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Best Lawn Feed For Lawns – Top 8 Water Soluble & Granular Lawn Fertilisers

Last updated on June 5th, 2023

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I’ve been maintaining lawns professionally as part of my garden maintenance business for over 20 years. I know a thing or two about managing a healthy, lush green lawn. With this in mind, I’ve put together this guide to pass on some of my expertise to you including which are my best lawn feeds I recommend depending on your lawn condition and how much work you’re willing to put in.

Scarifying a lawn before getting ready to apply a lawn feed
Scarifying a lawn before getting ready to apply a lawn feed

This all depends on if you have a lot of moss like the lawn pictured above. Ideally, you would remove any weeds, treat and remove the moss first like I do as shown above, aerate the lawn with an aerator and then feed the lawn with a good lawn feed or tonic once.

Evergreen 4 in 1 lawn feed, weed and moss killer by Miracle gro
Evergreen 4 in 1 lawn feed, weed and moss killer by Miracle-gro

I’ve tried many professional lawn feeds over the years, from granular fertilisers, which I spread using a drop spreader or broadcast spreader, to soluble lawn feeds that can be dissolved and applied easily by watering can or garden sprayers as shown below.

I will get into how to prepare your lawn if you have a problem with moss further down this guide. However, before I do, if your lawn doesn’t have an issue with moss, I usually apply a good lawn feed and skip scarifying. I usually still aerate the lawn as this helps get the feed down to the roots, but it’s optional.

Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic
Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic

More recently, I have been using this Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic Feed, and it’s given outstanding results. This can be mixed with water (100ml to 5 litres of water) and watered onto the lawn with a watering can.

Lawn bar sprinkler used to apply Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic Feed onto my lawn
Lawn bar sprinkler used to apply Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic Feed onto my lawn

I also recommend using a lawn sprinkler bar, as shown above, to help evenly distribute the lawn feed. Richard Jackson lawn feed has proven to be a very effective lawn feed that goes a long way, 5 litres of concentre treats about 300 square meters when mixed at a ratio of 100mm to every 5 litres of water, so I usually mix 200mm of concentre with a 10 litre watering can, this usually treat 10 square meters. In terms of ease of use and effectiveness, this Richard Jackson Premium Lawn Magic Feed is very easy to use and greens up lawns quickly. It also has a little sulphate of iron, one of the main ingredients in lawn feeds for greening up lawns. However, it also helps prevent moss, although it’s not sold as a moss killer. Just be careful, if you have moss on your lawn and you don’t remove the moss first, this will might turn the moss black so you will have blacked patched on your lawn.

envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed I use in my own garden
envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed I use in my own garden

I’ve also had a lot of success with this envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed, which I have used on larger lawns that are looking brown and in need of a little TLC. I also recommend it to people who want a quick and easy way to feed their lawns. This lawn feed concentre comes in a 1-litre bottle and has a sprayer attached. You attach the included sprayer to a hosepipe (Hozelock style) and simply water it onto the lawn.

Using envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed to green up the lawn
Using envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed to green up the lawn

I have found that one bottle usually treats around 250-300 square meters, so one bottle is usually enough for me to treat most lawns several times. This is very effective and the easiest way to green up your lawn and make it lush green. It really is an impressive lawn feed for turning brown lawns into dark green lawns. I like that there is measuring to do. Click the sprayer onto the hosepipe and spray onto the lawn. It doesn’t get much easier than that. If you want to take the super easy route, this is what I recommend. I’ve found myself using it more and more, especially in my own garden.

envii Greenkeeper’s Secret

Both the Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic Feed and the envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed are beginner friendly and what I usually recommend to friends and family and even clients as it’s so easy to apply, very effective even on very brown lawns and best of all, you don’t have to worry about burning your lawn like you can with granular lawn feeds.

EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Feed I apply with a lawn spreader
EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Feed I apply with a lawn spreader

If you are serious about lawn care or have a very large lawn to treat, I usually use this EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care or something similar that is a lawn weed, feed and moss killer. I don’t recommend it to everyone because granular feeds can burn your lawn if not applied correctly. However, it’s still a relatively straightforward process to apply if you use a lawn spreader set up correctly. I use the EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care, which is a granular feed or similar because it not only feeds the lawn but also helps control moss and helps prevent it from taking over; it controls weeds. Most lawn feeds don’t do this. They are usually just lawn tonics. I recommend the EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 to those who are green-fingered or those who have extensive lawns. By using this, I can keep the lawn in good health, prevent the moss from returning over summer, and help prevent weeds which can be just as bad if not worse than moss. This means that when it comes to scarifying in autumn or spring, there should not be much moss, if any, to remove, and the grass with be much healthier and stronger for it.

So, before I get into the reviews for each lawn feed, I want to talk about the importance of scarifying a lawn and aerating the lawn to remove moss and thatch first if you have a mossy lawn. I removed tons of moss from my dad’s lawn, as shown below.

Always scarifier a lawn first before renovating a moss lawn
Always scarifier a lawn first before renovating a moss lawn

This is my process. I first use iron sulphate to kill the moss, and it turns black/brown within a few hours.

Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed which you can also use as a moss killer
Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed which you can also use as a moss killer

I usually use either Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser or Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed as pictured above which you can apply with a sprayer or watering can. These two products both kill moss, which I discussed more in my moss killer guide. They are also usually sold as a lawn tonic to turn grass a lush green, so they can also be used to green up lawns. The problem with applying these two lawn feeds/moss killers as a feed is if you have a mossy lawn, you will have a lush green lawn with lots of dead black spots in your lawn, which is dead moss.

If I have a lawn with a lot of moss, I usually apply the moss killer first and leave it a week for the moss to turn black. I then use a lawn scarifier such as my Hyundai petrol scarifier or Bosch electric scarifier, or even a simple grass rake to remove the dead moss. It’s worth mentioning I also use a weed puller to remove any large weeds from the lawn, such as dandelions, before scarifying.

Hollow tine aerator is used to remove cores from the lawn so that feed can get to the roots
Hollow tine aerator is used to remove cores from the lawn so that feed can get to the roots

Next, I aerate the lawn with a hollow tine aerator, which removes cores from the lawn to help aerate the soil at root level and improve drainage.

Best garden spreaders tested - drop spreader, broadcast spreader and compost spreader
My lawn spreaders

After this, I usually overseed the lawn with fresh grass seed if I have a lot of bare patches with a lawn spreader and finally, I use a compost spreader to apply a thin layer of compost or soil over the grass seed to keep it moist and help protect it from birds.

Once the grass seed has germinated and established itself, I then apply one of the lawn feeds already mentioned. Don’t forget, the moss killer is iron sulphate, which will already green up the lawn and kill the moss.

With that out the way, below are my more detailed reviews of the best lawn feeds.

  1. Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic Feed – My pick if you want to feed a small lawn and use a watering can, even has a little iron sulphate mixed in to control moss
  2. envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed – Maybe my favourite lawn for ease of use, simply attach to a hose pipe and water on. Good for smaller and larger lawns
  3. EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care – If you have a larger lawn and want to control moss and weeds, this lawn feed is what I apply using a lawn spreader
  4. Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed – This is a brilliant moss killer but also a brilliant lawn tonic for greening up lawns and can be applied with a sprayer or watering can
  5. Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food
  6. Sportsmaster Spring and Summer Professional Fertiliser
  7. Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser
  8. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food Tub

Top 8 Lawn Feed Reviews

Granular Lawn Feeds

1. Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic Feed

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I have used this Richard Jackson Premium Lawn Magic Lawn Feed on a few occasions over the years when I’ve not used iron sulphate. The advantage of this lawn feed over iron sulphate, depending on what you’re trying to do, is that iron sulphate kills moss and turns it black, and this feed doesn’t. This has been an advantage when customers just want to really green up the lawn, but the lawn has a lot of moss, and they don’t want to pay for the moss killer and scarifying the lawn to remove the moss first, which I always recommend.

With this Richard Jackson Premium Lawn Magic Lawn Feed, I’m able to apply it with watering with a sprinkler bar attached and turn what can be a brown lawn into a very green lush lawn within a few weeks.

What I really like about this lawn feed is that it has two real advantages, it greens your lawn, which it does an amazing job at, and, it also strengthens the grassroots. Now, I’ve used a lot of granular feeds using a lawn spreader, but for beginners, this can be risky and can burn your lawn leaving black patches if done incorrectly. However, I always recommend this to friends or clients who are not into gardening themselves, as it’s easy to apply, and the risk of burning your lawn is very low. Just follow the dilution instructions on the bottle and apply with a watering can, I usually mix 200mm with 10 litres of water in a 10 litre watering can and apply over 10 square meters of lawn. Think the instructions say 100mm to 5 litres of water from memory.

Another advantage of this Flower Power lawn feed is that you can use it year-round – from spring to give it a good start and through to autumn and occasionally over summer if needed. Basically, if you just want a lush green lawn, you don’t need to use different specialist products at different times in the growing season. What I do recommend is to make sure the ground temperature is above 5?C as this is when the grass starts to actually grow and take up the feed. I always recommend its use, in spring but then in the autumn to strengthen the grass roots ready for winter dormancy and regrowth in spring.

Finally, I like that it has additional ingredients that act as nutrients. Seaweed acts as a bio-stimulant, and natural sugars help with disease resistance. It’s also safe for your pets and your kids to be around grass sprayed with this lawn feed.

This product performs its two actions well. Just remember it doesn’t kill weeds or control moss, for this, you will need a lawn feed, weed and moss killer, or if you have a moss problem, you can treat it with iron sulphate, which will green the lawn and kill the moss. 


  • An easy-to-apply lawn feed that will green up lawns quickly and strengthen roots.
  • A liquid lawn feed that covers up to 500m2. Simply mix 100mm of concentre with 5 litres of water and apply.
  • Use all year round, from spring and autumn, to help strengthen your lawn, ready for winter.
  • Additional ingredients include seaweed and natural sugars that build disease resistance.
  • Won’t scorch the grass like granular feeds can do if applied incorrectly.
  • Safe for pets and children to be around once dried.

Our recommendation

I really like this Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic lawn feed. It really is effective and can turn the brownest lawns to a lush green. Just remember to mix it properly (100ml to 5 litres of water). I usually put 200ml into a 10-litre watering can and apply using a bar sprinkler to ensure good coverage.

2. EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Feed


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EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Feed I apply with a lawn spreader

The EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Bag feeds your lawn whilst working to control moss and kill weeds. The best time to use this feed on your lawn is between March and September but the earlier the better, typically when weeds are actively growing. EverGreen also recommends applying the feed to your lawn under fair weather conditions, when the soil is moist, the grass is dry and when no frost is expected. Additionally, you should only use the feed once or twice a year, with three months interval between each treatment. Ideally, we recommend using it in April and then again in early September for best results and to keep on top of weeds and moss.

When it comes to application, a lawn spreader is the way to go with granular feeds, much easier and safer than applying by hand. Check out our review of the best lawn spreaders you can buy. A lawn spreader will help with the even spreading of the feed and avoid potential ‘scorching’ of the lawn due to excessive applications. This, however, is as long as you use the correct setting upon application.

Another thing to bear in mind is that after feeding your lawn with the Evergreen 4-in-1 feed, you should not walk on it until the feed has been watered in and dried, or until after it rains. Otherwise, the iron sulphate in the feed can stain clothes, but worse it can also stain flags and patios. Make sure to clean up any spillages and, if you do get it on paths, be sure to wash it off well with your garden hose.

One thing that everyone wants to know is when they can see results. The answer is if the conditions are good, within one week is normal with this product. EverGreen 4-in-1 provides your lawn with the essential nitrogen and potassium nutrients for a greener and tougher lawn. Nitrogen will keep your lawn green and thick whilst potassium makes grass strong and healthy. Potassium also gives the roots enough strength for better water and nutrient absorption, which is one key factor to a healthy lawn. The nitrogen content in the EverGreen 4-in-1 is 14% whereas potassium oxide is 5%, forming part of the unique WaterSmart Formula by EverGreen. 

While moss growth is inevitable in shady areas of a lawn, applying this feed can help curb the problem. Weed seeds that invade your lawn from other areas may also affect the richness of your lawn. Using the 4-in-1 results in a weed-free lawn but we found this can take up to five weeks to properly work. 


  • Visible results to your grass in just seven days in favourable conditions so you don’t have to be too impatient.
  • Works in three to five weeks to kill moss and control weeds so just hang in there.
  • Ideal to use with EverGreen and Scotts lawn spreaders, which offer an even coverage.
  • Consists of EverGreen’s WaterSmart Formula that strengthens roots and helps them absorb water and nutrients better.  


  • Can burn grass if applied without following instructions. 

Our recommendation

The EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Bag is a very popular and affordable granular lawn feed that does a great job of creating a thick and green lawn and helps in dealing with moss and weeds. The most amazing thing is that results are visible only seven days after application because the feed value is fairly high compared to some other brands we have seen. We like the fact that it works with EverGreen and Scotts lawn spreaders because it brings flexibility to users and these lawn spreaders are also very affordable. 

Overall, this is a very effective feed. After careful consideration, we decided it was certainly worth the Best Pick spot for granular lawn feed.

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3. envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed

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So when it comes to feeding your lawn, it doesn’t get any easier than using this envii Greenkeeper’s Secret liquid lawn feed. It is incredible lawn feed and by far the easiest to apply. What I like about this lawn feed is that I can get the one with the hose end sprayer included and attach the hose to the included sprayer using a Hozelock connection. Then it’s a case of simply watering it into the lawn. It really is that easy. No measuring is needed!

This is why I often recommend this to clients, and it’s always available on Amazon with prime delivery the next day too.

You can get it without the sprayer for about half the price and then reuse the bottle and sprayer off the first bottle which makes it much more cost effective. Although I don’t recommend it as there are more cost-effective options, you can also buy it without the sprayer and apply it with a watering can at 100mm per 5 litres of water, covering around 6 square meters. Personally, I stick with using a hosepipe and the bottle sprayer as it makes feeding your lawn super easy. If I want a feed to apply with a watering can I go with the Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic or use my old favourite iron sulphate, but there is more faff measuring it out.

Using envii Greenkeeper's Secret Spray on Lawn Feed to feed lawn
Using envii Greenkeeper’s Secret Spray on Lawn Feed to feed lawn

I’ve found this to be very effective at greening up lawns. What I would recommend is watering the lawn first if it’s dry as it’s best applied to damp grass. Then apply it with the included sprayer. This lawn feed gives you a thicker and greener lawn as it’s a bio-stimulant with extra ingredients such as nitrogen for your lawn’s health.

Turn nozzle to apply the feed and to turn it off for storing to use later
Turn nozzle to apply the feed and to turn it off for storing to use later

The flow of water from the hose pipe draws up the liquid lawn feed from the bottle in the right ratio and sprays out onto the lawn. For example, on a decent-sized 150 square meter lawn, you should have half the bottle left, and then you can use it again when needed. The 1-litre bottle will treat approximately 300 square meters.

envii Greenkeeper’s Secret is also both pet and child friendly and won’t harm any plants. It will even promote their growth, especially if you have yellowing plants in the same way iron sulphate does.


  • A very easy to apply lawn feed, simply attach it to the hose pipe and water on using the included sprayer
  • Liquid (1L) lawn fertiliser that covers 300m2 when diluted.
  • Visible results in less than 10 days.
  • Creates a thicker and greener lawn.
  • Contains bio-stimulant ingredients, including nitrogen, for grass and soil health.
  • Pet and child safe product, just make sure the lawn is dry first.
  • Provides a root stress support system for your lawn.

Our recommendation

envii Greenkeeper’s Secret is a good choice of lawn feed for those who want to avoid messing around measuring out or using a watering can or lawn spreader. Best of all, it really is very effective at greening up lawns. Being able to hook up your garden hose to the hose end sprayer on the lawn feed bottle means you don’t have to worry about dilution ratios – hook the hose on and spray. It does everything it’s designed to do. A very effective lawn feed and, hands down, the easiest way to feed your lawn.

4. Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed

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Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate PREMIUM Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed

The Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate PREMIUM Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed acts as a lawn feed, lawn greener/conditioner as well as a moss killer. It also assists in turf hardening to help it stay healthy.  This lawn care product has been known to assist in horticulture in the treatment of iron chlorosis problems.

This lawn conditioner and feed dissolves in water to form a solution that results in the correct and even distribution. You can also distribute it using a spreader and then water the lawn to activate it. As a moss killer, it is so powerful that you notice the blackening and dying of the moss within hours.

Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed comes in powder form
Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed comes in powder form

However, with this product, you do need to test the type of soil you have in your garden first. Different types of soil need different amounts of lawn feed so as not to acidify the soil immediately. However, usually, 1kg is enough for a 40:1 spray solution.

Dissolving iron sulphate in warm water and then mixing it with cold water in a water can or sprayer
Dissolving iron sulphate in warm water and then mixing it with cold water in a water can or sprayer

This fertiliser is mostly used during the growing period of grass. After the treatment of your lawn, do not walk on the freshly cut grass as it will prevent the proper delivery of the nutrients to the plants.

You can also use this fertiliser as a feed for acid-loving plants. Mix it with compost or, for even better results, dig it into the soil to create a long-lasting stock of nutrients. It is also a food tonic for lime-hating plants such as heathers and rhododendrons. 


  • Extremely powerful and high quality three in one formula that encourages strong growth and healthy dark green grass while killing moss and weeds.
  • Helps to prevent lawn diseases by hardening the turf and reducing and destroying worm casts.
  • Easy to use because the measurements are easy to follow.
  • Results take four to five days to become visible.
  • Each mini granule contains the right proportion of nutrients so every part of your lawn gets what it needs.
  • High phosphate and potash levels encourage harder growth and better root development.
  • Also useful as a plant tonic for feeding acid loving plants in the garden.


  • Stains hard surfaces if spilled.

Our recommendation

One of the most used and trusted brands of lawn feeds is the Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed. We would recommend it for use by professional groundskeepers, lawn keepers, park keepers and sports groundsmen or if you have a very large garden. It is also good for anyone who has rhododendrons in their garden that are looking yellow because they can be used as a plant feed. It should be handled with care because it is made of very fine particles.

5. Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food

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Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food

The Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food Bag is a great choice for lawn experts who want deluxe results and enjoy taking care of their lawns regularly. It is a scorch-free fertiliser that requires no watering. Simply apply with a suitable lawn spreader such as the Scotts or EverGreen models that are well known for even spreading. You can also hand-spread the fertiliser on your lawn but you must mark treated areas to avoid over-application. Also, make sure to wear gloves if you want to apply them by hand.

Scotts recommends using this lawn feed between March and September or applying it according to their recommended annual programme. The best time to apply, as always, is when the soil is moist, the grass is dry and the weather is frost free. You can still apply the feed in hot, dry conditions, but we recommend watering in this scenario. Ensure you use the correct lawn spreader settings for even application by confirming the appropriate settings for your spreader on the product packaging.

Speaking of results, this lawn feed greens in as little as one week. The fertiliser contains nitrogen that ensures a thicker and tougher lawn for months. The slow-release granules feed essential nitrogen to your lawn day after day, ensuring it stays healthy for a long time. Your lawn will benefit from uniform greening without surge growth and additional mowing. Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food is used to maintain many sports venues across the UK and Europe, so you can trust this brand. It’s one we have personally used for many years.


  • Greens in only seven days and maintains results for months.
  • Won’t scorch your grass even though you don’t water it in.
  • Easy to use the lawn feed – can be spread by hand or using a lawn spreader.
  • No surge growth due to slow nutrient release and water smart formula.
  • Doesn’t need watering in, thus it can be spread even in hot dry conditions.
  • One 8kg bag covers a relatively large area – 400m2.


  • Doesn’t control moss or kill weeds.

Our recommendation

Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food is a top-quality lawn feed for the avid gardener. It is easy to apply even without a lawn spreader, although using a suitable lawn spreader guarantees the best results and makes the job much easier. As long as you follow the instructions, this lawn feed gives desirable results for a long time because of the slow-release fertiliser which we particularly like. Preferred by many sporting venues in the UK, it doesn’t cause surge growth and requires no extra mowing unlike other granular lawn feeds that can cause the lawn to grow excessively fast which is not ideal. 

Even though it’s quite pricey, the Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food is a great choice for regular lawn feeding for those looking for a lawn feed without weedkiller. 

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6. Sportsmaster Spring and Summer Professional Fertiliser

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Sportsmaster Spring and Summer Professional Fertiliser

The Sportsmaster Spring and Summer Professional Fertiliser is not the fastest-acting lawn feed we review but speed isn’t everything. If you can wait six weeks to see the excellent results, this compound fertiliser of mini granules is easy to apply to your lawn with a wonderfully even distribution.

Use this lawn care product, like all others, between April and September – the beginning of spring and the end of summer – for active growth of the grass. It has been specially designed for a reduced risk of scorching the grass, due to its quick breakdown into the soil. However, if you apply it thickly, it will still scorch the lawn.

We recommend watering this Sportsmaster fertiliser into the lawn to aid the dispersion of the fertiliser if it does not rain. Also, delay mowing the lawn for at least three days after application. This fertiliser is an innovative lawn feed that is a sustainable solution that works well for thinning grass.

We recommend, as always, that you use a spreader to apply this mini granular feed to your lawn. If you have to spread it by hand, segment your lawn into five-metre squares to keep track of where you’ve applied the granules. Ensure you weigh the required quantity of fertiliser so you don’t put down too much; use the conversion chart in the spreader for accuracy.

Sportmaster Fertiliser is animal-friendly and does not affect your pets or other domesticated animals. We advise that you scarify your lawn to remove the moss on top of it.


  • Application time is anytime between April and September for the best results.
  • Breaks down rapidly and makes it easy for the uptake of minerals and nutrients into the soil.
  • Lowers the risk of scorching because it disintegrates into the soil after watering the lawn.
  • Free sample pack of 100g of Gardeners Dream Grass Seed is included in case you need to reseed some thinning areas of grass.
  • It has a longevity of 6 weeks, a turf response of 7 days and a granule dispersal of 4-5 days.
  • High phosphate and potash levels encourage harder growth and better root development for luscious growth.
  • Ensures even growth, quality and colour over the whole area.


  • No moss or weedkilling properties.
  • Takes six weeks to see results.

Our recommendation

The Sportsmaster Spring and Summer Professional Fertiliser are ideal for use in professional environments such as parks and sports fields. We also recommend it for use by ornamental horticulture growers, turf managers, landscapers and farmers. That being said, it’s also a great product for home gardeners, especially those who take great pride in their lush and vibrant lawns. Its ease of use and evenness in distribution makes it a charm to work within any garden.

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Soluble Lawn Feeds

7. Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser


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Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser

Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser encourages a vibrant lawn by making your lawn greener while highly effectively killing any moss. This water-soluble lawn feed works best from January to the beginning of spring in killing moss and then from spring to autumn for feeding the lawn.

This lawn feed also acts as a turf-hardener because it works to prevent lawn disease. From late autumn to early spring, it reduces worm casts on the lawn. Worm casts are small, slimy soil mounds caused by the overturning of soil by earthworms. However, long term use of this fertiliser can add acidity to your lawn, which is not a great environment for anything that prefers alkali or neutral pH soil.

What we really like about this Tradefarmini feed is the pure ease of use. It is highly soluble in water. To make it even easier to mix, simply dissolve some in warm water, then mix this warm water with cold water. Then use it in a watering can with a fine hose or sprayer. You may see the moss blackening within two hours before you’ve even finished the whole lawn if it’s a large lawn.

Because you can use this fertiliser for several purposes, a 5kg tub is enough for 5,000 square metres when you use it for greening and 6,250 square metres for moss killing. It is easily stored because it comes in a tub with an easy open and close clip top. It has simple measurements for different uses such as 1-2g/L for greening, 2-5g/L for moss killing and 2-3g/L for turf hardening purposes.

Iron sulphate has been proven to be one of the best components in weed and moss-killing fertilisers due to its multipurpose use. It will ensure you are left with a clean, beautiful looking lawn. The moss and weeds blacken and die and all you need to do is rake your lawn (also known as scarifying) to get back your even green colour, especially after a cold season. 


  • Three-in-one water soluble fertiliser greens and conditions your lawn, kills moss and toughens the turf.
  • Simple to mix and apply, and then use with a watering can and sprayer.
  • The high coverage area for both greening and moss killing.
  • Easily stored in optimum conditions in an easy to close and open clip top tub.
  • Works almost instantly as a moss killer.
  • Helps prevent lawn issues such as worm casts.


  • Only kills surface moss.
  • Acidifies the ground after long-term use.

Our recommendation

The ferrous sulphate properties of the Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser make it a highly effective moss killer, lawn greener and lawn conditioner. This plus the turf hardening and reduction of worm cast qualities make it one of the best liquid lawn feed and weed killers that exist. Best of all, it’s super easy to apply without the worry of burning the lawn.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to treat your lawn and kill moss without the risk of scorching anything, this is the water-soluble lawn feed we recommend as our Best Pick.

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8. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food Tub

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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food Tub

One of the best known soluble lawn feeds out there is the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food. Because it is water-soluble, you can distribute it from a watering can or you can use the affordable Miracle-Gro feeder that you can fill with the feed. As with all lawn feeds, it is best used from early spring to autumn during the months of April to September when the lawn is actively growing.

This convenient and easy-to-use application lawn feed should be applied once a month to your lawn. However, if your lawn is in poor condition, it should be applied every two weeks to help it recover quickly. This Miracle-Gro fertiliser, unlike some others we review, is good for newly turfed lawns and seeded spring lawns. It comes in a 2kg tub and you should start to see the effects within around five days as your grass starts to become more lush and green.

As this fertiliser is water-soluble, it is important that you dissolve the granules in water before application. Don’t apply them to the grass and then water them in because this can lead to over-application. Also, avoid getting the feed onto the plants. This fertiliser’s application rate is 500g per 100m². (But check what the instructions on the tub say in case things change.) What you do is mix 15ml of the feed in 4.5L of water and spray it over 2.5 m² of lawn.

This fertiliser has a low scorch risk but we came to the conclusion that the wrong measurements can still lead to scorching of the lawn. Also, make sure that you seal the tub tightly after use to avoid moisture getting into the crystals.

This lawn feed is high in nitrogen and chelated iron for the deep green colour you desire in the grass. It provides solar feeding through the roots and grass blades making it easy for the even distribution of nutrients. It also has an indefinite shelf life so will keep it if you store it correctly.


  • Apply with a watering can or by using the Miracle-Gro Sprayer.
  • Fast reaction time of five days for a richer and greener lawn.
  • Feed and water your lawn at the same time – multitask!
  • Low scorch risk because the dissolved crystals are absorbed easily.


  • No weed or moss killing properties.
  • Stains fingers and clothes if spilled.

Our recommendation

One of the best lawn fertilisers on the market is the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food Tub. It gives you miraculous results for your lawn and is very easy to measure out and use. If you need to feed your newly laid lawn with the hopes of a dark green lush look, you should seriously consider this lawn feed.

This fertiliser is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget looking to green up their lawn but remember that it does not kill moss or weeds.

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Buyer’s Guide

Deciding what lawn feed is best for your particular lawn rests on just a few decisions. We cover these in this Buyer’s Guide along with some advice on how and when to apply this lawn care product.

Granular or water soluble?

There are two main types of lawn feeds and fertiliser to choose from.

Granular fertilisers

Spring lawn care treatment

Also known as dry fertilisers, granular lawn feed is applied to the grass preferably using a mechanical spreader or a shaker container. It is then usually watered in within 24 hours if it does not rain after the application. It is relatively easy to regulate how the granules are applied and dispersed, especially with a lawn spreader. The only downside is that if spread too thickly, particularly in patches, the fertiliser can sometimes burn or scorch the lawn.  

Water soluble fertiliser

With this style of fertiliser, the granules are dissolved in water (in particular ratios) and then applied to the lawn using a watering can with a fine nozzle or sprayer.  These solutions are fast-acting because the grass absorbs them directly and quickly through the roots and the blades. This fertiliser is usually applied once or twice a month depending on the quality of the lawn beforehand. These are great for anyone who is worried about burning the lawn or looking for a hassle-free way to feed the lawn. Clear measurements are usually provided as to what volume or weight of granules per litre of water to use.

Size of granules

Handful Of Fertilizer Granules Used On Grass Lawns

The size of granules goes a long way in ensuring that the nutrients in the fertiliser are absorbed by the lawn. The larger crystals take longer to dissolve when you water them into the lawn. This means that it takes some time for them to reach down to the roots of the grass. Finer crystals, whether soluble or granular, are easier to spread or dissolve.

Weed and/or feed?

Fertilisers by themselves do the worthwhile tasks of boosting the general nutritional profile of the soil. This leads to better nutrition for your grass, allowing it to grow healthy, strong and really green.

However, some fertilisers are multi-taskers in that they also kill weeds and surface moss in your lawn at the same time. Moss and weeds thrive mostly in areas where the nutritional profile of the soil is low. Usually, you give the lawn a good scarifying (raking) around two weeks later to remove moss. The lawn then starts to establish itself again where it once looked bare.

Lawn hardened off using lawn feed

The really high-performing lawn feeds add yet another task to their to-do list – turf hardening. Turf is a layer of soil covered with grass. The turf needs to be hard enough to prevent lawn diseases such as brown patch, dollar sport and powdery mildew. These diseases usually affect the general feel and look of the lawn. More often than not, once they have attacked, the only option a gardener has is to scorch the entire lawn and start again. In order to prevent this, getting a fertiliser with turf hardening properties goes a long way. It will also help reduce the number of worm casts that exist. 

Pet and child friendly

If you have pets and children who love to be in the garden, look for lawn feed that’s friendly to them. That it doesn’t harm them if it comes into contact with their feet or other body parts. Organic fertilisers here are the best way to go. They do not have a harsh chemical that will affect the health of children. If you have pets or children we recommend using a water-soluble fertiliser (that’s quickly absorbed by the soil and grass) if you cannot guarantee you can keep the little ones and pets off the lawn.

How to use lawn feed

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus Review
EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus is being used to apply lawn feed and moss killer

Time of the year

Your choice of the type of fertiliser depends in part on the time your lawn grows. Some fertilisers are better for use in summer while others work well in the spring and autumn. Knowing what fertiliser works best for which season is crucial. However, you can’t only rely on the calendar for your lawn needs – you need to observe the overall condition of your lawn to know what it needs when.

Spring fertilisers have more phosphorous so that the lawn can take root and grow strongly soon after a dormant winter. Winterizers (autumn fertilisers) are low in nitrogen and give your lawn the nutrients to defend against diseases. 

Application rate

Generally, the application rate of fertiliser tends to be very light. However, the rate also depends on the type of soil. Be aware that, with some soils, you need to adjust the application rate to ensure that you do not scorch your lawn. It is important to remember that the distribution of lawn fertiliser is not like getting your meal from a buffet table – a little goes a long way to ensure your lawn is healthier. Too much fertiliser can harm your lawn so never overdo it. Always follow the recommended amounts on the packaging. Each year many people scorch their lawns by applying fertiliser incorrectly.


How is lawn feed good for the grass and bad for moss at the same time?

Moss I removed from lawn with a scarifier

Moss grows in conditions that are bad for grass to grow in, most notably soil with not enough nutrients. So by fertilising the soil and grass with lots of good nutrients, you create an environment in which moss can’t grow. What’s good for the grass is bad for moss. But be sure to select a lawn feed that says that it kills moss because it contains the right proportion of iron compound to do so.

What do nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in lawn feed do for my grass?

Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate 25KG PREMIUM Lawn Moss Killer
Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate 25KG PREMIUM Lawn Moss Killer

Nitrogen (N) keeps your lawn green and thick, phosphorus (P) stimulates root growth while potassium (K) makes the grass strong and healthy. On the lawn feed container, three numbers tell you the percentages (by weight) of these three elements in the order N-P-K. For example, 21-3-3 is 21% nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 3% potassium.

When can I water my lawn after fertilising it?

Well, it depends. Some of the granular lawn feed products in our review require you to water in the granules after you’ve put them down on the lawn. Another one states that you don’t need to water in the granules at all. Most weed and feed products should be watered two or so days after fertilising the grass.

The best thing is to check the instructions on the lawn feed container. Remember that it’s best to apply any lawn fertiliser to a damp lawn so you never have dry soil and dry granules in contact.

Final Conclusion

Lawns always benefit from regular feeding and maintenance. A healthy lawn equals a happy (and proud) lawn owner. Lawn feed that delivers lush green and vibrant results with a convenient, easy-to-use application is a must-have in any garden shed. And multi-tasking lawn feed that also gets rid of weeds and moss is indispensable in saving precious gardening time and effort.

Our Best Pick for granular lawn care is the EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Feed. This is a multi-functional lawn care product that kills weeds and moss at the same time as well as delivering vital nutrients to your lawn and quick results.

Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser earns our recommendations as the Best water Soluble Lawn feed. This product is extremely easy to mix up and use. It greens, conditions and toughens your lawn as well as killing moss, weeds and worm casts.

Before applying lawn feed to your lawn, consider preparing it by aerating and scarifying the grass. Our reviews on the Best Aerators and the Best Scarifiers explain what these tools are and which the best ones are to buy. And when your lush green lawn is ready for cutting, treat it well with one of the Best Lawnmowers.

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