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We look at some of the best electric hand planers to see how they compare, for the serious woodworker, we have some amazing models featured

When you think of an electric planner, you think convenience. It is among a carpenter’s best tool and no workshop should be without one. We rely on the planer to produce smooth wood products that are aesthetically pleasing. You can use planers to recover wood, stud related work, and other applications. These tools were the first manual and relied on the pressure applied by the user to cut thin shaves off the wood.

Forward to the 21st century where motors have revolutionised regular tools into power tools. The planer was not left behind. The electric planer is invaluable. You can decide to get one that is powered by recharge-batteries or plugged into a socket such like any other tool. It doesn’t matter, the electric planer is a great companion for DIY enthusiasts and professionals at the same time. They make work get done faster and it gives the user diverse functions to work with.

If you are in the search for this tool and maybe you are wondering what features make up a good electric planer, you are at the right place. You will find useful information that will help you pick the best electric planer for your needs.

Before we look at how to choose the best planer and get into our top recommended models, we would like to bring your attention to the winner of our 'Best Pick' which is the Black & Decker High Performance Rebating Planer which our much debate we came to the conclusion is probably the best choice for most people including DIY enthusiast and professionals looking for an all round good model at an affordable price.

BLACK+DECKER High Performance Rebating Planer Review
  • Powerful 750 watt motor for high performance planing.
  • Durable TCT blades for impressive cutting performance.
  • Depth control for easy manoeuvrability up to 2mm in 0.2 mm increments and a 12mm rebate depth.
  • Dust bag for collecting debris and keeping the work area clean.
  • Delivered with a fence and durable carry case.
  • 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.


 BLACK DECKER 750w High Performance Rebating Planer Review


BLACK+DECKER High Performance Rebating Planer Review

The BLACK DECKER High Performance Rebating Planer is fun to use and a must for the keen DIY enthusiast looking for a good, but affordable planer. It is surprisingly lightweight and is powered by a powerful 750w motor which gives you maximum performance not matter how demanding the material your shaving. This corded model is equipped with an aluminium base which is evenly distributed to ensure that accuracy is enforced at all times.

The blades play an important role in the planer as they are responsible for the quality of the finished product. We really like that this Black Decker model has been fitted with 2 tungsten carbide-tipped blades which are very strong and these blades are reversible which makes them more convenient. Thanks to the 750w motor the blades rotate at a very impressive 16000rpm, you will find this an effective tool to use and is very easy to use and comparable with more expensive models in terms of performance.

When dealing with some jobs, accuracy is very important. Being that this electric planer is armed with a knob for depth control, you will not be disappointed with just how good you can get the cuts. For accuracy purposes, the blades can be adjusted in 0.2mm increments. This gives room for fewer errors since the margin is so small. On top of that, it has a 2mm cutting depth and 12mm maximum in rebate applications.

When it comes to dust and cleaning up, you have the option to select which ducts to use left or right and you can adjust he collect bag to collect he dust while planing. The knob together with the handles has been designed ergonomically to ensure that the machine has a comfortable feel to the hand with or without work gloves. We also like that it comes with a vacuum adapter so as to make dust collection an even simpler process.

For easy storage and transportation, it comes with its very own carriage box which is a bonus as not all models so come with protective boxed. The box is of durable quality thus there is no need for worry.

Finally a fence has been provided to make certain that your product has uniformity all round.


  • Perfect for the home user or the keen DIY enthusiast and for lighter professional work.
  • very robust model.
  • Comes with a lock off switch for safety.
  • It has a carriage box for easy storage.
  • Dust management mechanism keeping workshop and area clean.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Some report that the dust port seal could be better.

Final conclusion

The BLACK DECKER High Performance Rebating Planer is not a top of the range model but its still has the build quality and performance of more expensive models while still offers excellent value for money. 

We really like the strong 82mm tungsten carbide tipped blades that do a really good job  and the 750w seems to be more than enough power dispatch it not being the most powerful on out list but its certainly one o the most affordable models.

While it may have its short comings, we are sure that it will get the work done every time. The unit also has a 3 meter cable so you have plenty of reach to play with, overall this is a fantastic and very impressive models specially when you compare the price to similar models. We were that impressive with this model that we thought it was only right to award this model our 'Best Pick Award' as its a great choice for home users and the keenest of DIY enthusiast looking for a reliable decent model and it comes with 2 years warranty.

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Makita KP0800 3-inch/82mm Planer Review

Makita KP0800 240V 3-inch - 82mm Planer Review

The Makita KP0800 3-inch/82mm Planer is another corded planer and to be honest, appears slightly better made than our 'Best Pick' but at an extra cost the home user may not be able to warranty spending. However with an electric cable length of 2.4 meters, it is light enough to use but still feels solid enough for the keen DIY'er or professional woodworker. The solid base can be depended upon to provide accuracy and easy movement along the wood as its moves nicely over wood taking thin layers off with ease. It has a powerful 620w motor that it more than adequate for its size and gives it plenty of power.

The unit comes with 2 carbide blades for smooth operations. The blades have a cutting width of approximately 82mm which is good enough for small to medium applications. It has a maximum planing depth of 2.5mm which can be controlled by the depth control knob for precise cuts. The knob has markings with a margin of 0.1mm which as a result gives accurate readings and it has a maximum rebate depth of 9mm which is just about right.

One essential spec that can make or break a good planer is the No load speed and with a speed of 17000rpm which simply translates to 34000 cuts per minute when working with the planer this is fairly impressive and is what separates this from cheaper models along with the build quality you expect from Makita. You can imagine how fast work can get done with this tool.

A feature we look for in a good planer is how adequately it collect saw dust as too much saw dust can make working some what messy and worse, can be a bother especially for those with respiratory diseases. This unit does, in fact, come with a vacuum port where you can attach a vacuum to which is handy. Alternatively, you can use a dust bag but you will have to buy separately which is additional cost.

Finally for comfortability when handling the unit, both the handle and the knob have rubberised grip. Even if your hands get sweaty it won’t be easy to lose control. The handle is also ergonomically designed which further enhance the usability of the tool and ensure an enjoyable experience even over longer periods of time.


  • Ideal for the keen DIY enthusiast and professional tradesmen.
  • Perfect for a range of jobs.
  • It has a very good speed rate which in turn improves cutting performance.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Includes 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Lacks a carriage box.
  • Lacks a dust bag and a parallel fence which need to be purchased separately.
  • A bit pricey.

Final conclusion

The Makita KP0800 Electric Planer is an impressive planer but is also one of the most expensive planers on our review. We like the features provided but unfortunately, we do not see the value for money when you take into account it does not even come with a dust bag which is a little disappointed but if you intend to attach a vacuum system to it this can obviously be overlooked.

It is designed with a strong motor meaning that the top speed is always maintained and this combined with the high quality carbide blades prove sufficient and do a really good job. 

With this unit, you may have to purchase a few items on the side, therefore, increasing your budget will give you a better idea of how much this setup with cost you. If you need a carriage box, parallel fencing or a dust bag, you will have to shell out more money.

The features provided are not of low quality, however, we wish the general cost of this unit was lower as we do think its a little expensive overall. If you do not mind this extra cost and need something that is very reliable than this is without doubt one of the best models available and worth the extra investment for the keen DIY enthusiast or professional.

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Bosch PHO 1500 Planer Review

Bosch PHO 1500 Planer Review

The Bosch PHO 1500 Planer should not be underestimated for its size and is a great alternative to our 'Best Pick' and was retailing at less at the time of our review. This convenient lightweight model comes with a 550 watt motor so it not the most powerful planer around. However the motor is of good quality and can run for as long as it is plugged in. The high quality planer is light weight and can be used by most without any problems but be careful not to overwork it.

When it comes to the blades you cannot skimp on the quality and the blades is where this model excels as it comes with 2 reversible blades which are manufactured from tungsten carbide which is very strong and very sharp which gives a superior finish. The maximum cutting width of the blades is 82mm which is the same as the Makita model. This gives you enough to work with for a unit of its size.

The maximum speed of this unit is 19500rpm which is quite high compared to most other models so it has plenty of power. Like all good planers, you should be able to control how deep you want to cut. The Bosch model has a maximum cutting depth of 1.5mm. It is not as deep as others can go but it is still very effective. The rebate application can only go up to 8mm which is slightly less than the Makita model,

The unit has been provided with which Bosch say is parking rest. This ensures that the machine remains undamaged whenever it’s placed down. The 3 groves will provide you with much needed stability when working around corners.

The ergonomic handles have been designed into the model to make certain that you don’t get sore hands. The level of vibration is also minimised by the rubberised grip which so an excellent job at absorbing the vibrations. For dust collection, a port has been provided which can either be linked to a dust bag or a vacuum machine.

Finally it also comes with a 2 year guarantee that can be extended to 3 years if you register the product online so don't forget to do this.


  • Ideal for home use and the DIY enthusiast.
  • Lightweight and of good construction.
  • Designed with reversible blades than they can be used for longer when compared to standard blades.
  • It has automatic parking to protect the blades when not in use.
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee which can be extended to 3 years.


  • Comes with no carrying case.
  • Dust bag has to be purchased separately.
  • Pricey since accessories have to be purchased separately and lacks the power of the Makita and our Best Pick by Black & Decker.

Final conclusion

The Bosch PHO 1500 Planer is very dependable and a great choice for the diy enthusiast of home user as it comes at an affordable price. Overall Its performance will not let you down as the unit designed to work at high speeds.

The tungsten carbide blades will give you value for money, not only do they designed to last longer, when one side is worn, you can turn the blade around for use before needing new ones. The cutting depth is a little short making it manageable only for lightweight tasks.

The motor, however, is excellent for such a lightweight tool. If you are in the market for a strong small planer, then note this electric planer. Remember to note the overall cost including the accessories that are crucial as on paper it appears cheaper than our 'Best Pick' but in reality there not much in it and the Black + Decker model has a more powerful motor fitted.

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DeWalt D26500k 1050w Planer Review

DeWalt D26500k 110 Volt Planer Review

The DeWalt D26500k 1050w Planer is an all-round package and is far better than any other planer we have reviewed but when compared to other models it is very expensive which is why it did not get our 'Best Pick spot as we think it would not be a viable option for home user or even some DIY enthusiast because of the cost involved. It has the right power with the right accessories, it really is hard to fault this model and for the professional tradesmen, this is the best electric planer by a long way. This unit operates on a 1050 watt motor that enables the blades to move with the required No load speed of 13500. This model It is slightly heavier due to the fact that it has a larger motor and is very well built, a nice solid peace of kit. As we mentioned before, the size if the motor will affect the size and weight of the unit so this is something to keep in the back of your mind.

Depending on the grain of the wood you are working with, you might end up adjusting the depth of the cut. You find that a planer that does not offer accurate readings may be misleading especially for those working on delicate creations. However this is no such machine, This unit has a maximum cutting depth of 4mm. This feature is controlled by the knob presented leaving a 0.1mm between each point.

How can we forget about the blades? This unit comes with twin reversible blades which are made from tungsten carbon which ensures they are very strong, sharp and able to keep up with the speed of the motor without jamming even on hardwoods. The maximum cutting width is 82mm which is pretty standard. The rebate function can only go as far as 25mm which is also pretty standard in planer terms.

Escorted by a good smooth finish all round and a speed of 13500rpm, the unit is equipped with dust collection systems. The dispatch ports are designed so that all the chips and dust collected can be effectively managed. You have a dust collection bag provided for use or you can attach your vacuum cleaner but the wood chipping can also ejected from the left or right which can be handy in certain situations.

Three groves have been incorporated into the design so as to help you when working around curves and corners. Some manufacturers do not provide fences or carriage boxes so its nice to see this comes with a parallel fence for accurate cuts and a robust box for storage. These features save you money you would have spent getting this features separately.


  • Perfect for professional use and keen DIY enthusiast.
  • Good price for all the quality features offered.
  • High quality blades with a cutting depth of 4mm.
  • It is delivered with a carry case and fence.
  • Great for hardwood applications where other cheaper models may struggle.
  • 3 year warranty for extra peace of mind.


  • Can be a little heavy for some.
  • Expensive.

Final conclusion

The DeWalt D26500k 1050w Planer is perfect for heavy jobs and us a very impressive planer that will never miss a beat and is perfect for hardwood where some of the cheaper models may struggle. As you will come to discover, the motor is built for high performance as you would expect for DeWalt. Compared to some units, this is a much heavier but this gives it a real quality finish.

This unit has gone the extra mile to provide all the necessary accessories that make your work easier. Since it is for heavy duty work, it also comes with a heavy duty box to ensure the unit is protected.

Overall you won't find a better electric planer but when you take the price into consideration is certainly not affordable in the sense that everyone can consider it. If you in the trade and looking for a quality, reliable electric planer for real daily work then this is certainly up to the job. It truly is an absolutely brilliant tool.

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Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer Review

Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer with DustTech Review

The Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer is another reliable corded electric planer which is designed to be the middle spec between cheap home tools and expensive trade tools. The first thing we notice is the 750 watt motor, this is the same power as our 'Best Pick'. This shows that it is well equipped for its size. 

The speed of this unit is approximated at about 16000 rpm which is about right. The speed of the blades affects how fast you can go. For instance, a high speed is recommended for hardwoods so as to provide a smoother feel. It comes with a pair of blades that can be trusted for smooth cuts. The TCT blades fitted to the Ryobi planer will serve you well and are very good quality overall.

The unit comes with a knob that you use to adjust the cutting depth. The maximum cutting depth is estimated at 2mm. The maximum cutting width is estimated at 82mm. Not to forget, the rebate application is limited from 0 to 12mm. All these features are about right and offer the flexibility needed if your a DIY enthusiast.

An aluminium foot place has been provided for easy manoeuvrability. When it comes to cleaning up, this Ryobi model is easy to use. You have been provided with an ample dust collection bag for your needs. As always you can choose which side to put the dust bag on which is great for anyone when left handed like me as it can be awkward having it on the right hand side.

For easy storage and transportation, a carry case has been provided. To add onto the carry case, a fence has been provided. Together with ergonomic handles, there is no reason for you to complain when working with this tool. 


  • The perfect choice for someone looking for a model better than home use models but not as expensive as professional tools.
  • Comes with a carry case and dust bag.
  • Delivered with a fence for convenience.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Carry box clasps are not the best.

Final conclusion

The Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer is certainly a reliable, well made product and a great alternative to our Best Pick, specially for those who all ready use Ryobi tools. The unit is well constructed and looks appealing to the eye. Like all well-made planers, the unit is fitted with high quality blades and has dome great features.

The price you pay for this unit is attainable especially because it comes with all the required accessories. There is no need of buying anything independently which is rather convenient. For those who love the design and quality, they will appreciate this unit. You can look at the BLACK DECKER 750W High Performance Rebating Planer for comparison.

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Wolf 900 Watt 3 Bladed Rebate Planer Review

Wolf 900 Watt 3 Bladed Rebate Planer Review

The Wolf 900 Watt 3 Bladed Rebate Planer can be depended upon to provide smooth finishes but it only really designed for lighter home use. However the unit comes with a 900 watt motor which supports the top speed of 15000 rpm which is equally impressive.

The quality of the blade definitely determines the quality of the finish. If the blade is worse for wear, then your finish would be terrible. This unit comes equipped with 3 TCT blades to make work go faster. These three blades also contribute to the smooth finish you will experience with this unit.

As for cutting depth, it is adequate for small-medium applications. This unit has a maximum cutting depth that can be adjusted accordingly. The measurements are not as accurate as some but it will be manageable. For the rebate function, you can only get to 18mm. Not to forget also that the maximum cutting width is 82mm.

No one likes cleaning up after every few minutes. That is why like all good electric planers, dust ports cannot lack. The dust ports can be hooked to a compatible vacuum or the dust bag provided for use. The handles are covered in rubber so that you have a firm grip at all times. Whether you are in gloves or not your hands will be comfortable.


  • Ideal for home use for tackling the odd job around the house such as taking a few mm of the bottom of door or a small DIY project.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Comes with a dust bag.


  • Carrying case is not provided.
  • Dust bag needs to be bigger.

Final conclusion

The Wolf 900 Watt 3 Bladed Rebate Planer is for those who need good features at an attainable price and ideally are just tackling the odd job around the home.

This unit is not so light to use as we expected but none the less effective. The unit is equipped with 3 blades that are meant to make the cutting process smoother. You have a knob fitted so as to adjust the depth, too bad it lacks micro-markings for better accuracy. While a carry case is not provided, at least you have a dust bag.  

This Wolf model will suit those with light-medium work effectively. The price is very what we would call cheap but the quality and performance are still acceptable. The also noticed that it has other 100 reviews on Amazon.co.uk which further confirm that its not a bad product for the price.

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Electric Planer Buyers Guide

When looking for an electric planer there are several factors that come into play. These small factors are what separate the products. These variations in design will help you select the best option for your needs. Whether for frequent or occasional use, the electric planner will be good company during your woodwork endeavours. Here are some of the features to look out for when buying a planer.

1. Cordless or corded

Cordless units are popular because of their portability but are generally more expensive than corded models. The battery packs keep the unit in use until it is time to recharge. Generally the corded units give out more power but have limited reach and sometimes the power cord can get in the way. Due to the length of the cords, you will find that you need extensions to make outside work possible. If you need raw power, select the corded units. For light work, the cordless units are more adaptable and with the introduction of lithium-ion batteries some of the batteries models are now getting to a stage where they are powerful as corded models but at much more expensive. Our review focuses on the corded models are we found they were the best choice for most people.

2. How much power do you need to get work done

Depending on the scale of work that you are dealing with, you may need models with different power rating in watts.  If you need a unit with a lot of power, expect the unit to be a little heavier. These motors should have safety measures included so as to maintain durability and function. 

3. Consider speed and the blades

Speed affects the quality of your work. The speed allows the blades to work fast but also effectively. Most units run at an average speed that is measured in rotations per minute. Most work between a range of 12000rpm and higher. In general, the higher the speed the faster you get your wood into shape.

The quality of the blades also affects the cut. The better and sharper the quality, the more evenness you get. You will find that units made for medium to small work have blades made from high speed steel. For heavier assignments, you will have to rely on carbide blades. Also, check to see if the blades can be sharpened or replaced and consider the price of replacements.

4. Cutting width and maximum depth

These factors basically control how deep and wide each shave of wood is. If you are working on a large piece of wood and you need to finish faster. Select a model that has enough cutting width and depth. You will find that most units have a cutting width of around 3-1/4. The wider the cutting width the more it is likely to cost.

The maximum depth usually ranges from 2/32- 5/32 inches. You also need units that help you adjust how deep the blades go. In most cases, you should look for a unit that has a calibrated depth control for accuracy purposes. Usually, in the form of a knob, the depth control gives you an easy way to manoeuvre around your wood.

5. Accessories offered

Accessories raise the value for money and make working with a tool easier and in some cases the accessories can be very useful for some type of work your doing. With an electric planner, you will find few but valuable accessories, in most cases, you find fences and dust ports that can be connected to a vacuum. The fence facilitates uniformity on the material that you are working on. Dust ports aid in dust collection and keep the motor from jamming due to the debris. Other models have dust bags provided to collect the debris which is a handy feature for home users wo may not attach it to a dust extraction system.

6. Your budget

The overall price is affected by the size of the motor, the features provided and the Brand name. Larger electric planers will be costlier compared to the small models. You have to work within a budget so as to narrow down on the range of planers you can access. Do not purchase low quality electric planers, you will end up spending more money to fix or replace the cheaper unit. Also look out for warranties as they enable you to test out the worthiness of the tool and you have some backup should the tool become faulty.

Quick Tips

  • Always wear protective gear to avoid miscellaneous accidents.
  • Ensure that the unit is unplugged before changing the blades.
  • Loose clothing and jewellery should be avoided as they may get snagged.
  • It is better if you cut along the grain as it produces smoother results.
  • Remove any nails or screws imbedded in the wood before engaging the planer.
  • Check for the power cable to avoid tripping and causing accidents.
  • Remember to clean the tool after use to get rid of unwanted debris.

Our Final Conclusion

When it comes to planers, selecting one for your needs can be as easy as pie. All you have to remember is the size of planer you want and the specifications to go with it. If you want one with reversible plates and an adequate cutting depth you can find one.

The current market place as we know it is full of different choices but most have very similar planing widths and cutting depths, the real difference between most models is the build quality, performance and the accessories they include which is largely effective by price.  

Take your time and make an informed decision and there is a good chance one of our recommended models will be the best electric planer for your needs.

Below is a quick summary of some of our best recommended models.

After thorough introspection of the information presented to us, we came to the conclusion that the title to the best overall electric planer goes to the BLACK DECKER 750w High Performance Rebating Planer. While the unit is not the best the market has to offer, it has all the right features for the right price and is certainly one of the best.

Unlike other models that are supplied without accessories, this one comes with all the right ones. The construction is of good quality and the price is attainable for most. For an average user, we would recommend this Every-time.

Best Electric Planer For The Trade

DeWalt D26500k 1050w Planer

Because of the good quality of the 6 products presented, we had a hard time deciding between them which were the best of the best. If not for the price, we think that the DeWalt D26500k 1050w Planer would of been our 'Best Pick' hand downs but we also have to think about price when naming a best pick.

When it comes to trade use, there was only one model that makes the cut which is the DeWalt Planer. This is because the unit can handle heavy applications with ease. The design ensures that the user is comfortable at all times. Also, it has a wider reach than some of the units presented.

If you looking for a heavy duty machine you should consider this make among the best. You simply cannot beat the overall performance and quality of this planer as it simply unmatched. If your looking for the best of the best, the cream if the crop so to speak, then this is it. Will simply cut through the hardest woods with ease.

Best Pick Alternative

Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer

This title is bestowed upon the Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer. This is because it also has lovely features for an attainable price. It comes with good quality blades and a speed of 16000rpm, this combined with the high quality build, super overall performance, make this a great pick for the keen diy enthusiast looking for a reliable model.

You will find that it is a bit heavier than some of the other models but it’s manageable and comes with a fence for accurate cuttings. All these features come at an attainable price which make it a great alternative to the Black & Decker Planer.

Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer with DustTech(TM) Technology, 750 W
  • 3 chamfering grooves (0.5, 1, 1.5mm) in die-cast front shoe for added precision
  • Overmould dust extraction switch for left or right port
  • Full length trigger with overmould for greater control
  • DustTech integrated dust technology system for maximum pick-up efficiency

Last updated on February 15th, 2021

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