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Top 6 Best Weed Killer for Driveways – Concentrate & Ready to Use

Choosing the best weedkiller for your driveway & patio

Weeds can grow anywhere and everywhere. Not even a well paved block paving driveway can resist weed growth. Here at Pyracantha, home and garden maintenance is our top priority and we simply can't let weeds take over our paths, block paving and driveways. 

So we set out to find the best solution to weed problem. We found that some people have used salt to get rid of weeds yet the problem still persists. The method is really simple; dilute salt with water, add dish soap and spray over your drive. The challenge with this approach is that you will need a lot salt (1kg of salt per 2L of water). This means if you have an extensive driveway, you can only do as much. 

Some driveways are even laid with weed control fabric but weeds will always find a way to grow.

Whilst there might not be an absolute permanent solution to weed growth, weed killers have always proved effective, at least for several months. Some are good at destroying the weeds above the surface but the best weed killers for drives and paths eliminate weeds down to the root, making sure these unwanted plants never come back again. Such is the power of the Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray which happens to be our overall best weed killer for driveways for pure ease of use and effectiveness. Check it out below before we get into some of the other great alternatives which include ready to use weedkillers as well as concentrates you mix with water which can be a much better cost effective way to treat a large area. Don't forget weedkillers are always best applied with a garden sprayer rather than using a water can which can actually be very wasteful.

Our Best Pick

Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray (Ready to Use), 5 L

This product is fast acting, kills weeds and the roots, and allows replanting within the shortest time possible.

  • Delivers viable results within only 48 hours.
  • Comes with a lance and spray nozzle for use straight out of the box.
  • Eliminates both annual and perennial weeds meaning they don't grow back.
  • Degraded in the soil by micro-organisms, thus allowing replanting if needed thereafter.

Weed Killer Buying Guide

Having pointed out our best pick above, the pressing issue that may exist among home owners is how to arrive at the best weed killer for driveways. This review has been prepared with that in mind and below we have a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best weed killer. 

Understanding weeds

Weeds are wild plants that grow in unwanted places. That means we cannot generalise these plants. Plants that are considered weeds in a particular situation might not be looked at the same way in another situation, where they are actually wanted. The sad thing is that weeds grow naturally, so it can be hard to control them. Farmers encounter weeds in their farms and you can find them in your lawn, driveway, and path. These plants can literally survive in any situation and they can even outstrip vegetation wherever they grow. That is why it's important to get rid of weeds, so you are left with uniform vegetation in your garden as well as good-looking surfaces such as a beautiful weed free driveway.

How do weeds affect plants?

Weeds compete with desired plants for sunlight, water and precious nutrients. In a farm situation, weeds can greatly reduce crop yields because they give food to pests that harm desired plants. They also can host plant bacteria, which can degrade the soil as well as causing root damage. 

Some species are poisonous and others cause skin irritation to humans and animals in case of contact. Last but not least, weeds can affect the aesthetics of beautiful lawns and of course driveways and other hard surfaces. 

Best Budget Pick

Resolva Xtra Tough Concentrated Weedkiller, 200 ml

Best inexpensive herbicide

For less than £12 for 200ml of centrate, you get an amazing weed killer that works on all types of weeds. It also kills weeds down to the root and prevents them from growing again. Simply mix with water and apply with a sprayer.

Weed Killers

Also known as herbicides or weedicides, weed killers are crucial tools for avid gardeners and homeowners. They work to eliminate unwanted plants and restrict their normal growth.

There are different types of weed killers and they are specially formulated to kill different types of weeds. Many people face the challenge of choosing the right weed killer to handle the weeds in their garden, paths or driveways. Fortunately, we are going to cover that next so you can have an easy job selecting your ideal product. Whether you want the best weed killer for block paving drive, the best weed killer for paths, or even the best weed killer for drives and paths, we will guide you. 

For now, avoid pulling weeds by hand because they will certainly grow right back, specially as you often leave the roots in the ground and only remove the foliage. 

Types of weed killers

There are many types of weeds. In this review, we will differentiate weed killers by these two aspects; characteristic and application. 

Weed killers by characteristic

Here we have four different characteristics; selectivity, emergence, persistence and translocation. 

  • Selectivity - weed killers are either selective or non-selective. Selective weed killers destroy weeds without causing harm to nearby grass and are often used on lawns, whilst the non-selective ones kill everything in their vicinity so care should be taken not to get any spray on plants which is why you should not spray in windy conditions. 
  • Emergence - weed killers can be pre-emergence or post-emergence. Pre-emergence weedicides are used for targeting germinating seedlings before they grow, while post-emergent products work on weeds that have started growing. 
  • Persistence - there are persistent weed killers, which destroy everything and prevent regrowth, and non-persistent, which have no lasting effect on weed regrowth.
  • Translocation - some herbicides travel through a weed's internal system whilst breaking it down. Others destroy unwanted plants through contact. 

Weed Killers by application

Residual weed killers

Also known as soil acting herbicides, we would not advise using these weed killers in your farm or garden as they sit in the soil for several months, inhibiting any form of growth from happening. Some of them can poison the soil and render it useless for cultivation. Avoid using these herbicides in areas that you intend to grow crops in the next two years or more. 

However, those qualities make residual weed killers the best options for driveways, paths, and block paving - areas that you don't want to see weeds ever. And, if you are choosing a weed killer for driveways, consider one that contains glyphosate because this compound kills weeds from the leaves, branches and roots. 

Selective weed killers

As mentioned above, these herbicides only kill particular plants. Lawn weed killers are good examples. These target broad leaved plants (such as dandelion, daisy and buttercup) whilst having no effect on narrow leaved plants (grass). Another example are weed killers used in forestry, which kill grass without harming young saplings. 

Non-selective weed killers

These kill severely anything in their way. As such, users must take great care when applying these herbicides to their gardens. One serious precaution is to never spray a non-selective weed killer in windy condition as the chemicals will obviously spread to unwanted places. Be sure not to walk over sprayed areas since your footwear can still disperse chemicals to foreign grounds and cause unwanted harm. If you are spraying in a congested area, make sure cover your desired plants. Handle your knapsack sprayer and chemicals with care too. 

Systematic weed killer

Most weed killers are systematic in how they work. They penetrate into a plant's transport system and destroy every bit of it, thus rendering it useless down to the root. 

Contact weed killer

Contact herbicides kill any plants that they touch. These weed killers are absorbed by leaves via the stomata and the process happens during the day. As you can recall from biology, stomata are only open during the day when photosynthesis is taking place. Therefore, a contact weed killer must be applied to target weeds in the light of day for it to be effective. 

One major advantage of contact weed killers is that they have no effect on the soil. Results are visible within 2 weeks and these herbicides are great for dealing with annual weeds. If you want to control perennial weeds, you will have to make 2 or 3 applications. 

All-round weed killer

Roundup Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate Bottle, 1 L

Best weed killer to use everywhere in the garden

While some weed killers might be limited to use on particular areas, this one will eliminate weeds on paths, drives, walls, fences, tarmac, paving, and anywhere. It also degraded in soil by micro-organisms but its great for harder to kill weeds like brambles and nettles. 

Choosing the best weed killer for driveways

The type of weed for your garden is a must consideration but that's not the end of it. Here are more points to help you arrive at the ideal herbicide for your garden:

Season of use

Some weed killers work best in particular conditions. A weed killer that should be used in summer may not be effective in winter. With that in mind, be sure to schedule your weed control beforehand and read the label to when to use the weed killer. 

Product effectiveness

Whilst weed killer containers have labels that suggests their effectiveness, customer reviews can usually tell the truth. Make a point to go through a few just to know how effective your desired product is. Amazon is great for this as there are usually lots of reviews to read through and some may have found a certain weedkiller good for a certain weed you might be having trouble killing.

Liquid vs granular herbicides

Do you prefer a liquid or granular weed killer? 

Liquid herbicides are formulated to be applied via a sprayer. If you don't have one already, make a point to check the best garden sprayers here. Make sure to spray your weed killer evenly over the target area to increase effectiveness. As a matter of fact, liquid weed killers work best when weeds are actively growing, that is, between April and September. 

Liquid weed killers still come in two kinds; ready-to-use out of the bottle and concentrate, which needs to be mixed with water before application. 

Avoid using liquid weed killers on rainy days because rainfall will just wash away the chemicals and make the entire exercise useless. 

Granular weed killers are good for lawn application but we will not recommend these for killing weeds on driveways and paths. This is because they can be hard to reach targeted weeds and literally you will have to cover your entire driveway with granules for the exercise to be effective and this is simply not a good idea, the only reason we even mention this is to warn against doing this. 

That said, stick to liquid weed killers for working on your driveways, paths and block paving. You can choose between ready-to-use herbicides and concentrate weed killers. If you have a large driveway it may be much more cost effective to buy a concentrate and mix your own.

Take a look at some of these examples below, we have found 6 different weedkillers which will be very effective on driveways to make choosing one much easier.

Also Great

Elixir Gardens Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed killer treats upto 3332 sq/m 2Lt Bottle + Complimentary Measuring Cup and Gloves by Prime

Best for very large driveways

The 2 litre bottle covers up to 3332 sq.m and is the strongest weed killer available online In the U.K for uncertified use without a chemical licence, offering great value while not reducing it strength. It's effective on annual and perennial weeds and it does not leave residue in soil. Furthermore, it is pretty much affordable.

Top 6 Weed Killer Reviews

Our Top 2 Recommended Ready to Use Weed Killers

Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray 


Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray (Ready to Use), 5 L
Quick overview: This weed killer acts fast on unwanted weeds giving 10 minutes of continuous spraying and is ready to use with no mixing needed, it is safe with children and pets once dry, and it's not harmful to the soil so any borders around your drive can still be planted afterwards. Perfect for those who want a weedkillers they can use out the box.

The Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray is a popular product with avid gardeners, and it caught our attention as well. This weed killer has been formulated to kill weeds down to the root, inhibiting future growth for the most part. It is a multi-purpose herbicide that destroys annual and perennial weeds such as dandelions, nettles, docks, bindweed, thistles, and ground elder. 

The 5L option offers up to 10 minutes of continuous spraying, making the weed killer a good choice for treating large areas up to 150m2, which Roundup claims to be the longest spray action compared to other ready to use weed killers on the market. 

As the title suggests, the herbicide is fast acting and results can be noticed within 2 days. Furthermore, you don't have to chase your kids away from the treated area or lock yourselves indoors after treating your paths and drives. This herbicide is kids and pet friendly though you have to let it dry after application but once dry its safe. 

The 5L container comes with an extendable lance and nozzle, designed to adjust from jet to spray for effective application. No need to buy a separate garden sprayer for the job. 


  • Fast acting weed killer that gives results within 2 days.
  • good choice for treating large areas up to 150m2
  • Formulated to kill weeds completely from leaves down to the root, so they dissappear for good.
  • A multi-purpose weed killer that eradicates annual and perennial weeds.
  • Delivers up to 10 minutes of spray action from one touch, which is longer than the competition. 
  • Degrades naturally in the soil, thus will not harm the soil around your driveway. 
  • Equipped with an adjustable nozzle for convenient spraying.
  • Has an extendable lance for easy application without bending too much.


  • Not effective on all kinds of weeds such as woody and very tough weeds such as horsetails, however we didn't find any weedkiller that can kill horsetails straight away. However we suggest you try a weedkiller designed for brambles and keep treating several times which should start to have some impact.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray is a quality weed killer that does a good job on paths, drives and patios. It acts fast on weeds and does not harm the soil so you can still plant around the borders if some excess spray landed on the borders, remember it would still kill your plants if some spray landed on them. 

Kids and pets need not be excluded from sprayed areas because the herbicide is not harmful once dry which is useful for busy families. The included lance with adjustable nozzle is a big plus and very handy for those looking for a weedkiller they can use on a large driveway but don't want to have the hassle of mixing and pouring into a sprayer. 

The only disappointment that we found with this weed killer is that it doesn't kill all kinds of weeds, mainly the toughest types such as woody weeds such as brambles and horsetails. For this reason if you do want to kill brambles keep reading to find a better solution. Otherwise, it's a decent choice for the price and should be a great choice for the vast majority of people which is why we awarded it our 'Best Pick'. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Resolva 5 Litre 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weedkiller 

Resolva 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weedkiller, 5 L
Quick overview: Resolva 24H weedkiller shows results within hours and it kills weeds right down to the root. It's available in 1lL, 3L and 5L containers, therefore, the choice is yours. However it 5 litre sprayer has half the time of continuous spray with 5 minutes but can treat a larger area according the manufacture so we can only assume you walk over the area faster while still being effective. However it is very effective with lots of very positive reviews online.

The Resolva 5 Litre 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weedkiller is a great solution to weeds that infest large gardens (patios and driveways included). It's formulated to kill weeds down to the root so that these pesky plants don't show up again in a long time. The product can treat an area of up to 200m2 and gardeners can witness results in a matter of just 24 hours but some weeds may take 2 days before showing results. 

It comes ready to use in a 5L container just like the Round Up alternative, which means there's no need for diluting the liquid. You also have an option to choose from 1L, 3L and 5L containers. For instance, if you have a medium area, say 40m2, you will be good with the Resolva 3L weed killer. 

The product comes with Reslova's Power Sprayer that features dual action trigger for fast application and users can also benefit from 5 minutes of controllable spraying. 


  • Ready to use with included lance and treats 200m2
  • Delivers viable results within 24 hours. 
  • It kills weeds and roots, preventing them from coming back. 
  • Comes in 1L, 3L and 5L containers, so yo can choose the ideal option for your job.


  • Some tougher weeds may not be effected.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Resolva 5 Litre 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weedkiller works as it should and is especially effective on dandelions. You can opt for the mini spray bottles to treat smaller areas but you'd be better off with the 5L for areas up to 200m2.

The product literally gives long-term results so you can have peace of mind and enjoy walking on good-looking paths and drives. Just like most ready to use weedkillers it will not be effective on weedy hard to kills weeds so you would be better investing on a concentrate and mixing something stronger for brambles or similar.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Top 4 Concentrate Weed Killers For Killing The Toughest of Weeds

Deadfast Concentrated Weedkiller Sachets

Deadfast PTO0010P Concentrated Weedkiller Sachets, 12 x 100 ml
Quick overview: This is a systematic, non-selective herbicide that is affordable and easy to use as it comes in sachets. Its especially good for very woody weeds which ready to use weedkillers simply cannot kill, however it does take 7-14 days to see results. Will even kill tree stumps.

This concentrated herbicide comes in individual sachets of varying sizes, which include 6, 12 and 18-piece sachets. One sachet treats an area of up 60 square metres. The one we have here is the 12 x 100 ml Deadfast Concentrated Weedkiller Sachets and if you do the math, then you'll know the size of the area you can treat (720 sq. meters) making it great for very large drives

It works by diluting the concentrate with water though you can still apply straight from the sachet to destroy stubborn woody weeds so would be good for killing horsetail by using straight from the sachet. It is a systematic weed killer that contains ammonium salt of glyphosate. Once the herbicide is absorbed on unwanted plants, it is carried throughout the plant system by sap, down to the root where it starts to work. Effects are visible in 1-2 weeks so patience is needed but this is the price you pay for excellent results.

Please note that the Deadfast weed killer is non-selective, so you should be careful not to kill desired plants when using it. However, don't have mercy for the likes of dandelion, brambles, chickweed, thistles, tumbleweed, crabgrass and orchard grass. The product is intended to kill weeds on patios, drives, paths and any weed infested place. Good thing is that it allows for sowing and replanting of desired plants if you spray borders to cleat weeds before planting fresh. 

The best time to use this concentrated weed killer is between April and September. This is a time when weeds are actively growing and can obsorb the weedkiller to the roots.


  • Can be used mixed with water for the usual weeds or undiluted for hard to kill weeds.
  • Works on many kinds of weeds including tough woody weeds most other ready to use weedkillers won't even touch. 
  • Kills unwanted plants from the roots through systematic action, making sure they don't grow again.
  • Easy to use the supplied individual sachets for easy measuring. 
  • Fairly priced weed killer meaning you can treat a very large area at a very affordable price. 


  • Takes long to show results. 

Thoughts and recommendations

Well, if you have enough patience and need excellent results that last, then Deadfast Concentrated Weedkiller Sachets is your best match. 14 days are quite a long time to wait for a small investment to pay dividends and that might be the major drawback of this product.

We still give the weed killer marks for systematic action, which ensures the weed dies from root. Overall, a good weed killer at affordable pricing but be sure to use it when the weeds are actually growing for best results.

Probably the best choice for a really large driveway.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Elixir Gardens 2 litre Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weedkiller

Elixir Gardens Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed killer treats upto 3332 sq/m 2Lt Bottle + Complimentary Measuring Cup and Gloves by Prime
Quick overview: It works through contact and eliminates various kinds of weeds. Be careful during application to avoid killing unwanted plants and have some patience for results to show. Another good choice for large areas and very effective.

Elixir Gardens claims that this weed killer is the strongest there is in the UK and we agree to a larger extent. First of all, the Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed contains 360g/l glyphosate, which is the same formula found in professional grade weedkillers. The impressive fact with this weed killer is that it kills weeds in one application. It's effective on weeds such as docks, nettles, grasses, willowherb, bindweed and dandelions. 

The 2L bottle treats up to 3332 sq.m though the use will depend on the size of the affected area. For instance, a litre can treat up to 0.5 of an acre for those treating really large areas. Make sure to dilute at 24ml of the concentrate per litre of water to get the best value. 

It is a contact weed killer that starts working the moment the chemical falls on unwanted plants. But, it is a non-selective type so you must be cautious during the application. The optimal time to use the weed killer is between Spring and Autumn. It's also important to note that it only kills weeds that are actively growing and won't be effective on germinating seedlings and dormant weeds. Also, the herbicide becomes inactivated on contact with soil and it does not leave residues, allowing for replanting after only 7 days.

Like any other harmful chemical, there are important things to keep in mind when using this herbicide. Make sure to apply in dry, calm weather because elements such as rain and wind can transport the chemical to unwanted areas and harm other desired plants. In addition, you should avoid walking on applied areas including patio and paths until the weed killer has dried. Any other precautions are listed on the product's manual so make sure to read them. 


  • Strong herbicide containing 360g/l of glyphosate, which kills weeds effectively. 
  • The 2L bottle covers a relatively large area, thus offering good value for money.
  • Elimiantes many weed varieties including grasses, docks, willowherb, dandelion, and more.
  • Inactivated upon contact with soil, thus allowing replanting to be done.


  • Slow results, which start to show within a few days up to a month. 

Thoughts and recommendations

The Elixir Gardens Gallup Commercial Strength Weed works on a variety of weeds but users must be patient to see results. Previous buyers have it that it's even more effective on tender plants than tough ones but this we expected.

You should be a little careful when dealing with these product especially if you'll be spraying near desired plants.

Overall this is an excellent and very popular weedkiller without the fancy marketing on the container, if you have a large areas to treat this is an excellent choice and will give good results.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Roundup Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate Bottle

Roundup Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate Bottle, 1 L
Quick overview: If you want to kill tougher weeds such as brambles and woody weeds on drives, paths, walls, fences, patios, and any weed infested area in your garden, this weed killer is for you. It's quite pricier though compared to the other products here but it perfect for those who have not has much success killing weeds with other weedkillers. 

The Roundup Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate Bottle, contains a super concentrate formula that makes it perfect for eliminating those tough weeds from our driveways, paths and patios. It actually do more than that including clearing weeds around walls, fences, trees and shrubs. 

The product is non-selective and has systematic action. That means it can kill every plant in its vicinity and it works by traveling through a plant's transport system and killing every bit of it, above and below the ground. It is a good killer for controlling annual and deep rooted perennial weeds which other weedkillers may not be effective against. Use a garden sprayer to apply the herbicide to target areas. A watering can fitted with a fine hose can also do the trick but will probably not go as far.

Weeds such as brambles, nettles, Japanese knotweed, bracken, tree saplings and other woody weeds cannot stand the power of this weed killer meaning that if you have treated an area before only to see no effects, this is probably what you need. Yellowing of leaves and stems may appear within 48 hours after application though that's only the initial sign of effect. The real action takes place on the inside, a process that ensures the weeds never come back in a long time. 

It's worth mentioning that Roundup Concentrate weed killer is degraded in soil by micro-organisms, therefore, replanting and sowing can be done after a few days. Make sure to keep children and pets out of treated areas until the herbicide dries as with all weed killers. 


  • Great solution to killing deep rooted perennial weeds and woody weeds other weed killers have not be affective on. 
  • Can treat large areas of weeds.
  • Gives quick results within 48 hours.
  • Degrades in the soil to allow replanting and sowing.
  • Ideal for use on all around the garden including on patios, driveways, paths, walls, and fences. 


  • A bit expensive than most other weed killers but you get what you paid for with weedkillers.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Roundup Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate Bottle, is perfect for various weed killing tasks around the garden and its quite effective specially for those areas you have tried to treat and failed with other weedkillers.

It kills weeds on and below the ground, ensuring that they do not regrow on a few weeks.

We would say the Roundup Ultra WeedKiller is a good choice for using all around the garden and is specially good for thick woody weeds such as brambles.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Resolva Xtra Tough Concentrated Weedkiller

Resolva Xtra Tough Concentrated Weedkiller, 200 ml
Quick overview: This is a pretty affordable weed killer yet effective on all types of weeds when used correctly at the correct rate. However, you have to give it some time to work and mix at the stronger 24ml per litre of water for woody and broad lead weeds. 

The Resolva Xtra Touch Weedkiller comes in a small 200ml bottle but that's enough to clearing weeds around the home, drives, paths and pavings included. It kills tough weeds such ascough grass, thistles, brambles, and docks.

The product is formulated with a special IQ technology for superior performance. The technology enables the herbicide to target weeds from the roots and it works well on broad-leaved weeds including broad-leafed dock, cleavers, bracken, white clover, common thistle, scotch thistle, and more. 

It is a systematic herbicide, meaning it seeps its way into the foliage and down to the root system where it destroys the enzymes responsible for plant growth. This makes it a great choice for controlling deep-rooted weeds. 

This herbicide needs to be diluted with water before application and a sprayer will definitely come in handy. The product is biodegradable so it does not prevent cultivation especially when used in the farm. Note that rain can wash away this weed killer, therefore, make sure to conduct the exercise in dry weather. 

The ideal time to use the weed killer is between early Spring and Autumn. Be careful not to spray onto desired plants and avoid using the weed killer on lawns. 


  • It kills all types of weeds that grow on drives, block paving and paths. 
  • Utilises unique IQ technology to kill unwanted plants from the roots.
  • Good for eradicating weeds in densely vegetated areas.
  • A solid inexpensive solution to weed problems.


  • A bit slow to work.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Resolva Xtra Tough Concentrated Weedkiller offers an inexpensive way to tackle all kinds of weeds. The IQ technology used in this product makes it perfect for killing weeds from the inside out, even those woody and tough weeds.

On the downside, this weed killer takes days to show substantial results. We still recommend it for use on areas overridden with unwanted weeds if you could not buy the Round Up Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate we have just reviewed.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Final Conclusion

Weeds that grow on our driveways can be tough to control but specialised herbicides can help eliminate them and prevent regrowth. We want to believe that this in-depth review has informed you enough on choosing the best weed killer for drives and paths.

In our opinion, the best weed killer for driveways should target unwanted weeds without affecting desired plants and the soil. As you have seen, however, some weed killers might need you to be in control to ensure things are in order. We hope you find a product that delivers satisfactory results.

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