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Top 5 Best Chainsaw Trousers, Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated on November 28th, 2023

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Choosing the Best Chainsaw Leggings and the Top 5 Picks – Type A and C 

Working with a chainsaw can present serious challenges and they can be very dangerous, even the most seasoned professionals do have accidents. Maybe you lose control of the chainsaw and it catches your leg, or perhaps you slip and fall whilst cutting up logs. The thing is, anything can happen when cutting wood, whether you are a novice or an expert. Chainsaw Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential to make what could be a life-changing accident into a minor close call. Such an important piece of PPE are chainsaw trousers, possibly, even the most important part. So many people just wear a pair of trousers as they’re just cutting a few logs, or maybe cutting the top off a post, it can be so dangerous, it’s really not worth the risk.

A decent pair of chainsaw trousers should offer adequate protection for your particular situation, allow sufficient mobility and feel comfortable on your body. Some of these outfits are heavy whilst others are lightweight. Other chainsaw trousers provide coverage all around the legs and some only offer front protection but these should only really be considered when working on the ground.

Ideally, chainsaw trousers are not made equal and choosing the best chainsaw trousers may be confusing, especially if you’re just starting out. There’s a whole lot of information to figure out, such as Class 1 or Class 2 and Type A or Type C chainsaw protection. These are some of the things you’ll find in our buyer’s guide as they are really important to know when buying a chainsaw

My chainsaw trouser reviews will also cover some of the top quality products that are worth your time and investment. The chainsaw trousers we review here conform to EN381-5 Class 1 minimum chainsaw safety standards, so you can trust them as your line of defence.


Oregon Yukon Type A Chainsaw Trousers
hard-wearing fabric. They offer front protection and can be worn with other trousers or just on their own as trousers. Some may prefer to wear them with braces. Made from materials that are fuel, heat and abrasion resistant. They are easy to clean and will last a long time if maintained well.

Our top 5 best chainsaw trousers and chaps to buy that we have included in our review

  1. Oregon Yukon Type A Chainsaw Trousers – BEST PICK
  2. Oregon Universal Type A Chainsaw Safety Trousers – RUNNER UP
  3. SWS Garden and Country KWF Certified Cut Resistant Dungarees – BEST BUDGET PICK
  4. Rockwood Chainsaw Protective Chaps
  5. Rockwood Chainsaw Bib & Brace


SWS Garden and Country KWF Certified Cut Resistant Dungarees
These come in green with warning elements at the top and bottom. You can't miss the size of this pair - they are available from 40 to 62 inches around the waist. They meet the safety standards for chainsaw leg protection and are made from durable polyester. Should you need to carry a few things, the trousers come with two large pockets. You don't get such features every day for the price of these dungarees. Excellent value overall.


Oregon Universal Type A Chainsaw Safety Leggings
For those who like leggings and only need front protection, the OREGON Universal Type A Chainsaw Safety Leggings are a great choice. They come in one size and all that's needed is to adjust the belt accordingly. With 4 adjustable straps at the back, these fit comfortably and allow excellent ventilation. A 6-layer protective material ensures maximum resistance to cuts which is super important. These are arguably the best chainsaw leggings at a mid-range price and it's easy to see why.

Top 5 Chainsaw Trouser Reviews

1. Oregon Yukon Type A Chainsaw Trousers


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Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trousers, Protection Type A Class 1, Size L

Like the title suggests, these chainsaw trousers offers Type A protection which means they only offer protection for the front of the legs but they are full trousers which is what we like as they can be worn on their own. The Oregon Yukon Type A Chainsaw Trousers are good for anyone working on the ground and they allow excellent freedom of movement. They fit really well too with a range of sizes available from small to 3XL, making them ideal for everyone. 

The trousers are made of 2-way stretch polyester fabric that is abrasion-resistant as well as fuel, oil and heat-resistant. This is also important as anyone using a petrol chainsaw will come into contact with all three, heat, oil and fuel.

This pair is both lightweight at just over 1kg and comfortable to wear even in warmer weather. The implication is that it won’t slow you down whilst you work plus it will enable you to react quickly to any given situation. One of the major complaints that people give concerning chainsaw trousers is that they are too heavy, so the lightweight construction of this particular pair is an advantage. Cool and breathable, the fabric wicks away moisture when it’s hot outside, thus you get to enjoy working without sweating too much. 

Some chainsaw trousers have two to three layers of protection, which provides just enough protection from accidental cuts. The Oregon Yukon takes matters to the next level with a 5-layer protective material; relatively thick but still keeping weight at a minimum.

Two sizeable front pockets and another one on the back are also a brilliant addition to the usefulness of these trousers. They can keep your small essentials such as smartphone, wallet and keys within reach. For your information, this pair has been tested and approved to EN381-5 Class 1 (20m/s). 


  • Lightweight and comfortable, allowing you the much-needed freedom to move around as you work.
  • Made of durable polyester fabric that is resistant to abrasion, fuel, oil and heat. 
  • The trousers feature a 5-layer material for enhanced protection against chainsaw cuts.
  • They come with pockets on front and back for storing your essentials. 
  • The fabric is breathable and wicks away sweat so that you feel fresh throughout your workday. 


  • The velcro pockets are awkward to get into and the backs could maybe do with a slightly thicker material for winter use.

Our recommendation

These trousers are good quality and comfortable to work in and surprisingly lightweight. The fitting is good and there are several waist sizes to choose from.

A couple of pockets are available, and these are handy but the Velcro closure can be a little awkward to get into.

The Oregon Yukon Type A Chainsaw Trousers meet their true purpose and they are pretty much affordable. A decent choice for any chainsaw operator working on the ground regularly. 

Overall, you will feel safe in them which is the most important thing, the only thing I would perhaps improve would be using a slightly thicker material at the back to provide more warmth in winter. That being said, you could wear them over legging pants in winter and if they had used a thicker material it could make them heavier and too warm to wear in the summer. Maybe they are best left as they are. A great pair of chainsaw trousers we would highly recommend.

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2. Oregon Universal Type A Chainsaw Safety Trousers


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Oregon Chaps with Protective Chainsaw Apron, Adjustable Chainsaw Chaps, One Size Fits All, PPE Clothing Safety Trousers, Black, Type A

This version is a one size fits all, therefore, ideal for anyone no matter how big or small you are within reason. The Oregon Universal Type A Chainsaw Safety Leggings are designed to offer front protection only, up to 180 degrees to the front of the legs. These trousers fit comfortably over your work clothes and provide six layers of protection. This will reduce the risk of severe injury in case you come into contact with a chainsaw blade which is obviously a must. The outer shell is made of 100% polyester material and so is the protective material. The material is abrasion-resistant, therefore you can bet this pair will withstand serious abuse. 

Weighing a mere 1kg, these trousers are lightweight so that you can work quickly but you won’t tire as quickly. They also have an open back design to keep you cool and comfortable in hot working conditions. We all know that working with a chainsaw can lead to sweating, especially if you’re working outdoors during the hottest of summer days. Putting on these 6-layer chainsaw trousers doesn’t sound like a good idea when you already know the conditions outside and that’s why the open back is useful. 

There are four adjustable buckles on each leg in order to secure the trousers in place. In addition, an adjustable waist buckle ensures the trousers fit anyone despite the size of their waist. As a matter of fact, the belt area is also adjustable in a way that lengthens or shortens both the height and waist. These pants are thick and they hold their own in a congested market. 


  • It’s a one size fits all outfit, making it easy to get them in your size.
  • The trousers have four adjustable straps on each leg plus an adjustable belt for comfortable fitting. 
  • They ensure maximum protection against cuts thanks to a 6-layer protective material. 
  • They have a lightweight construction that promotes freedom of movement.
  • Highly comfortable and abrasion-resistant fabric for maximum durability. 


  • Only offer front protection.

Our recommendation

Whilst the chainsaw trousers we review here are of great quality, the Oregon Universal Type A Chainsaw Safety Trousers are the best choice for front protection. The 6-layer protection material is vital for guarding against severe injury in case the unwanted happens.

An open back design guarantees improved breathability, unlike fully enclosed chainsaw trousers. If you are looking for an ideal pair for use on hot summer days, this Oregon version is a great choice and from a brand you can trust.

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3. SWS Garden and Country KWF Certified Cut Resistant Dungarees


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KWF certified cut resistant dungarees, cut protection trousers, forest trousers, made in EU

These dungaree-style chainsaw trousers offer protection all the way up to the chest. The SWS Garden and Country dungarees is KWF certified according to EN 381-5 requirements. These trousers provide Type A protection, meaning they are mainly designed for forestry work by professional tree surgeons who know what they are doing. 

They come in a green colour, which blends into the woody environment where they probably get used the most. The warning suspenders are painted in orange as well as the front bottom for easy identification when working. The suspenders are also adjustable and elastic in order for very tall individuals to fit well. This particular pair we have reviewed is 40 inches around the waist, but the sizes are available up to 62 inches. If you have a slender frame, there is a useful waistband to ensure that these trousers won’t sag on you.

We also like the attached front pockets for keeping a few essentials and they have a slanted insert for easy use. The upper is made of 100% polyester and has been strengthened to resist water and anything you throw at them.  These have been also been tested to chainsaw speeds of up 20m/s so you can work easy knowing you have reliable PPE.


  • The trousers have front storage pockets for keeping small tools at reach.
  • They are durable because the PES fabric is resistant to water and mechanical damage. 
  • Includes adjustable elastic warning suspenders.
  • Good quality and very affordable chainsaw trousers. 


  • The sizing is somewhat not good for UK sizing. We recommend reading the Amazon reviews as many customers have commented on their current size and the size they needed. This is probably the best way to choose the right size.

Our recommendation

These are available in many sizes and are designed to offer class 1 and Type A chainsaw protection. Convenient front pockets provide storage for small essentials, whilst warning suspenders will allow others to see you. The price point is very favourable and many will appreciate the coverage from chest to toe.

The sizing is misleading especially because the size chart isn’t in UK format. Overall, the SWS Garden and Country KWF certified cut-resistant dungarees are ideal for forest works and cutting at ground level. What I would recommend is reading through the Amazon reviews as many customers have commented on what size they needed, to get the correct size.

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4. Rockwood Chainsaw Protective Chaps

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Chainsaw Protective Chaps/Seatless Trousers/Leggings 33-40 by RocwooD

These chainsaw protective chaps are the least expensive on our list (at the time of writing) yet they do a remarkable job at shielding users from possible chainsaw dangers. They seem very well made with plenty of frontal protection. The leggings are available from sizes 33 to 40. Since they are chaps, they only have material on the front whilst the back has a generous belt that you simply adjust to your waist size. 

Many previous buyers like how they fit and the fact that they are open ensures minimal sweating while you work. We also found that the chaps are lightweight, therefore, will not slow you down and are comfortable to work in. These are painted black with shades of orange at the bottom. Because they don’t cover the legs entirely, these will be an option for trained chainsaw users only and groundwork, such as chopping logs. 


  • The chaps can fit almost anyone because they have an adjustable belt.
  • One of the most affordable pairs.
  • They have a nice fit. 


  • Some people have stated that they are little bit heavier then expected.

Our recommendation

The Rockwood Chainsaw Protective Chaps are designed to be worn over clothing and they only offer frontal protection so bear this in mind as it’s not obvious from the picture. They come with a useful belt that allows anyone within the specified waist range to fit them comfortably but the belt does slip a little so just something to be aware of.

We found mixed feelings concerning their weight, but we think they will be comfortable to wear around. We would not recommend these chaps for those starting to work with chainsaws though, better suited for those with experience. But if you know what you’re doing, then you can put them on to work. These are amongst the best affordable chainsaw chaps on the market and another pair with considering.

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5. Rockwood Chainsaw Bib & Brace

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Rocwood Chainsaw Bib & Brace Type A Class 1 20m/s EN381-5 1995 Size=Small Black/Orange

This Rockwood version offers improved front protection of Type A and Class 1: 20 m/s. Combined with 9 layers of protective material, you can set to work confidently knowing that it would take something spectacular to get injured severely. The extra fabric layers added to this piece improve cut resistance, however, it’s impractical to find trousers that cannot be cut at all by a powerful chainsaw.

These trousers are available from sizes 27 to 44 around the waist, so literally, any adult working with a chainsaw will find a decent size. There’s no hiding that people come in different sizes so this one meets the needs of everyone. Furthermore, the trousers have an elasticated waistband which offers a good fit. The clothing also features reflective hi-viz panels for easy identification in low-visibility conditions. Another good addition to these chainsaw trousers is two front pockets, allowing you to carry your essentials and small tools with you. 


  • The trousers can resist chainsaw speeds of up to 20m/s.
  • They feature 9 layers of protective material, thus providing better protection than most chainsaw trousers.
  • They fit well around the waist because of an elasticated waistband. 
  • The chainsaw trousers feature hi-viz panels for easy visibility. 
  • They come with convenient pockets for keeping small items. 


  • The straps become loose after some time. 
  • Not generous in terms of size – you may have to go a size up.

Our recommendation

The Rockwood Chainsaw Bib & Brace Type A Class 1 are some of the best chainsaw protective trousers. They have 9 layers of protective material makes these trousers strong enough to withstand a chainsaw cutting at 20m/s.

An elasticated waistband along with the fixed pockets are very practical features too. Whether you have a small or large waistline, these chainsaw trousers will fit you well and guard you safely against cuts. These are a good alternative for fully enclosed chainsaw trousers.

During our research into these we did find a very promising review on Amazon by someone names Kevin titled ‘ They work!’ who describes how after 30 years of using a chainsaw, the unthinkable happened. You can read the review here, it just shows how important chainsaw trousers are.

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Chainsaw Trousers Buyer’s Guide

Let’s face it, a pair of ordinary jeans cannot stop a fully powered chainsaw from ripping through your legs, but chainsaw trousers can help prevent a fatal injury and probably the one important piece of PPE you can invest in when using a chainsaw. These mainly provide protection around the legs for anyone using a chainsaw. Therefore, chainsaw trousers should be your top priority before even starting a chainsaw.

You can read some case studies of accidents here to give you an idea of how dangerous using a chainsaw actually is and why proper use and protective clothing is so important.

Below are some of the things to consider when shopping for chainsaw trousers:

Trouser material

Obviously, chainsaw trousers should be made from tough materials. The most common materials are Polyester, Kevlar, Denier and Ballistic, but they all have a different degree of protection. Polyester and Kevlar make excellent choices for protective clothing. Kevlar chaps are also known to provide great accident protection against cuts. Generally speaking, go for a durable and easy to maintain material. Durable trousers provide enough strength to withstand harsh environments. In the event that an accident happens and the chainsaw damages your trousers, we recommend investing in a new pair because it’s not easy to repair the damage to an acceptable standard and it is simply not worth taking the risk.  

‘Type A’ vs ‘Type C’ Chainsaw Trousers

There are two types of chainsaw trousers; Type A and Type C. What are the differences between the two?

Type A Chainsaw Trousers

Chainsaw trousers Type A provide enough protection on the front part of your legs and they only have a protective sheath in that portion alone. These chainsaw trousers are best suited to chainsaw users who constantly work on the ground or those who are inexperienced. Type A trousers may be supplied as chaps to be worn over your regular work clothes and some are worn as standard trousers. 


  • Usually more affordable compared with Type C chainsaw trousers.
  • They can be worn over normal work clothes.
  • Usually lightweight for excellent mobility and cooler in summer months.
  • Perfect for working on ground level. 


  • Only offers front protection.
  • Ideal for ground work only. 

Type C Chainsaw Trousers

Type C trousers provide full-leg protection and are usually worn as standard trousers, unlike other work clothes. These give a significant amount of protection when using the chainsaw at awkward angles and whilst climbing trees. They are ideal for professional tree surgeons who work at heights with heavy-duty tools. Type C protective trousers are also commonly worn by students in arborist training organisations. Settings where many less experienced chainsaw operators or trainees work also require Type C protection. The same goes for places where many tree surgeons are working together. 


  • Offers protection to the entire legs.
  • Maximum full-leg protection when climbing trees or operating a chainsaw at trickier angles.
  • Recommended by most arborist training institutions.


  • Usually costlier than Type A trousers and much warmer.
  • Bulkier than Type A’s.
  • Not worn over conventional work clothes

As much as type C chainsaw trousers offer all-around protection for aerial applications, some situations might be impractical to wear these trousers. For instance, during the hottest days of summer, it may be suitable to wear Type A chainsaw trousers if safe to do so. That may need support from an appropriate risk assessment report, though. In short, Type A trousers are recommended for groundwork and the less experienced, whilst Type C for aerial applications or professionals. 

Trouser Design and Comfort

Most chainsaw trousers come with pockets that provide storage for small tools and personal items. Check whether the pockets are large enough and if it is easy to put something into. Are the trousers or chainsaw chaps adjustable? It would make it easy for others to wear them when clearing the woods. 

When it comes to comfort, you want garments that will let you enjoy working with a chainsaw. This is where you consider things such as weight, size and breathability of the outfits. The chainsaw pants should be of manageable weight. Not too light to compromise on quality and not too heavy for spending the day in.

The gear should allow enough space for good mobility from any direction. 

Breathability is crucial when working under the hot sun. Some Type A trousers are the best for ventilation because they are usually open at the back but this is a tradeoff for front protection. 

Chainsaw Protection Classification

All chainsaw protective trousers must meet the EN381-5 standard safety requirements. Basically, this standard outlines the class of protection offered as indicated by the chainsaw speed used in the test. The minimum allowable protection for leg protectors including chainsaw trousers is Class 1, which resits a chainsaw cutting at 20 m/s. Class 2 chainsaw protective products are tested at 24 m/s, whilst Class 3 trousers at 28 m/s. 

Make sure the chainsaw protective gear are marked accordingly as pictured below:

chainsaw protective gear are marked accordingly

Alongside this mark should be an indication of class protection, such as “Class 1”. Beware of bogus products and look for the brand name, mentioned area of protection, washing information and more details that ascertain credibility. Speaking of cleaning, some trousers can be hand-washed or machine-washed, whilst others don’t need washing to avoid compromising their capability and quality. 

What size of chainsaw trousers do you need?

The first thing you want to do is check your waist size and height. You can then check your measurements against what the manufacturer has specified in the product information. Most products are designed with adjustable belts, straps and buckles, so users can adjust accordingly to get a comfortable fit.

Final Conclusion

Every individual who works with a chainsaw or even those that want to use one, really need chainsaw trousers. Some of these trousers may be costly, but you can’t put a price on safety. There is no way to protect yourself from a fully running chainsaw than investing in the best chainsaw trousers you can afford.

From our chainsaw trouser reviews, the chainsaw trousers that we highly recommend are the ones from Oregon. These Type A trousers are durable, have several layers of protective material and come in a range of sizes. 


Will you prefer chainsaw chaps or fully enclosed trousers? The choice is yours. Stay safe. 

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