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Top 8 Best Secateurs – Tried & Tested Models With Reviews

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

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What to look for in the best pair of pruners and why Felco and Okatsune are our first choice every time. 

Nothing beats a pair of secateurs when it comes to delicate jobs that require accurate hand pruning. These are perfect for cutting small branches, twigs and overgrown plants where you need to make nice clean cuts. When it comes to buying the best secateurs, however, it is bound to be confusing because there are hundreds of them available and a couple of designs to choose from, including bypass and anvil secateurs. To help you buy a quality product for your needs, we’ve gone through several secateurs reviews across multiple garden centres and incorporated the top-selling pruners into this post.

I review eight secateurs that are surely worth considering, however, there’s still one that stands out from the crowd, the Felco Model 7 Classic Secateurs. From ergonomically designed rotating handles made out of forged aluminium with a stainless steel blade, this product is well-built for easy use and long-lasting reliability. Its cutting diameter of 25mm is way better than many other models, thus can cut relatively thick branches with little effort. The closest competition is the Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs.

Now, apart from secateurs reviews, you’ll find a comprehensive buyer’s guide with crucial information about how to choose good quality secateurs. Let’s dive right in.


Felco Model 7 Classic Secateurs
This model continues to blow gardeners away due to its superior quality and clean, precision cutting. The last time we checked it had 1400 reviews and that number is now just over 1700, further suggesting it’s the product people are really going for.

Featuring forged aluminium handles along with a hardened steel blade, these secateurs cuts through thick roses and branches up to 2.5cm in thickness, and will no doubt last for years. They are also agile enough to tackle soft foliage without causing harm. It’s ergonomically designed revolving handles reduces hand fatigue, ligament strain and blistering when used for hours on end making it a great choice for professional gardens too. Every part of these garden shears can be replaced, making them fully serviceable and reliable for long-term use and will likely outlive the user.


Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs
A top gardener’s choice in Japan and a great alternative to Felco, these secateurs are simple, strong and razor-sharp. They have a direct action that delivers clean, precise cuts without damaging fragile foliage. With red and white handles, the tool can be found easily, whether day or night, should it fall into the dense undergrowth. If you have smaller hands, then these are Godsend while still being a great choice for the average person. The standout qualities seem to be that the blade in extremely sharp and very strong as they are made from just two prices of metal. The blade can't be replaced but they seem to stay sharp and can be sharpened if needed to get them working like new again.


Felco Model 6 Secateurs
It’s all in the title that this product is made for people with small hands. With a maximum cutting capacity of 2cm, this one is also suitable for smaller twigs and fragile foliage. The tool is remarkably well-built, with forged aluminium handles and hardened steel blade. In addition, it’s quite on the smaller side and lightweight for ease of use.

Thanks to the ergonomic handles, you can expect to prune for hours without too much hand and wrist fatigue. Felco additionally included a juice rim to prevent the blade from becoming sticky, and there’s a non-slip coating to ensure a firmer grip on the handles. These ones won’t disappoint for sure and you can see from the incredible rating on Amazon.

Top 8 Pruning Secateur Reviews

1. Felco Model 7 Classic Secateurs with Rotating Handle


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Felco FEL7 Model 7 Professional Secateurs, Red

The Felco Model 7 Classic Secateurs are bypass-type secateurs that have been designed for professionals and they are our new first choice when it comes to secateurs, replacing our previous top choice, the Felco Model 2. We still love model 2, however, the main reason we prefer model 7 more is the rotating handle. It really does make a difference to the strain on your hands and helps prevent blistering if you are working with secateurs for a lengthy amount of time.

They have been crafted with Swiss precision and attention to detail, resulting in a high-quality tool that is now probably one of the best-selling secateurs available that professionals use. We would simply buy Felco every time because most other brands simply do not compare.

What we like is that these secateurs are very easy to use and don’t seem to fatigue your wrist whilst pruning hardwood type stems such as thick rose branches due to the ergonomic design with an angled head plus cushion-shock absorber.

Another feature that we think is quite impressive is the rotating handle which revolves on its own axis, your fingers will be able to move naturally, thus minimising blisters and hand fatigue that may be a problem after extended pruning periods, and anyone who works pruning plants a lot will understand what we mean. Felco says their innovative swivel action requires 30% less effort than conventional secateurs and we tend to agree, overall it provides great comfort on continuous pruning work.

Now for the quality aspects, the handles are made of forged aluminium, making them lightweight at only 290g, sturdy and comfortable, and in fact, they have a lifetime guarantee. The secateurs also utilise a changeable very sharp blade that’s made of hardened steel, ensuring clean precise cuts every time is. Every part of these secateurs are replaceable just in case anything becomes faulty, though that’s a very rare occurrence given the quality of the construction materials. However, it provides peace of mind that at least you can easily get hold of new blades and springs. Most other secateurs, once you’ve lost the spring it’s game over, you have to buy a new pair but not with Felco.

This secateurs are easy to use and won’t fatigue your wrist whilst pruning roses due to an ergonomic design with an angled head plus cushion-shock absorber. With its rotating handle revolving on its own axis, your fingers will be able to move naturally, thus minimising blisters and hand fatigue that may be a problem after extended pruning periods. This innovative swivel action requires 30% less effort than conventional secateurs and provides great comfort on continuous pruning work.

Our recommendation

Felco has been manufacturing secateurs since 1945 and the Felco Model 7 Classic Secateurs is a great example of what their decades of experience can produce. It is easy to see why most professional gardeners use only Felco secateurs. The secateurs are brilliantly designed with great features like the revolving handle, shock absorption system, not to mention the usual such as the sap groove. They are super comfy to use and deliver precise cuts up to 25mm.

We really like the lifetime warranty on this product because it means total peace of mind and, even so, parts are readily replaceable if necessary which is more than you can say for most other models. You definitely want a tool that won’t cause hand blisters and ligament strain, and this one is ergonomically designed to use comfortably all day long making it perfect for professionals who really do need nothing but the best tools.

For anyone involved in viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture and pruning in parks and gardens, this is an excellent choice for you. Except for the fact that it’s not ideal for people with very small hands and left-handed individuals, it’s hard to find any downsides beyond that but we have great alternatives for small hands and lefties further down. Overall, a great professional product at a decent price and probably the best choice for most people which is why we named them our NEW ‘Best Pick’. 

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2. Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs


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Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs

Okatsune secateurs were once described as ‘Life-Changing’ by Bunny Guinness at The Telegraph and we couldn’t agree more. They are available in different versions and are the only secateurs we think truly compare to Felco’s quality and cutting performance. Okatsune models include model 101, model 104, model 108 and model 109, but it is the Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs that really caught our attention. 

Measuring 202mm, this model is suitable for smaller hands, making them perhaps a good choice for many ladies. The blades of these secateurs have been forged from the finest grade of Japanese steel, in other words, the same steel used to craft the Katana sword of the Samurai. The outcome is a razor-sharp secateurs that easily cuts through branches of roses, shrubs and other plants, up to 25mm in diameter which is the same as most Felco models.

The blades boast an incredibly high Rockwell hardness of 60 to 61, ensuring that the cutting edge remains very sharp, effortlessly slicing through wood. In addition, they slide smoothly over each other for the easy cutting action. The core of the blade features a soft metal that makes the shears tough, ensuring that the cutting edge always fits perfectly on the counter-blade and doesn’t break, even under heavy load.

Protecting the plants against damage is equally important as smooth cutting and so the blade is ground in two angles to cut without damaging the stems, which as any top gardener will know, reduces the chance of the cut stems being infected with diseases or fungus. The secateurs have a locking system that is easily operated with one hand, whilst the blades can be sharpened using a whetstone or something similar.

These bypass secateurs are the number 1 choice for professional gardeners in Japan, where pruning has been elevated to genuine art if the famous Higashizawa Rose Park is anything to go by.

Our recommendation

These secateurs are of the optimum quality, crafted with top quality metal and are made from just two pieces of steel which makes them incredibly strong. Cuts are super clean and finished with a satisfying snip, that being said, we don’t think they have quite as much grip as the Felco models, however, other people might think differently.

They definitely do an amazing job and suits pruners with smaller hands but if you have larger hands then the 104 models may be a good choice because they are just that bit larger at 210mm. These are sharp and easy to operate with one hand, so overall, a great choice. The maximum cutting thickness is good and the blades are easy to sharpen when necessary but it’s worth noting they cannot be changed like that on the Felco models.

The red and white handle covers will prove their weight in gold in the event that the secateurs drop into the undergrowth. There’s a useful clunky catch at the base for locking the blades together when not in use, improving safety significantly.

Overall, the quality of the Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs is second to none. Perhaps the only negative is that they may not be the best choice for larger hands and in this case, the 104 Model may be a better choice. 

Personally, we preferred the Felco model 7 but we know some gardeners prefer these, it’s just a personal choice I suppose, both are fantastic choices and way ahead of most other models.

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3. Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Garden Shears with Roll Handle

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Fiskars Bypass Gardening Shears with Rolling Handle for Fresh Branches and Twigs, Non-Stick Coated, Steel Blades, Length: 22 cm, Black/Orange, PowerGear X, PX94, 1023628

Fiskars has been producing gardening tools for decades and this latest offering boasts cutting-edge technology and claims to have three times more power than a standard bypass pruner. Endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation, the Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Garden Shears with Roll Handle incorporates a gear drive system into both handles that are quite different from the other secateurs on our list. It’s the same mechanism that triples the cutting force, thus reducing the effort required to make a cut.

In addition, these garden pruners have a unique rolling handle that’s designed to follow the natural clutching motion to maximise power output and minimise stress and fatigue on joints and muscles. At first, the rolling handle feels awkward to use. This shouldn’t be a turn-off, though because the secateurs fit snugly into your hand. One thing to bear in mind is that these are designed to be used by right-handed gardeners, so left-handed folks are out of luck here.

The stainless steel blades are incredibly sharp and benefit from a non-stick material that minimises friction for easier cutting. This coating also reduces rusting, though it’s always important to dry the secateurs after every use and apply a thin oil to the blades to ensure long-lasting performance. The locking button is easily accessible on top of the pruner plus it slides effortlessly and stays intact in both the open and closed positions.

The tool feels solidly made yet lightweight and weatherproof so it can stand the test of time. Fiskars also backs the product with a lifetime warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials.

Our recommendation

This Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Garden Shears with Roll Handle is a truly advanced tool that looks superior to what many people are used to. There’s little doubt that the technology behind its workmanship is a brilliant attempt to make something better but it also carries some shortcomings. Previous customers reported that the rotating handle needs time to get used to. The shears are also only suitable for right-handed people (though that’s the larger population anyways) and you’ll need to look elsewhere if you have big hands.

The blades on this one are meant to cut fresh and softwood up to 2cm in thickness. They should last a long time as well because they’re made from stainless steel, whilst the PowerGear X remains lightweight to use. All things considered, we would recommend this product to Arthritis sufferers because they require little force in cutting.

4. Davoen Pro Bypass Secateurs

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Ergonomic Garden Secateurs (Bypass Style) - Premium Pruning Shears with Auto-Rotating Handle and Finger Protection, Ideal Secateurs for Arthritic Hands, Premium SK5 Steel Garden Pruners, Davaon Pro

The Davoen Pro Bypass Secateurs are a premium quality ergonomic pruning tool designed to handle tough pruning tasks. The first thing we will say is they simply do not compare to our ‘Best Pick’, they do cut well, but the rotating handle is not as comfortable to use. However, we like the finger guard design and they get the job done and are very well priced, less than half the price of our top picks.

These are perfect for beginners and avid gardeners but probably not the best choice for professionals or anyone who does lots of pruning regularly. If you tend to experience fatigue and aching hands from continuous pruning but don’t prune on a weekly basis, these secateurs are life-saving and probably the most affordable pair. 

As previously mentioned, they have an auto-rotating lower handle designed to spread muscular force evenly across your fingers, making it simpler to squeeze with minimal effort, this does work but could probably be better. The upper handle features a soft material that increases comfort in use which is excellent. In addition, the ‘V’ of your palm – between the thumb and index finger – fits perfectly into the dip in the handle, thus enhancing a comfortable grip. Furthermore, the handle rotates in either direction, making the secateurs perfect for both right and left-handed people which is a good design. There is a locking mechanism that helps reduce the grip width by 50% to make the handles suitable for smaller hands, so this tool is perfect for anyone.

Another innovative feature of the Davoen Pro Bypass Secateurs is the finger protection guard located on the lower handle which we think is brilliant and very useful, especially if you are pruning spiky plants. This protects your fingers and hands against painful scratches from thorns and rough branches whilst pruning. Additionally, you can use it to push branches out of the way when trimming into hidden places.

The blades of this tool are made from SK5 carbon steel and you find it on a lot of mid-range pruners because SK5 Carbon is tough, is unlikely to nick, and guarantees long-term sharpness. These are capable of cutting through branches up to 22mm thick. They also have a non-stick coating to ensure no sticking and help keep the blade clean throughout. The body is crafted from forged aluminium that is not only lightweight but also ensures robustness for long-lasting performance. Davaon offers a 5-year limited guarantee for this product which isn’t bad, so you can buy with complete confidence.

Our recommendation

Davoen is a British manufacturer that you can always rely on for high-quality affordable products and are best for busy home gardeners. The Davoen Pro Bypass Secateurs have a quirky design that makes them stand out from the competition. The handles of these secateurs are well designed, with their auto-rotating feature that allows you to spread your fingers and use the tool without too much effort. Issues such as hand fatigue, muscle cramps and blisters are not common with these secateurs and that’s really a good thing. Those who suffer from hand ailments or the elderly will benefit greatly from these secateurs and you won’t find a better-priced pair. 

You will also benefit from precise cutting no matter the plants or foliage you’ll be trimming. The SK5 carbon steel blades are sure to offer long-term service without losing their cutting edge, whilst the finger protection guard will ensure there are no accidental injuries. 

Davoen backs this product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on top of the 5-year warranty, so in the unlikely event that you find them faulty, you can always contact the manufacturer for assistance. However, with all its quality features, there are very minimal chances of anything unwelcome happening, the only real negative point is although the blade is removable we couldn’t find suppliers for replacement blades.

 5. Felco Model 2 Pruners

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Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs, Red

Felco secateurs are regarded as the ‘finest in the world’. They really are the cream of the crop when it comes to secateurs. They may look like cheaper pruners, but that is because many cheap brands have copied the design but none have come close to the quality.

So what makes them different? Firstly the handles are made from forged aluminium alloy which means there are very strong and lightweight. They also have removable cutting blades that can be changed easily and they incorporate a sap groove in the blade ensuring the blades do not get stuck together, which most other secateurs do not have. The blade also has a wire-cutting notch to avoid damaging the blade.

Finally, it has a manually adjustable centre nut made from hardened steel for aligning play between the blades. There is a soft rubber sleeve over the handle that acts as a shock absorber and makes pruning a little bit more enjoyable.

They come with a lifetime warranty which backs up the quality, they are a good all-rounder for most pruning jobs in the garden.

Our recommendation

Felco secateurs are probably the best secateurs money can buy, and the Felco Model 2 is, without doubt, the most popular secateurs used by professional gardeners and the trade.

The quality just can’t be beaten and no other brand even comes close, you really have to feel the quality to appreciate it. 

The cutting performance is excellent and it always gives a nice clean, straight cut. The blades are made to last and can handle being sharpened dozens of times. Spare parts that are worn out are widely available and the parts are very easy to change and replace if needed. This is one of the main advantages they have over other models because many do not have changeable parts.

If you are a gardener by trade or wanting to invest in the ‘best secateurs’,  then these Felco model 2 are what you’re looking for. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, that no other company comes close to.

The only negative point regarding these, near-perfect model 2 secateurs, is that they can be a little more difficult for gardeners with small hands to use. If this is a concern to you, then we would recommend the near-identical model 6, just slightly further down our guide, these are designed to resolve this issue some gardeners face.

 6. Felco Model 6 Secateurs


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Felco FEL6 Model 6 Compact Secateurs

These Felco Model 6 secateurs are nearly identical to the Felco model 2. The handles are made from the same forged aluminium steel which makes them very strong, lightweight and nearly unbreakable. They have the same hardened steel blade that can be changed if needed and it produces a very precise clean cut on all the different types of stems we tested them on.

Our recommendation

People with small hands may find using our ‘Best Pick’, slightly difficult to use, with this in mind we have now updated our best picks to include the Felco model 6 because they have proven to be a better choice.

With the Felco model 6, you get the same great quality, excellent cutting performance and of course, they also come with a lifetime guarantee.

Compared to the Model 2, the handles are slightly smaller, they are also slightly lighter and have a slightly smaller cutting diameter, but still wide enough to cut anything we tried them on.

7. Wolf-Garten RR5000 Professional Bypass Secateurs

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Wolf Garten RR5000 Professional Bypass Aluminum Secateurs

We came across these Wolf Garten RR5000 Professional Secateurs at a local garden centre and they immediately caught my eye so I decided to feature them on here because they are probably the second-best pair on our review, a very close second to Felco Model 7 and probably better designed than the Spear & Jackson Heavy-Duty Razorsharp Secateurs.

They are lightweight, which is the first thing you will notice, and there are no cheap plastic pieces that look like they will break off easily the first time you drop them.

We particular like the locking switch that is easy to use and isn’t going to slip and the fact that it has no spring between the handles is genius. This means no lost springs to worry about or replace.

Finally, they have a good cutting capacity of 25mm and can cut in tight areas where some other models might struggle, especially anvil models.

Our recommendation

We really like these secateurs and think they are a great alternative to the Felco Model 2 and probably a better choice than the Spear & Jackson model we had previously recommended for anyone looking for a more affordable pair.

Overall, these are a great pair we would highly recommend.

8. Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Secateurs

Best choice for anyone with arthritis or weak hands

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Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears - 5x More Cutting Power Than Conventional Garden Secateurs.

These Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Pruning shears are designed to make cutting thicker branches much easier for those of us who struggle pruning branches, such as gardeners who have carpal tunnel or arthritis, or simply have smaller or weak hands.

These anvil secateurs have a well-designed ratchet system that aids the user when cutting through thicker branches. As you start cutting through a branch, they latch so they do not release the pressure, you can then release the handle and squeeze the handle again, you complete this process around three times until you have cut right through the branch. 

The ratchet system increases your hand’s power by up to five times so that the pruners do the cutting, not you. All this equals effortless cutting.

The heat-treated carbon steel blades are very strong and are coated in non-stick Teflon that helps to stop the blades from sticking because they resist sap.

Our recommendation

These are, without a doubt, the best ratchet secateurs we have ever had the chance to review. We have tried quite a few ratchet secateurs in previous years and we can confirm we have never come across a better pair of secateurs with the ratchet feature.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel, arthritis or have the distinct disadvantage of having smaller or weak hands, then these are the best choice for you.

The ratchet system makes pruning branches much easier and they make pruning branches possible for gardeners who thought they would no longer be able to prune branches and have previously struggled with regular secateurs.

They are very strong and seem very well constructed, under testing they cut through hard thick branches cleanly, but did slightly crush softer foliage with fresh new growth, overall they produce nice, straight clean cuts.

The only disadvantage, when compared to bypass secateurs, is that they do not cut through branches as quickly. This seems to be the price you pay for having the ratchet system, which I’m sure is well worth it for those who suffer from carpal tunnel, arthritis or have small hands.

One other point I would like to mention, on these pruners had lots of extensive reviews, mostly 5 stars. We don’t often see this when doing our research, many users have commented on how much of a difference it made to them when they have weak hands or arthritis.

What to consider before purchasing a good pair of secateurs

At first glance, you would probably say that they all look the same and do the same thing. Whilst they all do prune, some do have nice little features to make your life a little easier.

Types of secateurs – Bypass design vs Anvil

Bypass secateurs

There are two main types of secateurs you can choose from. Bypass secateurs work like a pair of scissors and have a sharp blade that passes across a curved blade piece of metal. They are great for getting a clean neat cut every time and precision pruning, especially on more fragile stems. These are the most popular and our top choice overall because they are good all-purpose secateurs for general use and will cut most types of stems. Never try to cut branches thicker than the recommended diameter. For example, our ‘Best Pick’ has a maximum cutting diameter of 25mm so never try and prune thicker branches because they will eventually break.

If you have stems thicker than 25mm it’s better to use a pruning saw or good pair of loppers rather than risk breaking a good pair of secateurs.

Anvil secateurs

Anvil secateurs have one top blade that pushes through the stem onto a flat surface and are often good for cutting through thick, woody stems so if you have lots of woody stems to cut these could be a good choice. They tend to crush as well as cut so are generally not suitable for young soft foliage because it damages the ends of the stems.

Do you need ratchet stage cutting secateurs?

Some secateurs use a ratchet system to cut thick branches. These can take slightly longer to cut through branches but can make cutting through thick and woody type stems much easier compared to bypass secateurs.

Most secateurs that have a ratchet fitted are usually also anvil secateurs because the ratchet design makes it easier to cut through woody thick stems by cutting in small stages. This is usually needed on thick woody branches where an anvil design would probably be the best choice.

They are also good for gardeners who may have arthritis or weak hands and have difficulty using normal secateurs because they can cut through thicker branches in small stages and then reposition their hands.

What are they made from? And the type of steel

The thing you need to pay close attention to is what the blade is made blade. Some blades are made from quality hardened stainless steel and will last a lifetime, staying razor sharp even after lots of pruning. They can also be sharpened using a tungsten carbide blade or ceramic stone when needed and this should be done as soon as they start to feel less effective and take a little more effort to use. Look for hardened steel, most cheap secateurs often break at the blade.

How your hand size effects which model to consider

If you have smaller hands then some secateurs may be difficult or uncomfortable to use because the handles open too wide for you to get your hands around, or simply are too large. Some models are have been designed with smaller hands in mind such as the Felco Model 6 Secateurs. Usually, if they have a larger cutting diameter than most, they are usually, better suitable for larger hands.

Are you left-handed?

If you’re left-handed you probably already know that not all secateurs are suitable for left-handed people, some can be more difficult with the catches in less than ideal places, however, some models are specially designed for left-handed people such as the Felco Model 10 and maybe a better choice.

Do you need rotating handles?

Finally, a good design seen on some models including our ‘Best Pick’ which has perfected this feature, is incorporating a rotating handle that rotates as you close the pruners. This can help to stop blisters and sores and simply puts less strain on your hands. Lots of models now have this feature but few have made it as effective as Felco or Wilkinson Sword. It’s only really useful if you do lots of pruning and you start to feel the strain on your hands.

Catches for holding handles together

Consider the catches that hold the handles together when not in use, it may not seem like an essential feature but some get in the way when pruning and slip open which can be frustrating. This problem is usually associated with cheaper models that have not been well thought out or use inferior parts where the screws become loose.

Buy spare springs and consider models with concealed springs

One common problem we come across with models that have exposed springs is that the springs can get dislodged and fall out. Most standard-looking secateurs have these types of springs, including all Felco models, it’s not a bad thing but something to be aware of. You can buy spare springs for some models including Felco, but unfortunately, with some models, you cannot get spare springs so if you lose the spring, then they are only fit for the bin. This is usually true for the cheaper models where the springs are not as well-fitted.

You could try looking for models with concealed springs you cannot lose, however, we think it’s better to be able to replace them because you can change the spring if needed for maintenance purposes. If you invest in Japanese-type models such as the Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs then this is not a problem because they use peg-style springs that cannot be lost.

How to care for a good pair of secateurs

Keeping them in working order by cleaning and keeping them oiled

Many people literally have secateurs for a whole lifetime. If you buy a decent pair then there is no reason you won’t have yours to pass on to future generations.

Maintaining them is relatively simple and once you have finished using them, simply give them a quick wash in soapy water and then dry off with a towel to stop the blades from rusting and keep the working parts moving freely. Simply apply a lubricating oil such as WD40. If you have been pruning diseased plants then we strongly recommend washing them in disinfectant, something like Jeyes fluid will do the job, this just helps stop you from transferring diseases.

Keep them super sharp

Felco 903 Diamond Sharpener
The one thing you certainly need to do is keep the blade sharp, as soon as you notice they are not pruning as well as they were, sharpen the blade with a secateur sharpener.

Final Conclusion

After many hours of research and testing, there’s just no beating the Felco range of selectors, especially the Model 7 with its rotating handle, their superior quality and clean straight cutting performance as well as how they feel in your hand, makes them better than any other model we have looked at.

They really are the last pair of secateurs you should ever need to buy and with a lifetime warranty, they certainly offer value as well as quality when taking everything into consideration.

Now, the deal-breaker for some will probably be the price, they are 2 to 4 times more expensive than some of the other models we have looked at. With this in mind, as well as the fact that some people might find a pair with small handles better to use, I have put together a quick round-up of some of our favourites below.

Felco Model 7 (BEST PICK)
These are our 'Best Pick', these are the best choice for most gardeners, especially professional gardeners or anyone looking for the best pair of secateurs available. The only downside is that if you have small hands, you may find them a little more difficult to use. If you do have smaller hands, then we would highly recommend the Felco Model 6 instead (see below).
These were only added to our guide recently, as some of our readers have voiced there concerns about how the Model 2 was a little too big for them to use comfortably as they had smaller hands. With this in mind, we set out to find a pair, which were the best for people with small hands. Being that Felco was already the best, we discovered they did a 'Model 6' pair, after some testing and comparison, it became very clear that they were nearly identical to the model 2, but had smaller handles. When tested, it became clear they were much better for people with small hands than the model 2.
Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Pruners
(BEST CHOICE FOR PEOPLE WITH CARPAL TUNNEL, ARTHRITIS OR HAVE SMALL HANDS) These are our top choice for gardeners who usually struggle using standard secateurs. The Ratchet system makes light work of pruning and makes what is usually an impossible job for some people now possible. Quality was excellent and they made good straight cuts on most branches.


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