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5 Best Lawn Roller – Detailed User & Buying Guide

Last updated on October 15th, 2021

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Lawn rollers may look simple enough but not all models are made equal and they are often overlooked. In our review we look at 5 of the best models to see how they compare and how easy they are to use

Amongst the various tools that we need to keep our lawn looking magnificent, one weapon in your arsenal should be a lawn roller. This ingenious tool is responsible for ironing out any raised soil or holes caused by animals or human activity, as well as after hard frosts have moved the soil around over winter. The levelling of the soil ensures you have a neat lawn that is flat, attractive and plush. If you are in the midst of re-seeding your lawn, the roller eliminates pockets of loose soil that may cause indentations later on.

Finding the best lawn roller is crucial to the final outcome of your lawn. Light rollers can be inexpensive but they might not be well-suited for areas that need more impact. Heavier rollers work better but may not be a joy to handle over long periods of time. As a prospective buyer one has to consider various factors which will be explained in more detail in our buyer’s guide.

We have compiled the information below to be of assistance as you search for the best lawn roller this year. The detailed reviews and buying guide will shed some retrospectives on what to expect from some of the more notable brands on the market.

Our top recommendation is the Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden. This model is solidly built to offer many years of service at a reasonable price and has a good overall weight for maximum effect. Many users love the comfort that comes with its padded handle plus the fact that it can fold back down for compact storage. Learn more about the product and others in the in-depth reviews section further down. 


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The top 5 garden rollers that we recommend to buy

  1. Platinum Home and Garden Lawn Roller – BEST PICK
  2. Costway Garden Grass Roller – RUNNER UP
  3. Fox 65 Litre Garden Lawn Roller – BEST HEAVY DUTY PICK
  4. Handy Garden Roller
  5. Garden Gear Lawn Roller


Costway Garden Grass Roller
A great option for covering acres of space in the shortest possible time thanks to its extra-wide 90cm drum with a maximum capacity of 63L. The roller is easy to install and the whole unit won’t take up too much storage space. Perfect for larger lawns with a full 3ft of rolling width.


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Top 5 Lawn Roller Reviews

After scouring the market for various reliable rollers, we found five of them that stood out. Check them out below to see which one catches your eye. You never know, maybe the best lawn roller has been in front of you the whole time!

1. Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden


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The Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden is designed to leave your lawn looking nothing short of spectacular. Made out of metal, the roller is guaranteed to last for many years without irreparable damage. The steel used to create the roller has been powder-coated to prevent the metal from rusting even when left in humid conditions.

We think it offers the best value for money, the roller can be filled with water or sand depending on your preference, with water being the lighter alternative and the sand for giving a little extra weight. It’s worth mentioning that as with most models sometimes they can leak a little, however, we don’t consider this to be a deal-breaker as it’s minimal and can be topped up if needed. We are also yet to see a model that 100% does not leak. Depending on the filler selected, the roller may require a bit of muscle to move it around as expected.

When empty, the roller weighs approximately 13kgs which means it is easy to transport if needed, bear in mind it’s easier to empty out the water than sand though. When filled with water expect the whole model to weigh around 72kgs. For lawns that need a lot of pressure to flatten, you will require sand which brings the weight of the roller to 120kgs. Fitting sand through the opening might be time-consuming due to the size of the hole, we aren’t quite sure why lawn roller manufacturers haven’t made them with larger holes. The lawn roller possesses a 42cm diameter and a 50cm working width. It will cater to medium-sized lawns with ease, making it perfect for both smaller and medium-sized lawns.

A padded folded handlebar is provided to ease the pressure off the user’s hands when moving the roller manually. You can comfortably work for long hours without getting calluses on your hands, this seems to be a problem with some of the models that just have bare steel handlebars. For all the features offered, the product comes with a 12-month warranty which is nice to see. Assembly will not take more than a few minutes and is fairly straightforward, letting you get to work immediately.


  • A good combination of quality and affordability.
  • Steel frame is powder-coated to protect against rust and sun damage.
  • Can be filled securely with water or sand to make it heavy enough for the job.
  • Comes with a padded handlebar for comfortable movement.
  • Offers a 1 year warranty for customer satisfaction.
  • Heavy enough to flatten tough areas.

Our recommendation

Overall, we think it’s one of the best models currently available and while it is not the cheapest on the market, it’s certainly not the most expensive either and it offers excellent value for money.

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2. Fox 65 Litre Steel Garden Lawn Roller


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Fox Large 65 Litre Garden Lawn Roll, Steel 500mm Wide Comfort Handle 75/130/156Kg Filled Water/Sand/Concrete 65L - Ideal for Garden and laying Flooring

Made 100% of steel, the Fox 65 Litre Garden Lawn Roller will work out the various lumps in your lawn to smooth evenness. The lawn roller’s measurements include a width of 50cm and a diameter of approximately 40cm. This is adequate to cover small and large lawns if you’re feeling up to the job. What makes this model unique compared to the other rollers on our list is that it can also be filled with cement to give you a roller that weighs an incredible 156kg, I don’t think you will find a roller of this size that weighs more.

There are three options for the kind of material you want to fill the roller with. The garden roller can be filled with water or sand (as with all rollers) and as we have mentioned, concrete. The weight of the roller is highest when filled with concrete coming to a maximum weight of 156kgs. When filled with water the garden roller is approximately 75kgs which is appropriate for most lawns. When packed with sand, the roller will weigh around 130kgs and this is what we recommend you use as you will get a good amount of weight which will really compress the lawn for maximum effectiveness.

To manoeuvre all the weight requires the user to be in a comfortable position. The handlebar has been padded for additional comfort as you pull or push the roller around just like our ‘Best Pick’. As always a scrape bar can be found to keep the roller from accumulating dirt that may interfere with the flattening process.  

Assembly instructions are provided but they may be a bit challenging to understand and they are not the best we have seen. Simple black and white diagrams that do not show which side of the handles the nuts and bolts should go through, or how the handle is fitted to the drum. That being said it’s not too difficult to work out so it isn’t a deal-breaker. A shame really though as it is such a good, well-manufactured roller and some clear instructions would make it a 5-star product.


  • Can be filled with water, sand, and unlike most models, concrete, giving the user more options when it comes to the weight of the roller.
  • Padded handlebar provides much needed comfort and grip whilst using it. 
  • Features an all steel construction that is good for a long-lasting service. 
  • Heavy enough to assert impact on tough areas on the lawn.
  • The handle can be detached for more compact storage.

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3. Costway Garden Lawn Roller


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COSTWAY 48L/60L/63L Garden Grass Roller, Large Capacity Lawn Push Rolling Tool, Heavy Duty Drum & Removable Drain Plug, Fill with Water or Sand, Premium Galvanized Steel (63L, Green)

Do you need a wide roller? Look no further than the Costway Garden Lawn Roller. The galvanised steel lawn roller comes with a wide 48-litre roller. The manufacturers sought a design that could manoeuvre tight corners while still offering enough surface area for large lawns. Additionally, the design features smooth rolls that are intended not to harm the grass while taking turns/corners.

As with all models, it can be filled with sand or water depending on your roller weight preference. You can expect a weight of 82kgs when filled with sand and 48kgs when filled with water. As for the measurements, the diameter is 32cm with a width of 60cm and a length of 114cm. The rollers total width is 90cm (3ft).

To make storage easier, the Costway Garden Grass Roller is fitted with a handle that folds back. The handles have not been padded and therefore you may need gloves to avoid blisters so it would be nice to see them add a padded handle to future models. As expected with most garden rollers, a scraper bar is installed to ensure that debris from the lawn is well disposed of leaving your lawn neat.


  • Made from galvanised steel for long-lasting durability.
  • Quick and easy to assemble, allowing you to get to work soon as it’s out of the box.
  • Has a large 60cm width for easier ground levelling.
  • Comes with a handle that can be folded back for simplified storage.
  • Leaves a good finish on the lawn thanks to the smooth rolls that will never damage the grass.

Our recommendation

Assembly is a breeze because the instructions provided are clear and to the point. Overall a nice wide roller, however, anyone with a keen eye on the weight will have noticed it is not as heavy as some of the other models despite it being wider. Bearing this in mind, it is still enough weight for most jobs and it does have the advantage of having a wider roller.

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4. The Handy Garden Roller

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The Handy THGR Push or Pull Behind Steel Lawn Roller with Scraper 48cm Drum Width - 2 Year Guarantee

The Handy Garden Roller is not the largest of them all but it does its work quite effectively. Recommended for small to medium-sized lawns, the roller comes with a diameter of 42cm and a working width of 50cm. Without any filling, the roller weighs just 13kgs making it a light unit that is easy to manoeuvre and even when it has been filled with sand or water there is a maximum weight of 120kg. Made of strong steel, the model has a protective coating to keep rust and sun damage at bay.

When purchasing the Handy Garden Roller, the 50cm width will aid you to get the lawn in order in a faster length of time than compared to a unit with a small width. If it is filled with water, the roller weighs 72kgs compared to the 130kgs it weighs when filled with sand. Areas with light damage will require a lighter weight compared to areas with heavy damage, thus, choose wisely.

Moving a filled roller is not an easy task, which is why the Handy Garden roller comes with a soft grip handlebar. The padding eases pressure off your hands allowing you to work comfortably. In addition, the handlebar can be folded back to reduce the footprint and allow easy storage. The above feature also allows the user to find a comfortable rolling position depending on their height.

This model comes with a rubber scraper bar that is easily installed using the instructions provided. These are not to difficult to follow but as with most instructions, they could maybe, be a little clearer. Applying a good waterproof sealant will prevent any water leaks even when the roller is not in use, as water leaking could be a problem for some.


  • Designed with a soft-feel padded handle for comfort handing.
  • Made from rust-resistant material to ensure durability. 
  • Easy to store due to its fold-back handle.
  • Easy to assemble following straightforward instructions.
  • Wide enough to cover a large surface area in each single pass.

Our recommendation

This model may look small but in reality, it is more than what you would expect and is still worth considering.

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5. Garden Gear Garden Lawn Roller

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Garden Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Manual Push Rolling Drum, Water or Sand Filled, 30L By Garden Gear (Green)

Not all rollers come huge and grandiose; there are some like the Garden Gear Garden Lawn Roller that is small but effective. Weighing in at an estimated 6kgs when empty, the roller is easy to assemble and get to work. To make sure that the roller serves you longer, galvanised steel was used. Galvanised steel is strong enough to take some impact and it keeps rust at bay making it an effective material.

In the field of rollers, there are only a few materials that can be used as fillers depending on the weight required. As you will have already seen, the most common is water and sand. This 30-litre roller weighs 60kgs filled with sand and 36kgs filled with water. As you may have already realised, this roller cannot attend to areas that need a lot of impacts to level up. That is why this model is recommended for lighter jobs as it weighs nearly half that of most other models, such as our ‘Best Pick’, which weighs 120kg, double that of this roller.

Even though the Garden Gear Garden Lawn Roller is not too heavy, user comfort is not spared. The roller’s handle has been made round and smoothened to reduce friction on the user’s hands. The handlebar has also been narrowed to allow easy manual pulling of the roller. You will find storing the roller made easier as the handlebar can be removed to save on space.

Additionally, the metal scraper bar is durable and will keep the roller moving smoothly despite the debris piling up. Made with reliable materials and attention to detail, this easy to assemble roller comes with a 1-year guarantee.


  • Durable construction featuring high-quality galvanised steel.
  • Includes a removable handle for easy storage.
  • Easy to assemble with secure plugs.
  • Perfect for lightweight jobs.
  • A serious bargain for its quality.

Our recommendation

Overall it is a good little lawn roller but it does have its limitations. However, for the price, you probably won’t be able to pick up a better roller.

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Lawn Roller Buyer’s Guide

Rollers are not complex machines with complex features, in reality, they are quite simple. Firstly, one needs to understand the terrain and the impact needed to level the lawn. The marketplace is already filled to the brim with products, so finding the best lawn roller requires some discipline and attention to detail. Let’s look at some of the details required for a good selection:

Why are garden rollers useful?

  • They allow you to level up the lawn and create a manicured appearance.
  • Rollers repair damage caused by animals burrowing in the soil.
  • They facilitate soil levelling for seeding intended for making new lawns.
  • After seeding light rollers are used to ensure the seeds come into contact with the soil.

While rolling is beneficial, too much rolling causes damage over time. In the summer especially, the rollers damage the already sensitive grass bed so care must be taken and they must not be overused.

Types of lawn rollers

The type of lawn roller you select is directly proportional to the size of your lawn. Using a small roller on a big lawn will only cost you valuable time. Basically, there are manual rollers and mechanical rollers.

Mechanical rollers require a tractor to push/pull them due to the sheer weight and size of the rollers. They are usually put to work on larger lawns instead of the small-sized ones and with most UK homes having smaller lawns, the majority of people will not need this type.

Manual rollers, on the other hand, are sizeable enough for hands to manoeuver them and this requires no extra force which makes them perfect for most gardeners.

Lawn rollers can also be differentiated by the materials they are made of. The construction has an impact on the overall weight of the roller and its durability.

For instance:

Steel rollers are the crème de la crème of rollers. This is because the material is durable, therefore offering service for many years. Steel rollers are preferred as they are heavy and in conjunction with fillers, they are able to assert more force onto the soil to level the lawn. Due to their weight, they are not the most pleasant to handle manually but they are manageable.

Plastic rollers are intended for light work on the lawn. Since the material is so light, the rollers are unable to exert too much pressure on the soil. Plastic rollers are more affordable compared to metal ones, but as stated before, they are intended for light work.

Concrete rollers as the name suggests, are made with concrete. They are heavy and durable rollers that are preferred to flatten larger areas. Since concrete is not affected by water/humidity, they tend to last longer than steel rollers. They are too heavy for ordinary lawns and therefore are mostly used for industrial purposes. They are also always heavy, unlike rollers you can fill them with sand or water as they cannot be emptied to make them easier to transport.

Poly rollers are made of reinforced plastic that gives them the strength and durability that is needed. Stronger than the normal plastic rollers, the poly rollers cost more but work more effectively. Available in different sizes, poly rollers can cater to both large and small lawns.

Filler material

Most lawn rollers need a filler material to increase the impact of the unit’s weight on the soil. In most cases, the materials used are sand, water and concrete. Water is the lightest filler out of all of them and provides enough force for both light and heavy jobs. It all depends on the capacity of the roller.

Sand is heavier and thus is a favourite for undertaking heavy-handed rolling. The bigger the capacity of sand it can hold, the heavier the model will be. Some mix both sand and water to get a heavier impact when levelling the soil.

Concrete is not uncommon for those who need a lot of force. There are rollers that are designed to hold concrete and some not so much! Look at the filler materials recommended by the manufacturer before proceeding and damaging the roller you have just bought! Most rollers, especially for the home will use water and this is easier to fill with a garden hose as well as being much easier to empty when necessary. However, most models do leak slightly, not a big issue though as it is only leaking onto your lawn and it can be just emptied for storage or stood on its side with the plug facing upwards so it can’t leak. Sand is usually heavier and a little more awkward to be emptied if needed.

Roller diameter and width

The larger the width of a roller, the more surface area you cover in one go. If you have a large lawn then it is better to find a roller with a long width.  Smaller widths are effective but take up more time.

The diameter is crucial to the weight of the roller. A wider diameter means that the roller can hold more filler material making it heavier and therefore provides more impact on the soil. In many cases, the width measurements are larger than the diameter so as to provide balance when moving.  An example of the best wide lawn roller is the Costway Garden Grass Roller that has a width of 90cm. A small diameter means less sand/water held in the roller thus making it lighter and less suitable for heavy work.

Ease of assembly

Some of us like assembling things and some of us avoid it like the plague. You have an option to select models that need partial assembly or select models that come already assembled. If you do not do well at assembling things, you can always seek professional help or watch tutorials online. Checking customer reviews is a good way of determining whether the prospective model is easy to assemble or not. All the models we recommend require minimal assembly and usually just a few nuts and bolts to deal with.


Warranty allows the manufacturer to iron out any issues the customer is facing with the product. In most cases, rollers come with a 12-month warranty or longer depending on the brand. If you feel you need a roller with a warranty then, by all means, get one. 


Good quality comes at a price. In order to get a model that will serve you for years, you need a roller made of durable materials. The cost of a plastic roller will not compare to a steel roller due to the difference in material strength. It is better to save up and get a quality machine than settle for a weak roller that will need replacing after a couple of seasons.

Final Conclusion

A lawn roller can mean the difference between a picturesque lawn and an average-looking one. This often overlooked tool is useful for a surprising number of tasks around your garden, from levelling out grass to seeding your lawn and striping.

All the five models in this post are wonderful, but the Garden Roller by Platinum Home and Garden is the ultimate best lawn roller in our opinion. It combines an affordable price with superb features of effectiveness and durability, and most homeowners should look no further.

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Hopefully, you have found a lawn roller that suits your needs. 

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