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6 Best petrol pressure washers tested for reliability and performance

Last updated on November 28th, 2023

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First, I wanted to talk about my experience with petrol pressure washers over the last 20 years. We use them regularly at my family’s garden centre. It is incredible what you can clean with them and the results you get. We often find ourselves cleaning the paved concrete and block paved paths when not using the apply and walk away patio cleaner for them. I also use the petrol pressure washer for stripping moss and algae off the wooden and concrete raised display beds. Another job is cleaning the compact dirt off the John Deer tractor, the trailer, the forklift, and two vans. I also pressure wash the large paved display areas, greenhouses, sheds, and large concrete areas. We also use them for cleaning down after landscaping jobs.

My older Honda pressure washer still runs fine after over 12 years
My older Honda pressure washer still runs fine after over 12 years

So should buy a petrol pressure washer instead of an electric pressure washer. I’ve owned both and have done for years. At home, I love using my electric Karcher K5 Full control pressure. It’s good enough for personal use, cleaning my small york stone patio, washing off garden furniture, and cleaning the car.

My Karcher K5, ideal for home use but lack the power of my petrol alternatives
My Karcher K5, ideal for home use but lack the power of my petrol models

It’s quiet, low maintenance, easy to store. However, when it comes to cleaning power, it does not even come close to my Honda pressure washer at the garden centre or my dad’s Wilks-USA TX750i Petrol Power Pressure Washer. He has a small holding and stables, so he needs something with more power and, more importantly, something that is easy to move around and portable, i.e. no power cord to worry about!

Honda engines are very reliable and last for years if maintained
Honda engines are very reliable and last for years if maintained

What a machine the Wilks TX750i pictured below is a lot of pressure washer for not a lot of money. For the nursery, though, we’ve always gone down the Honda route, as we need a workhorse for that. More on both these pressure washers further down.

Let’s talk about why petrol pressure washers are worth considering. The big one is the increased power with the higher psi and bar rating for increased pressure. This means that even the most demanding jobs can be completed much faster than electric pressure washers, which is essential for those cleaning larger areas.

Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer has serous cleaning power
Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer has serous cleaning power

To give you an idea, my dad’s Wilks TX750i pressure washer above has a pressure rating of 220 Bar, that’s working with consistent pressure, not the max pressure. My Karcher K5 electric pressure washer, a high spec model in the electric pressure washer world, only produces 145 bar, thats 75 bar less. With petrol, you also have the advantage of no power cords. Then you have the increased versatility that most petrol models have thanks to the 4 or 5 different nozzles, including blasting, stripping, cleaning, washing and often detergent application nozzles.

At the end of the day, for me, what makes petrol pressure washers an excellent option is the power they provide and the increased speed at which I can complete a job. Time is money! What can take a couple of hours with an electric pressure washer, can efficiently be completed in 30-40 minutes with a decent petrol model.

A word of warning: a petrol pressure washer is only as reliable as its engine. Good examples include Honda engines, which are probably one of the best. I’m also a fan of Hyundai engines, which have a 3-year warranty for domestic and one year for professional use.

Do I recommend petrol pressure washers for everyone? Well no! I also use electric pressure washers, which are much quieter and less maintenance with no petrol engine to worry about. If you have a small area to clean, such as a driveway or patio, or even cleaning your car. Electric pressure washers are fantastic options these days. That being said, you can’t ignore the sheer power a decent petrol pressure washer can provide, which is where the real value is.

Before I get into my detailed reviews and buyers guide further down, I wanted to quickly mention some of my personal favourite petrol pressure washers below.

My favourite petrol pressure washer the Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer
Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer

For occasional use at home a few times a year, cleaning down the driveway or patio, cleaning the walls, cleaning heavily soiled stubborn dirt, maybe your car or van, even your gutters. I would consider investing in this Wilks-USA TX750i Petrol Power Pressure Washer. It is a lot of pressure washer for what really isn’t a lot of money. Basiclly, it’s very high spec and one of the most powerful models in my review, ideally for domestic use rather than professional.

For less than £400, it comes with 30 meters of hose, a powerful and very reliable Wilks 8HP 4-stroke Engine that produces 3200 PSI / 220 Bar of working Pressure. Not to mention, it comes with 5 different cleaning nozzles you can change in seconds. It has a well-thought-out design with a built-in deterrent tank, large 12-inch wheels for better stability, and a variety of accessories for every job you can think of, including gutter cleaning. What does let it down a little is the hose. Like most affordable options, I would recommend assuming that, at some point, you will need a replacement hose. I’ve always just upgraded the hose.

Something else worth mentioning is that my dad thinks it’s perhaps a little thirsty on fuel. It’s not really an issue for occassional use, but if you use it often, maybe it’s not the best choice. That being said, overall, it’s a great bit of kit for the price. If you do intend to use it often. I would perhaps consider spending a little more to get something built for regular use and more economical.

Now, if you need petrol pressure for professional use like we do at the garden centre. Maybe you just want to spend a little more to get a professional quality pressure washer. Then take a look at this Waspper W3100HA Honda Powered 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer. You can’t beat a Honda engine for reliability and fuel economy. Honda engines are just in their own league. At the nursery, we always go down the Honda route when it comes to engines as they last. I still suggest replacing the hose. It’s a 7-meter 6mm PVC hose, not the best, but good enough if that’s all you have. Like I said, get a decent rubber hose, and it makes life much easier. Again, it has the HONDA GP 200 4-stroke engine and 4 different nozzles. One small downside: it doesn’t have the built-in detergent tank if this is something you’re looking for. I prefer to use a lance with a built-in soap dispenser. I got mine from Halfords, but they sell them online. Overall, the build quality of the frame and lance is good too.

Hyundai 212cc Petrol Pressure Washer

Another option worth looking at for professional use or just larger cleaning jobs is this Hyundai HYW3000P2 212cc Petrol Pressure Washer. It may be a little overkill for domestic use in a small garden. However, it is a brilliant piece of kit.

I’ve collected a nice lineup of Hyundai petrol tools over the years, including my Self-propelled mower and my garden multi tool, and my Hyundai petrol scarifier. They all have one thing in common, they have all been super reliable, so this should be no different. It’s powered by their Hyundai IC210 210cc / 4-Stroke OHV engine that produces 2800 psi and uses an Annovi Reverberi pump. Basiclly all good quality reliable equipment. Combine this with the different spray nozzles, beefed up frame, and large wheels, and it’s an impressive, serious kit.

Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer


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Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer
Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer

This Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer is without a doubt one of the best pressure washers if you’re looking for a decent machine for demanding jobs for personal use. I think my dad has had his Wilks TX750i for a couple of years and it has been great. Always start the first time, just don’t forget to release the pressure from the lance before you start!

I would say it’s easily as powerful as the Honda-powered petrol pressure washers we use at the family garden centre. I just don’t think it would handle heavy use regularly, I would also consider upgrading the hose to a rubber one. It does come with a 30-meter hose which is fine, my dad just has the 20-meter one attached, and the 10-meter extension it comes with has never been on.

In terms of performance, it’s a powerful pressure washer perfect for all your heavy outdoor cleaning jobs – your patio and driveway, the outside of your home, walls and windows, and your car and bikes, caravan, you name it, it will clean it. Just be careful to use the right nozzle as it will strip paint!

Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer has 5 different spray nozzle
Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer has 5 different spray nozzle

The power comes from a 210cc four-stroke engine. You just pull the cord and you’re away after turning the fuel on, switching the on/off switch on and sliding the choke to on or ‘cold’ as the label says. With a max water pressure of 3,950psi and 272 bar combined with one of the nozzles, the most stubborn and long-term stains don’t stand a chance.

This pressure washer’s frame is made of tough steel to withstand the use you put it to. As previously mentioned it comes with five different spray nozzles to handle all the types of cleaning jobs you have. What’s useful is that the nozzles are colour coded to where you snap them in – red is for blasting, green for cleaning, yellow for stripping, white for washing and black for detergent application. Well I’m talking about the nozzles, on my dad’s pressure washer, they have a tendency to fall out while moving it around. A quick fix is just to put them in a small bag and attach it to the pressure washer.

When it comes to using detergent, there’s a 6 litre detergent tank to hold the liquid soap. You can use a detergent of your choice, plus the appropriate (black) nozzle, to remove stains and marks that are really ingrained into the hardscape surfaces. My dad has not used this much as the power line is usually enough to remove any stains!

Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer comes with a 20 meter hose plus a 10 litre expansion
Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer comes with a 20 meter hose plus a 10 litre expansion

The spray gun is high pressure and has a variable flow that you adjust to suit what you’re cleaning. Use it at high pressure for brickwork but turn it lower when you’re washing windows, garden furniture or loose gravel. The 30m hose that comes with this Wilks washer can handle these high pressures well, but it’s not the best. Personally, I would upgrade it, but it’s not essential. The hose it comes with is a 20m length with a 10m length extension. To compare most pressure only comes with 7 or 8 meter hoses so this is unusually long but useful as it means cleaning larger areas is easier.

Powerful 8HP OHV 4-Stroke Engine
Powerful 8HP OHV 4-Stroke Engine

Now something that is useful is that you have a selection of places to draw the water from for this washer to make it easy to use in out of the way spots. Hook it to a regular tap with a universal Hozelock connector (that’s what my dad does). Super easy and most people will use this option. However, you can recycle water by connecting the washer hose to the outlet on a water tank or barrel, ideal for portable cleaning for professional vehicle cleaners, patio cleaning services etc. Or plunge it into a pond or pool and take water from there. Don’t worry if the water you use is a bit murky; the inbuilt filter collects all the bits and pieces floating in the water and stops them from entering the pressure washer. Most other models do not have a suction pump, so it can only be connected to a tap with good pressure, which is where this model earns extra points.


  • The engine is a four-stroke 8hp with 210cc of power and has a recoil start.
  • Peak power of 3950 psi / 272 Bar handles the dirt and grime on your driveway, paving, decking and car.
  • The frame is made of tough steel for longevity and strength.
  • Five different cleaning functions, each with its own nozzle for all your clean-up needs.
  • The detergent tank holds 6L of liquid cleaning fluid to remove even the most stubborn marks.
  • The spray gun is ultra-high pressure with a variable flow to suit whatever cleaning job you’re doing.
  • The hose is 30m to reach all the secluded parts of your garden and driveway.
  • The automatic pump stops and starts the water flow as you need it.
  • Weighs 30kg.
  • Wheels are 30cm in diameter and roll easily over rough terrain such as the bumpy bits of your garden to reach the dusty fences.
  • One-year warranty and free help line support to answer all your questions.

My recommendation

This Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer has a 210cc engine that produces a powerful 3,750psi of water pressure. Along with the 6L of liquid soap in the detergent tank, this is enough cleaning power for outside hardscapes, vehicles, garden furniture or external walls, however grimy and grungy they are.

The five different nozzles offer a selection of washing techniques to suit all kinds of stains, marks and dirt. The long 30 metre high pressure hose (20m + 10m) lets you customise how you reach everything that needs power washing.

I like the Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer for its versatility, five different spray nozzles, and reasonable price. It’s my best pick for the best petrol-pressure washer because it’s very reliable, has decent pressure and comes at a really good price.

If you’re looking for a home petrol washer with the best functionality, this Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer is well worth considering. It’s also a great starter model if you are starting a cleaning business because of the built-in suction pump and price.

2. Waspper W3100HA Honda Powered 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer

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Waspper W3100HA Honda Powered 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer

This Waspper Honda Powered 200-3100 PSI 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer is a mid-range power washer that’s suitable for any domestic, around-the-garden task and even professional use. Its 196cc engine is made by Honda, and that tells you right there that it’s efficient, durable and well-respected. It’s a four-stroke engine, so there’s no need to mix the fuel and oil before you fill up the respective tanks.

The frame of this petrol pressure washer is constructed of powder coated steel. This gives a sturdy rigidity to the pressure washer as well as being rust and corrosion-resistant. The aluminium pump is equally as rust resistant and is lightweight as well. It doesn’t add much weight to the 28kg washer.

This Honda washer generates 3100psi of pressure and puts out a maximum flow rate of 8.5L/min. That’s enough of a powerful spray to dislodge the stubborn stains on your driveways, paths and other surfaces you need to clean.

And to match the spray to the cleaning task, you have the choice of four nozzles just like the Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer. Each nozzle is colour-coded so you know at a glance which one’s which depending on the job. And they fit into individual storage pods (also colour-coded) on the upper part of the washer. It’s all neat and tidy. And it’s easy to attach the nozzles as they’re quick coupling.

To use the washer, you attach the lance to the ergonomic spray gun. This is a separate part of the lance that has the trigger on it to release the water. It’s designed to be comfortable in your hand as you do have to hold down the trigger all the time when you want to create a spray. Then attach the nozzle to the lance. Alternatively, you can use the (included) 7.5m hose in place of the lance or in addition to it. This gives you a variety of lengths to choose from to reach the places you want to clean.

A couple of things to note for your comfort and convenience. The washer has rubber bumpers which reduce the vibrations you feel from the motor, it doesn’t vibrate and move around like some models do. It’s worth noting that it also includes some engine oil so you don’t have to remember to run out and get some so just get your self some petrol and it’s ready to use.


  • Petrol powered washer with a 196cc Honda engine and a pull start.
  • Powder coated steel frame with an aluminium pump.
  • Flow rate is a steady 8.5L/min.
  • Comes with four colour-coded nozzles – 15?, 25?, 40?, and soap nozzle.
  • Storage for nozzles on the body of the unit.
  • Wheels are 30cm in diameter and of a ‘never-flat” design.
  • Ergonomic spray gun has a 40cm extension lance made of stainless steel.
  • PVC hose is 7.5m long and puts out 3200psi of pressure.
  • Quick-coupling and M22 connectors link everything together easily.
  • Purchase includes 0.6L of 10W40 engine oil.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • No detergent tank.

My recommendation

This Waspper Honda Powered 200-3100 PSI 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer is not as powerful as some of the other washers in my review, but it’s suitable for most of the usual domestic outside power cleaning tasks in the average household. Its Honda engine makes it durable and reliable, and the pull start is easy to use. Plus, the two-year warranty should also put your mind at rest. Overall this is a decent pressure washer and a good alternative to this Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer for those looking to spend a little more for the reliability of a Honda engine.

3. Draper Expert PPW650 2700 psi 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer

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Draper Expert PPW650 2700 psi 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer
Draper Expert PPW650 2700 psi 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer

This Draper Expert Petrol Pressure Washer comes from a company with an excellent reputation. Like the Wassper Honda model reviewed above, this also has a four-stroke 196cc engine. However, you don’t come with oil with your purchase here, so remember to pick some up before you want to start work.

This Draper model is slightly less powerful than the Waspper unit but it’s a good chunk cheaper too. It produces 2700psi of pressure. This results in a water flow rate of 7.9L/min. That’s not much less, so it should clean your paths and patio just as well.

This Draper expert model comes with five colour coded nozzles instead of the usual four. As with most other washers, you store the nozzles on the front of the unit within easy reach for quick switching.

Draper Expert PPW650 2700 psi 196cc Petrol Pressure Washer

As well as the trigger gun, the jet washer consists of the lance and an 8m hose.

A very useful feature of the Draper Expert washer is that it has an integrated detergent tank something the Waspper washer does not. Just fill the tank with your favourite liquid detergent, put on the soap nozzle, and you’re ready to wash your car or soap down your deck. I recommend getting a nozzle with a built-in soap tank.


  • Petrol washer powered by a 196cc, 6.5HP 4-stroke engine.
  • Bright blue frame made of powder coated metal.
  • Produces 2700psi (max) of  pressure and 7.9L/min of water flow.
  • Comes with five colour-coded nozzles which are stored on the upper body of the washer.
  • Nozzles connect quickly and easily to the stainless steel lance.
  • Comes with a trigger gun, lance and an 8m heavy duty hose.
  • Detergent tank is integrated into the unit.
  • Large all-terrain wheels grip uneven ground.

My recommendation

This Draper Expert 2700 psi Petrol Pressure Washer is a good power washer for around the average home and garden. Its frame of powder-coated metal is rust proof and brightly coloured. The built-in detergent tank lets you fill it up occasionally with soap and not worry about it for a while. This is a good choice for professionals as well as personal use.

4. Hyundai HYW3000P2 – 212cc Petrol Pressure Washer

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Hyundai HYW3000P2 – 212cc Petrol Pressure Washer

This Hyundai 3100psi 212cc 10L/min Petrol Pressure Washer is another power washer from a well-respected brand, and this thing is a beast when it comes to pressure washing. This Hyundai 212cc model is similar to the Hyundai model review further down, but it produced more pressure – 3100psi (maximum) instead of 2800psi (max). This means that it can do heavier-duty tasks and take more grime off. It’s a real workhorse!

The power washer frame is a powder-coated metal in a mid-grey colour. It’s rust- and corrosion resistant and stands up to the water spray that inevitably lands on it. The spray trigger part of the lance is also grey and fits into the lance extension. There’s also a 10m long hose that can be used with the lance.

Hyundai HYW3000P2 - 212cc Petrol Pressure Washer

Along with the 3100psi, comes a water flow rate of 10L/min. By adjusting the spray nozzle, you can narrow down the spray stream to concentrate it more or widen it out to make it less strong. Your choice of nozzles is from 0° (straight spray), a 15° fan, a 40° fan and a standard soap nozzle. But if you have really deep dirt to get rid of, use the included turbo nozzle. This is a very intense stream of water that can remove rust, graffiti and more.

If you’re planning on using your Hyundai power washer away from a regular water supply, check out the Annovi Reverbi Triplex pump. This allows the washer to draw its water from a barrel instead of being gravity fed from a tap. This lets you use the washer “off-grid”, perhaps on a small-holding or allotment. It also lets you recycle rain water instead of adding to your water bill.


  • Petrol washer with a powerful low emission, 212cc 4-stroke Hyundai engine.
  • Easy start recoil engine.
  • Creates 3100psi of pressure and a flow rate of 10L/min.
  • Frame is powder coated steel (in a mid-grey colour).
  • Comes with four colour coded quick release nozzles and a turbo nozzle.
  • Store nozzles individually on the upper part of the unit.
  • Includes trigger gin, lance and 10m hose.
  • Can draw water from a barrel as well as a tap with the Annovi Reverbi pump.
  • Tough pneumatic, puncture-proof tyres.
  • Three-year Hyundai warranty.


  • No detergent tank.

My recommendation

The Hyundai 3100psi 212cc 10L/min Petrol Pressure Washer comes from a company that’s well-renowned for its engines and for the quality of its products. Its three-year warranty backs up its reputation which is why I already own a few of their petrol powered tools including its self propelled mowers and scarifiers. This pressure washer comes with a fairly standard set of nozzles plus a turbo nozzle for the really grimy places you have to clean. An interesting feature for those who want to use the washer “off the grid” is that you can use water from a barrel rather than a tap to feed this unit.

5. Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer

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Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer

The Briggs & Stratton ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer comes from a company that’s world-renowned for making high-quality products, especially engines. The motor in this pressure washer is a 190cc engine from the respected 875Exi series. This produces a maximum water pressure of 3,190psi which falls in the mid-range of the pressure washers in my review.

This Briggs and Stratton power washer is built for strength and long-time use. Its steel frame has integrated wheels at the rear and a front stand. But it’s the proprietary technology that sets it apart from its competitors.

First up is the Quiet Sense feature. When the spray gun nozzle is in operation and you release the trigger (stop spraying), Quiet Sense automatically idles the engine. This reduces the noise by 40%. Your neighbours and anyone passing by will be grateful for your consideration of their hearing (and your own).

The second technological feature is ReadyStart. This makes the recoil start easy to operate by taking away the need to manually prime the engine or manually adjust the choke. This means that even those who aren’t used to starting engines (except by turning a key) can use this power washer from scratch.

The four nozzles included with this power washer are one for when you use the detergent option and three that spray water in different degrees of fan shapes – 0° (straight out), 15° (narrow fan) and 40°(wide fan). A 9 metre length of pressure hose is included, but you may need to extend this or replace it with a longer hose if you find it a little short, however, at just under 30ft long, it’s not too short for most jobs either.


  • Ideal for professional and domestic use.
  • Reliable Briggs and Stratton 875EXi series engine with 190cc of high-quality power.
  • Steel frame and integrated wheels for durability and strength
  • Proprietary technology for quieter operation when the spray gun trigger is not in use.
  • Easy starting with ReadyStart means you don’t need to manually prime the engine before pulling the recoil cord.
  • Maximum water pressure of 3,190psi.
  • Four quick-connect nozzles give three angles from pinpoint to a wide fan of precise cleaning, and a soap application option.
  • Store unused connectors on the body of the washer for convenience so you won’t lose them.
  • The pressure hose is 9m and you can use water from the tap, barrel or pool.
  • Weighs 29.1kg.
  • Briggs and Stratton 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.

My recommendation

The Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer has the backup of a company often praised for its high-quality products, especially engines. It does come at a premium price but for that, you receive a pressure washer designed for your comfort and convenience. QuietSense reduces the noise of the washer where possible and ReadyStart lets you start the machine without worrying about any manual intervention other than pulling the recoil cord. 

I like the Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer for its high quality and reputation of the company and its technological features that make it easy and comfortable to use. This is Petrol Jet pressure washer for those willing to extend their budget to get a premium model.

If you’re looking for a powerful jet wash that is well designed and considers comfort and convenience, take a long look at the Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer. The price is a little expensive but for reliability, quality and power it’s hard to beat a decent Briggs & Stratton machine.

6. Hyundai HYW3000P2 210cc Petrol Pressure Washer 

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Hyundai HYW3000P2 210cc Petrol Pressure Washer

The Hyundai HYW3000P2 210cc Petrol Pressure Washer is from another company highly thought of for its engines but one that is also known for its affordable machines. This time, a 210cc motor powers a pressure washer that delivers 2,800psi of water pressure for your power washing convenience. Somewhat heavier, at 35kg, than some of the other washers I review, this Hyundai model has the same features and abilities.

This Hyundai pressure washer has a tubular steel frame in a glossy black colour which is a welcome change from the standard grey steel colour of many other washers. The tyres are puncture-proof so you don’t have to worry about running over spiky things on your driveways or pathways. The handle frame folds down over the body to create a compact unit so you can store it in a small space in your garage or shed or transport it conveniently on the wheels.

You receive four nozzles to use with this jet washer. There’s the straight spray (0°), and two fan sprays at 15° and 40°; the last nozzle is for use with the detergent in the 3 litre detergent tank. If just a high-pressure stream of water isn’t doing enough cleaning, consider adding detergent into the mix. And don’t worry about the vibration of the high-pressure water stream on the washer – this Hyundai model has anti-vibration feet to take some of the strain away. That being said, just check the engine bolts before use because they have been known to vibrate loose, better yet, swap them out for M8 nyloc nuts so it can’t happen.

You have the choice of using this washer connected to a tap, gravity fed from a water tank or a water butt, just like our best pick. Consider recycling rainwater when you power wash your outside hardscapes. However, you may need to extend the 7.5 metres (just under 25ft) hose to reach the far ends of your driveway or garden walls.


  • Ideal for domestic use, even for the toughest jobs.
  • Reliable four-stroke 210cc engine for low emissions and reliability in all weathers.
  • Water pressure maxes out at 2,800 psi / 8.75L/min.
  • Built-in 3 litre detergent tank for when you need to scrub your driveway or wash your car.
  • Four quick release nozzles, plus a lance, for your varied power washing tasks.
  • Black tubular steel frame with puncture-proof tyres for extended use and long life.
  • The hose is 7.5m long.
  • Use water from the main water supply or from a water tank if you’re into recycling rainwater.
  • The handle frame folds down over the washer body for compact storage and ease of transport.
  • Weighs 35kg.
  • Three-year Hyundai warranty for peace of mind.


  • A little noisy.

My recommendation

The Hyundai HYW3000P2 210cc Petrol Pressure Washer has all the features that you want in a petrol pressure washer and is probably an equal contender to be our best pick because it’s reliable and powerful and it even beats it on warranty with 3 years. The only reason it’s not our best pick is that it doesn’t have as many reviews online so we could 100% confirm how it performs over a longer period of time such as 2 to 3 years.

Its 210cc four-stroke engine provides 3,190psi of water pressure for your power washing enjoyment. You can use the detergent feature or one of three different spray patterns to suit your clean-up needs which means it’s very versatile.

Conveniently, the handle frame folds down to reduce the vertical space needed to store or transport the washer. This unit has anti-vibration feet to reduce the shaking and the handle has a soft grip bar that lessens the pressure on your hands. Just remember to check the engine bolts that fasten to the frame before using it for the first time.

The Hyundai HYW3000P2 210cc Petrol Pressure Washer is a good choice for a reasonably priced pressure washer if you are hesitant to buy one that has the higher power of our Best Pick or you want a longer warranty. Overall a great alternative to my best pick by Wilks.

Buyer’s Guide

If your outdoor cleaning tasks have grown and need you to move into the big league of petrol power washers, you have a few decisions to make. In my Buyer’s Guide, i walk you through the main features of these powerful washers and discuss the options you have and what to look out for.


You’re buying your petrol pressure washer to save you time and effort in keeping your outdoor hardscapes in pristine condition. Power is what it’s all about.


Powerful and reliable Honda engine
Powerful and reliable Honda engine

The size of the power washer engines in MY review run from around 190cc through to 450cc. (Sometimes the size of the engine is also given in horsepower – hp.) In general, the more powerful the engine is, the more pressure it can produce for the washing task. In addition, some of the engines here – in particular, Briggs and Stratton, Honda and Hyundai – are renowned for their high quality, reliability and long life. 

Take a look at the types of areas you want to clean and how often you plan to use the washer, and whether you’ve had previous good experiences with a particular brand of motor, in selecting both the size and the brand of engine you want.


Depending on the power of the engine, the pressure it produces is key to how successfully you and your pressure washer suit each other. Various measures of pressure are given so it’s sometimes difficult to compare different washers.

The most common is pounds per square inch (psi); then, there are bars of pressure in the metric. These two measurements are often given together, as with my favourite pick, the Wilks Genuine USA TX750i pressure washer, which gives 3,950psi/272Bars.

An alternate measure which you may see is L/min. This refers to the flow rate of water through the hose. An example is the Hyundai HYW3000P2 in my review which has an 8.75L/min flow rate.

In all of these different ways of presenting the pressure of the power washer, the higher the number, the better the pressure.


Washing your outside hardscapes is the prime function of your petrol pressure washer, but how it does that may vary from model to model.

Similar to using a garden hose with a spray attachment to hose down your patio, a pressure washer offers a variety of spray shapes to choose from. Each model comes with a range of nozzles that spray various angles of arcs, usually a selection of 0° (pinpoint line of water), 15°, 25°, and 40° (the widest arc). Choosing the one that provides the best width of spray at the best pressure may be a matter of experimentation. The best petrol jet washers also have a nozzle that’s for use with detergent when you need soapy action to remove dirt, moss and stains. For example, washing your car, your kids’ bikes or your home’s windows.

All the pressure washers in my review have a snap-on or click-and-go system for the nozzles so they’re easy to change. In addition, they may be colour coded. The Wilks-USA TX850 heavy-duty model, for example, has the code: red for blasting, yellow for stripping, green for cleaning, white for washing and blue for detergent application.

Some pressure washers provide storage places on the unit itself for the nozzles not in use. However, for most of the models I’ve owned, the vibration of the machine in use often shook these nozzles to the ground so I put mine in a small bag and attached it to the frame.


Durable frame on my Petrol pressure washer
A durable frame on my Petrol pressure washer


All the petrol pressure washers in my review are made of some form of steel. The steel may be powder-coated in a colour to add extra rust and weather resistance. But steel, in general, is resistant to many hardships and is strong and durable.


Look for wheels with pneumatic tyres that withstand punctures from any solid and pointed objectives you encounter in your power washing adventures. Tyres that are rugged and deeply treaded provide traction on all kinds of terrain and going up and down inclines. After having pressure washers with smaller wheels, I now look for models with higher wheels are they are easier to transport on uneven terrains.


Petrol pressure washer quality hose that doesn't kink and is long
One of my Honda Petrol pressure washer where I replaced the hose with a better quality hose that doesn’t kink and is long

The hose you receive with the pressure washer is key in delivering the pressure of water. Make sure that it’s a high-pressure hose and not just a garden hose. The rubber of the hose must be thick and flexible enough to withstand the rush of water through it. If necessary, replace the included hose with a better one of your own.

The length of the hose determines where you pressure wash the outdoors. The Wilks comes with 30m of hose, in a 20m length and a 10m length. This gives you options of how to configure the length you use for your task; use the shortest length that you need, to conserve the pressure of the water. Of course, you can always extend the length of the hose by adding on a connector and another piece or by usually a longer hose. Most other models come with hoses that around 8 meters long.

Fuel tanks

Of course, there’s a fuel tank with a petrol pressure washer and somewhere to put the oil in. Check the capacity of these containers. If you plan on often using the washer away from home, you may have to carry a petrol can with you if the washer’s fuel tank is small. 

The petrol jet washers that let you use detergent on your pressure washing process have a detergent tank or small suction tube inserted into a tub of detergent. Check also the size of this tank, especially if you plan on washing a great many cars or doing large cleaning jobs.


I’ve included water as a separate part of this buyer’s guide because it’s a key feature and most of the best petrol pressure washers give you an option of what to use as your water source. If you’re near a tap, you can use the main water source by connecting the tap to the hose with a universal Hozelock connector.

If you can’t reach a tap or you’re working from the back of a van with a water tank, for example, you can pull water from a tank, barrel or even a pond or a pool. Don’t worry about bringing grunge and dirt into your washer because most models have a filter attached to the hose to remove small particles. Despite this, we would never recommend using a water source that looks dirty.

Final Conclusion

Maybe your patio, car or pathways still have a grungy look after you’ve washed them down with your garden hose or your electric pressure washer. Call in the big cleaners with a petrol pressure washer.

What makes choosing the right pressure washer straightforward is that it’s mainly a matter of numbers. The size of the engine, the maximum water pressure it gives, and the number of different washing nozzles. In general, the higher the number the more powerful the washer, and the less time and effort you have to spend keeping your outside hardscapes in great shape.

I have found many uses for pressure washers and have written reviews to help you use them effectively. Check out my guide on How to clean patio slabs with detergent, bleach and a pressure washer and How to clean a patio or decking with a pressure washer to get the best from your pressure washer.

If a petrol pressure washer is not for you, read my reviews highlighting other pressure washers for various uses and at different prices: Best Portable Pressure Washer; Best Pressure Washers Under £100; and Best Pressure Washers for Cars.

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