Top 5 Best Ash Vacuums – Detailed Reviews & Comparisons

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Top 5 Best Ash Vacuums – Detailed Reviews & Comparisons

Top 5 Best Ash Vacuums – Detailed Reviews & Comparisons

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We Compare The Best Ash Vacuum

When working with wood and coal burners you will have to contend with ash spreading. To clean all this mess, you cannot just rely on a normal vacuum cleaner. Reason? They cannot handle the heat. What you need is an ash vacuum. A product especially created to deal with the ashy remains in your home.

These vacuums are efficient tools that enable you to collect all the ash in your home and dispose of it safely and they are also ideal for using as a shop vac for clearing lots of debris. There are vacuums that can handle hot ashes and those that cannot. When looking to buy the best ash vacuum for your house, it is better if you consider the amount of ash you are expecting to collect.

There are various factors that you have to consider when looking for one. These factors will be explained further below.

Best Pick

Maxi Vac Fireplace Ash Vacuum Bagless Cleaner Lightweight 800w with 15L Tank, HEPA Filter & Dust Tool for Stove, BBQ & Fire Pits (Ash Vac)

  • It has a 15L capacity that prevents constant need to empty.
  • Powered by a powerful 800W motor for intense suction which is hard to rival.
  • Bagless-you just need to empty the filter.
  • Operates with low noise.
  • 12 Month warranty for full peace of mind.


VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner - 800W - Includes Protective Gauze, Crevice Tool and Filters - Bagless Debris and Ash Collector for Fireplaces, Grills, BBQ's, Fire Pits, and Stoves

Another great ash vacuum with excellent suction thanks to the 800 watt motor, the only downside is you need to wait for ash to cool before using, however this is probably not a problem for most people.

  • Large 15 litre capacity whilst still being light weight at only 5.5kg.
  • Advanced two-layer HEPA filtration system.
  • 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Ash Vacuum Buyers Guide

As any product in the market, you will meet with different variations from different brands. When it comes to ash vacuums the differences are not so many but they make a huge difference. These differences may also be influenced by your preferences.

Be sure to look at the function that you want the ash vacuum to undertake and the possible features that go with it. Read various reviews to make certain that the prospective ash vacuum you want is fit. Below are some of the most notable and important characteristics:

  • Consider the amount of ash to be collected - If you look at the ash that collects in your fireplace or wood stove. You might be able to determine the capacity of the tank that you need. If you collect a lot of ash, it is safer to go with larger models. Larger capacities definitely cost more than the smaller capacities. If you are on a tight budget you can settle for a smaller tank. The issue is that you will have to stop and empty often in order to clear a large pile of ash. In reality though most vacuums have adequate storage space.
  • Hot ash or cold ash? - There are models that can handle hot ash. These types of ash vacuums usually have metal tanks and heat resistant hoses. The heat resistant material allows you to clear out the ash without having to wait for it to cool. If you have impromptu need of cleaning your fireplace or wood stove you can.

    There are ash vacuums however that can only handle cold ash. These kinds of modelss leave the user with no option but to let the ash cool. If you are to have impromptu visitors, you will have to let them meet the fireplace stacked with hot ash. It is safer is you seek models that can contain both and hot ash.
  • How is the ash disposed of? - All the ash that is collected has to be disposed of carefully. This is because ash is very fine a can spread in a jiffy. Most models will have sealed tasks that discourage any trapped ash from escaping. When this ash collects there are two ways to manage the ash. The two ways are either bag or bagless. With the bagless option, the vacuum collects all the material which can later be disposed of. The bag option is also available for those who prefer to engage less with the ash. Depending on your preference, you will select accordingly.
  • Pay attention to the motor and filter - The motor is the tool that facilitates the suction movements. If you are working with a small motor, you are more likely to have weaker suction. Weak suction means you will spend hours trying to get through a load of ash. A strong motor will provide stronger suction which will, in turn, save you some valuable time. A silent motor is also important. You do not want to disturb the neighbours every time you use your vac.

    The filter is important as it prevents the ash from collecting in the wrong area. If the ash has the ability to get through various nooks and crannies. You will find that your motor will start having problems. For models that can take hot ash, the filters help remove the coals that may burn through the final hepa filter. There filters that have to be replaced and those that can be washed and re-used.
  • Ease of use - An easy to use tool is always an added advantage. It makes the consumer feel like they can handle the product. When it comes to ash vacuums, the tanks have to be easy to clean. This is because if ash remains in their overtime it will clog. A clogged will prove inefficient in the long run. Some models come with wheels for easy mobility when it is full while others have indicators. The indicators tell the user when it is time to empty the vacuum cleaner.

    The hose has to be made from a strong but supple material. This is so that you can retract the hose at any given time. If it is a heat resistant hose it has to be insulated to protect your hands. The mouth of the hose can be round or flattened to provide more access in tight corners.

    There are manufacturers that offer accessories to help maintain the vacuum. Some brands come with their own cleaning tool such as a crevice tool so that you can maintain your ash vacuum at home. If you need a brand that offers accessories be sure that they are of quality.
  • What is the cost of the vacuum for using on ash? - This will all depend on the amount of money that you are willing to spend. There are high-end brands that offer capacity and quality. The low end quality over you the basic functions but skimp on the quality. Look at the ash that needs to be cleared and how often. Then you can select any of the best ones in that price range, we found you can pick up a good reliable model with plenty of suction for a little over £30 with some models being around £50. We found price didn't seem to make much difference.


Clifford James Maxi Vac 15L Ash Collector Vacuum Review


Maxi Vac Fireplace Ash Vacuum Bagless Cleaner Lightweight 800w with 15L Tank, HEPA Filter & Dust Tool for Stove, BBQ & Fire Pits (Ash Vac)

The Clifford James 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner is a bargain. With an affordable price, you get yourself a very dependable model. This machine has an 800W motor which is powerful enough to provide sufficient suction. This cannot be considered as a small motor since the suction is rather intense.

This vacuum has a large capacity. You will not have to empty the ash vacuum often as it has a larger 15L tank. This is a larger capacity than some of the models featured. The tank is heat resistant and can hold ash with temperatures up to 40°C. The ability to house warm and cold ashes is an advantage as you don't need to wait until its totally cooled down.

For a machine that has such a powerful motor, it works unbelievably silent. Let’s say you have a baby or a finicky neighbour, a loud machine is the last thing that you need. This ash collector is home friendly as it is designed as a low noise model which is noticeable when compared to other models. The neighbours will thank you for it. The handle is well made to ensure that you can move the vacuum cleaner easily when it is full.

We love models with effective filters. This is because the filters capture the ash and prevent it from being released back into the air. The filter also protects the motor from unnecessary blockages. The dimensions of this ash vacuum are 28 x 28 x 43 cm making it easy to store and as Its is not that heavy it can be easily carried.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Nice ash capacity tank.
  • Very powerful..
  • Runs quietly.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Filters need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Hose could be longer for better reach but should be adequate for most people.

Final conclusion

The Maxi Vac Ash Vacuum Cleaner is probably one of the best models overall. 

The motor is strong enough to provide adequate suction and is surprisingly more powerful than you might think. For those who are looking for a model that can hold both hot and cold ash, you can't really go wrong with this model.

Overall this ash vac is probably one of the best choices for most people looking to vacuum up ash and is also one of the cheapest models on our list. We only wish that the hose was a bit longer. Other than that, it is a model that you won’t regret.

Being that this model is very well built, has great suction and comes at a more than fantastic price we felt it was worthy of the Top spot on our list of the best vacuums plus is also comes with a crevice tool to get into tight corner which is an added advantage.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner Review

Very Light weight at only 5.5kg

VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner - 800W - Includes Protective Gauze, Crevice Tool and Filters - Bagless Debris and Ash Collector for Fireplaces, Grills, BBQ's, Fire Pits, and Stoves

The VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner is another cold ash collector which has proved very popular with Amazon customers so lets learn why. This modest sized Vacuum has the following dimensions, 31 x 30 x 31 cm meaning its east to store and being only 5.5kg it's lightweight. Like most models it has an powerful 800W motor which provides adequate suction to manage smaller amounts of ash.

The tank capacity is not as large as some of the models featured but it will do the job. This capacity will save you a constant headache that comes with an ever full tank. The tank capacity is appropriate for those dealing with small amounts of ash on a daily basis and those in particular who have smaller fires.

Impressively VonHaus offer a 2-year warranty that you can take advantage of should it become faulty in any way due to manufacturing faults. If the issue is from the manufacturer's side, they will have no option but to offer you possible solutions. The handle on this ash vacuum has been designed to facilitate easy transportation and to be kind to your soft hands.

The hose nozzles are varied so that you can work with tight corners or large amounts of ash. The good thing about varied nozzles is that they offer you a choice. The filters provided are dual filters including a hepa filter. The two filters provided are employed to prevent the ash from getting released back into your area. They keep your atmosphere unpolluted.


  • Can be purchased at affordable price.
  • Good and stable construction.
  • 2 Year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Blocks easily if trying to vacuum up larger peaces of ash associated with log burning fires.
  • Cannot contain hot ashes which means waiting for fire to cool before using.
  • Hose could be a little longer as its only 1 meter long, 2 meters would be much better.

Final conclusion

The VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner is a very lightweight model at only 5.5kg which is great for moving around, we also think its a great choice to use as a shop vac too. The handle is well designed to provide you with some comfort and the 800w motor is adequate enough to provide smooth suction.

With this model, you have to be careful so that it does not block. The filters have to be cleaned often to reduce the blockage. If not, you will have a hard time using this machine. Apart from the easy blockage, this machine is fully functional and does a great job. We think it would do a much better job for anyone who burns coal rather than logs.

Those who are looking for an easy machine to take care of the small amount of ash can settle for this one. The price is affordable so you won’t have to leave an arm/leg at the purchasing point and it comes with a 2 year warranty which is brilliant when you consider most models come with only 1 years warranty. It looks the part to.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

First4Spares 800W Debris Collector and Vacuum Cleaner Review

First4Spares Debris Collector and Vacuum Cleaner Blower for Ash Collection, 800 W

The First4Spares 800W Debris Collector and Vacuum Cleaner is another cold ash holder. It has a capacity of 15 litres. This capacity is not big but it will be sufficient for smaller jobs such as collecting ash which falls under the grate and cleaning out small fires etc. The cold ash collector will save you time that you could have used running around emptying the vacuum every ten minutes. The motor emits low noise levels so it will not disrupt the neighbours or give you a headache.

A motor is the heart of the model. If the motor is not working well, the suction will be off and inconsistent. The motor that this model is fitted with is of 800W output meaning that the suction will be better than average but certainly not the best. No good vac comes without a hepa filter. That is why this model just like the rest is fitted with filters.

This model is versatile. You can use a bag to collect the ashes or just do without, the choice will be yours. Most people prefer using it bagless as it saves up costs in the long run and the bags have been reported to burst. The easy to clean and easy to maintain ash vacuum will make a good addition to handling small jobs. The handle is fitted for easy transportation from one location to another. 

The nozzle can be switched to fit the requirements. You can use the round nosed nozzle or the flattened one. The hose is made from durable material that has no holes. Thus the ash will not be released back to the air.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Robust stainless steel construction.
  • Can use a bag for ash collection or chose not to.


  • Cannot handle large loads of ash.
  • Debris collector needs improvement.
  • Buy the ash collector bags separately.
  • Not suitable for hot ash.

Final conclusion

The First4Spares Ash Vacuum Cleaner is a good product overall. It is designed to handle small loads of ash. Heavier functions would just put pressure on the motor and capacity. The manufacturer had a good concept in mind while making this ash vacuum. The problem comes in when the vacuum is blocked by debris and the machine unleashes a cloud of ash into the room.

This can be a real setback especially for those working indoors. This means that this machine has to be regularly cleaned out to avoid said blockages.

If you need a better model we would recommend our 'Best Pick', the Clifford James 15L Ash Collector Vacuum Cleaner or VonHaus Model if your looking for something lighter.

Overall not a bad model to invest in and certainly very popular on Amazon with over 300 reviews, not sure why it so popular being that we found better option that cost less. However certainly not a bad model to try.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

De Vielle 25 Litre Ash Vacuum Cleaner Review

Probably the best model overall but cannot be used with hot ash and is one of the most expensive models on our list

De Vielle Ash Vacuum Cleaner, Metal, Black, 36x36x40 cm

The De Vielle 25 Litre Ash Vacuum Cleaner comes with a much larger capacity than our Best Pick. This large tank can hold 25 litres of ash and will definitely save you some time. The constant emptying that one experiences with smaller tanks are avoided in this model making it specially useful for larger fires and stoves. If you have a small amount of ash, you can stay a couple of days without emptying the two chambers provided.

This ash vacuum is equipped with a hose that is lined with aluminium. That way any debris that goes through the hose is unable to cause irreparable damage. It will be good to look at the quality of the hose to ensure that it can withstand constant use. The length of the hose is adequate to provide you with enough reach.

The model is also designed to be easily cleaned and dispose of the ash effectively. You just have to remove the filters and dispose of the ash. The 3-layer filter system will ensure that the collected ash does not go into the wrong areas. The filters including the hepa filter need to be cleaned regularly to avoid unnecessary blockages. The very powerful 1200W motor will ensure that the machine runs smoothly as expected and has plenty of suction.

The model comes with a handle that is there to facilitate easy carriage. Without the handle, moving 25 litres of ash would prove tasking. This durable machine is one that can be depended upon to take up all of your ash.


  • It comes with two tanks for normal and fine ash.
  • Can be purchased at an affordable price.
  • Large tank capacity prevents time wastage due to emptying requirements.


  • Can only handle cold ash.
  • Not recommended for removing soot.
  • The filters need constant cleaning for effective performance.

Final conclusion

The De Vielle 25 Litre Ash Vacuum Cleaner is good for those with large amounts of ash so is perfect for cleaning larger stoves and fire places.

The impressive 1200w motor is powerful enough to provide enough suction to fill the tank with ease and is actually very impressive in terms of suction.

We like that the handle has been ergonomically designed. That way, a consumer can move the tank without harming their hands. The price is affordable when you take into consideration the larger tank size and powerful motor not to mention the quality. If not for a few flaws, this product will be nothing short of perfect and would of been our 'Best Pick', unfortunately it is not suitable for hot ash, its only real downside.

If you need something that can handle hot ash, try the Clifford James 15L Ash Collector Vacuum Cleaner. If you do not mind waiting for the ash to cool, you can consider it among your top picks and probably the best choice for you.

If worth noting that this model has over 170 mainly positive reviews on which is very impressive in itself and further confirms how good this product is.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Our Final Conclusion

With ash vacuums, things do not have to be complicated. You just need to know how much ash is to be collected and whether you need to vacuum hot ash. The rest will figure itself as you look at the provided specifications.

We have seen that not many models can house hot ash. If you are on the lookout for a model that can contain hot ash be sure to check the maximum temperature recommended. Otherwise, you might end up with a useless machine that you rarely use.

Most models are affordable, therefore, you have no excuse for buying low end products. Regarding 'Hot Ash' most vacuums that state can be used with hot ash really mean warm ash so all ways allow the ash to cool a little first.

Our Best Pick

Maxi Vac Fireplace Ash Vacuum Bagless Cleaner Lightweight 800w with 15L Tank, HEPA Filter & Dust Tool for Stove, BBQ & Fire Pits (Ash Vac)

After careful deliberation on the products that were presented to us. We still stick with the Clifford James Maxi Vac 800W Vacuum Cleaner. The capacity and motor are standard for home use, therefore, it operates with a little noise making it the perfect choice for most home users.

The construction is stable and appears robust. What more can you possibly ask for from an ash vacuum? The price is just right as it is one of the most affordable options available.

Its easy to buy the most expensive model thinking it will be the best model, however we found during our research that the price has no relation to how good the model is.

Our Best Lightweight Ash Vacuum (only 5.5kg)

VonHaus 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner - 800W - Includes Protective Gauze, Crevice Tool and Filters - Bagless Debris and Ash Collector for Fireplaces, Grills, BBQ's, Fire Pits, and Stoves

We looked at all the lightweight models presented and we concluded that the VonHaus 15L 800W Ash Vacuum Cleaner is certainly the best choice here. This is because it is well designed and can house enough ash for a basic home application. The motor is strong enough to provide sufficient suction to work on small loads.

It may need constant cleaning to keep it from blocking but it will offer value for money. For those enthusiastic DIY-ers, you can easily manage using this ash vacuum cleaner and maintain it. We also like the fact that it comes with a 2 year warranty for full peace of mind and that VonHaus have a very good reputation.

Our Best heavy capacity Ash Vacuum

De Vielle Ash Vacuum Cleaner, Metal, Black, 36x36x40 cm

This title is awarded to the De Vielle 25 Litre Ash Vacuum Cleaner. This is because it has enough capacity to hold a lot of ash. The system comes with a tank for fine and normal ash. The capacity paired with a strong motor of 1200W makes this capable of handling large loads of ash.

The price is also fair considering that the quality of the motor and the performance level provided. The only real downside to this model is that you need to wait for the ash to cool before using as it not suitable for hot ash. Overall a brilliant choice for those looking for a larger model.

There is a lot of information out there. You can use this information to discover more about your preferred model. Don't forget to read other ash vacuum reviews and the best place to do this is by reading Amazon user reviews to see what other users have to say about new models in the market.

With that said and done, we hope we have given enough information so you can make a informed decision about which model is right for you.

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