Top 10 Best Garden Storage Box – Reviewed and Compared

Top 10 Best Garden Storage Box – Reviewed and Compared

Top 10 Best Garden Storage Box – Reviewed and Compared

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With some garden storage boxes not standing it up to the job, we reveal 10 of the best garden boxes that will stand the test of time and provide that much needed outdoor storage

We’ve done our best to bring you some of the best garden boxes available today and they are all distinct in their own manner. We also have a buyer’s guide that will give you crucial tips on how to choose the best garden storage box.

There is usually a great amount of work going on in the garden that having a space to store the numerous things that are used there can be a decent approach to keep everything well organised. When looking for a reasonable way to store things outside, look no further than a garden storage box. The options in style, size, material and colour are practically endless, so finding something that suits the conditions and lifestyle is quite achievable.

Anyone with a garden will find the need for a garden storage box. These boxes are usually strong, generally economical and adaptable. They can be used as general storage as another option to a garage or garden shed, or for something more particular, for instance, a place to store wheelie bins, garden tools such as cordless lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, garden chemicals, firewood and even bicycles or children's toys.

Garden storage boxes are an ideal way to give some security to valuable things, keep the garden free from clutter and to protect things from the elements. Generally, storage boxes made out of all material will be reasonable for use outdoors, yet some materials and finishes are tougher and will last longer than others.

Best Pick

Keter Store It Out Max Garden Storage Box Review

The best choice overall, robust, very easy to use, no bending down and super easy to release the weeds.

  • Large storage capacity enough to take in 2 x 240-litre wheelie bins.
  • Opens from both the top and front thus allowing convenient access to the contents. Front has 2 wide open doors with a lock.
  • Features a hard-wearing, weather-resistant and fade-free plastic material that is also easy to maintain and clean.
  • Easy to assemble at home.

Garden Storage Box Buyers Guide

When investing in a new garden storage box, doing your homework beforehand is essential. Storage boxes are intended to be used for years so before buying one, it is necessary to make sure your box can live up to expectations.

Here are the important things you need to know before you buy a brand storage box for your garden.

  • What kind of things will you be storing - There are all sorts of garden items that need extra storage outside and they determine the kind of storage that will be ideal for you. The most common items include; lawnmowers, wheelie bins, bikes, Charcoal BBQ's and utensils, hot tub equipment, car equipment, children’s toys, leaf blowers, firewood, sun loungers, tables and cushions, just to mention.

    If you plan to store your children’s toys, garden boots and shoes, you’ll be okay with a small storage box while someone who wants to store lawnmowers, bikes or firewood will definitely need a larger box.

  • How large does the box need to be? - Of course, this depends on the amount and size of items that you will keep in the storage box. The kind of things that require storing might also be considered although you can keep almost anything in your box. If you need plenty of storage space, or perhaps a place to work on outdoor projects, then a shed might be a great option.
  • How much space in your garden will the storage box take - This depends on the number and size of the items that you want to store in the storage box and the laws of your local area. It will also be determined by the size of your garden and whether you want to use the box for other activities. No matter your preferences, you will want a garden storage box that won’t take up a lot of space in your garden so it doesn’t appear too large yet at the same time, large enough in size to store all your items.

Types of Garden storage boxes

There are several ways you can store your items outside:

  • Garden storage chests and boxes - These are compact alternatives to the old school sheds. They come in a wide range of styles, colours, sizes and materials to suit various needs. Some have wheels or side handles that help in movement and others have lockable lids for extra security. Storage chests are good for smaller spaces and they may require some assembly.
  • Garden storage benches and seats - These combine a discrete storage bench and a comfortable seating where mostly two can sit out for some good time. These boxes are usually found in wooden or plastic materials and keep in mind that cushions might also need to be bought. Garden storage benches are quite versatile as they disguise the need for storage as the need for a place to sit.
  • Garden storage cabinets - These are perfect for storing smaller items like small tools or chemicals, while the larger versions of cabinets can be useful for bikes and wheelie bins. They are usually found in metal or plastic materials. Garden storage cabinets are the preferred choice to use in commercial settings as they are often fireproof.

Also great

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box Review

Innovative storage and seating in one

This garden bench with storage under the seat offers a stylish and ultra-functional way of storing garden items. Your items will be safe, dry and ventilated in this box while you storage still enjoy some extra seating space outdoors which is a great idea.

Garden storage box material 

There are three common materials used for constructing garden storage boxes; plastic, wood and metal.

  • Plastic - This is the most popular garden storage box material. It is usually long-lasting and requires little maintenance. Plastic usually requires occasional wash to keep it looking clean and new and does not fade over time. You can choose between different styles such as wood-style finishing, rattan-effect finishing and classic neutral designs to achieve a decorative statement that blends in with everything else in your garden. Plastic also has the advantages of being more lightweight and cheaper than the other materials. Plastic models are our top recommended models for low maintenance.
  • Wood - This material brings a more traditional style and natural look in the garden. A wooden box may require staining to maintain its rustic look or can be painted as well to blend in with your garden furniture. Some may require treatment if they are to be left out throughout the year. The storage areas can also be made into seating as well as shelters. The box can be solid wood which will be a more expensive option but brings a unique look in your garden.
  • Metal - Metal outdoor storage has a modern look and provides a more secure storage option. They are usually made of steel which is quite difficult to damage or vandalise. This kind of toughness usually reflects in the price of these boxes; they are the most expensive storage boxes. Metal outdoor storage doesn’t always look metallic, most are painted green to match the typical garden colour. Others have a wood grain effect so they resemble natural wood. They are also painted in galvanized outdoor paint which protects against rust and decay.

Wooden Pick

Easipet Wooden Garden Shed Review

For those looking for something a little more natural

We loved this wooden storage shed, small and compact yet stores tons of stuff, nice shelf for added storage space and very easy to work.

Easy to build and being wood you even have the option to paint to match your garden design. Overall a great quality storage shed, very study.

Additional Features

Even after choosing your garden box, there are some little things that might be of great importance.

  • Security - Outdoor storage with padlocks might be better off in securing your items from intruders and any curious little ones. It can also be useful in times of bad weather such as strong wind or heavy rain.
  • Maintenance - If you are interested in matching your wood storage box to your garden furniture or your garden’s look, or maybe create your own decorative statement, then you might need to check out a range of exterior paints of wood from reliable paint retailers or online. You can also apply some treatment to your wooden box to maintain its natural appearance and prolong its life. Ideally wood should be treated yearly.
  • Base Reinforcement - Garden storage boxes ought to be erected on solid, level and dry grounds for obvious reasons. Soil, grass or loose gravel may not prevent the box from becoming waterlogged in wet weather and uneven surface might weaken the structure. Some home assembly models even require base preparation in one way or the other before installation. Generally, consider laying a concrete foundation for your storage box keeping in mind that it’s going to stay there for a long period of time. Most plastic and wood models have build in floors and so only require a level floor.


Keter Store It Out Max Review


Keter Store It Out Max Garden Storage Box Review

Keter Store It Out Max Garden Storage Box

  • Perfect outdoor storage solution for garden tools and equipment, bicycles and 2 240-litre wheelie bins.
  • Features heavy-duty floor with main door bolt and secondary foot bolt for secure closure.
  • Includes a piston-assisted lid plus 2 wide open doors for quick access to contents.
  • Features a durable design that is weather resistant, fade-free and easy to maintain.
  • It takes a compact shape that make it quite suitable for location all around the garden.

This is a loved and popular storage box of which over 2,000 reviews on Amazon can attest to. The Keter Store It Out Max comes flat packed meaning assembly is needed. In any case the instructions are pretty straightforward yet without written guidance; simply take your time to study the pictures and component for each stage and you’ll find it easy to assemble.

It does suggest 2 people but we think that’s only for fixing the lid on the hinge part but the rest is easy enough for one person assuming reasonable DIY skills. We recommend using a cordless screwdriver to speed the process up.

It’s made from high-quality, recycled materials which is strong and highly durable. The materials are UV and weather resistant to ensure several years of use without maintenance of any kind. No paint or varnish will be necessary as the box does not peel, rust or dent.

This box can stay outside in whatever condition; sun, rain and snow, and withstand these elements no problem. The box is easy to clean and this can be done from time to time using a damp cloth. You can also do the job with a soft brush and a garden hose or simply get the pressure washer out if you own one.

It features a piston-assisted lid along with 2 wide open doors which allow easy access to your contents. A bin opening kit is also included which integrates 2 lid-lifter chains for hands-free opening of wheelie bins stored inside the box. It features a heavy-duty floor panel with two closure systems; a main door bolt with padlock and a secondary foot-operated bolt. The floor has a sloped threshold that makes it easy to roll in wheeled items such as bins.The compact shape of this storage box makes it suitable for placement anywhere in your garden; patio, against a fence or wall or anywhere on the lawn. It can hold two 240 litre wheelie bins making it ideal for storing them out of site as well as gas barbecue's, pool pumps, bicycles and many others.

  • After our research we noted several complaints about this product having some broken pieces on delivery. If you happen to order this garden storage box, just take your time to ensure everything is great shape and if you discover any damage be sure to contact the retailer who will usually quickly dispatch a replacement part for you.

Would we recommend - The Keter Store It Out Max Garden Storage Shed is a high-quality product that is very impressive and maintenance free which most people will certainly appreciate. It comes from a reputable manufacturer which is Keter, we had recently also reviewed there sheds and were very impressed.

One of the most important features which separates this model from cheaper imitations is that its UV stable and weather proof.

We love the 1200 litre capacity as its ideal for accommodating all sorts of gardening items including barbecue equipment to lawn mowers, bicycles and pool pumps.

The closure systems are also great as the box can open from the top or sideways which means it ones of the easiest to access (no holding the lid open while trying to reach inside).

This garden storage box offers real value in terms of durability and if you are looking for such a large-sized box, it is an excellent option. We were so impressed we named this our 'Best Pick'. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Keter Store It Out Midi Garden Storage Box Review

**A smaller alternative to our Best Pick**

Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Box Review

Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Box

  • Requires assembly as it comes flat-packed. Easy assembly following the supplied instructions.
  • Made from weather-resistant materials thus requires no maintenance.
  • It has a heavy-duty floor featuring built-in support for shelving items.
  • Features stylish wood effect panels which open from the top or the front and feature a lockable clasp for secure closure.
  • It has a compact shape that makes it easy to place anywhere around the garden in small places a larger model may not fit.
  • Dimensions: 130 x 74 x 110 cm (L x W x H) ; Iinternal dimensions: 121 x 64 x 100 cm (L x W x H)

Another one from Keter, this is the smaller brother to the Keter Store It Out Max (Our Best Pick) and the smallest in Keter’s Store It Out versions which also include Keter Store It Out Ultra. This Keter Store It Out Midi is capable of accommodating two 120 litre bins.

The box requires home assembly and the manufacturer ensures the task will be a breeze providing clear assembly instructions. It’s made from highly durable, weather-resistant materials to ensure the box won’t rust or fade even when left outside in harsh conditions. But, if you wish to, you can store this storage box indoors away from the sun, rain and snow making it also idea for placing in a garage or large workshop.

What makes it very easy to access is the fact that It opens from both the top and front. The top has a lift-up lid that allow quick access to the contents while the front wide opening doors are convenient for allowing in/out of large items such as trash bins.

There are also optional metal hinges which can allow easy opening of the lid. The box can as well be locked if you want that sense of extra security.

It includes built-in support of which you can add some shelves for better organization. A floor panel is included for keeping your items clean and safe from moist ground. Furthermore, the compact shape of this box allows the box to be placed on any decent location of your choice.

Would we recommend - The Keter Store It Out Midi is a medium storage box ideal for storage needs both indoors and outdoors. It’s sturdily built so you can be sure it won’t fade or rust even when left outdoors.

Your tools and garden equipment will also stay ventilated and dry throughout. The shelves on this model are quite useful for organising your portable items and the lock provides extra security when necessary, this is great should you choose to have one next to a caravan as they make excellent extra store on caravan sites .

Assembly is pretty easy and fun as far as you’ll receive every part and in good condition. Nonetheless, the quality of this garden box is hard to beat and it’s worth a shot.

Overall as with all the Keter storage boxes, they are built to last and one of the best models available thanks to there high quality materials.

If our Best Pick is just that bit to big, this is the next best option without going to small.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Ward 145 Litre Storage Trunk on Wheels Review


Ward 145 Litre Storage Trunk on Wheels Review

Ward 145 Litre Storage Trunk on Wheels

  • Water-resistant box so it can be left outdoors.
  • Includes clip handles to secure lid and wheels for easy transportation.
  • It has a 145-litre capacity ideal for various storage uses.
  • Made from heavy-duty plastic thus providing years of use.

This storage trunk from Ward Enterprises has a capacity of 145 litres which is ideal for a number of storage uses including tools, toys, sports equipment and garden cushions.

The Ward 145 Litre Storage Trunk on Wheels is such a mobile box which can fit in a standard car boot plus it has its own wheels for easy transportation. It makes shifting from one home to another pretty easy as well as locating the box in an ideal spot.

There are also clip handles which enhance moving of this trunk from one location in your garden to another.

The trunk is made from heavy duty plastic to ensure several years of use. It is water-resistant so you can leave it outside in the rain and neither the box nor the contents will be affected as the close fitting lipped lid ensures rain will be kept out.

The base is quite strong and the trunk is even more stable when full for a child or average weight adult to sit on it.

  • The wheel arches inside the box takes up some considerable space that could rather offer extra storage space.

Would we recommend - This is great for the kind of things that you do not wish to have in your house and can find a place in the Ward 145 Litre Storage Trunk on Wheels.

This movable trunk holds 145 litres enough for storing paints, garden tools, and general bits and bobs. It even makes a great outdoor storage box for outdoor toys.

The waterproof design is great so you can leave it outside without worries. The box is quite sturdy and its mobility is something you will appreciate as you can move it around on the wheels as it could be heavy when full.

We find it less stylish in terms of design but that should not put you off from investing in this large and durable storage box that won’t even cause a ripple in your pocket. It not suitable for large garden tools like mowers, strimmers or even the garden spade but it does have it uses.

Overall a great storage box at a even better price.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box Review

Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box Review

Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

  • Comes in a beautiful wooden spruce rustic design that is low maintenance.
  • Includes a slanted heavy lid which is sure not to lift in high winds.
  • Highly waterproof so it can stay outdoors in wet weather ensure the contents stay dry even in the worst of the British weather.
  • No assembly required.
  • Dimentions - 50cm x 80cm x 45cm

The Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box is a simple box made from spruce wood. It offers storage both indoors and outdoors but as with most wooden garden storage products, we recommend using treatment to prolong its life.

It measures 50cm x 80cm x 45cm which is on the smaller side when compared to our 'Best Pick'.

The box looks sturdy with a strong base to support the contents and a slanted lid for accessing your items. The lid is quite heavy and won’t lift in high winds which is a bonus. It’s also waterproof enough to keep the contents dry even in heavy rain.

It comes fully assembled and the legs are adjustable to counter uneven surfaces so you have full control of the box. The box has a floor to prevent underground moisture from harming the contents but its usefulness depends on how you intend to use the box. For instance, we don’t recommend it for storing animal and bird food as rats can easily find a way inside.

  • The box is a bit smaller than expected. It’s also quite expensive for the size and the simple design.

Would we recommend - Sometimes you just want a simple storage box to keep your garden tools dry and secure, the Garden Trading Small Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box might just be what you need.

The box comes ready to use with no complicated assembly required which is a huge bonus as most other models come flat packed even the wooden models.

It looks sturdy at a glance with an attractive metallic lid. It’s advisable to apply treatment to the wooden body to ensure it lasts longer. However we would recommend treating all wooden storage boxes and even sheds to keep them in ship shape condition.

The small size, however, makes it ideal for small to medium things like boots, shoes, dog coats, empty pots, half used compost bags, and others items you want to neatly store and keep dry.

This is an excellent solution to limited storage for garden and DIY equipment though you have to spend up front for one of these boxes as they don;;t come cheap and are even more expensive than some of the Keter plastic alternatives we have reviewed.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Easipet Wooden Garden Shed for Tool Storage Review

Easipet Wooden Garden Shed Review

Easipet Wooden Garden Shed

  • Made from treated fir wood with solid panels all around.
  • Features a stylish Louvred front door design which allows better ventilation to reduce damp.
  • Includes sturdy metal door handles for firm and easy opening and closure.
  • The feet are adjustable allowing for easy placement on uneven grounds.
  • It has a raised floor for better protection against wet grounds and small animals.
  • Width 87cm x Depth 56cm x Height 95cm

This is another wooden storage box in our list that looks set to handle your storage needs. The Wooden Garden Shed for tool storage comes flat packed thus requiring home assembly with the help of the included assembly manual.

The process should take around 20 minutes if you are good with DIY, if not it may take a little longer.

It measures 87W x 57D x 95H cm which offers plenty of space for items such as wellingtons, boots, gardening gloves, small forks, watering cans, and other small gardening tools.

The two opening front doors have metal handles which allow you to pull open the box and get access to contents. The doors take a louvred design which allow air circulation thus ensuring your contents stay dry throughout.

This box has a raised floor so crawling animals can find it hard to get into and nest inside the box. This also helps the floor from becoming damp.

The box is made from treated fir wood which increases durability while still withstanding outdoor elements. A few coats of wood preservatives can ensure the box lasts for years.

There is a shelf inside but it’s not unfortunate that it’s not adjustable. This means you can’t store large or odd shaped items. The feet feature rubber material and they are quite adjustable. The adjustment is handy especially when locating the box on uneven surfaces and trying to make it balance.

  • The doors seem a little bit flimsy than the other panels.
  • The built-in shelf is not adjustable which may be a little of a disadvantage.

Would we recommend - The Wooden Garden Shed by Easipet is a sturdy storage box ideal for daily use and is a great wood alternative to the smaller plastic storage boxes.

It is pretty easy to put together in a couple of minutes with the right tools and have it ready to take your small gardening tools and equipment.

The box is ventilated so your items will stay dry at all times even during the wettest days which is a must for outdoor storage boxes, specially wooden models.

Made from treated fir wood, this box can stay for years with just once-a-year treatments.

The adjustable rubber feet ensure you can place this box on a rugged surface in your garden and the raised floor increases protection against ground elements.

This box is cheaper than our previous wooden model so we think it offers better value in terms of space and durability, the only real downside is the fact that it comes flat packed.

In any case, we recommend it for keeping small gardening items only and not only is this cheaper than the Aldsworth storage box reviewed above, it's also slightly larger and was slightly cheaper at the time of our review.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Rowlinson Mini Wooden Store Review

Rowlinson Mini Wooden Store Review

Rowlinson Mini Wooden Store

  • Features a stylish honey brown treatment that looks attractive in any garden.
  • Comes with a lockable single door but without the padlock.
  • Includes an adjustable shelf which creates additional storage options.
  • Easy assembly with instructions and fixings included.

The Mini Wooden Store Small Outside Storage Unit with Shiplap Cladding offers storage solution for your gardening tools in a sturdy and good-looking box.

The box requires assembly and it comes with instructions and fixings for the same. We’ll say everything is easy to put together on condition that you have good DIY skills or be patient and take your time and follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, first timers may find this model a bit tricky to assemble but its easy enough.

It comes with a lockable single door which is great but the padlock is not included so you will have to buy if you need to securely lock your items. Inside the box is an adjustable shelf which can create additional storage options especially when you want to separate some delicate items from getting squeezed in between hard tools.

It does have a floor which is pretty fine for hard surfaces and we recommend adding extra wood underneath the box before erecting it to help prevent the box from rotting. This is important considering it’s not easy to move the box from one location to another frequently because it’s quite heavy at 47kg.

If you would like to add some style to your box, you can apply a coat of micro porous paint from the many available brands. You can also treat the box with a base stain and follow up with a further coat of exterior woodstain within 3 months.

  • Assembling the box is a bit tricky as the instructions are somewhat confusing. The roof felt is also a little thin.

Would we recommend - This garden storage box is a brilliant quality offering storage solutions for low value items. The honey brown finish looks stunning in any garden and you can modify the look with your favourite colours.

The adjustable shelf is a great feature of this box meaning even though it’s small, you can partition the interior to keep some items separate.

It does require home assembly but we can tell you it can get a bit tricky. The roof is also another thing we disliked; some have reported it being a little flimsy. The box can do better with a sturdier roof, however it should be fine, specially is located in a area which is a little sheltered from strong winds.

As it stands, the Rowlinson Mini Wooden Stor with it's Shiplap Cladding is perfect for storing small garden tools such as hand lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, garden boots, car cleaning items and other smaller items.

Overall this is probably one of the best wooden storage boxes we have seen.?

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box Review

**10 Year Warranty**

Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box Review

Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box

  • The box looks appealing in any garden with an attractive appearance and design.
  • Manufactured from high-density polyethylene with heavy-duty, powder coated steel reinforcements.
  • Includes several shelving units and peg strips to help in organising your tools and have them at your fingertips.
  • Features a weather-resistant design which prevents cracking and fading.
  • It has a high-pitched roof for efficient drainage of water. The roof is UV-protected to resist fading and cracking.
  • Integrated with skylights which let natural light illuminate the interior.
  • Features a slip-resistant floor which protects against oil, stains and solvents.
  • Comes with lockable steel-reinforced doors for increased security.

The Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box offers plenty of room to store those of kind of items that you would like to keep in a convenient location outdoors. It looks pretty attractive and it would be a great addition to any garden.

The Lifetime plastic box is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) also featuring heavy duty, powder coated steel reinforcements.

HDPE is known for its durability, strength, and high resistance to chemicals and moisture. It’s also the material that makes the box lightweight while maintaining durability and strength. The storage box is also UV-protected and resistant to extreme cold and heat and won’t crack or fade. The box is also easy to clean, stain resistant and requires quite low maintenance.

The powder coated steel additionally makes this plastic shed resistant to scratches, chips and normal wear and tear. The coating prevents corrosion, rusting and protects steel parts from UV damage thus making it an excellent all-weather finish. It features a hard wearing integrated slip resistant floor which will withstand several years of abuse. The lid is spring-hinged, strong and lockable and opens up to 90 degrees for easy access. It uses a gas assisted piston which prevents the lid from slamming shut.

It is worth mentioning that this box is easy to assemble and that can be done in about an hour following the provided instructions. You’ll be provided with complete base preparation details even before the box is delivered to you in kit form. There are shelving units and peg strips which will be handy in organising your contents and facilitate straightforward access. This storage box comes with a 10-year limited warranty and that makes a statement on the lifespan of the box.

  • It is an expensive model compared to similar models in the market, however its worth the extra cost.

Would we recommend - At 500-litre capacity, the Lifetime 500 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box is the largest garden storage box in our list and perhaps among the large-sized boxes on the market.

The construction of this box is unbeatable, featuring the high-density polyethylene plastic that is weather and UV-resistant. This box won’t crack, chip, warp, fade, peel or even stain. No wonder it has a 10-year warranty which is obviously a huge advantage.

However large it is, this box is easy to put together and the instructions are pretty straightforward. You’ll also love the attractive design of this box, the lockable steel reinforced doors and the integrated shelving units.

You can store both large and small gardening items including trash bins, lawn mowers, large and small forks, gardening gloves and boots, shoes, and other items, Ideally, the box can take almost anything that can fit inside.

If you have such a large garden or many gardening tools and equipment, this box is definitely what you need. It is quite expensive but then you’ll get what you pay for.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Suncast Premium Garden Storage Seat Box Review

**Super Easy to Asemmble**

Suncast SSW1200 Premium Garden Storage Seat Box Review

Suncast SSW1200 Premium Garden Storage Seat Box

  • Waterproof storage box for small outdoor areas.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Easy to assemble following the provided instructions.
  • Sturdy and good quality box which is also used as an occasional seat.
  • Compact storage box; takes little space in your house or garden.
  • Dimension - 15" x 15" x 20"

This storage box is one of the easiest thing to put together. Even those who don’t usually buy self-assembly items will love the Suncast SSW1200 Premium Garden Storage Seat Box as everything is simply straightforward and you’ll be done in 15 minutes.

We find the instructions handy from opening the box, snapping the storage seat together and putting the empty cardboard box in the bin. This box feels sturdy once assembled and it should offer occasional sitting space without any problem.

The box is waterproof meaning it can be left out in the rain and the contents will stay clean and dry. This offers a great space to store garden tools, compost and such items. It is quite compact so it takes very little space whether indoor or outdoor.

This box features a contemporary stay dry design and it will look beautiful on any patio. With internal dimensions of 15”x 15” x 20”, this box offers enough space for wellies, boots and the likes of small garden tools. The empty box weighs only 6kg which we think is pretty lightweight in case you want to move it from one spot to another.

Would we recommend - The Suncast Premium Garden Storage Seat Box is a small box designed to cater for garden storage needs as well serve as a temporary seat. Assembling the box is a breeze and perhaps it’s the easiest model to assemble in our list.

With only 83-litre capacity, this box offers space for small gardening tools and equipment. The compact design makes it easy to move and the mocha resin look is stunning in any garden. The box is also waterproof so it can be left outdoors.

Overall, we are very pleased with this box. Small it is but it fits the bill, at least it doubles up as a seat when needed. It is also pretty affordable.

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Keter Eden Bench Review


Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box Review

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box

  • Features a decorative wood texture finish with 265 litre capacity keeping all items ventilated and dry.
  • Comes with a lockable feature for extra security.
  • Made of hard-wearing, weather-resistant and low maintenance fade-free plastic.
  • Suitable for garden tools and equipment, games, furniture cushions and other items.
  • The storage box provides a seating space for up to 2 adults.
  • Internal dimensions: 128 x 50 x 38 cm (L x W x H)
  • Bench dimensions - 140 x 60 x 84 cm (L x W x H)

This is another popular storage box with over 1,000 reviews on Amazon at the time we did this review.

The Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box comes flat packed thus requires self-assembly using the instructions included in the box. The exterior look features a decorative wood-style finishing yet the real material is plastic and you can choose between beige and grey colours.

Made of long-lasting and weather-resistant materials, this box can stay outside all year round and won’t be affected by the elements. The UV-resistant plastic will not crack, peel, dent, rust or even fade.

This box opens from the top and when the lid is shut it provides a seating platform for 2 adults. The stainless steel top is also easy to keep clean by just wiping it down.

You can store 265L capacity worth of garden accessories, lounge cushions and any other garden tools that must be kept dry and ventilated. To ensure your items are more secure, there is a lockable feature that will give you the peace of mind while you are not around.

  • This box is hard to assemble and we found a few complaints about some pieces breaking in the struggle to click them together so be careful and patient when assembling it.

Would we recommend - This box offers a stylish and ultra-functional way of storing garden items. Your items will be safe, dry and ventilated in this box while you storage still enjoy some extra seating space outdoors which is a great idea.

Even large items can fit comfortably in this box such as chainsaws or small pressure washers in a horizontal layout.

The Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box requires home assembly but the process is a bit tough. Sometimes you’ll have to force some pieces to click together and hope you won’t break one or two pieces in the process.

If set up right, this Keter offers 265L of space for garden accessories in a durable, weatherproof and fade-free storage box.

The price also pays better value for the amount of space you’ll get as it cheaper than some of the other plastic storage boxes with the added benefit of a bench..

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Review

Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Review

Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box

  • Made of durable natural wood-style resin plastic finish that is maintenance free. The material is weather-resistant and UV-protected so it does not fade, peel, dent or rust.
  • The stainless steel top comfortably seats two people.
  • Quick and easy to assemble with little or no tools required.
  • Includes a lockable feature for added security.
  • Features a piston assisted lid which automatically opens when needed.

Keter brings this storage box to the garden in an elegant design featuring a wood-style resin plastic finishing. The plastic material is weather – resistant and UV-protected thus will not be affected by the elements.

The Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box is a 390 litre capacity that is ideal for keeping all your contents dry and well ventilated when they are not in use.

It includes a lockable feature that comes in handy when extra security is needed. The lid itself features a piston-assisted system which automatically opens the lid whenever you want to. The top provides that extra seating space that you need for two, perhaps just chill outside while having a drink or a chat.

This package weighs 14kg and it comes with assembly instructions to help you erect the box. We can say the process is easy if only you follow the instructions pretty well and you are comfortable with a few challenges. Just like other Keter models, the plastic finish and stainless steel lid are wipe clean making this a low maintenance box.

  • This box is a bit tricky to put together so ensure you follow the instructions to the latter.

Would we recommend - For those medium to large-sized garden tools and equipment, the Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box offers just enough room to keep them ventilated and dry.

There’s a lock feature in case you prefer to completely lock your items perhaps to keep children from messing with the contents. The piston system is also handy when opening the box. The tough construction of this box ensures it lasts long thanks to the weather-resistant and UV-protected top material.

Assembling this storage box is somewhat challenging but once you figure it out, you’ll not have a roomy box for your items but also a sturdy and comfortable seat for relaxing outdoors. And you can sit out every other day on this wipe clean box. Yet, you have to splash near £90 for this box.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Finals thoughts and conclusion

Garden storage boxes are a perfect way to store tools and equipment used in the garden and other items that you want to keep safe and dry. The specifications and requirements of the storage are down to the individual so doing a research beforehand can help you land your ideal storage box.

Our guide has about everything you need to know before buying a garden storage box and we are certain it will be useful in your decision making.

You can learn from our list of top garden storage boxes that there is no perfect model or one-size fits all model.

In any case, you can always find one that will serve your need at a decent price. Here is a summary of such products that offer value for money:

Our Best Pick

It’s hard to beat the Keter Store It Out Max Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed to the best garden storage box title. The box offers enough room for keeping several items, large or small, including chairs, hand lawn mowers, forks, pool pumps, bicycles, boots, gardening gloves, and many others.

It’s hard to beat the Keter Store It Out Max Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed to the best garden storage box title. The box offers enough room for keeping several items, large or small, including chairs, hand lawn mowers, forks, pool pumps, bicycles, boots, gardening gloves, and many others.

The box requires assembly and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. There’s a heavy duty floor along with 2 wide open doors. It can also open from the top for accessing light items.

The material used in manufacturing the box is weather-resistant, fade free and easy to clean. It also takes a compact shape making it suitable for any location all around the garden.

With this model, you simply pay for what you get and no wonder it’s a top seller storage box on Amazon.

Best Wooden Storage Box

The Easipet Wooden Garden Shed for Tool Storage is our best wooden storage box. It is easy to put together and looks sturdy when assembled. The louvred side panels design allow air circulation thus keeping items dry throughout the year.

The Easipet Wooden Garden Shed for Tool Storage is our best wooden storage box. It is easy to put together and looks sturdy when assembled. The louvred side panels design allow air circulation thus keeping items dry throughout the year.

The fir wood used in crafting this model is already treated so we think it’s more durable than the other models.

It’s also the fairest when it comes to price comparisons with the other wooden models.

Best Portable Storage Box

When it comes to portability, we picked the Suncast SSW1200 Premium Garden Storage Seat Box for the title. What’s even amazing about this box is that it doubles up a chair when needed.

When it comes to portability, we picked the Suncast SSW1200 Premium Garden Storage Seat Box for the title. What’s even amazing about this box is that it doubles up a chair when needed.

It weighs only 6kg when empty and the internal dimensions are 15”x 15” x 20” so you can stash your small tools and equipment in a compact waterproof box.

Most Affordable Storage Box

When you are on a tight budget but in serious need of a storage box, the Ward 145 Litre Storage Trunk on Wheels can save the day. Made in the UK, this box is water-resistant and you won’t have to worry about it staying outdoors in the harsh UK weather.

When you are on a tight budget but in serious need of a storage box, the Ward 145 Litre Storage Trunk on Wheels can save the day. Made in the UK, this box is water-resistant and you won’t have to worry about it staying outdoors in the harsh UK weather.

Surprisingly it comes with wheels for easy transportation and clip handles to hold the lid securely.

At less than £20, you can win yourself a 145-litre capacity for keeping your garden seat cushions, children’s toys, tools, sports equipment, and others.

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