Garden Shredder Reviews – Top 8 Best Models & Buyers Guide

Garden Shredder Reviews – Top 8 Best Models & Buyers Guide

Garden Shredder Reviews – Top 8 Best Models & Buyers Guide

Best Garden Shredder

Updated October 2017 - We originally had 10 different garden shredders on our list but have had to remove 3 models as they proved unreliable over longer periods of time.

Garden shredders have become very popular in recent years, mainly due to the low cost of which you can now purchase a high quality, very efficient garden shredder for.

With prices now starting at under £100 for a good electric garden shredder, ideal for shredding a range of garden waste from around the garden to more expensive, heavy duty models which can cost between upwards of £400 but can shred thicker branches and have a high through put rate which means you can shed a lot more material in a lot less time.

They are extremely popular as they are a cost effective and efficient way of dealing with garden waste. 

After many hours of research, we think that the 'Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder' would be the best garden shredder for most people as the unique 'Turbine Cut System' was capable of shredding all different types of waste including soft green foliage and kitchen waste as well as hardwood clipping from woody shrubs, trees and hedges. This was the only garden shredder that can shred all types of waste, efficiently and properly, without getting any blockages. Most of the of other shredders were either suitable for soft foliage/ waste or hardwood waste but not both.

Bosch AXT 25tc shredder REVIEW


    • High power 2500 W motor and cutting speed of 41rpm.
    • The 'Turbine-Cut System' guarantees extremely fast material throughput from greenery to hard wood.
    • Up to 45 mm branch diameter cutting capacity
    • Automatic feed for easy shredding & low noise level.
    • Large 52 litre collection box.
    • Removable collection hopper, this means it stands at only 67cm when stored and comes with 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

Carry on reading to see our Top 7 Best Rated Garden Shredders below and see which models make the cut and which might be best for the materials you will need to shred.

The top 10 models are shown in the comparison table below, scroll further down the page for more information on specific garden shredders and to learn more about different features.

Further down our guide you can see our “top 3 models” as well as our “Best Buy Garden Shredder under £100.


Top 8 Garden Shredders

ModelPowerMax Cutting SizeTypeRatingMore Info
Bosch AXT 2200

2200 WATTS40mmCuttingSee Amazon Price
Bosch AXT 25D

2500 WATTS40mmDrum CutSee Amazon Price
Bosch AXT 25 TC

2500 WATTS45mmTurbine CutSee Amazon Price
Einhell BG-RS

2500 WATTS40mmDrumSee Amazon Price
Titan Pro 15HP
15 HP75mmCuttingSee Amazon Price
Draper 23321 Quiet

2500 WATTS40mmDrumSee Amazon Price
Dirty-Pro Tools

2500 WATTS40mmCuttingSee Amazon Price
PowerTec 2500

2500 WATTS40mmCuttingSee Amazon Price

You can read our latest review and compare the full range of Bosch Garden Shredders - Click Here

How we compare garden shredders

After hours of research we have compared over 30 popular models from the most trusted brands and manufactures to narrow it down to the top 8 models in there price range.

With budget prices from under £100 to more heavy duty models over £500, there is sure to be the ideal model for every situation and needs.

We compare and research models by talking to owners as well as reading hundreds of real reviews to find out what positive comments they have, as well as any faults or negative comments.

By doing this we can weed out any problematic models to save you hours of research and show you the top models at the best prices. One point that become clear is more expensive models are not all ways better.

How we rate garden shredders

When reviewing and recommending garden shredders we take into account the following features.

  • Motor WATT (power of motor – anything over 2200 WATTS is good.
  • Motor RPM (speed of motor – an RPM of 3650 and 4500 is good)
  • Cutting Size (size of branches it can cut – Bigger the better, most will cut at 35mm-50mm and 40mm is the most popular)
  • Price – We look at value for money, cheaper is not all ways better.
  • General ease of use and features – Does it have a collect box, reverse ani clogging system, autofeed.


The 3 garden shredders below are made up of what we consider the best models in their price range, starting with the cheaper model, ideal for occasional use, an average priced model for gardeners looking for something with a little more power and features and a more expensive model which is ideal for intensive use for shedding all purpose garden waste.



Great for shredding both softwood and hardwood material

Bosch AXT 25tc shredder review


  • Volltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Turbine cut system
  • Max cutting diameter: 45mm (5mm) more than other models
  • Material throughout: approx. 230 kg/h (45kg/h, more than cheaper model)
  • Collection box size: 53 litre (Also acts as a safety feature)
  • Weight: 30.5kg

The Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder is without doubt the best shredder manufactured by Bosch and probably one of the best, if not the best garden shredder ideal for domestic use. By sure not to confuse it with the cheaper Bosch 25D model as it does look very similar.

The main difference between the AXT 25 TC garden shredder and other similar cheaper models is that this model has a unique 'Turbine Cut System' which is not found on any other garden shredder models.

What this means is that it will easily shred both woody garden materials such as hedge clipping, thorny branches as well as soft green growth. Usually garden shredders will only shed hardwood material effectually or soft green garden waste but this model does both effective meaning you do not need to separate garden waste.

It is powered by a powerful 2500 watt motor which means it is not under-powered which which can be one of the main causes blockages. Another useful feature it has is in the rare event that it does get blocked when in use it has a touch pad which a reserve option which is handy for clearing any blockages quickly.

Other Advantages

  • It has the best throughput rate of any Bosch shredder at 230 kg/h for quicker shredding.
  • It has a larger 45mm cutting capacity, which is 5mm more than other models making it useful for nearly all garden shredding.
  • It has automatic feed for faster, easier shredding.
  • Low noise levels at only 82 db(A), a true quiet shredder.
  • One very positive feature it that it will not run if the collection box is not fitted, this means it safe to use around children.
  • One great design is the removable collection hopper, this means it stands at only 67cm when stored, saving 30% storage space when compared to the older model



Bosch AXT Rapid Shredder REVIEW


  • Volltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Blade chopper cutting system
  • Max cutting diameter: 40mm
  • Material throughout: approx 90kg/h
  • Cutting speed: 3650 rpm
  • Garden shredder dimentions: 76 x 44.5 x 36.5 cm
  • Weight: 12kg

The Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid shredder is our ‘top recommended garden shredder’, after careful consideration it offers many features that are very important for the safety of the user and protection of the machine when in use. At under £200, its the best shredder in its class.

Firstly its powered by a powerful 2200 watt powerdrive motor which has the highest torque when considered to similar models. When combined with the laser cut double sided hardened steel blade it makes light work of most branches up to 40mm thick, which is adequate for most hedge clipping and pruned garden branches.

It has a fast feed large capacity hopper and comes complete with a practical plunger that is used to speed up shredding and increase output

At 12kg its also light weight and it has transport wheels making it easy to maneuver to an ideal spot in the garden, the power cable is only 4 meters long so you may need an extension lead if your further away from a power socket.

Pros / Cons

The Bosch AXT Rapid Shredder is a super little shredder which we would recommend it to anyone who looking to spend up to £200, if you have a lots of shredding to do regularly then we would recommend something a little more powerful but for shredding branches a few times a year its perfect. For the price it the best model when compared to most other model.

There are some reviews online commenting on how quickly the blade becomes worn causing the machine to become less effective. Most of these problems are probably caused by users getting grit and soil in the shredder, its important to note that this will quickly blunt any blade, in any machine. To avoid this take care where you place trimming before shredding to avoid getting soil and grit on the branches.

We did a little more search and found that replacement blades were readily available for around £13.00 if needed. Try to avoid getting grit and soil into the shredder and you should not need to change much.



Bosch AXT 25 D Quiet Shredder review


  • Volltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Drum cut system
  • Max cutting diameter: 40mm
  • Material throughout: approx 175kg/h
  • Collection box size: 53 litre
  • Weight: 31.3kg

The Bosch AXT 25D quiet shredder is ideal for someone wanting something with a little more power than the Bosch 2200 reviewed above. It has a few extra features which make it a good choice for someone with more regular shredding to contend with.

So for the extra £100, when compared to the cheaper AXT Rapid 2200 shredder, what do you get.

Firstly it uses a unique 'Drum Cut System', which is excellent for shredding old hedges, shrubs and other hardwood type branch material. It does this very quickly and has a throughput of approximately 175kg/h which is nearly double that of the AXT Rapid 2200 shredder, it does all this whilst still reducing blockages.

It also has a more powerful 2500 watt induction Bosch motor which enables it to easily shred branches up to 40mm. It comes with a removable 53 litre storage hopper for collecting waste shredding.

What does it struggle to shred

  • If you have house hold waste to shred, then you may be disappointed with the results, as it may struggle to slice soft thin material adequitly

Pros / Cons

Firstly if you have lots of new stringy soft green growth to shred then this is probably not the best choice, if you have mostly hardwood materials such as hedge clipping and branches then this is model is worth considering. It also have a automatic feed unlike cheaper models which is handy and speeds up shredding.

Warning - This garden shredder is heavy!

One point worth noting is that is weighs just over 30kg, this is fairly heavy which can be a good thing and bad thing. Being heavy means it can be difficult to move for some people, it does have wheels which help when moving it around the garden.

On the positive side, as it is heavy it is well built and is a very strong peace of kit.



Einhell quiet shredder review


  • Volltage: 230 V
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Drum cut
  • Max cutting diameter: 40mm
  • Collection box size: 60 litre
  • Weight: 34kg

The Einhell BG-RS 2540/1CB Quiet Shredder is perfect for shredding tree branches, shrubs and other hardwood materials from around the garden and also features a welcomed, noise reduction facility.

The robust, durable design and its large wheels, means that it is very easy to move around the garden. The powerful, 2500 watt motor, powers a drum cut system which conveniently chips the material into small peaces.

Other features include a handy reverse function, this is great for removing blockages by simply loosening the blade, using the black screw and pressing the reverse button until the blockage is removed. 

To avoid the motor being overloaded, it also features a clever 'overload facility', which cuts the motor out to avoid damage to the motor.

Pros / Cons

The Einhell Quiet Shredder is another fantastic shredder, which is ideal for home use, it does a great job at shredding hardwood type materials,? hedge clipping, shrubs, trees, basically any material that is hardwood.

However, just like most other drum shredders, it? does not shred soft foliage very well, fresh green foliage, perennial plants, anything where the foliage is soft will not shred very well, so if you have this sort of material to shred, you would be better investing in the Bosch APX Rapid Shredder, which uses blades to cut the material and does a much better job on softer foliage.

The clear collection box is also a great idea as you can see when it needs emptying, a simple, but useful feature.

This model also includes 2 years warranty for extra peace of mind and spare parts are available from Einhel, including replacement blades.

A great mid-range model with big saving when compared to a similar Bosch model. At under £200, its offers great value for money.


Qualcast 2800w  Silent Shredder

Qualcast Garden Shredder Review


  • Volltage: 230 V
  • Motor size: 2800 watt
  • Cutting design: blade cut
  • Max cutting diameter: 42mm
  • Collection box size: 60 litre

The Qualcast 2800W Garden Shredder is powered by a powerful 2800 watt, high torque,  turbo drive motor. that powers a steel blade cutting system that spins at 45rpm, which effectively and quickly shreds branches, hedge cutting and other hardwood garden waste.

This garden shredder is quiet when in operation? and features a reverse function to help remove blockages easily.

Other features include a cut out switch and child lock, as well as large wheels to make moving it around the garden very easy.

Our thoughts

This model offers excellent value for money and is great for hardwood materials, thicker branches, hedge cutting woody shrubs etc. Soft foliage like leaves and thin stems seem to go through without shredding. 

Overall, it offers excellent value and does a great job. Be sure to shop around as the price does vary, quite significantly between retailers. Comes with 2 years guarantee for extra peace of mind.




  • Volltage: 230 V
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Drum cut
  • Max cutting diameter: 40mm
  • Weight: 19.5KG

The Draper 23321 Quiet Shredder is designed to shred foliage up to a thickness of 40mm in diameter. It features a fully hardened steel roller, that is powered by a powerful 2500 watt motor which does have a overload safety device. This prevents damage to the machine should it be overloaded.

Comes complete with a collection bag and push stick to aid putting material into the hopper when shredding garden waste.

Out thoughts

Overall is not a bad shredder but there are better models within the same price range we would recommend. over this Draper shredder.


On Amazon, there are a few reviews regarding issues with the machine not starting or similar problems, however its clear that the faulty products have quickly been exchanged for a new one by either Amazon or Draper who are the manufactures. 

For the money I would expect better, and would probably look at other models.


With the introduction of Chinese imports in the last few years, there are now many garden shredders that retail under £100. Most are very poorly designed, lack the necessary power and are inefficient but there are a few models that do stand out from the rest and we would happy recommend them.

  • When not to buy a cheap garden shredder

Firstly, we would never recommend any of these garden shredders for anyone who does lots of garden shredding, do your self a favor and spend the extra for a more robust machine such as the Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid Shredder.

That being said, if you have the odd hedge, shrub or twig trimming to shred and it seems to a little much to spend hundreds of pounds on one, then this budget models would be up to the job and offer excellent value for money.



Dirty pro tools shredder


  • Volltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Blade
  • Max cutting diameter: 40mm
  • Collection box size: 50 litre
  • Long 6 meter power cable.
  • Size 95 x 55 x 38 cm H/D/W
  • Weight:15kg

This garden shredder is manufactured by Dirty Pro Tools and offers the best value for money. It has all the same specification as most of the more expensive models available including a maximum cutting diameter of 40mm, a powerful 2500 watt motor, a large 50 litre collection hopper which is clear so you can easily see when it needs emptying and a safety cut off switch to prevent you burning out the motor.


Dirty Pro Tools do sell this model as a professional, but affordable option, this means it does handle a good amount of work. I would not recommend getting this model for extensive shredding jobs, however it would certainly be a good option for someone looking for an affordable and efficient garden shredder to use around the garden.

Garden Shredder Buyers Guide

What garden shredders can be used

Garden shredders can be a handy bit of equipment and can be used for anything from putting your general garden and kitchen waste through to make compost to putting through hedge trimming and pruned branches which can be made into chipping to put around the garden as a mulch or mixing with compost. No longer would you need to go to the local recycling centre to dispose of your hedge clipping or garden waste and at the same time recycling your waste to make something useful whether it be mulch for around the garden or compost for the flower beds which only takes around 12 months to make

There are two main types of garden shredder and a new type which we will describe the types below, what you intend to use your garden shredder for may determine which garden shredder is best for you.

Different types of garden shredders

Quiet / Drum Shredder - The quiet shredder also known as the drum shredder is the most popular type of garden shredder and is usually electric powered. This type of shredder works by pulling it though into the shredder and crushing the waste again a roller and flat edge, the roller is usually ridged and brakes the material up as it goes through. These shredders are good for cutting and crushing hedging clipping and garden branches but may not be as suited for kitchen waste and it may not shred very easy due to the nature of the material being flat and soft.

Impact / Cutting Shredder - The cutting shredder is available as both a electric or as a petrol shredder and works by chopping the material up with very sharp blades as it passed through the shredder. These are very powerful and will usually accommodate branches up to 40mm. These shredders are ideal for hedge cutting, pruned branches, garden and kitchen waste

Some impact / cutting shredders will not shred green soft foliage such as leaves and fresh green shoots very well, in reality the best shredders for this have proven to be Bosch models with the turbine cut shredder fitted (see below). Most shredders are deigned for more hardwood garden waste such as hedge and shrub pruning

Turbine cut shredder (Bosch Brand Shredder) - There is also a third type recently introduced to the market which uses a process called ‘Turbine cut’ which is a cross between the two types of garden shredder, an innovative ‘Cut and Crush’ drum cutting system is designed to shred large volumes of medium sized branches, shrubs and green material of up to 40 mm in diameter

Should you invest in a electric or petrol garden shredder

Our in depth research focused more on electric garden shredders, as apposed to petrol models as these are the by far the most popular type of garden shredder and are designed with domestic use in mind and are perfect for home owners.

Who should consider an electric garden shredder

Electric shredders are very popular and ideal for small and medium sized gardens with some more powerful models even suitable for larger gardens. Electric models tend to be light weight, easy to use, maneuver and generally quieter when in use. They are perfect for home use to shred your own hedging, tree and shrub clipping and shredding garden waste which well then rot down much quicker when composted down.

Petrol Garden Shredders

Petrol shredders are ideal for more intensive shredding and trade use as they are more powerful, they are also useful if you need a more mobile option where there may not be power supply for an electric shredder. They can usually cope with larger branches too and have a faster throughput rates but are heavier and much noisy.

Our top recommended petrol garden shredder for home use is the 'Titan Pro 15hp Petrol Shredder'


After originally reviewing over 15 garden shredders from various manufactures, there were only really, a handful of models, that we would recommend.

With prices ranging significantly, starting at around £100 for a low cost budget model, to over £400, for more heavy duty models suitable at shredding a range of materials. With this in mind, the first question you need to ask your self is 'What is your budget?'

We found that most garden shredders are great at shredding hardwood materials such as hedge cutting, tree branches, shrubs, and other hardwood garden waste. The only shredder that seemed capable at shredding both hardwood and green garden waste was the Bosch AXT TC Quiet Shredder, one of the reasons we named it our 'Top Pick', as it is suitable for a large range of shredding jobs, and as such, would also suitable for most people.

Our 'Top Pick' however, might not be within everyone's budget so see all our 'Top Recommended Models' below.

OUR BEST PICK - SUITABLE FOR ALL SHREDDING TASKS - The Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder, is designed to shred all types of garden waste from hardwood hedge trimming and pruning from trees, to soft green growth such as perennials and even kitchen waste. A great mult-purpose shredder but also, one of the most expensive.

BEST FOR SHREDDING HARDWOOD GARDEN WASTE - Again, Bosch win this spot with their Bosch AXT 25 D Quiet Shredder, this model is similar to our 'Best Pick', which is also manufactured by Bosch but uses a drum cut technique instead. The cutting system is not as advanced at out 'best pick', which uses an advanced 'Turbine cut' system. However, it does a great job at shredding any wooden garden waste you feed into it, such as trees, old hedges, thorny shrubs. 

BEST GARDEN SHREDDER UNDER £100 - We felt that the Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder was by far, the best shredder around the £100 mark. This garden shredder has been well designed and all though it may not be as well known, as big manufactures like Bosch, they have gone out and beyond to manufacture, what is one of the best garden shredders at a extremely low price, its hard to believe they could manufacture, such a good product at such a low price, however they do seem to have pulled it off. This model is great for hardwood garden waste and seems to be sufficient with green foliage but can clog but its worth mentioning its easy to remove blockages. This model would be great for anyone with a hedge or trees they need to trim and shred. I would go as far as saying its probably the best budget model available.

BEST GARDEN SHREDDER UNDER £200 - The Einhell BG-RS 2540/1CB Quiet Shredder is significantly cheaper than the Bosch AXT 25D Quiet shredder and is very similar in design. Both shredders use a drum cut technique and are ideal for shredding hardwood materials. A great alternative for anyone who doesn't want to spend quite as much, as the Bosch model would cost. 

BEST GARDEN SHREDDER FOR SOFT GREEN GARDEN WASTE - Most garden shredders are great for hardwood materials but not great at shredding softer green waste. The Bosch AXT RAPID Shredder is ideal for shredding green waste as it uses a double sided cutting blade to cut the waste rather then crushing it like drum shredders do. Its also the best selling garden shredder on Amazon. Our Best Pick is also suitable for soft green waste.

Bosch AXT 25tc shredder REVIEW


    • High power 2500 W motor and cutting speed of 41rpm.
    • The 'Turbine-Cut System' guarantees extremely fast material throughput from greenery to hard wood.
    • Up to 45 mm branch diameter cutting capacity
    • Automatic feed for easy shredding & low noise level.
    • Large 52 litre collection box.
    • Removable collection hopper, this means it stands at only 67cm when stored and comes with 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

Read our Bosch review to learn why Bosch sell more garden shredders in the uk, than any other manufacturer

Bosch shredder review where we compare all 3 models and see which is best

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