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The Best petrol log splitters

Last updated on January 28th, 2022

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If you split a large number of logs and are looking for a log splitter capable of splitting logs quickly and efficiently, then it is well worth investing in either a good electric log splitter (Read our reviews here) or a petrol log splitter. We highly recommend electric splitters for homeowners because they are maintenance-free and easy to operate, as well as being quiet when in use.

If you are looking for a log splitter that can be used in an area that is remote or where you might not have access to electricity, or maybe you are looking for something that is better suited for more intensive use, then a petrol log splitter might be more suitable. Let’s see why.


  • Ideal for remote situations, for example, if you have no access to electricity.
  • Some models have more power for splitting logs with ease.
  • Designed for intensive use.


  • They need maintaining, such as changing filters, oil, spark plugs just to name a few, which is why we advise electric models where possible for homeowners.
  • They can be heavy and difficult to move and difficult to store because they need more space.
  • More expensive, starting at over £700.00 they aren’t cheap. Electric models start at around £200 in comparison.
  • Can be noisy when compared to manual and electric log splitters.

Petrol log splitter not suitable? Why not look into an electric model. Read our in-depth reviews here.

Petrol log splitter reviews

We have spent countless hours researching petrol log splitters and read hundreds of customer reviews. There are lots of different types and models available so we have narrowed our best petrol log splitters down to 3 superb, reliable models. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

How we narrowed it down to only 3 models.

Firstly, as most of our readers are homeowners and would be looking for a petrol log splitter for home use, we wanted to find the best models with this consideration in mind.

This meant that the log splitters needed to be as low maintenance as possible, including assembling, which should be as minimal as possible. They also needed to be simple to operate, safe and small enough to store, yet light enough to move with only one person.

Finally, because we were focusing on the user being someone using it for personal use, it had to be affordable and offer value for money, after all, it is unlikely someone would want to spend thousands of pounds just to split their own logs no matter how good the machine is.

With these very specific points, we started our search and after reading many reviews and seeing some of these great machines in action and speaking to owners, we narrowed it down to just three models.

Read the reviews below to see which model might be right for you.

1. Titan Pro Petrol Vertical 8 Ton Log Splitter

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Petrol Log Splitter | 9 Ton Vertical Logsplitter from Titan Pro

This Titan Pro Petrol 8 ton log splitter is perfect for homeowners and for its price it isn’t cheap compared to some electric log splitters, however, it is cheap when compared to other petrol models with similar specifications.

Firstly, Titan Pro is known for their quality machines and this log splitter is no exception, designed with more intense log splitting by homeowners in mind, maybe someone who has a smallholding or farm, it makes light work of splitting logs up to 104cm long, which is the norm for most log splitters anyway.

To make splitting different size logs easier it has three cutting levels, from the base, the middle and the top. For safety, you have to use both hands to operate the machine using the handles, this ensures your hands are nowhere near the splitter when it is in use.


  • Splitting force: 8 tons
  • Engine power – 6.5HP
  • Speed when splitting – 4.9cm/sec
  • Speed when returning – 22.3cm/sec
  • Maxium length of log – 104cm
  • Log splitter dimentions: 103cm x 46cm x 107cm
  • Weight: 125kg

See it in action below

Our recommendation

This log splitter is powered by a 6.5HP engine and this produces 8 tons of splitting force so it will split most logs, green or seasoned, with ease and it has plenty of power. It comes almost ready to use and all you will need to do is fasten the arms on, add oil and petrol and you are ready to go. It’s also easy to move around because it has large wheels and the top section folds down for easy storage.

If you are looking for a reliable, well-made petrol log splitter for home use then this model would be a great candidate. It is priced competitively and offers excellent value for money. It comes with a full UK warranty and Titan Pro have a full spare parts backup service.

If you are looking for a log splitter for commercial use then we would advise getting a more powerful model, such as the Forest Master 22 ton model.

Titan Pro also sell a more powerful 10 ton model with a 9HP engine for those wanting a little more power and you can have a look at this model here.

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2. The Handy Pro 7 Ton Petrol Log Splitter

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The Handy Pro Petrol Log Splitter

The Handy Pro 7 Ton Log Splitter is of very similar design to the Titan Pro model above, however, it has 7 tons of splitting force whereas this Titan Pro model has 8 tons. So what does this really mean? Technically the Titan Pro has 1 ton more splitting force, but comparing 7 tons with 8 tons is insignificant and you won’t see any real difference when in use.

What the ‘Handy Pro petrol log splitter’ does have, which in my option is worth taking into consideration, is a powerful Briggs & Stratton I/C 65 Engine. For those who don’t know, Briggs & Stratton produce some of the best engines available and are commonly fitted to many professional petrol tools as they are extremely reliable, built to last and spares are easy to get hold of if necessary. This is probably why The Handy Pro log splitter is a little more expensive than the Titan Pro log splitter which is actually fitted with a Chinese copy of a Honda Engine.


  • Splitting force: 7 tons
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton I/C 65 Engine
  • Ram type: Hydraulically driven ram
  • Maxium length of log – 104cm (42 inch)
  • Log diameter – 50mm – 500mm (2 – 20 Inch)
  • Log splitter dimentions: 103cm x 46cm x 107cm
  • Weight 125kg

Watch it in action below


Our recommendation

It has all the features you would expect from a quality log splitter, including two lever handles, which ensures safe use because the machine will only operate when both hands are on the levers. It has transport wheels for easy mobility and an adjustable splitting table that can be adjusted for different length logs, which is a must.

This Handy Pro Log Splitter is designed with both professional users and homeowners in mind. Basically, it is designed with more intensive use in mind and would be a great addition to anyone splitting logs, whether for your own personal use or more light industrial use.

It comes almost fully assembled and ready to go. A superb machine with a highly regarded engine to match. We would have no doubts about recommending this model, a great log splitter for home use at a great price.

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3. Forest Master FM22P – 22 Ton Petrol Log Splitter

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Heavy Duty 22 TON Petrol Log Splitter Hydraulic 4 Way Cutter TOWABLE 6.5hp

If you are looking for a real workhorse that will be reliable and able to cope with the intensive work of daily log splitting, then the Forest Master FM22P log splitter is deferentially worth considering. We looked into several similar models from various manufacturers but none offered what the Forest Master log splitter does.

Forest Master are not a cheap manufacturer trying to be competitive on price whilst letting the standards and quality of their machines slip. For the price it isn’t a cheap log splitter, and possibly too expensive for the majority of homeowners, but Forest Master do produce some of the best log splitters available and their electric models (which we highly recommend for personal use) are extremely popular and their petrol models are no different.

By purchasing a Forest Master log splitter you know you are getting a high quality, reliable machine with a full warranty and even a helpline if needed to help getting it set up and working.

It has an impressive 22 tons of splitting force and this is produced using its powerful 208cc 6.5 hp engine. It has a fixed blade at the end of the beam just like any other log splitter, however, ‘Forest Master’ has gone one step further and have also included a unique second blade that they have called duoblade. This can be attached to the opposite end of the log splitter.

This second blade ensures that if a knot is encountered when splitting the log, the second blade carries on splitting the log from the other end. Simply a brilliant design that gives their log splitters the upper hand.

It has multiple working positions and the main splitting beam can be angled to different positions which makes loading heavy or awkward logs onto the log splitter much easier. It can also be towed off-road for easy transportation, it fits perfectly onto a tractor or ATV.


  • Splitting force: 22 tons
  • Engine: Powerful 208cc 6.5 hp engine
  • Working postions: 4 Working Positions: 0, 30, 60 and 90 degrees
  • Maxium length of log – 550mm
  • Unique Duocut blade – splits logs from both ends at once
  • Log diameter – 600 mm (when using Duocut)
  • Weight 230kg

Watch the Forest Master 22 ton log splitter in action below

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a reliable, heavy-duty log splitter for more intensive use then this Forest Master 22 ton model could be for you. It’s probably too large for most homeowners and it is well suited and designed for more industrial heavy use. The Forest Master ‘duocut blade’ combined with its high-quality structure and powerful engine are combined to make a simply superior splitting machine. Excellent choice for more industrial use and trade.

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