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Best Hardtop Gazebos: Top 6 Recommendations & Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

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Relaxing outdoors is not only good for our health but it provides time to catch up with family and friends. Instead of always having to set up and take down a pop-up gazebo when you need to relax, you can always settle for a hardtop more permanent gazebo, also known as a Pavilion. These types of gazebos cost considerably more than the standard pop-up models and they can be set up as permanent structures in the garden.

Hardtop gazebos are designed to withstand year-round use whether it rains or shines. They provide the perfect space for different activities whether it is a party or a relaxed Sunday in the hot tub. In this review, we will show you how you can acquire the best hardtop gazebo for all year round use. These gazebos are made of quality materials and they come in different designs to suit your taste.

Read through the detailed reviews and buying guide before you settle on which model you would crown as the best hardtop gazebo for you.

We have already selected our top hardtop gazebos that include our best pick the Outsunny Deluxe Garden Gazebo and our Runner up the Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo


Outsunny 3m x 3m Hardtop Gazebo
This model features a robust powder-coated aluminium frame and 8mm thick polycarbonate roofing. This model is designed to offer spacious accommodation for outdoor dining, relaxing or even chilling in a hot tub, and it comes with all the required accessories for assembly. The four 180 g/m² curtains provided are thick and durable therefore, you won’t have to replace them too soon. Overall, we can say that this robust model offers the best value for money because of its upstanding design structure, quality build and affordable pricing when compared to many alternatives.


Palram Milano 4.2m x 3.09m x 2.25m Aluminium Gazebo
This hardtop gazebo is worth every penny although the curtains are sold separately. This model embodies simple elegance with its flat roof and stable supporting poles. It is the only model featured in this review that is supplied with gutters and gutter heads which means you can collect the water if you prefer. Whether you want to place a hot tub beneath it or just place garden furniture, this model provides an ambience that cannot be compared with any other model. It's also extremely well built.

Top 6 Best Hardtop Gazebos

1. Outsunny Deluxe 3m x 3m Garden Gazebo With Polycarbonate Roof


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Outsunny 3m x 3m Garden Gazebo With Polycarbonate Roof

The Outsunny Deluxe 3m x 3m Garden Gazebo looks amazing adding an air of luxuriousness to your garden. The hardtop gazebo is made from an aluminium frame and a robust polycarbonate roof. Because the aluminium frame is a supportive feature, it has been made from robust aluminium with a powder coating finish. The powder-coated finish permits the gazebo to survive outdoor conditions without rusting, which is a must for UK weather where we see our fair share of rainy days.

Holding the frame together are stainless steel bolts and screws that will not rust either. They will hold all the parts together requiring little tightening occasionally for maintenance. The roof is supported by 1mm thick square poles with footplate covers for stability. The corner poles measure 9cm x 9cm each, so they are fairly substantial and they can be anchored down to provide added stability.

On each corner are curtains made from 100% polyester fabric that is easy to keep clean. The curtains have been given a polyacrylate coating to make then 100% waterproof and UV-resistant which means they are perfect come sun or rain. They are easily attachable to the frame thanks to the double-sided curtain rail and they lock together securely using a zip system.

The roof which happens to be the star of the show is 100% waterproof and it possesses a UV protection factor of 50+. The roof is made from 7mm polycarbonate panels supported by the aluminium frame. The easily assembled roof provides decent natural light during the day and it possesses a hook where you can attach lights during the night. Therefore, regardless of whether it is day or night, you can relax under the gazebo with ease.

This 72kg model comes with a detailed manual and it is fairly easy to assemble. If you get an additional pair of hands to assist you with assembly then it takes around 5-6 hours. If you decide to assemble it on your own, it will take longer than that. We highly recommend constructing this gazebo using two people because it just makes life much easier. There is no need to bring additional tools because all the tools you require for assembly are provided.


  • Features a robust polycarbonate roof that can support a heavy load of snow.
  • The roof is UV-resistant and 100% waterproof.
  • Comes with quality polyester curtains with zips for closure.
  • Features a durable powder-coated aluminium frame for outdoor sustainability.
  • Comes with a hook for lighting fixtures.
  • It is easy to assemble taking only 5-6 hours with assistance.
  • The roof is supported by thick poles that can be secured to the floor.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Available in two colours for selection.

Our recommendation

The Outsunny 3m x 3m Garden Gazebo offers excellent value for money and it is spacious enough to seat several people underneath. This high-quality gazebo is fetched at an affordable price and it is robust enduring the elements all year round. The luxurious looking gazebo is 100% waterproof and if it is secured to the ground, it can withstand strong winds. 

This easily assembled gazebo is perfect for those looking for an affordable but reliable option. The aluminium frame hardtop gazebo will not rust or have the roof leak because it is well constructed. It may take up a while to assemble it, but once it is done you can relax knowing that you have a hardtop gazebo that can withstand storms. Overall this model includes everything you need including the curtain and offers excellent value for money.

2. Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo 4.2m x 3.09m


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Palram Canopia Milano Hardtop Gazebo, Grey, 4300

The Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo is a square gazebo with a flat roof that can fit into contemporary gardens with ease. The 6mm thick polycarbonate roof (which is not quite as thick as the one on our best pick) is supported by a strong metallic frame that has been given a protective finish to prevent rust and corrosion.

The frame can be secured to the floor for stability and you can leave this model outdoors all year-round and it will still retain its appearance.

Proved to withstand snow and strong winds, this hardtop gazebo comes with gutter heads and gutters to drain off water from the roof, which makes it a little unique because most models don’t have this option as standard. The roof is flat but it is slightly angled to help direct water to the gutters. The polycarbonate roof is impact-resistant and therefore it is less likely to break if a thick branch happens to fall on it. During the day the polycarbonate roof (with bronze glazing) allows natural light to flow through, illuminating the area underneath.

This hardtop gazebo has space to hang curtains but the catch is that you have to purchase the hook kit separately if you want this option. Once you have the hooks you can hang lights, netting or curtains as you please. The curtains are also purchased separately therefore, you have the option to select a set that suits your preference.

Measuring 4.2m x 3.09m x 2.25m, this model weighs about 88kgs when assembled. You will need an extra pair of hands if you are to assemble this gazebo quickly. Make sure you read all the instructions to avoid mismatching any sections. This model is accompanied by a 10-year warranty which goes to show that it is trustworthy and has been designed to last.


  • Good looking square hardtop gazebo that is robust and can stay outdoors all year-round.
  • Features metallic poles with footplates that can be anchored without a foundation.
  • Comes with a flat 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof that does not leak.
  • Offers gutters and gutter heads for draining water from the roof.
  • You can hang curtains and potted plants if you purchase the hook kit that is sold separately.
  • Very spacious.
  • It is easy to assemble thanks to panel sliding mechanisms.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty for quality assurance.


  • Curtains and hook kits are sold separately increasing the overall price of the product.

Our recommendation

Those looking for a flat-roofed hardtop gazebo can purchase the Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo. This model is a simple but very well designed gazebo. It is available in an eye-pleasing colour and it is easy to assemble because of the panel sliding system that is in place. The gazebo is spacious and it can stay outdoors for many years. You can host parties or just relax with your family without worrying about the weather.

The gazebo’s roof comes with a drainage system which we like because you can collect water into a water butt and it is durable enough to withstand high impact. The only downside to this model is the price because some accessories like curtains/netting have to be purchased independently. If you were not ready budget-wise you may be blindsided, hence it is good to include all the needed accessories. 

Overall the quality won’t disappoint and you have the option to buy the accessories separately, which means you don’t have to buy certain should you not want to use them. It would probably be more expensive if it includes the certain as standard.

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3. Four Seasons 3m x 3.6m Gazebo

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Four Seasons 3m x 4.3m Gazebo

Meet the Four Seasons 3m x 3.6m Gazebo that is perfect for use all year round. During winter, you can hang a heater or clear the furniture and enjoy a small fire pit. This hardtop gazebo constitutes a 6mm thick polycarbonate roof supported by an aluminium frame. Considering that this model is designed to sit outdoors, the metal frame has a protective coating to keep it in good condition.

To provide light inside the gazebo, the polycarbonate roof is translucent to allow light to get through. You can choose to hang a light from the apex of the roof to provide illumination at night. Even after many days of harsh weather, you can trust that the UV treated polycarbonate roof will retain its appearance over time.

When you purchase this model you get curtains and a mosquito net included. This is good news for those on a tight budget because there are no more additional charges to consider. Remember that this model can be anchored for security therefore, select a stable platform.


  • Features an attractive design.
  • Made from durable aluminium parts and a UV-resistant polycarbonate roof.
  • The gazebo can be secured to a base for extra stability.
  • You can hang lights or a portable heater from the apex of the roof.
  • Delivery service is fast.
  • Comes with easy to wash curtain and mosquito net.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • It may take a while to assemble.

Our recommendation

The Four Seasons 3m x 3.6m Gazebo is attractive and it comes with everything you need for a complete setup. This gazebo features an apex polycarbonate roof that not only allows natural light but is durable. Available in dark anthracite colour, this model would blend in easily with the surroundings providing a luxurious ambience.

For the price that you buy this hardtop gazebo, you can rest easy knowing that the quality is trustworthy. From the customer reviews presented, the only grapple that some of them had was the lengthy assembly, however, this is the case for most models because they all use a similar system. Other than that, the product itself looked and did what it says on the paper. All things considered, this hardtop gazebo is a good choice for anyone who wants a dark coloured apex roofed gazebo that is spacious and robust. Best of all it comes with everything including a curtain and mosquito net, and all for a very affordable price.

*At time of review

4. Outsunny 3m x 3m Garden Aluminium Gazebo

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Outsunny 3 x 3 Meter Garden Aluminium Gazebo

The Outsunny 3m x 3m Garden Gazebo is spacious and quite friendly to the pocket being one of the most affordable options. This gazebo comes with a polycarbonate apex roof and an aluminium frame. Same as in the case of all hardtop gazebos for year-round use, both the roof and the aluminium alloy frame have protective features against the elements. No matter if it snows or rains for months, the metal frame will not rust or corrode.

When it rains and you want to keep the mosquitos out of the marquee gazebo then you can close up the mesh curtains provided. The zip secures the mesh curtain providing privacy and protection. The polyester fabric curtains can remain tied to the posts while the mesh curtains provide ventilation on hot days.

To secure this gazebo against strong winds the footplates need to be drilled into a stable base. This 52kg gazebo comes flat packed to be assembled before use. It is important to get someone to help you to make the assembly process run smoothly.


  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • The frame is made from an aluminium alloy for durability purposes.
  • Comes with mesh netting plus curtains to keep bugs out and provide privacy.
  • It can be secured to a base for more stability.
  • The roof is UV-resistant to prevent fading over time.
  • It is easy to assemble and keep clean.


  • The curtains offered could be of better quality to last longer.

Our recommendation

For those working with a limited budget, the Outsunny 3m x 3m Garden Gazebo is a good option. It offers enough room for furniture or a hot tub depending on what you want. This model features a robust aluminium alloy frame and polycarbonate roofing. It comes with curtains and a mesh lining so you do not have to spend more money. This model is not the best one on the market but it is reliable.

You may want to change the curtains after some time but other than that, the gazebo is of good quality. It would be perfect for occasional use so it’s not subject to too much wear and tear too soon. Overall, if you need a budget-friendly model, this is well worth considering.

5. Outsunny 3m x 4m Patio Aluminium Gazebo

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Outsunny 3 x 4m Patio Aluminium Gazebo

The Outsunny 3m x 4m Patio Aluminium Gazebo is different from the others because it does not have a polycarbonate roof. This model consists of an aluminium frame and a steel roof. Both the roof and the frame have been designed to meet the demands of outdoor living. The spacious model would be perfect for a get-together or a relaxing evening in the hot tub.

Taking the shape of a dome, the roof provides no room for dirt to pile up. Water and debris can slide off the roof easily making cleaning a simple job. The 102kg hardtop gazebo is supplied with double-lined curtains. The inner layer is a mesh that keeps mosquitoes and other insects at bay while the outer layer is the polyester curtains that are zipped to provide privacy.

To illuminate the gazebo at night, this model comes with hooks that you can hang a portable light or heater. To facilitate stability make sure that the gazebo is stable by bolting the feet to the floor. This way, the structure remains unshakable in strong winds and your lights remain safely hung. The gazebo comes flat packed and it requires assembly before being ready for use.


  • It has an attractive unique design.
  • Features a durable aluminium frame and strong steel roof.
  • Comes with double-lined curtains for privacy and protection from insects.
  • Offers adequate space to host parties among other activities.
  • Can be left outdoors all year round.
  • The gazebo can be pegged down for stability.
  • Gives good value for money.


  • Roof assembly might be challenging because of differences in the panel sizes.

Our recommendation

The Outsunny 3m x 4m Patio Aluminium Gazebo is robust and spacious providing good value for money. We love the design of the gazebo as it can be used as a conversation piece. This model is pricey but at least it is supplied with quality curtains that will last a long time. The robust roof is not affected by the elements, making it perfect for year-round use although it may be a little awkward to install.

If you’re searching for a fully metallic hardtop gazebo, you won’t go wrong with this one. It would also be perfect for those who live in windy areas because it is very stable. Assembly will need a bit of muscle power and ingenuity, but once it is done the gazebo will require little maintenance.

6. Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo

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Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo

The Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo will cost you a pretty penny, but it will be worthwhile. This robust wooden gazebo is constructed from spruce wood that has been pressure treated to avoid rot and pests. It features an apex roof that can facilitate easy water drainage if gutters are installed.

The roof has a shiplap design and it is covered in durable shingles. The black coloured shingles that you need are supplied by the manufacturer which is convenient. Another admirable feature of this gazebo is the extra strong posts that provide stability. You can purchase brackets if you need to secure the posts to a base from most DIY stores such as B&Q or order them online.

To prevent you from asking for permission, this model adheres to the planning act because its height is below the 2.5m stipulated by the permitted development rights. You will find the tall walkthrough sufficient, even for the tallest of people in your family. This model will take about 1-2 days to fully assemble for the less experienced so brace yourself. Two experienced builders would have it built in around half a day. At least you can rest easy knowing that you get a 10-year guarantee on the timber used to make the gazebo.


  • Made from durable high pressure-treated wood.
  • Provides roof shingles for easy installation.
  • Comes with an apex roof that you can attach a lantern for light.
  • Features extra-stable poles.
  • Complies with the permitted development rights.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee for the wood.


  • It takes a while to assemble.

Our recommendation

The Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo is suitable for those in search of a robust wooden gazebo for a more traditional look and feel. Made from spruce wood, this model measures 300cm x 300cm x 248cm (which is just over 9ft by 9ft) and it is spacious to seat several people if you are having a party. The good looking gazebo doesn’t have any flaws because what you see on paper is what you get. 

We would recommend this model for those looking for a premium-priced gazebo that will last for years. It may take some time to assemble but for the beauty of this model, it is worth the trouble. You also need to work out how you will fix it down, the easiest way is to buy some fence post brackets that can be fixed to the floor and the legs placed into them.

Buyer’s Guide

This is the section where we tell you exactly what you need to consider before getting the best hardtop gazebo. These factors range from the quality of materials used to the price point that would suit your budget. Gazebos are meant to be areas where one can relax without a care about the weather. By the end of this guide, you will have found the best gazebo for all-year-round activities.


Why are you purchasing a hardtop gazebo? Are you simply looking for an outdoor living space or a structure to shelter your hot tub? By identifying the reason for purchasing the gazebo you can easily select a model design that would suit your purpose and more importantly the size you need because most models are available in several sizes. If you are looking for a place to entertain company, then you might want to select one of the luxurious looking models like our best pick. The Outsunny 3 x 4m Patio Aluminium Gazebo would be perfect for a spa or a hot tub setting.

Overall design

There are many gazebos on the market sporting different designs. As you have seen, you can get a square-looking gazebo like the Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo, or settle for a regular apex roofed hardtop gazebo. This is all about which style appeals most to your taste. Make sure that whichever design you pick complements the décor of the garden.

Strength of the frame

Without a strong frame, the whole structure is bound to collapse. In many cases, hardtop gazebos feature an aluminium frame. Aluminium frames are preferred because they are lightweight and durable. Steel is also a popular metal used in supporting the roof structure.

You will also find wooden hardtop gazebos that feature a robust frame like the Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo. Regardless of whether the frame is made from metal, wood or plastic, what matters is that the quality of the materials is reliable.

Roof considerations

When it comes to roofs what you need to consider is the shape and the materials used to make the roof. Apex roofs are preferable because they allow easy drainage of water and they usually come with hooks to hang lanterns and heaters. 

Gazebos with flat roofs are perfect if assembled away from falling leaves. If you place a flat top gazebo near trees then you will need to clean the roof frequently. The Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo has a flat roof but it is slightly slanted to permit drainage, this could be an issue if placed under a large tree.

Hardtop gazebo roofs are mostly made from polycarbonate that is UV-resistant. Polycarbonate is a durable material that can absorb some impact without much damage. Polycarbonate roofs permit natural light to seep through and create a relaxing ambience. If you choose a model without translucent roofing then you may want to keep a portable heater/light near during those cold gloomy days.

Curtains and netting

It’s hard to imagine a hardtop gazebo without curtains but you can get them. Curtains are essential in providing privacy and keeping nosy animals away. You can find models that offer curtains combined with a mesh lining that keeps mosquitoes away or models that offers separate mesh and lining. 

Polyester curtains are popular because they are easy to wash and they retain their colour. Some curtains are given a waterproof coating to prevent water from seeping through when it rains. Make sure that the curtains are of good quality so that they last a long time despite being exposed to the elements 365 days of the year. Another option is to take the curtain off over winter if you don’t use it much.


We are all not handy and thus products that are difficult to assemble can be challenging. Always check the average time it takes to assemble the gazebo. Some manufacturers will estimate how long it will take and others who will leave you to your own devices. Check the customer reviews if no information is provided by the manufacturer. Most models will take around half a day to a full day for the less experienced. Some may build them in as little as 2-3 hours.


Hardtop gazebos are constructed to survive regardless of what the elements throw at them. Stable feet permit the gazebo to be upright at all times. If you live in areas where the wind is strong, you will have to secure the gazebo. Depending on the model you select, a gazebo can be bolted to a base or pegged into the ground. Wide footplates not only provide stability but they provide adequate space to drill holes used for securing the structure.

Price point

As always, money dictates the type of products you can get on the market. If you have a limited budget then your options in the marketplace will be limited. If money is not an issue then you can easily get the hardtop gazebo of your dreams. Before you buy any model make sure that you include all the accessories required to see if the product is affordable. If you find a model supplied with all the accessories like the Four Seasons 3m x 4.3m Gazebo, then you don’t have to cater to more costs. We found at a budget of £700 to £1000 could get you a good 3m x 3m model with top of the range models costing upwards of £1500 to £2000.


Do you trust the quality of the gazebo or do you need a warranty to back it? If it is your first time dealing with a brand then a warranty can save you a few hassles in case the product is faulty. It is important to note that not all brands provide warranties for their gazebos. If you get a gazebo that matches your requirements then go for it. Just make sure that it provides good value for money.

Final Conclusion

Completely transform your relaxation time in the garden by purchasing yourself the best hardtop gazebo. Yes, it is that simple. These structures are perfect if you like to spend time outdoors with friends or family. From the reviews presented here, we hope you have gotten an idea of how to go about shopping for a hardtop gazebo. Before you go, here is a quick refresher of our top-performing models.

The Outsunny Deluxe 3m x 3m Gazebo is our best pick and offers luxurious settings at an affordable price.

Our runner up is the Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo because it offers something different design-wise, and comes with a 10-year guarantee to assure you of its quality.

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