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6 Best Lawnmowers For Small Gardens Tested – Worx, Bosch, Hyundai

Last updated on March 28th, 2024

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After testing several promising lawnmowers, specifically models suited to smaller lawns (let’s say up to 300m2 which is a small lawn in mind) the two lawnmowers in the main picture above are my two favourite models. This Worx WG730E 20v 30cm Cordless Mower which I have been testing is an impressive piece of kit, however, it’s only really suitable for smaller lawns up to around 200m2. This is actually the latest mower I have added to my collection and have been testing over the last 12 months, probably coming on 2 years when I think about it.

My Worx WG730E cordless mower which has proved to be a really reliable model
The Worx WG730E cordless mower has proved to be a really reliable model

For the price, this Worx WG730E cordless mower is amazing. I love that it’s compact, agile and will easily get into tight spaces. It is powerful thanks to its 20v brushless motor, and easy to use because it is so lightweight. I haven’t actually weighed it but trust me, for a lawnmower, it’s light, probably coming in around 10kg.

It is also fast charging, I think it takes around 2 hours to fully charge and it has decent battery life. My lawn is around 64 square meters in size and I can mow it around 3 times with some juice still to spare. It even has a brushless motor which is something usually only found on expensive models and I picked this mower up for a little over £200. Let me tell you, this mower provides amazing value!

Testing the Worx WG730E 30cm 20v Cordless Lawnmower in my small garden

That’s right, a cordless lawnmower with the battery and charger included for a little over £200. Before now, I’ve paid that out for just a battery and charger with some cordless mowers. And the ones I’m referring to are not cheap unbranded mowers!

This thing has everything you would expect from a well-thought-out mower. If you have a small garden, I have no problem recommending this. I probably also use this model the most on my own lawn. I think it’s a great choice if you regularly maintain your lawn and maybe give it a cut once a fortnight during the summer.

My Bosch 370Li Cordless Mower – they have since upgraded it slightly but it’s technically the same mower with their new darker green colour design. They also upgraded the height adjustment lever on the newer model too

The second mower which I have had for a number of years is this Bosch 370Li Cordless Mower as pictured above. Dare I admit it, this is better than the Worx, but then it’s easily double the price and you need to consider whether it’s worth paying the extra price if you only have a small lawn.

Comparing the Worx cordless lawn mower against the previous generation of Bosch mowers
My two current mowers that are specifically for small lawns

I think, if it’s a really small garden, say under 100 square meters like mine is, it’s probably not worth the extra cost unless you want a striped lawn. The Bosch 370Li does have a roller attached whereas the Worx mower, unfortunately, doesn’t. That being said, for smaller lawns, if you really want the stripes, this Hyundai 15″/38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower (which I also review) is similar money to the Worx model if you manage to get it discounted enough.

I’ve seen it at the same price as the Worx when discounted online. When not discounted, it’s more expensive than the Worx mower but cheaper than the Bosch model so it’s a good in-between model to consider and it comes with a roller so you get those stripes your neighbour will envy.

Where this Bosch model excels though is that it’s a little bigger, it is easier to adjust the cutting height and has more power thanks to the 36v battery. Don’t get me wrong, my Worx WG730E cordless mower (with its 20v 4Ah lithium battery) has more than enough power, especially for smaller lawns but my Bosch model is on another level in terms of power. What a mower this thing is, it’s still ticking along after around 5 years, I just give the blade a quick sharpen every couple of seasons and it’s still running like the day I bought it, still using the same battery.

Comparing the cutting width between the Worx and Bosch mowers
From the picture, you can’t really tell but the Bosch is actually a few cm wider and is actually bulkier

First, off the Bosch 370Li Cordless Mower has a wider cutting width. It actually has 7cm more with a 37cm cutting width and also has more power due to the fact it is powered by a 36v lithium battery (Worx has a 20v battery). I notice the power difference when cutting thicker or longer grass, it just powers through it no problem whereas with the Worx mower I have to sometimes back up a little and then go over it again (only with really long grass though). Sometimes on very long grass, say for example on a lawn that has not been touched for 6-8 weeks, I have to raise the height to position 3 to give it a little more clearance to stop it from becoming clogged up.

The Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower I have also been testing but for medium and larger lawns
The Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-Propelled Lawnmower I have also been testing. This mower is perfect for medium and larger lawns

Personally, I have been testing cordless lawnmowers for around 8 years now and I have got to say, my more recent testing has shown that cordless technology has come a long way and it’s finally a good time to buy the best lawnmower for small gardens as the battery technology is good but also affordable enough.

I will personally never go back to corded mowers, however, if you do prefer to still use a corded lawnmower, I will admit they still have a slight edge when it comes to power but the difference is now so minor I don’t think it makes a big difference like it used to. That being said, the Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawnmower, the Mountfield M13 Princess 34 Rear Roller Lawnmower and the Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawnmower are corded and all three are sub £200 models. So, if a corded lawnmower is still for you, then if it was my money, it would have to be between these three models with the Mountfield probably having the edge and being the model I would choose for a small garden.

The problem is that not all lawnmowers are created equally, or more importantly, are suitable for the same type of mowing. What do I mean by ‘same type of mowing’? – Well, I’m a fan of petrol lawnmowers and have recently tested and documented the best self-propelled lawnmowers here where this Hyundai HYM510SPE Self Propelled Mower is my go-to mower for large gardens, however, it’s definitely not suitable for small gardens.

Worx 20v WG730E Cordless Lawn Mower is ideal for getting into tight spots
The Worx 20v WG730E Cordless Lawnmower is ideal for getting into tight spots

Most homes, especially new builds, only have small to medium-sized gardens now, a garden which is what I have at the moment. In fact, my garden is actually a decent size compared to some, but it is still what I would consider to be a small garden/lawn when thinking about mowing which is why I thought this Worx WG730E 20v 30cm cordless lawnmower was well worth testing. All things considered, it’s well worth considering for small lawns.

I’ll be honest, this is just one downside when it comes to the design

The problem is when it comes to my own lawn (which is only around 64m2 8x8m) I don’t want to use the same mowers I use commercially. I want a small compact lawnmower, specially designed for small lawns. When it comes to smaller lawns, and I’m talking about my own personal lawn, I have two cordless lawnmowers that after a few years of actual testing, have proved to be impressive machines. Now this Worx WG730E 20v Cordless Lawnmower is a great piece of kit that Worx has obviously designed with smaller lawns in mind.

How you change the cutting height on the mower

The only downside I see with the Worx WG730E is the way you change the cutting heights, it’s not, how can I put it, as simple as moving a lever. It’s not really designed for you to change the cutting height during mowing. It’s more of a set-and-forget system. As you can see in the picture above, you have to turn the mower upside down and then you can move the wheel axle up or down into the groves to change the cutting height. The lowest setting is 30mm and the highest height is 70mm and then there is one more height in between. So, yes, you only get 3 cutting heights, but it’s enough.

Honestly, this has not been a problem for me, I have it set on the lowest height (30mm) and never changed it. I never let the grass grow too tall and if I really need to, I can still change the cutting height in under a minute, it’s just not as easy as it is on other models where there is a simple lever. Something else worth mentioning, with the lowest cutting height being 30mm, it’s not quite as short as I can get with my Bosch 370Li. However, it is low enough for me. You can’t scalp your lawn with a very short and close cut if this is the effect you aim for. I prefer a more lush thicker cut so it works well for me and I suspect for most other people too.


Worx WG730E 20v 30cm Cordless Mower
If you have a small lawn, say under 200M2 and are looking for a more compact mower, one thats also cordless but affordable. I think this is one of the best mowers you can get when you consider the price and without getting a cheap brand you never heard of. This Worx mower comes with a decent 20v 4Ah battery that gives you around 25-30 minutes run time or around 200 square meters, it recharges in around 2 hours and its just a great reliable little mower. It also has a cut to edge design so you can mow right up to fences and cuts most of the grass. I still have to run the strimmer over it but it get most of it. Overall, for the price, I don't think you will find a better small compact mower. For most people, I would say forget about corded mowers and spend a little more on this. Overall, its a brilliant little mower which is well worth considering.


Hyundai 15'/38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower with Battery and Charger, 5 Adjustable Cutting Heights, 40l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles, 3 Year Warranty
Hyundai 38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower
This Hyundai lawn mower has great specs for a small garden. To start with, it's cordless so you won't get all tangled up in a power cable. The cutting width of 38cm is wide enough so that you don't have to make too many passes of your lawn, yet narrow enough to be in proportion to the area of grass. The five pre-set cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm let you choose a fairly close cut through to a shaggy look for your lawn. And you won't have to empty the collection bag too often as it holds 40L of cut grass. The battery life is a bit short at 20 minutes, so make sure you don't waste any time during your mowing task.
Testing the best robot lawnmowers for small gardens

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Top 6 Lawnmowers For Small Gardens Reviews

1. WORX WG730E 20V Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower

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My WORX WG730E 20V Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower which I think is one of the best lawn mowers for small gardens

If you’re looking for the best lawnmower for a small lawn, anything up to 200 square meters or thereabouts, and you want to go down the cordless route I highly recommend this WORX WG730E 20V Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawnmower. I have been testing this mower over the last 12 months. In fact, it’s the mower I now use every week and yes, I did purchase this with my own money just like I did the Bosch mower you saw earlier in the review, no freebies here.

Worx WG730E Cordless Lawnmower is extremely well built

As you can see in my picture above, this Worx cordless mower is a nice piece of kit. It’s well built with good quality sturdy materials, and it’s mostly plastic but it’s not one of these cheap flimsy mowers. This mower has been well designed.

This mower came with a battery and charger and this is actually the first Worx garden product I have had. I knew they were good quality from seeing them in the stores so thought this mower was well worth testing and sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed.

Steel cutting blade on the Worx lawn mower
The steel cutting blade on the Worx lawnmower

It has a steel cutting blade that’s powered by a 20v brushless motor. Now from experience, I can tell you that brushless motors are far superior to the brushed alternatives, which are basiclly most other cheaper models. I like that it comes with a 20v 4Ah battery rather than the 2Ah batteries usually included with the more affordable garden tools.

My 64 square meter garden being cut with a Worx 30cm cordless lawn mower

This means it has a reasonable run time of around 30 minutes. To give you an idea, I can mow my own lawn around 3 times and it’s still got some power left. My lawn is around 8m x 8m so smallish but that’s 64 square meters. If I mow the lawn 3 times before recharging that gives me 192 square meters of mowing from a single charge and it still has power left.

Worx 20v fast charger
Worx 20v fast charger

It is worth noting that it also comes with a fast charger (as shown above) that will recharge the battery in around 2 hours from completely flat. I try not to run the battery flat which is why I only do 3 cuts before charging so it usually takes about 80 minutes to recharge.

Battery power indicator on battery

It’s also worth noting the battery has an indicator you can press that tells you how much charge is left which is nice. Again this is something I don’t normally see on the more affordable garden tools.

30 litre collection box on Worx mower
The 30 litre collection box on Worx mower

In terms of cutting, it has a cutting width of 30cm so is nice and compact, you can get into small areas where perhaps a larger 36-37cm lawnmower can’t.

It cuts and collects the grass nicely and a nice, yet simple, feature it does have is a little flap on top of the 30 litre collection box that closes once the box is full.

Cutting longer grass as the start of the season

So what really matters, is how well it mows. Well, I’ve been really impressed with it. I don’t usually let my lawn get particularly long but the first cut of the season is usually fairly long, as shown above. It cuts through this well with no issues. With very long grass, say for example you didn’t mow your lawn in summer for 6-8 weeks and it was 20-30cm long, it is going to struggle a bit. It will cut it on the highest cutting height of 70mm but I wouldn’t advise it. I would use my cordless strimmer by Black + Decker to cut it down and then just collect it with the mower

This is the only thing I think lets it down. It’s not a deal breaker but it doesn’t have any kind of lever to adjust the cutting height on the fly. As you can see in my picture above, you literally have to turn the mower upside down or on its side and you then move the wheel axle into groves to change the height. It’s easy enough but it would be nice to have a lever to make this easier.

It’s not really an issue for me because I just set it at 30mm, which is the lowest setting and it’s usually fine all season and even for the first cut at that. What it doesn’t do is cut quite as close as my Bosch 370Li which cuts down to 25mm. This, however, is a very close cut and only possible on level lawns otherwise it will scalp the lawn. At 30mm it’s what I would say is the perfect cut.

Dead switch for mower
Dead switch for mower – It has to be inserted for the mower to start up

I nearly forgot to mention, it also comes with a dead switch key, basiclly if you remove it the mower can’t be accidentally started.


  • A cordless lawnmower with a 20V Lithium-ion 4.0Ah lithium battery.
  • The cutting width is 30cm which is ideal for smaller lawns with tight corners.
  • 3 adjustable cutting heights from 30mm to 70mm.
  • The vented grass collector bag holds 30L of cuttings with a full indicator flap.
  • The battery fully charges in 120 minutes and provides 30 minutes of grass cutting time.
  • Fairly compact fold-down design (including handles) for storage and transportation.
  • Sturdy and well-built.
  • Easy to assemble, just add the handles and 4 screws, and it’s ready to use.
  • Three-year warranty but you have to register online to get the third year.


  • No roller for creating stripes.
  • Could be made a little easier to adjust the cutting height.

Our recommendation

I have been using the Worx WG730E Cordless mower for a while now and it’s been a great little mower to use on my small lawn. I think it has all the important features such as cut-to-edge design, a brushless motor, several cutting heights, decent build quality not to mention the 3 year warranty.

I think Worx has actually simplified the manufacturing by changing the way you adjust the cutting height, it takes a few seconds longer having no lever but I think they have done the right thing by having the brushless motor and larger 20v 4Ah battery with a larger capacity. This means longer run times and an overall better performance.

By forgoing some features such as a roller, mulching and lever handle, they have been able to build a truly affordable cordless mower that is still of a high standard with a good cutting performance.

2. Hyundai 15″/38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower

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Hyundai 15'/38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower with Battery and Charger, 5 Adjustable Cutting Heights, 40l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles, 3 Year Warranty

This Hyundai Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Lawnmower is easy to assemble and use. This mower actually has a slightly wider cutting width at 38cm (8cm more) than my Worx mower so is not quite as maneuverable as the smaller mowers will be in tighter spaces. However, it has something the Worx mower doesn’t, a roller for creating beautiful stripes.

Out of the box, you just adjust the handles (no tools needed) and you’re ready to go when the battery is charged up.  The battery takes 80 minutes to fully charge, which is quite quick. Turn the safety key, press a button, pull a lever and you’re off. A great start.

As already mentioned, the cutting width of this mower is set at 38cm. This is a good width for a small to medium-sized garden as the width of the stripes will be in proportion to the size of your lawn. You have a choice of five pre-set cutting heights, from 20mm for a close cut (from experience that’s needed to create the best stripes) to 70mm.

Hyundai 15'/38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower with Battery and Charger, 5 Adjustable Cutting Heights, 40l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles, 3 Year Warranty

The grass collection bag holds 40L of clippings which is a generous size for the cuttings generated by a small lawn. The bag is vented to allow the clippings to settle in it. There’s also a grass level indicator so you don’t have to keep peering inside the bag to see if it’s full. Something you can do with this mower which I couldn’t on the Worx or Bosch mower was mulch. You do have the option of inserting the mulching plug (included) to have the clippings chopped finely and returned to the lawn as nutrient-rich mulch.

Hyundai 15'/38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower with Battery and Charger, 5 Adjustable Cutting Heights, 40l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles, 3 Year Warranty

One of the downsides to this mower is that although it has a 40v battery, it’s only 2.5Ah which means the battery will only last for around 20 minutes. For most small lawns, or even medium-sized lawns you can probably get it cut from one charge, but if you have several smaller lawns, a side lawn, back and front, for example, you will probably need to recharge the battery to get the job finished.


  • A cordless lawnmower with a 40V Lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery.
  • The cutting width is 38cm.
  • Five adjustable cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm.
  • The vented grass collector bag holds 40L of cuttings.
  • The roller ensures a striped lawn.
  • Collection method selection includes a mulching option.
  • Weighs 13.9kg.
  • The battery fully charges in 80 minutes and provides 20 minutes of grass cutting time.
  • Folds flat (including handles) for storage and transportation.
  • The plastic chassis is weatherproof and rust-free.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Three-year domestic use warranty and one-year commercial use warranty.


  • Short battery life because of the smaller 2.5Ah capacity.
  • Handles are a little tricky to tighten.

Our recommendation

The Hyundai 38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower is a convenient lightweight mower for small gardens it’s hard to ignore the fact it has a roller which for me is the selling point with this model over most other models. The choice of five pre-set cutting heights lets you keep your lawn looking just as short as you wish. The roller on the mower establishes those great stripes, similar to those you see at Wimbledon.

The Hyundai 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower is a great choice for those with small or medium-sized lawns that don’t take much cutting to keep them trim. It’s the Runner-up choice in my lawnmower review.

3. Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

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Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

The Bosch Rotak Electric Rotary Lawnmower is a lightweight lawnmower (at around 11kg) with a rear roller to provide your lawn with those much-loved stripes. The roller also provides the mower with stability, even on the edges of lawns. It also helps prevent the mower from scalping your lawn.

I also love that the grass combs allow the machine to cut right up to the edge and/or over the edge of the lawn right against a wall or fence in order to ensure neat and tidy results every time. It doesn’t get every piece of grass and I still tidy up with a strimmer but it does a fairly good job.

This model has a 34cm cutting width, and that’s a wide strip of lawn cut with each pass. The 1300 watt ‘Powerdrive’ motor also has plenty of power. Dare I say it, this is where these corded models excel compared to cordless models. They have more power being mains driven and you feel it too in the cutting performance, especially on longer grass.

This lawnmower also comes with a two-year warranty that you can extend to a three-year warranty if you register it on the manufacturer’s website. However, you have to do this within the first 28 days of purchase.


  • An electric rotary mower that’s very lightweight at 11.1kg.
  • Rear roller for stripes and stability.
  • Incorporated grass combs to ensure the cutting right to the edge of lawns.
  • The cutting width is 40cm and the cutting height is from 20mm to 70mm.
  • 40 Litre grass collection box.
  • Long 10m cable.
  • Fold-down handle.
  • Two-year guarantee with the option to extend to three years for free.


  • Mains powered so the power cord can get in the way when you are mowing.

Our recommendation

Overall, the Bosch Rotak 34R is a great pick for your garden because it’s probably one of the most affordable models with good build quality, it’s lightweight and it has a large grass collection box. This is especially useful if you have a slightly larger garden where a larger mower model maybe just be a little bit too much.

I also love the standard 2-year guarantee with this Bosch mower that also gives you the option to extend the guarantee to three years. This is impressive when you consider that some other models (such as Flymo) only come with a one-year warranty.

Overall, the Bosch Rotak 34R is probably one of the best-corded lawnmowers available and at a price that is hard to beat. I think my next pick by Mountfield is a better corded alternative, however, it’s also more expensive.

4. Mountfield M13 Princess 34 Rear Roller Lawnmower

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Mountfield 294340063/M13 Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower, 1400 W

Mountfield has an excellent reputation for high quality mowers and I use to use them professionally as they were generally well built but still affordable. This Mountfield M13 Princess 34 Electric mower is a great model for those looking for a corded mower but something of premium quality and performance. This mower comes with a 15 meter power cable, which is long enough for the maximum 10m by 10m lawn size that the mower is recommended for. That would give you 100 square meters of lawn, you could easily mow twice this size though with an extension lead.

This 1400W mower is both lightweight and quiet. The cutting width is 34cm so still a great size for a smaller lawn and the cutting height is in six pre-set steps from 25mm, so a fairly close cut to 75mm. The small integrated rear roller gives you those impressive stripes on your lawn.

The grass collection box is rigid and has a 35L capacity so about right for a 34cm mower. You can peer in through its window to see how full the box is, you don’t have to lift the lid and check. Just a little warning, you may need help in assembling the collection box as it can be a little difficult to do. However, you don’t have to collect the grass clippings as using the mulching plug (included) lets you return the grass bits to your lawn as nutritious mulch.


  • A premium electric lawnmower (1400W) comes with a 15m power cord.
  • The cutting width is 34cm.
  • cutting heights are from 25mm to 75mm in six steps.
  • The grass collector bag holds 35L.
  • A mulching plug is included for that feature.
  • The rear roller creates stripes in your grass.
  • Anti-scalping plate on the front.
  • Best for lawns up to 10m by 10m.
  • Lightweight and quiet.
  • Polypropylene chassis is weather- and rust-proof.
  • Convenient carry handle on the top of the mower.


  • Better on dry grass than on wet.

 Our recommendation

The Mountfield M13 Princess 34 Electric is a good choice if you’re looking for a premium corded mower with the capabilities to create stripes and also mulch and return the grass clippings to the lawn. Probably the best corded lawnmower for small gardens.

5. Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Cordless Lawnmower

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Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Cordless Lawnmower

So first things first, there is now an updated version of this mower. It is the same mower with a slightly improved and a new darker green colour scheme. Just something to bear in mind because the links for the lawnmower is to the new model.

Straight from the box, the Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Cordless Lawnmower is almost fully built. The only thing I needed to do was fix the handle in place and this only took a couple of minutes. Within 45 minutes of putting the battery on charge, it was ready to start mowing for the first time.

The build quality is good, as you would expect from Bosch, however, the grass box could perhaps fit a little better because it seems to be slightly misaligned. This was not an issue when using it, so it’s probably just me being fussy. But as this is an honest review, it did bug me a little then and it still does now.

inserting 36c battery into Bosch cordless mower

This lawnmower has a 32cm steel cutting blade. It seems to have enough power, even on longer grass, which is good. A feature I also like is that it comes with grass combs on the side of the mower. This lets the mower cut up to or over the edges of your lawn. It does a great job in this and there is no need to get the shears out. However, there is a BUT.

This BUT is that it’s supposed to mow right up to the edge of fences too. Now I don’t have a lawn that goes up to the edge of a fence, but part of my lawn does go right up to a large raised bed made of sleepers (part of the garden renovation I did) and although it cuts very closely, I still need to get the strimmer out to finish it off properly, so bear this in mind. Maybe get the cordless strimmer from this range of power tools (as a bare tool) to save some money because they can share the battery.

adjusting cutting height with single lever

The adjustable cutting heights range from 30mm-60mm in three steps. The lowest setting is low enough for most but if you are the type of person to usually scalp your lawn (obviously you are lucky enough to have a level lawn), you may find you would perhaps prefer it a little shorter. However, for me, I think it’s just right. The 32 litre grass collection box comes with a handle and is easy to remove and put back on. There’s just that little issue with it not quite aligning correctly on my model but this doesn’t affect its use.

This mower also comes with a free two-year warranty that can be extended to three years if you register your lawnmower on the manufacturer’s website within the first 28 days of purchase. I recommend doing this so you can take advantage of the extra year. Bosch does arrange to collect your mower for anything that needs fixing under warranty.


  • A cordless lawnmower from a renowned manufacturer.
  • Fast charging 36 V 2Ah lithium-ion battery (90 minutes to fully charge).
  • Multi-functional comfortable handles.
  • 31 litre grass collection box with handle.
  • 32cm steel cutting blade.
  • Three adjustable cutting heights from 30mm for a close cut to 60mm for a longer finish.
  • Grass comb to mow right to the edge of lawns and against fences.
  • Two year warranty that extends to three years by registering online.


  • A lightweight roller means stripes may not last as long.

Our recommendation

The Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Cordless Lawnmower is perfect for small gardens. It allows you to maneuver around the lawn without having to worry about a cord. This is something you won’t really appreciate until you have a cordless lawnmower.

Overall I can’t recommend this model highly enough. I was so impressed that I actually upgraded to the larger 37 Li model, which I have also reviewed in my cordless lawnmower review. It’s the same mower, just a slightly larger model and I was able to get it discounted in a sale. Back to the Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Cordless Lawnmower, for small gardens, I think it’s a fantastic model.

6. Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawnmower

Best Hover Mower

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Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawnmower

The Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawnmower is an extremely lightweight electric lawnmower powered by a 1300 watt motor. It comes with a 12m cable, so you may have to use an outdoor extension cord, even for small lawns.

The Flymo Easi Glide provides four pre-set cutting heights, ranging from 10mm to 30mm, which will ensure that you get your preferred height for your lawn. The lowest cutting height will please those who like their lawns to have a really close cut. This mower also features a metal 30cm cutting blade. This is an appropriate cutting width for a small lawn.

The 20L grass collection box is easy to empty; simply open the lid and remove the grass box. This lawnmower is also extremely easy to store because it folds away. The lightweight design (weighing only 8.5kg) guarantees easy transportation and storage in the smallest of spaces.


  • Electric hover mower with a powerful 1300 watt motor.
  • Four cutting heights from 10mm to 30mm.
  • 30cm wide metal cutting blade.
  • 20-litre collection box.
  • 12-meter cable.
  • Folding handles.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comes fully assembled, and ready to use in minutes.


  • Electric cord so the cable can get in the way when mowing.
  • Edges may need extra trimming compared to a rotary mower with edge grass combs.
  • One year warranty, other models have a two- or three-year warranty.

Our recommendation

The Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawnmower is a good choice if pushing a regular lawnmower is a bit much for you. This is an extremely lightweight mower, coming in at 8.5kg. Even with a small lawn, though, you probably need to get an outdoor extension cord as this model only comes with a 10m power cable.

It’s worth noting that when we reviewed the ‘Best Flymo Lawnmowers’ and the Easi Glide 300 was the winner of our Best Pick from the lineup of Flymo lawnmowers. So it’s no surprise that when we reviewed it again, it came out as one of the best choices for smaller lawns.

Buyer’s Guide for Lawnmowers for Small Gardens

The Most Common Lawnmower Types

Cylinder lawnmowers

These mowers have a series of blades located at the front that rotates against a fixed bottom blade. Cylinder lawnmowers are ideal for level lawns including ornamental gardens which generally have short and very fine cuts. The cylinder lawnmowers come in a variety of cutting widths and is available as electric, petrol-powered, or hand-pushed models. Lawnmowers of this type, unfortunately, need more attention because you need to use them more often to keep your lawn looking great.

Rotary lawnmowers

Rotary lawnmowers are generally the best choice for keeping normal family gardens trimmed. They are the most versatile type of mower due to their ability to cope with lawns ranging from rough areas of grass to sloping banks. The lawnmower uses blades that rotate horizontally and is available in electric or petrol-powered models. You will also find that this lawnmower is capable of dealing with long grass, good news for those who do not mow on a regular basis.

Hover lawnmowers

As the name suggests, this is a rotary mower that floats on a cushion of air, just above the grass. These lawnmowers are usually very lightweight, easy to push, and extremely easy to maneuver. This makes hover lawnmowers perfect for gardens that contain curved edges, borders or flowerbeds.

Cordless lawnmowers (electric & petrol)

These lawnmowers can be electric or petrol-powered. Cordless battery lawnmowers are becoming more and more popular because of the lower costs of Lithium-ion batteries and their performance improvements. However, petrol-powered lawnmowers offer the power and range benefits of a cordless engine. With the additional power available, these models can be easier to push around on large lawns because many are also self-propelled.

Important Points to Consider

Self-propelled or Push Mower

While push mowers are inexpensive, easy to maintain and ideal for small gardens, self-propelled mowers are a lot easier to handle than larger mowers. Some self-propelled mowers come with a variable speed setting that you can adjust to suit your own walking pace. In general, I wouldn’t recommend looking for a model that is self-propelled as these smaller lawn mowers are fairly lightweight and you would either be paying for a feature you don’t need or buying a lawnmower that is actually not ideal for smaller lawns because they too large.

Collection grass box/bag

30 Litre collection box is about right for smaller mowers which is better for smaller lawns

With a bigger collection box, you do not need to stop as often to empty it. This is something worth considering if you have a larger lawn. Most collection boxes are detachable, but some are not. Be sure to check this feature before you purchase.

You will also need to consider the size of the collection box because you will need to stop mowing and empty it. The smaller the box, the more frequently you will need to stop, and the more time-consuming your mowing task may become.

If you do not want to collect the cut grass, then you may want to consider a lawnmower that offers a mulching action. With this, the lawnmower still cuts the grass, but instead of collecting the grass, it cuts it into smaller pieces before it is released back onto the ground. The mulching action allows the grass to break down faster while allowing the nutrients to penetrate your lawn quickly, keeping it healthy and green.

Stripe effect

The rear roller on my lawnmower that creates a striped lawn
The rear roller on my Bosch lawnmower creates a striped lawn

If you are looking for a mower that creates a stripe effect on your lawn, then you need a mower with a rear roller. When the mower cuts, the roller moves over the grass and compresses it in one direction.

Cutting heights

Simple single lever for adjusting the cutting height with ease

Always look for the number of cutting heights a lawnmower provides. Lawnmowers that permit you to adjust the height at which the grass is cut make the mower more suitable to use all year round.

The cutting height range is also a key element in your purchase decision. You will want to keep your grass at a longer length during the spring, autumn and winter. During the summer, you will want to cut the grass much shorter. Look for a range that encompasses the heights that you need for your lawn.

As stated before, when you are seeking a lawnmower, there are so many brands now that provide many different features.

Blade type

Comparing the cutting blades on two of my smaller lawn mowers

There are two types of blades:

Metal – best when cutting long or wet grass and provides a much sharper and cleaner cut. These blades have a longer shelf life and are more robust than plastic ones.

Plastic – best used on shorter, dry grass and they are usually cheaper to replace.

Final Conclusion

With just a little care and attention, a small garden can look as impressive as a manor house lawn. Buying the right size tools, including a lawnmower, helps to not overwhelm you or the garden. All the lawnmowers in this Best Lawnmower for Small Gardens review will help you maintain your lawn’s health and appearance. Your main decision is whether to go with a petrol, electric or a cordless model.

Whichever of our reviewed mowers you choose for your small garden, you’ll have a reliable partner in giving your lawn the care and attention it deserves.

My Best Pick is the WORX WG730E 18V (20V MAX) Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawnmower. This really is a great little cordless mower for small lawns and probably the model that offers the best value for money.

The Runner-up in this review is the Hyundai 15″/38cm Cordless 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Roller Lawnmower. This model is ready to go straight from the box (after charging the battery). The collection bag holds an impressive and useful 4L of cut grass.

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