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Last updated on April 14th, 2024

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Welcome to my site, my name is John and that’s me below looking at a beautiful Hydrangea bloom and I have been lucky enough to have worked in horticultural nurseries for around 20 over years before taking my knowledge and expertise online.

I now work full-time on this website, where we review the very best gardening products and tools and give honest reviews after hours of testing and comparing different products.

Some hawthorn hedge that the DeWalt 18v cordless hedge trimmer cuts through no problem
Testing the DeWalt cordless hedge trimmer – What a machine!

We all write reliable gardening guides which cover everything from lawn care, pruning berberis, and growing tomatoes and vegetables to growing guides.

Behind this site is a small team of actual real people who have all worked and have experience with the types of products I review, as well as years of knowledge on the topics we cover from actual experience. All guides are checked by myself to make sure they are the very best they can be. In fact, as of 2023, I now write and update all the guides myself, as I think it’s important to have hands-on experience with the products I recommend.

I also do not accept any test products for free, I personally buy every product I review. This is important to me as it keeps me genuine and unbiased.


As the founder and editor as well as product tester, I have a City and guilds horticulture horticultural qualifications and lots of experience and consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about all things plants and gardening but as always, I’m always learning and like to share what I have learnt with anyone who will listen.

Below are two of my horticultural certificates I proudly dug up to display with pride, that takes me back! 18 years ago, but it’s the actual being in the field where I learnt the most over the past 18 years after doing my horticulture course.

City & Guilds Certificate of Unit Credit Towards Horticulture Skills Test
City & Guilds Certificate Horticulture Skills Test

Although only a small site, in the beginning, it soon became very popular with 1000’s of people each month visiting the site. The site has since grown into a popular gardening site with product reviews and recommendations based on hours of personal testing and now gets over 300,000 visitors each month during the busier months. I had as many as 1.5 million visitors to my site in the past 12 months.

What its all about now?

There is a lot of gardening advice online. Still, there is also a shortage of good gardening information for the UK, so I decided to turn my little site into the go-to place for gardening tips, product reviews, ideas and gardening guides from pruning roses to what to plant where and everything in between.

My product reviews

This now includes my popular product roundup reviews and comparisons where I do hours of testing and compare products to provide the very best models for each category or job.

Testing the best lawn mowers including petrol, cordless electric, and push mowers to see how they compare

We even go as far are buying many of the popular picks to be sure I recommend only good products. We now have over 200 product reviews so if your looking for a new gardening tool, don’t forget to check out my site first.

Testing the Hyundai petrol scarifier

The site is now growing fast and articles are added weekly and our main mission is to become one of the UK biggest and best gardening site.

Testing the Char-Broil Advantage Series 345S Gas BBQ-

I now also have lots of well-researched, detailed reviews on the best gardening products, from the best gas BBQs to the best garden shredders, cordless lawnmowers, chainsaws and everything in-between. I now even have reviews on different DIY tools which may be helpful if you’re into general DIY projects like myself.

I have also renovated several homes so when it comes to general DIY I also know a thing or to about this, although I’m no expert. Hopefully, what I have learnt and my research will help other people find the right information and products for them.

We hope to create, share, inspire and help others make the right decision when purchasing new garden tool and general work tools!

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  1. Grahame Britton

    I love the website John! You obviously love what you’re doing and you made me happy today. I’m not sure I’ve found the answer to put on my north facing wall yet, but I’ve learnt a lot, and just seeing a photo of someone enjoying plants has cheered me up. So many people these days have the wrong idea of ‘success’.

  2. David Tanner

    Hi there,

    I’ve just seen your article on Christmas trees and wondered if you sell any mini or dwarf Christmas trees wholesale? Or know of nursery that does.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


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