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Best Karcher Pressure Washer Review – I compare and test the K2, K3, K4, K5 & K7

Last updated on March 26th, 2024

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I’ve been buying Karcher pressure washers for over 15 years and recently reviewed my Karcher K5 Premium Smart Control pressure washer. But how does it compare to the other model in the K series of pressure washers? Thats what this review will answer!

I think I got the bug from my dad as he was always a big Karcher fan, he also owned the grey professional range of pressure washers, but unless you use them professionally, the yellow and black Karcher models everyone knows really are amazing pressure washers. These are the models I personally have years of experience with and are the models I review in this guide.

I must have owned almost every model of some specification, and if I haven’t, I know someone who does.

My Karcher K5 Premium and more affordable Karcher K2 Compact - both great models that serve a need
My Karcher K5 Premium and more affordable Karcher K2 Compact – both great models that serve a need

Right now, I currently have the Karcher K5 Premium Smart Pressure Washer and its probably the model I would recommend the most. It has all the bells and whistles, including ‘app control’ but more on this later. I think it’s one of the best Karcher pressure washer when you consider what features the Karcher K5 Premium Smart Pressure washer comes with and the price you can pick one up at.

The smart control lance allow you to adjust the power directly from the lance
The smart control lance allow you to adjust the power directly from the lance

Do you need the APP controlled models

Straight off the bat, what I will say is I don’t think you need the Smart version with APP control as shown below. I do have APP enabled version but its really a gimmick. However, Karcher do seem to be pushing it out to all newer models. Just to be clear, you can still use it without the APP even if it has this feature so don’t worry to much about it.

I can see how it would be a little useful to some people, you basically select what your cleaning on the APP, this could be brick, car, garden furniture etc, it will set the recommended power setting, along with the nozzle setting on the end of the lance, this could be either the fan spray pattern or dirt blaster for stubborn stain on patios for example. I usually find myself always using max power so don’t really see a need for the APP. If im power washing something thats a little fragile, perhaps painted garden furniture, then a little common sense tells me to not use as much power.

The APP that can be used with the smart control Karcher pressure washers
The APP that can be used with the smart control Karcher pressure washers – Its really not needed as you can still control the power from the lance without the APP

Any of the K5 models including the compact models and power control car & home model which are identical to the smart version,just without the app. However, you can still control the power setting from the lance which is super handy.

My Karcher K2 pressure washer , one of two I’ve actually owned

Is the smaller K2 pressure washer for you

I also currently have the Karcher K2 (the one pictured above), thats the cheapest model they sell, but it’s a great little pressure washer, it just has its limits, and the shorter 5 meter hose is what really gets annoying if cleaning the car as you need to keep moving the pressure washer around as you clean. That being said, this is a great little pressure washer for the right situation.

Karcher K3 Pressure Washer

K2 VS K3 Pressure Washer

For example, my mother in law currently uses it to keep her small patio and yard tidy, as well as her front garden path clean. For her, the larger K3 pictured above, one i picked up on facebook marketplace for testing might be slightly better as it has a slightly longer hose, 6 meters instead of 5 and a slightly more power at 120 bar, instead of 100 bar that my K2 has. Anything larger and it would simply be to big for what she uses it for. While I’m comparing the K2 and K3, I will say that i didn’t notice any noticeable difference in power, they seemed very similar when used in a real world situation. For me, you might as well save yourself a few pounds and get the K2, you could probably even pick up. premium version of the K2 for the price of the K3.

My Karcher K5 Premium Full Smart Control
My Karcher K5 Premium Full Smart Control

Why I choose the K5 over any other model

If you have average or large sized patio, maybe a driveway as well like myself, or you want it to clean your car, this is when I would go for the larger K5. As well as the extra power, vario lance and onboard storage, it has a longer 10-meter hose, and that makes a big difference with any pressure washer.

Cleaning the patio with the karcher K5 pressure washer with the surface clean attachment.

You can actually clean the whole car without having to move the pressure washer around with you, it’s also handy for cleaning larger patios espcieeally if you use a surface cleaner like I do, anymore very handy attachment worth consider as shown in my picture above. These are actaully a brilliant attachment to use with any pressure washer but they work better with the more powerful models as they have more power.

My Karcher K5 pressure washer power control
My Karcher K5 pressure washer power control

What about the K4 range of pressure washers

You may be thinking, what about the Karcher K4 range? well I also owned this model too, before I upgraded to the K5. Well, there not a great increase in either power or hose length between the K4 and K3. You get an extra 1 meter of hose, 8 meter in total instead of 7, and you get extra 10 bar of pressure. You also get the vario lance with the K5 which means you can easily switch from fan to dirt blaser by turning the end of the lance as shown below. On the K4 you have two lance attachments which you have to swop over.

With the premium models you also get the vario lance that allows you to switch from fan to dirt blaser in seconds

Now if you upgrade from a K3 to a K5, you get an extra 3 meters of hose which makes all the difference, 10 meters in total and the power increases to 145 bar, so an extra 25 bar. This is why I think the K5 is a better buy then the K4. Price though, the K4 will be more affordable you just don’t get a notice difference of power.

Using the Karcher K5 I can reach around the car because it has the longer 10 meter hose
Using the Karcher K5 I can reach around the car because it has the longer 10 meter hose

The problem is, Karcher doesn’t just sell different specifications when it comes to pressure and flow rate. That would be too simple. For example, the Karcher K5 (one of which is pictured above) is available as a compact model, full control car & home, then you have the premium with smart control, then you have the premium version without smart control. All these different variations. of the K5 all come with the same 145 bar of pressure and the same 7.5 L/min flow rate.

The hose reel, which comes with the premium versions of the Karcher K5 AND K7
The hose reel, which comes with the premium versions of the Karcher K5 AND K7

You pay extra for features, the premium version has a built-in hose reel as shown in my picture above, which is worth its weight in gold by the way. Makes life so much better as it makes retracting the hose and storing it so much easier. They also have a build-in soap dispenser instead of sucket tube, a place to store the vario lance on the front, some even include the floor cleaner pictured below. They have basiclly thought of everything on the premium versions.

Karcher K5 Premium smart now how longer 10 meter hose
Karcher K5 Premium smart now how longer 10 meter hose

Then you apply all of the above for the K2, K3, k4, k5 AND k7, all with slightly more power than their smaller brothers. Before you know it, you got 5 different models plus 4 or 5 different variations of each model. It’s a real minefield when it comes to choosing.

How to choose the right Karcher pressure washer for you

The key point here is there is no one pressure washer fits all. So this is what I take into consideration. How large is the area you want to clean? and what are you actually cleaning?

If you have a small yard, maybe you just want to just jet off some garden furniture at the end if the season, hose the mountain bikes down or even clean a small car. Then the K2 OR K3 will probably be more than up to the job. Then think about about if you want the premium versions with the build in soap dispensers etc. If its for cleaning the car and you want the longer hose, perhaps a little more power, goo with a K4.

If you have a larger patio, driveway and need remove stubborn dirt, maybe clean a larger car or van. I would recommend going with the Karcher K5 and take advantage of the extra power and longer 10 meter hose. Then decide if you want to pay extra for premium features such as the build in hose reel. I wouldn’t worry to much aabout the APP, but the vario lance is a good option to have as you can adjust the power.

Now, I’ve not mentioned the Karcher K7 yet but there are two versions of this, the compact model. and premium model. The only reason I would consider the K7 is if you want the most powerful model. The power increase is noticeable as you get an extra 35 bar of pressure when compared to the K5, so for cleaning larger areas with stubborn dirt, the K7 is the better option. The compact and premium models both have the same motor and hose length, the only real difference between them is the compact version doesnt have the built in hose reel or smart control on the lance. The compact model is obviously more compact for storage.

Finally, you just need to decide is you want to buy them as a kit with accessories such as the car cleaner, foam gun or surface cleaner.

I have also reviewed the best pressure washer for patios here here that all come with the surface cleaners included.

Want to see the Karcher K5 in action, watch my video below

Below are the Karcher Pressure Washer models which I have included in my review

Here you will find five of the Kärcher pressure washer products that meet my quality standards and performance expectations after testing.

  1. Kärcher K5 Premium Smart High Pressure Washer – The best choice for most people, decent power, longer hose, great features, and not too big
  2. Kärcher K2 Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer – Great for occasional use on small areas, washing down furniture, cleaning off bikes
  3. Kärcher K3 Full Control Home Pressure Washer – A great alternative to the K2, a little more power and a longer hose
  4. Kärcher K4 Premium Pressure Washer – A model that offers excellent value, however I think the K5 is a better option
  5. Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer – Perfect for large areas, plenty of power, onboard storage but quite a significant bit of kit.

Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

Karcher K5 PREMIUM with built-in hose reel and Halfords snow foam gun
Karcher K5 PREMIUM with built-in hose reel and Halfords snow foam gun

I’ve already talked about this Karcher K5 Premium Pressure washer early on in my guide so I will try to talk more about specs in this more detailed review below. Let’s dig in!

With an impressive 2100 watts of power, what makes this motor so special is that it has a water-cooled motor. This pressure washer is a game changer. One of the main problems with traditional air-cooled motors is that they tend to wear out quickly, whereas water-cooled motors are much longer-lasting. With its patented cooling system, Karcher confidently offers a remarkable 5-year warranty,thats one of the reasons this premium model scores high marks against the K2 and K3!

Long 10 meter hose on the Karcher K5
Long 10 meter hose on the Karcher K5

While the accompanying app may be a draw for some users, it’s the extra-long 10-meter hose that truly sets this model apart for me. With this hose, I can easily clean a large car or patio without interruptions. And, with the convenient built-in hose reel, winding and unwinding has never been easier. But, my absolute favourite feature has to be the BOOST model, which delivers an extra boost of power when I need it most. Trust me, you’ll find yourself using it more than you’d expect!

Lets quickly talk about the APP

The app that comes with the Karcher K5 Premium Smart Pressure Washer offers two unique features. While you can easily adjust the pressure directly on the lance using the + and – buttons, some may prefer the convenience of adjusting it through the app. But for me, personally, I prefer to stick to adjusting the pressure directly on the lance.

You can use the APP to choose what you will be cleaning and it will give you the recommended setting and even send them to the lance by bluetooth

Where the app truly shines is its ability to guide even the most inexperienced users. Simply select what you’re looking to clean and the app will set the perfect pressure, suggest the best lance setting, and even tell you what accessories you’ll need to make the task as efficient and effective as possible. And, to top it off, the app will guide you step-by-step through the cleaning process.

As a seasoned pressure washer user, I don’t make use of the app’s helpful guidance. But for those who are new to using a powerful pressure washer, the app may be just the tool you need to make your cleaning experience a breeze.

145 Bar of pressure and Boost mode

Karcher boost mode gives you extra power for a short period of time when you really need it
Karcher boost mode gives you extra power for a short period of time when you really need it

To start with, it has an impressive 145 bar. But, what really sets this pressure washer apart is its game-changing BOOST mode. With the touch of a button, you’ll get an extra 15 bar of power, giving you the added oomph needed to tackle even the toughest of stains and stubborn moss.

I’ve put BOOST mode to the test plenty of times, and let me tell you, it’s a powerhouse! However, this extra power only lasts for about 20 seconds before reverting back to the 145 bar. But don’t worry, a quick 20-30 second cooldown is all it takes to activate BOOST mode again, so it ist so bad. Whether you’re dealing with deep-set grime or a particularly stubborn stain, the BOOST mode will not disappoint and certainly comes in handy!

I love the new vario lance

VARIO lance that can switch between fan, dirtblaster and soap
VARIO lance that can switch between fan, dirtblaster and soap

I no longer need to worry about switching back and forth between lance heads with the new Vario lance that comes with the Karcher K5. With the ability to rotate the lance head, I can now easily switch between the three different lance types with a twist. My personal favourite is the fan lance setting which is great for everyday pressure washing tasks, and it’s the one I use probably 80% of the time. However, when you need to deep clean, the dirtblaster mode really does lift and remove stubborn stains and dirt! The high-pressure rotating jet of water is simply incredible, there is no other way to describe it.

Plug-n-play system which feed deterrent to thee pressure washer - I remove the cap and refill with my own detergent
Plug-n-play system which feed deterrent to thee pressure washer – I remove the cap and refill with my own detergent

I also appreciate the convenience of the “plug n clean” system, which eliminates the hassle of pouring detergent into a separate tank. Now I wasn’t sure about this at first, but it’s certainly useful. I now just keep the old bottle and refill it with my own deterrent. All you need to do is insert the detergent into the top of the pressure washer, select the detergent mode on the lance, and adjust the pressure to control the amount of detergent used. The higher the pressure, the more detergent will mix with the water. This system has been a game-changer for me and my cleaning routine.

You can’t beat having the longer 10-meter hose for extended reach

Hose reel that holds 10 meters of hose
Hose reel that holds 10 meters of hose

When it comes to the hose, the new premium K5 has definitely made a game-changer. The extra-long 10-meter hose is one of the reasons I now only use this model myself. It gives me the freedom to clean a large car (Kia Sportage in my case) or patio without having to stop and move the pressure washer every few minutes.

Something I really like is the built-in hose reel which is an added bonus is you get the premium version. It just makes winding and unwinding the hose so much easier. I do like to straighten the hose out before winding it in to make sure it winds smoothly, but it’s still a breeze compared to manually coiling it and then trying to hang it back on the pressure washer. Not only does the hose reel make my cleaning experience smoother, but it also helps me store the pressure washer neatly and efficiently.

Snow foam attachment from Halford that I use with my Karcher K5

So I just wanted to mention the snow foam attachment I use. I have Halfords own snow foam attachment, and it fits into the Karcher lance. This special attachment is miles better than using the built-in soap function on the Karcher pressure washer. If you cleaning your car, van or bike, I highly recommend it.


  • Premium pressure washer with added features for the ultimate cleaning experience.
  • Smart control with Bluetooth connectivity for optimized pressure and cleaning.
  • Versatile 3-in-1 lance for fan, dirtblaster, and detergent modes.
  • Built-in hose reel with longer 10 meter hose for big cleaning tasks.
  • On-board storage for easy maintenance and organization.
  • Convenient handle and wheels for easy manoeuvring.
  • Patented cooling system for longer motor life.
  • LED display for easy power level adjustment.
  • Simple click n clean design for quick detergent replacement.
  • Peace of mind with 5-year warranty.

Our recommendation

So what do I think of the Karcher K5? Let’s start with the APP control. Although not useful for me, I can see how it could be useful for those who want to ensure the correct lance and pressure for their cleaning tasks but lack the experience or are worried about damaging something they clean by using too much pressure.

I think the 10-meter hose is a much better and more useful addition, providing an extra 2 meters compared to the small models such as the K4. The longer hose makes cleaning my car, patio and driveway so much easier.

Then you have the built-in hose reel, the 3-in-1 lance, and smart features which make this pressure washer stand out when compared to the K4, K3 and K2. Although the K7 has a bit more power, the K5 Premium is much more affordable and offers all the same features, even the hose is the same length. If you’re in the market for a pressure washer, I highly recommend the Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer over any other Karcher pressure washer. All things considered, this is the model I think offers the best features, power and value for money.

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2. Karcher K5 Compact High Pressure Washer

Kärcher K 5 Compact High Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K5 Compact High-Pressure Washer is a heavy-duty unit and a more basic version of the model I’ve just reviewed. It has the same 2100 watt high-grade, water-cooled motor, which operates at a maximum pressure level of 145 bar. The approximated water flow rate is at about 500l/h, which is one of the best water flow rates I have seen from a pressure washer, especially one for home domestic use. Since the motor runs to provide higher output, it needs to be cooled by water in order to elongate user life so it is good to see that Kärcher has opted for the water-cooled motor for this model rather than the cheaper air-cooled motor you often see.

To aid in controlling the pressure, a hand trigger has the option to switch to different pressures depending on the job at hand. This is an excellent feature that is very useful as it can be lowered to prevent damage when undertaking more delicate jobs. The quick-connect ends are a big improvement to the usual screw ends that you see on most models. The trigger also facilitates the easy attachment and detachment of the two different lances that come with this model. Another feature that has easy attachment is the hose mechanism. This mechanism is a time saver due to its simplicity and also prevents the worry of the usual screw type attachments that can be easily damaged.

The unit weighs an estimated 11.5kgs, this is without the attachments, so add a couple of kilograms for the true weight. Although it is not too heavy for most people, it comes with large wheels, which make moving it around when necessary a much easier task, especially for those who may struggle otherwise. Together with the adjustable handle, the user can now move the unit easily.

It comes with a long 8-meter cable just like the full control k5 version but it is longer than the K2 and K4. However, to ensure that the hose doesn’t let particles through, the unit is also fitted with a filter which helps prevent damage to the pump.


  • Well-constructed to handle large cleaning applications.
  • Easy to use hose and lance attachment mechanisms, simply click into place.
  • Higher pressure and water flow help facilitate intensive cleaning.
  • Long 8 meter hose to provide the operator with enough room to clean large areas efficiently.
  • Home kit and accessories can be accessed to make the user’s life easy.
  • Comes with the T350 Surface Cleaner attachment which can clean patios and driveways up to 5 times faster than using the lance.


  • Lacks compartment for storing the lance, therefore, giving the user more tasks to find adequate storage. A simple solution is to hang it on a hook or nail fastened to the wall.

Our recommendation

The Kärcher K5 Compact Home High-Pressure Washer is made for those who need more power than the average user and it is a great alternative to the Kärcher K4 as it has more power and a longer hose.

This unit that operates at a pressure level of 145 bar will effectively handle cleaning walls, vehicles and walkways without any real problems.

Our main grapple with this unit is the lack of compartments to effectively store things. One has to think about storage options for the hose. Apart from that, it is a reliable unit. The surface cleaner has well-constructed and durable handles to help you clean that patio squeaky clean and we like that it can be used on walls as not all patio cleaners have handles to make this possible.

Overall this model offers performance, quality and value for money which helped it win the spot for our top recommended Kärcher pressure washer. After comparing the cheaper K4, we decided it was worth spending the extra cost to get the longer hose and extra power the K5 provides.

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3. Karcher K2 Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K2 Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer is easy to use due to its lightweight construction and it is Kärcher’s most affordable pressure washer. The model is equipped with a 1400 watt motor that runs efficiently to produce a 110 pressure bar which is only 20 bar less than the more expensive K4 models which is why I always recommend getting a K5 if you want to goo bigger. The air-cooled washer is adequate for cleaning small patios and drives, small cars, bicycles and any other general cleaning applications.

This model comes with a Vario lance which has a bayonet-style end on the lance, simply twist the end to alter the pressure from low to high. A simple but very effective way to control pressure.

This model comes designed to produce a water flow of 360l/h. This, compared to larger models, may seem inadequate. But due to the size and design of this product, the water flow is adequate to accomplish cleaning small tasks, making it ideal (and affordable) for anyone looking for a lightweight model for smaller cleaning jobs like cleaning bikes off or even a small car.

If you have a stubborn stain that has been glaring at you for a while, you need a model that offers detergent applications. The Kärcher K2 Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer lets the user suction their preferred detergent into the unit without any problems, making it convenient for all. The only real downside is that it does not have a built-in detergent tank, this can become a problem if you need to constantly move the pressure washer around as you have to also move the bottle of detergent at the same time which can be awkward.

Easy manoeuvrability even in rough terrain is possible. The unit is equipped with durable wheels and a handle so that the user can pull it along. A storage compartment is present in order to store the cable and other essentials you may need, they can feel a little cramped but they do the job.

To add more value for money, this product is presented with a few accessories that could be useful to you. You will find a Vario lance (which we have already mentioned) that will enable water pressure control from low to high or vice versa. A dirt blaster is also provided to help you deal with stubborn areas. The dirt blaster utilises a rotating nozzle to increase the pressure used in dislodging dirt. Last but not least we have a T150 Patio Cleaner to help with cleaning applications on the patio.

A 4-meter hose is supplied in order to provide you with adequate reach when cleaning in a small radius. Also, you will find that this product comes with a 2-year warranty that can be used in the case of any product flaws but it proved very reliable when not overworked so this should not be needed for the majority of us.


  • Equipped with a storage compartment to hold the lances, power cable and hose.
  • Offers value for money due to the extra accessories provided including the T150 Patio Cleaner which makes cleaning patios much easier.
  • The water inlet is designed to have a filter to prevent particles damaging the washer.
  • Available at very competitive prices make it attainable for most people.
  • Lightweight design with wheels making it portable.
  • It can allow for detergent applications to deal with those difficult spots.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Pressure is not high enough to deal with difficult areas.
  • Hose maybe a little short to offer adequate reach in large areas or cleaning larger cars.

Our recommendation

The Kärcher K2 Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer is effective for those small cleaning applications where you don’t need meters of hose length or very high pressure. It has a 1400 watt motor that runs efficiently, but if it is overworked, you will have issues. 

For the price, the features of this unit are more than adequate and it offers great value for money. If you are looking for a lightweight unit that can take care of simple cleaning applications such as cleaning your car once a week, rinsing off the bikes or even cleaning a small patio a few times a year, then this is the one for you.

The main downside of this model is the hose length, if you have a larger car (such as a 4×4) then you will struggle as the hose length is not quite long enough. If this is something you are looking to clean then we would recommend getting the next model up, the K4 as it offers the extra hose and slightly more power. If you are cleaning off your bikes or garden chairs, this will do just fine and is more than adequate.

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4. Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

My Karcher K4 full control pressure washer
My Karcher K4 pressure washer

The Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer can effectively deal with even the most demanding cleaning tasks but at a more affordable price. Although it is more than double the cost of the K2 so read on to see what the extra money pays for. I feel there is a big improvement between the K2 and the K4 in terms of extra features, more power, a better and more reliable motor, a longer hose for better reach, better storage, better detergent cleaner application, the list goes on. However, I think the K5 still offers more for not a lot more money, depending on what version you go for and what it comes with.

The 240-volt motor is water cooled to facilitate overall high performance, this is where a lot of the extra cost goes, water-cooled motors cost much more than air-cooled motors. A motor that runs hot for too long stands to be damaged by all that heat and needs an outlet, this is why air-cooled motors cannot be used for long periods of time. A water-cooled motor will run for much longer due to continuous heat management, simply put they are much better.

Pressure washers come with different pressure ratings. The more pressure produced the easier cleaning will be. This unit comes with a pressure rating of 130 bar which is more than adequate to cover 30m2/h effectively, to give you a better idea, the K2 has an area cleaned rating of 20m2/h, which is a third less cleaning time.

When it comes to water flow rate you cannot ignore this spec as it gives a good indication of how well it cleans. The higher the rate of water flow the more intensive the cleaning process will be. This unit is designed to house a water flow rate of 420l/h which is more than adequate for medium applications.

The trigger is fitted with an LED indicator that shows the current power level setting so you know whether the pressure is set too low or too high, which at the very least helps avoid you pressure washing fragile surfaces on full power and avoids unnecessary damage. As you have adjustable pressure settings from high, low to detergent, the trigger will indicate which pressure you are working at, it is not a major deciding factor but a nice feature to have.

Another nice feature is the onboard storage, this is, of course, a feature of all models but nevertheless, this helps keeps everything neat and tidy when storing away.

Some models are fitted with suction mechanisms in order to dispense detergent. This model offers the option of the in-house detergent compartment. Just plug the detergent unit in and you are good to go. At first, we thought this would be expensive if you had to replace the plugin detergent bottles with Kärcher bottles only, however, they can be refilled so you have the option to refill them with whichever detergent you choose.

Also to help with the cleaning, various accessories have been provided. You have a Vario lance and a lance blaster in order to deal with the difficult areas. You also get a T350 T-Racer surface cleaner with a handle for easy use, again this is one of the better surface cleaners as it can also be used on walls and doors etc thanks to the handle design. This pressure washer is supplied with a 3-in-1 detergent that can tackle most of the dirt around your home so you are good to go out of the box.

For reach, this unit is supplied with a 6-meter hose. This is longer than the previous K2 model, therefore, you won’t have to struggle as much when using with larger cars and patios. When it is time to call it a day, you can pack up the components of the unit, store them in their respective compartments and wheel them away. The durable wheels on this unit, paired with the telescopic handle, (which is also much better than the K2  fixed style handle) makes mobility and storage a breeze. You also get a 2-year warranty that you can engage the manufacturer on if any flaws are detected. Remember, this is a year’s less warranty than the K5 which is our best pick, in our mind we think that this means that Kärcher expect the K5 model to last longer but we have no proof of this.


  • Longer 6 meter hose for adequate reach in difficult areas.
  • Powerful and reliable water cooled motor for longer life.
  • Designed with housing compartments to ensure everything is packed in a compact and neat form.
  • Includes an indicator to let the user know what pressure they are dealing with.
  • Supplied with all the additional accessories like lances and surface cleaner to deal with more difficult areas.
  • Designed with durable wheels and an adjustable handle in order to facilitate easy movement.
  • 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

The Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer is a step higher than the normal pressure washer. The water-cooled model is designed in such a way that every feature is well placed to provide a compact unit. Considering that the unit weighs around 11kgs it was only prudent that wheels and an ergonomic telescopic handle are installed and it feels well balanced and stable.

I love that the trigger offers an indicator to inform the user what function they are operating at, again not essential and certainly does not improve performance, but a nice added feature.

Overall, you can rely on this unit for proper cleaning functions aided by the accessories provided. It will cost you a little more coin than normal but it is worth the sacrifice and a big improvement on the K2 alternative. If the K5 is too expensive and not within budget this is a great alternative model to choose without going for the budget model which may not be suitable for your cleaning jobs. All in all, we love the K4 and think it is a fantastic pressure washer, it is just the K5 obviously has the edge.

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5. Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer

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Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer is more than effective, to say the least, and it is probably the best pressure washer available for home domestic use but it comes at a price. However, you get a lot more pressure washer for your money, a bigger motor, more cleaning power, a longer hose, an integrated hose reel, and not to mention the plugin detergent system, LED trigger and 5-year warranty.

It weighs a hefty 17.7kg without the accessories which is considerably more than the K5, and this shows you how much power you can expect from the unit. The 2800 watt motor operates at a maximum pressure of 160 bars, again 15 bar more than the K5, proving to be powerful enough to clean driveways. With a 600l/h flow, capacity cleaning has never been this easy.

Most pressure washers come designed to house two lances. This pressure washer does you a big favour. It combines the operations of the dirt buster, detergent function and the Vario lance all into one unit. The all improved lance has controls that allow the user to select the right settings. The LCD display is situated on the trigger gun to help you control the unit as you continue working.

In the spirit of easy detergent replacement, this unit features a simple structure. You insert the detergent so that it can directly feed the washer. This works better than the suction pipe method. Considering that you have a 10-meter hose you can scrub that driveway spotless covering an average of 60m2/h.

Since it is a hefty motor, there is a need for wheels and a handle. The good thing is that the handle is telescopic, similar to what we have seen on the K5. This indicates that it can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide grip even when the user has sweaty hands. Grip and comfortability are supported.

When you need to connect the unit to your garden hose, a 3/4inch adapter is provided. A filter is also in the washer to prevent unwanted debris from clogging the pump and causing motor damage. Together with this, the package will include a 1L 3-in-1 Stone/Facade cleaner, T450 Patio Cleaner and a home kit for use.

Storage facilities for cords are important since compact storage is a priority for the majority of users. This model is supplied with a cord reel to help you with this problem.

The 5-year warranty will aid in the case that problems arise with the unit.


  • Perfect for large cleaning jobs such as vans, boats, cars, large driveways, patios, garden furniture, walls and more.
  • High performance motor that provides higher pressure to dislodge dirt more intensely.
  • High quality features that can withstand constant use without evident wear and tear.
  • Adjustable handle and durable wheels to balance the weight of the unit.
  • Adequate accessories like an integral lance are provided for easy convenience.
  • Supplied together with a 5-year warranty as a vote of confidence from the manufacturer.
  • 10 meter hose for wider reach.


  • Quite hefty to carry along.
  • Expensive

Our recommendation

The Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer is perfect for those who need a serious pressure washer for cleaning larger areas. The high-pressure unit is supplied with a high-pressure hose that can dislodge dirt very easily. We love that it is designed to house detergent applications and has a much longer 10-meter hose and integrated hose reel which is a big improvement on all the other models that simply have a hook to wind the hose around.

Those looking to spend money on a high quality, durable unit can’t really go wrong with the Kärcher K7. Overall it is a heavyweight unit for a heavier cleaning tasks and it also comes at a heavyweight price, however, if you have the budget you will not be disappointed.

Compare prices from available retailers

The Buyer’s Guide

Searching for a good company to trust your with your pressure washer needs may seem daunting. Fortunately for you, there are companies that excel in making pressure washers and Kärcher is one of them.

To select the best unit for your use, you need to understand what the product specifications mean. Once you understand the features and what they have to offer selection will be very simple.

This is basically what you need to understand about pressure washers.

Types of pressure washer

You will run into two types of pressure washers in the market. This categorisation is due to the two powers systems available. Electric pressure washers are light and easy to use without dispensing too much power. The only shortcoming is that with no electricity the unit is rendered useless. When using electric units, the higher the wattage the better as more power is provided for use. The petrol models are effective as they can be used anywhere. They are not limited by cords or heavy work. Petrol units can withstand everyday use without wearing down. They are a bit heavier than the electric models but much more efficient. They might cost more if they are units to be used for commercial reasons.

Size of the washer

The size of the washer that you use affects the space taken up and the pressure that can be emitted. Light-duty pressure washers operate below 100 bar. Medium-duty washers operate on pressure levels between 100-200 bar, whilst larger models operate from 200+bar. Depending on how much cleaning you have to do, select the pressure accordingly. The higher the PSI the more you can dislodge difficult debris from your items and cars. Don’t forget the higher the pressure the more expensive the pressure washer is likely to be.

Flow rate

The water flow rate is measured in litres per hour. The more water that goes through the hose the faster you will be able to clean something. The higher the purported flow rate the better for you, especially if you have a large area full of dirt to cover. Most regular units have a minimum flowrate of around 400l/h.

The detergent section

Not all models come fitted with a detergent slot. This can be a hindrance when trying to clean using detergent. You have two options here, you can either select units that acquire detergents from outside sources or ones that use inbuilt systems. The suction systems can prove challenging if you keep having to move the pressure washer around. Most consumers prefer inbuilt systems that can move with the detergent holder even when the unit is in transit.

Hose length

You need a high quality hose to keep up with the constant winding and unwinding. Poor hoses develop breaks along stress points. You want a hose with supple material to withstand stress. The longer the hose the more room you will have to work. We found that most people would need at least a 6 meter hose.

Additional accessories

All top quality washers provide excellent accessories to help the user with the cleaning process. These accessories will differ in use but are essential. In most cases, you find two forms of lances. The vario lance and the dirt buster lance. You can even find a model that combines the two lances in one function. Other additional features are surface cleaners that help you clean without the need for so much water. The nozzles are designed at different degrees for different intensity so be sure to check the nozzle specification. We also have a variety of brushes and detergents being offered. Depending on what you need, you can purchase a unit with the right accessories for you.

Price and warranty

Since all pressure washers offer different features and specialisation, they may vary in price. Basic units can be purchased under £100. Larger units can cost over £500 since they offer a heavier duty service. Look at the work that needs to be done, decide on a budget and try and stick to it. Remember to be keen on the quality of features rather than the quantity of accessories offered. We found a good pressure washer with attachments such as patio cleaners would cost between £200 and £300. Warranties are the tools that manufacturers use to instil confidence in the product. Most washers offer warranties of around 2 years but others can be extended upon purchase. The thing to remember is that the longer the warranty the better for you. Most of the higher end Kärcher models have between 3 and 5 years warranty which is a big plus, as some other manufacturers only offer 2 years on similar models.

Adjustable and storage features

In the case of washers, the only adjustable feature is the telescopic handle. In the case that the user is short or rather tall, they can adjust it accordingly. Check the product description to make sure that an adjustable handle is present. Onboard storage is important as it offers you a place to keep all the lances, triggers and hoses. There are models that offer compartments for every feature available therefore making storage an easy task. The K4, K5 and K7 have this covered but the hose hook on the K2 could be better designed.

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