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Top 4 Best Raised Pond Kits

Last updated on September 26th, 2022

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Building your own pond can be a massive undertaking in terms of time and money. As an alternative, you can go for raised ponds because they are easier to manage and to some degree maintain especially when connected up with a pond filter system with auto cleaning. They are also a good option for those who do not have a place to build a pond in the ground. I always advise using a pond liner as it’s usually more affordable but I know it’s not suitable for everyone. You can, of course, build a raised pond DIY style and then use a pond liner inside. These raised ponds in this guide, though are all in kit form and include everything you need.

Below are some of the best raised pond kits I could find. They aren’t many, but at least they give you an idea of what features you may want in a raised garden ponds model. I have also recently looked at some of the best pond fountains which are ideal for small raised ponds.

Now, let’s get straight into the details and we start by introducing our best pick, which is the Blagdon Affinity Grand Half-Moon Feature Pool.


Blagdon Affinity Grand Half-Moon Feature Pool
This pond kit is made from robust materials and it’s easy to assemble and is probably one of the best available in terms of getting a raised pond set up within a couple of hours plus it looks amazing and there is a couple of sizes to choose from. This raised water feature pond can hold both fish and plants comfortably and you will be staring through the windows for hours. The premium-priced raised pond is beautiful, making it a conversation piece when you have company over. Overall it's an amazing kit which includes everything you need from the pump to the filter to the UV water clarifier. All you need to add is the plants and fish.


Norlog 175 Gallon Raised Fish Pond
Perfect for those seeking a wooden raised pond with some depth to hold many fish/plants. This model has a capacity of 175 gallons which is decent for its size. You will find that it is easy to assemble or dismantle whenever you want to, it literally takes 10 minutes to slot together and insert the well-fitted liner. It costs way less than our best pick making it an affordable option for those who cannot afford the best pick. However, you may want to add a filter and pump as it does not come with them but they are very affordable online.

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Top 4 Best Raised Pond Bed Kit Reviews 

1. Blagdon Affinity Grand Half-Moon Living Water Feature Pool


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Blagdon Affinity Grand Half-Moon Living Water Feature Pool

Beautiful and easy to put together is the Blagdon Affinity Grand Half-Moon Feature Pool. This model is made from aluminium rails and textaline panels that are UV-stable to preserve their appearance. The pool has a 1mm liner and although that may sound thin, it is durable and strong enough to contain everything as required.

First off, it comes with everything you need to get started, no going out to buy filters, pumps or a UV water clarifier because it’s all included. You just need to add the water, some plants and fish if you want them. Who doesn’t want fish to look at through those eye-catching shatterproof windows?

It is powered by a 1300W low voltage pump and it comes with three fountain heads that you can select from to provide the effect you want. Thanks to the UV water clarifier the water will be filtered both mechanically and biologically to ensure that the plants and fish live in a healthy environment.

During the day, you can watch the fish swim around using the shatterproof viewing windows. At night, the LED light illuminates the pond making it more visible whether you have it placed on the patio or garden. On the latest model, the lights are also on a timer if you prefer.

The easy to assemble pond measures 52cm (H) x 147cm (W) x 104cm (D) and it has a capacity of 480 litres. Most will find it easy to put together, although it is easier with 2 people. Something to note is that there are about 8 different models to choose from, which basically vary in size and shape.


  • The design looks good and creates a real focal point in the garden. 
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the textaline panels and aluminium rails for extra support.
  • Comes with a 5W UV water clarifier and water pump.
  • Features shatterproof viewing windows for a better display.
  • Supplies three different fountain heads.
  • Provides an LED light for nighttime use.

Our recommendation 

The Blagdon Affinity Grand Half-Moon Feature Pool has a nice design that would be a conversation piece when you have company. The shatterproof windows and fountain feature provide a lovely scene as you relax in the garden or on the patio. Although it takes a while to assemble, the process is not frustrating but we recommend having a spare pair of hands to help. 

We like that it comes with everything you need and is suitable for both plants, and animals such as frogs and fish thanks to the filter and UV water clarifier. This model would be suitable for someone who wants a high-quality pond with a fountain feature at a premium price.

If you need another shape or size then it’s well worth checking out the other designs too.

We have also reviewed some of the best preformed ponds in this review that are easy to install and below ground level

2. Norlog 795L Raised Fish Pond


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Norlog 175 Gallon Raised Fish Pond

The Norlog 795L (175 GALLONS) Raised Fish Pond is easy to assemble because of its slot together design. You can assemble and disassemble the pond easily and locate it somewhere else. It literally takes around 10 minutes to assemble which makes it probably the easiest of all the raised ponds to build.

The pool is made from Swedish wood that has been treated with non-toxic preservatives to protect the wood from rot. It is further protected by a 10 year guarantee against rot.

This pool is not limited to housing plants only, but it can also house fish and other animals like frogs. We would recommend adding a pump and filter if you plan to add fish to keep the water clear. It features a durable thick liner that fits in perfectly. It doesn’t require a foundation and this means you can set it up on any level surface, from soil to grass or directly on a patio area. You will have to place something beneath the pond because it does not come with a base, we personally recommend buying rubber tiles and using these to provide a soft base to protect the liner on patios.


  • Made from durable and renewable Swedish wood.
  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes.
  • Simple slot together system.
  • Comes with a durable quality liner.
  • Gives good value for money.
  • Pressure-treated to provide rot-free usage for up to 10-years.


  • Assembly instructions are vague but it’s simple enough.

Our recommendation

For those who might be looking for a wooden raised pond for a more natural look, the Norlog 175 Gallon Raised Fish Pond is a considerable option.

It has a large capacity of 175 gallons, it’s around 2ft deep, and it is easy to assemble. When you do not need it or want to move it, you can easily pull it down for storage and this is something you cannot do with a permanent pond.

It is guaranteed against rot for 10-years, so you will get value for your money. In the end, it is a suitable model for those who want to stick to wooden ponds instead of plastic. But don’t forget you may need to buy a filter and pump depending on what you want to put in it.

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3. Clear View Garden Aquarium Lotus Square Raised Garden Pond with Windows

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Clear View Garden Aquarium Lotus Square Raised Garden Pond with Windows

Next, we have the Clear View Garden Aquarium Lotus Garden Pond which gives you the pleasure of watching your fish swim around with no obstructions. It is, simply put, an amazing looking pond.

This pond has two large viewing windows that let you gaze at the movements of the fish from corner to corner. The square-shaped pond is made from FSC-certified wood that is pressure treated to protect the wood from the elements. It is also available in three fantastic colours, light grey, brown and green.

This model sports a welded liner that contains all the water without leaking, basically, it’s a superior design when it comes to sealed joints. The same liner has the windows fitted in for a more compact appearance and more importantly less set up steps.

It measures 134cm x 134cm x 51cm so is perhaps a little smaller than it might look in pictures. At around 4.5ft wide, it has a 700-litre capacity to house as many fish as you want (within reason). This obviously depends on the size of the fish and type but it holds a fair few. This model is accompanied by a 12-month guarantee to assure you that the quality is good.


  • Made from pressure-treated wood.
  • Available in three colours for selection.
  • Easy to assemble with a slot together patented design.
  • Features a welded liner.
  • Has a large capacity of 700 litres.
  • Backed by a 12-month guarantee.
  • Looks fantastic.


  • It is pricey.

Our recommendation

The Clear View Garden Aquarium Lotus Garden Pond is perfect for those who want a model to house mostly fish instead of plants. This wooden pond is fitted with large windows, and they are the largest of any pond we have seen so that you can see the fish swimming around.

You can place it on the porch, garden, patio, or wherever you see fit. It is a bit expensive but for this model, you get both durability and a beautiful design that your eyes can feast on. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t come with any filters and pumps etc, however, it simply looks amazing.

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4. Heissner Rattan Water Garden

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Heissner 015195-00 Rattan Water Garden

The Heissner Rattan Water Garden is a small pond that you can use for your plants and maybe a couple of small fish although some people will debate this, however, we think if you can get some minnows and sticklebacks it would be fine. It would probably be fine for a couple of small goldfish too if you add some plants and somewhere for the fish to hide.

The rattan-based pond is fitted with an 8W pump to supply the fountain with water at a rate of 600l/h. This pump has to be plugged into an outdoor socket to work, but you can seek a solar pump if you don’t have access to a socket nearby.

It measures 66cm x 46cm x 26cm so is fairly small and it comes with a 10m cable for easy reach.

You can purchase this model in either the black or brown cover to match your rattan garden furniture.


  • Available in different colours to match your rattan furniture.
  • Made from UV-stable rattan.
  • Features a low energy pump with an adjustable fountainhead.
  • Comes with a long cable for easy reach.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is not supplied with a plug.
  • Water tends to splash out of the basin so you need to check it doesn’t get too low.

Our recommendation

The Heissner Rattan Water Garden looks good with its rattan exterior and it will match the décor if you already have rattan furniture. This small raised pond doesn’t require much energy to set up and it is quite easy to use.

Overall it’s a nice little water feature with the bonus of being able to add some plants and maybe some small fish.

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Buyer’s Guide

This buying guide is constructed to help you find the best-raised pond kits that cater to both fish and plants. You will be able to distinguish the best-raised garden ponds from the not so good ones. Even if you already know this information, it doesn’t hurt to do a little refresher.


Raised ponds are constructed from a mix of materials. It is hard to find a model that is made purely out of one material. You can find metal, wood, glass and plastic used together to form a robust structure that can support living things. What matters is that the material is durable enough to last for several years.


The size and capacity of a raised pond are important because it determines the number of plants or fish you can keep. If you want to store more fish then you will have to select a pond with a depth of a minimum of 18 inches so that the fish have enough room to swim or hide from harsh weather, but also cover to hide from predators like herons. Always check the capacity before setting for a model. All but our final pick are suitable for a number of fish in varying sizes.

You should also consider the amount of space you have to place the raised pond. If you do not have much space then a pond with a smaller capacity of say 50-gallons is suitable.

Fish or plants?

Is your focus directed at keeping plants or fish, or are you looking to combine the two? If you want a model that caters specifically to plant life then you do not have to worry about what size of planters to get. 

Some of the best raised pond kits come with their own planters to accommodate the recommended size of plants.

If you choose to have fish then remember you will need pumps and filters. These are not too expensive to purchase, but all but our best pick do not include these.

Easy assembly

The best raised garden ponds are easy to assemble because they are escorted with clear instructions and innovative slot together designs. It is easier to work with models whose parts are numbered to facilitate easy assembly for people of different ages. Like we always say, check the customer reviews to understand which bits of assembly might be challenging and customers are usually eager to complain about how difficult things are to build. Most raised ponds are easy to build to slot together systems so this is usually not an issue.

Viewing windows

If you are keeping fish, you want to be able to see them swimming around. That is the beauty of having a raised pond because it can have these viewing windows. Selecting a raised pond with sizeable viewing windows is better than peeping through small windows. A model with exemplary viewing windows is the Clear View Garden Aquarium Lotus Garden Pond.


The pump is essential in circulating water in the pond. The ideal situation is having a pump that can move half of the pond’s water capacity in an hour. This way you are sure that both your plants and fish are getting fresh water and oxygen.

If you want your pond to operate without having to rely on a socket, you have the option of purchasing a solar pump, but this is not usually suitable for fish. The solar pump is more effective for those living in remote areas or those whose socket positions are far away.


Unless you want your fish and plants living in murky water, filters are essential. You can choose to go with the biological filters which mean using plants, or the manual filters depending on what the pond will be supporting. Biological filters are better suited for keeping fish because they will break down the fish waste effectively.

Manual filters are commonly used in small raised ponds because they are more effective in removing general dirt. They need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the contamination of water.


Pond liners are crucial in containing the contents of the raised pond. These liners are usually made from PVC or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. The PVC liners are more affordable than the EPDM liners but they do not last as long. Depending on your budget, you can choose which liners work for you best. Most raised ponds already come with a liner so this should not be something you need to worry about for many years.

Final Conclusion

Raised bed ponds are available in different designs so you can be confident you will find one that matches your needs to a tee. That marks the end of this review. 

Before we sign off, we want to summarise our top picks, which include the beautifully designed Blagdon Affinity Grand Half-Moon Feature Pool and the Norlog 175 Gallon Raised Fish Pond.

The Norlog model is perfect for those searching for an easy to assemble wooden pond and its price is agreeable.

Both of these models are up to scratch so you will not regret choosing either one. In the case you are looking at which plants to include in your pond, click here where we look at the best plants for your ponds.

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