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Top 8 evergreen climbing plants for fences

Last updated on April 6th, 2022

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If you have a fence in your garden, it can be particularly dull to the eye. Those who work hard on stunning border gardens and potted plants find that fences take away from the beauty of the garden. Some climbing plants look great for a few months but then leave behind nothing but browning vines and even more unsightly backgrounds. But that doesn’t have to be the case. 

With evergreen climbing plants you can grow something beautiful all year round, up and over your fence, giving your garden the perfect appearance everywhere you look. But how do you choose which ones to grow?

Look over our list of the top 8 options!

1. Clematis urophylla ‘Winter Beauty’

Winter beauty is an evergreen climber that can reach up to 4 meters tall. Not only does it have dark green foliage but it has bell-shaped flowers that hang downward in small clusters taking on a prominent wax-like texture and a cream colour.

The ‘Winter Beauty’ is an evergreen clematis known for producing flowers in winter, hence the name. Said flowers are waxy, bell-shaped flowers that sit amongst the lush foliage. It is a hardy plant that will tolerate sheltered, warm spots and produce stunning white blooms. It reaches heights upwards of 400cm and a spread of up to 120cm (4ft). This plant is perfect for beginners because it requires very little aftercare once planted and is easy to grow. 

Clematis urophylla Winter Beauty White Flowers Climbing Plant Winter Flowering Evergreen for Outdoors Producing Bell Shaped Flowers, 2 x Plant in 7cm Pot by Thompson & Morgan
  • Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ is a vigorous winter-flowering climber, producing beautiful white flowers during winter. Easy to grow and fully hardy, perfect for growing outdoors on trellis, arches or pergolas.
  • These fast-growing evergreen climber plants provides year-round cover and screening with lush, dense foliage. Clematis Winter Beauty easy to grow and reliable in most soils and conditions.
  • Highly prolific with elegant white bell-shaped flowers bloom on these plants during winter and early spring, perfect for adding early-season interest to the garden.
  • Climbing garden plant; Supplied as 2 x Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ plants in 7cm Pots - Supplied as small plants to give you that rewarding grow your own feeling! Supplied with T&M's very own cultural instructions on how to care for your plants.
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed; we want you to be 100% satisfied with any product you buy from us. If you’re not 100% happy then neither are we, so let us know and we’ll replace your product or give you your money back.

2. Trachelospermum jasminoides

The star jasmine is a vigorous and medium-sized Evergreen vine that brings to your garden dark green leaves up to 8cm in length along wiry stems. At the end of spring, you will see an abundance of sweetly fragrant flowers that are white in shade and star in shape, reaching 2.5 centimetres on average. As the flowers age, they take on a creamy hue.

If you want the same white flowers as the ‘Winter Beauty’, but flowers that are smaller and a growing habit that is more prolific, this is the plant for you. This Jasmine is ideal for any place where you sit and relax along your fence because of its sweet fragrance.

The blooms will perfume the air all around your garden so it makes the perfect plant for planting around a patio area. The flowers are small, as mentioned, with a star shape. You will get thousands of them on a single plant. The flowers aren’t all that’s in store though because the foliage turns bronze and deep red in autumn, continuing the beauty into winter. It is a little more tender than some climbers and you will need to plant them positioned in a more sheltered spot and not in exposed areas. 

Star Jasmine Evergreen Climbing Garden Plant for Trellis, Fences & Obelisks Baring Fragrant White Summer Flowers, 1 x Trachelospermum Jasminoides in a 2L Pot by Thompson & Morgan
  • Star Jasmine, also known as Trachelospermum jasminoides, is a tall, large evergreen climbing plant for gardens and outdoors with scented white flowers in summer.
  • This fast-growing, white flowering climber plant provides year-round screening with its glossy evergreen foliage along with white star-like flowers with a heady fragrance. Excellent gifts for a gardener.
  • Ideal for growing up trellis, obelisk, on pergolas or outdoor garden arches, this easy-to-grow and vigorous hardy plant thrives in most gardens - your own perfect stunning plants display. Grow alongside other plants, such as lavender or hydrangea, for a colourful display.
  • Potted garden plant; Supplied as 1 x Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) plant in 2 Litre Pot. Supplied with T&M's very own cultural instructions on how to care for your plants.
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed; we want you to be 100% satisfied with any product you buy from us. If you’re not 100% happy then neither are we, so let us know and we’ll replace your product or give you your money back.

3. Clematis armandii

This particular clematis is different from other varieties in that the flowers are much smaller and they take on the star shape appearance. However, this one grows particularly quickly so if you need to cover a large space very quickly this is a great choice. You will get pretty white blooms that have a delightful fragrance, making it the perfect plant for growing right alongside the storage area you have for your waste or recycling bins.

They will remain colourful and stunning all year round and have fairly large leaves so you never have to worry about your fence looking dull. There are also several varieties of the clematis armandii, with some taking on a more pinkish tinge to the flowers.

Clematis armandii Evergreen 12cm Deep Pot Size
  • Hardy
  • Evergreen climber
  • Grown with care by the Amazon Plant Specialist
  • Please unpack as soon as possible after delivery
  • Plant size varies according to the time of year. We always dispatch the largest plant available on the nursery.

4. Clematis ‘Early Sensation’

Yet another clematis for consideration is the ‘Early Sensation’ variety. It is called that because it flowers early compared to the other clematis varieties. The blooms are large and fragrant, richly white with stamens with a dense, yellow-green hue.

The blooms are surrounded by green foliage that starts out bronze when it is young, progressing to a darker and darker green with age. You can train this plant easily up your fence and over. It reaches a spread of around 1 metre and a height of 2 metres so doesn’t get too big, making it ideal for smaller places.

Clematis Early Sensation Evergreen Spring Flowering Climbing Plant 1 Litre Pot
  • Evergreen Clematis
  • Clusters of white flowers in spring.
  • Easy to grow and hardy
  • Plants grown in 1 litre deep pot-ready to plant now
  • Ideal for smaller gardens and containers

5. Hedera helix ‘Glacier’

This plant is known as the ‘Goldheart’ because the centre of the otherwise rich, dark, verdant leaves is filled with a creamy yellow heart-like shading.

Ivy is a fast climber so it will quickly take over your fence and offer a dense collection of leaves. It grows in walls or fences where there is sun or shade, perfect for brightening an otherwise dark region.

But be advised, it will reach up to 8 metres in both spread and height, so be sure to trim appropriately because it can be a little invasive. This is a plant that should be planted with caution because of how invasive it can be. 

Hedera (Ivy) 'Glacier' 2L Pot 1M Tall
  • An easy to manage ornamental ivy that does not become invasive in the garden unlike some green varieties
  • Has 3-5 lobed mid green leaves with attractive irregular cream markings. Evergreen and ornamental throughout the year.
  • The perfect plant to grow over walls and up posts and trellises. Climbs without support and perfect to cover unsightly features in the garden
  • Thrives in any moist soils and easy to grow in sun or shade with few pest or disease problems. Can be trimmed to shape at any time
  • Delivered as an established plant on cane and growing in 2L pot.

6. Sollya heterophylla

Referred to as Ultra Blue, this Blue Bell creeper produces some of the brightest blue flowers you have ever seen. You will have an endless supply of bell-shaped blue flowers all summer long that are unlike any flowers you’ve ever had before.

Grow it in an area with full sun or dappled shade and you can train it to grow around a trellis or any other support system so that it is as eye-catching as possible.

It is very easy to grow and once it is in place you have to do very little to care for it afterwards, making it perfect for beginners. You can plant it along your fence and almost forget about it. It reaches a spread of up to 60cm and a height of up to 200cm so is also perfect for smaller gardens. 

Sollya heterophylla - Bluebell Creeper - Plant in 9 cm Pot
  • Small climber and fragrant
  • Evergreen and hardy
  • Good quality plants

7. Clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles’

The clematis freckles is an evergreen climber that brings with it lobed and toothed green leaves which will remain green throughout the spring summer and winter.

It gets its name from the freckled colour of purples that dot the inside of the flowers. This clematis will provide colour all through the winter and bloom early each year, producing cup-shaped flowers where other plants fail to flower.

It has glossy green leaves that require very little maintenance. This, too, has a large size when fully grown, upwards of 300cm in height and 150cm in spread.

8. Passiflora caerulea

Passiflora caerulea produces the quintessential white and blue flowers and is the most popular and one of the hardier evergreen varieties and probably the most common variety in the Uk.

Known more commonly as the blue passionflower, this is the most common of the passion flowers. It is a semi-green vine that will grow upwards of 10m or more, and cover your entire fence with some of the most unique, tropical blooms.

It’s probably the most eye-catching of all flowers and when planted in a sheltered position will create a stunning display. There are lots of tender varieties that are only really suitable for indoors so make sure you get the Passiflora caerulea variety.

Blue PASSIONFLOWER Passiflora caerulea - 8-10cm Tall Plant in a 7cm Pot - The hardiest Passion Flower for The UK - Fast Growing Climber with Large, Blue Flowers
  • An extremely showy, Mediterranean style climber that has exotically beautiful, 7-10cm wide, blue flowers. This climber will brighten up anyone’s garden.
  • up to 10cm long, orange coloured fruits are produced which are edible and have a sweet translucent pulp around the seeds.
  • 8-10cm tall plant in a 7cm or 8cm square pot. This plant will be ready to be planted out this Spring. Fully hardy and grown outdoors.
  • Our plants are securely packaged using our special packaging method.
  • All of our plants are propagated and grown on our nursery in the UK and your plants will be freshly hand picked from our benches.

Now that you know what your best options are, consider which ones you like most. It comes down to personal preference; no evergreen is better than the other, simply better in some situations or climates than others.

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