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Last updated on September 15th, 2020

Is it taking you more time to keep your artificial lawn looking fresh and clean than it would to tend to real grass? Are you always hosing, sweeping, brushing and fluffing the feathery but fake blades of grass to have them look their best? Consider using a specialist tool for this unique task. Vacuums and brushes designed especially for artificial lawns clean and groom them at the same time.

Our Best Artificial Grass Vacuums and brushes review brings you a wide variety of such garden tools. There are electric vacuums that either suck the debris away, manual grass brooms that rake and clean the lawn, and an electric broom that makes the task even easier. For each of these, we list the pros and cons and describe the benefits, along with our recommendations.

Our Best Vacuum for Artificial Grass is the Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum. This three-function outdoors vacuum cleaner cleans both real and artificial grass, blows leaves into a pile and also mulches leaves.

Our Best Brush for Artificial Grass is the manual Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom. Built for strength and durability, this powder-coated steel broom has plastic teeth that keep the blades of grass upright as you push it through the artificial turf.

Best Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner

Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum
The Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum does more than its name suggests; it vacuums artificial and real grass; it blows leaves from grass and most hard surfaces and it mulches leaves too. This is as much an autumn garden tool as one that you use at the height of summer. The four adjustable heights of the vacuum nozzle let you clean the almost smooth surface of the artificial turf and then move to the deep pile of leaves that you’ve let build up on your driveway.

If a garden machine that vacuums your artificial and real grass and handles blowing your leaves sounds like a time-saving device that you need, take a long look at the Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum. There were issues with previous versions but the last model seems to have resolved all these issues. If you need a vacuum for artificial grass, this will get the job done.

Best Brush for Artificial Grass

Winslow & Ross Articifical Grass Broom
The Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom is not an average garden broom as it’s constructed especially to clear dirt and debris from your artificial grass. That said, the manufacturer does recommend it for use on your indoor carpet if you need to remove pet hair, although it's not relevant to this article is maybe worth knowing. The power-coated handle can be telescoped open from 69cm to 111cm to suit the height needs of every member of your family – no excuses about the broom being too long or too short to use comfortably. The broom head teeth are 3.5cm long and are plastic. This brush is intended to remove light debris from your artificial turf; manually pick up anything that’s heavy, such as rocks and stones, first.

If you’re looking for a manual garden tool to keep your artificial grass looking clean and neat, check out this Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom. Much cheaper than a vacuum and much better than trying to use a standard brush.

Check out our top 5 best artificial grass cleaning solutions in this guide

5 Best Artificial Grass Vacuums and Brushes Reviews

1. Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Artificial Grass

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Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum

The Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum is an electric vacuum cleaner for artificial turf where it really excels and for real grass. It also works as a blower, blowing leaves and other debris from your grass surfaces. Use it also on paths and cement surfaces in the autumn for an all-round clean-up.

This Garden Gear vacuum’s three functions are to vacuum grass, artificial or otherwise, blow leaves and mulch leaves before packing them into a collection bag. No matter when in the summer or autumn you use it, whether you use it regularly or leave your clean up until the end when everything has piled up, this vacuum can handle it all but we recommend using it regularly of artificial lawns as it just makes the process easier. The height of the vacuum nozzle is adjustable to four levels to suit the terrain and the depth of the debris. Adjust the height from a convenient central control on the handlebar.  

The large collection bag of 45 litres holds a great deal of the unwanted stuff on your lawn and hard surfaces. However, you will see older online reviewers state that the fabric of the collection bag is thin and prone to tearing. Repairs they’ve made with duct tape hold it together well, though. However, we believe the collect bag has now been updated to resolve this issue so it should be a problem now. 

The air speed of the Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum is an impressive 270 kph that makes short work of your task of cleaning your artificial grass. The safety trigger on the handlebar stops the vacuum immediately in case you run into obstacles or find kids and pets unexpectedly in your path.


  • Push vacuum cleaner and blower for artificial and real lawns and pathways.
  • Powerful electric 1800W motor and unit comes with a long 10 meter cord to reach into your garden.
  • Three vital garden functions – vacuuming artificial or real grass; blowing leaves; mulching leaves.
  • Collection bag is 45 Litres and holds a great many leaves when mulched.
  • Vacuum nozzle has four adjustable heights depending on the amount of leaves and other debris on your lawn.
  • Safety trigger to quickly stop the machine in case you run into something unexpected.
  • Blows at an air speed of 270kph with an air volume flowrate of 840m3 per hour.
  • Weighs 10.1kg.
  • Twelve-month guarantee covers most unexpected damages.


  • Can Throw dust out.
  • Will such up sand filler from artificial lawns so will need replacing now and again. Part of general maintenance.

Our recommendation

The Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum is definitely multi-functional. It sucks up the debris in your artificial lawn with ease and even on real grass, it also collects the fallen leaves on your hard surfaces and it also mulches them.

This garden vacuum cleaner saves you time and effort in at least three seasons. Plus the large collection bag means that you don’t need to stop and empty it too often, no matter how long you’ve left between cleaning-up tasks. The safety trigger within easy reach on the handlebar gives you the security of knowing that you can stop the vacuum cleaner quickly if you encounter an unexpected object or kid’s toy along the way.

We like the Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum for its versatility and power, its large collection bag and its ease of use. It’s our choice for Best Artificial Grass vacuum. The only real downside to this model is that it will such up the filler from your lawn as do most vacuums. With this in mind, you may need to add some filler back to your lawn every now and then. Its a simple and easy job so we think its a small price to pay.

If you want to do most of your grass and pathway clean-up tasks without running to the shed to take out yet another tool, the Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum could be the only one for you. Overall a great tool and one all artificial lawns owners should invest in.

2. Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom

Best Brush for Artificial Grass

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Winslow & Ross Articifical Grass Broom

The Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom is especially designed to clear debris from artificial grass and to leave the blades standing upright and tall. A bonus function with this broom is that it’s also useful for removing pet hair, especially from long-haired pets, from indoor carpet and your artificial lawn.

The tube handle of this artificial turf brush is made from powder-coated iron for strength and durability. It’s telescopic so you adjust its height to suit the length that you need the pole to be. In this way, all members of the family can use it and it also makes it easier to store. With the length/height ranging from 68.5cm to 111cm, even kids can take their turn brushing the artificial grass. The brush assembles easily by snapping together the tube and the head so you don’t need any preparation time before starting the sweeping task.

The broom head is 45cm wide and 15cm deep, allowing you to rake a fairly wide strip of grass at once. The broom head teeth are made of plastic and are 3.5cm long. This is as far down into the grass as the brush will easily go. If you have debris lower down in your artificial turf, go over that section in several passes, carefully moving the broom teeth further down into the blades of grass. Online reviewers complain that the brush teeth bend and twist when they sweep over heavier objects. However, this brush is not designed for heavy objects such as rocks and stones. Pick any weighty objects up by hand before you use this broom to sweep up any light debris.


  • Brush head is 45.4cm by 15cm for a fairly wide sweeping path. 
  • Tube is powder-coated iron for durability and strength.
  • Telescopic handle is 360° rotatable and adjusts from 68.5cm to 111cm so there’s no need to bend over when you’re raking your artificial grass. 
  • Assembly and disassembly take just seconds so you can sweep your artificial lawn without any preparation.
  • Teeth of the rake are plastic and are each 3.5cm long to snag all the leaves and debris in the artificial grass.
  • Weighs 0.5kg so you won’t tire yourself out when cleaning the lawn.


  • Not suitable for heavy objects which can damage bristles.

Our recommendation

The Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom not only removes debris from your artificial grass but leaves it looking neat and tidy as well. The plastic teeth of the broom head pull up light debris (don’t try to remove stones and rocks) and leave the blades of fake grass standing tall and all facing the right direction. As a bonus, this broom is also effective at removing pet hair from indoor carpets. The telescopic handle and the broom’s lightweight mean that everyone, even kids, can get into the act of keeping your artificial grass well kept.

We like the Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom for its ease of assembly and ease of use, and its usefulness indoors as well. It’s our selection for Best Brush for Artificial Grass.

If you’re looking for a manual garden tool to quickly sweep your artificial lawn, this one is our top recommended choice after comparing at least 5 other similar models, it wins on quality every time.

3. Vacmaster Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner 

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Vacmaster Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner

The Vacmaster Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner is an electric outdoors vacuum cleaner with 1250W of power and an innovative moulded floor head specially designed for artificial grass and more importantly to not suck up the infill as most vacuums do. It looks like the wet and dry vacuum that you may have in your workshop or garage and performs some of the same functions, but outdoors. 

This Vacmaster vacuum is designed to work on wet and dry debris without you having to change the cartridge but it works best on wet artificial lawns. You can vacuum up wet dirt or even mud from your artificial lawn without any concern about replacing the filter cartridge. We recommend wetting down the artificial grass before using this outdoors vacuum cleaner on it. The vacuum’s ability to cope with damp or wet conditions lets you use it freely on gutters and around ponds too.

The vacuum cleans in two ways. Combs lift the debris and dirt from the surface without disturbing the infill (see our Buyer’s Guide for more information on this) and the brushes dislodge the trapped dirt, leaving the grass clean. The collection bin has a volume of 18 Litres which isn’t bad either. It’s not the largest bin out there but you won’t have to empty it too often. However, some online reviewers state the suction power of this vacuum cleaner is on the low side so the waste bin doesn’t fill up quickly anyway. Remember though this is design to not collect the filler and is how it’s designed to work.

The four casters spaced ergonomically around the base of the vacuum body let you move it easily and smoothly over uneven surfaces. A brass bristle attachment is useful for scrubbing moss from patios and paving stones. In autumn just plug the suction hose into the exhaust port and the vacuum cleaner turns into a powerful leaf blower to clear all the fallen leaves throughout your property.


  • Electric motor with 1250W of power in a cleaner that works like a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • Designed for wet and dry outdoors use including gutters and muddy areas.
  • Power cable is 10m long and detachable for ease of storing and transport.
  • Combs and brushes provide two different cleaning systems. 
  • Four casters around the base are widely placed for optimum stability for uneven ground.
  • Specialist attachments include those for cleaning artificial grass and for removing moss from patios.
  • Use the blower function to blow fallen leaves in autumn to quickly clear your garden.
  • Store all attachments and parts on the vacuum cleaner for a compact storage footprint.
  • The collection bin is 18 Litres for the debris and leaves you pick up.
  • Weighs only 7.8kg so easy to move around.

Our recommendation

The Vacmaster Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner is an outdoors vacuum cleaner for wet and dry environments as well as artificial grass. Its ergonomically designed vacuum head gently cleans artificial grass without disturbing the infill which is one reason you could say its better suited than our best pick. However, we think our best pick is more versatile and would be happy to replace in infill now snd again, however, if you don’t like that idea of doing this, then this model is a good alternative vacuum model.

There’s no need to change the cartridge/filter when you move from dry to wet areas so you can vacuum without too much thought about where in the garden you are. There’s a special brush for removing moss from hard surfaces and an easy way to turn the vacuum into a leaf blower too, it’s just not ideal for sucking them up if there large leaves.

If you’re looking for an artificial grass vacuum cleaner for wet and dry conditions, and want to use it elsewhere in your garden and on your house, the Vacmaster Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner could be the multi-purpose outdoors vacuum cleaner for you.

4. AGM Artificial Grass Brush 141EUK MK2

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AGM Artificial Grass Brush 141EUK MK2

The Artificial Grass Brush AGM 141EUK MK2 is a 300W electric garden brush for artificial grass. It’s the newer 2020 updated model of the 2019 141EUK MK1. The MK2 is smoother and more durable than the previous model due to the new straight-through drive system.

The MK2 electric brush has a twin drum brush system. The nylon brushes are situated in opposing directions on each drum to remove dirt. You push or pull this powered broom along to bring up dirt and debris from the turf. It works on artificial grass and hard surfaces, including your patio and driveway so although it’s fairly expensive, can you make good use of it and its much fast and more fun than using a broom. 

While you can push or pull the brush in any direction, for the most lifting of your artificial grass blades, stick to just one direction – either towards you or away from you, with or against the pile of the grass. Remember that this is a broom and not a vacuum cleaner, so you still have to get down with a dustpan and brush to pick up the stuff that the electric broom removes from the grass. But it is just as expensive as the vacuum cleaners in our review. However, this electric broom weighs just 4.5kg, so it is much lighter than a vacuum and you do get some helping power. 


  • Electric 300W  brush for power-assisted cleaning of your garden spaces.
  • Twin drum nylon brush with 40cm sweeping width for easy cleaning.
  • Works on artificial grass, driveways, patios and decking.
  • Only one speed and no gears so easy for anyone to use.
  • Weighs 4.5kg, thus much lighter than an outdoors vacuum cleaner.
  • Some assembly required to fit the shaft and the handle together,


  • Still need to sweep up debris that’s pulled out of the grass.

Our recommendation

The Artificial Grass Brush AGM 141EUK MK2 provides 300W of electric power to help you  sweep the garden debris, dust and dirt from your artificial lawn and garden hard surfaces. It’s easy to use and you only have to fit the handle and the shaft together to assemble it. It’s more lightweight than an outdoors vacuum cleaner, but doesn’t collect the debris and is just as expensive. 

If you’re looking for some power to help you sweep your artificial lawn but feel that vacuum cleaners are too heavy and clumsy, consider this power brush – the Artificial Grass Brush AGM 141EUK MK2.

5. Orientools Artificial Lawn Brush

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Orientools Artificial Lawn Brush

The Orientools Artificial Lawn Brush is a straightforward brush for cleaning your artificial lawn. It’s very similar to our selection for Best Brush for Artificial Grass, but it telescopes out to a longer length/height.

The steel tube that forms the pole of this outdoors broom is tough and long-lasting. By twisting the handle clockwise, you adjust its length anywhere from 80cm to 130cm. This makes the pole slightly taller and longer than that of the Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom reviewed above (68.5cm to 111cm). Given their other similarities, the Orientools broom is the better choice if you have tall people in your family who plan on sweeping your artificial lawn.

Assembling the broom is straightforward: just click together the handle and the brush head. Separate them for cleaning the brush head and for storage by pressing the black button between them. You can also reduce the handle length and hang the entire brush in your storage cupboard. Some online reviews report that the handle either sticks at one length or doesn’t stay in one place at all. However, WD-40 or duct tape usually solves the problem. Use this broom to sweep up only light debris and dirt as the handle may bend if you apply too much pressure.


  • Adjustable handle so everyone in the family can use it comfortably – no excuses.
  • Raking width of the plastic head is 45cm which cleans a broad strip in one pass.
  • The handle and head of the brush snap together easily for quick setup.
  • Also removes pet hair from your indoors carpet.
  • Steel handle is tough and durable and has a soft-grip grip for a comfortable hold.
  • Store this brush by reducing the length of the handle and hanging it up in your cupboard or shed.


  • Adjustable handle either sticks or doesn’t stay out at all.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure to the handle.

Our recommendation

The Orientools Artificial Lawn Brush is an outdoors broom designed to keep artificial grass clear and clean. Its telescopic steel handle opens out to 180cm to suit most people’s height and you can close the handle down to hand the broom in a storage cupboard. The raking/cleaning head is a standard 45cm wide and is suitable for light garden debris and dirt.

We recommend the Orientools Artificial Lawn Brush if you want a manual broom for your artificial lawn that is comfortable for even tall people to use. This is a great alternative to the Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom.

Buyer’s guide

If you’re using an indoors brush or perhaps a dustpan and brush to clean your artificial grass, chances are you’re not satisfied with the results you’re achieving. Purchasing an outdoors garden tool especially designed for the task, even if it looks like an domestic appliance, gives you the clean and neat artificial grass you’re looking for.

Here are the main things to consider. 

Infill or not?

The first think to find out is if your artificial grass has been infilled to keep the grass blades standing up straight even after people treading on them. Sand is usually used for infill but sometimes rubber serves the same purpose. Go and take a look among the base of the blades in your artificial turf or look at the manufacturer’s description of it.

If your grass has been infilled, you may not be able to use some vacuum cleaners such as our best pick on it if you don’t intend to add new infill now and again. The suction power of the vacuum may loosen the infill fibres and even pull them up and out of the lawn.

Even if your artificial lawn doesn’t have infill, take care when using a heavy vacuum cleaner as it may flatten the grass fibres over time.

Vacuum clean, manual brush or power brush?

The artificial grass cleaners that we review here are either vacuum cleaners, manual brushes or a power brush.

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner for artificial grass is similar to the one you use in your home. It sucks up the dirt and debris from the artificial lawn; it may also work on real grass and on hard surfaces such as paths. Outdoors vacuum cleaners often have an additional function as leaf blowers, useful in the autumn or when a bag of dirt bursts open on your driveway. One of the vacuums in our review works in wet and dry conditions so is useful to clean out your gutters or around a pool if your lucky enough to have one. 

Always check out how large the collection bag is on an outdoors vacuum cleaner as you don’t want to have to stop and empty it very often. One of the key elements of a vacuum for artificial grass and elsewhere in your garden is how strong the suction is. The power of its electric motor is one clue to this and so is the width of the hose pipe and the metal pipes and how securely they fit together.

The size and weight of the vacuum cleaner are also important considerations. The cleaner body needs to roll smoothly across uneven terrain, including paving stones. It also needs to be light enough for you to pull around as you clean and for you to carry as you put it away. 

Look under the brush head at the cleaning system. Does that system have combs to bring up the debris as well as brushes to remove the dirt and dust? Does the system include a HEPA system to filter some of the dust and allergens particles out of the exhaust air before you breathe it in?

Manual broom

A manual broom for cleaning artificial lawns looks like a regular indoors or outdoors broom but with nylon or plastic bristles about 3.5cm in length. You push the broom across the lawn and the bristles go down between the grass fibres and bring up the debris, dirt and dust. The bristles are spaced far enough apart that they’re able to hold bits of garden matter in between them. You still have to brush the waste into a dustpan.

Most artificial grass brooms and brushes are easy to assemble – just click the handle/pole into the brush head. Look for a broom with a telescopic handle which you extend using by twisting it (usually) clockwise. (An anticlockwise twist locks it in place.) Some brooms are extra-long to be comfortable for tall people.

For an added feature, many manual brooms like this claim to be great at picking up pet hair from inside carpets.

Power broom

A power broom is basically a manual broom for artificial grass, with a motor and often it take much less work and time than using a manual broom. The one in our review has a 300W electric motor to help you in your cleaning task. The 10 meter (included) power cord only goes so far though, so be prepared with an extension cord if your artificial grass is a ways from the nearest power outlet. Although you’ll have power to conserve your own energy, this is still a brush without a collection bin, so you have to sweep up the debris into a dust receptacle yourself.

Final Conclusion

Many people install artificial grass in their gardens to avoid the extensive time, effort and money involved in the upkeep of living grass. Using tools especially designed to clean and groom the artificial grass only makes sense. Whether you choose a vacuum cleaner, a manual brush or a power broom, the tools in our review of the Best Artificial Grass Vacuums and Brushes let you keep your artificial grass looking clean and well-groomed in record time.

The Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum is our choice for Best Artifical Grass Vacuum. This garden appliance works on real and artificial grass as well as blows and mulches leaves. Look after both your low-cut lawn and deep piles of leaves without concern.

The Best Brush for Artificial Grass is the Winslow & Ross Artificial Grass Broom. This particular outdoors broom is designed especially to look after your artificial turf. Its telescoping handle that opens to a wide range of lengths means that everyone in your family can take a turn at this garden task.

If you don’t think that an artificial grass vacuum cleaner is going to be powerful enough to clean all your hard surfaces, check out our review on the Best Outdoor Floor Sweeper for Paths, Patios and Driveways.
Another way to clean your hard surfaces, perhaps your patio, is to use a Pressure Washer.

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