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Top 9 Best Lawn Mower For Small Gardens – Cordless, electric and push mowers

Last updated on December 30th, 2021

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This review of the Best Lawn Mowers for Small Gardens highlights the special grass cutting needs of those with smaller lawns. We identify which lawn mowers –electric and cordless– comfortably work in small gardens and come up with our Best Picks to help you decide which one is best for you.

The Best Pick is the Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower, a lightweight mower with a powerful motor and longer than most running times of other cordless mowers.

Our Runner-up is the WORX WG779E.1 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower that figures out the best power mode for the grass conditions. More affordable but also a shorter running time when compared to our best pick.

No matter how big your small garden is, one of these lawn mowers may be the right one for you.


Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower
This cordless model is powered by a 36 V / 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery which can be recharged in around 90 minutes, however, you can charge the battery to 80% in only 45 minutes which is great if you run out of power partway through which is one of the reasons it's a better choice to some of the alternative and cheaper models.
Build quality is excellent but one of the features we really like is the grass combs, which means it cuts right up to the edge of lawn and fences.
Overall it's small and compact making it perfect for smaller gardens. It also comes with 3 years warranty if you register online so it's well worth doing for peace of mind. This is the model I personally continue to use on my own lawn too.


WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower
The WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower is our Runner-up of lawn mowers for small gardens. Its run time is around 30 minutes (depending on the grass length) which is enough to mow a small lawn. This mower’s outstanding feature is its Intellicut technology. This feature keeps the cutting speed constant by changing to the Eco or Turbo power mode depending on grass conditions. Turbo mode comes into play for long or wet grass.
At 12kg (26 pounds), the WORX WG779E.2 Lawn Mower is one of the lightest mowers we’ve reviewed here. You can easily move this mower and take full advantage of its cut to edge capability. This lets you mow the long straggly grass that you find at the edge of flower beds or against fences instead of having to use the strimmer.
The WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower is a capable lawn mower for a small garden with some extra features to save you time and effort.

Budget Pick

Bosch Rotak 34R Lawnmower
The Budget Pick in our best lawn mowers for small gardens review is the Bosch Rotak 34R Lawnmower. This electric lawn mower is really lightweight at 11.1kg and has a rear roller to smooth the grass as you cut it and to provide extra stability. Its 1300W Powerdrive motor lets you cut long grass with ease.
One noted feature is the grass combs that let you cut right up to the edge of your lawn, even up to the edge of flower beds. Less strimming is needed after mowing. The two-year into three-year warranty option is unusually long for a lawn mower.
If you’re looking for an electric lawn mower, give serious consideration to the Bosch Rotak 34R Lawnmower.

Have you considered a robot lawn mower?I have also reviewed some of the best robot lawn mowers especially for smaller lawns in this guide

Professionals Pick

Powerful, sturdy and well built, the EGO Power LM1701E-SP Cordless Lawn mower performs well in professional environments. The strong motor powered by energy-efficient battery packs offers a long-running time allowing you to get work done. The lawn mower also possesses a wide working width and therefore, work will be completed faster.

Pricey but worth it for its quality, the cordless machine can be used anywhere and it is easy to store. This is one self-propelled lawn mower that would make a good addition to any landscaper’s arsenal for those smaller lawns.

Top 10 best lawn mowers for smaller gardens

  1. Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless LawnmowerBEST PICK
  2. WORX WG779E.1 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn MowerRUNNER-UP
  3. Bosch Rotak 34R LawnmowerBUDGET PICK
  4. EGO Power LM1701E-SP Cordless Lawn mower
  5. Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower
  6. Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawnmower
  7. Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Electric Hover Lawnmower
  8. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower 40V Lawnmower
  9. Einhell GE-EM 1233 1250W Electric Rotary Lawnmower
  10. Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower

Buyer’s Guide

The Most Common Lawnmowers on the Market

  • Cylinder Lawnmowers – These mowers have a series of blades located at the front and rotate against a fixed bottom blade. Cylinder lawnmowers are ideal for level lawns including ornamental gardens, which generally have short and very fine cuts. The cylinder lawnmower comes in a variety of widths and is available as electric, petrol-powered, or hand-pushed models. Lawns mowers by this type, unfortunately, need more attention, as they do need more mowing to keep gardens looking great.
  • Rotary Lawnmowers – Rotary lawnmowers are generally the best choice for keeping normal family gardens trimmed because they are the most versatile type of mower do to their ability to cope with lawns ranging from rough areas of grass to sloping banks. The lawnmower uses blades that rotate horizontally and are available in electric or petrol-powered models. You will also find that this lawnmower is capable of dealing with long grass for those who do not mow on a regular basis.
  • Hover Lawnmowers – As the name suggests, this is a rotary mower that floats on a cushion of air, just above the grass. These lawnmowers can be very lightweight, easy to push, and are extremely easy to manoeuvre. This can make the hover lawnmower perfect for gardens that contain curved edges, borders, or flower beds.
  • Cordless Lawnmowers (Electric & Petrol) – These lawnmowers can be electric or petrol-powered. Cordless battery lawnmowers are becoming more and more popular because of the lower costs of lithium-ion batteries and their performance improvements. However, petrol-powered lawnmowers offer the power and range benefits of a cordless engine. With the additional power available, these models can be easier to push around on large lawns because they can also be self-propelled.

Also great

Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Electric Hover Lawnmower
Flymo is probably one of the biggest names in lawnmowers and if you're looking for a lawnmower for cutting a small lawn, then this Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Hover Mower is well worth considering and is one of the most affordable models available.
Because they hover, we found that they are great for going up to the edge of the lawn as you can hover it just over the edge of the lawn.

In our reviews below, first, we look at our cordless pick as these are quickly becoming the most popular choice by gardeners with small gardens as they are getting more affordable. Next, we look at the more expensive, but very convenient best pick cordless lawnmowers, before finishing off with some other great lawnmowers from big brands such as Flymo, Einhell and Greenworks.

Top 9 Lawnmowers For Small Gardens

1. Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower


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The Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower comes with a 36 V/2.6 A Lithium-ion battery and has a 32cm steel cutting blade. The Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex also comes with grass combs, making it capable to cut up to or over the edge of your lawn.

Specifications & features

  • Fast charging 36 V 2Ah lithium-ion battery (90 minutes to fully charge)
  • Multifunction comfortable handles
  • 31 Litre grass collection box with handle
  • 32cm steel cutting blade
  • 3 Adjustable cutting height from 30mm for a close cut to 60mm for a longer finish
  • Grass comb to mower right to the edge of lawns and against fences
  • Two-year warranty which can increases to three by registering online

So out the box, the mower is almost fully built but I did need to fix the handle in place which took a couple of minutes. I put the battery on charge and within 45 minutes it was ready to start mowing for the first time.

First off, the build quality is good as you would expect from Bosch, however, the grass box could perhaps fit a little better as it seems to be slightly miss-aligned. This was not an issue when using it so probably just me being fussy but since this is an honest review, it did bug me a little and still does.

So first off, the Bosch Rotak 32 LI comes with a 36 V/2.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery (I got a second free with a deal) and it has a 32cm steel cutting blade. It seems to have enough power even on longer grass so this was good. A feature I also like is that it comes with grass combs on the side of the mower. This makes it able to cut up to or over the edge of your lawn which is does great, no need to get the shears out but there is a BUT.

That being said its suppose to mow right up to the edge of fences too. Now I don’t have a lawn that goes up to the edge of a fence but my lawn does go right up to a large raised bed made of slippers, part of my garden renovation I did, although it cut very closely, I still had to get the strimmer out to finish it off properly so bear this in mind. Maybe get the cordless strimmer as a bare tool to save some money and share the battery.

In terms of adjustable cutting heights, which ranges from 30mm – 60mm and steps down in 3 stages. The lowest setting is low enough for most but if your the type of person to usually scalp your lawn (obviously your lucky enough to have a level lawn), you may find you would perhaps prefer it a little short, for me, I think its just right. The 32 Litre grass collection box comes with a handle and is easy to remove and put back on, just that little issue with it not quiet aligning right on my model but this doesn’t affect its use.

This mower also comes with a free two-year warranty that can be extended to three years if you register your lawnmower on the manufacturer’s website within the first 28 days of purchase. I recommend doing this so you can take advantage of the extra year and Bosch does arrange to collect your mower for anything that needs fixing under warranty.


  • Lightweight roller means stripes may not last as long.

Our conclusion

This lawnmower is perfect for small gardens and allows you to manoeuvre around the lawn without having to worry about a cord which you won’t really appreciate unless you have a cordless lawnmower.

Overall I couldn’t recommend this model highly enough, I was that impressed that I have actually upgraded to the larger 37 Li model which I also reviewed in my cordless lawn mower review. It’s the same but just a slightly larger model as I was able to get it discounted in a sale. Back to the smaller 32 Li, for small gardens, I think its a fantastic model.

2. WORX WG779E.1 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower (Dual battery x 2 20V Batteries)


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WORX WG779E.1 36V (40V Max) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower (Dual Battery x2 4.0AH Batteries)

The WORX WG779E.1 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower is a sporty-looking black-with-grey-wheel-spokes battery mower that has all the right features for maintaining a small lawn.

This mower runs on two 20V 4Ah lithium-ion batteries which are compatible with other 40V WORX tools. So if you already have a WORX battery in your tool shed, you won’t have to buy another one for the mower. The mower comes with a dual port charger that charges both batteries at the same time; you don’t have to wait twice as long to have both batteries charged. The charging time is around two hours. 

You’ll get around 30 minutes of run time with the WORX WG779E.2 which is enough for cutting 90% of UK lawn sizes. You start the motor by pushing a switch on the handlebar so no effort is required. At 12kg (26 pounds), this mower is light enough to push around the garden without straining any muscles.

You can choose from two power settings – Eco and Turbo. The eco mode is for when the cutting conditions are easy – that is, relatively short and dry grass. This mode gives a longer runtime with the battery; the turbo mode uses power faster. But you won’t have to think too much about which mode to use. The mower’s Intellicut technology adjusts its speed and power to the conditions of the grass. This enables the mower to keep the cutting speed constant, which leads to a more even cut and smoother-looking grass. 

The blade is 34cm wide (13 inches) which is proportional to a small lawn. The WORX WG779E.2 has two cutting modes: cut-and-drop and cut-and collect. The grass collection box holds 30-litres of clippings but with a small garden you won’t have to empty it too many times. The rear roller smooths the grass after it’s cut and the mower’s cut-to-edge design lets you get close enough to fences and flowerbeds to get the long straggly blades of grass there.

The warranty for the WORX WG779E.2 is generous at up to three years. The two-year warranty – the first year is through the retailer and the second year through WORX – jumps up to three years if you register online within 30 days of purchase.


  • A switch on the handle easily starts this mower.
  • Intellicut technology adjusts speed and power to the grass conditions so you don’t have to decide. 
  • Cut-to-edge design lets you cut very close to the edges of your flower beds and fences, saving on strimming.
  • Dual port charger charges both batteries at the same time, so you only wait one recharge cycle (two hours) to start mowing.
  • Mower weighs 12kg (26.5 pounds) which makes it light enough to push easily.
  • Blade is 34cm (13 inches) wide for a stripe proportional to a small garden’s area.
  • Two power settings, Turbo and Eco, lets you match the cutting power to the grass conditions.  
  • At least 30 minutes of run time (manufacturer claim) will let you cut most sizes of lawn.
  • A lever easily adjusts six cutting heights, from 20mm to 70mm.
  • 30-litre grass collection box, included; big enough for the clippings from a small garden.   
  • Two cutting modes: cut-and-collect and cut-and-drop.
  • Folds down compactly when not in use to save on storage space.
  • Two-year guarantee can be expanded to three years if you register online. 


  • No mulching feature.
  • Small collection bag needs frequent emptying.
  • Batteries lose charge quickly when you start cutting grass and in Turbo mode.

Our conclusion

The WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower is a capable and efficient battery mower for a small garden. Its Intellicut feature means that you won’t have to figure out whether to use eco or turbo cutting modes, but of course, you can manually override the mower’s chosen setting. Being able to cut close to the edge of your garden will save you time with the strimmer later. And with the dual battery charger, you only have to wait for one recharge cycle (two hours) to start cutting grass again.

Reviewers online complain that the battery runtime is much less in turbo mode as it eats up the charge faster, however, this is expected and in eco mode which we recommend using, this is perfectly fine if you mow your lawn regularly every two weeks over summer. The WORX WG779E.2 has some difficulty cutting wet grass, even in turbo mode.

If you really do have a small area of lawn to cut, the WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower could be the mower for you. We recommend it and make it our Runner-up for the best lawn mower for a small garden when you take into account performance, price and the fact that its cordless.

2. EGO Power LM1701E-SP Self-Propelled 42cm Cordless Lawn mower

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Get your lawn to look perfect by using the EGO Power LM1701E-SP Cordless Lawn mower which is probably one of the best cordless lawnmowers currently available for smaller lawns. No longer do you have to deal with cords that limit your reach or prove worthless once there is no electricity. The lawn mower is powered by a superior 56V brushless motor that is optimised to be durable and energy-efficient which is what makes it a great choice for professionals mowing smaller lawns.

This model comes with a strong polymer deck which won’t succumb to rust or corrosion. The deck will be able to keep its appearance despite working in moist or hot sunny conditions. You want your lawn to look neat and that is why sharp but durable blades are needed in a lawn mower. The mower also features steel blades that are sharp and can be replaced once they wear out at an affordable price, great for general maintenance. You can easily adjust the cutting height that ranges from 20mm-80mm from a central lever provided which gives you plenty of choice depending on what sort of cut you need.

With a cutting width of 42cm, you will cover more ground faster compared to a model that has a small cutting width but it’s still small enough for smaller lawns with awkward areas some professional larger lawnmowers may struggle with. The mower works with different battery packs depending on how much running time you need. The 7.5Ah battery pack will offer up to an hour of work while the 2.5Ah battery pack will offer you 25 minutes. Battery charging takes around 30 minutes meaning that you’ll always be back to work sooner than later. 

Working with this lawn mower is a comfortable experience for the user. For one, it is self-propelled unlike most other cordless models so you do not use much energy moving the machine around. Secondly, it comes with height adjustable handles so that you can find the right working position, again another pro feature. Furthermore, the lawn mower can be vertically stored taking up less space on the back of a van. For those who have limited space to store the machine, this easy storage feature will come in handy.  

If you are working in low light getting an early start or mowing later into the evening you do not worry because this lawn mower comes with LED headlights. The LED lights don’t use too much energy either so you can always have enough power for the most crucial part.

All the grass cuttings are collected in the 55-litre grass box directly. The box has a large capacity and so frequent emptying is not required. In the case that you find fault with the lawn mowers productivity, you can take advantage of the 5-year warranty and get solutions from the manufacturer.


  • Features a powerful 56V lithium-ion powered battery motor that runs efficiently and for longer.
  • Comes with sharp blades to provide a neat cut.
  • It has a cutting height adjustable feature for better control over the overall results.
  • Features a wide cutting width of 42cm for wider coverage.
  • The battery packs take a short time to recharge.
  • Comes with a 55litre storage box to collect all the grass trimmings.
  • Features LED headlights to illuminate dark areas.
  • The handles can be adjusted to find a comfortable working position for the user.
  • Accompanied by a 5-year warranty, 1 year for professional use.

Our conclusion

The EGO Power LM1701E-SP Cordless Lawn mower is a good purchase if you are looking for a powerful and premium-priced cordless lawn mower, a great choice for professionals for those smaller lawns. It is a 26kg machine so it is not hard to manoeuvre around with it. Being that it is among the first 56V cordless lawn mower machines in the market, it sure comes with all the features needed to get your lawn looking gorgeous.

We love the fact that it has LED headlights for illumination and that it is comfortable to use. We would recommend this model for commercial purposes or for those who are looking for a premium model and don’t forget for domestic use it comes with 5 years warranty too.

4. Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower


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Specifications & features

  • Electric rotary mower
  • Weight:11.1kg
  • Grass combs
  • Rear roller
  • 40 L grass collection box
  • Long 10m cable
  • Fold-down handle
  • 2-year guarantee with the option to extend to 3 years for free

The Bosch Rotak Electric Rotary Lawnmower is a lightweight lawnmower at only 11.1kg with a rear roller to provide your lawn with those much-loved stripes, as well as provide the machine with stability even on the edge of lawns and also helps prevent the mower from scalping your lawn.

The grass combs allow for the machine to cut right up to the edge and/or over the edge of your garden in order to ensure neat and tidy results every time. It has a 40cm cutting width and a 1300 watt ‘Powerdrive’ motor that permits you to cut even long grass with ease.

This machine also comes with a 2-year warranty that you can extend to a 3-year warranty if you register it on the manufacturer’s website, however, this must be done within the first 28 days of purchase.


  • Very Lightweight making it easy to carry and push
  • Affordable offering excellent value for money
  • Large 40L grass collection box for more mowing less emptying
  • Rear roller for stripes and stability
  • Incorporated Grass combs to ensure the cutting right to the edge of lawns 
  • Extended 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Mains powered so power cord can get in the way when mowing

Our conclusion

Overall, the Bosch Rotak 34R is a great pick for your garden because of its quality, lightweight design and large grass collection box which is especially useful if you have a slightly larger garden where a larger mower model maybe just a little bit too much.

You are also given the beneficial features not found on all models within the price range such a rear roller for those stripes we all admire and grass combs to support beautifully maintained lawn edges.

We also love the standard 2-year guarantee with this Bosch mower which gives you the option to extend the guarantee to 3 years. The is especially good when you consider some other models such as Flymo only come with 1-year warranty.

Overall probably one of the best corded lawnmowers available and at a price which is hard to beat.

5. Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower

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Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V

The Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower mows the lawn by itself as you lounge on your patio and relax. This robotic mower will also find its own way to the charging station when it needs a boost.

This robotic mower operates on boundary-loop technology. You define the area in which you want it to cut the grass (up to 400m2) by outlining it with boundary wire (secured by pegs) just beneath or at the ground surface. The mower will stay within this boundary as it mows your lawn. And the lawn can be any shape – rectangular or irregular – as long as the boundary wire surrounds it. A collision sensor and the boundary wire keep this mower out of trouble.

The Flymo 1200 R can manage 30m2 of lawn in an hour, and that takes a full charge. This isn’t a fast process; it takes just over three hours to mow a 100m2 patch of grass but you can leave the mower alone to do so. You can program it to mow the lawn at a given time, for example, between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm. 

The cutting blade is narrow at 17cm (7 inches) so you won’t get wide stripes on your lawn. The cutting height ranges from 20mm to 50mm. This may seem quite short, but this robotic mower is designed to cut short grass, often. It works best on a flattish lawn with slopes less than 25 degrees.

The charging station should be installed within the bounded cutting area and there are detailed instructions about this placement. This mower takes non-standard lithium batteries which are included with it. It has security features that include an alarm, a lift sensor and a PIN code. You can leave the Flymo 1200 R outdoors in the grass-growing season; it can even operate when it’s raining.


  • Automatic charging system so the robot mower charges itself at the charging station.
  • Programmed cutting schedule so you don’t have to go outside and start it mowing.
  • A full charge will last around 60 minutes (manufacturer’s claim).
  • Nonstandard lithium-ion batteries required, but they’re included.
  • Cutting area of 400m2 so it’s suitable for some medium-sized lawns as well.
  • Covers 30m2 of lawn an hour, so takes several hours for a small lawn. 
  • Handles all garden shapes by staying within the boundary wire.
  • Needs a flat lawn or no more than a 25-degree slope.
  • Cutting height ranges from 20mm to 50mm for a short to medium cut to your lawn.
  • Narrow cutting width of 17cm (7 inches) is proportional to small lawn size. 
  • Two cutting modes: cut-and-drop and cut-and-collect.
  • Collision sensors and a boundary wire keep it out of trouble
  • Weighs 15kg (33 pounds) so it’s easy to pick up and transport.
  • Included are: mower, charger station, 150m of boundary wire, 200 boundary wire pegs, and an installation and a quick start manual.
  • Security features include an alarm, a lift sensor and a PIN code.


  • No grass collection bag so drops the grass clippings back on to the lawn.
  • Poor customer support, wrong answers and no answers, even for mowers under warranty.
  • Gets stuck in uneven ground and stops; you have to rescue it.
  • Pegging the boundary wire around the cutting area is time-consuming.

Our conclusion

If you’re enthusiastic about robot tools doing domestic work (think, vacuuming) then you may love the Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower. Once you’ve set-up the time-consuming and quite complex installation and programmed the automatic cutting schedule, then you can sit back knowing your lawn is in good hands.

However, reviewers online say that it’s not quite that straightforward. The Flymo 1200 R gets stuck on uneven ground or in deep grass at times and has to be rescued. If you don’t notice it’s in trouble, the grass cutting won’t be done. 

The Flymo 1200 R is small and lightweight (15kg) so it’s easy to pick it up and move it around. However, its small size means that it doesn’t have a grass collection bag or box. The grass clippings are dropped back on the lawn. As they’re quite fine, they serve as mulch and put nutrients back into the grass.

Situating and installing the charging station is key to using this robotic mower successfully. The station has to be in the cutting area, within 10m (30 feet) of a power supply, on perfectly flat ground and with a designated space all around it. Finding somewhere to put the charging station isn’t always easy.

If you like having short grass and plan to keep your lawn that way, the Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower could just be the mower to do all your mowing tasks for you.

6. Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawnmower


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This lightweight electric lawnmower is powered by a 1300 watt motor and a 10m cable. The Flymo Easi Glide provides four different cutting heights ranging from 12mm to 32mm, to ensure that you get your preferred height, with a metal 30cm cutting blade.

Specifications & features

  • Powerful 1300 watt motor
  • Four cutting heights
  • 20-litre collection box
  • 10-meter cable
  • Folding handles
  • Easy to Carry
  • 30cm metal cutting blade

This lightweight electric lawnmower is powered by a 1300 watt motor and a 10m cable. The Flymo Easi Glide provides four different cutting heights ranging from 12mm to 32mm, to ensure that you get your preferred height, with a metal 30cm cutting blade.

The 20L grass collection box is easy to empty; simply open the lid and remove the grass box. This lawnmower is also extremely easy to store as it folds away. Its lightweight design, weighing only 9kg, guarantees easy transportation and storage in the smallest of spaces.


  • Four cutting heights
  • Lightweight, easy to carry at only 9kg
  • Compact, easy to fold handles and easy to store
  • Easy to empty collection box
  • Comes fully assembled, ready to use in minutes. No assembly required!
  • Very low maintenance, plug in, away you go.


  • Electric cord so the cable can get in the way whe mowing
  • Edges may need extra trimming compared to a rotary mower with edge grass combs
  • 1 Year warranty, other models have 2 or 3-year warranty

Our conclusion

The Flymo Easi Glide lawnmower is a lightweight, affordable, and powerful mower to have for a small or medium-sized garden. You will find that this mower is a perfect machine to cut grass with.

Unfortunately, when you are using it, you need to keep an eye on the cord so you do not run it over, of course, this is an issue for all corded Lawnmowers. Overall, great performance and excellent value for money from a manufacturer you can trust.

It’s worth noting that when we reviewed the ‘Best Flymo Lawnmowers’ last year, the Easi Glide 300 was the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ under Flymo Lawnmowers. so it’s no surprise that when we reviewed it again, it came out as one of the best choices for smaller lawns.

7. Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Electric Hover Lawnmower

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Flymo TurboLite 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Non-Collect

Specifications & features

  • Powerful 1500 watt motor
  • Robust metal blade with a 40cm cutting width
  • Five cutting heights (15 – 41mm)
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Long 10-meter cable

The Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Electric Hover Lawnmower is perfect for small gardens and is lightweight and easy to use. Weighing 7.5kg, you will not feel tired after mowing your garden as it floats on a cushion of air.

While mowing, you will also find that this machine can cut in various directions. It is powered by a 1500 watt motor and includes a 40cm metal blade, ensuring that it will cut through the toughest of grass.

With an adjustable four heights setting, you are able to cut your grass to your preferred height. In addition to these features, you will also find that this lawnmower is easy to store as it provides foldable handles.


  • Affordable, excellent value for money
  • Set cutting height to your preferred height.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Long-lasting metal blade
  • Made in the UK


  • Cable can get in the way when mowing
  • Does not collect grass
  • 1 Year warranty, other models such as Bosch have 2 – 3 year warranty

Our conclusion

The Flymo Turbo Lite 400 is one of the best Flymo models for small gardens. It’s floating ability allows for cutting in various directions. You are provided with foldable handles that ensures effortless compact storage.

Its lightweight design allows the user to easily push the mower without feeling exhausted. However, even though this machine is easier on the user, there still seems to be some design defects. You also have to consider watching the cable while mowing.

8. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower 40V Lawnmower

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Greenworks Tools G40LM35K2X (Art No: 2501907UC) G40LM35K2 Lawn Mower, 40 V, Green, 35cm

The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower 40V Lawnmower is an efficient compact mower for a small garden. It has just the features you need to keep your lawn healthy and looking good.

This cordless mower is powered by two 20V lithium-ion batteries which pop easily into the battery compartment. With 40 minutes of mowing per charge and a one-hour recharging cycle (manufacturer’s claims), you can mow your lawn quickly and without having to wait long for a battery recharge. All Greenworks 40V batteries are compatible with the other tools in the 40V series, so you don’t have to buy batteries and a charger if you already have them.

The Greenworks cordless mower weighs 15kg (33 pounds) without the battery, and it’s light enough to not strain your muscles as you push it. Larger rear wheels than front wheels also assist in the ergonomic design.

The 38cm (14 inches) cutting blade is a respectable size and reduces the number of times you have to cross your lawn. The range of cutting heights is from 25mm to 80mm in five steps; choose whatever length of grass the season requires. You move from one height to another by simply flipping a lever. 

This mower has three cutting modes to choose from: cut-and-drop (from the rear of the mower); cut-and-collect; and cut-and-mulch. To mulch, you insert the free mulching plug into the rear discharge chute. The rear collector bag holds a respectable 50-litres of grass clippings so you won’t be emptying it at the compost bin too often.

This Greenworks cordless lawn mower folds down for storage in a small space. When the handle is folded (by a lever for the lower handle and a knob for the upper handle), the mower is only 44cm (17 inches) high and 68cm (27 inches) deep. The four-year warranty with two-years on the battery and charger is unusually generous for a cordless lawn mower.


  • Lightweight and compact at 15kg (33 pounds) without the battery makes it easy to push.
  • Cuts for 40 minutes per charge and takes one hour to recharge (manufacturer’s claim).
  • Three cutting modes: cut-and-drop; cut–and-collect; cut-and-mulch; these let you vary your maintenance plan for your lawn.
  • 35cm (14 inches) cutting blade reduces the number of times you have to go back-and-forth on the grass.
  • Mulch plug easily slips in and out from the rear discharge chute to simplify the mulching process.
  • Five different cutting heights between 25mm and 80 mm for seasonal variations in lawn requirements.
  • 50-litre rear collector bag for fewer trips to the compost bin to empty it.
  • Folds down compactly to take up minimal storage space.
  • Batteries are compatible with all other Greenworks 40V machines. 
  • Four year warranty (two years on the battery and charger) starting from the date of purchase is generous for this category of product.


  • Battery time is shorter at around 30 minutes than the 40 minutes promised.
  • Poor customer service with no answers and long conversations about replacements.
  • Doesn’t work well on long grass.

Our conclusion

The light weight (15kg) of the Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower 40V Lawnmower makes it comfortable to push. The range of cutting heights is up to 80mm which lets you have fairly long grass. But the mower struggles a bit when cutting long grass. The large collection bag means that you don’t have to stop very often and empty it. You can see how full the bag is by lifting the plastic flap a little; you don’t have to take the bag off to find out if it’s time to empty it. 

Other cordless mowers for small gardens have only two cutting modes – drop or collect the grass cuttings. The Greenworks cordless mower includes a mulching feature with a mulching plug that is easy to insert into the mower.

As usually happens with cordless mowers, reviewers say that the battery life isn’t as long as the manufacturers claim. Instead of the 40 minutes of mowing time promised, online reviewers get between 30 minutes before they have to recharge the mower’s batteries. But 30 minutes may be all that you need for your small garden.

The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower 40V Lawnmower is a good choice for your small garden if mulching is part of your lawn maintenance routine.

9. Einhell GE-EM 1233 1250W Electric Rotary Lawnmower

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The Einhell GE-EM 1233 Mower includes a carbon powered motor with a high torque for an efficient performance and is 1250W with a 33cm cutting width. It has an adjustable height setting that ranges from 20mm – 60mm and also includes a 30L grass collection box.

Specifications & features

  • 5 Adjustable cutting heights (20-60mm)
  • Powerful 1250W carbon powered motor
  • Carry handle for easy carrying to and from the lawn with ease
  • Edge cutting system
  • Wide wheels 
  • Long 10-meter cable

The Einhell GE-EM 1233 Mower includes a carbon powered motor with high torque for efficient performance and is 1250W with a 33cm cutting width. It has an adjustable height setting that ranges from 20mm – 60mm and also includes a 30L grass collection box.

This lawnmower also provides an edge cutting system which allows for effective mowing along the edge of gardens. You will also find that its wide wheels protect your lawn. The Einhell lawnmower also comes with a two-year warranty that also includes full after-sales service.


  • Edge cutting system for cutting grass right against the wall or fence
  • Easy to adjust the cutting height with a simple lever system
  • Carry handle makes it extremely easy to transport.
  • Wide wheels for more stability and reducing damage to the lawn.


  • As with all corded models, the cable can get in the way when mowing
  • No roller for striped lawns
  • Slightly heavier than other similar models we reviewed

Our conclusion

The all-round quality mower for a great price, with a 1250W carbon powered motor, you have enough power to mow any lawn with ease. We like the easy to adjust cutting height which allows you to cut your grass at your preferred height using any of the 5 settings so you have plenty of choices.

We also like the wide wheels as they protect your lawn while the edge cutting system provides an up close-cut against walls. The 30L grass collection box is a decent size and also helps reduce how many times you must stop to empty the box while mowing.

Overall a good all-round mower at under £100 with very little negative reviews online which also further confirms the quality and performance of this little mower.

10. Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower

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For small gardens, the Bosch AHM 38 G Cylinder Lawnmower is the perfect machine for you. A manual lawnmower with horizontally mounted cylinder of blades that cuts against a fixed bottom blade, gives your lawn a clean cut.

Specifications & features

  • Five bladed cylinder
  • Rear roller
  • 25L grass collection box
  • 38cm cutting width
  • 15mm – 43mm cutting height
  • Easy to push
  • High geared side wheels
  • Use anywhere freely

For small gardens, the Bosch AHM 38 G Cylinder Lawnmower is the perfect machine for you. A manual lawnmower with a horizontally mounted cylinder of blades that cuts against a fixed bottom blade gives your lawn a clean cut.

The high gear side wheels provide a lawnmower that is easy to push. This lightweight lawnmower comes with a rear roller that provides the mower with stability as well as gives your lawn finished stripes. You are able to mow your lawn without continuously having to stop and empty your 25L grass collection box.

This product also comes with a free two-year warranty with the option to extend the guarantee to three years if you register your machine on the manufacturer’s website within 28 days of purchase.


  • Affordable
  • Five bladed cylinder
  • 25L grass collection box
  • Easy to push
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Two-year warranty


  • Adjustment mechanism made of plastic—easy to break
  • Poor instructions

Our conclusion

This is a very powerful and versatile machine that allows you to freely move around your garden without the restriction of a cord or the heaviness of a battery.

The five-bladed cylinder works to cut your lawn without ripping any of the grass. The 25L grass collection box also gives you the opportunity to mow your lawn without stopping frequently to empty the box.

How to Choose Your Lawnmower Based on Garden Size

With electric, battery, and petrol-powered lawnmowers available for purchase, it can become very difficult to choose which one is best suited for your garden and its needs.

  • Small Lawns – Smaller lawns are usually up to 100m² and usually require mowers that are either electric or battery operated with a cutting width of 300mm. Electric mowers are usually the most popular choice because they are lower in cost, easy to store, and lightweight. Electric mowers are light, fairly maintenance-free, and extremely easy to use, while cordless battery-powered mowers are low maintenance and even easier to use because they allow you the freedom to mow without worrying about extension cords thanks to there powerful lithium-ion batteries and fast charging times. However, petrol-powered mowers also give you freedom, as well as giving the maximum power and run-time without a cord, the downside though is they are usually much heavier, noisy and require more maintenance such as changing oil filters and spark plugs.
  • Medium Lawns – Medium lawns are generally 100 to 250m² and can generally be mowed by a variety of lawnmowers. Electric, battery, or petrol-powered; it’s up to you, as long as the mower’s cutting width is between 350 to 400mm. With such a wide variety to choose from, you just have to compare and contrast the pros and cons of each one and decide which you would rather.
  • Large Lawns – Large lawns are considered 250m² or more and are best mowed with a petrol lawnmower with a cutting width of at least 400mm. With a larger lawn, you will definitely want a mower that has a wide cutting range and is easy to push. Whether you choose a cordless battery powered or a petrol mower, you are given extreme manoeuvrability because you do not have to worry about a long cord. You will also find that self-propelled petrol mower will make your chore even easier.

Important Points to Consider

  • Self-propelled or Push Mower – While push mowers are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and ideal for small gardens; self-propelled mowers are a lot easier to handle. You can also find that some self-propelled mowers come with a variable speed setting that will suit your own walking pace.
  • Collection Grass Box – With a bigger collection box, you will find that you do not need to stop as often to empty it. This is something worth considering if you have a large lawn.
  • Stripe Effect – If you are looking for a mower that creates a stripe effect on your lawn, then you will need to choose a mower with a rear roller. When the mower cuts, the roller moves over the grass and compresses it in one direction.

Features to Consider

As stated before, when you are seeking a lawnmower, there are so many brands now that provide many different features.

Grass Collection Box

  • Most collection boxes are detachable, but some are not. Be sure to check this feature before you purchase.
  • You will also need to consider the size of the collection box, as you will need to stop mowing and empty it. The smaller the box, the more frequent you will need to stop, and the more time-consuming your task may become.
  • If you do not want to collect the cut grass, then you may want to consider a lawn mower that offers a ‘mulching action.’ With this, the lawnmower still cuts the grass, but instead of collecting the grass, it cuts it into smaller pieces before it is released back onto the ground. The mulching action allows the grass to break down faster while allowing the nutrients to penetrate your lawn faster and keeping it healthy and green.

Cutting height

  • Always look for the number of cutting heights a lawn mower provides. Lawnmowers that permit you to adjust the height at which the grass is cut makes the mower more suitable to use all year round.
  • You will want to keep your grass at a longer length during the spring, fall, and winter. During the summer, you will want to cut the grass much shorter.
  • When you have an adjustable cutting height, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your grass will remain green all year round.

Blade type

There are two types of blades:

  • Metal – best when cutting long or wet grass and provides a much sharper and cleaner cut, longer life, more robust
  • Plastic– best used on shorter, dry grass, usually cheaper to replace

Our Final Conclusion

With just a little care and attention, a small garden can look as impressive as a manor house lawn. Buying the right size tools, including a lawn mower, helps to not overwhelm you or the garden. All the lawnmowers in this best lawn mower for small gardens review will help you maintain your lawn’s health and appearance. Your main decision is whether to go with a petrol, electric or a cordless model, or even the robotic lawn mower we’ve reviewed.

Whichever of our reviewed mowers you choose for your small garden, you’ll have a reliable partner in giving your lawn the care and attention it deserves.


Rotak 32 LI UK
  • The Rotak 32 LI cordless lawnmower - a compact lawnmower for urban gardens
  • Cordless freedom due its light weight and no cables or exhaust fumes
  • Enjoy a comfortable and healthy working position while mowing with ErgoFlex handles
  • The grass combs ensure clean results along lawn edges, flowerbeds, walls and paths
  • Items included: Rotak 32 LI, 1x battery pack 36 V/2.0 Ah LI, AL 3620 CV charger, 31 l grass box, cardboard box

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