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Top 9 Best Greenhouses and which models we recommend and more importantly, why?

Last updated on June 7th, 2021

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We all know how hard it can be in winter with low temperatures or bad weather and that some plants, even some classed as hardy, need some winter protection, especially those grown in pots. However, the unpredictable British weather need not be an issue anymore. With a good greenhouse, you can create a great environment for your plants to thrive all year round and its a great way to start seedling off early.

But with so many models available out there, it can be hard to choose the best greenhouse especially because greenhouses come in a wide range of styles. That’s why we did an extensive research in finding the top-rated products on the market and we compiled them herein in the form of product reviews. There’s also a comprehensive buyers guide for your reference anytime you want to buy a greenhouse.

From our model comparisons, the Palram Harmony Greenhouse (6×10) is clearly the standout product, with a durable aluminium frame, unbreakable polycarbonate panels, and a decent range of accessories such as gutters. This greenhouse is expensive but worth every penny for its size.

Now let’s dive into the meat.

Best Pick

Palram 6 x 10ft Harmony Greenhouse
One of the best-built greenhouses on the market, it’s made of a strong, rust-resistant aluminium frame along with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels. It guarantees top durability and even has an industry-leading 5-year warranty to affirm its quality. Measuring 6 x 10ft, it no doubt offers acres of space to grow a wide variety of plants and it's high enough for even the tallest people to get in and tend to plants. Additional value comes in the form of a vent window kit for ventilation and gutters to channel and collect rainwater. A sliding panel system allows for easy assembly and no maintenance is required for this product.

Our top 9 best garden greenhouses for the home gardener

  1. Palram Mythos 6 x 8ft Silver Greenhouse
  2. FeelGoodUK Polytunnel, 3 x 2 x 2m
  3. VonHaus Compact Walk-In Greenhouse with 6 Shelves
  4. Plantpak Grow House
  5. Garden Grow 6 x 4ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse
  6. Deuba Lean-To Greenhouse
  7. Palram Harmony 6 x 10ft Green Greenhouse
  8. Waltons 4 x 6ft Evesham Wooden Greenhouse
  9. Finether Garden Greenhouse: 3-Tier Walk-In Greenhouse


Palram 6 x 8ft Mythos Greenhouse
Measuring 6 x 8ft, this is the ideal greenhouse for most British gardens. It is well built with twin-wall polycarbonate glazing that allows more than 70% light transmission. It stands tall at 208cm, providing plenty of headroom for one to move around freely while tending to plants. The frame is aluminium, which is sturdy and lightweight. An adjustable roof vent allows air circulation and there’s a lockable door handle with magnetic catch for secure locking. This greenhouse also comes with a galvanised steel base for enhanced support. Palram offers a 5-year warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Greenhouse Buyer’s Guide

Whether you want to try your hand in horticulture or you’re a pro gardener with a green thumb, a green house is a fundamental investment to enjoying your gardening throughout the year. Below we have underlined several factors to consider before buying a greenhouse so you can get most out of your time and money. 

Wood or Metal Build

Wood was the conventional choice with Red Cedar being the real choice because it was hard enough to last for years. The real benefit of wood is its insulation property whereby it keeps the greenhouse cooler in summer and warmer in winter. There’s additionally the distinctive smell of timber, with many people liking its look and characteristics compared to other building materials. 

However, the initial cost plus maintenance expenses relating to wood treatment make it an expensive option in the long run. There’s also the threat of rot and decay. But, manufacturers these days use pressure treated timber, and some manufactures offer a lifetime guarantee against decay. Others have adopted the recently introduced ThermoWood, which has been practically rid of moisture, thus no treatment is required plus it’s crack resistant. That being said we always recommend treating timber to ensure it last and stays looking like new.

The other alternative which we personally prefer is metal and precisely, aluminium. This material is lightweight and makes for easy transportation whenever there’s need. With aluminium, there’s no worry about rust or decay and thus the structure can be left out and withstand the elements for many, many, years. Perhaps the biggest advantage of aluminium greenhouses is that they are generally cheaper than wooden greenhouses. On the downside, aluminium dulls off after some time but manufacturers have found that powder coating the material is the solution to this problem. 

After choosing the material of your greenhouse, the next factor to consider is style. 

Best Budget Pick

VonHaus Compact Walk In Greenhouse with 6 Shelves
Perfect for small gardens, this greenhouse provides more than enough space for growing plants without breaking the bank. It comprises 6 removable shelves, allowing you to grow seedlings until they are tall enough to be planted elsewhere. Each shelf can hold up to 8kg for a combined 48kg weight capacity, which is impressive for the price. Of course, the walk-in design allows one to move in and out easily, while its weather-resistant PVC cover plays an important role in letting in light and protecting plants at the same time. Suitable for all year round use, this model is a steal.

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Greenhouse style

Freestanding design

This is very practical, offers plenty of growing space, lets in light from all sides and it offers enough room for staging. Modern designs have introduced curved glazing and barn-style roofing to create additional height for tall plants. There are also freestanding circular designs, however, they are a bit limited on space in the inside. These are best suited to large gardens where they become focal points. 

Lean-To design

This is ideal for limited spaces but don’t work well with north facing walls whilst can overheat if facing south. Light levels are minimal compared with a freestanding design so manufacturers paint the back wall white in order to reflect light to the plants within. Apart from retaining heat, the back wall can be used to support climbing plants such as grapes vines. If there’s an internal door leading to the Lean-To, the better for your convenience access to the greenhouse. Note that you can only use toughened glass for the internal door. they are great for leaning against a house wall.


How much space do you have for growing? Actually, what do you want to grow? Tomatoes, for instance, need plenty of headroom plus a great amount of light so you will do yourself a big favour by getting a tall greenhouse. Keep in mind that you also need room to work inside your greenhouse. 

Note that size is relative to price. If you’re just starting out in gardening, it makes sense to purchase a smaller, cheaper greenhouse kit than going for an expensive, larger model. Sometimes you might also need to buy the ideal greenhouse that your space and budget can allow.

Unless you own a home, space is fairly limited in most British gardens especially in cities. For that reason, the 8′ x 6′ greenhouse and smaller versions account for the most greenhouses sold in the UK. These are a good option to start with before advancing to the 8′ x 10′ as your skills develop and so forth. Commercial growing will need over 12 feet wide. 

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Best Wood Greenhouse

Waltons 4 x 6ft Evesham Wooden Greenhouse
This wooden version is made of FSC Certified Timber with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. It makes a great choice for avid gardeners but annual treatment of the structure is a must. This one is designed and made in the UK with inherent factors considered in its manufacturing. The structure makes use of UV treated styrene glazing for durability. Quite an expensive model but you get what you pay for and Waltons are very well known for quality.


Think of this it in terms of the strength of solar light that your plants will get from the sun. It comes down to the glazing options and here you can choose either transparent, semi-transparent , or opaque paneling. Plants need varying amounts of diffused light depending on their growth stage. 

The glass itself can vary in strength and other manufacturing details and so there is standard horticultural glass, toughened safety glass and polycarbonate glazing. 

Standard horticultural glass is the cheapest option whilst its clear to let in maximum amount of light. However, this glass breaks easily under pressure, for instance, when fitting or cleaning and splinters into shards and may not be the best choice if you have children around. 

Toughened safety glass is very strong and clear for allowing maximum amount of light. In case of impact, this glass disintegrates rather than breaking into tiny shards, therefore, safer than standard. 

Polycarbonate is the most popular glazing version and the most safe option. It’s harder to break, even being described as virtually unbreakable and offers excellent insulation. Polycarbonate lets in around 85% of light whilst it has great diffusion property. However, not letting in as much light is a downside in itself. Low quality poylcarbonate is also vulnerable to wind damage and quality is a must and usually its he cheaper greenhouses which use poor quality polycarbonate.


Botanico 2kw Greenhouse Heater Review
Botanico 2kw Greenhouse Heater

Do you need to invest in heating? Yes, if you want to keep plants over winter months. The three types of heating available for domestic greenhouse include:


Clean, easy to use and reliable. High temperatures can be achieved and are controllable via a thermostat. Use of fan heaters ensure uniform heat circulation, whilst the fans can work to cool the inside in summer months.

There are many electric heater available and we even reviewed some of the best models which you can review here


Propane and butane are the most commonly used in commercial greenhouse heating. Whilst high temperatures can be achieved, gas heating might give off harmful fumes. Condensation is hard to avoid and there must also be a spare cylinder on the ground. There are some smaller gas greenhouse heaters for the home user.


A cheap option but high running costs due to frequent re-fueling and maintenance. Fumes are obvious and temperature control is almost impossible and mainly just suitable for keeping the frost out and protecting more tender garden plants in pots. Humidity and condensation are also major concerns with this heating option. 

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Greenhouse location

The ideal location for a greenhouse is an area that gets maximum sunlight. The greenhouse ought to be far from structures and trees that may cast unwanted shadows over it. Make sure to level the site before purchasing your greenhouse. The greenhouse should be near sources of water and electricity for the obvious reasons. If you buy a Lean-To design, be sure to locate it on a south facing wall for the best possible growing conditions.

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Also Great

FeelGoodUK 3 x 2 x 2m Polytunnel
The dimensions are clear; a small polytunnel for domestic growing. You can occasionally grow vegetables and tender plants in this polytunnel with UV inhibiting cover. The product is really cheap yet it has full metal framing and offers an exclusive rain gutter. A great affordable choice for those just starting out.

Top 6 Greenhouse Reviews

1. Palram Harmony 6 x 10ft Greenhouse


Available from

Palram Harmony 6x10 Green Greenhouse - Clear Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included

Quick overview: Intermediate gardeners can greatly appreciate the size of this greenhouse plus benefits such as straightforward assembly, maximum light diffusion and good ventilation. Note that this model is one of the more expensive models being larger..

The Palram Harmony 6 x 10ft Greenhouse is the ideal greenhouse for growing your own vegetables, flowers and other plants. The structure is built from a rust-resistant, sturdy aluminium frame for maximum durability. Clear, polycarbonate side and roof panels provide over 90% light transmission for uniform plant growth plus 100% UV protection to ensure that plants don’t burn under extreme conditions. 

With no sharp edges to be cautious of, the polycarbonate panels make for safe assembly. Side n’ lock system furthermore, the package includes step by step instructions to help in setting up the structure. A hinged door with magnetic catch offers extra safety assurance whilst a galvanised steel base provides essential stability. Gutters are also included to help users tap rainwater that can be used for irrigation. 

Palram Harmony 6x10 Green Greenhouse - Clear Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included

For information, the dimensions of this greenhouse is around 306 in length x 185 wide and 208cm tall. The height provides so much headroom and better workspace. A vent kit is also included for moderating temperature and humidity in the greenshouse. By the way, Palram have a wide range of accessories that you can purchase for reinforcing your greenhouse environment and make life easier, they also sell an automatic vent opener. Worth mentioning is that you can count on the 5-year warranty of this greenhouse for extra peace of mind.

Palram Harmony 6x10 Green Greenhouse - Clear Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included


  • Has a rust-resistant, aluminium frame for maximum durability. 
  • Comes with a galvanised steel perimeter base to provide great stability. 
  • Allows ventilation whenever required thanks to the supplied vent window kit.
  • Integrates a gutter to channel and collect rainwater for greenhouse irrigation.
  • Easy to put build the greenhouse due to sliding panel system.
  • Polycarbonate glazing transmits over 90% of light for effective plant growth.
  • Warranted for 5 years so you can buy with confidence. 


  • Quite pricey. 
  • Panels are a bit on the flimsy side but adequate. 
Palram Harmony 6x10 Green Greenhouse - Clear Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included

Thoughts and recommendations

If you have relatively large space in your backyard or want to grow a considerable number of plants, this greenhouse would do you good. The sliding panel system make for easy installation and the strong aluminium frame is sure to last a long time. The ventilation kit is pretty much useful but it may be worth looking at the automatic vent system you can also invest in.

There are  a few niggles with this greenhouse. Price can obviously seem be a deal-breaker for some but what might be worrying are the panels that some people commented on being a little flimsy. That being said its warranted for five years for full peace of mind.  Green or Silver? The choice is yours though. 

Overall a great greenhouse with plenty of space for the price.

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2. Palram Mythos 6 x 8ft Silver Greenhouse 


Available from

Palram Mythos 6x8 ft Silver Greenhouse -TwinWall Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included

Quick overview: The 6 x 8ft size plus 5-year warranty of this greenhouse are worth the investment. Additionally, there are plenty of available accessories that can be used to enhance the growing environment. The price is fairly good too. Its also available in a few smaller and larger sizes.

The Palram Mythos 6 x 8ft Silver Greenhouse brings enthusiastic gardeners the best of both worlds; a strong 6ft wide frame designed precisely for compact spaces and two upgraded polycarbonates. Double-wall polycarbonate is the best choice for quality hobby greenhouses because of its longevity, heat retaining ability and light diffusing properties.

The crystal clear polycarbonate side panels provide up to 90% light transmission whilst the roof panels blocks 100% of solar UV radiation. In addition, polycarbonate creates a system of diffused light to eliminate the risk of plant burn and maximise plant growth. 

Palram Mythos 6x8 ft Silver Greenhouse -TwinWall Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included

Featuring a heavy-duty galvanized steel base along with a rust-resistant aluminium frame, the Palram Mythos is designed to last for many years. Another impressive feature of this greenhouse is an integrated gutter to channel rainwater for sustainable irrigation. The door features a magnetic catch for safe locking of greenhouse, while there’s a roof vent to help moderate ventilation and temperature to enhance growing conditions. 

Palram Mythos 6x8 ft Silver Greenhouse -TwinWall Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included

This greenhouse measures 6.8ft in height, which provides more than enough headroom plus eaves for maximised workspace. There are also many accessories available for purchase in order to improve your greenhouse environment. One of them is an anchoring kit, which can help the greenhouse withstand winds up to 56 mph. Lastly, the greenhouse comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty to secure your purchase and provides full peace of mind. 

Palram Mythos 6x8 ft Silver Greenhouse -TwinWall Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included


  • checkEasy assembly and maintenance-free because it’s made of aluminium frame and polycarbonate panels. 
  • checkClear polycarbonate side panels provide great light diffusion and UV protection. 
  • checkIncludes an adjustable roof vent for air flow.
  • checkHas a lockable door handle with magnetic catch for safe locking of greenhouse.
  • checkSupplied with a galvanized steel base for enhanced greenhouse support.
  • checkProvides high headroom and enough workspace so users can walk inside without restriction.
  • checkComes with an unmatched 5-year warranty for full peace of mind. 


  • Some people have commented on tT=he polycarbonate panels being a little flimsy. 
Palram Mythos 6x8 ft Silver Greenhouse -TwinWall Polycarbonate, Aluminum Frame, Base Included

Thoughts and recommendations

This is a relatively large domestic greenhouse for gardening hobbyists and probably one of the best models to invest in for a few reasons. first off, building the structure takes about 6 to 8 hours. Assembly instructions are given for you to follow during installation and most will find them easy to read.

The aluminium frame is durable and polycarbonate panels protect against UV radiation incredibly well and the quality seems ok despite some comments on them being a little flimsy, however there better than most of the cheaper models.

As with nearly all models, we highly advise on anchoring this greenhouse because its fairly light weight. On the plus side, you’ll love the headroom and workspace available in this greenhouse and appreciate the function of the supplied gutters you can direct i to a water butt.

All in all, the Palram Mythos 6 x 8ft Silver Greenhouse is a fabulous kit that is fairly priced and does come with that lengthy 5 year guarantee. After much debate, we decided that this model would probably be the best choice for most people, its available in a few other sizes so your sure to find the right size for you.

3. VonHaus Compact Walk In Greenhouse with 6 Shelves

Best budget pick

Find the latest price on

VonHaus Compact Walk In Greenhouse with 6 Shelves

Built to protect plants from the elements, but suitable for a variety of purposes, this VonHaus Compact Walk In Greenhouse with 6 Shelves is large enough to house plenty of plants. And as the title suggests, it’s compact enough to fit in virtually all gardens of any size. Due to its large footprint, however, the structure is not really portable.

This greenhouse has a sturdy frame made of powder-coated steel and includes six removable wire shelves. Each shelf can hold up to 8kg of plants, making a total of 48kg weight capacity. The roof is angled in a way that lets rain runoff and there’s a clear PVC cover to place over it. Better still, the cover has a roll-up zip curtain that allows easy access and enough ventilation. The PVC cover does an amazing job protecting the plants from the elements and pests.

The product is easy to assemble and disassemble when needed, and it can be used all year round. It measures 143 x 73 x 193cm (L x D x H). As the plants grow tall, the shelves can be removed entirely to provide more room in height. Last but not least, VonHaus offers a 2-year warranty for this greenhouse.


  • Spacious enough to accommodate potting soil bags, large pots and gardening tools.
  • Walk-in design allows you to tend to your plants without bending.
  • Easy to build and dismantle due to its simple push-together system.
  • Includes a handy PVC cover to protect plants from the elements.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Given its height, short people might have issues in assembling the greenhouse.

Thoughts and recommendations

The VonHaus Compact Walk In Greenhouse with 6 Shelves is a very good pick because it’s low-cost, has strong shelves and is a piece of cake to put together and dismantle. The space it offers is sufficient for growing a great number of plants and its shelves can even be removed to allow more space for growth.

Also, getting in and out of this walk-in greenhouse is a breeze. On the downside, we hate that the PVC cover is delicate and can rip easily. You can get replacement covers easily, but the available one could have been made from a better material. All in all, this product is not only a great alternative to a conventional greenhouse, but the best you can get on a budget.

4. Plantpak Grow House

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Plantpak Grow House

The Plantpak 70200425 Grow House is another greenhouse that can be used all year round due to the fact that it has been designed to high standards. It’s made from wood combined with 5mm thick UV-treated polycarbonate glazing, which allows sufficient light to get to the plants. The greenhouse comes flat packed but is easy to put together using a Philipps screwdriver. The assembled structure measures 70.5 x 41 x 132cm (L x W x H).

This greenhouse will protect your plants from damage caused by harsh weather conditions and still serve as a safe storage for potted plants. Given its compact design, the grow house is suitable for where you may not have space to place a full size greenhouse and is a fantastic addition to any garden because of its aesthetic appeal.

It has 2 doors which makes access in and out of it a breeze as well as tending to your plants. In addition, it comes with 3 shelves that are all adjustable in height. Integral to this grow house are 2 opening lids that allow for airflow and they can be independently operated for flexibility. Moreover, the unique hinged design with locking stays allows users to open and tilt the roof to virtually any position.


  • Sturdy enough to withstand a proper storm.
  • Freestanding design, so you can place it anywhere you want.
  • Adjustable shelves that can be removed to better accommodate tall plants.
  • A great option for where you can’t use a full size greenhouse.


  • Paint is very thin and might need a coat to last longer.
  • Some may consider it expensive.

Thoughts and recommendations

First time buyers love the ease of assembling this Plantpak 70200425 Grow House and it takes around 20 minutes for a skilled gardener. Moreover, the little greenhouse can be placed anywhere in the garden and its 3 sturdy shelves offer enough room for young plants. The adjustability of the shelves is a welcome touch. All things considered, this greenhouse is a great addition to any addition and can be used for multiple use projects.

5. Waltons 4 x 6ft Evesham Wooden Greenhouse

Available from

WALTONS EST. 1878 4x6 Wooden Garden Greenhouse, Shiplap Construction, Dip Treated with 10 Year Guarantee, Includes Apex Roof, Single Door, Styrene Windows (4 x 6/4Ft x 6Ft) 3-5 Day Delivery

Quick overview: The impressive 10-year guarantee of this wooden greenhouse is worth the conviction of parting with one. Yet, this model is a little more expensive compared to aluminium greenhouses of the same size. Annual treatment of timber is strongly advised even though it is treated timber, this might well be the best quality greenhouse. 

The Waltons 4 x 6ft Evesham Wooden Greenhouse is suitable for smaller gardens and provides a nice growing area for vegetables, flowers and plants. With an interlocking design featuring 12mm Shiplap tongue and groove cladding, the greenhouse ensures that your plants stay safe and fully protected from harsh weather. 

The glazing features 2.5mm styrene, which has been UV treated to protect plants against UV rays. The styrene is additionally eco-friendly and 100% shatterproof. This kind of glazing is a much safer alternative conventional glass glazing and makes it perfect for busy gardeners. To help regulate air flow, Waltons created an opening roof vent, whilst the roof height (2.10m) gives plenty of headroom even for the tallest individuals. A turn button is included to help keep the door secure and in place. 

Being a wooden structure, the greenhouse requires annual treatment with a high-quality timber preservative. This is actually a stern requirement for the validity of the 10-year anti-rot guarantee offered on this product. 

WALTONS EST. 1878 4x6 Wooden Garden Greenhouse, Shiplap Construction, Dip Treated with 10 Year Guarantee, Includes Apex Roof, Single Door, Styrene Windows (4 x 6/4Ft x 6Ft) 3-5 Day Delivery


  • Glazed using UV-resistant, shatterproof styrene, which helps protect plants against harmful rays.
  • Supplied with turn button to keep doors secure and in position. 
  • The use of 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding creates a strong and weatherproof structure.
  • Opening roof vents lets out warm air to create ideal growing environment.
  • Has a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, however, the timber must be treated annually. 


  • No problems to report.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Waltons 4 x 6 Evesham Wooden Greenhouse is a well-designed piece that would do justice to beginners, intermediate and advanced gardeners alike. It is a strong structure that protects plants from harmful UV rays thanks to the styrene glazing.

The included roof vents are useful in creating an ideal environment for growing and an anti-rot guarantee offers several years of service.

As you’d expect, this wooden greenhouse is more expensive that aluminium models but it’s worth the investment and does come with that 10 year anti rot guarantee. Overall certainly worth considering for anyone looking for a wooden greenhoue.

6. FeelGoodUK Polytunnel – 3 x 2 x 2m  

Available from

FeelGoodUK Polytunnel, 3 x 2 x 2 m

Quick overview: This polytunnel is cheap and would make an excellent choice for gardening hobbyists. The overall design is amazing especially the fact that the windows that let in air flow can as well be rolled up to create rain gutters. The doors have been improved with this model to a solid door instead of the usually roll up door. Also full metal frame, nice a strong and very affordable.

If you want to be self-sufficient in vegetables and fruits, a ploytunnel greenhouse is something you should consider. The FeelGoodUK Polytunnel, 3 x 2 x 2m is one of the kind but will be suitable for small-scale growing. This polytunnel is build from a strong metal frame, semi-circular tunnel with durable UV-resistant polythene covering to maximise its lifetime. 

The model is designed with a hinged 25mm steel tubular door, therefore, eliminating the need for zips whilst providing enhanced security. Another handy feature is a rainwater collection system. There’s a dedicated gutter on one side of the ploytunnel that harvests rainwater and channels it to a water butt. On the other side, there’s a roll up window that can be set to allow maximum air flow or rolled up partly to create an extra rain gutter. In fact, setting up rain water gutters couldn’t be easier than this. 

FeelGoodUK Polytunnel, 3 x 2 x 2 m

Strong welded joints throughout the structure make for a sturdy polytunnel that can withstand the elements unlike some of the cheaper models which look nearly identical. The dome design additionally creates less resistance compared to a tall, rectangular structure, so winds will smoothly blow over the polytunnel.

This polytunnel transmits over 90% of light, which is then diffused to prevent plants from shading each other. Polytunnels naturally enclose plenty of warm air so they do not suffer temperature fluctuations like greenhouses. 

FeelGoodUK Polytunnel, 3 x 2 x 2 m


  • A great choice for those looking for a more affordable choice than the usually aluminium greenhouses.
  • Sturdy structure due to welded junctions and nut and bolt construction. 
  • Provides rain water collection gutters on both sides. 
  • Allows ventilation through roll up windows.
  • Has a metal frame hinged door that removes the need for zips altogether.
  • Built in gutter to collect water.
  • Can be built in only a few hours.


  • Cover will probably not last as long as the polycarbonate panels of a greenhouse so will have a shorter life span. 

Thoughts and recommendations

The FeelGoodUK 3 x 2 x 2m Polytunnel makes a very affordable choice for growing plants and vegetables at home and is much cheaper than most greenhouse alternatives. The polytunnel traps essential warmth for plant growth whilst its roll up windows can allow maximum ventilation when needed, specially on Summer. By simply rolling up the windows, you can create rain gutters and fetch rain water for irrigating your plants later.

We found some complains concerning the durability of the cover but then you don’t expect a cheap polytunnel to last a lifetime. So if you want something for short-term use, this makes a good budgetary choice for those who need a little more growing space

Its certainly one of the best green polytunnels you see at every garden centre and online store.

7. Garden Grow 6 x 4ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Available from 

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Large Walk-in Garden Growhouse, Rust-proof Frame, Sliding Door & Supported Twin Wall Panels with Steel Base 6x4' (Standard Silver)

Quick overview: This polycarbonate greenhouse makes use of every available space due to a sliding door design. Furthermore, the use of ploycarbonate is both good for plants and users; it protects against harmful UV rays and it won’t shatter upon impact making it safe around children.  Offers excellent value for money.

The Garden Grow 6 x 4ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse is a great structure for growing a variety of vegetables and offer protection from frost for those tender plants. Constructed with an aluminium frame, the structure requires no treatment or paint whilst remaining strong and rustproof. In fact, the aluminium has been coated in silver or green for a stylish finish.

The structure has a sliding door design that maximises usable space yet still providing straightforward access into the greenhouse. Another benefit of this design is that there’s no slamming shut involved, especially in strong winds.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Large Walk-in Garden Growhouse, Rust-proof Frame, Sliding Door & Supported Twin Wall Panels with Steel Base 6x4' (Standard Silver)

On hot summer days, air flow within the greenhouse is important. As such, this greenhouse comes with a large roof vent to allow ventilation during hot weather. The use of ploycarbonate glazing make the greenhouse safe to use in gardens with kids and pets. Polycarbonate is 100% shatterproof and much stronger than glass. This plastic compound is additionally good for plants since it protects them from harmful UV rays and burning in hot days. 

For excellent heat retention and even light diffusion, the greenhouse features double-wall, eco-fiendly 4-millimetre polycarbonate glazing, which is also very lightweight. Rain gutters are another integral component of this model and they help collect rainwater that can be used whenever there’s need. Also supplied is a heavy-duty base to provide extra strength and stability. The package arrives with all fittings, fixtures and assembly instructions. Be sure to watch the manufacturer’s step by step installation video on their website to help you build the structure. 

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Large Walk-in Garden Growhouse, Rust-proof Frame, Sliding Door & Supported Twin Wall Panels with Steel Base 6x4' (Standard Silver)


  • Made from strong aluminium that is rustproof and low maintenance. 
  • Polycarbonate glazing provides excellent heat retention and light diffusion.
  • Has a sliding door design, which helps maximise usable space whilst allowing straightforward entry.
  • Integral rain gutters collect rainwater that can be used at your convenience.
  • Includes a roof window for ventilation during hot summer days.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty galvanised steel base for stability and extra strength.


  • Building the greenhouse is quite difficult due to poor instructions but Waltons have a good video by Garden Grow worth watching showing you how to build it.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Garden Grow 6 x 4ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse is an impressive structure for a very good price. It arrives with everything needed to put together but the assembly process has been reported to be quite hectic. However we recommend watching the video on how to build it on Waltons as it makes it much easier.

We like the ploycarbonate glazing for UV protection and heat retention. Ventilation is very possible on hot days while rain gutters become useful during wet rainy days if you attach it to a water butt to collect the water. The sliding door design is great as well. Overall, a stylish greenhouse for small-scale growing and perfect for the typical gardener looking for one of the more affordable options.

8. Deuba Lean-To Greenhouse

Available from 

Deuba Lean to Greenhouse Polycarbonate Window Vent 192x127x202cm Aluminium Grow Hot House - 4.9m³

Quick overview: The Lean-To design brings convenience in terms of easy access plus ability to supply water and electricity into the structure. With 4mm polycarbonate wall panels, the structure protects plants from UV rays whilst remaining strong and shockproof. Overall a great greenhouse but as the instructions are German, some may find it difficult to build but if your handy with DIY you should be fine if you take your time. The door cannot be moved to the other side either.

This Lean-To 6 x 4ft greenhouse is a great option when you don’t have the space of an open garden yet you still love growing some plants. The Deuba Lean to Greenhouse can slot conveniently against a south-facing wall even in the smallest city garden.

This greenhouse arrives disassembled in two packages and it’s your job to build the structure at home. Previous users have reported to take over 6 hours to build and tools such as metal drill bit and masonry drill bit, and fixings being crucial for the job. You will find assembly instructions in the box, however, they are in German. Successful users relied on diagrams in the instructions and we advise you follow suit and take your time, lay out all the pieces first before you begin. if your good at DIY you should find it fairly easy, if your not the DIY type, may be better buying an alternative and avoid the stress. 

The Lean-To’s proximity to the house makes for better insulation already plus accessible water and electricity supply. Electricity is a huge bonus in a lean-to greenhouse as it means you can light up the structure and pop in at night if you want to water plants, let alone warming up the space in cold winter days. There’s also enough room for ventilation when needed, thanks to an adjustable roof and door opening. The door itself is the sliding type, which ensures that all the interior greenhouse space is utilised.  Its worth noting the door can not be changed to the other side.

A rain gutter forms part of this greenhouse and that means rainwater can be collected for future use. The structure is made of strong aluminium plus 4mm polycarbonate walls, which are shockproof and excellent UV protectors. A nice and cheap greenhouse it is. 

Deuba Lean to Greenhouse Polycarbonate Window Vent 192x127x202cm Aluminium Grow Hot House - 4.9m³


  • Allows air circulation due to adjustable roof vent and door opening. 
  • checkspace.
  • Includes a gutter to help fetch rainwater. 
  • Can greatly benefit from water and electricity supply due to proximity to a house. 


  • Assembly instructions are in German and not everyone can figure out the process so best left to those who like the challenge of a DIY project.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Deuba Lean to Greenhouse can be sited right up against your house, providing easy access to the structure anytime. This additionally makes it to easy to supply water and electricity into the greenhouse if needed.

The polycarbonate wall panels make for a strong structure whilst protecting plants from harmful UV rays. Users are able to fully utilise the 6 x 4ft space because the door doesn’t take up any of it at all.

The only downside are the instructions done in German only, meaning you can only follow diagrams to install the structure. Apart from that, this greenhouse is perfect to use even in extreme conditions. A shame about the instructions when all it would take is some really good diagrams.

8. Finether Garden Greenhouse: 3-Tier Walk-In Greenhouse

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Finether Garden Greenhouse: 3-Tier Walk-In Greenhouse

The Finether Garden Greenhouse: 3-Tier Walk-In Greenhouse provides a way for you to get a large growing area for a relatively small amount of money. Ideal for seed germination, rooting cuttings and plant growing, this walk-in greenhouse allows you to grow a variety of plants, fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables effectively and with little hassle, and keeps them perfectly protected from the elements. Apart from the garden, the greenhouse is perfect for patios, balconies, and decks.

The frame is made of powder-coated metal for enhanced resistance against rust or water damage, and it can hold up to 10kg of evenly distributed weight. The assembled dimensions of this greenhouse are 69 x 49 x 158cm (W x D x H), and it comes with 4 space-saving storage shelves. In addition, the bottom shelf sits above the floor to allow ventilation underneath.

A tear-proof PVC cover lets light in while keeping the elements out, such as UV rays, chilly wind, rain and snow load. Better still, you can always open the greenhouse easily with the zippered roll-up door. For easy mobility, this lightweight greenhouse (4.5kg) includes 4 smooth rolling casters, with two of them equipped with brakes to lock the greenhouse into place for stability.

Assembling this grow house takes only a few minutes and no tools are required. You will find the assembly manual in the box for your reference. Lastly, the product comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Suitable for seed germination, rooting cuttings and growing plants.
  • Solid construction featuring a powder-coated metal frame for durability.
  • Tear-proof PVC cover protects plants from the elements.
  • With rolled up zippered door for easy access.
  • Comes with 4 smooth rolling casters to help with mobility.
  • Easy to put together and sturdy when built.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • May not hold its own in very strong winds.

Thoughts and recommendations

This Finether Garden Greenhouse: 3-Tier Walk-In Greenhouse is an impressive product that can hold a decent 10kg of plant weight on its four shelves. You will have to seek elsewhere if you need more capacity than it offers. It also means that this greenhouse is mostly suitable for small plants. The high-quality powder-coated metal frame with reinforced PVC cover will protect your plants against the elements, but this structure may not be the one you want to face strong winds. Meanwhile, the roll-up zippered door is a nice touch for easy access.

Our Final Conclusion

Growing crops and garden plants in a greenhouse is rewarding, especially in the colder seasons and it gives many plants the opportunity to be propagated earlier. The best greenhouse, however, doesn’t have to be the largest you can find as some of us only have as much space. 

Perhaps the most important factors are durability and sturdiness as you won’t want strong winds and heavy rain to damage your hard-grown crops.

All things considered, our top three recommendations are as follows:

Number one is the Palram Harmony Greenhouse as it offers plenty of space for plants, comes with handy accessories, it’s durable and has a 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind. It’s simply one of the best greenhouses currently available while still being affordable to most.

Coming in second is the Palram Mythos Greenhouse, which is slightly smaller and cheaper than the Harmony version which is our best pick and many other features are the same as Harmony’s. And if you’re on a budget, the VonHaus Compact Walk-In Greenhouse with 6 Shelves is a great choice all day long and is a great starter greenhouse if you’re just getting started. Easy to build and take down, this model is strong and includes a high-quality PVC cover to shield plants from the elements. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Check out our reviews of the best small greenhouses if you have limited space

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