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Dwarf Buddleia – Butterfly Bushes Ideal For Small Gardens & Patio Pots

Last updated on March 24th, 2023

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Growing Dwarf Buddleias

Buddleias are one of the most loved garden plants admired by gardeners, birds, bees and insects alike and there is no mistaking the sweetly scented, fragrant flowers that are so attractive to butterflies. This is where the name ‘Butterfly Bush’ arises from. Most Buddleia varieties grow to over 7ft (210cm) tall and this doesn’t always make them ideal for smaller gardens.

There are now new breeds of ‘true’ dwarf Buddleias that will only grow to 2-3ft (60-90cm) and they are excellent for planting in smaller spaces. They look fabulous when planted in patio pots that are spread along the patio or alternatively as a low-growing hedge.

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Buddleia Buzz a true dwarf buddleia that grows to 120cm tall and is available in 'Sky Blue', 'Magenta' and 'Ivory'. Attract butterflies  and ideal for pots and planters and look fantastic on the patio

Buddleia Buzz

The Buddleia Buzz collection by Thompson & Morgan has been carefully cultivated. There are five different varieties of this dwarf patio Buddleia and they have been specially cultivated with smaller gardens and patio pots in mind. The sweetly scented flowers are approximately 15cm (6inches) long and are the same size as that of full-size Buddleia flowers, however, they only grow to an eventual height and spread of 4ft (120cm) making them perfect for pots.

The Buddleia Buzz collection is made up of the following five Buddleja:

  • Buddleja ‘Buzz® Magenta’
  • Buddleja ‘Buzz® Ivory’
  • Buddleja ‘Buzz™ Sky Blue’
  • Buddleja Buzz™ Indigo’
  • Buddleja ‘Buzz™ Candy Pink’ This is the latest edition and was introduced in 2015

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Dwarf Patio Buddleia ‘Blue Chip’, ‘White Chip’ and ‘Red Chip’

Dwarf patio Buddleia chip only grow to around 3ft tall and are excellent for patio pots

These compact and small Buddleia cultivars are another variety of dwarf Buddleja shrub that is perfect for patio pots. Like other Buddleia, they are very attractive to a variety of beautiful butterflies, our much-loved bees and other beneficial insects that pollinate our plants and are important to pollinating crops. These Buddleias only grow to around 2ft (60cm) tall and make excellent compact plants for patio pots.

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Dwarf Buddleia just like their bigger counterparts require pruning every spring to keep them compact and to promote more flowers. Buddleia’s flower on the new current year’s growth so pruning back will encourage lots of new growth and this will reward you with plenty of scented flowers over the summer.

Prune when the worst of the frost is over, which is usually around March/April, and the new growth is starting to show. For the first couple of years after planting, prune down to a strong framework approximately 20-30cm tall, removing any diseased, damaged or weak stems. After the first couple of years prune back to around 2 buds, on the previous year’s growth.


We recommend you feed your Buddleia after pruning in spring with a high in potash (potassium) feed such as Vitax Q4 or a good quality rose feed as this helps to promote more flowers.

Feed them again as you water them over the summer with tomato feed as they will need regular watering if grown in containers. Tomato food often makes an excellent cheap feed because it is high in potash and good for encouraging more flowers.


To prolong flowering it is a good idea to deadhead (remove) fading flowers as this will promote more flowers throughout the summer. Once the final set of flowers has finished in autumn it is a good idea to leave these on because the seeds will provide food for small birds over winter.


You can plant dwarf Buddleia in moist, well-drained soil or compost in full sun or partial shade. They are great for creating wildlife and scented gardens. They also make a great low-growing hedge that will look amazing when in full flower and won’t get too big.


The best way to propagate Buddleia to get a few extra plants is by taking cuttings in spring.

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Buddleia alternifolia is a weeping variety of Buddleia. Although not dwarf it makes a fantastic bush if you have the room and produces clusters of sweetly scented purple-lilac flowers along its weeping branches.

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