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Top 6 Best Garden Storage Boxes – Reviewed and Compared

Last updated on November 20th, 2022

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Outdoor storage boxes are a great way to keep the clutter from your garden if you don’t have room for a shed or if you like to keep your gardening tools close at hand. We look only at the best garden storage boxes, those that hold up to long-term use. We list their pros and cons and discuss their best features. Our Buyer’s Guide walks you through how to decide which is the best storage box for your garden’s needs.

Our Best Pick of Garden Storage Boxes is the Keter Store It Out Premier XL. This garden storage box holds two wheelie bins or an equivalent amount of your garden/pool/patio equipment.

The Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box is our Runner-up choice. It’s a mid-size storage box that doubles as extra seating for your larger outdoor gatherings and parties. No-one has to sit on the patio floor any more.


Keter Store It Out Premier XL
If you want to keep your wheelie rubbish bins out of sight or keep all your garden/patio/pool/barbeque equipment into one place, the Keter Store It Out Premier XL storage box is our choice. With 1150L capacity or two wheelie bins, your biggest problem is to keep everything organised. But the opening front doors give you easy access to everything that’s inside. The heavy plastic box is weatherproof (including rain) and UV-resistant as well as impervious to rust and mould. The piston-assisted lid is easy to open and has vents for air circulation inside the box. This is the garden storage box for those who definitely want all their garden gear stored in just one place. I also like that you can attach a couple of shelves although. there not included but it is an option.


Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box
Add some visual interest to your patio or garden with this storage box. Although it’s made of heavy-duty weatherproof polypropylene, this box has the appearance of woven (non-waterproof) rattan. This is a mid-size storage box with a capacity of 535L for your garden hand tools or patio cushions. It’s lockable with your own padlock and the side handle lets you drag it to another location easily. And you’ll want to do this as this Starplast storage box is specially designed to be sat upon and provide extra seating for your family and friends. You don’t have to worry about the lid sagging or cracking as people make themselves comfortable on it. I love that is blends in well with other rattan furniture you may have.

6 best garden storage boxes which we review:

  1. Keter Store It Out Premier XL – Our Best Pick
  2. Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box – Our Runner-up
  3. Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box
  4. Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box
  5. Suncast Premium Garden Storage Seat Box
  6. Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box


1. Keter Store It Out Premier XL


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Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Grey and Black, 141 x 82 x 123.5 cm

The Keter Store It Out Premier XL storage box is the largest box in our review. It’s grey ribbed walls are not only attractive but are also double layered to provide extra strength and to handle whatever tools and equipment are leant up against them inside. The sloped black roof has vents in it to provide air circulation inside the box.

The structure is made of heavy-duty plastic that resists mould and UV-rays while being easy to clean. Of course, this storage box is weatherproof, so everything inside it stays dry, especially with the in-built floor.

The internal storage space holds 1150L of your garden tools and equipment. You can buy fittings that let you put up shelves in this Keter storage box to be really organised and find your items easily.

Alternatively, many people store their wheelie bins in this box – it’s tall and large enough for two 240L bins. Included with your purchase are the fittings to use so that opening the lid of the storage box opens the lids of your bins as well. No more having to juggle with the bin lid with an armful of large rubbish bags.

And don’t worry about having to lift the bins in and out of the box through the top lid. The front of the box is actually a double door that opens easily to wheel the bins (and any garden equipment) in and out via a sloped ramp.

But things are even easier with the Keter Store It Out Premier XL storage box. The lid is piston operated and needs only one hand to open it. And you can lock the lid and the doors with your own padlock for security.


  • Storage capacity is an impressive 1150L for pretty much all of the garden tools for a medium size garden.
  • Wall panels are ribbed and double-walled for reinforced strength to handle whatever leans up against the sides.
  • Stores two 240L wheelie bins to keep your rubbish and recycling containers out of sight.
  • The lid is lockable and piston assisted so it’s easy to open.
  • Front-opening doors let you wheel your equipment and bins in easily.
  • Built-in floor panel keeps everything away from mud and water underneath the box.
  • The ability to put up shelves encourages you to keep everything organised and easy to find.
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction is easy to clean, and weatherproof and UV resistant to look good all its long life.
  • Dimensions: 141cm (width); 82cm (depth) and 123.3cm (height).


  • Pieces sometimes arrived damaged.

Our recommendation

If the Keter Store It Out Premier XL can hold two 240L wheelie bins, it can certainly fit most, if not all, of your garden gear. The optional shelving fittings even let you arrange your items so you know where they are. And the double front doors give you ready access to everything inside at once. The heavy-duty plastic used in the construction of this box holds up to all weathers and nuisances such as mould and rust, as well as looks good in any landscape.

We’ve made the Keter Store It Out Premier XL our Best Pick in this review. We like its extra-large size, its durability and its accessibility options.

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2. Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box


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Starplast Outdoor Garden Rattan Style Plastic Storage Utility Chest Cushion Shed Box With Sit-On Lid Container New 535L Litre 66-811 Black

The Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box introduces an element of design style with a black woven rattan appearance. The box however is made of heavy-duty weatherproof polypropylene which avoids the major problem of real rattan not being waterproof. Plastic is also easy to maintain with a quick wipe-down and resists rust and mould.

Opening this box is easy as the lid is on piston hinges which assist you with the motion. Security is available as you can use your own padlock to lock the box. However, this is not a very large box and the handle on the side helps anyone drag it away to other locations.

This Starplast box is specially designed for you to sit on the lid. With other brands, you may tentatively do so, but Starplast actively encourages you to use their storage box for extra seating on your patio or your lawn.

One feature we’re not sure about is how waterproof this box is. Plastic by its nature is waterproof but the sales blurb for this model explicitly states that the lid is waterproof and doesn’t mention the rest of the unit. Perhaps the weave of the plastic is not completely watertight.


  • Rattan design plastic storage box specially designed to sit on provides extra seating for your patio guests.
  • The lid is lockable and lifts up on piston hinges for easy access to the stuff inside.
  • The lid is weatherproof to keep the rain out from above.
  • Capacity is 535L, for cushions, small tools and other garden and patio necessities.
  • Handle on one side let you easily drag the storage box to other locations where seating is needed.
  • Quick assembly, you only need to find your Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Dimensions: 157.5cm (width); 75cm (depth) and 63.5cm (height).


  • May not be completely waterproof.

Our recommendation

The Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box is a great choice if you like garden equipment that does double duty. As well as serving as an attractive waterproof storage box with a rattan-like appearance, this Starplast model multi-tasks as a seating unit. It’s alright, the manufacturer has designed the lid to be tough enough for this.

This Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box is the Runner-up in our review precisely for its rattan-like appearance and its multitasking feature.

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3. Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

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The Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box is a simple box made from spruce wood. It offers storage for both indoors and outdoors but, as with most wooden garden storage products, we recommend using a protective treatment on it first to prolong its life.

It measures 50cm x 80cm x 45cm which is on the smaller side of the other boxes we review. The capacity is 58L, making it the smallest storage box in our review but large enough for your wellies. The box comes ready to use with no complicated assembly required which is a huge time-saver as most other models come flat packed, even the wooden models.

The box is sturdy, with a strong base to support the contents and a slanted lid for accessing your items. The lid is quite heavy and won’t lift in high winds and let rain and snow in. It’s also waterproof enough to keep the contents dry even in heavy rain.

This storage box’s legs are adjustable to counter uneven surfaces so you can level out the box. The box has a floor to prevent moisture from underneath from harming the contents but its usefulness depends on how you intend to use it. For instance, we don’t recommend it for storing animal and bird food as rats can easily find a way inside.


  • Comes in a beautiful wooden spruce rustic design that is low maintenance.
  • Includes a slanted heavy metal lid that won’t fly open in high winds.
  • Highly waterproof so it keeps the contents dry in wet weather.
  • No assembly required, just unpack it and fill it up with your garden stuff.
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 80cm x 45cm


  • The box is a bit smaller than expected.
  • Quite expensive for the size and the simple design.

Our recommendation

If you just want a simple storage box to keep your garden tools dry and secure, the Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box is just what you need. The box comes fully assembled but we always recommend applying a protective treatment to wooden structures used outdoors to ensure they last longer. This is a relatively small box and is best used for the garden tools and toys that you want to keep on hand and not have to search all through your shed for.

We recommend the Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box for those who like to have natural wood products in their garden and want a small storage space that won’t be overwhelmed by tons of garden stuff.

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4. Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box

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Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box

The Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box offers plenty of room to store both big and small garden items that you want to keep hidden from general view. The Lifetime plastic box is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that’s been coated with UV-resistant coating to preserve its colour and prevent it from becoming brittle. The box is also resistant to extreme heat and cold and won’t peel or crack. this is a tough addition to your garden storage spaces.

The lid is spring-hinged, strong and lockable and opens up to 90 degrees for easy access. It uses a gas-assisted piston which prevents the lid from slamming shut, which is a great safety feature, especially if there are kids around while you’re using putting things into or taking them from this storage space.

It is worth mentioning that this box is easy to assemble and that can be done in about an hour following the provided instructions. You receive complete base preparation details even before the box is delivered to you in kit form. This storage box comes with a 10-year limited warranty and that makes a statement on the lifespan of the box.


  • The box looks appealing in any garden, with an attractive appearance and design.
  • Manufactured from high-density polyethylene with UV-resistant coating to stop the colour fading.
  • Features a weather-resistant design that prevents cracking and fading.
  • Gas-powered spring lid stops it unexpectedly slamming into you or any kids that open it.
  • The lid opens to more than 90° for easy access to the bottom of the box
  • 500L of storage space for your garden tools and other paraphernalia.
  • Dimensions: 152cm (length); 61cm (depth); and 67cm (height).
  • Box comes in a wide range of other sizes to suit all your needs.


  • Top-loading box so you have to lift everything in.

Our recommendation

The Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box is the largest garden storage box in our review. The construction of this box is unbeatable, featuring high-density polyethylene plastic that is weather and UV-resistant. This box won’t crack, chip, warp, fade, peel or even stain. No wonder it has a 10-year warranty. The box is large enough for garden equipment, though you do have to put everything in from above.

The Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box is for you if you have a great deal of garden, pool or barbeque equipment and nowhere else to put it or want to keep it in hand.

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5. Suncast Premium Garden Storage Seat Box

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Suncast SSW1200 ® Premium Garden Storage Seat Box Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Storage (83 Litre Capacity - Taupe)

The Suncast Premium Garden Storage Seat Box storage box is one of the easiest models to put together. Even those who don’t usually buy self-assembly items will love this as it takes less than 15 minutes for one person to assemble this box. Just open the delivery carton, snap the storage seat together and put the empty cardboard box in the bin. There are instructions to do this.

This box feels sturdy once assembled and it should offer occasional sitting space without any problem. The unit features a contemporary stay dry design so it can be left out in the rain and the contents will stay clean and dry. With internal dimensions of 57cm by 44.5cm by 57cm, this box offers enough space for wellies, boots and the likes of small garden tools. It is quite compact so it takes very little space whether indoors or outdoors.

The empty box weighs only 6kg which we think is pretty lightweight in case you want to move it from one spot to another.


  • Compact, waterproof storage box for small outdoor areas or tucked into corners.
  • The woven pattern on the front gives some visual and design interest.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Easy to assemble following the provided instructions.
  • The sturdy and good quality box can be used as an occasional seat.
  • Dimensions: 57cm (width); 44.5cm (depth); and 57.2cm (height).
  • 83L capacity for garden storage needs as well as a temporary seat

Our recommendation

The Suncast Premium Garden Storage Seat Box is a compact resin box designed to cater for garden storage needs as well as serve as a temporary seat. Assembling the box is a breeze and perhaps it’s the easiest model to assemble in our review. The box is also waterproof so it can be left outdoors or used in your bathroom to hold wet towels.

We recommend the Suncast Premium Garden Storage Seat Box if you have only a few items to store and are looking for an easy to clean box that tucks away in a corner somewhere.

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6. Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box

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The Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box is a 390 litre capacity that is ideal for keeping all your contents dry and well ventilated when they are not in use.

The Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box adds an elegant design to any garden with a wood-style resin plastic finish. The plastic material is weather-resistant and UV-protected, thus will not be affected by the elements.

The Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box is a 390-litre capacity that is ideal for keeping all your contents dry and well ventilated when they are not in use.

The box includes a lockable feature that comes in handy when extra security is needed. The lid itself features a piston-assisted system that easily opens the lid whenever you want to get inside. The top provides that extra seating space that you need for two, perhaps just chilling outside while having a drink or a chat.

This model comes with assembly instructions to help you set up the storage box. You need to follow the instructions closely and like a challenge putting furniture together. As with other Keter models, the plastic finish and stainless steel lid are wipe clean making this a low maintenance storage option.


  • Made of durable natural wood-style resin plastic finish that is maintenance-free.
  • The material is weather-resistant and UV-protected so it does not fade, peel, dent or rust.
  • The stainless steel top comfortably seats two people for your parties.
  • Quick and easy to assemble with little or no tools required.
  • Includes a lockable feature for added security.
  • Capacity is 390L.
  • Features a piston assisted lid that easily opens when needed.


  • Assembly needs concentration and patience.

Our recommendation

 For those medium to large-sized garden tools and equipment, The Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box offers just enough room to keep them ventilated and dry.

There’s a lock feature in case you prefer to completely lock your items, perhaps to keep children from messing with the contents. The piston system is also handy when opening the box. The tough construction of this box ensures it lasts a long time thanks to the weather-resistant and UV-protected top material.

Assembling this storage box is somewhat challenging but once you figure it out, you’ll not only have a roomy box for your items but also a sturdy and comfortable seat for relaxing outdoors. And you can sit out every other day on this wipe-clean box.

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Garden Storage Box Buyer’s Guide

There are not too many things to know before choosing the best storage box for your garden’s needs. And most of it is research on your part about what you need. We cover it all in this Buyer’s Guide.

About you and your garden

What kind of things will you be storing?

There are all sorts of garden items that need a storage place to keep them out of the way and out of sight. They determine the kind of storage that will be best for you. They range from large pieces of equipment such as lawnmowers through medium-size power tools including strimmers down to hand tools such as spades and trowels. And of course, there’s your patio items, your cushions, furniture covers and tables in winter. Not to mention anything portable for your pool or hot tub. And what about children’s toys, BBQ utensils, gardening clothing and wellies, and even car washing stuff. The list goes on and on.

How large does the box need to be?

It’s essential that you’re clear about what you want to store. You must also be honest about how tidy and organised you are. Both of these affect how large a box you need and whether the box needs to be front opening. if you don’t have much stuff and you’re relatively organised about putting things in their place, a smaller box will do. And you can get away with a top lid as you won’t have to riffle around much to find things.

If you have many smaller items or a few large ones to put away, or you’re more on the disorganised side, you need a larger box. You’ll be rooting around to find what you want and need to move things around to find that particular item. Consider getting a shed with front opening doors as that gives you clearer access to what’s inside.

Where are you going to put the storage box?

It’s one thing to realise that you need a really large box to hold all your stuff and another to find a place to put it. Do you want it front and centre as a visual attraction or do you want to hide it away around a corner? Do you plan to access it often and need it to be conveniently placed on the patio and, if so, do you have room there? If it’s just to hold gardening tools, can you hide them in the bushes?

Be very clear about where the box is going to sit and how it will look.

Do you really need a garden storage box?

We know we’ve written this review about garden storage boxes but maybe they’re not the best solution for your outdoor storage needs. If you have a lot of garden gear, consider getting a shed instead. If you’re planning on putting the storage box on your patio, maybe consider a storage bench and solve two problems at once.

Garden storage box material 

There are three common materials used for constructing garden storage boxes – plastic, wood and metal.


Plastic is the most popular garden storage box material. It is long-lasting and is our top recommended material for low maintenance. Plastic requires just occasional washing to keep it looking clean and new and does not fade over time. It is lighter weight and cheaper than other materials. Plastic models are our top recommended models for low maintenance.


Wood brings a more traditional style and natural look in the garden. A wooden box may require staining to maintain its rustic look or can be painted to blend in with your garden furniture. We always recommend a protective treatment initially and then annually.


Metal outdoor storage has a modern look and provides a more secure storage option. They are usually made of steel which is quite difficult to damage or vandalise. This kind of toughness usually is reflected in the price of these boxes; they are the most expensive models. Metal outdoor storage doesn’t always look metallic, most are powder-coated in green paint to match the typical garden landscape

Check our review where we compare the best metal sheds

Additional Features

Even after choosing your garden box, there are some little things that might be of great importance.


Look for storage boxes on which you can padlock the door and lids. This not only helps to keep your items secure but prevents the box from opening in times of high winds and storms.

Base Reinforcement

Garden storage boxes should be erected on a solid, level and dry grounds to keep them level. Soil, grass or loose gravel may not prevent the box from becoming waterlogged in wet weather and an uneven surface might weaken the structure. Most plastic and wood models have built-in floors to keep them waterproof.


If you’re planning on putting large garden equipment in your box or like to have a clear view of what’s in there, look for a storage box that has front-opening doors as well as a top lid.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

Garden storage boxes are a perfect way to store tools and equipment used in the garden and other items that you want to keep safe and dry. The specifications and requirements of the storage are down to the individual so doing research beforehand can help you land your ideal storage box. The range of boxes we review goes from a small box to store your garden hand tools or wellies to an extra-large size that fits two wheelie bins.

The Keter Store It Out Premier XL is our Best Pick. This is a super large garden storage box with many conveniences that make it easy to use and maintain.

Our Runner-up adds some design to your garden with its rattan-like appearance. The Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Box officially doubles as extra seating as its lid is strengthened to hold people’s weight.

If you really like the idea of your garden storage space doubling as a seat, see our review on the Best Storage Benches. Or if you’ve looked at all your garden and patio possessions and realise that a storage box just isn’t going to be big enough, we have a review of the Best Garden Sheds that you need to read.

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