader Review

Handy Push Lawn and Fertiliser Spreader Review

Handy Push Lawn and Fertiliser Spreader

  • 23kg (50lb) capacity.
  • Variable flow rate.
  • Maximum 3m spread.
  • Pneumatic tyres and enclosed gearing.
  • Steel handle bar and powder coated frame.

The Handy 50lb is one of the sturdiest spreader we’ve come along. The handle bar is made of steel and the frame coated with black powder for corrosion resistance. The full bucket carries 23kg of fertiliser when full which we find ideal for medium sized lawns. It has a variable flow rate which can be controlled from the adjusting tool located at the top of the handle.

Pneumatic tyres help this spreader to maneuver throughout your garden and they are great for taking on slopes. The Handy 50lb spreads up to a width of 3 metres and if your garden is anything around 10,000 sq. ft, you’ll be done treating your lawn in no time. There’s a stand at the back of this lawn spreader which allows you pause and refill the container if anything or when you need to make some stops.

This spreader comes flat-packed and assembly is required. There are over 90 pieces to be put together and we found the process is a bit complex.

Possible concerns to take into consideration

  • There are so many parts to be put together it's makes the whole process a little overwhelming for some.

Would we recommend

The Handy 50lb Wheeled Push Lawn and Fertiliser Spreader is a tough model thanks to the steel construction and powder coating.

The only challenge with this model is assembly but it works well once you get it right.

A great choice for medium sized gardens ?and probably one of the best quality models available. All this does come at a price, however this is more of a long term investment for those who appreciate quality.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Dirty Pro ToolsTM 55 Lbs Professional rotary spreader Review

**Best For Bulk Fertilizer & Seed Application**

Dirty Pro Tools™ 55 lbs Professional rotary spreader Review

Dirty Pro Tools™ 55 lbs Professional rotary spreader

  • Large spreading width 3 meters ensures large areas can be treated with quickly.
  • Heavy duty self lubricating nylon gear for reduced maintenance and smooth operation.
  • Large wide, 20cm high wheels made from strong poly plastic for stability and grip.
  • Variable setting so can be used for a range of applications from seeding, to weed and feeding and even grit spreading.
  • Large 55 lbs capacity make it perfect for larger gardens.

The Dirty Pro Tools Rotary Spreader has many unique attributes that make it stand out from the crowd. It starts with its simple and effective spreading system which lets you take total control over the spread rate.

The instructions leaflet provides clear instructions on how to adjust the spread rate as well as suggested spread rates for various types of seeds and fertilizers.

The spread rate of this spreader is controlled by the variable setting controller attached alongside the handle.

Great on sloping lawns

Large strong wheels – 20 cm high - help the spreader to maneuver easily around your garden and they are also wide to make it easier to spread on sloping lawns. Since this hopper can hold up to 50lbs of fertilizer or seeds, we presume that this model has some weight to it. Yet, the wide wheels and frame help to evenly distribute the weight.

Due to the design of this model, the outer boundaries of each broad strip usually receive somehow fewer granules as compared to the centre. As such, you should always overlap the strips by about a foot (30cm). In any case, it has a good spread width of 3 metres.

Possible concerns to take into consideration

  • The assembly instructions are awful and the pictures are unclear. You ideally need some DIY experience to put this model together with the help of the pictures or a whole lot of patience. Do a dry run first before attempting to fix it together and take your time and you should be fine.

Would we recommend

The Dirty Pro Tools Rotary Spreader does its job well for its reasonable price, specially when you consider the price is very reasonable.

Getting it together from scratch is the challenge. It’s actually surprising that such a reputable manufacturer such as Dirt Pro Tools hasn’t made any amendments on the assembly instructions.

This spreader is awesome for bulk fertiliser or seed application and the quality is excellent, Just a shame the instructions for putting it together let it down.

Once you managed to put it together, it's a brilliant spreader for larger areas.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader Review

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader Review

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader

  • Variable settings for a range of applications from grass seed to fertiliser.
  • A wide coverage of up to 3.5 meters width.
  • Convenient on/off switch.
  • Adjustable handle bar for easy storage and convenient use.
  • Ideal for large lawns thanks to its wide spreading width.

The Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader is designed to spread lawn products effectively and efficiently. It comes pre-assembled and you have to employ some basic DIY skills to get it ready for work. Using this spreader is simple. There is a rate control stated on the back of the bag and all you have to do is input the appropriate setting of the product you want to distribute on your lawn and start walking.

This spreader has a spread width of 3.5m which makes it ideal for spreading large lawns quicker and easily. To ensure uniform distribution, leave a few feet between passes. There’s a convenient on/off switch on the handle bar that allows you to stop and release when appropriate. The handle bar itself is adjustable so almost everyone will be able to comfortably use this spreader no matter your height. The bar also comes handy when you want to store the spreader.

It’s worth mentioning that the manufacturer recommends using this spreader with Scotts Lawn Builder, Miracle-Gro and Evergreen lawn care and/or grass seed products only, however it will work just fine with any make of grass seed products and fertilisers.

Possible concerns to take into consideration

  • Some users have reported the plastic material used in the construction of this spreader is weak and tends to crack and break off. However it's worth noting that there are also hundreds of positive reviews on alone.

Would we recommend

With the Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader we like the ease of assembly and use of this gardening tool with adjustable settings.

The large spreading width is ideal for taking on large lawns and will do the job effectively. 

Overall, another fantastic spreader from a brand you can trust 'Scotts', if your looking for a Rotary spreader, at a very affordable price, then this model is worth considering.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Einhell BG-SR 12 Multi-Purpose Spreader Review

**Best Lawn Spreader For Small Gardens**

Einhell BG-SR 12 Multi-Purpose Spreader Review

Einhell BG-SR 12 Multi-Purpose Spreader

  • Corrosion proof roller for protection against the elements.
  • Adjustment lever for controlling the spreading rate.
  • Mutual spring lock for convenient storage.
  • Double push bar for precise and easy leading.
  • Comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind.
  • Wide 45cm spreading width.
  • Hold 12 litres of product to be applied.
  • Weight - 2.6kg

The Einhell BG-SR 12 Multipurpose Spreader looks robust at first glance and perhaps you’ll think it’s quite heavy but this product is incredibly lightweight. This practical spreader distributes fertilisers, seeds or winter grit quickly, evenly and effortlessly. The double push bar allows you to guide this spreader easily and safely around your lawn while the large tires of 20cm in diameter ensure you can maneuver anywhere.

There is an adjustment lever placed at the back side of the container for regulating the spread rate. It looks like you have to bend over and reach to it but it does put your appropriate settings. In case you’ll need to rest a bit while spreading, the container has a stand on the front of which you just need to leave the spreader free standing.

The container of the BG-SR 12 is constructed from high-density, impact-resistant material for improved toughness while the roller is both corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant. It has a spread width of 45cm and carries up to 12L of fertiliser or other lawn products. When done with your spreader, the spring locks on either side enable storage without taking much of your space. For information, this spreader comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Possible concerns to take into consideration

  • This product needs assembly yet we realized the assembly instructions are only in German and that is quite limiting, however it not difficult to assemble so this should not effect most users.

    We did manage to find some English instructions online on the official Einhell website which you can view here. Choose manual ending in GB. 
  • There is also no on/off switch to stop the fertiliser seeping out when stood still. You need to be careful as this can damage and scorch the lawn.

Would we recommend

We do like the Einhell BR-SR 12 Multi-purpose Spreader as it's quite a simple spreader, well built and practical.

It evenly distributes fertilisers, seeds and lawn feeds with little effort so plus points there.

Note that it’s the cheapest model in our reviews but it works great especially for smaller gardens, this makes it a great budget model without compromising on quality and we really like the 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind. If you need instruction in English, you can always yet them from the link above.

Overall if you got a small garden and looking for a cheaper model, this is a great fit and will get the job done.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Neilsen 59KG Walk Behind Spreader Review




  • Large 59kg (130lbs) capacity with a spreading width of 10-12ft giving a large coverage of approximately 25,000 sq. ft.
  • Comes with 14” high quality pneumatic tyres.
  • Heavy duty aluminium gears.
  • Rustproof poly hopper and spread plate.
  • Comes with rain cover and screen for protection when not in use from the elements.
  • Variable control on handle make it ideal for a range of applications including spreading seed, fertiliser, sand, rock and salt.

With a capacity of 59kg (130lbs), this Neilsen model is a true heavy weight and the only one here. This spreader is ready to spread all sorts of lawn products and materials including fertilisers, seeds, rock, salt, sand and others. The large pneumatic tyres will ensure you take the spreader anywhere on your lawn and you can always refill whenever appropriate.

This model has a spread width of up to 12 ft and it can efficiently cover lawn sizes of up to 25,000 sq. ft. The poly hopper plate and spread plate are easy to clean and rustproof for long term reliability. The handle bar is perfectly placed for easy handling and there is a variable control on it for precisely adjusting the spread settings.

Neilsen 59kg spreader aslo features heavy duty aluminium gears which provide superior strength and malleability along with being corrosion-resistant. Make sure to wash out the container and grease the metal parts after every application to increase durability. Otherwise, salt can corrode this spreader. This Neilsen comes pre-assembled in several parts but there’s an instruction manual to help you get it ready to work.

Possible concerns to take into consideration

  • Due to the bulk of this spreader, assembly takes a lot of time, a small price to pay for the amount of time saved spreading.

Would we recommend

Obviously, the Neilsen 59kg Spreader is the absolute solution if you want to apply lawn feeds to a large garden as it’s capable of tackling up to 25,000 sq. ft.

It’s built tough though maintenance is inevitable if you want this spreader to last long.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Finals thoughts and conclusion

Proper lawn care is mandatory if you want to wake up every morning to a lush, green garden. When choosing a lawn spreader, focus on your lawn needs in order to pick an ideal spreader. You can tell from our lawn spreader reviews that these products are different in many aspects including size and style of application. Yet, they all fit the purpose. We hope our guide has informed enough on the types of lawn spreaders and our products served as few great examples. 

Our Best Pick

Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader Review

Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader

We chose the Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader as our best lawn spreader. It works great at evenly distributing lawn food or grass seed on your garden and you can easily adjust the spread settings depending on the product you are applying.

There’s a convenient on/off switch on the handle which we consider a simple but very useful feature  and the handle bar itself is adjustable for easy use and storage.

Overall, this is a fantastic lawn spreader and it has the online reviews to confirm this. A great model at a even better price, this is why we choose this lawn spreader as our 'Best Pick' along with the fact that this model would be the best choice for most gardeners with small and medium sized lawns.

Best for small gardens

Einhell BG-SR 12 Multi-Purpose Spreader Review

Einhell BG-SR 12 Multi-Purpose Spreader

The Einhell BR-SR 12 Multi-Purpose Spreader is our best choice for distributing fertilsers, seeds and other products on small gardens.

We picked this especially because of its multipurpose use along with the 12-litre capacity. It spreads lawn products evenly with minimum effort.

It has an adjustment lever for regulating the spread rate plus the material is corrosion proof for increased endurance. The BR-SR is comfortable and storage is easy in small spaces.

These fantastic features along with the 2 year warranty are what makes this model, the perfect fit for anyone with a small garden.

Best drop spreader

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus Review

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus

The EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus is our best drop spreader. We love the ease of assembly and the simplicity of this spreader.

It applies lawn products accurately without letting any drops escape from the sides. The convenient on/off switch enables safe turn around and the adjustable settings ensure the right application rate of your product.

It also comes at a pretty affordable price.

If you have any questions or comments, reach out to us on our comments section.

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