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Top 5 Best Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Last updated on April 14th, 2022

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A clean and tidy hedge looks picturesque, doesn’t it? But we all know it needs considerable maintenance to keep it looking fantastic. Having looked at the best hedge trimmers where we covered various types of hedge trimmers, we’ve decided to narrow down and specifically look at petrol hedge trimmers.

These are ideal for cutting medium to larger-sized hedges, more so those with thicker branches, and ones that are far from a mains power source so an electric corded model is simply not practical. With a petrol hedge trimmer, you only need a can of fuel, with 2-stroke oil mixed in, standing ready to refuel and go on. Probably the main advantage of petrol hedge trimmers lies in their capability of trimming anywhere, yet they are also faster for cutting large areas.

Most petrol hedge trimmers are quite expensive compared to electric options, but it should not be hard to find the right tool. We did research and found many brands and models on offer but we narrowed it down to only six of the very best petrol hedge trimmers. We then concluded that the Kiam Sherwood H60 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer is the best petrol hedge trimmer for the home gardener providing a good mix of quality and affordability whilst the Mountfield HTK 60 X Double Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer is far ahead of the game and is probably one of the best models for professionals currently available. We like that it’s backed with a 2 year warranty for professional use and 5 years for domestic use but it is expensive.


Kiam Sherwood H60 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer Cutter

  • Features a long 60cm double-sided reciprocating blades that maximise the cutting area and make for faster cutting. The maximum cutting depth is 30mm.
  • Powerful and reliable 22.5 cc - 2-stroke petrol engine
  • Has a large tank capacity – 0.6 litres, which helps not only keeps the machine running for long but also reduces frequent refuelling.
  • Has a 180-degree rotating grip handle which adjusts to 3 different positions for comfortable working at multiple angles.
  • Light weight at only 5.9kg


Mountfield HTK 60 X Double Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer

It is crucial for hedge trimmers used in professional fields to have a reliable and powerful engine and maybe even more importantly, sharp 55cm double-sided chromised Samurai blades. The Mountfield HTK 60 X Double Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer is a favourite amongst professionals because it’s so lightweight at 5.8kg for a petrol hedge model. Thanks to its powerful 22cc 2-stroke Kawasaki engine and the laser cut double-sided blade it really does give quality clean cuts. 

It is comfortable to use and it additionally has anti-vibration features, as you would expect from a premium product. This model is well-balanced, making it a breeze to use even for long periods of time. It is not a cheap model but once you purchase it you will use it for many years especially with regular maintenance. Finally, it comes with 2 years warranty for professional use which beats most other models and this is extended to a very impressive 5 years for home use.

The top 6 petrol hedge trimmers that we have reviewed are listed below:

  1. Kiam Sherwood H60 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer Cutter – BEST PICK
  2. Mountfield HTK 60 X Double Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer – BEST FOR PROFESSIONALS
  3. McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutter
  4. Einhell GE-PH 2555 A 2-Stroke 25 cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Below you will find our reviews for the top six petrol hedge trimmers we would recommend, which after hours of research, are the best models from over 20 hedge trimmers we originally compared.


1. Kiam Sherwood H60 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer Cutter


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Kiam Sherwood H600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Cutter | 21.7cc 2-Stroke Engine | 60cm Dual Action Blades | 180 Degree Rotating Handle | Garden Trimming Hedges, Bushes & Shrubs

The Kiam Sherwood H60 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer Cutter will give you an easy time working with it. Being lightweight (at only 5.9kg) and being well balanced it will effectively let you trim hedges even over longer periods of time with minimal strain. It has been fitted with a powerful 22.5cc 2 stroke engine and comes with a fuel tank capacity of 0.6L that is large enough for working for extended periods without needing to refuel. The 2-stroke engine offers ample power for gardens with large trimming needs and will easily cut through more demanding hedgerows such as laurel, beech, leylandii and other thick dense conifers.

Good blades are essential for any cutting equipment so this is something we do compare when looking at different models. The Kiam model comes with a blade that measures 60cm which is pretty standard and probably about right for most standard-sized hedges. It delivers a maximum cutting capacity of 30mm and this means it will cut through hedges that are a little overgrown, where the branches have established more than on an already maintained hedge. Basically, this can handle branches with thick bark. Another useful feature is the dual-action blade that will give your hedges a classy and neat look rather than if you would have used a one-sided blade.

As you would expect, a handguard has been installed to provide the user’s with peace of mind and to protect their hands when in use, however, we always recommend that you also wear a good pair of gloves. A centralised and back handle is also well designed because it helps balance out the machine well.

We also like the ergonomic handle that makes sure that your arms don’t get sore from all the vibration, this is a problem often found with petrol garden tools. In addition to this, the back handle can adjust to 180 degrees both ways making it a lot easier to use at angles and sideways, again another feature some models do not incorporate into the design.


  • Easy to start 22.5cc – 2 stroke engine with plenty of power for tackling even the most overgrown hedges.
  • Comes with 60cm double-sided reciprocating blades that maximise the cutting area and make for faster cutting. The maximum cutting depth is 30mm.
  • Lightweight at only 5.9kg, well balanced and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Adjustable handles for versatile cutting angles because you can turn it 180 degrees left or right.
  • Wide 30mm cutting width thus can handle thick branches that some models cannot cut through.
  • Has a large tank capacity – 0.6 litres, which helps not only keeps the machine running for longer but also reduces the need for frequent refuelling.


  • Can be quite heavy over time whilst being used for extended periods.

Our recommendation

The Kiam Sherwood H60 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer Cutter is an excellent hedge cutter and packs plenty of power. It is fairly lightweight for a petrol hedge trimmer when you think that some models weigh over 7kg.

Overall the blade length is pretty standard, although you can get shorter bladed models, however, the 30mm cutting diameter is more than adequate making it better for overgrown hedges than some models would be that only have a 20mm cutting diameter.

For those who need power and have a little more to spend then this model is worth considering, it may be a little less known than some of the more well-known brands but it is certainly well made and is an all-round decent petrol hedge trimmer.

Those looking for a less aggressive hedge trimmer who perhaps have a well-maintained hedge would be better considering the McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutter which is lighter again at around 4.8kg, has a smaller blade length of 45cm and is an equally impressive petrol hedge trimmer.

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2. Einhell GE-PH 2555 A 2-Stroke 25 cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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Einhell GE-PH 2555A Petrol Hedge Trimmer -- 55cm (22 Inch) Cutting Length, Laser-Cut Diamond-Ground Steel Blades, Quick Start System -- Powerful, Easy To Use Petrol Hedge Cutter

The Einhell GE-PH 2555 A 2-Stroke 25 cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer is another reliable petrol-based model that made it into our list. The 25cc 2-stroke engine offers plenty of power and has an auto-choke for easier stating with is a nice little feature to have. It’s fitted with a 0.33L tank that gives a good running time to ensure less refuelling and more hedge cutting. The tank is also made of transparent material so that it can indicate easily to the user where the fuel level is.

The 25cc engine comes with an easy start and a manual pump to facilitate easy use. The manual pump ensures that the engine gets fuel, even after it has been inactive for some time, to help ensure the engine starts every time. High vibration levels can produce rough work and make control over these machines less comfortable, so this model has been fitted with a decent anti-vibration feature that is much more effective than those that can be fitted on some of the cheaper Chinese imported hedge trimmers we have seen.

Hedge trimmers need well designed handles. Well-designed handles mean that even strong vibration is kept to a minimum and using the machine is as easy as possible and strain-free. Like on the other models we have reviewed the back handle can turn into 3 positions depending on the angle you want to use it at. You can have it upward or facing side directions. This is handy when you have to undertake different cutting angles such as cutting the side of a hedge or the top. Together with the hand guard, you will have nothing to worry about which makes it a very versatile tool.

As we have already mentioned, blade quality matters a lot. It determines the durability and overall neatness of the work. This model comes with a 55cm cutting length and a cutting depth of 19mm and this is adequate to handle most of your outdoor trimming needs.


  • Comes with anti-vibration features for better control.
  • Long 55cm cutting blade with a maximum cutting diameter of 19mm.
  • Adjustable rear handle for comfortable handling at different angles.
  • Lightweight at only 5.5kg and easy to use.


  • Not problems to report.

Our recommendation

The Einhell GE-PH 2555 A 2-Stroke 25 cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer can be depended upon to deliver optimal performances. We found that the 2-stroke engine has the capability of running on a small tank capacity which helps reduce its weight.

Overall, this is another good model and an alternative to the McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutter but with the advantage of having an extra 10cm of blade length whilst still being lightweight and have a smaller cutting diameter of 19mm which we think is better for keeping a well-maintained hedge.

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3. Mountfield HTK 60 X Double Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer


If you are looking for a lightweight model that can handle heavy-duty work, the Mountfield HTK 60 X Double Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer is without doubt one of the best models currently available, however, it comes at a cost and for professional use, we think it will be worth the expense and still offer good value for money.

This hedge trimmer is powered by a professional-grade and more importantly, reliable 22.5cc Kawasaki 2-stroke engine that features an upgraded recoil system, also known as KAS, for an easy start and a heavy-duty commercial gear case.

With such a reliable commercial engine, you would expect that it would be heavy but it only weighs 5.8kg making it fairly lightweight and easy to use, even over long periods of time, which is another important aspect to consider when using a hedge trimmer in a professional environment.

The 0.43litre hedge trimmer can cut through thick bark thanks to the sharp Samurai double-sided blade. These are some of the highest quality laser cut blades in the world. It has a decent blade length of 58cm which makes it suitable for most hedges.

Considering that the hedge trimmer has a long blade and powerful engine, thanks to the lightweight design, it is still balanced making it a joy to use in a demanding situation. The hedge trimmer comes with two handles to help in balancing the machine. A feature we did like (that is not always incorporated into all hedge trimmers) is that the back handle is adjustable up to five positions, which means it twists 180 degrees depending on what position you’re using it at.

Finally and perhaps one of the most important features for user comfort is the 4 point anti-vibration feature, that when combined with a lightweight well-balanced model, really makes this machine a joy to use. This model comes with a 5-year domestic warranty and even comes with a 2-year commercial warranty for peace of mind.


  • Features a commercial-grade 22.5cc 2-stroke Kawasaki engine.
  • Lightweight model weighing 5.8kg that is easy to manoeuvre around with.
  • The rear handle has 5-adjustable positions at 180 degrees for user comfort.
  • It is a well-balanced hedge trimmer.
  • Features a long 60cm double-sided blade that is durable and sharp.
  • Has a professional 4-point anti-vibrational features.
  • Accompanied by the 3-year commercial warranty and 5-year domestic warranty.


  • As you would expect, it can be noisy so ear protection is needed.

Our recommendation

The Mountfield HTK 60 X Double Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer is another deserving model that would serve you well. It does have a commercial-grade engine and therefore you can trust that it is reliable. We love that it is not so heavy considering that it can handle heavy-duty work, which really comes down to them using quality lightweight materials to construct the machine. It is additionally a well-balanced machine making it easy to work for longer and with less physical exhaustion and this makes it a great choice for professionals.

The hedge trimmer has good 4 point anti-vibration features, which are a plus for those working in professional capacities. This model may be a little loud but nothing that cannot be handled, and not any louder than any other petrol model.

With the 6000DK petrol hedge trimmer, you can be assured of good value for money despite its pricey price tag. but for a professional grade hedge trimmer, it still offers excellent value for money and will last for many years if serviced correctly. The long warranty offered goes a long way in assuring that the quality will last for many years.

4. McCulloch SuperLite 45cm Hedge Cutter

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McCulloch SuperLite 4528 Petrol Hedge Trimmer: Hedge Trimmer with 600 W Engine, 45 cm Blade Length, 28 mm Blade Spacing (Article Number: 00096-66.933.01), Black

The McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutter is, as the name suggests, incredibly light for a petrol hedge trimmer at 4.8kg and is in fact the lightest model on our list. The 0.3-litre capacity tank is adequate for tackling small and medium-sized hedges without having to refuel too often, and the small tank helps keep the weight down. 

The unit is fitted with a 45cm blade that has a maximum cutting capacity of 28mm. It is, however, recommended to use on stems that are up to 20mm in diameter but it will cut larger if necessary. The blades are of a good diameter and will work well with medium to large-sized hedges. The dual-action blades provide a neat finish to the hedges.

The engine has a soft start that reduces the resistance from the pull cord by around 40%, which makes it very easy to start. When you pull the plug the machine starts purring with cutting anticipation.

When you need to turn it off you just flip the switch and the unit shuts down. The speed of the blades is 4050 cuts per minute which are fairly impressive, and with the anti-vibration system and powerful engine, it makes light work of trimming hedges.

When you want to change the air filter. You will not need the assistance of tools like some models. You just open the cover to remove the filter and clean it before replacing it. The handles have been ergonomically designed to make sure that the operator is comfortable, which is aided further by the lightweight design of the unit. The handles provide firm and much-needed grip.

The unit measures approximately 120 x 28.5 x 22.5cm.


  • Very lightweight at only 4.8kg with a visible 0.3l fuel tank for easy refilling.
  • Perfect for small and larger hedges
  • 45cm cutting blade with a 28mm teeth gap with a recommended cutting diameter up to 20mm.
  • Anti-vibration system for extra comfort when in use.
  • Durable and ergonomic design, making it comfortable to work with.


  • Maximum cutting diameter is a little limited with a recommended 20mm cutting diameter. May not be suitable for hedges that have not been cut for a few years.

Our recommendation

The McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutter is for those who are looking for a lightweight petrol hedge trimmer and this model is the lightest hedge trimmer you will probably find. They seem to achieve this by using a small fuel tank, 0.3l compared to the larger 0.6l of our ‘Best Pick’ and a slightly shorter 45cm blade.

All in all, the features that have been offered are more than adequate for medium scale hedge cutting. The engine is easy to start thanks to the soft-start feature and this is a feature we think should be used on more petrol garden tools.

The only real downside is the maximum cutting diameter, the teeth gap is 28mm so it will cut branches to around 27mm, however, it is recommended for branches up to 20mm and this is where it has its limitations because it isn’t really suitable for cutting a hedge that is overgrown and hasn’t been tackled for a few years. If this is the case then our ‘Best Pick’ is much better suited, with its longer blade and larger cutting diameter.

Overall, if you have a small to medium-sized hedge that you trim a few times a year and are looking for a lightweight hedge trimmer then this is certainly well worth considering, especially for anyone where a heavier hedge trimmer is simply too heavy to use.

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5. Parkerbrand 26cc 24″ Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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ParkerBrand 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer - 24' Blades

The Parkerbrand 26cc 24″ Petrol Hedge Trimmer comes with a powerful 26cc engine and is designed to be an affordable option to a powerful hedge trimmer designed to tackle overgrown hedges.

The 0.6L fuel tank capacity gives you plenty of fuel to run this hedge trimmer for longer periods of time. It is adaptable to dealing with those stubborn thick branches that you want to deal with. The 2- stroke engine runs effectively and produces more than enough power to run the double sided blades at very impressive cutting speeds.

Comfort is an important factor, especially when handling a unit like this one. The unit is not entirely as light as a feather. That is why well positioned handles have been installed. The handles have been ergonomically designed to provide the right balance as you work. The handle is adjustable for better manoeuvrability.

Double action blades are known for their efficiency. They make certain that the cut is clean and even. The blade on this model is 60cm with a maximum cutting depth of 25mm and the blade is made from diamond ground material making them sharp and easy to use.

A handle guard is present to facilitate safety. Any debris that bounces back will be blocked by the handle guard. This unit is delivered with tools for easy assembly, a blade and a fuel mixing bottle. These features come in handy when operating the tool.


  • Budget friendly model ideal for medium to larger-sized hedges.
  • Long 60cm cutting blade capable of cutting through branches up to 25mm.
  • Adjustable handle for easy manoeuvrability ensures it can be used at different angles with ease.
  • Large tank capacity of 0.6L ensures the machine runs for long without the need for frequent refuelling.
  • Comes with accompanying accessories for easier use.
  • 1 year warranty for full peace of mind should it become faulty.


  • Because it weighs 6kg without fuel and around 9kg when the tank is fully filled it can be too heavy for some individuals.

Our recommendation

The Parkerbrand 26cc 24″ Petrol Hedge Trimmer can be quite heavy to use but only for extended periods of time. When you take into account it weighs around 6kg dry and around 9kg when filled with fuel it’s a fairly heavy machine. However, it is one of the best models out there, but with the cheaper price tag comes the extra weight.

We cannot hold this fault against the product because it has many redeemable qualities. It has a decent fuel tank, long 60cm cutting blade and a decent 25mm cutting capacity.

We also like that the handles are adjustable to offer position variance which some budget models don’t have to save on cost. If you were looking for a machine that comes with pocket-friendly prices, this is the one. It even comes with all the aiding accessories to help assembly.

This model is very similar to our ‘Best Pick’ in terms of spec but it’s also heavier and the quality is not on par. However, it offers excellent value for money, which is probably why it’s a very popular model on

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Petrol Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

Petrol hedge cutters have different configurations from the electric and cordless models. As such, there are distinct features to consider with a petrol hedge trimmer.

  • Engine housing –  This contains the engine, a petrol tank, the initial gearing mechanism, the starting mechanism and an on/off switch. Engine housing comes in either plastic or metal setup. Plastic is usually the better option because the material does not transfer heat like metal, plus it makes for little weight. However, metal is generally stronger.
  • Rotating head – The rotary head is usually made of impact resistant plastic. It’s a simple gear that transforms the energy of the engine into rotational energy. The head also includes an attachment for the cutter or the cutting material. The best petrol hedge cutters have adjustable guides, which help users determine the amount of material to be trimmed off.
  • Shaft – The shaft has a worm gear that conveys the energy of the engine to the rotary head that holds the cutting material. The best models usually incorporate shafts made of aluminium alloy because the material can withstand the common damage that involves using the machine. Aluminium also minimises the weight of the trimmer and allows the operator to use the tool for extended periods of time. Shafts vary in length based on the engine’s horsepower and size of cut area needed by the user.
  • Control handle – The control handles are usually made of plastic, with a simple screw mechanism for tightening the handle to the shaft. The best petrol hedge cutters have control handles that fit on the shaft of the machine. The handle position is determined by the height of the user and the measure of the work. Most handles are removable for easy storage and portability.
  • Cutter – The vast majority of petrol hedge trimmers feature a metal cutter. This type of cutter can withstand the density of thick branches and hedges.

Petrol Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips

  • Wear ear protectors when using a petrol hedge trimmer because they are usually quite noisy.
  • Always clear the area of metallic objects before trimming – metal may damage the cutting device or even break it.
  • Keep pets and children out of the work area.
  • Wear gloves to prevent blisters forming on your palms, especially when using the tool for longer periods.
  • Wear safety glasses when trimming overhead hedges and long pants when working in dense shrubs.
  • Always check the fuel and oil levels before starting to prevent damage to the engine and service regularly checking filters and spark plugs to prolong the life span of the hedge trimmer.

Final Conclusion

Indeed, petrol hedge trimmers are ideal for a wide range of applications, including light trimming jobs and tackling thicker growth. They are usually more powerful than electric models, enabling you to achieve a faster work rate.

Finding the best petrol hedge trimmer shouldn’t be too difficult. Simply consider the important features mentioned in this guide and you’ll be on your way to choosing the best model for your own needs.

If you like any model mentioned in the petrol hedge trimmer reviews above, feel free to place an order and share your stories in our comments section. All things considered, here’s our winner:


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