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Welcome to my site, my name is John and that’s me below looking at a beautiful Hydrangea bloom and I have been lucky enough to work in horticultural nurseries for around 15 years now. I am happily married to my wife Katrina, we have two beautiful girls and live in the rainy city of Manchester in the UK.


I have horticultural qualifications and lots of experience and consider myself some what knowledgeable about all things plants and gardening but as all ways, I’m all ways learning and like to share what I have learnt with anyone who will listen.

I am also a web developer and internet publisher and originally created this website to offer some information on one of my favorite plants ‘Pyracanatha’. All though only a small site it soon became popular and was getting over 7,000 visits a month from people seeking advice on this beautiful plant.

What its all about now?

There a lot of gardening advice online but theirs also a shortage of good informative gardening information for the UK so I decided to turn my little site into the go to place for gardening tips, product reviews, ideas and gardening guides from pruning roses to what to plant where and everything in between, and why you ask, because I have a desire to help others and its simply fun and a great pass time.

The site is now growing fast and articles are added weekly and our main mission is to create the UK biggest and best gardening site and we hope to add lots of features in the coming months including a question and answers board and plant doctor help section.

We now also have lots of well researched and tested, detailed reviews on the best gardening products from the best garden spades to the best garden shredders and everything in-between, we now even have reviews on different diy tools which may be helpful.

We hope to create, share, inspire and help others make the right decision when purchasing new gardens tools!

We have launched our new site!

We have recently launched our new website www.hometobaby.co.uk which reviews the best products from around the home from the best coffee machines to the best spiralizers to the best cookware.

As the same suggest, we also review the best baby products such as baby monitors. This section was added as we have a new baby and decided it a good fit as it gives us lots of opportunities to try our new product and let out readers know what we thought of them.

Want to write for us?

Creating one of the biggest gardening sites will be no walk in the park and we are looking for other like minded people who would like to write articles for our site and add value that can help others learn and inspire them.We need your help!

If you interested in writing content for our site, then get in touch, whether its because you simply have a desire to help others or would like to write quality content in return for a link back to your own blog then get in touch using the details below

Email: writefor@pyracantha.co.uk

Be sure to include what you intend to write about if you have any specific areas your knowledgeable about or qualifications you have.

Please note we only accept original unique content that will is ideally over 500 words or more.

Write for us and have your articles read for 1000’s of people!

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