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Best Hose Pipe And 8 Garden Hose Reviews

Last updated on September 17th, 2021

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We look at some of the best garden hoses, from good old fashioned standard manual hose reels to the magic shrinking hoses and our personal favourite, auto hoses which automatically retract with a tug of the hose. Not forgetting soaker hoses to slowly seep water over a specific area such as a hedge.

Nearly all garden hosepipes look the same, on the outside at least, with the exception of shrinking magic hoses, however, are hose pipes really the same? The short answer is no!

Many cheaper hoses are prone to kinking, which most gardeners have experienced. A nightmare when you are trying to water your garden, once you get a kink in your hosepipe it always seems to form kink time and time again in the same place.

In this review, we look at 9 of the best garden hoses which have been narrowed down from a starting point of around 30 hoses. They all had to pass specific requirements such as being kink-resistant, which means they need to be of high quality, ideally have three layers and be reinforced. If the hose is good that’s half the battle over with. We also compared the reel systems and casings, the quality of the plastic used and finally the features they offer as well as warranty and affordability.

The good news is that Gardena, Hozelock and Karcher all sell good quality hoses and have some really useful features, another favourite was the auto-rewind models that make rewinding the hose much easier, almost effortless. We also have a shrinking hose that doubles in size when the water is turned on shrinks again to half its size when the water is turned off. There is a lot of cheap knock off’s of with this type of hose, so it took a lot of research to find the one we recommend. Finally, we also have a brilliant soaker hose worth considering if you have beds and borders to water or a newly planted hedge.

For those wanting to see our top recommended hose, we decided that the Gardena Wall-Mounted Auto Hose was by far the best hose. Every part of the setup is super high quality. The plastic used is obviously very strong, the hose is really good quality, a kink-resistant hose and it probably has the best auto-rewind system, it is very smooth and easy to use. It is also available as a 15m, 25, 30m as well as the 35-meter model we reviewed so you can choose a size best suited for your garden.


Gardena Wall-Mounted Auto Hose
This is our favourite hose out of all the ones we have reviewed. We first noticed the Hozelock auto hoses a few years back and now there are many different models on the market (we even feature 3 on this list). However, this one by Gardena is probably the best of the lot. It's a little more expensive but the premium quality is simply outstanding from the high-quality plastic construction to the auto-rewind mechanism which is made from steel on this model. First off it's very smooth to unwind and rewind and the auto rewind function works a treat, all you do is give the hose a quick tug and it automatically rewinds the hole back onto the reel. It has many more features (we explain further down) but it also has by far the longest warranty of 5 years.

Watch me install the Gardena Automatic Hose Pipe in my own garden in this guide here

Garden Hose Buyer’s Guide

So which is the best garden hose for the home gardener? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question, as there are just too many factors to take into consideration. What length garden hose do you need? A longer does not mean it is better, as it lowers the pressure and you pay often for more longer hoses, sometimes a lot more. 

Do you need a hose real? Most gardeners do. Does it need to be portable? Do you want a hose real with auto-rewind for ease of use? We wouldn’t be without this on our own garden hose now. It really is that good a feature! 

Do you need it to attach to the wall? Do you need a lightweight hosepipe? Magic expendable hoses are very light but we’re not that impressed with them, however, they have their place, and you may love it. 

As you can see, there are many factors to take into consideration when buying a hosepipe and that is before comparing the hosepipe quality and the overall reliability of the auto-rewind systems.

Read on to see which hose pipes offer the quality you would expect, looking at some of the best hose pipes currently available. Below is a quick guide with some pointers on what to consider before choosing a hosepipe followed by our detailed reviews of 8 of our top recommended garden hoses.

If you know what you want in a hose pipe you can just scroll down to our reviews if you prefer.

What to take into consideration when choosing a garden hose pipe

Quality of the hose pipe

The number one consideration, is the quality of the hose pipe. The best hosepipes usually have three layers and are reinforced. These are usually easily identifiable, especially with Hozelock hose pipes as they are usually a braided, silver and yellow hose. Quality hosepipes are kink-resistant, hence the word resistant, and this means they are less likely to kink, but unfortunately even the best hose pipes can kink, but are far less likely to. A simple test is to form a u shape and see if its kinks.

Hose pipe length

Never buy a longer hose than you need, measure from your tap to the longest point you will need to reach and add a little extra so you don’t need to stretch the hosepipe. Don’t forget you often need to cut a small section of hose off (usually 1.5 to 2 meters is sufficient) so that you can attach the hose reel to the tap, this is known as the feeder hose. Some hosepipes include a feeder hose, but most don’t. The reason you don’t want to purchase a longer hose than you need, is because the longer the hose, usually the lower the pressure. They are also obviously heavier, adding unnecessary weight to the reel and a lot more expensive.

Hose diameter

Most garden hoses in the UK come in either 3/4 inch or 1/2 inch, with the latter being the most popular and usually sufficient for most gardens. The larger 3/4 inch are often used for very long hoses, usually in horticultural nurseries and garden centres, as well as for some pressure washers. Basically, larger diameter hoses can hold more water, but equally you need a water supply with enough pressure to see the benefit. Most garden centres that use these larger hoses have large water storage tanks with pumps that produce enough pressure to benefit. You can even get micro hose pipes now, which are even smaller, these are great for smaller gardens and balconies etc. For most gardeners, 1/2 inch diameter is sufficient and do a great job.


HydroSure 50m Garden Soaker Hose
Soaker hoses are are your standard hose pipe but they are a great way to water any where at floor level, simply lay the hose along the ground, or slightly under the soil to slowly seep water into the ground where you need to. You can cut it to any length and it fits standard quick connect hose fitting. Attach it to a water timer and you have a automatic watering system.

Consider a hose reel

Do you need a hose reel? Maybe one with wheels to make it easier to move around the garden? Some models even have an auto-rewind feature that makes it even easier to put it away and helps prevent kinking. Whilst others just have manual handles which are fine for most people. Some reels even have a small storage sections such as this model by Karcher to store different nozzles and spare parts.

Micro hoses and expandable magic hoses

Do you have a small garden, balcony or terrace? There are some fantastic, smaller 10 meter hosepipes with lightweight and compact hose reels. These can easily be stored in a small cupboard, some even have ‘micro hose pipes’, these are great for watering but are also super lightweight in comparison to standard hosepipes. Most will have seen expandable hoses on television, they double in size when the hose is switched on and then shrink to half the size when the water is turned off again. They are incredibly lightweight but don’t have a hose reel which means the hose may end up being left untidy.

Plastic vs brass fitting

There are two main types of hose fittings you can get, these are plastic fittings and brass fittings. Hozelock do lots of plastic fittings and although they are less likely to crack and break than cheaper plastic fixtures. Their plastic fittings are far more superior than the cheap non-branded plastic fixtures. My advice is, if you want fixtures that are very easy to fit together quickly and easy to attach to nearly all nozzles, lances and sprinklers (as well as lots of other ingenious water applications) go with a genuine Hozelock connection.

If you want something that is extremely hard wearing and you don’t change your connections that often, go for brass fitting. The only downside to this is that most will require a spanner to tighten, although some do click together. For most gardeners the standard Hozelock connections will be fine and most watering reels come with plastic fixtures, purely for ease and simplicity.


Karcher HR7.320 Premium Hose Reel
Another well designed hose pipe, we love the on board storage for storing all your spare tools, gloves or anything you need quick excess to. As well as the extra storage space, there is further bottom storage hooks for attaching different hose ends and nozzles, but that is not the only stand out feature here. This hose station can be fixed to the wall, but the reel section also quickly comes away to use as a mobile water station. Finally, the overall quality is exceptional with the 20 meters of primo flex hose it comes with being of excellent quality.

Top 9 Garden Hose Reviews

Below we have reviewed a selection (of what we consider to be) the best hose pipes currently available. Hose lengths start at 10 meters, ideal for smaller gardeners to longer 60 meter 1/2 inch hose lengths that are perfect for gardeners who are lucky enough to have a medium to larger-sized garden.

We kick it off which our favourite hose by Gardenia, which is available in many sizes from 15 meters to 35 meters.

1. Gardena Wall Mounted Auto-Rewind Hose


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Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic: Swivelling hose reel, 35-m Gardena high-quality hose, short locking stops, including wall bracket, system parts, and spray nozzle (8024-20)

The Gardena Auto Hose Reel brings a new meaning to the word premium quality, but more on this in a minute. First off, it is super simple to use (as with all auto hose reels), simply pull the hose out and water as you go and the hose automatically locks in place roughly every 50cm as as you pull the hose out.

Once you have finished watering,  simply give the hose a little tug and that is when the real magic happens, the hose reel will then automatically start to slowly and smoothly, smoothly being the main keyword here, rewind the hose straight onto the reel without any kinks. It really is as easy as that!

The hose reel itself is where the money is well spent, the quality is clearly better than most people would expect. We would even go as far as to say that it is probably better than any other hose reel on the market. It is made using high-quality plastic and has been made to last. It also protects the hose itself from UV rays whilst not being used.

The hose reel can swivel 180 degrees to make watering a much easier job. This also helps to stop the hose from kinking and forming knots, this feature combined with a quality hose is what makes it works so effortlessly.

What makes this model better than the other models is, without a doubt, the smooth re-winding feature. This is because this model uses long-lasting winding technology with a steel spring. It has reliable winding thanks to the centrifugal brake and integrated hose guide.

Other features include integrated frost protection (although we recommend storing indoors in winter), integrated handle for easy carrying, theft protection and an anti-drip device.

Finally, it comes with everything you need. The 35 meter Gardena high-quality 13mm (1/2″) hose, connection hose, Original Gardena system parts, spray nozzle, wall bracket, wall plugs and assembly aid for mounting it to the wall. All you need to do is remove the mounting plate from the reel, fix it to the wall and then offer up the hose reel to the mounting plate. 

The hose itself is made from premium materials which are kink-resistant, is very tough and of course very durable. This, along with the hose reel mechanism, is obviously one of the most important aspects of the product and why it is so important the hose is a premium hose. 


  • Premium quality hose, the high quality plastic construction and steel auto-rewind mechanism.
  • Very smooth unwind and rewind and the reel’s mechanism automatically locks the hose with ease.
  • Simply give the hose a quick pull to activate the auto reel’s automatic rewind system.
  • Frost resistant materials.
  • Reel can swivel 180 degrees to make watering much easier, helping to prevent kinks.
  • Removable reel for easy storage over winter but it also features thief protection.
  • Very easy to mount to wall and comes with everything needed.
  • Available in several hose lengths from 15 meters to 35 meters.
  • Very impressive 5 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

The Gardena Auto Hose probably got the concept from Hozelock’s auto-rewind hose, although I’m not 100% sure on this, I am just assuming. However, Hozelock were certainly the first models we came across with this feature but there are several now, we include three different models in this review.

However, whether they did get the concept from Hozelock or not, they have significantly improved both the design and the overall quality. Although it is more expensive, we think it is worth paying the extra premium and investing in this model if it is within your budget.

When we first reviewed the Hozelock Auto-Rewind model in 2016 we couldn’t speak highly enough about it, and although at the time, it was far more advanced than cheaper models and was very good quality. Nothing has changed and its still the same great hose but once you have the pleasure of the Gardena Wall Mounted Auto-Hose you really do see a difference.

Overall, the quality is extremely good, the auto-rewind, the main feature is probably better than any other auto-rewind hose on the market, much smoother and just seems to work better.

If you have the budget and are looking for an auto-rewind model you can rely on and really are looking for the ‘best of the best’, then this is the model for you.

Fitting is super easy too. It comes with everything you will need, simply remove the screw to remove the backing plate from the hose reel and screw the backing plate to the wall. Then offer the hose reel up to the backing plate and slide one bolt through, thats it all done and ready to use!

You can also learn how to install this model in my step by step guide here

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2. Hozelock 2435 0000 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 50m Hose


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HOZELOCK - Cart Plus 50m (ø 12.5 mm) Assembled : Max Capacity 60m, 1-piece Rewind Handle, Sturdy Frame for General Use, Supplied Assembled with 50m Hose, 1 Nozzle and Fittings Included 2435R0000

This Hozelock Hose Cart is capable of holding 60 meters of hose, but this model comes fitted with 50 meters of quality garden hose.  The small drum and extra-large handle mean that it is very easy to rewind the hose back up again after use.

The reel is made from robust, quality plastic and has a steel retractable handle that can be altered to suit the user. The handle also fully retracts back down to make it easier to store.

It has large soft tyres and this makes moving the cart over grass easy. The wide design and low centre of gravity mean that it is also very stable whilst being moved around the garden which prevents it from being tipped over.

Our recommendation

Another great watering station by Hozelock, this watering cart is a great option for anyone who has a larger garden and needs that extra reach. The quality is as you would expect from Hozelock. It is very stable, this is one of the main concerns when using wheeled cart models, but that is not the case with this model.

Overall, if you have a large garden, you wouldn’t be disappointed by your purchase. It also offers great value for money, for such a large hose length as it doesn’t have the fancy rewind features.

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3. Kingtop Expandable Magic Hose

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KINGTOP Garden Hose Pipe Expandable Magic Hose Stretch Hosepipe with 9 Function Spray Gun (Black, 100)

The Kingtop Expandable Magic Hose does exactly what the word ‘Magic’ describes. This hose is designed to expand up to three times its original size when water starts to run through it. This is very impressive and it provides a longer reach when it comes to watering your garden. It also comes with a fairly good spray gun that has nine different spray functions such as mist, cone and jet, definitely something that comes in handy in regards to a spray gun.

The hose has an incredible burst cycle of 1000–1500 under 0.6MPa water pressure, which is double the capability of regular hoses (rated 500–600 cycles) under the same pressure.

Featuring a triple-layer natural latex tubing, surprisingly it does not seem to suffer from kinks, twists, or tangles, I suspect this is because of the materials used. This characteristic, combined with its expandable design, ensures that the hose remains compact when not in use, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Note that it instantly returns to its original size as soon the water is turned off and expels out any excess water in it. The only thing we don’t like about this is that it does not have a hose reel so can look a little untidy when not being used.

Additionally, the Kingtop expandable hose is built to last, with a leak-resistant connection, crush-resistant and anti-rust fittings helping in this respect. Even the inner expandable tubing is protected by a stronger external fabric. There is really a lot to like about this hose. It even comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Expands up to three times its original size for an extended reach.
  • Great design with dual-layer latex tubing and tough external knitted fabric.
  • Retracts down small and compact for easy storage and transportation.
  • Equipped with leak-resistant connections and anti-rust fittings for longer service.
  • Comes with a premium quality spray gun with 9 spray functions. 
  • Includes 90-day money back guarantee plus 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Our recommendation

First things first, the expandable design of this garden hose definitely makes it stand out from the rest. It is also built to the highest quality, for example, with a leak-resistant connection and it doesn’t twist or tangle. This is just amazing for something that you will be toting around to perform various cleaning and watering jobs.

Another thing is how easy it is to store or transport this hose. It simply contracts down small and even though it doesn’t come with a reel, it can easily be attached to most standard reels. One problem we found is that you have to turn it off first, let it shrink and uncoil it from a reel before switching it on for it to work properly. Be sure to drain the hose completely before storage as excess moisture remaining in the hose may degrade it over time.

Its ability to withstand a serious amount of pressure is also a plus. We’ve seen weak hose pipes break under a significant increase in water pressure, but this one will handle the load comfortably.

This hose is worth the money and the 90-day money-back guarantee shows the manufacturer has full confidence in this product. If you are looking for a hose that will give you more freedom to water things around the garden, the Kingtop Garden Expandable Magic Hose is a safe bet. It is one of the most affordable too. 

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4. Hydrosure 50m Garden Soaker Hose


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HydroSure 50M Soaker Hose

The Hydrosure Garden Soaker Hose is perfect for watering specific areas such as vegetable patches, beds and borders, around trees as well as newly planted hedges and even in the greenhouse.

Made from flexible rubber pipe, it slowly releases water along the pipe and can even be placed underground but no deeper than 15cm deep so you can have it out of sight for more long term watering.

It is simple to use and we really like that it can be cut to any size and is available in 4 meter, 15 meter, 30 meter, 50 meter and even 100 meter lengths.

However, its best used in lengths no longer than 30 meters. It is also very easy to cut to length and as long as you buy the 13mm soaker hose (like the one reviewed here) it fits all standard hose connectors such as Hozelock. Simply lay the soaker hose around the area you want to water and then connect to a hose using the standard hose connector, turn it on and it will water the area.

It only comes with 1 end connector, which is probably fine for most people, however, you can purchase more end caps if needed, but it would be nice to see it come with more end stops as standard.

It can be used with a water timer (see our reviews on water timers here) so all you need to do is set the time and it will water automatically, which is great for those who are not in every day to turn it on or are going on holiday.

  • Perfect for watering flower beds, vegetable patches, newly planted hedges, greenhouses and anywhere you want to slowly water.
  • Can be easily cut to any length to suit your needs.
  • Fits all standard hose connectors such as Hozelock.
  • Can be placed above ground and under ground out of sight.
  • Can be connected to a water timer.
  • Comes with standard hose connector and one stop end.
  • Porous flexible rubber pipe slowly waters plants.

Our recommendation

We looked at several soaker hoses, some were made from porous flexible rubber pipes, like this one by Hydrosure, and some were made from plastic pipe with holes on which we weren’t so keen on.

By far the best type are the ones made from flexible porous rubber pipe, after comparing a few we had two which we felt were really good, one was the Hozelock soaker hose which was great but then when we reviewed the soaker hose by Hydrosure, this was slightly cheaper per meter at the time we did our research but was just as good. After much debate, we named this model our ‘Best Soaker Hose’. If we were installing one in our garden, this is the one we would choose.

You can get it in different diameters but the one we reviewed is 13mm. We chose this size as it fits all standard hose connectors, which is the one that most people would be familiar with. With this in mind, and the fact that most people have 13mm garden hoses, this size is probably the best choice for the majority of people.

A couple of tips, if you have a certain area you don’t want to water, simply cut the soaker hose to the correct length and use a standard 13mm hose in the areas you don’t need to water such as paths etc. You just need to use standard hose connectors to join the garden hose to the soaker hose. 

When you lay it out it is quite flexible and it can be placed around trees etc. However, it is best to lay it out when it is warm outdoors as it can become a little stiff when the weather is cold. It is much easier to twist and turn when it’s warm.

If you have beds or borders to water, perhaps a vegetable patch or you have a newly planted hedge, it is a great way to water without wasting water as you would when spraying water everywhere like when using a standard garden sprinkler.

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5. Karcher CR3.110 Compact Hose Reel


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Kärcher CR3.110 Compact Hose Box

The Karcher CR3 110 Compact Hose Box is designed for watering small gardens or using in smaller spaces. It comes with an 8mm diameter micro hose that helps keep it compact and lightweight. 

It is designed to be either fixed or mobile and it comes with a handy wall bracket so you can fix the hose box to the wall. You can quickly take it off should you need it to be more mobile.

The slimline compact design means that it is easy to store in a small space and if you decide to fix it to a wall, it does not protrude out too much.

It is very easy to pull the hose out and wind it back into the box when needed. One last feature it does have is an onboard water stop which will stop any water from leaking out when not in use.

It comes with everything you need, including an adjustable spray nozzle that can be adjusted to suit your application, i.e. watering plants or jetting the car. It also comes with 2 Aquastop connectors and this means the hose ends can be disconnected without splashback and it comes with a 3/4″ tap connection to easily fix to an outside tap.

The compact hose box also has a comfortable, ergonomic handle which makes it easy to carry around and at only 2.9kg, it is incredibly lightweight.

Our recommendation

We found that the Karcher CR3 110 Compact Water Box is extremely well made, as you would expect from a Karcher product.

We like its very compact and slim build, this means that if you have to have it fixed to the wall, it doesn’t stick out too much. This can be a problem with some bulkier hose reels, especially in tight spaces, in smaller gardens, balconies or down the side of your house, where you may have a small path that is only a couple of feet wide.

The 8mm micro hose was a concern at first, but this concern was soon put to rest when it became clear it has as much pressure as any of the other 10 meter hoses, despite the narrower hose diameter.

What you may find is that you need to hold the box whilst winding the hose in, even when it is hung on the wall. This is still easy to do as you can hold the reel firmly with one hand, while winding the hose in with the other hand.

Overall a high-quality piece of kit, perfect for watering a small garden or even washing the bikes down.

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6. Karcher CR5.220 Auto Reel

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Kärcher CR5.220 Auto Reel

Karcher is a market leader in home cleaning technology and the Karcher CR5.220 Auto Reel is part of their innovative range of hose pipes. It’s designed with an easy-to-use controlled auto-wind hose system that makes it easy to unwind and retract the hose into its box. A braking system allows the 20m hose to stop and lock in place at specific points, meaning you don’t need to unwind the entire length if you don’t need it. 

The package includes a wall bracket that can be rotated by up to 180 degrees to water a wider area and it can be removed for storage. The wall bracket is easy to fit but you will need a drill to help get the job done smoothly. Other useful supplied accessories include a spray nozzle, 2 hose connectors, and a G3/4 tap adapter with G1/2 reducer. The hose is compatible with all standard watering systems, making it a good addition to any home.


  • Includes a wall bracket that is rotatable by 180 degrees and removable for storage during winter.
  • Easy to unwind and rewind the hose into its box.
  • Compact design with an ergonomic handle for easy transportation.
  • Compatible with nearly all standard watering systems.
  • 1 year warranty.

Our recommendation

The first impression of this model is that it is a compact and good-looking garden hose featuring Karcher’s recognisable black and yellow colours. It is a really nice hose to add to your collection of Karcher garden tools including pressure washers.

However, it isn’t a problem if, for example, you want to connect this hose to a spray nozzle from another brand; this product is compatible with all standard watering systems. The tool is easy to fit and easy to unwind and retract and is probably one of the better auto-rewind hoses we are seeing recently. The only reason it wasn’t our ‘Best Pick’ is we thought it was a little more expensive than some of the alternatives out there.

So unless you’re a big fan of the brand or you don’t mind spending upfront, you can get a decent 20m hose at a better price somewhere else. All in all, the Karcher CR5.220 Auto Reel is a well-designed product and does the job very well and is worth considering at the very least.

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7. Karcher HR7.3 20m Premium Hose Reel


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Kärcher HR7.320 Premium Hose Reel

The HR7. 320 Hose reel by Karcher is designed to be both a ‘fixed water station’ or a ‘mobile water station’. It comes with 20 meters of Primo flex garden hose which is made up of 3 layers, the first layer is designed to be weather resistant and UV protected, a pressure-resistant weaved layer that is pressure-resistant and opaque middle layer, is designed to prevent algae formation inside the hose.

Designed to be used around gardens of various sizes, the water station also incorporates a small storage area, perfect for storing spares tools, gloves or anything you might need quick access to. The bottom storage hooks are perfect for attaching different hose ends and nozzles.

What makes this water station a little more unique, apart from the storage option, is the ability to quickly remove the hose reel so you can move it around the garden if you prefer, instead of leaving it on the wall.

Compact design for all your watering needs.

Our recommendation

We really like the Karcher HR7 .320 Water station, the on board storage is a great idea as often you can find yourself owning several different nozzles and other bits and pieces, but usually you do have a good suitable place to store them. The hooks under the station are also great for storing the nozzles.

The hose is of great quality and the portable design is a great idea as you can quickly and easily, remove just the reel and take it down the garden if needed.

The only minor issue, and the Karcher is not alone with this, you need to guide the hose onto the reel with one hand whilst winding the hose in with the other. Not a big issue, and common on most reels where you need to wind them in any way.

A little cheaper than ‘Hozelock auto rewind model’, the quality is just as good and you have the option of portability and great storage options.

Overall, very impressed and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a versatile watering system.

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8. Hozelock 2 in 1 – 25m Compact Hose Reel

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HOZELOCK - 2-in-1 Compact Hose Reel 25m : Portable or Wall-mounted Plastic Reel, Easy Rewind Function, Supplied with Nozzle, Fittings and Fixings [2415R0000]

The Hozelock 2 in 1 Compact Enclosed Reel comes complete with 25 meters of quality garden hose and you have the option to fix it to a wall or use it free-standing.

The compact enclosed design further protects the hose pipe, ensuring it will last for many years. The case is made from a very robust, high-quality plastic that can take the hard-wearing challenges of watering around the gardening, even on a daily basis. 

Its lightweight design and carry handle, make carrying the hose reel around the garden effortless and the wall bracket means you can choose whether to keep it on the wall when in use, or simply lift it off the bracket to take it down the garden.

One great feature this model does have, is the layering slider. The hose unit has a slider that you can slide left and right to ensure the hose pipe is rolled onto the reel evenly, this also means you do not have to physically touch the hose when reeling it in.

It comes with everything you need, all connectors and a spray nozzle with several settings.

Our recommendation

The Hozelock 2 in 1 enclosed hose reel is very similar to the Hozelock Auto-Rewind hoses but it does not have an auto-wind feature which means it comes with quite a saving but requires a little more work.

Hozelock does several different hose length versions of the ‘2 in 1 compact reel’, but they do have slight differences.

You can view the 25 meter Hozelock 2 in 1 reel here.

Hozelock does a 40-meter length version, but this model also had automatic laying, so you don’t even have to move the slider side to side to neatly reel in the hose, it does this automatically. However, it is only free-standing and CANNOT be attached to the wall. You can view this model on Amazon here.

Hozelock also have a 40-meter model and this one can be attached to the wall, again this has the auto laying system installed as well. You can view this model on Amazon here

Overall all versions of the Hozelock 2 on 1 compact reel are excellent, no negative comments here and although they are more expensive than standard hose reels, they are far better and a joy to use.

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Final Conclusion

As we have mentioned before, there is no ‘one perfect hose’ that is ideal for all users. Some can be fastened permanently to the wall, while others have the advantage of being able to use them both on the wall or as standalone, and some are standalone only and they cannot be fastened to the wall.

Then there is the hose pipe length, as we have suggested, you are best buying the size you need and no longer.

Some models such as the one by Karcher, have storage compartments, great for storing all the bits and pieces and other models have auto-rewind features, again not essential but a nice little feature to have.

As we have seen, there are many features and it really does depend on what you want from a hose pipe.

All the hosepipes we have reviewed and talked about, excelled in nearly every way and we would highly recommend them. We did look at another 6 hose reels from various other brands, but these were not even worth mentioning, as they failed early on.

If you are after a wall mounted hose reel then we would highly recommend the ‘Gardena Auto Hose Reel. This really impressed or maybe one of the Hozelock auto-reels for a slightly cheaper price and both come with 5 years warranty.

Most other models only come with 2 years and Karcher hoses, only include 1-year warranty which is a little disappointing. However, their hoses are still very good quality and often very innovative. I think it is also worth mentioning that Karcher hoses are all comparable with their pressure washers, that being said, I use a Hozelock hose in my garden with a Karcher Pressure Washer without any problems as they use standard connections anyway.

We hope you have found our post on the best garden hoses useful and we have helped you choose the right hose for you. If you have any questions or have anything to add, feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.


This is our favourite hose out of all the ones we have reviewed. We first noticed the Hozelock auto hoses a few years back and now there are many models on the market, we even feature three on this list, however, this one by Gardena is probably the best of the lot.

It is a little more expensive, but the premium quality is simply outstanding from the high-quality plastic construction to the auto-rewind mechanism which is made from steel on this model. First off, it is very smooth to unwind and rewind and the auto rewind function works a treat, all you do is give the hose a quick tug and it automatically rewinds the hole back onto the reel.

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