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5 Best Gas Patio Heaters, Buyers Guide & Review

Last updated on October 21st, 2021

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With the right kind of patio heater, you can enjoy Al fresco dining no matter the amount of space you have. In this post, we break down the top gas patio heaters and help you determine the best gas patio heater for your garden, and we certainly have some great models on our list. Gas heaters are known to have the highest output of all patio heaters including electric and traditional fire pits, making them a great option for warming larger spaces.

If you’ve decided that a gas patio heater is a way to go, then our five finalists are worth looking at and considering. Jump to our gas patio heater review if you want to check out the models straightaway. Otherwise, we have a brief buyer’s guide that covers the features to look out for and information regarding safety.

One of the best models currently available has to be the Sahara 13kW Heat Focus Patio Heater. There are very few models that compare with its wide heat reflector, three heat control settings and an amazing 5-year warranty for full peace of mind. Some may argue that it’s a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth the money. We do have some great affordable alternatives, so read on to learn more.


Sahara 13kW Heat Focus Gas Patio Heater
The ultimate gas heater will give out a lot of heat that can be reflected a certain way whilst still being a fairly efficient gas model. This means you only reflect heat to where it's needed. The Sahara Gas Patio Heater has a powerful 13kW heat output and this is perfect for warming larger areas and the variable heat control will allow you to customise your warmth with ease. This model works with propane or butane gas.

The top 5 gas patio heaters that we reviewed, including our top picks that we have listed below:

  1. Sahara 13kW Heat Focus Gas Patio Heater – BEST PICK
  2. Amazon Basics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater – RUNNER UP
  3. KMS HEATSURE Gas Patio Heater
  4. Callow Slate Effect Gas Fire Pit and Fire Bowl
  5. Littleborough Furniture Company Quartz Glass Patio Heater


AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Patio Heater
With a powerful output of 40,000 BTUs, simplified ignition system, robust construction, easy manoeuvrability and wide 5.5m coverage, this stylish patio heater is a great buy for any space that needs heating. It's steel construction is durable and the unit is pretty much a bargain which is no surprise as this model is by Amazon themselves and its part of their basic range.

Top 5 Gas Patio Heater Reviews

1. Sahara 13kW Heat Focus Gas Patio Heater


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Sahara 13kW Heat Focus gas Patio Heater. 865 Diameter x 2250 Height. Charcoal

The Sahara 13kW Heat Focus Gas Patio Heater is a stylish and modern heater that will make your outdoor space more enjoyable on cooler evenings. The standout feature of this patio heater is the clever adjustable heat focus reflector that precisely directs the heat to where you need it. The heat focus is also said to increase the heat at a garden dining table by 300% compared with models without this feature. On top of that, the aluminium reflector is extra wide to offer burner protection against wind. This is the feature that helped it win our ‘BEST PICK’ and a feature we were surprised is not fitted to other models. However, this model is more expensive than other similar models but you should save this overall because of the lower running costs.

Another integral feature is the variable heat control, which after focusing heat to your desired area allows you to adjust the heat output accordingly. Piezo ignition lets you power the heater on/off with ease and the burn time is up to 45 hours on a 13kg cylinder which is pretty good. Ideally, one gas cylinder will have you hang out on the patio for a month or more depending on how many hours per day you’ll be lighting the heater. Let’s not forget the heaters massive output of 13kW. It even has a storage compartment (particularly for your gas cylinder) and it shuts neatly to maintain the sleek appearance and shape of the heater.

As we expected (and no heater should be without it), this Sahara is equipped with an anti-tilt switch designed to cut out the flame immediately if the heater topples over. This should be a near-impossible occurrence thanks to the weighted base, which ensures maximum stability but the feature is still there just in case. If the flame itself fails to start, there’s a brilliant flame failure device that will shut off the gas to not only prevent unwanted gas loss but also for your own safety.

Finished in powder-coating, the body should resist all forms of rust and last for years, which is how they are able to offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty. If you want to store it inside or maybe in the garage or garden shed, its wheels come in handy for transportation. You may also want to purchase the separately sold Sahara cover to add more protection against rust and frost during the winter seasons, which we would recommend, even if you are storing it inside a garage or a shed.


  • Comes with an adjustable heat focus reflector to direct heat in a certain direction, this can increase over a table by 300% which means you can lower the heat and save on the running costs.
  • Electronic ignition for an easy start, no messing about with pilot lights.
  • Includes anti-tilt and flame failure features for safe use.
  • Easy to transport on its wheels and store away.
  • Powder-coated steel outer casing to protect against rust.
  • Variable heat control, allowing you to customise heat output with ease.
  • 5-year warranty for absolute peace of mind.

Our recommendation

Overall, this flexible gas patio heater boasts some desirable features for convenient operation and produces enough heat to entertain guests outside. It is certain to last for a long time owing to its stainless steel build. It is one of the best models on the market in our opinion and is worth every penny even though it’s a little more expensive.

If you are looking for a more affordable model with the ‘heat focus reflector’ our next pick by Amazon themselves is well worth considering so check it out below.

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2. AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater


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Amazon Basics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

The AmazonBasics Havana Commercial Patio Heater is another great buy when it comes to gas patio heaters. It is available in three colours, slate grey, stainless steel and bronze (as pictured above). You can guess from the title that this one is made for larger outdoor areas, for example, an open porch, on a patio, a gazebo set-up and even large parties in the garden.

Its wide base is also heavy enough to ensure there is very little chance of it falling over and we like that you can add extra weight, but more on this in a moment. If it ever tilts, a safety auto shut-off will kick in to turn the heater off and prevent any potential hazards, but this is pretty much standard now on all models. Adding sand or water to the heaters reservoir system will further increase stability and that is something to consider if you are using it on an open exposed area that may be more exposed to the wind or if you are truly concerned about the base tipping.

After attaching your propane cylinder, hit the piezo ignition button to get the heat blazing through the vents of the heater. Then there is a variable heat control knob that will let you set high or low output settings and turn off the heater at the end of the night. Though it doesn’t come with a gas cylinder, the box contains an attachment to easily connect the tank to the heater but you need to make sure you get the right type of bottle, the green bottle, 6kg or 13kg fit perfectly, the blue bottles are slightly too tall so avoid these.

This heavy-duty patio heater gives an impressive output of 46,000 BTUs, enough to warm up an area up to 5.5 metres in diameter which is an impressive 18 ft. If you are hoping to heat the patio during the winter so you relax outside with a cup of hot coffee at night or enjoy the patio any time during the year, this AmazonBasics provides a substantial amount of heat.

There is space in the bottom of the heater where you can hide your gas tank and the heater has wheels to push it smoothly to wherever you want. The body features steel construction with a powder-coated bronze finish that not only gives it a contemporary appeal but also ensures durability. The coating protects against rust and damage to the elements, whilst the bronze finish complements most outdoor decor and furniture collections. It’s worth mentioning that it is available in slate grey and stainless steel too.

One feature we do like is that for more secure placement and improved stability, the base reservoir can be filled with water or sand to increase the centre of gravity with sand being the heavier of the two.


  • An affordable but well constructed no thrills patio heater, all the features you need at a more affordable price, hence why it is part of the AmazonBasics range.
  • Robust construction with a weighted base that can be filled with sand or water to withstand heavy winds.
  • Very powerful 46,000 BTUs, able to heat an area of 5.5m in diameter, which is 18ft.
  • Designed with a solid wheel assembly for easy manoeuverability.
  • Easy to turn on/off each time thanks to piezo ignition.
  • Sturdy and stable base that can be fitted with water or sand, combined with auto shut-off tilt valve system ensures maximum safety.
  • 1 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

All in all, the AmazonBasics Havana has sufficient power to heat up a large area and plenty of smart features for convenience and safety. This model is currently one of the most popular models and it is easy to see why, a great quality product at an even better price.

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3. KMS HEATSURE Gas Patio Heater

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KMS HEATSURE New Outdoor BBQ Gas Patio Heater Silver Powder Coated Hammered Metal Steel 5KW - 12KW Using Propane or Butane or LPG Gas Total Height 224cm

How do you rekindle the love in your family more than spending the evenings together? Sometimes it gets too cold and you find yourself needing something to increase the temperature to a moderate level. The KMS HEATSURE Gas Patio Heater will do exactly that with its incredible output of 5000 W  to 12000W. Ideally, you are able to adjust the heat output depending on how big the area you want to warm is. The heater consumes 450g/h to 870g/h of gas on the lowest and highest setting, respectively making it fairly efficient plus it comes with a cover, unlike most of the other models we have reviewed.

Like other gas patio heaters, this one is fitted with a piezo electric ignition system that makes lighting up very easy. Simply turn the heat level knob for the gas to fill the pilot, then push a button on the igniter to fire it up instantly. Better still, this patio heater works with a range of fuels including propane, butane or LPG gas. It comes with a 0.5m hose to connect your gas cylinder plus a regulator (which some patio heaters don’t include so it’s always best to check), not a deal-breaker if they don’t include the regulator but can be a disappointment when you open the box and you didn’t realise before ordering.

Apart from being an efficient heater, it is also constructed in a stylish manner using a sparking silver powder-coated hammered metal. This adds elegance to your home whilst performing its core purpose. A huge part of its design is the sectional reflector, which directs heat where you want it.

This model together with a full 13kg gas cylinder is definitely going to be very heavy and difficult to move so it comes with wheels for easy relocation, like most models which are handy. There is also a cover to protect it from the elements when it’s not in use and its worth mentioning that most other models don’t include the cover so this is a nice little extra.


  • Variable heat output ranging from 5000w to 12000w.
  • Supplied with a handful of useful accessories including gas regulator, hose and full cover unlike most other models.
  • Works with propane, butane or LPG gas, giving you option to use the most accessible fuel.
  • Looks elegant in its silver powder coated metal construction.
  • Sturdy base and wheels for easy mobility.

Our recommendation

All things considered, this beautiful patio heater is one of the best you can buy, whether to heat up a small or large area and is a great alternative to the amazon basics model.

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4. Callow Retail Slate Effect Gas Fire Pit and Fire Bowl

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Slate effect Gas Fire Pit and Fire Bowl

The Callow Gas Fire Pit will look the part in any garden or outdoor space. The gas-fired patio heater rests upon a slate effect column that will not deteriorate over time. A 6kg butane gas canister (not included) can easily be hidden inside the upright column, meaning you can store plenty of fuel without having unsightly cylinders visible. It can be used easily with propane as well but you will need to spend a few extra pounds on a new regulator that fits, handy if you already use this type of gas for BBQs etc.

Particularly designed with ease in mind, the flame itself features simple controls that allow you to adjust the output of the heat – perfect for lowering or raising the temperature and intensity of the fire depending on the weather.

The Callow Fire Pit also comes with the benefit of a heavy-duty PVC vinyl cover, allowing you to protect the patio heater from exposure to elements and store it away safely during the winter. In so doing, you can prolong the life of the heater and ensure you get as many years of service.

The flames heat up lava rocks inside the fire bowl to create a splendid blaze but we recommend investing in an extra 3kg of lava rocks to increase the heat as this should really make a difference. This fire creates a warm inviting atmosphere that your family and friends will enjoy. The best part is that you don’t need to clean out ash and soot from the fire once the heater cools down and you don’t go inside smelling of smoke, unlike a traditional fire fit. Simply turn it on and off at the click of a button.


  • Realistic slate effect column makes the unit look stunning in any outdoor space.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty vinyl cover to protect it against exposure to bad weather.
  • No demanding maintenance as you don’t need to clean ash or soot.
  • Has a heat output control from low to high.
  • Comes with a butane regulator and the 6kg bottles fit perfectly. Can be used with propane, but you will need to buy a propane regulator for a few pounds.

Our recommendation

If you love the convenience and beauty of an open flame but without the hassle of having to start a fire, this Callow Retail Slate effect Gas Fire Pit is a great choice and something that is a little different than the usual patio heaters available.

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5. Littleborough Furniture Company Gas Patio Heater

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Littleborough Furniture Company 13KW Glass Tube Real Flame Gas Pyramid Patio Heater in Stainless Steel

Winding up this list is the Littleborough Furniture Company Gas Patio Heater. The patio heater is a bit pricier compared to some of the other models in this post, but it has good features to justify the price tag, looks amazing and has some style. At 2.27m in height, it’s one of the tallest patio heaters and along with that, it gives out 13kW of power to heat up an area of 5m in diameter. Simply place it in a convenient location and you will have the warmth you need for evening relaxation.

You can use propane, butane or LPG gas to light up your patio heater but we recommend you get a 13kg patio heater gas (green bottle) as it comes with a push-fit regulator and if you use the other types of gas you will also need to invest in a new regulator. The heater is designed in a way that gives you instant access to the gas tank. Once your gas cylinder is depleted, simply open the access door, clip the valve from the propane cylinder and pull it off.

The body features a stainless steel construction which, as we know, is highly resistant to rust and looks beautiful at the same time. The base is designed with a square shape to enhance the stability of this structure in high winds. It also features an anti-tilt safety switch plus an automatic shut-off device to stop the gas and prevent burning.

For those willing to spend upwards and secure a large, powerful patio heater, this Littleborough Quartz Glass Tube is worth the money and adds a little style to the patio.


  • Powerful heater with an output of 13kW.
  • Includes anti-tilt safety switch and auto shut off device.
  • Stable square base ensures maximum stability in wind.
  • Durable and stylish stainless steel construction.

Our recommendation

Despite it size, it may not give as much heat as our ‘Best Pick’ but it still looks the part and should still give off a fair bit of heat. It will fit the larger 13kg gas bottles that most other models struggle with.

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Gas Patio Heater Buyer’s Guide

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home and you need to enjoy it throughout the day, for as long as possible which means you need a little warmth in the evening. Whether it’s only a small patio, a pool area if you’re lucky enough to have one, or underneath a gazebo, adding a patio heater will not only bring warmth but also become an attractive centrepiece to your space.

While it’s obvious that gas patio heaters run on ‘gas’ – usually propane or butane – there are various styles and many other considerations to think about before purchasing a patio heater. Let’s go through each of them:

Gas patio heater running cost

One thing you need to know is that gas patio heaters are the most expensive to run when you compare them with other heaters that are on the market. The actual cost will vary depending on factors such as frequency of use, output power and gas costs, but there are clever features such as reflectors that make some models more affordable to run.

On average, most small gas heaters are estimated to use 0.25kg/h. Combine that with the cost of a 13kg gas cylinder and you should get around 52 hours of runtime on a full tank, which should roughly work out at around 62p/h running cost.  A larger model, such as the Sahara 13kW Patio Heater, could cost around £1.20 /h due to its incredible 13kW output and high gas consumption per hour but using the reflector and lowering the gas could make it more affordable to run.

Heat output considerations

Measured in watts or British Thermal Units (BTUs), this determines how large an area a patio heater can warm. To determine how much heat output you need to sufficiently warm your outdoor space, take the cubic feet of the area and multiply it by the desired temperature rise you wish to heat the space to. This equation will give you the amount of BTUs your gas patio heater needs to produce. Ideally, the higher the BTUs, the more heat the unit produces. Or, forget the math and follow the guide below:

Area In Sq. Feet / Recommended BTUs

  • 100-150 sq. ft. / 5,000
  • 150-250 sq. ft. / 6,000
  • 250-300 sq. ft. / 7,000
  • 300-350 sq. ft. / 8,000
  • 350-400 sq. ft. / 9,000
  • 400-450 sq. ft. / 10,000
  • 450-550 sq. ft. / 12,000
  • 550-700 sq. ft. / 14,000
  • 700-1,000 sq. ft. / 18,000
  • 1,000-1,200 sq. ft. / 21,000
  • 1,200-1,400 sq. ft. / 23,000
  • 1,400-1,500 sq. ft. / 24,000
  • 1,500-2,000 sq. ft. / 30,000
  • 2,000-2,500 sq. ft. / 34,000

Weight of the patio heater

Gas patio heaters can be incredibly heavy, especially with a gas bottle inside. For one, they are usually tall freestanding structures with gas tank storage areas. Some have base reservoirs that can be filled with water or a stand to make them more stable. If you consider all this, the whole unit could be difficult to lift or move. Depending on how much it weighs, it’s advisable to buy one with wheels so that it would be easy to push to a storage area after use.

Location and safety features

Before installing your patio heater, there are some safety considerations to pay attention to. First of all, keep in mind that gas patio heaters are for outdoor use only. Patio heaters should stand on a level surface that can withstand their weight and there should be no obstructions around them such as low-hanging branches and plants. If you have to move it to a different location, turn it off first to avoid getting burnt.

Speaking of safety, look out for the following features:

Automatic shutoff – usually a switch inside designed to turn off the heater if it gets too hot.

Anti-tilt protectionif the heater is knocked over, a switch will automatically turn it off, this is pretty much standard on all patio heaters now.

Cool to touch glass – this makes the patio heater safe around children and pets.

Some models are also branded with safety certifications, indicating that they have been safety tested by relevant bodies. A good example is the KMS HEATSURE Gas Patio Heater, which is CE, CSA, AGA approved.

Electronic controls

These include a piezo ignition control for straightforward lighting or turning on/off and heat output control function. It’s better if you are able to adjust the flame to match your desired heat levels and desired ambience than have a constant heat intensity.

Size of reflector

The reflector’s function is to distribute heat to the surroundings. They come in different sizes and the bigger the reflector the more it emits heat into wider areas. You should be keen on this function as some models come in a stylish appearance but have less effective reflectors. Some models even come with adjustable reflectors so you can reflect the heat in a certain direction which can mean more heat concentration when on a lower setting that will save gas.

Length of warranty

If your gas patio heater has a longer warranty, say a 5-year warranty, you can be confident it’s made with high-quality, durable materials that won’t suffer from severe elements. In short, 5 years is great and 2 years is adequate. Just remember to keep them covered when not in use and ideally store them away overwinter in a shed or garage.

Final Conclusion

That’s it with the best gas patio heater reviews. Whether you want an elegant centrepiece for your patio parties or just a heater that will add enough warmth to let you enjoy your evening coffee for most of the year. We believe one of the models above can serve your purpose. We handpicked our models with budget in mind, so whether you want the best gas patio heater for under £100 or don’t mind shelling out £200 for a patio heater, this review has got you covered.

Truth be told, you can’t control the weather, but you can make your outdoor space more comfortable in almost any weather, especially if you add a gazebo to the mix. A gas patio heater can along way, especially if you need to warm large areas.

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