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Top 7 Best Kids Play Swing Sets & Playgrounds

Last updated on September 30th, 2021

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Best Child Swing And Slide Sets & Buyer’s Guide

Swing sets are just one of the many ways to get children playing outside and away from video games. Installing a swing set in your back garden will offer children a place to jump, hop, run, swing and burn off their energy. If you have been swinging back and forth on whether or not to buy a swing set, then you landed yourself in the right place. We will inform you about the benefits of a swing set and help you choose the best kids play swing set through our detailed buyer’s guide. 

We also review the top-rated swing sets available on the market to help you determine which one is the most suitable for your loved ones. Of course, most models have age and weight limits. Others are quite large and you may have to check if you have enough space in your garden, let alone the installation task. Nonetheless, the best children’s swing set must stand up to the kids and withstand the elements as well. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the factors to consider when choosing the right swing set. Find out more in the buyer’s guide. 

Now after a tough comparison of the eight swing sets we have reviewed, we concluded that the Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Double Swing, Climbing Rope & Ladder Set is the winner of our ‘Best Pick’. It is hard to beat the quality of this set by the fact that it’s made from exclusive FSC certified timber. This is highly resistant to rot and other elements which means it will last for many years and provide hours of swing fun, we also liked the addition of the rope ladder.  Below is a quick overview of the model before we get into the other models in more detail.


Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Double Swing, Climbing Rope & Ladder Set
The best kids play swing set featuring superb construction and adjustable play features at a decent price. The Plum Gibbon Wooden Swing Set has been made from high-quality, pressure-treated timber that will offer both durability and resistance to the elements. All the installation hardware and instructions are included to allow for easy assembly once it reaches you. The set includes a double swing, climbing rope and rope ladder.

The top 8 best play swing sets that we have reviewed, including our top picks:

  1. Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Double Swing, Climbing Rope & Ladder Set – BEST PICK
  2. Dunster House Wooden Playhouse, Climbing Frame, Children’s Outdoor Play Set – BEST PREMIUM PICK
  3. TP Toys Wooden Swing Frame
  5. Hedstrom Nebula Play Set
  6. Hedstrom M08858 Fabric Nest Swing
  7. Plum Helios II Metal Garden Swing and Glider Set


Dunster House Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame Children's Outdoor Play Set
This is an all-around playset with plenty of features for children of all ages who have various interests. With two swing seats, slide, monkey bars, tower balcony, climbing stones and a secret den, there is no end to outdoor fun with this one. The construction itself is strong with pressure-treated timber covered by a solid 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. An expensive unit but satisfaction guaranteed. Perfect for larger gardens.


FATMOOSE Wooden Play Centre Playground
With two swings, a slide with a water connection, a secret den and a small climbing wall, this playset are perfect for children with different interests. It's a solid unit made of pressure-treated wood with high resistance to the elements.

Top 7 Kids Play Swing Sets Reviews

1. Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Double Swing, Climbing Rope & Ladder Set


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Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Double Swing, Climbing Rope & Ladder Set

The Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Double Swing, Climbing Rope & Ladder Set is a great choice for children aged 3 to 12 years old. It can entertain up to four children at a time with two on the swings sets, one on a climbing rope and another one on a hanging rope ladder. To make it more interesting, the two swing seats are height adjustable so your kids can grow with them. The climbing ropes have a soft feel to prevent pinching and take a little practice to learn to climb up. 

The structure is made from premium FSC certified timber that has been pressure-treated to ensure extra strength. The top bar is 10cm in diameter for extra support and the legs are 8cm in diameter, making the frame extremely robust.

It will take two adults to assemble this structure in under two hours, maybe within an hour for more experienced DIY’ers. Included in the box are metal straps that encircle the pole to maintain the strength of the frame. The straps also eliminate the need for drilling through the timber, thus maintaining its integrity and making it easier to assemble.

Also supplied are wooden cross braces, which make the swing extra sturdy and stable, together with anchors for concreting into the ground although it does feel very sturdy without, however, we would still advise using the anchors supplied. You will need a simple combi drill with a 5mm drill bit, ratchet socket with 13mm and 17mm sockets, mallet and step ladder. The swing set’s assembled dimensions are L3.30 x W2.20 x H2.20m. Ensure there is a free 2m perimeter for safety reasons.

The swing set offers a maximum carry capacity of 50kg. Definitely not for adults or toddlers who can’t hold the swing on their own although you may be able to buy a separate child seat to use with the swing. Adult supervision is still a must, especially for younger kids. The frame has a 5-year warranty against rot or insect damage, whilst the hardware has a 1-year warranty. 


  • Made from premium FSC certified wood that has been pressure-treated for maximum durability. 
  • Includes three fun features – double swing, soft-feel climbing rope and rope ladder – therefore, children can enjoy different activities simultaneously. 
  • Can be grounded firmly using supplied ground anchors.
  • Supplied with assembly instructions for straightforward set up.
  • Available at a great price and offers maximum long-term value.
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty against rot or failure. 


  • None found.

Our recommendation

The Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Play Set is ideal for children to play and socialise with their friends. It has a good capacity of four at a time and it offers ample space around if assembled correctly. Its pressure-treated timber will stand up to the elements and resist rot. The 5-year manufacturer’s warranty provides enough assurance about the structure’s durability and we expect the high-quality wood to last even longer. This swing set offers excellent value for money and it’s arguably the best kids play swing set at its price.

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2. Dunster House Children’s Outdoor Wooden Play Set


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Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame Childrens Outdoor Play Tower Monkey Bar Swing Set Club House - Dunster House® BalconyFort™ Searcher

This swing set comes in at the higher end of the scale and it’s worth every penny. The Dunster House Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame Play Set includes several features that will entertain a bunch of children. First off, there are two comfortable swing sets that will let kids swing back and forth. They are made of thick moulded plastic to provide maximum strength and comfort.

The last thing you want to see is a slide breaking whilst your little one is on it. No worry, the slides on this structure are extra thick and strong so you can rest assured they will hold up a child’s weight without ever coming loose. 

Kids love to climb castle walls or take on their fantasy ‘mountains’. As such, Dunster House included professional grade climbing stones so that a child can safely scale upwards to the peak. Once they are up there, they can look down or survey the garden from a safe tower balcony. Those on the ground can play hide and seek by taking advantage of a hidden den, which also works for playing shops. There’s no limit to the fun as even adults are invited in for muddy dinners. 

Grooved grip monkey bars are another attraction feature. Your little monkey will be able to perform pull-ups and build confidence whilst they enjoy themselves. 

The wood used in the construction has been pressure treated to ensure it lasts a lifetime. In fact, the manufacturer offers a 10-year protection guarantee against rot and insect infestation with no need for annual re-treatment. The unit comes flat packed with all fixings and ground anchors included for home assembly. Assembly instructions are also included and fairly straightforward. 

This swing set complies with European Safety Standards EN71, making it safe for its purpose. The pressure treated timber has also passed the EN71-3 test to ensure the chemicals used are safe on children’s products. No doubt, this playset is one you should consider for the plenty of features on offer regardless of its price tag. 


  • Built with pressure treated timber that requires no maintenance whatsoever.
  • Offers six different play features for the most fun. It can hold up to six children at a time.
  • Supplied with all installation fixtures including fixings and ground anchors.
  • The frame has a 10-year warranty for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Safe to use with children as it meets EN-71 European Safety Standards.


  • A very expensive product.

Our recommendation

This wooden play swing set is arguably unmatched in terms of construction and size. For a garden swing set that allows up to six kids to play different games at the same time, at the highest safety standards, this playset nails it.

Setting it up may take a few hours because of everything that needs to come together. What’s even more impressive is that you’ll never worry about treating the timber. Overall, the Dunster House Children’s Outdoor Play Set is really a great swing set that offers maximum value despite is being one of the more expensive sets, however, for the size, it is worth every penny.

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3. TP Toys Wooden Swing Frame

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TP Toys TP304 Wooden Swing Frame (Forest Double)

The TP Toys Wooden Swing Frame -Forest Double model is perfect for children aged 3 to 10 years. It only comes with two swing seats so don’t expect a lot from it. What you can be sure of though is that your child will grow with this swing set, thanks to the height-adjustable seats and quality timber that will last for many years. 

The swing frame is made of durable European pine that looks very pretty in the garden. It is lightweight and easy to assemble due to the few fixings involved. Ground stakes are included to secure the standing frame on the ground and, in turn, ensuring maximum strength and stability. The ropes are also sturdy and soft-feel so your child won’t experience any sort of pinching or burns. This set is affordable and compact, perfect for when garden space is limited. 

Fantastic quality overall.


  • Easy to set up because there is little to fix together.
  • Supplied with ground stakes for anchoring to enhance stability.
  • Made from premium European pine that lasts for years.
  • Available at a budget price.
  • Comes with height adjustable swing seats to suit different needs.


  • Limited play features. 

Our recommendation

If you need just a swing for your two children, the TP Toys Wooden Swing Frame (Forest Double) will suffice. The adjustable seats are the major selling point as they will remain relevant for years. We still feel this swing set is a bit limiting in terms of the available features and the age limit of 10 max, maybe 11 if they are a little smaller.

Those looking for an affordable and quick swing set for a child can use this one with confidence. Otherwise, double your money for more features offered by the Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Double Swing, Climbing Rope & Ladder Set. One thing you could do with this swing set is to add a baby swing for younger children.

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4. FATMOOSE Wooden Play Centre Playground


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FATMOOSE Wooden Climbing Frame FruityForest Fun XXL with Swing Set & Apple Green Slide, Outdoor Kids Playhouse with Sandpit, Climbing Ladder & Play-Accessories for The Garden

The FATMOOSE Wooden Play Centre is a multi-functional model with a number of accessories to offer many adventures. It takes a funny design with bright colours that will leave kids marvelled even before they take to the swing. 

There are two heavy-duty swings with adjustable ropes to ensure children of different heights can find their most comfortable position. For climbers, the swing set comes with 5 Grab On climbing stones that will let them scale up with confidence. Perhaps the best feature is an extra-large wave slide with a water connection so you can have your very own water slide. There’s even a sandpit for those muddy games and it comes with sand protection foil. 

Building this gigantic swing set requires two people. It can take a day or more depending on your skills but it’s a great job when finished. The climbing frame must be secured in concrete for maximum sturdiness. All the necessary fasteners, safety caps and detailed instructions are included. Children won’t get hurt whilst playing on this playset but still, adult supervision is recommended. 

The wooden frame is weather-resistant and has been pressure-treated to prevent rotting, cracking, warping or splintering. No wonder FATMOOSE covers all the wooden components with a 10-year warranty. FATMOOSE weatherproof stickers and flags are other small add-ons that will appeal to young children. Kids can still play if the weather isn’t that good thanks to supplied all-weather tarps.


  • Includes 3 playing levels, giving children plenty of options to enjoy themselves.
  • Easy to install thanks to detailed instructions. 
  • Looks elegant in the garden due to its funny design and bright colours featuring FATMOOSE stickers and a flag.
  • Made of high-quality pressure-treated timber to last for years.
  • Safe for kids due to enhanced protection features such as safety caps and sand protection foil. 
  • Highly sturdy to accommodate both younger and bigger children.
  • 10 year guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • May take a while to fully assemble. 

Our recommendation

This is fun kids swing set for all ages and it’s constructed with safety in mind, with safety caps and sand protection foil in the sandpit.

It requires concrete installation but that’s what will make it support up to 6 children at a time and withstand heavy winds. The wooden frame will last for years and we like the 10-year warranty backing it up which gives peace of mind.

Probably the only hiccup is that the installation may take a while, but then again it is fairly large, otherwise, you will be happy with your investment in the long run.

Overall, the FATMOOSE Wooden Play Centre Playground is arguably the best kids swing and slide set available at a mid-range price. 

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5. Plum Helios II Metal Garden Swing & Glider Set

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Plum Helios II Metal Garden Swing & Glider Set

The Plum Helios II Metal Garden Swing & Glider Set encourages hours of outdoor play, energy-burning fun and promises great value. This swing set includes a single swing and a two-seat glider, allowing up to three children to play simultaneously. Furthermore, the seats can be adjusted in height to suit your child as they grow. 

The structure is made from powder-coated steel, providing long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. It also uses heavy-duty seats for maximum strength and soft-feel ropes that won’t pinch a child’s hands. 

As you would expect, the package arrives flat packed and with pre-drilled fixings for you to assemble with ease. Plum says the job will take approximately an hour for two adults to complete, which is impressive because some swing sets require up to a full day to assemble. Ground anchors are also supplied for concreting the structure to the ground for maximum sturdiness. Be sure to allow a 2m perimeter safety zone around the structure. 

The recommended age is between 3 to 10 years and the maximum user weight is 45kgs per swing. Adult supervision is also recommended at all times and note that the swing set is only for domestic use. 


  • Comes with adjustable swing seats to suit children as they grow.
  • Made of a strong metal frame and can be anchored to ensure great stability. 
  • Easy to assemble thanks to a simple design and straightforward instructions. 
  • Supplied with soft-feel ropes that won’t hurt a child’s hands.


  • A bit flimsy and not suitable for heavier children.

Our recommendation

The Plum Helios II Metal Garden Swing & Glider Set is good for a family with two kids. It is arguably the easiest structure to install in just about an hour. We like the soft-feel ropes and sturdy swing seats, plus the rust-resistant steel frame.

However, some customers have raised concerns about the solidness of the metal but overall it has great reviews online. Older children will most likely outgrow the swing set pretty quickly and then it becomes useless because it won’t support their weight anymore. Nonetheless, this is an affordable buy that you can start early for 3-year old children or slightly older.

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6. Hedstrom Nebula Play Set

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Hedstrom Nebula Outdoor Play Frame, Metal, Orange, 3 Years

This is a small garden swing set featuring a glider and a fabric net swing. It is made of a robust, powder-coated steel frame that provides excellent durability and a high resistance to rust. The Hedstrom Nebula is quick to set up because it has no complicated components to fix together and it uses easy-to-fix allen key fittings.

In addition, every single frame is labelled with numbers, which you just have to follow step by step when using instruction manual. It even includes ground pegs for added stability. The assembled dimensions are W260 x D156 x H180cm, which makes a really compact structure for when space is limited in smaller gardens. 

The Nebula is suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years and it can hold up to 4 of them; two on the net swing and two on the glider. The ropes feel very soft and the fabric seat is quite sturdy. When the net seat is not in use, for instance, in the harsh winter months, it can be taken off easily for effective storage and clipped back on when kids want to play. Such a flexible playground set. 


  • Durable and rust-resistant thanks to the use of a powder-coated steel frame.
  • Supplied with ground pegs that offer increased stability. 
  • Swing seat is removable when needed. 
  • Easy to build due to simple Allen key fittings. 


  • Only ideal for little children up to the age of 10 max.

Our recommendation

The Hedstrom Nebula is another great starter kit but less expensive than the Plum Helios II swing set. It’s easy to assemble and lasts a long time, making it perfect for children up to 10 years, although it looks ideal for children to use who are younger than that (with parental supervision of course). We love the round net swing that two children can share, you usually see these at the local park so it’s nice to see them fitted to a domestic swing set. Overall, a good buy at a decent price.

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7. Hedstrom M08858 Fabric Nest Swing

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Hedstrom Fabric Nest Swing, Blue, One Size

At the very basic of swing sets, enters the Hedstrom M08858 Fabric Nest Swing. It simply has a fabric net swing you often see at the parks that can hold one or two young children, maybe 3 smaller children. Expect a really compact playground set that will sneak comfortably into any small back garden. That means building it is totally a breeze and will take minutes to do. Ground pegs are also supplied for securing the structure into the ground for improved stability. 

The structure is made of a strong, powder-coated steel frame that will last for years. Stainless steel hooks attaching the ropes to the top bar are very sturdy too, even when supporting 100kg of weight. The ropes are strong and we bet you’ll never need to replace them. They also feel soft to touch for children. 


  • The metal frame is powder-coated to offer protection against rust. 
  • Comes with ground pegs for secure ground anchoring.
  • Easy to construct the structure due to its simple design.


  • Expensive for only a fabric net swing. 
  • Can only support two, three children max.
  • Some find it a little frustrating to build as its difficult to put the foam on the bars and build, this takes longer than the rest of the swing. It just takes a little patience.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a swing set for one or two children, the Hedstrom M08858 Fabric Nest Swing makes a great pick as most single swing sets are only suitable for one child and this is where this model really does excel.

You can build this swing fairly quickly despite the foam taking a little time to put on the tubes and build. The sturdy metal frame won’t disappoint, we just feel Hedstrom could have added an extra feature to sell the structure at its current price, though it fits the purpose and looks great. Again its the nest swing feature that sells this product and makes it stand out.

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Swing Set Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide covers the benefits of having a swing set in your back garden, how to choose one, safety tips, and FAQs about swing sets. It’s extensive but worth reading, especially if you’re planning to buy a kids playground set for the first time. Here we go:

How will you use the kids play swing set?

You must have a kid(s) at home in the first place. How old are they? If it’s a toddler, then your swing set must be something they can use for years to come. A small wooden swing set or metal one will be perfect. 

Are you planning on any children coming over to play with your own child and how often? In this case, you may need a bigger swing set to accommodate the number of children you expect. Perhaps you will be hosting playdates and kid’s parties, meaning there will be a number of children on the swing set at the same time. Consider a larger and sturdy swing set in this case. It could also have features such as wall climbs, ladders, swings, trapeze bars, poles, treehouses to mention a few, so as to make it more fun for a crowd.

So before buying a swing set, consider the number of children who’ll be using it, whether or not neighbouring kids will join the party and if the swing set will be used for any events at all.

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Benefits of owning a swing set

First of all, a swing set is a great source of physical exercise, which is a good thing for kids. Having it in your garden means it’s within a child’s access, thus they can play more often. Increased activity will keep children happy and healthy. In fact, you should introduce a swing set to your child way before they get hold of a smartphone for the first time. Pretty sure you’ve noticed that children have a smile on their face whenever they are having fun – that’s what a swing set will bring into their lives. 

Second, a swing set can improve a child’s athleticism. The ‘swinging’ activity promotes general fitness, balance, movement and perceptual skills as well as spatial awareness, plus it helps children develop limbs and eye coordination. Regular exercising will have them in great shape and even improve their performance in sports. 

Another benefit is promoting social interactions. Kids usually go out to play in pairs or small groups. This encourages sharing and team-play in that one child swings whilst the other pushes them. By playing together, your child will get better at socialising and making friends, a crucial element that will help them later in life, whether at school or at work. 

Last but not least, swing sets are healthy for parents too. It starts with the relaxation parents have when they know the kids are just playing outside and not someplace out of town. This means less worry in itself and, in turn, no stress. In addition, kids will usually head to bed once they’ve had enough swings, leaving parents with time to watch their favourite TV shows, drink wine, read a book or simply rest. We’ve even heard parents send kids out to the swing so they can prepare dinner.  It’s an indirect benefit but worth it. 

Factors to consider in choosing the best kids play swing set?

Swing set size

Buy small for two to three children and go for a larger swing set with lots of features for large gardens if you’ll never mind friends coming to play with your children. 


Yes, you want to go big, but do you have enough space for it? And not just the installation space, the swing set should leave enough room all around for kids to jump out of the swing set and even run around without getting hurt. The recommended free area is six feet outwards. 


Survey the ground where you intend to set up the swing set. Is it flat or rugged? Swing sets for flat grounds will have different designs from those set for uneven terrain. 

Weather resistance

The swing set is going to be left outside for the most part if not all the time, thus it must be able to withstand the elements. No doubt a weather-resistant swing set will last for years and offer excellent value for investment. Be sure to browse through a few buyer reviews to get an idea of how solid the playset you want to buy is. Wooden sets should be made from treated timber to protect them from rot.

UV Resistance

Another important consideration for any unit that’ll be left under the sun. Look for a playset with UV-resistance properties – one that retains very little heat and won’t fade over time. It is usually the plastic parts that should be noted as UV resistance.

Ease of installation

Nobody wants to struggle with these kinds of units. Make sure to buy a swing set that does not require technical knowledge and many tools to install it. Some sets are just free-standing whilst others require cement installation. Choose the one you feel comfortable with. Freestanding designs are many people’s favourite because they are easy to set up and maintain. 

The type of construction material used may also determine the ease of installation. Metal swing sets are a breeze to install by just one crafty handyman or two, however, the weight of wooden units will require more help. Luckily, every other model comes with step by step assembly instructions to get you started. You can find videos on some manufacturer’s websites or YouTube on how to properly install a swing set. 

Installation help from Amazon – If you buy a swing set from Amazon, they will probably give you the option to include assembly of the swing set so you don’t have to, dependent on location. PLEASE NOTE that this service is provided by a 3rd party contracted to Amazon and is not available to everyone but is probably going to be an option for some people and it can come in handy if you are not the DIY type.


Consider a customisable swing set because you never know how many more children you may have in future. It will allow you to add a few extras such as monkey bars, climbing walls, trapeze bars and wavy slides to entertain kids more. Children become bored doing the same thing over and over, so you can always offer them something new from time to time with a customisable playset. 

Age and weight limit

Some garden swing sets are made for kids of certain ages, meaning the features are designed for the weight of children of those ages. Others are too tall for younger children, while some may be too small for older kids. Most good-sized playsets are good for ages 3 to 10 years but it’s best to check.

Construction material

There are many materials used to make swing sets. Along with this, you will find two types of designs; freestanding vs concrete installation designs. For instance, a small metal or plastic swing set for toddlers will likely have a freestanding design but a wooden playset may have an anchor design. Most wooden swing sets are fairly sturdy without being anchored to the ground because they are fairly heavy, however, if it comes with anchors it’s best to use them for health and safety reasons.

The most common materials used in making swing sets include wood, metal and plastic. 

There are many varieties of wood including pine, cedar and redwood. Pine is dense, highly durable and naturally weather-resistant even without a coating of any kind, plus it’s resistant to rotting and fungus. It is even more solid if pressure-treated and makes the best material for swing sets in that manner. 

Cedar is also resistant to elements including weather, rot and decay although it performs better with a treated coating of wood preservative. It is cheaper than other wooden materials, easy to install but demanding to maintain. The catch, however, is that cedar is very beautiful compared to other types of wood. 

Redwood is lightweight but not resistant to severe weather conditions. With proper treatment and coating, it becomes resistant to rotting. Redwood looks good too, easy to install but costlier than the other two types. 

Plastic swing sets are only for toddlers because the material is not that sturdy and durable. Plastic-constructed swing sets are usually cheap and free-standing, making them easy to install. 

Stainless steel is another material used in making swing sets. It is more durable than wood and plastic. Steel swing sets have great customisable designs and are easy to erect and maintain but can start to rust over time, especially if the outer powder-coated layer is damaged. 

These are the materials you will come across when shopping. You know the pros and cons and now it’s you to decide. 

When it comes to the design, free-standing models are a no-brainer to install, no doubt. However, if you want a larger swing set for more kids, then the anchor designs can hold up effectively despite being a little demanding to build. 

Safety issues

Safety is paramount when it comes to playing on swing sets. Be sure to buy a unit with soft and strong material. The edges must be rounded and not sharp ones that can easily hurt children. Additionally, rounded edges are easier to hold onto than sharp edges. For enhanced safety around the edges, they should be covered with plastic caps. Rubber grips on the chains will go a long way to prevent pinching and allow kids to swing without getting hurt. Below are some crucial safety tips for parents to keep in mind. 

Swing set safety tips

  • Never let children play without supervision. Even if you wanted them to go out so you can do some work in the house, be sure to stay active and throw an eye outside. Otherwise, stay on the playground if you have nothing important to do at that time. 
  • Be sure to dress kids appropriately. Children should never take the swing set with loose clothing. They can get caught by pointed parts of the swing sets or trip over extra long pants. Factor in the weather as well. 
  • Mark no-go zones. Teach your kids not to pass, stand in front or behind a swing when another child is swinging. 
  • Ensure there’s a free area around the swing set. This is the area where parents can relax and watch the children play. This area can also offer room for regular swing set maintenance.
  • Always make frequent safety checks of the play swing set. Check for any loose bolts and tighten them. Make sure all the anchor points are solid and check for any kinks on the chains.
  • Teach proper use of the swing set and its features. Let the kids know that they can’t swing side to side but front and back only. Teach them to use a trampoline, a rock wall, or any other feature of a swing set.

These are only but a few safety tips, otherwise, most manuals include safety guidelines for using the swing set. 

FAQs about swing sets

How can I anchor a swing set?

It can be done with the use of metal stakes and that’s often the case with metal swing sets. They need to be anchored because they can tilt with strong use of gliders or higher swings. Wooden models have the capacity to stand firm, however, adding some anchor bolts can offer more assurance and many do come with anchors you can concrete into the ground. Another way to secure wooden playsets to the ground is to buy some timber poles (tree stakes, fence poles) and drive them into the ground with a mallet at each corner, next fasten the poles to the playset with bolts and put them off near the ground level.

Can parents use a swing set?

This will depend on the weight limit of the structure. If it allows you to get on board, then why not? Wooden swing sets are more likely to support adults than the other types. 

Is the weight limit the same for every swing set accessory?

Certainly not. A swing may hold about 30 pounds whilst a slide can carry up to 50 pounds. Every feature will most likely have a specific weight limit, which you should check in the product’s manual to ensure the safe limits are observed. 

Below we present our top eight swing sets and many of them have received hundreds of positive feedbacks online as well, which suggest they are worth a place in your back garden. 

Final Conclusion

No doubt, children love to play in the garden. They also learn a lot from each other whilst having fun outdoors. The ultimate best kids play swing set includes swings, slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, and ladders, but we have seen that some of these features when combined don’t come cheap.


You still don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best children’s swing set as evident from some of the models above going for under £100. It all comes down to how many children you’re buying for, the space you have in your garden and how much you’re willing to spend. Just make sure your purchase will last and give value for your money. Have fun and we hope you have found our reviews helpful.

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