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Choosing a Petrol Strimmer and what to look for when choosing the right model for you

We all love gardens that are well maintained and we go to great lengths to ensure that our property is neat. After having a timeout from landscaping during winter, spring comes with a burst of growth. This growth is much welcomed as it screams of health. To make certain that grass is neat and the walkways clear from overgrown brush, one of the best garden tools to use is a grass strimmer.

Strimmers come in their various designs and power mechanisms such as electric, cordless and lastly petrol driven. Petrol strimmers are especially known for their power while electric strimmers are known for their manoeuvrability. Depending on your spending power and the scale of work you are undertaking it is easy to find a good model. Strimmers are very effective in reaching those tight corners in your garden.

After hours of research and comparing some of the best petrol strimmers, we came to the conclusion that the McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer is probably the best model for most people. It includes everything you need including PPE and is one of the more reliable models and even includes 3 years warranty.

If you're a professional gardener or doing ground work daily and are in need of something a little more robust and reliable, then the Efco Stark 3810T Petrol Brush Cutter is an excellent choice and would be our first model to consider. You cant really go wrong with Efco tools in general, they are some of the best in the world, designed to last, like many tools use to be.


Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer, 25 cc, Cutting Width 40 cm

If your looking for a reliable, lightweight, easy to start strimmer for using around your garden, then this is probably the best choice at less then 4kg which is why we named it our best pick. 

  • Features a lightweight, yet powerful 25cc motor for effective and efficient working.
  • Has a “tap and go” line head for smooth feeding of the cord as and when needed.
  • Features a lightweight design at only 3.9kg that offers great flexibility during movements.

Best for professional gardeners

Efco Stark 3810T Petrol Brushcutter

Those working in commercial environments be it grounds work in parts or garden maintenance, you will appreciate the comfort and easy workings of the Efco Stark 3810T Petrol Brush Cutter. For one it has a strong Emak 36.2cc two-stroke petrol engine and it is designed with ‘Tough Tech’ so that it can keep up with constant use which is essential for professionals. Secondly, the model possesses a Load & Go head (bump feed) strimmer line to achieve neat results that are expected in professional environments, there is also the option to buy a brush cutter blade attachment separately for very dense thick growth.

Offering a running time of around 50 minutes before refuelling, this model is the perfect partner in any given workday. Lastly, it comes with features like a harness and anti-vibration features to make the user experience better. Basically it gets the job done and is a very dependable tool that shouldn’t let you down. For professionals, this model is well worth considering.

Below you will find our buyers guide and reviews for the Top 6 Petrol Strimmers we would recommend which. After hours of research and comparing over 25 of the latest models, we have narrowed our search down to just 6 models and all have there props and cons.

Our detailed buyers guide will also help you understand the features and decide which model would be the best choice for your personal needs.

So, lets get started with our buyers guide below, before digging into our detailed reviews when we look into them more closely including our Top picks.


Ideal for large areas and is one of the best affordable petrol strimmer's we have had the pleasure of reviewing. Comes with everything you need and perfect for all types of strimming from grass to thick brush and brambles.

Ideal for large areas and is one of the best affordable petrol strimmer's we have had the pleasure of reviewing. Comes with everything you need and perfect for all types of strimming from grass to thick brush and brambles.

  • Powerful, reliable Hyundai 52cc 2 stroke petrol engine.
  • Includes two-string nylon cutting head and three-tooth cutting blade for more demanding trimming.
  • Features an adjustable shaft which allows you to find the perfect cutting height.
  • Easy to use thanks to the cow horn handles for improved manoeuvrability and bump feed line.


Strimmers have existed since the 1970s and keep getting better as technology evolves. You can get them is smaller or larger sizes. The heavier the work the more power that you need. That is why the quality of the features is always important.

You can select to a petrol, electric or battery based model but you have to be aware of the pros and cons that you are likely to face. Factors such as cutting path and strimmer line material are just as important as the power source. Let’s dig further:

Types of strimmers available in the market

Understanding the different kinds of models in the market help you make an informed decision. Electric models are good for lightweight tasks. They are affordable and manoeuvrable due to their lightweight structure. The only problem may come around when the cord gets in the way.

The battery powered models are popular for their ease of use. You just need to charge the batteries and you are set. They are however limited if there is no power to recharge. The battery based models may be limiting if you are looking to work for extended periods. Battery recharge will take time.

Petrol based unit are the champions of heavy duty work and working in more remote locations. If you have a lot of coverage, you will find that the power provided by petrol based models is adequate. They can be a bit noisy but none the less they will deal with hard cuts of grass and brush-scrub such as brambles and nettles. The power rating is determined by the engine sixe with most models ranging from 25cc to 55cc. The higher you go the more power you have to work with, but the larger the engine, the heavier the strimmer.

  • Power specifications -  For petrol strimmers the larger the fuel tank the longer you will be able to work without interruptions. When looking to understand the power ratings look at the cubic centimetres (CC). All you have to know is that the higher the CCs the more power you are working with. Small gardens can do with 22cc engines without it being an overkill. Larger lawns need 32cc and above, specially if using a brushcutter disk.

    You will also run into 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines. The difference comes in the ratios of mixing oil and petrol  and they are a different type of engine. You will find that the 2-stroke engines are lighter but produce more smoke than the 4-stroke engine. The 4- stroke engine is also bound to last more due to the integrated lubrication system and it’s less noisy. Most strimmer engines are 2 stroke so this is not really something you need to think to much about.
  • Weight and size - The balance of a tool as you work is important as it affects your posture so a well balanced strimmer is essential. Most basic models range between 3.9 and 9kgs with some even weighing more. You should check the weight of the unit if it includes the fuel so as to gauge if you can. We  found that strimmers that weight under 8kg were not to bad. Some models come with harnesses so that the operator can find a better balance. Some of the attachments will also add weight to the model. If you have back problems or you are physically limited, you need to bear all these factors in mind. If this is the case then we reviewed a model that only weighed 3.9kg which is super light weight for a petrol model.
  • Cutting path and strimmer lines - When you think of coverage you have to think about the cutting lines. The cutting path basically translates to the actual width that the strimmer will cut. The larger the diameter of the cutting path the faster you get those pathways clear. A cutting width of less than 23cm should be used for light garden applications. Cutting depths larger than 41cm are more adapted to handling heavier work.

    The strimmer lines are where all the actions take place. The diameter of the strimmer lines determines the level of work they can handle. Since petrol based models can handle a larger diameter of strimmer line, they end up handling the hard work.

    Depending on the scale of work you will find the strimmer lines with different functional designs. You will find that the models that can be used for normal work have strimmer lines made of nylon. Other materials can be used to create an even tougher strimmer lines. This includes metal blades also known as brushcutters to handle woody plants such as brambles.
  • Shaft design and line feed mechanism - The shaft design affects the areas that you can reach. In the market, you are likely to run into straight, split or curved shaft designs.

    All these designs are advantageous at a certain point. The curved shaft is adequate for roomy areas but may be limited in tight spaces. For example, under the bushes. The straight shafts are more manoeuvrable than the curved shafts. You can reach those tricky corners with ease. The split shafts are adequate for when you need different attachments. You can select whether to brush cut or use the strimmer line. The choice will be yours.

    When the time for line replacement, you need to understand what you are working with. You can choose to work with the automatic, bump or fixed line feed. The automatic ones rely on an automated system to deliver strimmer line. The bump feed needs you to apply a bit of pressure so that the springs let out some line.

    For both of these, you will have to spool before use. The fixed feed just needs you to put in a new line when the old one disintegrates. This may take a toll due to time disruptions in working areas. That is why the quality of the line is emphasised.
  • Ease of use - Comfort is important while working. The better you feel about using a product the more you are likely to enjoy using it rather than wishing you has not chosen that particular model. The handles on a strimmer have to be comfortable so as to allow the operator to maintain balance as he works. In this matter, padded handles are essential in ensuring that the vibration is not too much. You can decide whether to have loop or bike handles as the design on your strimmer. The choice is up to personal preference but we found that larger models are best when they have bike handles as it gives better control.

    Some of us are short and some of us taller than most. To help adjust to the height difference, some strimmers come with adjustable shafts. The shaft makes it convenient for any operator no matter who’s handling the landscaping on that day. We found that this is not a major issue as most strimmers can be used by smaller and larger people even if they have no height adjustment setting.

Best Wheeled Strimmer

If you usually struggle with heavy petrol strimmer's then a wheeled strimmer may be the answer.  Instead of the weight being carried on your back it carried by the wheels which means its much easier to work with for most people.  Its fairly heavy overall but as its well balanced it very easy to push around and has a really powerful engine for 50.8cc petrol engine for efficient cutting performance.

If you usually struggle with heavy petrol strimmer's then a wheeled strimmer may be the answer.

Instead of the weight being carried on your back it carried by the wheels which means its much easier to work with for most people.

Its fairly heavy overall but as its well balanced it very easy to push around and has a really powerful engine for 50.8cc petrol engine for efficient cutting performance.

Extra tips

  • Make sure that you have protective clothing on specially eye defenders and safety glasses so as to avoid accidents.
  • Use the unit only at appropriate hours to avoid noise disturbances and be aware of your neighbours.
  • Ensure that the harness is safely secured to avoid involuntary movements.
  • Asses the areas to identify any objects or surface dents that might damage the strimmer.
  • Read the manual provided so as to have all valuable information.
  • Clean your strimmer after use to facilitate durability.
  • Make certain that the features offered are of high quality.
  • Refuel only after the engine has cooled down.
  • Remember to service the engine, clean air filters,, check oil levels, spark plugs etc. Most jobs are simple and can be done even by a novice. 


 1. Hyundai HYBC5200 Petrol Grass Strimmer & Brushcutter

Hyundai HYBC5200 Petrol Grass Trimmer Review
  • Has a powerful Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke engine, which helps in tackling even the toughest areas.
  • Comes with a 2-string nylon cutting head for normal grass trimming.
  • Features 3 tooth and 8 tooth blades for all cutting requirements.
  • Has a large cutting width from 25.5cm to 45cm for cutting through large areas.
  • Includes split shaft which allows for easy transporting and storage.
  • Comes with full double shoulder ergonomic harness for improved comfort during application.
  • Features “bike handles” which provide increased comfort and precise control.
  • Very durable and affordable tool.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.

The Hyundai HYBC5200 Petrol Strimmer & Brushcutter features a powerful 2-stroke engine. It is capable of cutting even the toughest areas with less strain on the engine. This helps in prolonging the engine lifespan compared to lesser capacity models.

The machine has a 2-string nylon cutting head for use as a grass trimmer, while it comes with two different metal cutting blades for use as a brushcutter, with 3 and 8 teeth. The 3 tooth blade is ideal for trimming brambles and the 8 tooth blade for thicker wood. The Hyundai HYBC5200 Petrol Grass Trimmer also has a large cutting width starting from 25.5cm to 45cm, which allows you to cut through large areas.

For increased comfort during operation, the tool comes with “bike handles”. The handles give you precise control of the machine during application. It has a single point adjuster which enables folding flat of the trimmer for easy transportation and storage. The machine also has a split shaft which allows you to split the unit in half. This makes it easy to transport in the boot of a car or back of a van.

The Strimmer features a double shoulder harness and multi-position attachment for ideal balance. This allows you to use the machine for long periods of time without strain on your back, shoulders or arms, also because it is has a low weight of 9.1Kg. The machine also comes with spares for quick maintenance.

  •  Vibration seems a little much when operating at full speed.

Final Conclusion

The Hyundai HYBC5200 Petrol Grass Strimmer is ideal for large areas and is one of the best affordable petrol strimmer's have had the pleasure of reviewing. This model is a great alternative to our best pick as it shares a lot of the features and qualities, being made by the same manufacture. The fact that it trims grass, brambles, weeds, nettles and general overgrowth, makes it one of the most versatile tool for most of your trimming tasks.

Being lightweight (for its size & power) and easy to assemble, you will find the machine incredibly easy to use. Noise is an issue, however, it comes with ear defenders to remedy the problem but with petrol engines and power this cannot be avoided. Thus, with its impressive features, the machine will get the job done without too much strain.

Considering that it has a full double shoulder harness, it also ensures ideal balance during application. This model is a great cheaper alternative to the Draper model and a better alternative to the ParkerBrand model. Overall and excellent and very versatile model thats comes with everything you need which is what helped it secure its spot as our 'Runner-up' model.

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 2. Efco Stark 3810T Petrol Brushcutter

Efco Stark 3810T Petrol Brushcutter
  • Perfect for professional daily use making it a top choice for gardeners and groundsmen.
  • Features a reliable Emak 36.2cc engine that powers the cutting line to cut through tough brushwood with ease.
  • It uses less fuel and fewer emissions and with figures such as 80% reduction in emissions and up to 40% reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Comes with a Load and go trimmer head, blade cutter can be purchased separately.
  • Features a large capacity fuel tank that offers a long running time of up to 50 minutes.
  • It offers a harness and comfortable handles for better control over the machine.
  • Comes with anti-vibrational features to ensure less fatigue when using it for long periods of time.
  • Made with ‘Tough Tech’ features to promote durability.
  • Accompanied by a 1-year commercial warranty for professional use and a 3-year domestic warranty.

The Efco Stark 3810T Petrol Brushcutter is designed to offer 40% less fuel consumption and up to 80% fewer emissions both of which are great for the professional gardeners as this helps lower running rust without compromising on performance. The efficient strimmer comes with a very reliable and trusted Emak 36.2cc 1.8 HP stroke engine that is strong to support the day to day use it would get when used by a professional gardener. 

With a full tank of 0.75 litres, this model offers up to 50 minutes of running time before requiring a refill ensuring more time strimmering and less time refilling, usually enough time to complete the whole job before moving to your next job.
The load and go strimmer head with two lines makes this model easy to work with for most strimming jobs but you also have the option to buy a 3 tooth blade for brush cutting made from hardened steel to give clean cuts.

Weighing approximately 8Kg, this petrol strimmer comes with a harness which helps balance the machine while working. The harness together with the anti-vibration features ensures that you can work for long periods without being overly exhausted. This user-friendly model comes with a 1-year commercial warranty which is pretty standard for professional grade petrol gardening tools and a 3-year domestic warranty for those looking to use it for personal use and looking for a very reliable machine. This goes to show that the manufacturer fully trusts the quality of the product.

  •  It is quite costly but well worth the extra investing if you can get the use out of it which is why it's a good choice for professional gardeners.

Final Conclusion

The Efco Stark 3810T model is designed to handle heavy-handed work thanks to its strong build and very reliable engine from a trusted brand. Compared to the normal petrol strimmers, this model is quite heavy at 8kgs but it is very easy to handle thanks to the hardness. We appreciate its comfortable handles and robust motor which makes it easier to get work done faster. It is not a cheap model and therefore, it is important to consider if the overall price matches with your budget.
This petrol strimmer will work perfectly for medium-larger sized gardens and it offers great value for money when compared to other professional brands such as Stihl. It is well balanced, durable and it will get the job done for sure. Suitable for both domestic and professional environments, you cannot go wrong with this model and for professional gardeners looking for what is a premium strimmer, this is well worth considering.

 3. McCulloch TrimMac 25 cc Petrol Grass Trimmer

Best Lightweight Petrol Strimmer

McCulloch TrimMac 25 cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Review
  • Fitted with a lightweight, yet powerful 25cc motor for effective and efficient working.
  • Has a “tap and go” line head for smooth feeding of the cord as and when needed.
  • Features a lightweight design at only 3.9kg that offers great flexibility during movements.
  • Has a loop handle which ensures easy handling of the tool.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Affordable and offers good value for money.

The McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer is capable of completing your trimming tasks in minutes and is perfect for the home user and those who struggle with the heavier models. It is quick to assemble and easy to start and man-over thanks to its light weight design. The machine comes with a powerful 25cc two-stroke engine which produces enough power for major trimming operations.

The trimmer has a manual pump which provides the carburettor with fuel as it enables easy starting and its also fitted with soft start which ensures less resistance when pulling the cord.

It is also very lightweight, at only 3.9kg (most models weight around 8kg, so it does not put too much pressure on your hands, arms, and wrists when using it and is a great choice for those who struggle with heavier models,

The McCulloch TrimMac 25 cc Petrol Grass Trimmer has a curved shaft which makes it easy and comfortable to handle. The shaft allows you to get a perfect position when you are trimming edges around your flowerbeds. This machine also features a “Tap and Go” line feed head which allows quick and precise cord feeding. It also has a loop handle which enhances the ergonomic benefits of using the trimmer.

  • Does not have a brush cutter blade attachment.

Final Conclusion

With the McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer, the curved shaft allows you to trim from an ideal cutting position which is something we have not seen in other machines. The machine saves you time due to the fast and precise feeding of the cord with its tap and go feature. Hence, it allows you to work without interruptions.

Let’s not forget the little weight of this machine. As a matter of fact, this is the best lightweight petrol strimmer we have seen and we had to check the weight a few times to make sure we had it right, yes its 3.9kg.

Despite easy handling and powerful engine it does lack the power some of the more power models have which means it's only really suitable for home use rather than professional gardeners.

If you're looking for a reliable, lightweight, easy to start strimmer for using around your garden then this is probably the best choice which is what helped it win our Best Pick spot. 

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 4. Hyundai HYWT5080 51cc Petrol Wheeled Push Garden Grass Strimmer

Best Wheeled Strimmer

Hyundai HYWT5080 Petrol Wheeled Grass Strimmer Review
  • Fitted with large wheels for increased maneuverability which ensure the weight is carried by the wheels and not the user making easy to use even for longer periods of time.
  • Has foldable handles for easy transportation and storage.
  • Features a lightweight design at only 16Kg, ideal for large properties and for people who may struggle with conventional petrol strimmers.
  • Powered by a powerful and reliable 50.8cc petrol engine for efficient cutting performance.
  • Includes a 3mm nylon cutting head for enhanced versatility.
  • Has a large cutting width of 40cm to 45cm, ideal for tackling larger cutting jobs,
  • Fitted with an 800ml fuel tank for a long running time so you spend more time strimming and less time refueling.
  • Very durable as well as retailing at an affordable price.
  • Covered with a 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.

The Hyundai HYWT5080 is a powerful grass trimmer ideal for both domestic and professional use which along with its unique design ensured it for the top spot for our 'Best Pick' award. The tool is mounted onto large wheels for ideal balance and manoeuvrability and along with the powerful engine, this trimmer cuts through tough grass, weeds and even tougher undergrowth such as brambles with the least effort possible.

The HYWT5080 wheeled trimmer is powered by a reliable 50.8cc 2-stroke easy to start petrol engine. Featuring a compact well balanced design that lets you to guide it under low hanging branches which can be difficult to reach with a standard strimmer. This ensures that the trimmer cuts in those hard to access areas making it a very versatile machine.

The tool comes with a durable nylon string cutting head which as we have all ready mentioned cuts through weeds, brambles, and overgrown grass and has a large cutting width of 40cm to 45cm making it idea for tackling larger strimming jobs, the trimmer enables quick and easy operations. The machine also has a large 800ml fuel tank so you can work for longer without frequent top ups, the larger 800ml tank is possible as the user is not physically holding the weight because of its wheeled design.

Equipped with a foldable handle, the grass strimmer is easy to transport from job to job and store in the corner of a room. The handle is adjusted to suit your height for increased comfort during use. As with most strimmers the trimmer has controls which are mounted on the hand grip to ensure safe and easy control.

One feature we really like which makes it stand out from the crowd is the innovative design of this strimmer, you can easily cut grass next to trees and walls with ease. This also ensures that the main body of the strimmer remains without any damage from the obstacles.

Finally it comes with a 3 year warranty for full peace of mind.

  • We noticed some users struggled fitting new nylon strimming line, its simply threads through but it worth watching the video on Amazon.co.uk which shows you how this is done.
  • No option to attach steel brush cutter blade  which would be an added benefit but cannot be done for safety reasons.

Final Conclusion

The fact that the trimmer allows you to cut through tough weeds, brambles, scrub, and grass, makes it ideal for both domestic and professional use and the 51cc engine offers more than enough power.

A standout feature about this trimmer is the ability to be mounted on to wheels which is the main selling point and we feel is a brilliant design and one that works incredibly well. For its size this machine is fairly lightweight and provides perfect balance during trimming which keeps the wait off your body which makes it very easy to use, we think this would be a great model for anyone who may struggle with a standard petrol strimmer as it also helps in reducing back and arms strain.

We also like the ability to trim under low-hanging trees which can be a problem with standard models. This improves versatility and allows for efficient trimming of large areas. The durability of the tool is also impressive. The trimmer is affordable and offers good value for money. 

Overall the Hyundai HYWT5080 51cc Wheeled Grass Strimmer gets the job done in no time and is very easy to use. Anyone who does strimming for longer periods of time or struggles to use standard petrol strimmers because of the weight. We think it is a brilliant design and is worth the extra cost when compared to the cheaper alternatives and is specially useful for people with bad backs as its take the weight off your back.

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 5. Ryobi RLT26CDS 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer

Ryobi RLT26CDS 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer Review
  • Features a 26cc petrol-driven 2-stroke engine with reduced vibration. It also provides great power for tackling tough strimming jobs and long grass.
  • Very smooth and easy to use.
  • Features a D-shaped handle which is easy to hold, and allows for easy start of the trimmer.
  • Lightweight and easy to set up.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

The Ryobi RLT26CDS 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer is ideal for most domestic garden trimming needs and is perfect for trimming lawn edges of gardens  as well as undergrowth and long grass.

Fitted with a powerful 26cc 2-stroke petrol engine which delivers great power, this trimmer is relatively lightweight for its size at only 5.3kg. It provides clean energy technology which easily beats emissions limits. The engine produces a minimal amount of fuss during application and makes use of clean energy technology which Ryobi have started to invest highly in to do there part for the enviroment. The machine gives a 43cm cutting depth which is around the? same of our best pick model, meaning you get your job done quickly.

The trimmer has an ergonomic handle to give you an easy time during operation. It comes with a split shaft for Expand-it attachment compatibility which means it has be extended for extra reach and to help balance the strimmer out with the size of the user.

It also features a ReelEasy bump feed head with patented thread and load system which allows for rapid line refills for a better user experience.

  • The strimmer its self seems very well built as we expected from Ryobi, however during our research we did come across complaints about the strimming head melting which is a little concerned. However Ryobi have all ways been keen to repair these faults. For this reason we would avoid buying this model for professional work as it would probably not handle excessive strimming.

Final Conclusion

The Ryobi RLT26CDS 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer is a brilliant and clever tool for your DIY garden needs but we would avoid using it for professional use. We feel its a good choice for domestic use because it is very lightweight and easy to lift.

It also has an ergo handle which increases comfort during operation. With impressive features, the machine is ideal for creating, maintaining, and detailing your garden.

Despite some issues reported with the strimmer head melting, it does a good job the moment it’s operating and does come with a 2 year warranty. With that said, we do think there are much better alternatives we would recommend over this mode. A shame as we do like Ryobi tools but this model simply does not come out on top but may a future improved model with resolve the small issues it has.

If you have the extra budget then the next model we review below by Draper is a much better choice and has more power to offer and is worth considering.

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 6. Draper Expert 45576 32cc Petrol Brush Cutter and Line Trimmer

The Draper Expert 45576 32 cc Petrol Brush Cutter and Line Trimmer review
  • Has a U-shaped bike handle which enhances comfort during trimming.
  • Perfect for home and professional use thanks to the powerful 32cc engine and brush cutting blade attachment it comes fitted with.
  • Features brush cutter and line trimmer for improving versatility.
  • Has a safety lever lock for preventing accidents during application.
  • Features double safety shoulder harness which prevents arms and back strain.
  • Has a hip pad for added support during working.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Covered by Draper tools manufacturer’s guarantee.

For those who may not know Draper is a leading manufacturer of tools, and they have been in business for the past 90 years and we have reviewed many of there tools over the years. Built with expert quality, their tools are perfect for the committed DIYer’s or the professional tradesmen so we had to include this model.

The Draper Expert 45576 32cc Petrol Brush Cutter and Line Trimmer utilises a powerful 32cc 2-stroke petrol engine which is perfect for tackling a wide range of trimming tasks.

The engine has a one-piece single shaft and a Choke for easy starting every-time. Even so, the trimmer features an On/off switch for quick starting and so you can turn the machine off all most instantly. It also has a safety lever lock to prevent accidental operation which is a much for machines of this nature.

For enhanced comfort during application, the tool has a U-Shaped bike handle which makes it easy to use and ensures the controls are right at your finger tips. The line trimmer comes with a double safety shoulder harness with ‘quick-release’ mechanism. This helps ensure that you trim without straining your arms or back. A unique feature in the Draper Expert 45576 line trimmer is the hip pad. It ensures added support during working and is a nice little finishing detail in the design.

What makes this mode even more impressive is that it comes with a brush cutting blade fitted as you can see from the picture which is ideal for tackling the most demanding of overgrowth as well the the standard line strimmer head you see on most other models.

  • Quite an expensive tool.
  • We found no faults our self but during our research we found some old reviews with complaints of the shalf snapping. We assume these were a old fault and has not been resolved in the latest models available but though it as worth mentioning.

Final Conclusion

The Draper Expert 45576 32 cc Petrol Brush Cutter and Line Trimmer combine useful features which improve its performance and makes it a more versatile tool. Built with Expert Quality, the tool is reliable and durable making it ideal for both home users and professionals.

We like the fact that the trimmer has a one-piece single shaft which we find helps reduce breakages. The tool also has a U-shaped bike handle for increased comfort and full control during operations which we like.

The trimmer allows you to work without straining. It comes with a double safety shoulder harness and hip pad for enhanced support. Despite the limit of line let-out from the trimmer’s head, the machine gets the job down.

For this trimmer, the price is really a bargain and the fact that its actually has a steel brush trimmer blade and strimmer line attachment make it one of the most versatile models we have reviewed. This is one model that should be considered and want let you down.

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ParkerBrand 52CC Petrol Strimmer Garden Brush Cutter Trimmer Review

ParkerBrand 52CC Petrol Strimmer Garden Brush Cutter Trimmer Review
  • Has a powerful 2 stroke 52cc engine which produces enough trimming power to tackle smaller and larger strimming tasks.
  • Features a bush cutter blade for tougher jobs and a standard line trimming head. 
  • Includes a free handy tool kit to maintain your trimmer.
  • Comes with a free accessory pack to make your trimmer more efficient.
  • Features a heavy-duty construction which improves versatility.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Features a 3 blade brush cutter which cuts even the toughest grass.
  • Fairly lightweight machine at 8.5 Kg.
  • Very affordable and offers good value for investments.
  • Includes 1 year part and labour warranty.

The Parker PGBC 52cc petrol trimmer/Brush cutter is designed more for home users doing a little strimming in there garden. however it does feature a heavy-duty construction and larger 52cc engine so can tackle small and large-scale tasks if needed.

The tool comes with a strong and reliable 52cc two stroke petrol engine. It produces enough power which allows for one-time prolonged operation. The trimmer has a twin line feed spool which puts you in full control of your line usage. It also features a three blade brush cutter attachment which tackles more overgrown gardens which gives it more value for money and makes its a more versatile strimmer.

The ParkerBrand 52cc Strimmer/Brush Cutter has a split shaft design. This allows for easy reassembling and transportation as it helps keep it compact. The machine includes harness for increased comfort.

A standout feature in this model is the comprehensive user guide it comes with. It has clear instructions which guide you on setting up, using and maintaining your new garden trimmer. This along with the lower price makes the PGBC 5200 petrol trimmer perfect for first-time user. For ease of use, the strimmer comes with an accessory pack that keeps everything you need for the job.

  • The harness can be difficult to assemble.
  • The engine is a little bit hard to start. Quick tips, pull the cord slowly and gently until you feel the resistance on the cord by the piston. It will now be at the top of its stroke. Now release the pull cord so it retracts into the recoil housing. It should now start firm steady pull. This goes for all models but some engine seems better than others when it comes to starting.

Final Conclusion

The Parker PGBC 5200 petrol trimmer is a valuable workhorse that requires little upfront investment and is one of the cheapest models available. With a powerful engine it's certainly not short of power. We like the heavy duty construction since it allows the trimmer to tackle small and large scale areas jobs. It's not the lightest models but it's fairly easy to assemble making it ideal for first time users and home users.

The fact that is has clear instructions makes it reliable and trustworthy for first-time users as a petrol engine can be daunting id you have never used one before. It gives seasoned gardeners and DIY enthusiasts all the strimming power they need. 

The minimal difficulty in starting the engine should not put you off, just follow our tips in the above. In fact, there are other models that pose the same issue that are twice the price.

All in all, if you are looking for a powerful and reliable petrol strimmer, the Parker PGBC 5200 petrol trimmer is a decent selection and comes at one of the best prices we have have seen. It make lack the quality of some of the more expensive models but it get the job done.

If you don't need the extra power or bush cutter feature then a good, lighter alternative (maybe even better) model is McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer.

Compare prices from available retailers

Final Final Conclusion

Now that you know what strimmers are all about, we are confident that you can select the best petrol strimmer for your garden.

Just in case you forget a few pointers, come back to our petrol strimmer reviews. You will get all the information that you need to get you back on track.

Remember that quality wins over quantity. Now rumble that engine and get to work, we hope you have found our reviews and guide helpful and below is a quick reminder of our 'Best Pick'

Best Pick

Ideal for large areas and is one of the best affordable petrol strimmer's we have had the pleasure of reviewing. Comes with everything you need and perfect for all types of strimming from grass to thick brush and brambles.

Ideal for large areas and is one of the best affordable petrol strimmer's we have had the pleasure of reviewing.

Comes with everything you need and perfect for all types of strimming from grass to thick brush and super thick brambles.

Comes with everything needed including eye and ear protection making it perfect for someone buying there first strimmer.

Last updated on January 22nd, 2021


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