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4 Best Lawn Levelling Rakes: Tested & Reviewed for Quick and Easy Results

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As a professional gardener and a nurseryman, I’ve done my fair share of lawn levelling jobs over the years. It’s probably one of my most rewarding jobs, as it makes such an impact once the lawns are established again. This is especially true if you want to create a striped lawn using a cylinder lawn mower with a roller like the one pictured below. You can have the most lush green lawn, but you will never get a decent striped lawn if it’s not level. 

My Murray cylinder mower which is perfect for creating a striped lawn
My Murray cylinder mower is perfect for creating a striped lawn

Basiclly, the more level the lawn is, the more distinctive the stripes will be when you mow your lawn. Having a level lawn looks fantastic and helps prevent pooling during heavy rain, especially if you scarify your lawn with a decent scarifier and aerate the lawn with a garden aerator to improve drainage and allow nutrients to get to the grassroots.

Testing the Landzie lawn rake on a lawn renovation project to level the lawn
Testing the Landzie lawn rake on a lawn renovation project to level the lawn

When it comes to levelling a lawn, you need the best lawn levelling rake, sometimes referred to as a golf rake. These specially designed lawn rakes help push material evenly over the lawn, fill in holes and ruts, and level a bumpy lawn again. With some practice, you can quickly prepare the lawn for overseeding, another critical step in creating a level lawn.

So, what makes a good lawn levelling rake? Honestly, most models are almost identical, as they are pretty straightforward tools by design; a good rake comes down to build quality, size and, in some ways, design. 

Using my lawn leveling rake to fix a bumpy lawn with ruts
An older lawn rake we have used for a few years for lawn leveling projects

I’ve had a few different models over the years, but my more recent SurmountWay Lawn Levelling Rake purchase is as good as any other I’ve owned. Made from stainless steel, it is pretty heavy and has no issues spreading and compacting the soil/top dressing as you push it along. However, it’s not too heavy, so it is still easy to push and level the soil as you go back and forth over the lawn. It also has a nice long, comfortable, soft handle. So, when I talk about design, they all appear to look the same, but there are differences. One example I’ve noticed is the corners are actually rounded, so it doesn’t snag or catch as you push it. On another model I owned, it had straight edges and was a nightmare for snagging.

Landzie lawn leveler

Before I go a little deeper into how I prepare customers’ lawns for levelling, I think now is a good time to mention that I’m also a fan of the Landzie Lawn Rake and the Walensee Lawn Leveling Rake. Both are very good rakes, especially the Walensee Lawn Leveling Rake, which is which is exceptionally well-built. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s well worth paying extra for. They are also both available in a couple of different widths, depending on the size of your lawn. I usually go wider as it’s more versatile, but if you have a few bumps or ruts to level, the narrow models can be ideal; think of it as spot levelling instead of levelling the whole lawn.

Avoiding ruts in the lawn

Ruts in the lawn are usually caused by consistently mowing in the same direction for years. Mix it up a little as part of your mowing routine. I usually mow in one direction for a few weeks and then in the other direction for another few weeks. I always recommend not mowing when the lawn is wet or damp, too, as they can also cause ruts in the lawn.

My lawn levelling process

This is the process I use if I want to level a lawn that is otherwise in good condition. It starts with making sure the lawn is cut as short as possible using the lowest setting on my mower. 

I then use a mix of 70% sand and 30% screened topsoil to make my top dressing. You can also buy ready-made top dressing. I find buying bulk-ton bags (usually 1000 litres) cheaper if I’m levelling the entire lawn. It’s incredible how you can lose a ton of lawn dressing on an average-sized lawn. Next, I spread piles of the top dressing around the lawn (usually using a wheelbarrow), placing more in the ruts and holes as needed. I then use my lawn levelling rake to push and spread the top dressing over the lawn to make it as level as possible, filling in any bumps and ruts. Keep applying more where needed until you have a level lawn and have filled in all the bumps.

Scotts push lawn spreader I use to seed once I've leveled the lawn and need to over seed
Scotts push lawn spreader I use to seed once I’ve leveled the lawn and need to over seed

I then use a lawn spreader, usually a push lawn spreader, which I’ve also discussed here. Sometimes, I use a handheld spreader for smaller lawns to spread grass seed evenly over the lawn or if I’ve just levelled a small part of the lawn. 

Lawn roller used in conjunction with a lawn levelling rake to level the lawn

This last step is optional, but I like to use a heavy lawn roller to make sure the grass seed has good soil contact.

For lawns with weeds or moss, my first step is to apply a weed/moss killer to the lawn a few weeks before. To treat moss, I use iron sulphate, which I’ve talked about here in a separate guide. I then scarify the lawn with a scarifier to remove any dead moss and weeds, followed by using an aerator to help improve the soil. I then start the process of levelling the lawn, as discussed earlier, followed by applying grass seed with a spreader. Remember to keep watering the lawn until the grass seed germinates and until it is established.

With that out the way, below are my more detailed reviews of some of my favourite models and my buyer guide at the bottom if you need further information.

If you’re trying to level gravel, then be sure to check this guide out here as it offers much better rakes for working with gravel.

Best Levelling Lawn Rakes Reviews

1. SurmountWay Lawn Levelling Rake

Best Pick

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SurmountWay Lawn leveling Rake with Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Suitable for Courtyard Golf-30 'x 10' Lawn leveler tool(7FT)

This SurmountWay Lawn Levelling Rake lets you rake a wide strip in one pass. The rake head is 75cm wide and 25cm long and is one of the widest in my review. The entire levelling tool – handle and rake head – is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, with double welded joints for strength and durability.

It’s easy to assemble this model, as you put the handle together in three sections. This lets you adjust the length of the handle pole to between 72cm and 225cm according to what’s comfortable for you. I personally like to have a long handle. Remember that you use an easy to-and-fro motion with this levelling rake.

And for extra comfort, the handle has an ergonomic soft grip at the end which I really like. This stops your hand from becoming blistered or calloused with all the raking you do.

If this rake head isn’t large enough, check out the same model available in a larger head size of 117cm by 25cm with the same adjustable handle length. For larger lawns, this is probably the better choice


  • A heavy-duty stainless steel levelling rake.
  • The levelling plate is 75cm by 25cm.
  • Pole is in multiple sections.
  • The overall length is adjustable between 72cm and 225cm.
  • Put together and take apart in less than one minute.
  • The handle has a soft grip at the end.
  • Double welded joints.
  • Works best when the lawn is cut to 3.5cm.
  • Weighs 5.8kg.

My recommendation

This SurmountWay Lawn Levelling Rake is probably my favourite lawn levelling rake. I like its large rake head size (with an even larger alternative model also available) and the long handle which really helps. The ergonomic grip on the handle is also a nice touch. The heavy-duty stainless steel metal construction may make it a little heavier than some other models of the leveller, but that adds to its strength and durability and results in a slightly better job as the weight helps compress the soil into the bumps and ruts. Overall, for most people, this is the model I would choose. Overall, it is very well made and does a great job.

2. Walensee Lawn Leveling Rake


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Walensee Lawn Leveling Rake, 198cm 43×25cm Levelawn Tool, Heavy Duty Effort Saving Lawn Level Tool, Stainless Steel Handle Lawn Leveler for Yard Garden Golf Course, Ease Level Soil Sand Dirt Surfaces

If the SurmountWay Lawn Leveling Rake weren’t available, I’d probably invest in the Walensee lawn levelling rake. I’ve got a few Walensee tools, including their compost spreader, and they are always well-built, and this lawn leveller is no different.

The levelling rake head is 43cm by 25cm on the smaller model, making it a preferred choice for small to medium-sized areas of land. The pole handle is in several screw-together sections and is very long at full extension; however, as I’ve previously mentioned, I think they’re much easier to use with longer handles. Choose the number of sections for the pole length that works best for you. This is just trial and error to work out.

So, in terms of build quality, the head is made from iron with a powder-coated finish, so it is heavy, however, this is what makes it such an effective tool to use


  • High-quality iron and stainless steel lawn rake.
  • The levelling plate measures 43cm by 25cm.
  • Assemble or take apart in one minute.
  • Pole is in several sections and is adjustable to 115cm or 150cm plus it makes it more compact for storage when not in use.

My recommendation

The Walensee lawn levelling rake is my Runner-up rake, and it’s perfect for levelling smaller lawns. Overall, the quality is probably up there with the very best, and to be honest, I’m a big fan of Walensee tools. I’ve used many others over the years, and they are always well-built and last. If you are looking for one that is perhaps not very wide like some models, this is well worth considering and it’s a little more manageable. That being said, they do also make a wider 114cm version, which is perfect for larger lawns.

3. Scalebeard Level Lawn Tool

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Scalebeard Lawn Leveling Rake-7 FT Level Lawn Tool / Soil Lawn Rake Stainless Steel Leveling Rake Landscape Rake with Handle for Garden Backyard Golf/Lawn(7FT, 30 x 10IN)

This Scalebeard Level Lawn Rake is similar to the SurmountWay Lawn Levelling Rake and is a good alturnative. The Scalebeard model is a high-quality levelling rake with a large rake head – 75cm by 25cm. This levelling head makes short work of even large areas of your garden that need smoothing out.

The handle is easy to assemble with its three sections. Its maximum length is 225cm which makes it suitable for taller people or those gardeners who like to extend their arms out when raking the lawn. The convenience of a choice of heights with the sectioned pole is a little offset by this structure weakening the stability of the pole, but overall, it’s a good design.

Don’t worry about having to grip the stainless steel pole when you use this model as it has an ergonomic soft rubber grip at the end of the handle. This is comfortable to hold as well as reduces the stress on your hand and reduces blisters.


  • High-quality stainless steel lawn levelling rake.
  • The levelling plate is 75cm by 25cm.
  • The adjustable handle extends up to 225cm.
  • Assemble or take apart in one minute.
  • The handle is in three sections for a choice of different lengths.
  • The handle has a soft grip at the end.

My recommendation

The Scalebeard Level Lawn Rake is well worth considering. It has the same features, including a soft grip handle and stainless steel construction throughout making it a good alternative to my SurmountWay model .

4. DonSail Lawn Levelling Rake

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Lawn Leveling Rake, Stainless Steel Rakes for Lawns Leveler Heavy Duty, 60' Dirt Leveling Tool Landscape Rake Long Handle for Garden Backyard Golf

The DonSail Lawn Levelling Rake is another of the smaller levelling rakes in this review. It’s best used on small to medium-sized properties with a levelling rake head area of 43cm by 30cm. This model is constructed of 304 stainless steel, the most common grade for resisting corrosion and rust.

The handle of this DonSail Lawn Levelling Rake model is in five sections and not the usual three. This gives you more length options for the handle, accommodating more diverse heights for gardeners. However, the maximum length of the handle pole is still 150cm.

This is one of the lighter lawn levellers at 3kg. This helps with the unit’s ergonomics, as does the soft rubber grip on the handle. Combined, your lawn levelling experience should be comfortable.


  • Levelling lawn rake constructed of 304 stainless steel.
  • The levelling head is 43cm by 30cm.
  • Adjustable handle in sections.
  • The handle extends to 150cm.
  • The handle has an ergonomic rubber grip.
  • Weighs 3kg.

My recommendation

The DonSail Lawn Levelling Rake is a good choice if you’re not faced with a huge expanse of ground to level. Its smaller levelling rake head (43cm by 30cm) makes quick work of most domestic lawns and vegetable gardens. The stainless steel construction means that if you clean down the rake after using it, the tool remains resistant to rust and corrosion.

Buyer’s guide for lawn levelling rakes

Lawn levelling rakes are simple pieces of garden equipment. As such, there’s not much to worry about when making your purchase decision. Here are the main considerations.

How levelling rakes work

Levelling rakes are simple pieces of garden equipment that serve to level out the soft ground. They are wide flat rakes with a structure of bars across them. The bars have tines underneath them which, when raked across the surface of the ground, pull up debris there. The rake pushes the debris from high points on the ground into the low areas. In this way, the surface is levelled off.

You may need to make several passes across your lawn or dirt to get the surface as level as you want it. But you use an easy back and forth motion on the rake and there’s not much effort involved.

What to look for in your levelling rake

There’s really not much to look for as this is a simple piece of equipment. And the sales blurbs and manufacturer’s sites don’t give much information.


All of the models in this review are made of stainless steel, of various grades. This is a metal that is strong and doesn’t rust or corrode. The grade of the stainless steel is important as that relates to its sturdiness. Alternate materials include aluminium which, while being more lightweight, is a little more flimsy.

Look for rake heads made of tempered steel as that has enough strength to break up clumped and hard soil. None of the models I reviewed claimed to have the head made of this material.

Make sure that both the rake head and the pole are made of metal.


Although using a levelling rake requires a simple back and forth motion, you have to do it for a period of time. The weight of the tool may come into play if you find it difficult to hold equipment for any length of time. Check out the weight of the rake if you can find it.

Size – width

Make sure to buy a lawn levelling rake that’s proportionate to the size of the area you want to level – your lawn or vegetable patch. The most common complaint I came across from reviewers of this tool was that it was too narrow.

Check the size of the rake head of each tool and actually draw it out on paper. Take it into your garden and visualise how much ground you can cover in one minute of using the tool. It’s probably less than you expected. If so, you may need to consider buying a rake that has a larger head.

Size – handle length

Don’t be fooled by the words “adjustable” as related to the handle length. Yes, many models do have adjustable handles but that’s because the handle comes in sections. Your choice of handle height is restricted to whether you use one, two, or three sections at once.

Despite this limitation, it’s still very handy to be able to change the length of the handle to match the height of the person using the rake. One downside of this, though, is that having the handle in a number of sections does tend to make it more bendable than having just one pole. I like the solution of one user who duct-taped the sections together at the joins to increase the handle’s strength. Though, you do need to keep it in one piece and not disassemble it to fit into your garden tools storage area.


Most models of lawn levelling rake require assembly. But don’t worry, it’s easily done. Just put the first part of the handle into the rake head and twist the other sections of the pole together. It’s not completely clear from the information available, but it does seem that you do need to supply your own tools to do this. You may need to have a hex spanner, an Allen key, and/or a Phillips screwdriver.

Nice level lawn after using lawn levelling in easy spring to fill in the dips

Final Conclusion

Whatever the size of your garden or lawn, it always looks better when it’s level. Unlike regular garden rakes with prongs, the lawn levelling tools in this review are designed for this particular task. Your most difficult decision in buying a levelling rake is about the size – the width of the rake head and the height of the handle. This review has a variety of models which cover the possibilities.

The Best Pick in this review is the SurmountWay Lawn Levelling Rake. This lawn leveller has a wide head at 75cm, and a long (210cm) adjustable handle for your comfort.

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