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8 Best Garden Benches – Wooden, Steel and Plastic Models Reviewed

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022

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Today we present garden benches that are of good quality, and that will offer excellent value for money. It is up to you to select the best garden bench that appeals to you according to your needs. These different benches have different seating capacities and prices, so it is essential to know exactly what you are looking for. You may also want to go through our buying guide if you are unsure of what features might be a good fit for your circumstances.

Before we go any further, let us introduce our two top products which we think are well worth considering over most other models. Our best pick is the Robert Dyas Garden Fence Bench. This bench combines comfort and durability at an affordable price.

Our second option is the Keter Storage Bench, and this one is not only durable but also offers a storage compartment for items you need when relaxing in the garden. Overall an excellent design, well thought out and designed for all weathers, which is especially important for our UK weather. 


Robert Dyas Garden Bench
The Robert Dyas Garden Bench makes it as the best wooden bench and the best bench overall. The reason for this is that this model is made from solid rot-resistant eucalyptus wood that is durable. This robust bench can seat three people comfortably, and it is quite easy to maintain with a coat of varnish; however, it’s not essential as it has already been treated but a second coat just finishes it off nicely.

Moreover, it has a simple design that will fit into any garden/patio without looking out of place. For the price you pay for this bench, you can be assured that the durability of the bench provides good value for money.


Keter Plastic Storage Bench
If you are looking for a premium plastic bench then the Keter Plastic Storage Bench is perfect and well worth considering. The high-density plastic bench can comfortably seat two people, maybe three if one is petite and it has a lockable storage box which can be very useful. The garden bench is rot- and UV-resistant so it will maintain its appearance over a long period and is very low maintenance.

Being that it is the only plastic bench presented in this review, you will find that it is more than capable to compete with the metal and wooden benches in terms of quality. It is a purchase that you will not regret in the end.

Garden Bench Reviews

1. Robert Dyas 3 Seater Wooden Garden Bench


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Robert Dyas Garden Bench

The Robert Dyas Garden Bench features a simple and elegant design that would suit any garden. The bench is made from FSC certified eucalyptus wood which ages well and it is rot resistant too, however, a coat of varnish can really finish it off, although it isn’t essential. 

You can purchase this bench knowing that it is safe for use and that the wood used observes environmental friendly guidelines, which we know is just as important as comfort and quality for those who are environmentally conscious. And for furniture that spends most of the time outdoors, you surely quality wood is needed to facilitate durability. 

Able to seat a maximum of three people, this garden bench weighs around 21.6kgs. The robust nature of the bench will see it through the different seasons of the year.

It is recommended to store the bench in a dry place during autumn and winter to avoid damaging the wood, but this can be said for just about all wooden products unless they are treated every year with a coat of protection such as oil, varnish or paint. Using a wood sealant will help protect the wood from damage over time and we recommend doing this if you intend to leave it out over winter and want it to last for many years to come.

The 63 x 146 x 88cm bench, which is just under 5ft long, has a seating area of 132cm which is adequate space for 2-3 people to sit comfortably depending on their size. It comes flat packed and it will take about half an hour to put together, so not too long. Read the instructions beforehand to avoid any frustration while assembling. Don’t be tempted to use an electric screwdriver because this can ruin the wood by over-tightening, just use a Philips screwdriver as there aren’t that many screws.


  • Made of rot-resistant FSC certified eucalyptus wood.
  • Features a simplistic design that would blend into different patios and gardens.
  • Offers adequate space to seat 2-3 people.
  • Durable and robust.
  • Takes a short time to assemble.


  • Needs to be covered during autumn and winter if not further treated to avoid damaging the wood if you want it to last for many many years.
  • The screw bits could be of better quality but sufficient, just take care not to round off the screw heads.

Our recommendation  

The Robert Dyas Garden Fence Bench is a fantastic choice if you want a bench that allows you to sit in an upright position. If you need a more comfortable position, you may need to use some pillows. The bench can seat 2-3 people comfortably making it suitable for small gardens/patios. 

To keep the bench looking good for longer, regular maintenance is a must. Applying a sealant and covering it during the wet season prevents the wood from warping/splitting. It is not too heavy, so moving it to storage should not be a problem. This easy assemble garden bench has a simple style that appeals to many and the price range is not too bad either. Those looking for wooden benches can look into this model confidently as a possible option.

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2. Keter Plastic Storage Bench


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Keter Plastic Storage Bench

Made entirely of resin, the Keter Storage Bench is stable, robust and really is as low maintenance as you can get, simply wipe it down with soapy water.

The resin material is thick, and that prevents easy indentation. It is also UV resistant which is super important and rot-resistant, hence its ability to survive the outdoors without any maintenance. UV resistance is important in maintaining the bench’s colour on sunny and rainy days.

Apart from comfortably seating two people, this model comes with a storage box located beneath the seat. The storage box has a capacity of 227 litres to hold different items that need to be within reach. The box is weatherproof, therefore, the contents will remain dry throughout the rainy days, making it excellent for storing cushions too. If you want, you can lock the storage box to prevent unwanted access to the items inside, it’s not exactly thief-proof, however, it can keep animals out and is also good enough to use, for example, in a caravan park to keep children out.

This 132.7 x 63.5 x 89.5cm bench weighs 16.9kg which is lightweight enough to move around if needed, while still being very stable. You may require an extra pair of hands to make assembly easier. Overall, it is a product that offers you value for money by providing two functions for the price of one, plus we think it looks amazing and comes without the need to paint or stain.


  • Made of hard-wearing resin for durability.
  • Can sit two people comfortably.
  • It is weather-resistant and also UV-resistant.
  • Features a 227-litre storage box to hold different items.
  • The storage box is lockable for security reasons.
  • It is a low maintenance garden bench.


  • Assembly can be challenging without some help because some parts are a bit rigid. 

Our recommendation

The Keter Storage Bench is the only plastic garden bench on our list and it has proven to be worth the time. This bench is designed with an integrated storage compartment and it can seat two people comfortably. We would recommend this model to those who need a durable plastic bench, and somewhere they can keep cushions among other things. The plastic used is of good quality (which Keter is renowned for) hence the durability and robustness of the bench. 

Some people complained about the assembly of the bench is a bit challenging, but in the end, they managed. There are no glaring flaws in this product, therefore, it should offer good value for money. Overall, we would say it is a win for anyone who chooses to purchase it.

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3. VidaXL Bistro Bench

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Introduce some beauty into your garden by acquiring the VidaXL Bistro Bench. At 80cm high with a length of 100cm and a comfortable depth of 54cm for seating, this bench boasts beautiful metalwork that reminds you of something out of the Victorian era. The bench is created from cast aluminium metal, which is known to be lightweight, yet incredibly strong.

Able to seat 1-2 people comfortably, the bench is supported by cast-iron legs (which are very strong) and is a much better choice for the legs to ensure durability and strength. The legs are stable and well-balanced allowing you to be comfortable, even on uneven ground.

The outdoors can be cruel depending on the season or the general climate, and we get plenty of rain in most parts of the UK. Where wooden benches may shy away from moisture, metallic benches like this one thrive. The bench is weather-resistant and with little maintenance, the bench can retain its appearance for much longer than most wooden benches, as well as most other cheaper steel benches that quickly rust. It doesn’t take much to keep the bench clean because a good wipe will do. Assembling this 11.6kg model should be easy because clear instructions have been provided.


  • It has a beautiful design that adds décor to the garden/patio.
  • Made of cast aluminium that is durable and weather resistant.
  • Features cast iron legs that are stable and strong.
  • It is weather-resistant thus it can survive the outdoors.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Requires little maintenance.


  • Smaller than expected. It may not sit two big-boned adults well unless you don’t mind sitting close.

Our recommendation

The VidaXL Bench is one of the smaller decorative benches for your garden that will last for years. Being that it is made from high-quality metal you can be guaranteed longevity. The bench weighs 11.6kgs so it is not that heavy. It can be moved around pretty easily or dismantled if you are moving to another house. 

We would recommend this garden bench for those looking for a decorative metal bench that seats 1-2 people. The low maintenance nature of the bench provides a good experience for those who don’t have time for regular repairs. In conclusion, this amazing metallic bench would be a good addition to gardens/patios that already have metallic furniture and would look great under a metal garden arch.

No products found.

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4. Birchtree Steel 3 Seater Garden Bench

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Birchtree Steel 3 Seater Garden Bench

Introducing the Birchtree Garden Bench that is made of primarily metal but does incorporate some plastic for the lattice back. Its black colour allows it to blend with garden furniture that you already have without too much contrast. The solid bench has a plastic backrest and this provides a comfortable area to sit back and relax.

Designed to blend in well on patios and gardens, this simplistic model weighs around 11kgs so is fairly lightweight. It is a stable bench that can seat 2-3 people comfortably depending on their size. At 125cm long (which is just over 4ft) with a 53cm diameter for seating and 77cm height overall. The bench arrives flat packed and it will require assembly before use, as with nearly all benches. The good news is that the instructions are simple making setup a time-efficient process. 

This bench requires some maintenance to prevent rust from taking over, and this is mainly down to the more affordable materials that have been used. This means applying protective paints occasionally and maybe placing a cover over it during winter.

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  • Made from high-quality wrought iron with a plastic back panel.
  • It can seat 2-3 people comfortably.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • Needs a protective coating to keep rust at bay.

Our recommendation

As pointed out earlier, the Birchtree Garden Bench has a simplistic design that would suit any patio/garden. It is designed from iron which is a strong material that can last for many years. The bench has a smooth finish and it is comfortable to sit on, with or without cushions.

We would recommend this model for those looking for a metal bench that is simple and can seat three people comfortably. It is sold at an attainable price, therefore, offering good value for money. It may require a bit of maintenance but it is nothing that is time-consuming. Just don’t forget it has a plastic back panel if you’re looking for a 100% metal bench.

5. Furinno Tioman Wooden Planter Bench

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Furinno Tioman Wooden Planter Bench

Another wooden bench on the list is the Furinno Tioman Planter Bench. This bench hails its origins from Malaysia and it is made from Meranti wood. Meranti wood doesn’t warp or twist easily making it appropriate for outdoor furniture. The wood has been coated with teak oil to act as a sealant and prevent it from decaying, however, we would personally recommend giving it a new coat every year to keep it looking like new.

The water-resistant bench is supported by a planter on each end which is a nice design. These planters do not come with bottoms to make space for potted plants that need watering. With this in mind, you are better placing a pot inside these wooden planters.

These planters give the bench a unique design that allows the user to incorporate their favourite garden plants. We like how some people have used them to form a barrier at the edge of a patio or decking, one that looks fantastic.

This bench weighs around 16kg and it can support a maximum weight of 181kg. This is more than adequate robustness to support two fully grown adults. You will not require assistance assembling this bench as it is a fairly simple process taking around 15 to 30 minutes. All the required assembly tools are provided by the manufacturer so you can have them built in no time.


  • Made of durable and aesthetically-pleasing Meranti wood.
  • Can support a maximum weight of 181kg.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • It comes with planters to hold potted plants.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is weather-resistant and thus can be used all year around.


  • Needs regular maintenance to prevent the wood from disintegrating quickly.

Our recommendation

The Furinno Tioman Planter Bench is a great pick for anyone who needs a garden/patio bench made of dark wood. The wood used to make this bench exudes a dark brown colour that will blend well with most surroundings.

This bench is weather-resistant and it will survive the outdoor weather with no qualms. It needs to be coated with the appropriate wood oil to maintain its durability, ideally once a year but other than that, it is pretty smooth sailing.

What is admirable about this wooden bench is the design that allows the incorporation of potted plants. People who like to synchronise nature with their surroundings will enjoy this product. It also goes a long way to know that the bench is sold at an affordable price. For those looking for a bench/planter design, especially on a budget, this would be a possible consideration. We think they look amazing.

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6. Kingfisher 3 Seater Hardwood Garden Patio Bench

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Kingfisher 3 Seater Hardwood Garden Patio Bench

The Kingfisher Garden Patio Bench comes in a light brown colour that looks good to the eye. This bench is made of hardwood that is durable and easy to keep clean. The wood used has to be treated with oil to avoid damage from the different elements. To keep the wood from warping/splitting over time, protective oils should be applied once a year, as we have mentioned for all other wooden benches. You can also buy a cover for this bench but it is sold separately.

Weighing 11kgs this garden bench measures 149 x 66 x 90cm when assembled so at around 5ft long it’s much wider than some of the other alternative benches in this review.

It is easily assembled by one person so it won’t take much time, it takes most people around 15 minutes and comes in only 4 pieces.

The bench can support 3-4 people comfortably without creaking or wobbling around so is fairly sturdy. It comes flat packed with all the brass fittings that don’t rust and the assembly tools needed to put it together. Altogether it provides an easy user experience and provides good value for money.


  • Made from weather-resistant hardwood.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Offers sitting space for 3-4 people.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable to sit on without cushions.

Our recommendation

Anyone looking for a large bench can rely on the Kingfisher Garden Patio Bench. The bench is designed to offer space for 3-4 people at a time. It has a simple design that can blend in with other wooden furniture. This model is made from unspecified hardwood that is not as durable as the more expensive options, like oak and this is why we would recommend this model to those who need a low-cost hardwood bench. It is a nice wooden garden chair for occasional use.

7. Rowlinson Willington 2-Seater FSC Hardwood Bench

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Rowlinson Willington 2-Seater FSC Hardwood Bench

If you are in search of a more classical looking bench then the Rowlingson Willington 2-Seater FSC Hardwood Bench may be the perfect one for you. The bench is made from eucalyptus wood which is trusted in the furniture industry for its strength, despite its density. This wooden bench features a slatted design that contemporary garden owners will appreciate.

It can comfortably seat two people with comfortable armrests on each side. The garden bench is comfortable to sit on without cushions but you may add cushions if you need them. At 87cm tall by 124cm wide and 69cm deep, this model requires assembly and clear instructions are provided. You can choose whether to assemble it alone or get some assistance, either way, it should not be difficult to put together and only takes around 15 minutes.

Being that eucalyptus is not the most durable wood present on the market, you may notice a few changes in the wood depending on the season. According to the manufacturer, it is hard to avoid these splits in the wood but some maintenance can slow down the splitting effect. Read the instructions provided to understand how to cater for the bench in the long run.


  • Made of eucalyptus wood for durability.
  • Provides a comfortable space to seat two people.
  • Easy to assemble in around 15 minutes.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Possesses an interesting colour that is noticeable.


  • The wood needs regular maintenance to avoid accelerated wood splitting.

Our recommendation

The Rowlingson Willington 2-Seater FSC Hardwood Bench costs slightly less than our best pick at the time of this review and it does provide value for money. The bench can easily fit in any patio or garden sitting one or two people comfortably. It has a bright colour, therefore, it will be easily noticed just in case you are looking for a bench that adds some décor.

We would recommend this garden bench to those who are looking for more than the basic wooden bench. Because of its understated style, this bench will not only add a bit of elegance but it will provide a relaxed place for you to kick back and relax.

8. Greemotion Steel Tree Bench 

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Greemotion Steel Tree Bench

The Greemotion Steel Tree Bench will make a tree in your garden the best area for relaxing and creates a great focal point in the garden. The semi-circular bench has a beautiful design that will strike up a conversation whenever you have company around. It is made out of steel so you can be guaranteed durability. The steel frame is covered with a plastic coating to protect the metal from rusting. Even those living in humid areas (which is most of the UK) can purchase this model without worrying about the bench rusting quickly.

Weighing 22.5kgs, this garden bench measures 195 x 100 x 83 cm. It can support a maximum weight of 330kg making room for three grown adults or several children. It takes only a few minutes to assemble the garden bench, providing a user-friendly experience. Maintenance is no chore either because all the bench needs is an occasional wipe to keep it clean. It is far among the easiest models to keep clean in this review.


  • Provides a large sitting capacity for 3 people.
  • Great for creating a focal point under a tree.
  • Made from steel thus durable.
  • Weather-resistant thanks to the plastic protective coating.
  • Adds décor to the garden/patio.
  • Offers a comfortable backrest.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.


  • Quite pricey.

Our recommendation

The Greemotion Steel Tree Bench will demand more of you price-wise but at least it is durable. This garden bench boasts a beautiful design that will blend in with the trees in your garden. The semi-circular bench not only offers style but is robust. It can be used for many years and still retain its appearance.

We would recommend this model for those who enjoy sitting under the tree for shade and are lucky enough to have such large trees where this can take pride of place. It provides adequate space for you to get comfortable and enjoy your time in the garden. If you don’t mind purchasing premium products then this garden bench is perfect for you.

Buyer’s Guide

You may be curious as to what features to look for in order to purchase the best garden bench. In this section, we break down the various key points to consider before settling on a suitable garden bench. Because garden benches are simple in nature, there aren’t many major points to remember. That being said, let us explore these main points.


Now that you are searching for a suitable garden bench you might as well understand where the limits lie. The amount of space available to place/store a bench is important so that you can get the right size. You might select a larger size bench and end up trying to squeeze it into the garden/patio.

You may also want to consider the average number of people that will be using the bench. If you have a large family you may consider a bench like the Kingfisher Garden Patio Bench that seats four people comfortably. Alternatively, you can buy several benches and space them out if you have a large garden/patio.


When it comes to outdoor furniture the construction materials matter because they determine the rate of durability. If low-quality materials are used then the elements will destroy the bench faster than you can imagine. The best garden bench will not only survive the outdoors but will also be comfortable to sit in.

Wooden benches are aesthetically pleasing and they blend in with the natural environment. Hardwood benches like oak/teak/mahogany will cost more compared to softwood benches because they are more durable. Hardwoods additionally come with valuable resins/oils that keep pests and rot from damaging the wood. In short, wooden benches are great but they need regular maintenance to prevent the wood from warping or splitting.

Metal benches are more durable compared to their wood or plastic counterparts because they can survive the high impact. If the metal used is strong and weather-resistant, you can enjoy using the bench for years. Metals like steel, aluminium and iron are popular because they survive the outdoors. The metal has to be given a protective coating whether it is plastic/paint to keep the metal from rusting in the long run. 

Plastic benches are friendlier to the pocket and require little maintenance. They do not succumb to pests or rot, making them perfect for those living in excessively humid areas. It is recommended to purchase a bench made from non-toxic plastic so as not to risk your health. The plastic should be dense and of good quality to comfortably support large amounts of weight. Like all products, some are good quality and some are not, avoid cheap plastic benches as they can quickly become brittle, we recommend plastic products from Keter which has an excellent reputation for manufacturing good quality plastic products, including garden benches.

Stone benches are unique because they offer a different aesthetic to the garden altogether. Stone benches are easy to take care of and even easier to assemble but are usually extremely heavy. Most stone benches are conversation pieces that will intrigue your guests when they come over.

Style and design

Here is where all the fun is as you get to satisfy your personal preferences and stay within a budget. There is a wide range of designs available in the market. You can get a bench with a backrest or select one that doesn’t have one. You can select benches with additional accessories like planters to add more décor to the garden. Regardless, it all boils down to what will attract your eyes.

If you prefer classical looking benches like the Rowlinson Willington 2-Seater FSC Hardwood Bench then that is fine. You can also decide to be more daring and purchase benches with interesting designs like the Greemotion Steel Tree Bench. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Ease of use

The point of getting a bench is to acquire somewhere you can relax instead of it being a point of frustration. Selecting a bench that can be easily assembled saves you time and anguish. Benches that arrive with bad assembly instructions or lots of pieces will prove challenging to the user. Check customer reviews to know if the bench you want has any assembly issues. All the benches we feature are easy to assemble in around 15-30 minutes.

Once the bench is assembled, you have to do some maintenance to secure its appearance and overall structure. Depending on the type of bench you chose maintenance routines may be different. 

Wooden benches will require regular staining and the application of protective oils or varnish. Metallic benches just need an application of protective paint and you are good to go. Try and select a bench that will not be hard to keep clean or take up too much time attending to repairs.

Additional features

Garden benches also come with accessories or extra features that raise the customer experience. Features such as storage boxes, rocking feet, cushions, side trays, matching tables and planters are good examples of this. 

Storage boxes like the one found in the Keter Plastic Storage Bench will hold items that the user needs to keep close. These storage boxes can be locked to provide security from unwanted access. 

If there is a special additional feature that you require to make your time in the garden more pleasant then go for it. Many products on the market will satisfy your demands so do not be afraid.

Final Conclusion

Finding a garden bench is not a hard task if you know the features you are looking for. One has to be smart and select the best wooden bench or the best steel bench that offers good value for money. 

And once you do get your bench, look after it so that you don’t go back looking for a replacement sooner than expected.

Our best pick which happens to be the Robert Dyas Garden Bench offers good value for money and it is one of the most robust wooden benches featured in the review.

The runner up in the form of Keter Plastic Storage Bench is a good-quality alternative to our number one pick. This model is robust and it comes with a lockable storage box that will keep your items safe and dry.

If you have already decided on the garden bench that you want, you can always check for potting benches to turn your garden into a lush green paradise. With that said and done, meet us here next time for another informative review.

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