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The UK’s Best Garden Shredders – Electric & Petrol Models (Top 8)

Last updated on March 25th, 2024

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I’ve been using garden shredders for over 15 years, mostly in my own garden. However, my mum and dad own a small holding with a small wood and extensive gardens. We also own a small family run nursery which means we have plenty of use for garden shredders. I like to think I’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes the best garden shredder. They’re definitely one of the best investments after a decent pair of loppers, a cordless chainsaw and a decent hedge trimmer if you have a lot of garden waste such as hedge trimmings.

Instead of putting all that waste in the green bin or taking it to the local tip, I like to make it into usable material. Plus, I like to think I’m doing my bit for the environment too.

Testing the Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder to chip tree branches
Shedding some branches with my Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Shredder

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Trimmings from hedges, trees and shrubs can be used as mulch and placed under the hedgerows or onto borders. This helps suppress the weeds, retain moisture, and put some goodness back into the soil. Then green waste, which I generally collect in autumn as annuals and perennials die back, can be shredded and placed on the compost heap.

The first thing to know is there are two main types of garden shredders plus a Turbine cut system only Bosch have. You have drum shredders which crush and cut the material. These are excellent for shredding hardwood, usually branches up to 40mm in diameter. This includes waste like hedge trimming, shrubs and tree pruning. This makes excellent mulch chipping. Next, you have impact shredders. These are usually more affordable and are ideal for thinner diameter hedge clipping, but also green waste such as the perennials and annuals you cut back in the autumn.

Before I get into the detailed reviews below, I want to discuss some of my favourite garden shredders quickly.

Bosch AXT 25 TC 2500W Garden Shredder ready to use
My Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder

I think one of the best electric shredders is this Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder pictured above, which I’ve had for around six years now. This electric garden shredder is the only model that shreds hardwood and almost any garden and kitchen organic matter you throw at it. This is because it has a unique Turbine Cut System. I have found that branches up to 45mm go through easily, and the automatic feed makes things flow through quickly. The Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder does all the shredding you need, and I think it’s well worth the extra investment if you use it enough. If I had to recommend just one garden shredder, this Bosch AXT 25 would have to be it. Not many shredders can handle all types of waste like this model can. The only downside is that it’s expensive. However, I think it’s well worth the price.

New version – Identical model, new colour scheme

my Forest Master FM6DD-MUL Compact 6HP Petrol Wood Chipper/Mulcher

The only other garden shredder I own that can effectively shred different types of waste is my Forest Master FM6DD-MUL Compact 6HP Petrol Wood Chipper/Mulcher. I have used this petrol shredder around the nursery for around two years. It has become clear that it is the answer for anyone who needs a petrol wood chipper, mulcher and garden shredder. It’s the only other comparable alturnative to my Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder. I have used it mostly on hedges trimmings, including leylandii, hawthorn, laurels and cotoneaster. I’ve even mulched tree branches up to 50mm, which is impressive. It’s also excellent at shredding green waste, including weeds, herbaceous foliage, and even ivy. It has also proved very reliable, and the 6.5HP engine always starts the first time and produces plenty of power and torque.

If you only have hardwood to shred, this could be hedge trimming, shrubs and tree branches. I would look at a drum shredder instead and save yourself some money. They are very reliable, effective and just as capable. I’m a fan of this Hyundai 2800W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder. It’s a great machine, well built, has plenty of power, a large collection box and a decent warranty of 3 years.

The best garden shredders that I have included in my review are listed below:

  1. Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder – Been using this garden shredder for over six years. It has never let me down and shreds both hardwood and soft green foliage.
  2. Hyundai 2800W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder – If you have woody material for shredding, this is a good affordable option. No good with soft green foliage
  3. Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Shredder – Had this for two years. An amazing shredder/mulcher for everything from large branches up to 50mm to soft green material like grass, weeds and herbaceous foliage
  4. Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder – Perfect for hardwood such as hedge trimming, tree branches and shrubs
  5. The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box – Another good option for hardwood such as hedge trimming, tree branches and shrubs
  6. Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder – Good for soft green foliage
  7. Dirty Pro Tools 2500 Watt Garden Shredder – Probably one of the most affordable, perfect for occasional use on hardwood such as hedge trimming, tree branches and shrubs
  8. Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder – Another one for hardwood such as hedge trimming, tree branches and shrubs.

Top 8 Best Garden Shredder Reviews

1. Bosch AXT 25 TC 2500W Garden Shredder With Turbine Blade

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Bosch AXT 25 TC 2500W Garden Shredder With Turbine Blade

My Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder, which I have owned for around 6 years, is undoubtedly the best electric garden shredder I have owned. It’s twice the price of most other models. However, it’s not a fair comparison as this is the only shredder that can shred hardwood such as tree branches and garden green waste like leaves, weeds, and other soft foliage. No other electric garden shredder can shed these different types of waste effectively. All the other drum shredders will only shred hardwood. In fact, the only other garden shredder that can different materials is my Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder, but that model is petrol which is not for everyone.

Bosch AXT 25 TC 2500W Garden Shredder ready to use

It shares some common parts with the more affordable Bosch XT 25D quiet shredder. However, it uses a Turbine Cut System, whereas most other shredders generally use a drum cutting system (similar but not the same). Be sure not to confuse it with the cheaper 25D model because it does look very similar. However, the performance is very different as this is a drum cutting system.

If you’re looking only chip only woody material (hedge trimming, tree pruning, shrubs), then the cheaper 25D is fine, or even consider the 2800W Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder at nearly half the price. However, if you want to shred woody and leafy soft foliage as I did, the AXT 25 TC is by far the better option and worth investing more in.

Watch the video below to see this shredder in action

The unique Turbine Cut System is what sets this Bosch AXT 25 TC garden shredder apart from all other models, as shown in the picture below.

Picture of the turbine cutting blades
Turbine cutting blades

What makes this shredder system so good is that it will easily shred both woody garden materials such as thick woody hedge clippings, thorny branches, tree branches as well as soft green growth like branches with lots of leafy foliage on, cut back perennials and other thin leafy plants. Usually, garden shredders will only shred hardwood material or shred soft garden waste, but the AXT 25 TC handles both very well. You do not need to separate garden waste, saving you time and effort. Everything can be composted down or placed in your recycle bin.

Mulch created by my Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder

The Bosch AXT 25 TC is powered by a powerful 2500 watt motor, making it one of the most powerful garden shredders available. The 53L collection box holds enough wood chips, so you don’t have to empty it too often.

Another useful feature it has, which we really like, in the rare event that it does get blocked when in use, is the touchpad with a reverse option. Reverse the flow and clear the blockage easily.

One other handy feature of this model is the removable hopper. This is handy for storage because, without the hopper, the unit stands only 67cm tall, so it will easily fit underneath shelving or tables, as shown below.

The hopper fits inside the collection box for compact easy storage
The hopper fits inside the collection box for compact, easy storage


  • An electric garden shredder that shreds almost everything organic, hard and soft that you throw into it.
  • The throughput rate at 230 kg/h for quicker shredding is the fastest in my review.
  • The large 45mm cutting capacity is 5mm more than most other models, making it useful for nearly all garden and kitchen waste.
  • Automatic feed for faster, easier loading of waste.
  • Low noise levels at only 82 dB(A), a true quiet shredder.
  • The safety feature is that it will not run if the collection box is not fitted.

My recommendation

After six years of using this Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder I can confirm it really is an amazing machine. It shreds woody material with ease and even more woody perennial-type waste at the end of the season. It also shreds greenery and soft organic waste, so you don’t have to worry about sorting out your hard and soft garden and kitchen waste. It’s also the fastest shredder in my review, and it’s surprisingly quiet. Yes, it’s more expensive than other shredders. However, you’re investing in convenience and minimising your time and effort. It’s also a machine thats lasts!

I chose this Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder as the Best Pick of all the models I have in this review. If you have a variety of types of garden waste, this is the all-in-one machine that makes your shredding life as easy as it gets.

New version – Identical model, new colour scheme

Read our latest review and compare the full range of Bosch Garden Shredders in our Bosch Shredder review.

2. Hyundai HYCH2800ES Quiet Electric Garden Shredder – 2800W

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My Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder 2800w
Hyundai HYCH2800ES Quiet Electric Garden Shredder

This 2800W Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder is an excellent alternative to my favourite, the Bosch Garden Shredder AXT 25 TC I just reviewed, and it’s a good chunk cheaper too. However, it all comes down to dialling in the blade setting using the dial on the side of the shredder. More on this further down!

It’s important to note that this goes for most drum shredders. With all these types of drum shredders, I have noticed this is where people go wrong, leading to poor performance. I’ve had a few people complain that it’s not cutting or even chipping the material; instead, it’s lashing and crushing it and creating long ribbons of foliage (not chips). This is usually because they are using it to shred the wrong type of material or, more often than not, the blade setting has not been set correctly using the turn dial before use.

Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder 2800w shredding woody beech trees
The Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder is being used to chip beech prunings

Let’s first discuss what it’s suitable for shredding. That is woody material! This is hedge clipping, woody shrubs, and tree pruning. Now this will shred green material, but this is where there is usually confusion. By green waste, I’m referring to green hedging like leylandii and privet (not soft perennial plants or kitchen waste). It will not shred green waste such as weeds, kitchen waste or any soft green plant growth. It’s simply not designed for this.

Next is the blade adjustment I touched on earlier. It’s easy enough to get set up if you know how. Get this wrong; it will not do the job and leave you pulling your hair out. However, this is definitely a user error, not the design fault. 

So first, you need to understand that this machine works by using a rotating drum with hard steel blades that grind against a flat piece of soft metal, usually aluminium. This means that the blades on the drum need to slightly touch the flat piece of metal to work as designed. To set the blade perfectly, you start the machine and slowly turn the dial until you start to hear a light grinding. This is when it’s set up correctly. It’s hard to explain, but you will know what I mean when you use it.

So unlike my Forest Master FM6DD-MUL Petrol Wood Chipper Mulcher Shredder (A great shredder, too), with this electric Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder, there is no messy petrol to worry about. Surprisingly it also has a longer 10-meter (32ft) cable, which is handy as you often don’t need an extension lead. This is important as most electric shredders include a power cable that is 4 meters if you’re lucky!

The control panel on the Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder 2800w for ON/OFF and forward and reverse
The control panel on the Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder 2800w for ON/OFF and forward and reverse

It has a powerful 2800W motor (one of the most powerful of all electric garden shredders in this review). It will easily shred branches over 40mm. In fact, it’s rated for branches up to 44mm in diameter.

Another thing I like about this Hyundai model is that it has one of the most oversized collection boxes at 60 litres, so you don’t have to empty it as often as other shredders. However, the bin is not transparent, so you do have to keep opening the lid to find out how much room you have left in it. One minor niggle is how the clippings sometimes gather at one end of the collection box. But, you quickly get used to taking a break now and then to shake up the collection box. Not a big deal.

Chipping made by the Hyundai garden shredder

The two wheels on the back and the handle on the top of the shredder let you quickly transport the shredder. However, like most models, it is a little top heavy, so be careful when moving it around.

A feature it does have is a safety overload system that automatically cuts off the shredder if this is a blockage. All you need to do is stop the machine and then run it in reverse, and it should unblock. It also has a flat push stick which lets you push the branches through safely and efficiently.


  • One of the most powerful electric garden shredders with a powerful 2800W Hyundai motor.
  • Crushes and chips wood up to a maximum of 44mm diameter.
  • Ultra-quiet shredder at 96dB for its size.
  • Safety overload protection system.
  • The large collection bin has a 60L capacity and is detachable.
  • Shredder has two wheels for easy portability.
  • Flat push stick to safely guide in branches.
  • Easy to use push button controls.
  • The long power lead is 10 meters long.
  • Heavy duty shredder that is fairly lightweight at just over 20kg.
  • Three-year domestic Hyundai warranty for full peace of mind.

 My recommendation

This Hyundai 2800W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder is very quiet and efficient and probably one of the best models for the price. When compared to the Bosch Garden Shredder AXT 25 TC, it’s just as efficient as shredding woody materials. However, it could be better when shedding soft green waste such as weeds, perennials and other soft foliage or kitchen waste.

This is where the Bosch SXT TC wins a few more points. However, if you have woody shrubs, trees or hedge cutting to chip and only need to get it out a few times a year, it’s a great garden shredder to consider. I’ll be honest: I’ve got a few of Hyundai’s garden tools, which consistently impress me. 

3. Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder

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My Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder

I already have a log splitter by Forest Master, which I have talked about here. What a fantastic piece of kit. A friend of mine who is a tree surgeon also owns one of their wood chippers which I had borrowed on a few occasions. That is the Forest Master FM6DD Wood Chipper, which is a great little machine. The problem with that machine is that it was no use for green plant waste, although fantastic for chipping hardwood.

Anyway, this is when I heard about this new Forest Master FM6DD-MUL Chipper/Shredder, which was a wood chipper and shredder in one, capable of chipping, mulching, and shredding — all in one, even green waste, yes thats right, green garden waste!

When Forest Master contacted me about this new, improved model, I thought it might be useful. I was interested in giving it a try. To be able to chip hardwood and soft green vegetation would be very helpful as it would all compost much faster. Full disclosure, Forest Master knew I also owned this site, so they said they would send one for free for me to test. I don’t usually accept freebies to review as it feels wrong. However, since I’d already purchased some Forest Master machines in the past, I said yes. I did say my review would be honest, even the bad, and they said no problem. Spoiler alert, it’s not perfect, but more on this below!

Testing the Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder to chip tree branches
Shedding some branches

Anyway, I’ve used this mainly at my mum and dad’s garden centre for around two years now. Mainly for cutting back the hedges that surround the nursery and mulching lots of green waste from perennials, annuals and rose pruning which can be put on the compost heap. Basiclly any waste in your own garden, we also have at the garden centre, just more of it. The results have been very impressive, but it does have a few little niggles to do with the shoot, which I talk about below.

Overall, the FM6DD-MUL chomped through everything I threw at it. Conifers, hawthorn, laurels, beech, tree branches, even beefy branches up to 50mm, and some were even slightly wider than this. Let’s say it made light work of them!

Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder which has a LCT Maxx Series 208cc engine
LCT Maxx Series 208cc engine

In terms of specs, it’s powered by an LCT Maxx Series 208cc engine that produces an impressive 6.5HP. No electric garden shredder I’ve ever used has even come close to the performance of this petrol model; this thing is an absolute animal compared to them!

When it comes to build quality, I’ve been equally impressed by the build quality. Unlike the electric garden shredders that are mostly plastic, this Forest Master petrol shredder is made from steel. I also like that it’s relatively compact, very similar in size to my electric garden shredder. 

It is also very well balanced, more so than the electric models, as they are generally very top-heavy. However, as you would probably guess, it’s very heavy. I think it weighs around 40kg. Now, I could lift it into a car on my own, but I wouldn’t recommend it. We have small ramps for our van for the mowers, so I would recommend using a ramp for this too. 

This is a good choice for professional gardeners and landscapers who are constantly on the move from job to job. Plus, being petrol, you don’t need to plug it in either. It’s equally a good shredder/mulcher for anyone with a small holding or very large garden with a lot of waste. 

I like that this wood chipper/mulcher could chip thick branches, shred leaves and weeds into mulch, making them perfect for adding to the compost heap, significantly reducing waste while repurposing it.

The downside!

The Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder with the chute in the lowest position

Now, I quickly want to discuss the downside I mentioned earlier, its important you are aware of this. One concern I had initially was the low hopper discharge shoot, as shown in my picture above, not ideal. Basiclly you can’t discharge the chipping into a wheelbarrow as the hopper is too low, and there is no collection box either. Apparently, this is a necessary design feature to comply with CE regulations. 

The workaround!

Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder with the exit chute rotated 30 degrees
Forest Master FM6DD-MUL 6HP Petrol Chipper/Shredder with the exit chute rotated 30 degrees

Luckily, the design allows for the drum to be rotated 35 degrees by loosening three nuts, elevating the discharge shoot as shown above. Something else you need to be aware of; this modification is at the user’s risk and particularly applicable to users outside the UK or EU. This is how I have it set up, with the discharge shoot rotated 35 degrees so I have more clearance.

Usually, if I’m trimming the hedges, I discharge the chippings straight under the hedge (we do this at the nursery but only sometimes at customer jobs). I usually just mulch onto the floor or lay a large tarp under the machine if I need to collect the mulch. From there, I can transfer it to a wheelbarrow or get all four corners of the tarp and transfer it to the compost heap. 

Easily remove any jams by rotating the drum anti-clockwise to remove any debris – this only happens once because I shut down the engine a little too early

If you do get any blockages, I’ve only ever had 2-3 when I tried to force through thick branches, way over 50mm max diameter Forest Master recommends. A quick counter-clockwise turn of the hexagonal section on the drum side of the mulcher, as shown above (after removing the black cap), dislodged the debris jamming the drum. On one occasion, the pull cord was also stuck solid. I did the same thing, which instantly freed the pull cord.


  • A petrol garden shredder/mulcher is ideal for chipping hardwood up to an impressive 50mm (2 inches) in diameter into compact 10mm pieces.
  • Easily mulches garden waste like leaves, weeds, and even kitchen scraps.
  • Perfectly shreds waste down to compost-friendly sizes or creates wood chips ideal for enriching your garden beds and borders.
  • Sleek and compact, it’s a superb choice for both the everyday gardener and professionals needing a transport-friendly wood chipper.
  • Powered by a reliable LCT 208cc Maxx Series engine, delivering a robust 6hp of power.
  • Equipped with reversible blades, extending their lifespan and maximizing usage before needing a replacement.
  • Its discharge chute and hopper can be rotated 30 degrees for increased clearance.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, providing you with complete peace of mind.
  • UK customer service.

My recommendation

All said and done, if you’re looking for a powerful and versatile garden chipper and shredder that can chip wood as well as mulch green waste for your garden or professional use. I think you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than this Forest Master FM6DD-MUL. It also starts the first time, every time.

For those with a lot of hedges to cut, tree pruning and shrubs to deal with. Move it along your hedgerow and dispense the chipping straight under the hedge. This will also suppress the weeds and retain moisture. 

Failing that dispense them onto the floor and collect them afterwards. It’s a shame the dispatch chute isn’t higher. If it were, it would be absolutely perfect. However, there is a workaround, and it’s a small price to pay if you need to be able to mulch and shred soft green soft foliage as well as chip hardwood which most shedders cannot do.

If you’re looking for a wood chipper for more demanding shredding, check out our Best Wood Chipper recommendations.

4. Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Drum Garden Shredder

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Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Drum Garden Shredder
Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Drum Garden Shredder

This Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder is similar to the Hyundai Quiet Electric Garden Shredder and is a good alturnative for smaller gardens. Overall it’s slightly smaller with a smaller max branch diameter of 40mm compared to 44mm compared to the Hyundai shredder and 45mm for the Bosch AXT 25 TC. However, it’s very well made and robust. It really is a great piece of kit for the price!

Like all drum shredders, you need to have the setting for the blade dialled in correctly so it’s slightly touching the metal plate by running it and carefully turning the dial in quarter or half turns until you hear that slight grind. Just be careful not to overdo it, as it can damage the blades. 

Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Drum Garden Shredder cutting blade and plate both of which are replaceable
Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Drum Garden Shredder cutting blade and plate, both of which are replaceable

The shredder sits on a two-wheeled stand on which you can move it around your garden. Just be careful as you stand the shredder back on the ground as it thumps heavily in the last few inches.

Garden control buttons
Garden control buttons

This Cobra shredder is powered by a powerful 2500W motor. As already mentioned, this is powerful enough to handle branches up to 40mm in diameter. It also comes with a plunger at the top of the shredder that lets you push down branches and those of a more awkward shape into the blade mechanism. As long as you do not feed in too large branches, it shouldn’t jam. However, if it does, as all shredders do occasionally, it does have a reverse function which brings the branches back up and clears any clogs. 

This shredder cuts rather than shreds the wood; though the cut pieces are small enough for a compost heap, you could use them as mulch as I do. Remember, this shredder type is designed for woody materials, not green waste. Basically, any cut down trees, hedge clipping, shrubs and other woody materials turning them into mulch.

Clear 40L collection bin
Clear 40L collection bin

This model does have a slightly smaller 40L collection bin that sits on the base of the stand underneath the shredder. To give you an idea, the Bosch ACT TC shredder has a 53L collection bin, and the Hyundai shredder has a 60L. However, I like that the bin is transparent, so you can tell how full it is at a glance. Like most shredders, the wood chips tend to pile up in the centre of the bin, so you sometimes need to give the bin a bit of a shake to even everything out and make more room.

The push button controls are on top of the shredder and are easy to reach. If you forget to shut off the shredder before removing the collection box, a safety mechanism automatically shuts off the power.


  • Electric garden shredder with a 2500W motor ideal for smaller gardens.
  • The maximum branch size handled is 40mm in diameter.
  • The reverse function quickly clears jams.
  • The transparent collection bin has a generous 50L capacity.
  • Ability to adjust the anvil position for more efficient cutting.
  • Shredder is on a stand with two wheels to move it around.
  • Plunger to push the branches towards the blade.
  • Push button controls, ergonomically positioned.
  • The automatic cut-out on the removal of the collection box for safety.
  • Easy to assemble.

My recommendation

This Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder is a quiet and efficient shredder which I recommend for small gardens. It can handle branches up to 40mm in diameter, making it into a nice mulch ideal for spreading around the garden to suppress weeds.

That said, the pieces are relatively small enough to go in the compost heap, the dustbin, or a bag for the tip. The collection bin sits underneath the shredder on the moveable stand. It’s transparent, so you don’t have to keep opening it up to see how much room you have left.

The Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder is a quiet and convenient way to shred branches and other garden waste if you have a small garden. Overall it’s a great shredder at a great price!

5. The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box

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The Handy THISWB Electric Garden Shredder with 40L Collection Box for Woody Prunings and Soft Cuttings 2500W - 2 Year Warranty

As the name suggests, The Handy Impact Shredder makes an impact in your garden by effectively shredding branches and woody twigs up to 45mm in diameter. The powerful integrated 2500 watt motor gets the blades spinning at incredible speeds, effectively chopping and chipping the wood.

The shredder can be assembled easily within a few minutes without a lot of hassle. It has a three-meter cable and wheels for easy mobility and transportation. As it is a blade shredder, the option of reversible blades extends the machine’s life and renews the sharp edges required for quick chopping.

The collection box has a capacity of 40 litres and comes with a removable hopper fitted on the top. The hole is an eight-sided opening built especially for eating up the solid twigs and branches. However, anything bigger than 45mm in diameter doesn’t go through.

Due to the speedy munching of the shredder and fast rotating blades, you should always use tough garden gloves while feeding it with woody pieces. The machine is of moderate size and can be handled comfortably. However, we strongly recommend using ear defenders to reduce the noise for you when the shredder is at work. There’s nothing you can do for your neighbours, unfortunately.


  • Electric shredder with a powerful 2500W motor that drives 2 reversible blades for efficient cutting.
  • Cuts twigs up to 45mm thick.
  • Comes with wheels to help with mobility.
  • Large 40L debris box to allow you to transport shredded waste elsewhere.
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental operation.
  • Leafhopper that helps direct the more unruly debris into the shredder.

My recommendation

Although this product gives decent value for money and provides sufficient performance, it is limited to branches up to 45mm in diameter. As the name suggests, it is a handy device for general cleaning up of leaves, branches and twigs, but it is not a heavy-duty product to use on a larger scale. This is great for the seasonal clean-up of your garden.

The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box can be a very useful and long-lasting pick for someone doing a small amount of shredding every now and again.

6. Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder


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Bosch Garden Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 (2200 W, 230 Volt System, Cutting Capacity 40 mm, in Carton Packaging)

The Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid shredder is a good model for those who need to shred greener material rather than woody branches and twigs, although it does shred woody material if needed. It offers many features that are very important for the safety of the user and the protection of the machine to avoid overloading this smaller shredder.

Firstly, it’s powered by a powerful 2200w power drive motor, which has the highest torque when compared to similar models. This combines with the laser cut double-sided hardened steel blade to ensure that this model makes light work of most branches up to 40mm thick, which is more than adequate for most hedge clippings.

Will shred most hedge trimming and even woody growth that is not to thick

This AXT 2200 has a fast feed large capacity hopper and comes complete with a practical plunger that speeds up shredding and increases output; you use the plunger to push the waste into the hopper safely.

At 12kg, this is also one of the lightest models I have reviewed. The transport wheels, make it easier to move the shredder to the garden. The power cable is only 4 meters long. However, you may need an outdoor extension lead if you are further away from a power socket. But it’s not a big issue.


  • Ideal for shredding greener material, such as hedge trimmings.
  • Powered by a powerful Bosch PowerDrive motor that runs the high precision laser-cut blades for efficient cutting.
  • Reversible blades, which means they can be turned around when worn down.
  • 40mm diameter cutting capacity.
  • Overload/restart protection to burn out the motor if you trying to chip oversized branches.
  • Low noise levels at only 82 dB(A), a true quiet shredder.
Includes plunger for pushing material into the hopper.

My recommendation

The Bosch AXT Rapid Shredder is a super little shredder that we would recommend to anyone looking for one of the more affordable options. If you have a lot of material to shred regularly, I recommend something more powerful. But for shredding hedge trimmings a few times a year, it’s perfect.

7. Dirty Pro Tools 2500 Watt Garden Shredder

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Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade

This garden shredder is manufactured by Dirty Pro Tools and is easily one of the best shredders in the lower price range. It has all the same specifications as most of the more expensive models available, including a maximum cutting diameter of 40mm, a powerful 2500 watt motor and a large 50-litre collection hopper.

I liked that the collection hopper is clear, so you can easily see when it needs emptying. We love the safety features, and this model has a safety cut off switch that prevents you from burning out the motor.

Another good pointers are its lightweight size, so it’s easy to move from location to location in your garden. However, the downside of this is that it affects how robust the shredder is. If you compare it to the Bosch and Makita models, you can see that they are sturdier but significantly more expensive.

Extra points go to the Dirty  Pro Tools model for a long (6m) power cord and the inclusion of extra blades with your purchase.


  • Electric shredder with a powerful 1200w motor and 6-meter power cord that reaches quite a way into your garden.
  • 40mm cutting diameter for small and medium-sized branches you cut off.
  • Large 50-litre collection box, so you don’t have to keep stopping and emptying it.
  • Overload protection stops the motor from overheating and overworking.
  • Affordable and fits in with many budgets.

My recommendation

The Dirty  Pro Tools 2500 Watt Garden Shredder is just simply an affordable and lightweight garden shredder that’s great for occasional use. It’s slower than the more expensive models and has a little less power, but it does the job if you’re not in a hurry.

If you only occasionally trim your hedges and bushes and don’t want a shredder as a major investment piece of garden equipment, the Dirty  Pro Tools 2500 Watt Garden Shredder is a good choice.

8. Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder

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Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, Blue, Large

The Makita UD2500/2 – 2500w Electric Shredder is the latest addition to Makita’s range of garden shredders. This particular model is the perfect match for medium to large-sized gardens where tree and hedge pruning is a frequent activity. The powerful 2500W motor propels a parallel spinning toothed chamber that crushes and cuts branches down against a fixed blade. You can adjust the blade for accurate positioning and remove it for sharpening. This is done easily, which is nice to see because it can be an awkward process with some shredders.

The rotating chamber runs up to 40 rpm, pulling branches and shrubs efficiently into the shredder without you having to apply any force. Using a cut and crush drum system, the shredder takes branches up to 45mm in diameter, comparable to my Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder, whilst minimising the volume of waste produced.

There are handholds on both sides of the unit which allow a firm hold in use and enhance transportation on large tread wheels.

Thanks to a contemporary, slim design, the Makita UD2500/2 garden shredder is incredibly stable in operation. The shredder’s low-slung container increases stability with the weight of waste inside it. Handholds on both sides of the unit allow a firm grip in use and enhance transportation on large tread wheels.

One thing you will love about this shredder is its ease of operation. It has a control panel with a simple on/off switch that combines with forward/reverse control. The automatic block system provides overload protection when the chamber reaches its maximum load capacity and before the blade jams.

The shredder also comes with a 10m cable, the longest of any shredder, which is a big plus. 


  • Electric shredder with a powerful 2500w motor provides plenty of power for a large garden.
  • Large 45mm cutting diameter and fast output let you work quickly and efficiently.
  • Suitable for chipping hedge trimmings and tree branches.
  • The largest collection box of any shredder, at 67 litres, you won’t be taking frequent breaks to empty it.
  • Automatic feed makes shredding waste faster and easier.

My recommendation

The Makita UD2500 Garden Shredder scores high marks on its container capacity of 67 litres, which is at least 10% more than many models. Likewise, this powerful shredder crushes large branches that smaller shredders would struggle to handle. We like its design with a low-slung container that ensures the unit is well-grounded and stable.

Overall the Makita UD2500 Garden Shredder is an excellent shredder and comes at a very good price. We recommend this garden shredder for homes with large gardens.

Buyer’s Guide

Even if you only trim your hedges and bushes seasonally, a garden shredder produces chips for you to compost, use as mulch or fit efficiently into your organic bins. There are not a lot of decisions to make when choosing which garden and kitchen shredder is best for you. We cover the major ones here.

Type of garden shredder

Quiet / Drum Shredder

A quiet shredder, also commonly known as a drum shredder, is the most popular type of garden shredder. It works by pulling the branch or waste into the shredder and crushing the waste against a roller and flat edge. The roller is usually ridged, breaking the material up as it goes through.

This shredder is good for cutting and crushing hedge clippings and woody garden branches. It’s not so good for lots of soft green leafy foliage or kitchen waste because it may not shred the flat and soft material, which may come out unchanged.

Impact / Cutting Shredder

The cutting shredder works by chopping the material up with very sharp blades as it passes through the shredder. These are very powerful and will usually accommodate branches up to 40mm. This shredder is ideal for hedge cuttings, smaller pruned branches, and garden and kitchen waste.

Impact garden shredder after shredding branches

Some cutting shredders will not very well shred soft foliage like leaves and fresh green shoots. The best shredders for this have proven to be Bosch models with the turbine cut shredder fitted. Most shredders are designed for hardwood garden waste such as hedge, shrub prunings, and woody branches.

Turbine Cut – unique to Bosch

There is also a third type, unique to Bosch, that uses a process called ‘Turbine Cut’. This type is a cross between the two types of garden shredders. It’s an innovative ‘Cut and Crush’ drum cutting system designed to shred large volumes of medium-sized branches, shrubs and green material of up to 45mm in diameter. It will basically shred everything you feed through it. This is probably the best type of shredder, but it is only available on the AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder, which happens to be one of the most expensive shredders, and this model is my Best Pick.

Electric vs petrol garden shredders

Petrol shredder in use

My in-depth research and testing, focuses more on electric garden shredders, as opposed to petrol models, because they are by far the most popular type of garden shredders when it comes to the domestic gardener. Electric shredders are also much easier to use, with next to no maintenance and no engine servicing, such as changing oil filters or refuelling.

Why is an electric shredder the best choice for most people?

Electric shredders are very popular and suitable for small and medium-sized gardens, with some models having more than enough power and capacity for larger gardens. Electric models tend to be lightweight, making them easy to move. They are very easy to use with simple on and off buttons and are suitable for those who avoid power tools.

Electric models are much quieter than their petrol counterparts which your neighbours will appreciate. They are perfect for home use to shred your own hedge clippings, tree pruning and branches, shrub clippings and most other garden waste. The chips produced rot down much quicker when composted, or you can use it as a mulch.

Features to look for


Electric (Watts)- anything over 2200w is good, with the most powerful models usually having a 2500w motor.

Speed (RPM) an RPM of 3650 to 4500 is good because it usually affects the throughput rate at which you can shred material.

Branch/waste size

Maximum branch diameter of garden shredder

The bigger the maximum diameter, the better. Most shredders will accept branches up to 40mm, but some models will shred up to 45mm. And my Best Petrol Pick, the Forest Master 6hp Compact Petrol Wood Chipper/Mulcher, takes branches up to 50mm in diameter. This may not seem like much of a difference, but it’s noticeable in the bigger branches.

Ease of Use

As with any power tool, consider of the design has taken your comfort and convenience into account. If you intend to move the shredder around your garden or smallholding, is it lightweight? Does it have wheels and a handle? Can you adjust the angle of the feed hopper and/or the discharge chute to suit inconveniently shaped branches or large collection containers? Even better, does the shredder come with its own collection box? Is the unit compact enough to store away in your garden shed? Does it have an auto feed or do you have to push each and every branch into the hopper yourself?

Think of how you want to use the shredder and what you need it to do. Then make sure you get the features you really need.

Build quality

How strong are the materials that the garden shredder is made from? Most are made from plastic, so can be vulnerable to getting knocked about, which is a big problem for the cheaper models. Are there any weak clips when knocked by branches consistently? Overall build quality is very important to the unit’s durability.


Warranty is important because if you have a problem, it adds reassurance and peace of mind. It also relates to the manufacturer’s own opinion of the shredder’s durability. The more affordable models will only come with one year warranty, but some models, including those by Bosch, come with an impressive three years.


As always, we worry about safety. You’re using a power tool with quickly rotating and very sharp blades into which you’re pushing a sharp branch with your hands. And if the shredder is petrol-powered, it’s going to be noisy. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions for safety precautions, and go beyond those.

See my reviews for the Best Safety Boots, Safety Helmets and Gardening Gloves.

Final Conclusion

A garden and kitchen waste shredder is a must-have garden tool if you take pride in having neat and trim hedges and bushes, or in composting all your garden waste.

I review a range of garden shredders, from ones that are best for those gardeners who trim and prune only seasonally to fuller-featured and more powerful models for professionals who have many gardens to take care of. It’s satisfying using a shredder to produce wood chips that you sustainably recycle back into your garden through compost or mulch to improve its health.

Just a quick reminder that this Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder is my Best Pick, probably the best choice for most people. This is an electric shredder that handles both woody and green material and does it quietly.

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