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Top 5 Best Small Sheds for Your Garden

Last updated on November 4th, 2021

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We look at small sheds that are perfect for adding a little more storage space without taking up too much space in your garden – plastic, wood or metal, we check out 5 great examples

If you regularly participate in fixing things around your property then you will understand the advantages of possessing a shed. They allow you to free up space in the garage by storing all your tools and other equipment, therefore, avoiding clutter. Due to their design, you can organise items for easy access and retrieval. They also make an excellent bargaining chip when looking to rent or sell a property as they increase the property’s value. Depending on the shed that you select, you can add aesthetic value to your garden. Sheds come in various colours and designs that can elevate the garden décor

Assuming you have little room in the garden, there are many durable small sheds on the market. Made from wood, plastic or metal, getting the best small shed for your garden is simple. The factors you need to consider before purchasing a shed have been explained in the buying guide below. Let us look at some of the promising sheds available and the advantages you get out of them.

Before we get into our detailed buyer’s guide and reviews, below you will see the winner of our ‘Best Pick’, this is the Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed. This model does not rust, rot and neither does it need re-painting making it a zero-maintenance shed that can be fetched at a fair price. Previous customers have also given their reviews ranking this shed higher than the rest on many online stores. Plastic sheds are not for everyone but they are easily the easiest to build unlike metal sheds that literally have hundreds of tiny screws and wooden sheds are very high maintenance if you want to keep them looking good and prevent rotting.


Keter Manor 4ft x 3ft Plastic Outdoor Storage Shed
The 4 x 3ft shed is a zero-maintenance model that does not fade or rot. With its capacity of 1800 litres, it will assist you in storing items such as garden tools, lawnmowers, BBQs amongst other equipment. This shed includes a floor panel to keep items from touching the ground, some sheds don't include a floor. It also features air ducts for air ventilation that will help to prevent condensation

Our top 5 small sheds that we reviewed, including our top picks

  1. Keter Manor 4ft x 3ft Outdoor Storage Shed – BEST PICK
  2. Rowlinson 8ft x 6ft Woodvale Metal Shed – RUNNER UP
  3. Rowlinson Mini Wooden Storage Shed – BEST SMALL WOODEN PICK
  4. Keter Factor 4ft x 6ft Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed
  5. Keter High Store Outdoor Plastic Shed

Buyer’s Guide

Depending on your area of residence, garden space may be limited and that is why smaller sized sheds are a good idea. Buying a shed that satisfies your needs depends on a few factors, which we will discuss below. After making these considerations you will be able to easily select the best small shed for your garden.

Small shed considerations

Construction material

When it comes to sheds there are three basic materials involved and some are more favourable than others depending on the area of residence. These materials are all beneficial in their own way and thus it will be left for you to decide.

Wooden sheds have been used for years and they provide a good service as long as the wood used is durable. Considered more expensive compared to the rest, wooden sheds are usually constructed using softwoods. It is important that the wood used is treated against rot and mould that may damage it over time. Regular maintenance is needed for wooden sheds to maintain their appearance, even if the shed is made from treated timber, and this is what makes them high maintenance.

Metal sheds are popular with many because of their durability, however, they do have their own issues. Most are prone to rust and corrosion, proper protective coatings need to be applied to keep any damage at bay. Metal sheds are usually made from aluminium and steel and can be painted to blend into the garden décor if needed. Whatever material is used, it should be able to withstand the outdoors, even in stormy weather. Regular maintenance is advised, especially in humid areas where paint tends to peel easily.

Plastic Sheds are more affordable and the great thing about them is that they require zero maintenance, making them a popular choice and it is easy to see why. These plastic sheds come in a range of colours and can withstand the outdoors thanks to their weatherproof abilities. In general, they are easy to assemble and usually come with integrated flooring, unlike metal sheds. Shelf support features are helpful for organised storage. If they are built correctly (and that means not taking any shortcuts or avoiding screwing in all the screws because you think you’ve done enough) they will last for a long time. They do take a while to build, but this is a small price to pay for a zero maintenance shed that will only require the odd wash down with soap and water.

Neighbourhood laws

Before you purchase a shed it is good to check with your local council if there are any restrictions. With small sheds, this is usually not an issue, but with larger sheds, it may be, so it allows you to understand the maximum shed size allowed on the property as there are sometimes restrictions. Especially if you have a shed right on your garden boundary.

Security features

To prevent unwanted people or pets in the shed, the best option is to get a shed that can be locked. Not all brands provide this feature, but if you are keen on this, there are many on the market that do, one example is the Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Storage Shed. Ensure that the padlock fits on the latch to prevent any frustration.

The quality of the hinges used affects the door’s security. Cheap hinges tend to get weaker over time, therefore, compromising the door’s effectiveness. Go for sheds with strong well-fixed hinges that will stand the test of time. You can always inquire from the manufacturer about the materials used to make the hinges.


Rowlinson 8ft x 6ft Woodvale Metal Shed
This shed that can be found in different sizes contains a metal frame and wooden-like panels that give this unit an attractive appearance. Metallic sheds tend to have a bad rapport because they succumb to rust easily but this one so far has proved to be different through various customer reviews submitted. It comes with fire resistance abilities and you won’t have to deal with rot. Just re-paint the structure regularly to ward off any moisture damage and enjoy using your shed for years to come.

Choosing the right sized shed

How much space do you have to spare? When you answer that question it is easy to know which size to get. If you are really tied down for space then smaller sheds, such as the Rowlinson Mini Wooden Storage Shed are a good bargain. If you need storage space for longer items like ladders then you may wish to consider a narrow shed, for example, the Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed. All in all, find a model that fits the space you have and still is capable of housing all the items you want to store.

Extra storage compartments 

Inside the shed, you could find more storage options available, such as shelves and hanging ports. Shelves are especially handy for organisational purposes as you can place the shorter tools on the shelves and the taller items on the floor. There are sheds that come with only one shelf but they give you an option of putting additional shelves and there are others that provide no shelving at all. If you need additional storage options then seek brands that provide them however, you can also invest in some shelving units.

Incorporating skylights and improved ventilation

Windows and skylights are usually installed to provide the shed with natural light. There are those that work inside their sheds and will appreciate the illumination provided. If windows and skylights are not a priority the air vents are.

Vents are needed for proper air circulation in the shed. Without air circulation, you will have problems with condensation dripping down onto the contents of the shed, this is usually not a problem with wooden sheds but it is notorious with metal sheds. If you have items in the shed such as manure or strong chemicals, the air ventilation prevents the smell from accumulating and seeping into any fabrics in the shed. Purchase a model with in-built air vents and continue using the shed as you please, with wooden sheds it is usually easy to add extra vents if needed.

Floor options – metal sheds usually do not include a floor

It is possible to purchase a shed that has no floor (like the Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed) and for such sheds, you will need to come up with a floor plan to keep the contents of the shed from touching the ground. Some bolt the shed to a concrete base or place down flags as a base, you can even build a wooden platform but this still needs to be raised to prevent it from rotting. For sheds that are provided with floors, everything is already taken care of. All you have to do is place it on level ground, store your items and lock the shed.

Weather protection

The outdoors can be brutal as we go through the four seasons and your shed needs protection. Your shed needs protection from UV rays that causes fading and moisture that peels the paint, rust and cause mould to grow. In many cases, all manufacturers ensure that they sell you outdoor sheds that meet the market standards. Regular repair and maintenance help protect these sheds from weather-related damage. Bear in mind that wooden sheds need regular painting to keep them in good condition.

Choosing a low maintenance model

Do you have time to spend on regular maintenance? If not then it is easy to settle for plastic or metal sheds. Plastic sheds are popular for their zero-maintenance policy as they rarely need painting. They do not rot and neither are they susceptible to pests. Metal sheds may require maintenance but it may not be as frequent compared to the wooden sheds that need treating once a year ideally.


Brands that provide warranties are appreciated because they assure the customer that they are getting the quality they pay for. As always, not all manufacturers will provide a warranty but if it is your first time buying a shed it is advised you get a brand that offers one. Warranties can last a few years to a decade depending on the manufacturer and the material, therefore, select wisely. Read the terms and conditions to access what the manufacturer is willing to cover as wooden sheds will have conditions such as treating yearly with a wood preservative.


Rowlinson Mini Wooden Storage Shed
Perfect for wood lovers, this shed is designed to house small tools that would otherwise be all over in the garden. The shed features shiplap cladding that protects the wood against weather elements and it contains a shelf where you can place smaller items. We like this model because it is durable and well made. Additionally, it doesn’t cost too much and it will add some character to your space. It's not the biggest shed but it certainly serves its purpose.

Tips to getting the most out of your shed

  • Select sheds that provide easy access doors so that you can move in and out of the shed with ease.
  • Call over a professional to assemble the shed if you are unable to. It will save you the frustration that often leads to a bad experience and poorly built shed.
  • Clean the shed once in a while to keep it in good condition.
  • Re-paint metallic bits of the shed once you notice peeling or moisture damage.
  • Put the tools that you use the most closer to the door for easy access.
  • Place the shed where it does not interfere with human traffic or other objects in the garden.
  • Wooden sheds should be given a protective coating regularly to avoid the wood from drying up or warping.

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Top 5 Small Shed Reviews

These sheds all have different traits that may serve you well depending on your needs. There are those who prefer metal sheds over wooden sheds, and those who prefer plastic sheds that are the only true non-maintenance shed. You can find the best shed for small garden activities from the products we have researched below. Choose wisely.

1. Keter Manor 4 x 3ft Plastic Garden Storage Shed


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Keter Manor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Grey, 4 x 3 ft

The Keter Manor Outdoor Storage Shed is perfect for a small garden and it does not cost too much. Made entirely of plastic, the 4x3ft shed is designed to fit in smaller garden spaces without looking out of place. The shed is designed to hold a number of tools and maybe a lawnmower depending on its size.

The small shed is given a traditional wood effect allowing the shed to blend in with the garden, and to look a little more traditional in comparison to some other sheds on the market. The plastic used is weather resistant and therefore, you can expect the shed to retain its appearance and protect the contents inside. The best thing is that it requires zero maintenance meaning there is no re-painting, treating and it is super easy to clean, making it a true non-maintenance shed for those who want to just build the shed and never do anything with it again. You can be assured that the shed will remain rust-free and it is sturdy enough to last most of what the British weather can throw at it.

Equipped with a floor panel, the shed is able to keep the items from touching the wet or dry ground. This just keeps the conditions inside the shed good with no damp floors etc. The shed also contains built-in ventilation to allow air circulation into the shed. You can choose to lock the shed to keep children or pets from accessing the contents of the shed. It’s worth mentioning that the lock is not provided therefore, you will have to purchase it separately if you want to secure the shed.

This model comes with a 10-year warranty and this indicates that the shed will be in good condition even after 10 years. One thing to note is that the shed is delivered flat packed so does need building and as with most sheds, you will need to give yourself a day to build, maybe even 2 for those who are not experienced in building flat-pack items. However, following the instructions carefully and should be fairly straightforward.


  • Assists you in storing various items like garden tools, lawnmowers and BBQs amongst others things.
  • Designed to fit in smaller spaces for those with small gardens.
  • Includes a floor panel and features air ducts for ventilation to prevent condensation.
  • Comes with metallic hinges and a lockable door for security.
  • Made of resilient and weather-protected plastic that does not fade and requires zero maintenance.
  • Features double plastic walls to give the structure some stability and durability.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Overall, if you are looking for a low maintenance shed that looks the part then this is well worth considering.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

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2. Keter Factor 4ft x 6ft Plastic Garden Shed

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Keter Factor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Beige, 4 x 6 ft, 17197902

This Keter Factor Plastic Garden Shed is slightly larger than the Keter Manor Outdoor Storage Shed, therefore, offering you more room to work with. It also has a few additional features such as windows and skylight too. The 4 x 6ft shed is made entirely out of plastic and offers you storage solutions for your various tools and garden equipment. You can keep bicycles, chairs, ladders and lawnmowers amongst other things.

Measuring 189 x 129.5 x 216.5cm, this shed is created to offer enough storage in narrow spaces. It comes with windows and a skylight to allow light to enter the shed for better visibility which we think is a big plus. You will find air vents that promote air circulation in the shed too, therefore keeping bad odours from accumulating and helping to prevent that dreaded condensation.

The shed also features an ancillary door that facilitates easy access to the items in the shed. The ancillary door is designed to offer enough space for you to put in or remove items from the shed. If you need shelves in the shed, there are built-in shelf support structures installed too which is another plus compared to our ‘Best Pick’.

This model comes with a durable door that can be locked to keep the contents inside the shed safe. The heavy-duty floor will keep the contents of the shed dry. We only keep stressing that these plastic sheds include a floor because most metal sheds don’t, which is worth bearing in mind when comparing sheds. The high ceiling facilitates easy movement inside the shed whether you are tall or you need to store tall items.

You will be pleased to know that this model comes with zero maintenance because it does not need frequent repainting. The plastic used is of good quality as its appearance does not fade. This is because the material is protected against the effects of rain and sun so it will not rot or peel. Even in snowy situations, this model will comfortably support 151lb/ft2 of snow.

Finally, the shed is easy to assemble if you read the manual carefully and understand which section goes where. Once you purchase this model you get a 10-year limited warranty that assures you that the shed will perform as expected for more than 10 years.


  • Designed to offer an adequate space for storage, especially in narrow places.
  • The model has a wooden-like exterior that allows the shed to fit into its surroundings.
  • Features windows and a skylight to illuminate the space with natural light.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty floor to keep the contents from touching the bare ground.
  • Provides enough ceiling space for easy manoeuvrability and storage of tall items.
  • Features in-built shelf support for shelf placement.
  • Needs very little maintenance over time.
  • The material used is weather-proof permitting the unit to survive the outdoors.
  • Features a lockable ancillary door for security purposes.
  • 10 year warranty for peace of mind. 

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3. Rowlinson Mini Wooden Store


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Mini Wooden Store Small Outside Storage Unit with Shiplap Cladding

This Rowlinson Mini Wooden Storage Shed is a great consideration for anyone interested in a small shed, thanks to compact dimensions of 64cm x 93.5cm x 150cm, yet the shed is large enough to contain basic gardening tools and equipment. The exterior of the shed features 12mm shiplap cladding that acts as a weatherproof layer. You can rest easy knowing that the shed can weather out the four seasons without damage.

Inside the shed, you will find that one shelf has been provided that can be very useful. The shed has space to fit in one more shelf, but you will need to place shelf supports so that the shelf is stable all through. The shed includes a strong roof that is slightly slanted so that snow and leaves can fall off to the ground and more importantly the rain runs off helping to prevent rot.

The floor keeps the items clear of water or dirt on the ground and the lockable door keeps the shed as secure as a wooden shed can be. The metallic latch and hinges secure the door and are rust-resistant. All you need to purchase is a good quality lock and you are good to go. The shed has been given a honey-brown finish making it blend in with the green in your garden.

Assembling this model needs some experience and therefore, if you are not handy, it is better perhaps looking at a plastic garden storage box, we reviewed a few here and they are a good alternative to the smaller wooden sheds. Call over the handyman or your DIY friend and get the shed assembled in a shorter time if needed. Other than that, this is an affordable small storage shed that you can get if you don’t have the space for a larger one.


  • Features 12mm shiplap cladding that protects the wood from the weather.
  • Comes with a lockable door for maximum security.
  • Has a durable floor and roof to keep the tools safe from the elements.
  • Includes a removable shelf for keeping small items.
  • Given a honey-brown finish for aesthetic purposes.
  • An affordable mini shed providing the best bang for the buck.

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4. Rowlinson 8 x 6ft Woodvale Metal Shed


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Rowlinson 8 x 6ft Woodvale Metal Shed

When you cast your eyes on the Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed you will be amazed by it and by the fact it’s also available in many sizes (starting at 6ft x 5ft) so it’s not the smallest shed. The metal shed has an interesting design that combines metal and vinyl woodgrain panels to create an appealing style. It can blend in with the environment without being an eye-sore and it is probably the best-looking metal shed we have seen.

This metallic shed can accommodate quite a number of things making it appropriate storage if you have a lot of small tools/equipment. The shed features sliding doors to give easy access into the shed which we like, it is just nice to have a wider door. These 810mm x 1760mm doors are lockable to keep the contents of the shed secure, and because there are no locks provided, you will have to get your own, as with most sheds.

The good thing about this coffee brown shed is that you don’t have to worry about rot, fading or peeling as the unit is weather-proof. Something to note is that this shed is not equipped with a floor and this is the only downside. You may have to find ways of providing flooring, whether it is a wooden deck, creating a concrete slab or building it on a patio area and maybe putting silicone around the edges to keep the water from running underneath which would be our main concern.

When you purchase this shed you get an instruction manual and a fixing kit. Assembling this model is a simple process even for those who are not so handy but you have to follow the instructions as there are plenty of screws. A little tip, it is much easier using an electric screwdriver. Made to last for many years, this shed will be one to remember.


  • Features a strong metallic frame and shiplap-look vinyl panels for an attractive look.
  • The shed is painted coffee-brown to make it look even more appealing.
  • Features sliding doors for easy access into and out of the shed.
  • It is a low maintenance shed as it is fire resistant and it does not rot.
  • Easy to assemble with the instructions provided.
  • Features lockable doors although the lock is not provided.
  • Materials used are weather-proof thus ensuring durability.

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5. Keter High Store Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

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Keter Store Shed - Grey

The Keter High Store Outdoor Plastic Shed provides ideal storage options for your various tools and equipment. Measuring only 139.5 x 77 x 181.5cm, the shed can hold your BBQ grills, spades, forks and small lawnmower amongst other things. The wooden look-alike shed is made of plastic and features ribbed double-wall panels that can be painted according to your preference, which is what makes this model unique from most other plastic sheds. Most are not paintable or use ribbed double walls, which basically just means it is a little stronger than cheaper alternatives.

Because the shed is made of durable plastic, you can expect it to last for many years, as is the case with most Keter products, which is why they are able to offer such long guarantees. The weather-protected plastic will not fade or peel over time, allowing the shed to maintain its appearance. The shed also features wide double doors that are supported by extra strong nickel hinges, again these are an improvement on most other hinges. The wide doors and sloped threshold facilitate easy access in and out of the shed that we think is a simple but nice feature, it just makes it a little easier to roller your lawnmower in and out etc.

The shed is equipped with a floor that keeps the stored items away from the dirty ground. The shed is lockable and therefore you will be able to keep unwanted people from the shed. Inside the shed, you will find shelf support that you can use to install shelves. The shelves are not provided, and so, you will have to buy them separately but at least you have the option.

This shed is not too large but it provides more room compared to the Rowlinson Mini Wooden Storage shed and is much lower maintenance too. If you need a sizeable, customisable shed for your garden then this plastic shed would do you no wrong and would be well worth considering.


  • The shed is lockable to ensure additional security.
  • Features a sloped threshold and wide double doors for easy manoeuverability.
  • Provides adequate storage for long pieces of equipment.
  • Comes with a wooden-like exterior to provide a natural field.
  • Features ribbed double walls panels to make the unit structurally sound.
  • The shed is easy to assemble thanks to the pre-cut tongue/groove sheets.
  • Can be painted to different colours according to personal taste.
  • The plastic used is both weather-proof and requires zero maintenance.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Final Conclusion

As you have seen all the products presented above have their merits. The decision you make will entirely depend on personal preferences. Small sheds come in various colours that you can purchase, so don’t tie yourself down to neutral colours only. Spice up your garden by painting the shed to the colour that you prefer. Other than that, make sure you clean the shed regularly to help maintain its appearance and keep it organised. Whether you are purchasing a metallic/plastic structure make sure that you do not compromise the quality simply because it is cheaper on your pocket.

Now that you have seen the simplicity of selecting garden sheds, we are sure that you can find the best small shed you can afford. Join us next time and read about more awesome products on the market.

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