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Last updated on December 1st, 2020

When it comes to shredding, papers are not the only things on the list, there is a whole pile of garden and kitchen waste to consider as well! Time and again, you have to get rid of broken twigs, fallen leaves, branches, hedge clippings, and other similar shrubbery debris to make your garden look cleaner, fresher, and more spacious.

However, as far as garden shredders or chippers are concerned, cleaning up may not be the only advantage sought by the potential buyers. Durability, portability, and mulching ability, also matter a lot. These aspects should be on top of your list when looking for the best garden shredder, though we all know that no products are made equal. In this article, we have reviewed and curated a list of carefully hand-picked garden shredders that would suit the needs of most homeowners. You may review the description for each product and our verdict following it and make your choice according to your budget and shredding requirements.

Best Pick

Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder
This Shredder is by far, the best model out there, other similar looking models struggle to shred everything, but this model really does shred just about everything, you feed into it thanks to the Turbine Cut System from thick branches to general kitchen waste.

This is what makes it so unique from nearly all other garden shredders. The only real downside of this model is the price, its expensive for an electric shredder. It's not the cheapest but its certainly the only model we could recommend to everyone out there. It will shred branches up to 45mm while most other are restricted to 40mm.


The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box
Supporting easily-assembled wheels for maximum portability, this machine houses a powerful 2500W motor along with two razor-sharp, reversible blades to provide high-performance shredding of twigs up to 45mm thick. It comes with a 40L collection, which is impressive as some models lack this essential feature. Another nice touch is the wheels that make for effortless mobility around the garden. This product offers good value for the price and is suitable for everyday shredding of general garden waste.

Professionals Pick

Stihl GH 370 S Petrol Garden Chipper / Shredder

The Stihl GH 370 S Petrol Garden Chipper / Shredder is ideal for both large gardens and professional work settings because it is not limited by a lack of electricity and is extremely robust. The shredder is powered by a powerful Briggs and Stratton 850 Series EXi engine which is powerful and more importantly reliable. The wide cutting width compared to electric alternatives is adequate to shred most material found in gardens including thicker branches and hedge clipping up to 45mm. Considering that it is designed to be durable, if you’re looking for a petrol model, this is well worth considering.

The best garden shredders which we review are listed below:

  1. Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder
  2. The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box
  3. Stihl GH 370 S Petrol Garden Chipper / Shredder
  4. Sun Joe UK-CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder
  5. Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder
  6. Dirty Pro Tools 2500 Watt Garden Shredder
  7. Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder

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Best for softer foliage such as hedge clipping

Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid Shredder
This model performs as you would expect and will demolish your hedge clipping or small branches easily. For those who need a way to dispose of hedge clipping and the conifer clipping and smaller branches. It's perfect for smaller jobs but does have its limitation as it may struggle a little with thicker woody branches from old hedges or trees. it doesn't handle lots of leaves very well either, and leaves have a tendency to pass through unshredded. However, it does feature double-sided blades which can be swapped around. What we do like is that it's lightweight enough to be moved around the garden easier.

Top 7 Best Garden Shredder Reviews

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a garden shredder, we can get into our detailed reviews of each of the six models including our ‘Best Pick’ which is by far the best garden shredder overall but may not be for everyone.


1. Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder

The Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder is without doubt the best shredder manufactured by Bosch and probably one of the best, if not the best garden shredder ideal for domestic use. By sure not to confuse it with the cheaper Bosch 25D model as it does look very similar.


  • The main advantage of this model is that it will shred nearly anything you feed into it whether its woody material of soft green foliage which most other models struggle with or worst won’t shred. A shredder for all jobs.
  • It has the best throughput rate of any shredder at 230 kg/h for quicker shredding.
  • It has a larger 45mm cutting capacity, which is 5mm more than other models making it useful for nearly all garden and kitchen waste.
  • It has an automatic feed for faster, easier loading of waste.
  • Low noise levels at only 82 dB(A), a true quiet shredder.
  • One very positive feature is that it will not run if the collection box is not fitted, this means it safe to use around children.

The Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder is, without doubt, the best electric garden shredder on the market for home use. It shares some common parts with the more affordable XT 25D quiet shredder, but it uses the newer turbine cut system. Be sure not to confuse it with the cheaper 25D model as it does look very similar, but the performance is much different. To be perfectly honest, if you’re looking just to shred woody material the cheaper 25D is fine, but if you want to shred both woody and leafy soft foliage, this is by far the better option.

The main difference between this, the Bosch AXT 25 TC garden shredder and other similar looking value for money models is that this model has the unique ‘Turbine Cut System’ which we previously mentioned which is not found on any other garden shredder models.

You can see an example of this in the picture below.

will easily shred both woody garden materials such as hedge clipping, thorny branches as well as soft green growth. Usually garden shredders will only shed hardwood material effectually or soft green garden waste but this model does both effective meaning you do not need to separate garden waste.

What makes this shredder system so good is that it will easily shred both woody garden materials such as thick woody hedge clipping, thorny branches, tree branches as well as soft green growth such as branches with lots of leafy foliage on, cut back perennials and other thin leafy plants. Usually, garden shredders will only shed hardwood material effectually or soft garden waste, but this model does both effective meanings you do not need to separate garden waste which saves you time and means it can all be composted down or placed in your recycle bin.

It is powered by a powerful 2500 watt motor which means it is not underpowered in the slightest and is one of the most powerful of all the garden shredders available.

Another useful feature it does have which we really like, in rare event that it does get blocked when in use as all shredders can get blocked at some point, just some models are more prone than others, it has a touchpad which a reverse option which is handy for clearing any blockages quickly but you should need to sue this too often.

One other handy feature this model also has is the removable hopper with means that when in storage it only stands at 67cm tall so will easily fit under shelving or tables as shown below.

Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC (plunger for trimmed material, 53-litre collection box, cardboard box, material throughput: 230 kg/h, max. cutting capacity: Dia. 45 mm, 2500 W)


The Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder really is an amazing machine, far better than some of the cheaper models and better than the AXT 25D quiet shredder if you also want to shred greener leafy foliage, you only have to compare the reviews on Amazon to see that this model is much better than any other model.

Its shreds woody material with ease and even more woody perennial type waste at the end of the season, it just keeps going and going, it’s not the best with lush greenery but it better than most other models.

Overall, if you’re looking to shred different types of garden waste you want to find a better shredder, if you know you will be using it for just woody material, you may get a more affordable model that will do the job just as good.

Professionals Pick

2. Stihl GH 370 S Petrol Garden Chipper / Shredder

Buy from Mowers-online.co.uk


  • Features a powerful Briggs and Stratton 850 Series EXi engine to provide optimal performance.
  • Comes with wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Can cut branches with a maximum diameter of 45mm which is better than what the average shredder can deliver.
  • Soundproof feed chute to reduce noise.
  • Comes with a safety lock to prevent accidents.
  • Operates quietly to lessen noise disturbances.
  • Accompanied by warranty for quality assurance – 2 years for domestic and 1 year for professional use.

The Stihl GH 370 S Petrol Garden Chipper / Shredder is perfect if you are working in areas where using an electric model is simply not possible. This petrol shredder is powered by a reliable and powerful 196cc Briggs and Stratton 850 Series EXi engine that rotates the blades at a speed of 3000rpm which gives it a superior performance. The powerful 3.4kW engine works together with the blades to shred through medium thick branches into tiny chips for different uses or disposal.

With a maximum cutting width of 45mm, this model can shred through different garden materials and kitchen waste. It has a chute with some soundproofing to prevent noise from disturbing the surrounding environment which is a nice little feature as they are notoriously noisy, especially petrol shredders. The durable wheels installed make it easy for the shredder to be moved from one location to the next. The 42kg model comes with a 1-year commercial warranty making it an excellent choice for professional gardeners needing a mobile model to shred large piles of hedge trimming, this is further extended to 2 years for domestic use..


If you need a more robust professional shredder with plenty of power and one that isn’t electric, then the Stihl GH 370 S Petrol Garden Chipper / Shredder would be more than ideal.

This shredder can tackle thick branches of up to 45mm without overworking the engine. It is easy to manoeuvre around with thanks to the durable wheels that balance the weight out. This is the kind of shredder that will provide service for years, therefore, making it a worthwhile investment, especially for professional use where it will earn it’s cost back many times over. A very impressive machine which is well worth considering.


3. The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box

The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box


  • Equipped with a powerful 2500W motor that drives 2 reversible blades for efficient cutting. Cuts twigs up to 45mm thick.
  • Comes with wheels to help with mobility.
  • Large 40L debris box to allow you to transport shredded waste elsewhere.
  • Features a safety switch to prevent accidental operation.
  • Has a leafhopper that helps direct the more unruly debris into the shredder.

As the name suggests, The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box makes an impact in your garden by effective shredding of branches and woody twigs up to 45 mm diameter. The powerful mechanism of this cutter makes the process smooth and quick. The integrated 2500 watt motor gets the blades spinning at incredible speeds, chopping and chipping the wood effectively.

The shredder can be assembled easily within a few minutes without a lot of hassle. It comes with a 3 meters long cable and wheels for easy mobility and transportation. As it is a blade shredder, the option of reversible blades extends the life of the machine and renews the sharp edge that is required for quick chopping.

The collection box has a capacity of 40 litres and comes with a removable hopper fitted on the top. The hole is an 8-shaped opening built especially for eating up the solid twigs and branches according to the mentioned diameter; anything bigger than 45 mm is not allowed here.

Due to the speedy munching of the shredder and fast rotating blades, you should always use tough garden gloves while feeding it with the woody pieces. The machine has a moderate size and can be handled comfortably though we recommend using ear defenders to avoid the noise when the shredder is at its work.


Although this product gives decent value for money and provides sufficient performance, it is limited to branches up to 45mm diameter. As the name suggests, it is a handy device for general cleaning up of leaves, branches, and twigs, but it is not a heavy-duty product to use on a larger scale. Aside from that, we think that for someone looking for a small amount of shredding every now and again, The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box can be a very useful and long-lasting pick.

4. Sun Joe UK-CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

Sun Joe UK-CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder


  • Blades rotate at 4.300 rpm for fast cutting action.
  • Can deal with sticks up to 1.5-inch thick.
  • Comes with a 14 amp motor which gets the job done proper.
  • Includes a safety hopper to ensure the motor cannot work when the hopper is opened.
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty.
  • An eco-friendly solution to your garden waste.

The Sun Joe UK-CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder is an electric shredder powered by a 14 amp motor that delivers a spinning speed of 4,300 rpm. This helps in the quick clearing away of extra leaves, bushes, and branches that are sitting idly in your garden, eating up all the available space. It shreds branches or hedge clippings that measure up to 1.5 inches thick in diameter.

Easy to assemble and nearly maintenance free, this garden shredder is ready to go when you are. It’s equipped with a 13 amp, 3-pin UK plug so you can just plug it in and immediately start chipping. Since it’s an electric shredder, you won’t have to deal with harmful smoke or fumes. A cool feature of this model is the safety stop, which auto engages when the hopper is opened and the shredder is not operating.

Backed by a 2-year warranty, this ELT-approved shredder is reliable and expected to last for years. Having the option of spare blades, it can regain its sharp edge whenever needed. Both damp and dry hedge clippings can be chipped using this shredder. This machine is also easy to move thanks to the inclusion of 6-inch wheels.


Although there is no collection box attached with Sun Joe Electric chipper, you can always hang an appropriate-sized garden bag or bucket underneath to collect the chippings and enjoy seamless shredding. And in order to avoid the hopper being jammed due to overfeeding of the shrubs and twigs, we recommend that you always use a billhook of some sort to prune away the offshoots first to run the process more smoothly. Apart from these improvisations, this model does what is says, safely chipping small branches without a problem.

5. Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder

The Bosch AXT Rapid Shredder is a super little shredder which we would recommend it to anyone who looking to spend up to £200, if you have a lots of shredding to do regularly then we would recommend something a little more powerful but for shredding branches a few times a year its perfect. For the price it the best model when compared to most other model.


  • Ideal for shredding greener material such as hedge trimming.
  • Powered by a powerful Bosch PowerDrive motor that power the high precision laser-cut blades for efficient cutting.
  • Reversible blades which means they can be turned around when worn.
  • 40mm cutting capacity.
  • Features a motor with overload/restart protection which means you will not burn out the motor if you trying chip branches that are too much to handle.
  • Low noise levels at only 82 dB(A), a true quiet shredder.

The Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid shredder is one of our top recommended garden shredders and would be a good model for those who need to shred more greener material, although it will shred woody material if needed. After careful consideration, it offers many features that are very important for the safety of the user and protection of the machine when in use which we think is important to avoid your overloading smaller shredders.

Firstly, it’s powered by a powerful 2200w powerdrive motor, which has the highest torque when compared to similar models. This combined with the laser cut double-sided hardened steel blade ensures it makes light work of most branches up to 40mm thick, although some models with shred up to 45mm, 40mm is more than adequate for most hedge clipping.

Will shred most hedge trimming and even woody growth that is not to thick

It has a fast feed large capacity hopper and comes complete with a practical plunger that is used to speed up shredding and increase output; you simply use the plunger to push the waste into the hoppers safely.

At 12kg it’s also one of the lightest models we have reviewed and has transport wheels making it easier to move around the garden The power cable is only 4 meters long so you may need an extension lead if your further away from a power socket so this is something you need to think about but is not a big issue.

Includes plunger for pushing material into the hopper.


The Bosch AXT Rapid Shredder is a super little shredder which we would recommend it to anyone looking for one of the more affordable options, if you have a lot of material to do regularly then we would recommend something a little more powerful, but for chipping hedge trimming a few times a year, it’s perfect.

6. Dirty  Pro Tools 2500 Watt Garden Shredder

Dirty Pro Tools do sell this model as a professional, but affordable option, this means it does handle a good amount of work. I would not recommend getting this model for extensive shredding jobs, however it would certainly be a good option for someone looking for an affordable and efficient garden shredder to use around the garden.


  • Suitable for use on all types of garden waste such as hedge trimming.
  • Powerful 1200w motor and 40mm cutting diameter.
  • Large 50-litre collection box and long 6-meter power cord.
  • Features overload protection to protect the motor

This garden shredder is manufactured by Dirty Pro Tools and is easily one of the best shredders in the lower price range. It has all the same specification as most of the more expensive models available including a maximum cutting diameter of 40mm, a powerful 2500 watt motor, a large 50-litre collection hopper.

What we did like was that the hopper is clear, this means you can easily see when it needs emptying, we also like the safety cut off switch, which prevents you from burning out the motor.

Other good pointers are that its lightweight for its size, this, of course, affects how robust it’s it is, if you compare it to the Bosch and Makita models, you will see a difference, they are just better overall but then again there much more expensive.

Its comes with a nice long 6-meter power cord, so it gets extra points there, it also comes with spare blades which is nice.


It would certainly be a good option for someone looking for an affordable and efficient garden shredder to use around the garden, it’s a little slow on output but does the job, you just need to take your time and not overload it.

Overall it’s worth considering if you have some shredding to do but not too much like the accessional hedge trimmer or you took out a few large shrubs you need to clear. For the price, it’s good, just not up there with the very best models.

7. Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder

Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, Blue, Large


  • Suitable for chipping hedge trimming and tree branches. Perfect for a large garden
  • Powerful 2500w motor provides plenty of power.
  • Large 45mm cutting diameter and fast output.
  • The largest collection box of any shredder at 67 litres.
  • Automatic feed to make shredding waste faster and easier.

The Makita UD2500/2 – 2500w Electric Shredder is the latest addition to Makita’s range of garden shredders. This particular model is the perfect match for medium to large gardens where the tree and hedge pruning is a frequent activity. It comes with a powerful 2500W motor that propels a parallel spinning toothed chamber that crushes and cuts branches down against a fixed blade. The blade can be adjusted for accurate positioning and removed for sharpening. This is done easily, which is nice to see as it can be an awkward process with some shredders.

The rotating chamber runs up to 40 rpm, pulling in branches and shrubs efficiently into the shredder without you having to apply any force. Using a cut and crush system, the shredder takes branches of up to 45mm in diameter which is comparable to our ‘Best Pick’, whilst minimising the volume of waste produced.

There are handholds on both sides of the unit which allow a firm hold in use and enhance transportation on large tread wheels.

Thanks to a contemporary, slim design, this garden shredder is incredibly stable in operation. The shredder’s low-slung container increases stability with the weight of waste inside it. There are handholds on both sides of the unit which allow a firm hold in use and enhance transportation on large tread wheels. Makita seems to have sone a better job than Bosch on balancing the weight on the wheels as we explained easier of the small flaw.

One thing you will love about this shredder is its ease of operation. It has a control panel with a simple on/off switch that combines with forward/reverse control and an automatic block system, which provides overload protection when the chamber reaches its maximum load capacity, and before the blade jams.

The shredder also comes with a 10m cable which is the longest of any shredder, which is a big plus. 


The Makita UD2500 Garden Shredder scores high marks on its container capacity of 67 litres, which happens to be at least 10% more than many models. Likewise, this powerful shredder crushes larger branches that smaller shredders would struggle to handle, and this model and our ‘Best Pick’ are the only models with a 45mm capacity. We like its design with a low-slung container that ensures the unit is well-grounded and stable, which is a feature Bosch could do with improving.

Overall it’s an excellent shredder and comes at a very good price and we recommend this garden shredder for homes with large gardens.

Garden Shredder Buyers Guide

What can you shed with a garden shredder?

There are now three main types of garden shredder which include quiet, and drum shredders which are the most common, impact shredders and also turbine cut shredder, but this is only found on one type of Bosch shredder.

Different types of garden shredders

Quiet / Drum Shredder

Quiet shredders, also commonly known as the drum shredder, is the most popular type of garden shredder. This type of shredder works by pulling it though into the shredder and crushing the waste against a roller and flat edge, the roller is usually ridged and brakes the material up as it goes through. These shredders are good for cutting and crushing hedge clipping, and woody garden branches but are not suited for lots of soft green leafy foliage or kitchen waste as it may not shred very easy due to the nature of the material is flat and soft which even sometimes means leaves come out whole now and again.

Impact / Cutting Shredder

The cutting shredder works by chopping the material up with very sharp blades as it passed through the shredder. These are very powerful and will usually accommodate branches up to 40mm. These shredders are ideal for hedge cutting, smaller pruned branches and even garden and kitchen waste.

Some cutting shredders will not shred soft foliage such as leaves and fresh green shoots very well, in reality, the best shredders for this have proven to be Bosch models with the turbine cut shredder fitted (see below). Most shredders are designed for more hardwood garden waste such as hedge and shrub pruning and woody branches.

Turbine cut – unique to Bosch

There is also a third type which is unique to Bosch, which uses a process called ‘Turbine Cut’. This type is a cross between the two types of garden shredder, an innovative ‘Cut and Crush’ drum cutting system which is designed to shred large volumes of medium-sized branches, shrubs and green material of up to 45mm in diameter and will basically shred everything you feed through it. This is probably the best type of shedder but its only available on the AXT 25 TC Garden shredder which happens to be one of the most expensive.

Choosing between electric and petrol garden shredders

Our in-depth research, focused more on electric garden shredders, as opposed to petrol models, as they are by far, the most popular type of garden shredder when its comes to the average person using them around the garden. They are also much easier to use, with next to no maintenance and no engine servicing such as changing oil filters or refuelling.

Why is an electric shredder the best choice for most people

Electric shredders are very popular and suitable for small and medium-sized gardens with some models having more than enough power and capacity for larger gardens. Electric models tend to be lightweight, making them easy to move, very easy to use with simple on and offer buttons and much quieter than there petrol counterparts when in use. They are perfect for home use to shred your own hedge clipping, tree pruning and branches, shrub clipping and most other garden waste which will then rot down much quicker when composted down or you can simply use it as a mulch.

How we compared garden shredders

After hours of research, we have compared over 15 popular models from the most trusted brand and some not so known brands to narrow it down to just 5 top models.

We compared and research models by talking to owners as well as reading hundreds of real reviews to find out what positive comments they have, as well as any faults or negative points.

By doing this, we can weed out any problematic models to save you hours of research and show you the very best models at the best prices.

How we rate garden shredders

Motor WATT (power of motor – anything over 2200w is good with the most powerful models usually having a 2500w motor.

Motor RPM (speed of motor – an RPM of 3650 and 4500 is good as it usually affects the throughput rate at which you can shed material)

Maximum diameter (size of branches it can cut) – Bigger the better, most will cut at 40mm branches, but some models will shred up to 45mm which may not seem like much but make all the difference on the bigger branches)

How easy it is to use and features – Does it have a collection box, does it have reverse ani clogging system to make unblocking easy, does it auto-feed, how smaller can it fold down to, it is easy to store in a small space.

Built quality – How strong are the materials its made from, most are made from plastic so can be venerable to getting knocked about which is a big problem for cheaper models, are they any weak clips that could break, will the hopper cope with being knocked by branches consistently, Overall build quality is very important.

Warranty – Warranty is important as if you have a problem, it adds reassurance and peace of mind. The more affordable models will only come with one year warranty, but some models including those by Bosch comes with an impressive three years.

Final Conclusion

After originally reviewing over 15 garden shredders from various manufactures, there were only really, a handful of models, that we would recommend.

We found that most garden shredders are great at chipping hardwood materials such as hedge cutting, tree branches, shrubs, and other hardwood garden waste. The only shredder that seemed capable of chipping both hardwood and green garden waste was the AXT TC Quiet Shredder, one of the reasons we named it our ‘Best Pick’. It’s suitable for a large range of shredding jobs, and as such, would most certainly be suitable for most people, but it is expensive.

Helping you get rid of all that intimidating, large, woody bulk in the most satisfying way possible, garden shredders can help to maintain a clean surrounding and in turn, relieve your mind too by easy waste disposal.

Some of them mulch twigs into tiny clippings that you can return back to the soil as a natural mulch or mix into the compost heap. Therefore, investing in a good garden shredder can surely pay dividends in several ways. We hope you have learned some useful insights whilst in your quest to buy the best garden shredder that will cater to your needs perfectly.

Best Pick

Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder
This Shredder is by far, the best model out there, other similar looking models struggle to shred everything, but this model really does shred just about everything, you feed into it thanks to the Turbine Cut System from thick branches to general kitchen waste.

This is what makes it so unique from nearly all other garden shredders. The only real downside of this model is the price, its expensive for an electric shredder. It's not the cheapest but its certainly the only model we could recommend to everyone out there. It will shred branches up to 45mm while most other are restricted to 40mm.

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