5 Best Flood Sump Pumps For Removing Dirty Water, Emptying Ponds and Removing Flooded Water

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5 Best Flood Sump Pumps For Removing Dirty Water, Emptying Ponds and Removing Flooded Water

5 Best Flood Sump Pumps For Removing Dirty Water, Emptying Ponds and Removing Flooded Water

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Have you ever had the back-breaking task of removing water bucketful by bucketful from a flooded cellar, your outdoor hot tub or a garden pond? A flood sump pump takes the effort out of this chore, with its electric motor doing all the heavy work of sucking the water up into the attached hose and taking it away from the water-logged scene. Whether you’re removing clean water or dirty water with particles floating around in it, a flood sump pump puts much less stress on you and your back.

Our Best Flood Sump Pump review looks at electric powered pumps that all handle dirty water, and two have reversible filters for clean water as well. We list the pros and cons of each product and discuss their best features, with a recommendation as to their best use. Our Buyer’s Guide covers the important issues that help you decide which is the best flood pump for your present and future needs.

Our Best Pick is the Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump. This is a versatile dirty flood pump from a well-known manufacturer of brand garden water tools. The clean and dirty water pump fits into small spaces and is compatible with all standard size hoses.

Our Runner-up in this review is the more powerful Makita PF1010 240 V 240 L Submersible Drainage Pump. This dirty water sump pump is ideal to use as a permanently installed pump if you have a building or piece of land that’s in frequent danger of flooding.

Best Pick

Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump
The Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump is a handy dirty water pump that’s also built to deal with clean water. Just flip the easily reversible base depending on the water type. With a 350W motor, it’s suitable for any domestic environment, inside or outdoors. It’s small enough to fit into most tight spaces and powerful enough for large volumes of water such as swimming pools, hot tubs and garden ponds. Pumping 125L of water per minute, you don’t have to wait too long for your water-filled space to be emptied. For example, a fairly large hot tub should take around an hour to empty. If you’re looking for the best multi-purpose and mobile flood pump, this is an excellent selection and probably the best choice for most people

Runner-up / Best Pump for Removing Flooded Water

Makita PF1010 Submersible Drainage Pump
The Makita PF1010 240 V 240 L Submersible Drainage Pump has the most powerful features of all the flood pumps we review. Its 1100W motor provides the power to pump heavily contaminated dirty water from large spaces such as garden lakes or flooded cellars. It removes particles of matter up to 35mm along with the dirty water from depths up to 5 meters. Pumping a volume of water of 240 litres per minute, this drainage pump clears an enclosed space of unwanted water in short order. If you need a permanent pump for an indoor or outdoor area that’s prone to flooding, this should be the best selection for you.

6 Best Flood Pump Reviews

1. Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump 

Best Pick

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Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump

The Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump is from a company that’s well-respected for its garden water equipment such as garden hoses and fittings. This flood pump is a relatively small model and is one of several they manufacture that you can move around to the various spots from which you need to pump water, both inside and outside your home.

With a 350W motor, the Flowmax pump is ideal for removing clean or dirty water is designed more for domestic use. Its versatility in this is enhanced by its compatibility with a range of diameters of hoses to attach to it. The pump doesn’t come with a hose to remove the water extracted, so you can use one that you already have at home. However, online reviewers report that the connectivity between the pump and any standard hose is poor and many of them had to improvise a connection that fit and didn’t leak. If you buy the Hozelock 2158 connector for a few pounds it should fit the standard hozelock connectors better and screw directly onto the pump.

This Hozelock pump has two functions – it removes either clean and dirty water, but with separate filters. To change between pumping the two water qualities just reverse the (patented) easy to flip base, without the need for any tools. Just especially remember to do this when moving from clean water to dirty water. Particles in the dirty water up to 30mm in diameter are extracted along with the water.

This pump for removing flooded water handles shallow puddles well, taking them down to a 3mm residual depth. It’s also suitable for swimming pools as it can be submerged to a depth of 5m. Pumping 125 Litres of water per minute is a respectable volume and speed for this size of flood pump.

There is an external float switch for automatic operation of this Hozelock pump. The switch turns the pump on and then automatically turns it off when a low level of water is reached. This stops the pump from running dry and burning out.

The 10-meter power cable is conveniently wrapped around a cable bracket. If you need to squeeze this Hozelock flood pump into a tight space, just take off the bracket to reduce the pump’s footprint, this is perfect for lower into some smaller areas of water butts.


  • Electric 350W metal flood pump can fit into small spaces.
  • Provides ground-level suction to 3mm for those shallow puddles.
  • Sucks up clean or dirty water, for rain flooding or for when the sewer backs up.
  • Integrated return valve makes it easy to prime the pump.
  • The external float switch can turn the pump on or automatically off.
  • Compatible with 15mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm hoses to fit your drainage system.
  • 10m power cable conveniently stored on the removable cable bracket.
  • Pumps 125L of liquid per minute and can be immersed up to a depth of 5m.
  • Deals with solids up to 30mm in diameter.
  • Cuts out if water reaches 35° or hotter to avoid harm to the unit.


  • Poor connectivity between pump and standard hose could be better but is not a deal breaker.

Our recommendation

The Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump is a versatile flooded water pump for use around your home and garden. It has enough power to drain water-filled spaces from a small puddle to a large garden pond. It handles dirty water with fairly large (30mm) particles, and then clean water separately with an easy flip of the reversible base. It’s compatible with most standard hose sizes so choose the best one to match its 125 Litre per minute pumping speed.

We like the Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump for its versatility and its suitability for use with both clean and dirty water in the home and garden. It’s our pick for the Best Flood Pump.

If you have several places in your home and garden that need draining of water, the Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump could be the best choice for you.

2. Makita PF1010 240 V 240 L Submersible Drainage Pump

Runner-up / Best for Removing Flooded Water

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Makita PF1010 240 V 240 L Submersible Drainage Pump

The Makita PF1010 240 V 240 L Submersible Drainage Pump is the most powerful flood sump pump in our review.  With an 1100W electric motor, this dirty water pump provides enough power to handle heavily contaminated water in large garden lakes and muddy or sewerage-filled waters in flooded or backed-up cellars. This is a heavy-duty submersible pump for removing flooded water from your home or business premise.

The pumping volume of 240 Litres per minute of water reflects the serious ability of this flood pump. This is the highest volume among the pumps in this review. This pump’s rigid plastic housing is also designed for toughness and durability. You decide at what levels of water the pump automatically switches on and off to empty the water-filled space, thus controlling the amount of water retained in the space. Take note though that the minimum depth of water that the pump operates in is 40mm, which is somewhat deeper than the more domestic models we look at.

This Makita flood pump deals with particles up to 35mm in diameter in dirty water. It sucks these up with ease. With a submersion depth of 5 meters, this pump is also useful for emptying liquid from tanks and wells and other deep containers. As with all other dirty water sump pumps, this one is also useful for raising clean water for irrigation or transfer. However, there’s no separate filter for clean water.


  • Powerful 1100W electric motor dirty water pump.
  • Use for heavily contaminated or muddy water in cellars and garden lakes.
  • Adjustable float lever automatically turns the pump on and off to match the water level.
  • The minimum level of the water pump can work in is 40mm so best for flooded situations.
  • Submersion depth of 5m so can drain wells and tanks.
  • Sucks up solid particles up to 35mm in diameter.
  • Pumps up to 240L of liquid per minute, the fastest in our review.
  • Turns the motor off if the water reaches 35° or more to stop it from burning out.

Our recommendation

The Makita PF1010 240 L Submersible Drainage Pump is the most powerful dirty water pump we review. As such it’s an excellent choice if you have an inside or outdoors place that’s prone to flooding. Install this flood pump there as a permanent fixture and set the automatic float level to come on when the water rises and to turn off when it’s removed enough water. With an impressive pumping volume of 240L per minute, you know that the flooding water is removed timely and quickly.

We like the Makita PF1010 Submersible Drainage Pump for its power, its speed, its ability to handle contaminated water and reliability. This is the Runner-up in our review and the Best Pump for Removing Flooded Water.

If you’re looking for a flooded water pump to leave in place in a high-risk flood area, the Makita PF1010 Submersible Drainage Pump  is our choice for that task.

3. Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Water Pump

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Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Water Pump

The Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Water Pump is a flood sump pump that has all the features required of a successful pump for dirty water. Its 400W of power is enough to drain a garden pond or pool as this pump is submersible to the standard 5 meter depth. And this comes at the least expensive price of all the models we review.

The Terratek Pro pump does handle large particles in the dirty water – up to 35mm in diameter. If your water has leaves, twigs and other garden bits floating in it, you may not have to skim them off before using this pump. The pumping speed of 125 Litres per minute is not the fastest we’ve come across but it’s suitable for most situations if you pair the pump with the widest diameter hose possible. 

The automatic float switch looks after turning the pump on and off when the appropriate water levels are reached.  You don’t have to worry about the space becoming too full of water or not having enough to run the pump safely. However, some online reviewers state that it’s difficult to put this switch in a position so that it accurately monitors the water level. In addition, there’s a safety feature that doesn’t let the pump operate if the water temperature is above 35°C, perhaps in a hot tub that you haven’t let cool down enough before you start to drain it. Just something to bare in mind.


  • Dirty water submersible pump with 400W of power.
  • Pumps up to 125L per minute of liquid.
  • Constructed from corrosion-proof plastic for durability and strength.
  • Submersible to a depth of 5m so will drain your pond or a swimming pool.
  • Removes particles to a maximum of 35mm diameter.
  • Automatic float switch automatically turns the pump on and off to avoid the pump running dry.
  • Automatically cuts out if the water is 35°C or hotter to protect the pump’s workings.
  • The power cord is 10m long to reach down to the cellar or out into the garden.
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


  • Float switch difficult to position.
  • Doesn’t connect easily to standard size hoses.

Our recommendation

The Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Water Pump is a dirty water pump with all the right features. While its pumping rate (125L per minute) is not the fastest we’ve found, it does remove an impressive size of particle (35mm) along with the contaminated water. It’s submersible to 5 meters and the automatic float switch removes the need to constantly monitor the pump’s progress.

If you’re looking for the best dirty water pump at a reasonable price, check out the Terratek Pro 400W Submersible Water Pump.

4. Karcher SP3 Submersible Dirty Water Flood Pump

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Karcher SP3 Submersible Dirty Water Flood Pump

The Karcher SP3 Submersible Dirty Water Flood Pump is the least powerful of the sump pumps in our review. It’s suitable for those times and situations when you need to remove water but you’re not expecting severe flooding, for small ponds in your garden that you need to drain.

The electric motor has 350W of power that is enough to move a large volume of water. However, the drainage rate is 117L of water per minute. This is on the slow side so pumping a large area of water may take a while. The residual level of water – the minimum depth of water the pump works in – is 25mm which is fairly good overall. You need at least this depth to start the pump and this is the depth of water you’re left to mop up manually. If you’re draining a large area, mopping up that water yourself takes a while, and some effort.

If there’s large particles of garden matter or other stuff in your dirty water, you may need to skim them off before you use the pump. The Karcher SP3 can suck in particles up to 20mm in diameter, but nothing larger.

The automatic running mode starts and stops the pump depending on the water level and the manual operating mode runs the pump until the residual level is reached. In both of these modes, the pump is stopped before the water level becomes too low that the pump runs dry.

Unlike other flood pumps, the Karcher SP3 doesn’t come with hose adaptors. You have to buy your own to connect the pump to whatever hose you want to use but we recommend a 1 1/4” hose as it should fit straight ion to the fitting and held on using a screw clamp fitting. Go for the widest possible hose to ensure the faster possible water removal speed. Online reviewers state that it’s difficult to connect this pump to the adaptors for standard hoses.


  • Dirty water submersible flood pump has 350W of electric power to move water.
  • The ceramic motor seal protects both the motor and the pump from incursion by water.
  • Proprietary adjustable float switch lets you set the draining level of the pond/pool/cellar flood.
  • Choice of automatic or manual running modes to suit the water level you want to get down to.
  • Drains at a maximum of 117L per minute.
  • Removes solid particles up to 20mm in diameter.
  • The residual level of water is 25mm, so you have to remove this manually.
  • The pump is automatically turned off is water reaches 35°C to protect its insides.
  • Carrying handle is also useful as a rope holder for lowering the pump into a pool or pond.


  • Difficult to connect to a standard hose.
  • Doesn’t come with hose adaptors 

Our recommendation

The Karcher SP3 Submersible Dirty Water Flood Pump is a useful pump if you want one for only occasional use for dirty water. Perhaps you empty a medium size pool every autumn or your spa tub every few months or so. This sump pump copes with relatively small (20mm) particles of dirt and other matter. It needs a fairly deep amount of water to operate so is not the best pump for shallow puddles.

If you’re looking for a reliable dirty water pump that you use a few times a year, check out the Karcher SP3 Submersible Dirty Water Flood Pump and we recommend using a 1 1/4” hose to make like simple.

5. Einhell GE-DP 5220 LL ECO Dirty Water Pump

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Einhell Dirty Water Pump GE-DP 5220 LL ECO

The Einhell GE-DP 5220 LL ECO Dirty Water Pump is a two function flood pump – it’s designed to remove, separately, clean and dirty water. Use the clean water pump function to raise irrigation water or to transfer clean water from one place to another; use the dirty water pump function to drain muddy ditches or flooded rooms. This pump is ideal for both domestic and industrial use.

The electric motor operates at 520W of power. Producing a very respectable 225 litres per minute pumping rate, this Einhell motor allows the pump to move water quickly. Clean water is moved efficiently as the residual water level for that is a very impressive 1mm. This means that the pump leaves behind only 1mm of clean water in whatever enclosed space it’s pumping from. Not many pumps can beat that.

As for dirty or wastewater, this Einhell pump removes all particles up to 20mm in diameter along with the water. This size covers a wide variety of organic and other waste as well as silt and dirt clumps. Use any size of hose with this pump by attaching it to the universal hose connector at the top of the pump body.

The submersible depth of this two-function water pump is 7m, a full 2m deeper than the other flood pumps in this review. This is useful especially if you’re pumping from a deep tank or perhaps a hole on a construction site.

The automatic float switch is “infinitely adjustable” and enables you to set the level of water at which the pump starts up. 


  • Two-function 520W submersible pump works for both clean and wastewater.
  • Pumps a respectable 225L of water per minute.
  • Removes particles up to 20mm in diameter in dirty water.
  • The residual level of clean water is 1mm, the lowest we found
  • Submersible down to 7m.
  • High-quality ceramic and rubber seal to stop water from entering the motor and pump.
  • Select between continuous operation and an automatic on/off mode depending on water levels.
  • Universal hose connector at the top of the pump to fit most standard hoses.
  • The pump is made of impact-resistant plastic for toughness and durability.
  • Cable rewind for ease of retracting the power cord.

Our recommendation

The Einhell GE-DP 5220 LL ECO Dirty Water Pump handles both clean and dirty water with ease. Use it to pump clean irrigation water to your crops or to remove contaminated water from a flooded basement.  Whatever your need, this robust and durable pump is one of the best two-function sump pumps out there. Submerge it down to 7 meters for extra-deep spaces from which you want to remove the water or place it in shallow pools of water to pump out the last dregs of liquid. 

If you’re looking for a powerful sump pump that handles clean and dirty water separately, we highly recommend the Einhell Dirty Water Pump GE-DP 5220 LL ECO.

Buyer’s Guide

Once you’ve come to the decision that you need a sump pump (for now or for insurance against future flooding), it’s not too difficult to decide which one to buy. Aside from figuring out which kind of water you’ll be using it on, it’s just a matter of numbers. We explain them in this Buyer’s Guide.


Zero: number of pumps in this review that come with hoses.

Dirty or Clean?

The essential difference between clean and dirty (or waste) water is that clean water doesn’t have particles of stuff in it and dirty water does. An example of clean water would be the water in your hot tub; dirty water would be from your garden pond. You need to buy the right flood pump for the water situation you expect to arise (or that has arisen).

Dirty water flood pumps

These pumps are designed to deal with waste water that has particles floating in it. If your sewer has backed up or you’re draining your pond in the autumn, these pumps remove both the water and the bits and pieces in it. They contain a filter for doing so.

You can use these pumps to remove clean water but the water has to go through the dirty water filter – it’s not generally removable.

Clean and dirty water flood pumps

Two-function pumps handle clean and dirty water separately. There’s usually a removable and flippable base; one side is for when you’re draining clean water and the other side, with a dense filter, is for when you’re dealing with dirty water.

Operation selection

We add in this feature, although most flood pumps have the selection of operation as standard now, just so you check that it is there. The sump pump should come with a float switch that allows the pump to automatically turn off when a specified low level of water is reached. This stops the pump from running dry and burning out the motor. The switch may also enable you to set a water level at which the pump starts up automatically. If you live in a flood plain and are going away and heavy rain is expected and you’re prone to flooding, your sump pump will take care of any flooding that may occur.

The other operation choice is a continuous operation that you monitor and that usually stops at the residual water level.



All the flood sump pumps in our review are powered by electricity, though you can buy some professional ones that are petrol driven. The power range of the pumps we look at goes from 350W up to 1100W. 

Although higher power pumps can suck up water faster, this is not always directly related to the speed of the output of the water through the hose. The diameter of the hose and the leakiness of its connection to the pump also come into play there.

Pump volume

This is the volume of water the flood pump can remove, usually given in litres of liquid per minute or per hour. The range of volumes for flood pumps in this review ranges from 117L per minute to an impressive 240L per minute. But, once again, the size of the hose affects the amount of water that’s actually removed regardless of how fast the pump can go.

Particle size

Removing dirty water entails removing the water plus whatever particles of dirt, silt, leaves and whatever other stuff it contains. All flood pumps that handle dirty water state the maximum size diameter of particles that they can handle. In this review, the size ranges from 20mm to 35mm. 

If you plan to pump just water and fine silt (perhaps from an outdoor hot tub), the lower end of the range is all you need; if you need to pump water from an uncovered outdoor pond, look at pumps that manage particles at the higher end of the range.

Hose diameter.

Check which size hoses the connectors on the sump pump can support – universal connectors offer the widest option. Using the widest diameter hose you can allows for the fastest possible flow of water through it.

Residual level 

The residual level (also known as the ground level) of the water pump is the least depth of water that the pump can work in. For the pumps we look at, it’s around 3mm, though the Einhell pump operates in just 1mm of water and the Karcher SP3 sump pump needs 25mm of liquid. This is also the depth of the left-over of water at the end of any pumping session. You have to remove this water manually if needed.

Submersible level

This is the level to which you can submerge the pump in the water to pump the water up. It’s generally 5 meters, but check if the flood pump you’re looking at can, in fact, be submerged. 

Delivery height

This is the height to which the flood pump can pump the water up to. Not all pumps’ information gives this but it’s often the same as the submersible depth – 5 meters or so.

Thermal cut out

All flood pumps should have this feature that automatically stops the pump if the temperature of the water reaches 35°C. This ensures, for example, that you don’t leave you hot tub on when you’re emptying it which can help avoid damaging your hot tub accidentally.

Final Conclusion

Whether you need to remove water intentionally from your garden pond, lift water for irrigation or put mechanisms in place case your home floods, a flood sump pump saves you both effort and worry.

Flood pumps that remove dirty water suck up the water plus any particles of dirt and matter (to a specified size) floating around in it. You’re just left with a thin layer of sludge at the end to remove manually. This review of the best pumps for removing flooded water shows how they do protect your home and possessions.

Our Best Pick is the Hozelock 7602 0000 Flowmax Flood Pump. This is a mobile and versatile flood pump that fits in small spaces. It pumps water from a variety of depths, from small puddles to swimming pool and comes with a handy adapter you cut down which should hopefully fit your size of hose.

The Runner-up is the Makita PF1010 240 V 240 L Submersible Drainage Pump. This is the most powerful of the pumps in our review. It’s well-suited as a permanent installation at an indoor or outdoor site that experiences, or is in danger of, regular flooding. If you have a serious problem with flooding that is a real risk, this is well worth considering.

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