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Best Snow Shovels and Snow Pushers for Clearing Snow

Last updated on May 26th, 2022

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Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons we have because the snow coats everything, creating a picturesque scene. However, people still need to go on with their daily activities without snow being an impediment. Snow shovels are essential during winter to clear out the snow from driveways, and other walking surfaces, especially if you live in more exposed areas. Different types of snow shovels will provide different ways of clearing the snow from your path.

We have searched and come up with five worthy snow shovels that may fit your purpose. These snow shovels can be used to lift or push snow away, depending on how much snow you are dealing with. Read through the review so that you can select the best snow shovel you can afford. Those who need a mobile model can easily find the best snow shovel for car use by selecting a manageable size.

Below you can take a sneak peek at our best pick model the Fiskars Snow Plough and the runner-up the Orientools Rolling Snow Pusher.


Fiskars Snow Plough
Coming out on top is the Fiskars Snow Plough because of its durable construction and impressive capacity. The premium price model is equipped with a wide 52cm aluminium blade and a comfortable D-handle for double hand operations. This snow plough has pleased many users because of the many positive reviews left behind. It is pricey but you are guaranteed good value for money because of its robust construction.


Orientools Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher
The Orientools Rolling Snow Pusher looks good on wheels and it has a large load capacity. You can move quite a bit of snow from your walkways and driveways. This model also features an adjustable handle which permits users of different heights to work at a comfortable position. Those in search of a snow pusher will appreciate the efficiency of this 66cm blade model plus it costs a bit less than our best pick.

Top 5 Snow Shovels Reviews

1. Fiskars Snow Plough


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Fiskars Snow Plough

The Fiskars Snow Plough is designed to move large amounts of snow comfortably. Possessing a height of 156cm, this model comes with a comfortable D-handle. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing gloves, there is more than enough space to accommodate your hands. In the middle is another texturised section to give you a good grip while you shovel snow using both hands.

The snowplough has a 52cm blade made from durable aluminium so that you can push and scoop the snow easily. The spacious spade is supported by an aluminium and steel core handle that is lightweight but still durable. This 1.6kg shovel is perfect for clearing snow from large areas because of its large width and lightweight design.


  • Features an aluminium blade to push and scoop snow.
  • Comes with a comfortable plastic handle.
  • Comfortable to use with both hands thanks to a textured stem.
  • Possesses a wide 52cm blade and spacious spade to pick up more snow.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • The connection between the stem and the spade could be improved for better stability.

Our recommendation

This Fiskars Snow Plough is a high-quality plough that you can use to scoop snow from your driveway. It’s a high-quality snow plough with a decent width to scoop more snow in one go.

We like the aluminium blade because it makes it easy to move sticky or powdery snow. It is a bit loose but you can find a way to fasten the stem securely to the spade with a bit of ingenuity. Overall, it is a good snowplough that is suitable for clearing snow from large spaces and if we were to just recommend one model, this would have to be it.

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2. Orientools Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher


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Orientools Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

Supporting up to 30kgs of snow, the Orientools Rolling Snow Pusher is ideal when dealing with large amounts of snow. The 4.4kg snow pusher is equipped with a spade that can contain snow 12cm deep in one go. With such a large capacity, you can clear snow from your paths and driveways quickly.

The snow pusher has a wide 66cm blade that helps you get through the snow to scoop it up. This is especially convenient when dealing with caked up snow.

You will find the model easy to work with because of its height-adjustable handle (112-140cm). This feature accommodates both short and tall users, allowing them to work in a comfortable position.

Because this snowplough can support a heavy load, it needs wheels to balance out the weight and make mobility possible. It’s easy to assemble and it can also be quickly disassembled for storage. The instructions required to make this possible are included with the package.


  • Provides a wide load capacity of 30kg.
  • Features 15cm rubber tyres that offer great traction.
  • Comes with a height-adjustable handle for user comfortability.
  • Features a 66cm blade to scoop up large loads.
  • It can easily be disassembled for storage.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • Wheels tend to get loose over time so need tightening up every now and again.

Our recommendation

The Orientools Rolling Snow Pusher comes with wheels to make moving heavy loads of snow easy. The snow pusher features an adjustable handle that makes it easy for both short and tall people to use the model. It is a good quality product so its price is a bit high, however, it provides you with good value for money because it is durable. 

The wheels tend to get loose over time so make sure before every use you check if the wheels are attached tightly. This will prevent the snow pusher from losing a wheel in the middle of work. Overall an excellent model that is well worth considering.

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3. Fiskars Snow Shovel

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Fiskars Snow Shovel

The Fiskars Snow Shovel is a small snow shovel intended to move small amounts of snow at a time. The 1.4kg model comes with a 35cm aluminium blade with a steel core that helps penetrate the snow quickly. This model possesses a comfortable D-handle (like our best pick) and a texturised stem to make using the snow shovel with both hands possible. You will find that the handle is spacious enough to be used even when you are wearing gloves.

The snow shovel stands at a height of 131cm which is easy to lift because it is not too long that it’s uncomfortable to use. It has a spacious spade so that you can scoop a decent amount of snow at any given time. Both left and right-handed people can use this model with ease.


  • It is a lightweight model and therefore easy to work with.
  • Features an ergonomic D-handle.
  • Comes with a texturised stem to provide grip when working.
  • Possesses a 35cm aluminium blade to penetrate the snow.
  • Provides good value for money.


  • It is pricey.

Our recommendation

The Fiskars Snow Shovel is basically a small version of the Fiskars snowplough. This model features the same structure of a texturised stem and spacious spade. You can work comfortably with both hands to move the snow without slipping. This model is surprisingly lightweight making manoeuvrability possible. 

Its price is a bit steep but at least you are sure that the quality of the brand is reliable. We find this model ideal for removing snow from small pathways and walkways.

4. Fiskars Auto Snow Shovel


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Fiskars Auto Snow Shovel

Taking the title of the best car shovel is the Fiskars Auto Snow Shovel. This tiny shovel can be carried around in the car for easy access in an emergency. The snow shovel is made from aluminium and it features a 26cm blade to penetrate different types of snow. 

This 750g lightweight model has a length of 71cm which makes it easy to work with for light jobs of freeing objects from the snow. It has a texturised stem and ergonomic handle to make work comfortable. Even if you are wearing thick winter gloves when working you will be comfortable because the handle is short yet spacious.


  • Made from light but durable aluminium.
  • Features an ergonomic handle and texturised stem for user comfort.
  • Offers a 26cm blade to assist in breaking through the snow.
  • Its small size makes it a portable model for car use.
  • Lightweight thus provides easy manoeuvrability.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Doesn’t feature a telescopic handle.

Our recommendation

The Fiskars Auto Snow Shovel is perfect for those who need an emergency snow shovel for the car. This small-sized shovel is made from aluminium which is a light but durable material. You will find the blade design adequate to work with different types of snow. The handle is comfortable, although the quality of the plastic could be better. 

It is a good quality snow shovel but having a telescopic handle would have taken it to the next level. This is because the model would only take up a small amount of space in a car with a small boot. Other than that, we find no other flaws in this shovel.

5. Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel

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Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel

The Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel is a plastic snow shovel that can clear out large amounts of snow. It is a budget model and is half the price of some of the other models available. This 139.5 x 46 x 10cm model weighs 748g and it features a metal edge to make scooping the snow easy work. It has a long stem to provide leverage when shovelling snow. 

The ergonomic D-handle provides grip and comfortability to make the task run smoothly. This snow shovel’s stem is made from German/American FSC Ashwood which is not only durable but pocket friendly.


  • Can shovel large amounts of snow.
  • Comes with a metal blade to penetrate the snow.
  • Features a comfortable D-handle.
  • The long stem is made from sustainable Ashwood.
  • Possesses a spacious spade made from hardwearing plastic.
  • Lightweight thus easy to manoeuvre with.


  • The metal blade may become loose regularly.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a large shovel on a budget then the Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel would be a good option. This affordable model has a long stem made from wood and an aluminium blade. It can get through snow easily and it is lightweight so working with it should not be tasking. 

Because it has a long stem, short people may struggle with it, especially when dealing with compact snow. The blade also gets loose quite often so you may have to glue it to the shovel to prevent further issues. Apart from these minor issues, we find that the product is suitable for clearing large amounts of snow and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a snow shovel, there are a few things to consider before settling for the best one. These considerations will help you select a model that suits your purpose and budget. Even those who are in search of the best snow pusher shovel can benefit from understanding what the marketplace has to offer. Below we break down the key points to consider before settling for a purchase.

Types of snow shovels

Selecting the right type of shovel will assist in clearing snow around your property effectively.

We have the traditional shovels that are mostly flat and they are good when dealing with snow that has piled high. 

Then we have the push snow shovels which, as the name suggests, are designed to push snow off pathways and driveways. These models have wide narrow spades to push large amounts of snow at once. They are well-suited for dealing with light jobs because they are not suitable for clearing snow that has piled up high.

Finally, we have the combination snow shovels that can push and scoop snow with ease. These models mostly feature a wide blade and spacious spade to collect large amounts of snow. You will find others with wheels to make moving the load easier.

Blade material

Depending on the model you select, some bear metallic or plastic blades and others come with a combination of both. Models with metal blades can handle clearing snow in areas where they can hit objects like stones. The metal blade can take impact but it also makes the model slightly heavier.

Plastic blades are much lighter and easier to manoeuvre with but they cannot handle the impact. Sometimes models that combine both plastic and metal blades are suitable because they can adapt to different situations.

The stem (shaft)

Your height should play a factor in the kind of snow shovel you select. This is because you do not want to buy a model that will cause you to strain your back. Snow shovels with long stems make it easier to work in a comfortable position but they may prove tasking when lifting large amounts of snow.  Always check the height of the stem to see if you can work with it comfortably.

Alternatively, you can seek a model that offers an adjustable/telescopic stem. This feature goes a long way if different people will be working with a snow shovel. Those in search of the best snow shovel for car use can choose a model with a short stem or telescopic handle.

Comfortable handle

A handle can be made of different materials including plastic, metal and fibre class. What is important is that the handle is comfortable to use. There are cheap plastic handles that deteriorate over time and should be avoided. Seek a model with a durable ergonomic handle that can be used even with thick winter gloves on. This not only provides a firm grip but it saves your muscles from discomfort.

Snow shovelling tips

  • Always wear shoes with good traction to avoid slipping on the snow when working. This goes specifically for surfaces that are tarmac or concrete.
  • Pick up several smaller loads if a single large load is too heavy so that you don’t exhaust yourself. If you decide to pick up large loads at any one time make sure that your core muscles are supported with a back brace. This is applicable if you already have pre-existing back issues.
  • Apply de-icing products like rock salt/sodium chloride/ magnesium chloride to make it safe to walk.
  • Wipe metallic shovels after use to avoid rust/corrosion over time.
  • Keep your feet apart for stability and avoid bending too much so as not to strain your back muscles.
  • You can always apply a lubricant to the shovel before you start working to prevent snow from sticking to the shovel.

Final Conclusion

They say all good things come to an end and so does our review. We took much pleasure in providing you with all the information you need to select an appropriate snow shovel. Those in search of the best snow pusher shovel or the best snow shovel for in the car, we hope you have found a suitable model. With that said, here is a quick rundown of our top models:

The Fiskars Snow Plough is a premium-priced snowplough that can move large amounts of snow. The quality of the model has proven to be popular with users.

Our runner up, the Orientools Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher, is a good alternative for those who require a model with wheels.

Regardless of the model you select, we have full confidence in your decision on the best snow shovel.

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