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Top-Rated and Tested: 7 Best Sun Loungers for Maximum Comfort

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Being from a big family, we’ve always had a selection of sun loungers and enjoy spending weekends together over summer at my mum and dads. There can be as many as 14 of us in total includinng the grandkids, for a Sunday dinner or, my personal favourite, a good old BBQ, I recently did a review of the Char-broil gas BBQ here. Anyway back to sun lounger!

Luckily my parents have a very large garden, and as you can imagine, we’ve tested a lot of sun loungers over the years, from cheap and cheerful models from big box stores like B&Q that seem to only last a couple of years to more expensive options including my personal favourite, the Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair which is a french made recliner which is pictured below.

The Lafuma Relax Rt2 lounger is actually a zero gravity sun lounger, but it has also been approved and designed by health professionals to help with blood pressure and joint pain, more in this further down. What I like is that it’s really comfortable, but the idea is your legs are raised slightly higher than your heart which is the best position for relaxing and has health benefits too. I recently reviewed the best zero gravity chairs here, which also included this Lafuma model which came out on top.

When it comes to sun loungers, there are plenty of choices out there. There are literally hundreds of zero gravity style models that fold down flat. I personally prefer these types as they’re easy to move around (if you’re following the sun) and easy to transport as there usually lightweight and compact. Not to mention, they are easy to store it on my racking in the garage. I have also done a review on outdoor recliners here.

Best outdoor recliners testing durability, build quality and comfort
Just some of the zero gravity and loungers we have been testing

When it comes to the best sun lounger, there are all sorts of designs, including many with fixed framed designs like the ones you often see by the pool on holiday. They sometimes have wheels at one end, which helps when moving them around. Especially if you’re following the sun around in the afternoon. You even have day beds that double as sun loungers.

Nardi ALFA Lounger by Turtle Dove & Turtle Dove

If you’re looking for a premium sun lounger, the types you see on cruise ships, I say cruise ships as I recently went on a cruise, and the sun loungers were amazing, so I took it upon myself to make a note of what brand and model they were. It turned out they were these Nardi ALFA Lounger by Turtle Dove & Turtle Dove as shown in the picture above. They were expensive, but my goodness they were very comfortable. I don’t personally own one but being that they were on a cruise ship, they must be very well made and are certainly well worth considering if you have the budget.

Allibert by Keter Daytona Sunlounger
Allibert by Keter Daytona Sunlounger

If your looking for something a little cheaper, I have had these Keter Allibert Sun Loungers that are fixed wicker style sun loungers. I have also had their garden storage box too, which is great value for money. If you already have wicker furniture, as I did, they compliment other wicker furniture well. They are also excellent value for money!

Failing that, I’m also a fan of this TecTake Rattan Day Bed which is similar to the Keter Allibert in thats it’s wicker style but its slightly different and has wheels to help move it around. I recommend getting a decent outdoor furniture covers, as I do for all these sun loungers, to help protect them.

Other things to consider are the size, do they even need to be foldable? If you have a small balcony or even a small yard, just limited space, you might want to consider something not too large and that foldable. Foldable sun loungers that are compact are perfect for this as there also easy to store, even in a smallish garden storage box. Personally, I just find that the smaller foldable, zero gravity types sun loungers are the best fit for me and probably most people for the reasons mentioned above.

Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair and cheaper alternative from B&Q,
Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair and cheaper alternative from B&Q

This is why I love my Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair (pictured above left) so much, but I’ll admit, it’s a bit on the pricey side when it comes to reclining sunloungers of this type. Especiallyt since its difficult to see the difference between that and other models I also have. That being said, in person and when you actually use it, feel it, touch it, you fully appreciate the build quality and how comfortable it is to actually use it for a few hours at a time. It’s just a great sun lounger overall and very comfortable. Probably the only one I would buy now, in fact!

The Lafuma sun lounger is super compact when folded down flat

There are cheaper alturnatives, if you want something thats a little padded and cheaper (wouldn’t say more comfortable though) then these Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger are great value and comfortable, just not quite as well made than the Lafuma loungers but they better than some of the alturnatives I have seen.

If you have plenty of space, you might opt for a more permanent sun lounger such as some of the models previously mentioned earlier, which you can leave out in all weather or at least protect it with an outdoor furniture cover in winter to protect it from the elements.

My top best sun lounger picks after testing

  1. Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair – MY BEST PICK
  2. Keter Allibert Wicker Sun lounger
  3. Nardi Alfa Sun Lounger – PREMIUM PICK
  4. TecTake Rattan Day Bed
  5. Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger
  6. GardenKraft 19180 Louis Moon Rocker Sun Lounge
  7. Lichfield DeluxeSun Lounger

Top 7 Best Sun Lounger Review

1. Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Lounger

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Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Lounger my best rated sun lounger

First, I’ll start this review with my personal favourite, the Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair. Now, if your looking for more of a flat lounger bed like a deck chair that is completely flat, you might want to skip straight to the Keter Allibert Sun Lounger or Nardi Alfa Sun Lounger.

If you’re looking for a zero gravity style chair/lounger, which I assume most people probably are, but you want something better than the usual rubbish sold at the big stores, this is probably one of the best options worth considering.

The left lounger is the Lafuma, and the right lounger is a cheap alternative - very similar in design but quality-wise, just no comparison
The left lounger is the Lafuma, and the right lounger is a cheap alternative – very similar in design but quality-wise, just no comparison

The problem is, it’s really hard to explain why I paid more for this Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair (pictured left above) when you can buy two almost identical models for the same price, literally. The thing is, this model is not the usual Chinese rubbish. For a start, it’s made in France, NOT china, and it shows. This is the sport of lounger you but once, and it last for years. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee. No other lounger will come anywhere near this length of the warranty, and it’s because they know (the manufacturers, that is) that they won’t last.

One of the things that set this chair apart is its build quality, other zero gravity chairs simply don’t compare. For a start. the frame is made from powder-coated 20mm steel tubing, which is then powder coated to ensure its resistant to rust and has a superior finish compared to other recliners that tend to rust after only a few seasons of use. I have had my two loungers for around three years, think it’s coming into its fourth season there is still no sign of rust on my two chairs. Something to note, though, is that they are kept inside the garage over winter, so there not out all year round, but they get plenty of use over summer and stay outside.

Texplast fabric is very durable, UV treated, and very quick drying
Texplast fabric is very durable, UV-treated, and very quick drying

With the frame covered, let’s talk about the fabric a little. The material is called Texplast but what I have noticed is a lot of expensive sun loungers (the type you find on sun loungers on holiday which get a lot of use) use this material as it’s very durable, long-lasting, waterproof, UV protected and quick drying. This is then attached to the frame using a lacing system, and it has held up well. I personally have the chestnut-coloured Chataigne option when it comes to colours.

20mm sturdy frame and durable fabric
20mm sturdy frame and durable fabric

In addition to the 20mm sturdy frame and durable fabric, the Lafuma Relax Rt2 also has a sliding headrest made from the same texplast fabric. It’s a nice touch that adds to the overall comfort of the chair.

Something that is well worth mentioning and unique to this model is that it has been designed by health professionals. Because it can recline to 127 degrees for a true zero gravity feel, this position, with your legs slightly above the heart, has proven to improve blood circulation and relaxation, and it’s proven to be beneficial to people who suffer from back and joint pain. Thankfully I don’t have health issues myself. However, my mum does, and she also has one, and it really does help. For me, though, it’s just super comfortable.

Simple and effective sliding lever that actually works
A simple and effective sliding lever that actually works

The mechanism for reclining is also well-designed and easy to use, with a simple sliding lever that allows you to adjust the angle and then lock it into position. Now, during my testing of zero gravity chairs, where they failed was the locking mechanism. They were terribly designed and simply didn’t lock properly, if at all. However, on this model, its works perfectly and is easy to use as you just slide it outwards to lock the chair into position.

While there are some plastic parts on the Lafuma Relax Rt2 as there are on most loungers. They are all high-quality, durable parts, not flimsy plastic like on most of the cheaper models. In fact, the overall build quality of this chair is exceptional, and I believe it’s due in part to the fact that it’s made in France rather than China. Lafuma is a brand that is known for producing premium sun loungers, but you do pay a premium for them.

One thing to be aware of is that the Lafuma Relax Rt2 chair is slightly different to open compared to other recliners. I even had to search youtube! Basiclly, You need to recline it and then put it into the seat position, and there’s a bit of a knack to it. However, I appreciate that it stays securely closed when not in use, so it doesn’t accidentally open when im taking it off the shelf or carrying it to the garden.


  • Strong and durable powder-coated 20mm steel frame
  • Waterproof and resistant to UV rays for outdoor use
  • Comfortable seat made of Texplast fabric with a padded headrest
  • Seat securely attached to frame with elastic lacing for stability
  • Reclines to a zero gravity position of 127° for relaxation and better circulation
  • Can be easily folded and stored when not in use
  • Can support up to 140kg
  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee for added assurance

Final Conclusion

Overall, I highly recommend the Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Lounger. It’s a top-notch product that is built to last and provides a comfortable and relaxing experience. I love that it’s easy to store and compact for easy storage too. If you are after a zero-gravity style chair, this is, without a doubt, one of the best.

2. Keter Allibert Sun Lounger

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Keter Allibert Sun Lounger

The Keter Allibert Sunlounger is a stylish and elegant lounger that can be set in your garden without looking out of place. The style is further embellished by the rattan style weaving, which is what really got my attention as I also have rattan furniture. This weaving, along with the UV protection, protects the chair from the elements that would otherwise cause fading and peeling. I like that the material is easy to clean, making it more durable due to low maintenance needs, the less maintenance, the better for me.

The four sitting positions can be easily adjusted, making this a very versatile piece of furniture to have in your back garden. Like my other sun lounger by Lafuma, it also includes a long 5-year warranty.

Keter Allibert Sun Lounger

What I like is that this sun lounger is designed with stability and strength in mind, able to hold anyone’s size and weight (within reason but its certainly strong enough even for the largest of people). This makes it a great option for spending quality time with your children during the summer, as it can handle the extra weight. I thinking, my kids jumping onto it. No matter how tall you are, this lounger will be able to accommodate you comfortably. The design also includes padded surfaces for added comfort while you relax.


  • Beautiful modern design.
  • It comes with rattan style weaving that is aesthetically pleasing and very manageable to clean.
  • It provides you with four different sitting positions just in case you get tired or if you need to keep an eye on something.
  • The dimensions of the length are accurate and efficient enough to house anyone despite their height. The dimensions are L 195cm x W 64cm x H 22cm.
  • It comes with a 5-year guarantee that acts as an assurance of the quality of the lounger you want to purchase.


  • The material used to make this sun lounger is plastic that has been patterned to look like rattan. The cushion takes up quite a large surface area, and storage can be a problem when it is not being used if storage space is tight. However, the sunbed itself is fine stored outside. I purchased a garden storage box for my cushions.

Our recommendation

Unlike my best sun lounger, the Allibert is not foldable and takes up considerable storage space, as do all rattan-style sun loungers and chairs. This means if you want to store it undercover, it may be difficult. However, thanks to its quality build and UV protection, it will withstand the weather and can be stored outside. Its just the cushions you need to worry about.

There are many other sun loungers that look very similar. However, I found that this model is probably one of the best, along with the affordable TecTake Rattan Day Bed Lounger.

3. Nardi Alfa Sun Lounger


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Nardi Alfa Lounger

The Alfa Sun Lounger is as comfortable as it is stylish and I first come across this sun lounger on an actual cruise of all places. I was impressed that I took note of the manufacturer and model to see if I could buy one. I did find them, which is why it’s in this review. However, they were too expensive for my budget at the time. Quality-wise, it’s amazing.

Firstly, it has a polypropylene frame lined with textilene fabric. Textilene fabric is known for its ability to withstand UV rays and strong winds. The durable fabric is also mildew and water-resistant, making this lounger adaptable to poolsides and regular back gardens. I assume this is why they use them on cruise ships and holiday resorts, as there so durable and can handle a lot of use.

This lounger can recline into four positions which is perfect if you want to tan in the sun or read a book comfortably. The sun lounger is also stackable, meaning it will be easy to store them if you have a few. Generally, the sun lounger is comfortable and breathable, so you won’t be left feeling sticky on a hot day.

These Italian made sun loungers (NOT CHINESE) can support someone who weighs a maximum of 100kg. The model also comes with wheels that make it easier to move them from one place to the next. These wheels are removable and can be fitted easily if needed.

Nardi Alfa Lounger

At 14kg they are heavy-duty whilst not being too heavy to move around. Overall, this sun lounger measures 85cm H x 71cm W x 195cm L and it comes fully assembled which is a bonus.


  • It has a durable frame that can support a maximum weight of 100kg.
  • The seat is comfortable thanks to the durable material textilene.
  • Features water, UV rays and mildew resistant features.
  • Comes with 4-reclining positions for the user to find a comfortable position.
  • The sun lounger can be stacked for easy storage.
  • It has wheels for easy movement.


  • It has a low profile design, which people with knee problems may find difficult getting up from.

Our recommendation

The Alfa Sun Lounger does not come cheap, but for the money, you’re buying a quality product. These sun loungers really are very comfortable thanks to the low profile frame and use of the textilene fabric. Overall I think there just well-designed.

Those who want something stylish and durable would surely love it. Being that it can be used for domestic and commercial purposes makes this reclining sun lounger a winner in our eyes. Most sun loungers simply do not come close in terms of quality and comfort, but it does come at a premium price.

4. TecTake Rattan Day Bed

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TecTake Rattan Day Bed

The TecTake Rattan Day Bed Lounger is a beautiful piece designed for both indoor and outdoor use, be it for lounging on the patio, by a pool if you’re lucky enough to have one or on the lawn. This model is a great alternative to the Keter Allibert Sunlounger that I have also reviewed earlier.

This sun lounger is made from high-quality poly rattan (the same material), which has become popular for making garden furniture. I’m seeing more and more of it about, however, some are poorly made imports and can actually break. What we really like is the material offers a combination of practicality, convenience and style. The Poly rattan appearance creates a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, this material is very unlikely to fade when exposed directly to the sun as it is UV-treated.

TecTake Rattan Day Bed

Moving on to the backrest, it’s adjustable to 6 positions so that you can customise according to your needs which is handy. The lying surface has a 5cm thick cushion and there’s an individual cushion for supporting your head which I also liked, whether in a sitting or sleeping position, it is still going to support your body nicely and be very comfortable. The cushions are upholstered in 100% polyester and this is highly resistant to stretching, shrinking and abrasion as well as water resistance. If the upholstery gets dirty and needs a clean, simply unzip them from the cushions and wash them, simple as that. The good thing about polyester material is that it dries quickly, which is another advantage over cloth.

TecTake Rattan Day Bed

The lying surface is very generous, especially length-wise and the frame includes armrests that come in handy when reading your favourite book. The addition of wheels to one side of the sun lounger makes relocating it a breeze, in general, rattan loungers are not heavy, but it’s still handy to have wheels to move it around with the sun easily. Simply lift the other end like you do a wheelbarrow and push or pull it to another spot.


  • Beautiful design makes it an absolute eye-catcher in the garden.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • The backrest is adjustable to 6 positions for maximum flexibility.
  • Comes with cushions for your back and head.
  • Large lying surface, 198 x 54cm making it ideal for taller individuals.
  • Rubberised wheels ensure this sun lounger is easy to move.


  • Assembly instructions are poor; only diagrams with no wording to tell what fits where. It takes around 30 minutes to assemble.

Our recommendation

Without a doubt, the TecTake Rattan Lounger looks very lovely and the price is amazing when you compare it to some similar models, such as the one by Keter. The design is great, with a large lounging surface, armrests and adjustable backrest.

The fact that this sun lounger can be used indoors and outdoors is a huge plus, in reality, any sun lounger can be used indoors, but some don’t look as good indoors.

The only downside is with the assembly of this sun lounger. But once set up, it’s such an admirable piece of furniture wherever it goes. Allow 30 minutes to assemble and take your time. I looked at a fair few rattan style loungers and this model is certainly one of the best.

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5. Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger

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Olive Grove Padded Garden Sun Lounger

The Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger combines simplicity and comfort to make a perfect relaxation experience. The set I looked at came in a pair, so they are good for a couple who want to enjoy the sun together on a beautiful afternoon or relax with a glass of wine. This is actually a good alternative to my Lafuma Relax Rt2 lounger if your looking for a more affordable zero gravity style sun lounger.

These are well made and they have a firm adjustment mechanism to lower or raise the backrest as needed. They are also lockable in position, which is fairly easy to do using the knob, and it appears to lock the recliner position using friction through a cam-type of mechanism. It seems to do the job, however, this is the only part that could be improved. This is where I have noticed a lot if sun loungers fail when it comes to design.

Olive Grove Padded Garden Sun Lounger

The frame is made from powder-coated steel featuring a bronze effect colour. Although the arms and fittings are made from plastic, this recliner sun lounger should still prove to be durable. The recommended maximum weight is 90kg and these recliners are not prone to sagging that usually occurs with time and heavy use.

The sitting surface features textiline material with a 20mm polyester padding that makes these recliners more comfortable than standard textiline garden chairs. This is helpful if you relax into the evening in front of a patio heater.

What’s more? These chairs are designed to fold up for space-saving storage. Be careful not to trap your fingers when folding as it’s very easy to do.


  • Very comfortable and easy to fold.
  • Powder-coated steel frame means the lounger can be left out in summer.
  • Height adjustable backrest from upright to flat with multiple locking positions.
  • High-quality textiline fabric with 20mm polyester padding for added comfort.
  • Fold up design ensures the chairs take up little storage space.
  • Very affordable.


  • The locking mechanism is operated by a relatively small plastic knob. This may be a little hard to turn when you are in a seated position. The recliner is also a bit short for very tall individuals.

Our recommendation

These recliners are great, they feel very comfortable thanks to the extra padding, unlike other recliners with just the textiline surface with no cushion. They also pack down flat for storage which means they take up very little room and could be taken on holiday with you or to the beach.

Make sure to take them in during winter and don’t leave them outside in the rain either because the padding may take a while to dry and this is the price you pay for extra padding.

The only major issue is that they may not be perfect for users over 6ft in height as some may find the lounger a little too short. Apart from that, the Olive Grove Padded Sun Loungers are well worth considering. Don’t forget you can get them in pairs.

6. GardenKraft Louis Moon Rocker Sun Lounger

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GardenKraft 19180 Louis Moon Rocker Sun Lounger

Sporting a sophisticated appearance, the GardenKraft Louis Moon Rocker Sun Lounger is inspired by futuristic European designs and is certain to bring a touch of class to any space. This recliner is ultra-comfortable thanks to the zero gravity effect. When you lie back on it, it rocks gently to give you the feeling that you’re floating on air. This is great for creating a relaxing atmosphere when you are sunbathing, reading or simply trying to chill out in your outdoor space.

This model benefits from a heavy-duty construction featuring two interlocking powder-coated steel hopes with a weatherproof textolene woven PVC polyester fabric. The frame is fantastically sturdy for long-term durability. Moreover, you get a plush headrest pillow to offer even a comfier relaxing position when sitting upright as well as when fully reclined. The sun lounger is also designed to fold flat for a quick and simple storage solution.


  • Contemporary look that adds a sense of style to your living space.
  • With zero gravity effect it makes you feel suspended in the air.
  • Heavy-duty construction with a powder-coated steel frame and weatherproof textolene fabric.
  • Multi-functional chair that’s perfect for poolside, patio, conservatory or back garden relaxation.
  • Folds away flat for quick and easy storage.  


  • The pillow is far too up so you may not find it useful if you’re on the shorter side. 
  • Assembly instructions aren’t detailed although some customers still found it easy to figure out. 

Our recommendation

GardenKraft has a truly modern recliner in the Louis Moon Rocker Sun Lounger. This lounger provides superior comfort when you are outside soaking up the summer sun thanks to the zero-gravity effect that offers the sense of tranquil floating on air just like astronauts in a rocket. Manufactured from super-tough weatherproof materials, this chair can be left outside on the off chance that you get caught out by a rainstorm.

However, if you want to store it away after every use, it folds away flat for easy transportation and storage. A built-in plush pillow provides enhanced comfort around your head, whilst this multi-functional chair can be used virtually anywhere in your home including patio, poolside and even back garden. An excellently built sun lounger at a great price.

7. Lichfield Deluxe Sun Lounger

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Lichfield Deluxe Sun Lounger

My final pick in this review is this Lichfield Deluxe Camp Sun Lounger is a lightweight product designed for camping trips, hiking, weekend getaways or simply for relaxing in the garden. The lounger features a blend of durable ripstop polyester fabric on an aluminium frame, a perfect combination for relaxing on the patio, sunbathing by the pool or reclining on the beach on a beautiful day. Furthermore, the material is weather-resistant for outdoor use.

This product does not require home assembly, but perhaps its biggest benefit is that it adjusts to five different positions. This allows you to choose a level of personalised comfort and it even goes flat to be used as a camp bed. The frame is very sturdy with a weight limit of 250 pounds. With a portable and foldable design, this lounger is easy to pack away after use.

At just under 5kg it’s one of the lightest sun loungers I have reviewed too.


  • Made of Ripstop polyester fabric which is highly resistant to tearing and ripping.
  • Adjustable to five positions for custom comfort.
  • Ready to use out of the box with no assembly required.
  • Easy to carry due to a lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Portable design that folds away quickly for simple storage.
  • Sturdy aluminium tube frame supports up to 250 pounds.
  • Affordable and great for taking to the park or beach.


  • A number of customers have complained about poor stitching, so don’t expect this product to last for years. We think if taken in over winter and not abused it should last longer.

Our recommendation

This foldaway sun lounger is great for outdoor trips and basking in the garden whilst reading a book. I simply love its portability and lightweight construction, which is the real selling point here.

This, however, compromises on the durability of the structure. This lounger is okay for hanging out during the warm summer days, but you will need to store it away in autumn and winter seasons to keep it in better condition.

Better still, this fold-away sun lounger will keep your garden tidy when it is not in use. If you are looking for an easy-to-use sun lounger that is also perfect for travel or maybe you are just looking for a very affordable lounger, the Lichfield Deluxe Sun Lounger is a great choice and well worth considering, probably the best choice for travelling and camping.

If you are looking for something a little more substantial then our next pick might be a better choice for those who have a slightly larger budget.

Lichfield DeluxeSun Lounger
See availability from the best retailers

The Sun Lounger Buyer’s Guide

When looking to invest in a new sun lounger, there are a few key factors recommend thinking about to ensure you choose the best one for your own needs.

These include the material, size and weight capacity, adjustability, and durability. You may also want to consider the style and color of the lounger, as well as any additional features such as cup holders.

With so many options available, my guide from my own personal experience is written to help you find the perfect sun lounger to suit your needs. Below is a quick summary of each point and what to consider when choosing a sun lounger.

  • Material: When selecting the material that covers your sun loungers, you need sturdy material. Considering that this kind of furniture is usually located outdoors for most of the summer and sometimes year-round, it needs to withstand the effects of the elements, and in the UK, that means rain, frost, snow and UV rays from the sun, which is often overlooked and can do as much damage to sun lounger as rust. Any metal parts should be powder coated to prevent rust, and any wood sun loungers need to be treated, ideally yearly, with protective oil. The most popular materials include wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, amongst other materials. I recommend getting protective covers if you store them outside year-round.
  • Adjustable settings: All manufacturers offer a reclining feature for ultimate comfort and relaxation. This adjustable feature allows you to choose the position that’s most comfortable for you. And if you’re tall and need extra support for your legs and arms, some brands even offer extendable footrests. Not only are these adjustable settings great for comfort, but they also come in handy for storage as well as, in some cases, great for health reasons and even blood pressure.
  • Weight: Unless you are completely sure that you are looking for a sun lounger that will be moved frequently or used for camping, you should purchase the heavier set ones. In general, the heavier set loungers are considered more durable and robust. If you are looking for an agile versatile sun lounger, it is better if you settle for ones constructed from lighter materials like plastic or aluminium as opposed to steel which is heavier. That being said, you cannot buy some extremely well-made sun loungers that are still lightweight. They’re usually more expensive, so the price usually gives it away. That old saying, you get what you pay for, comes to mind!
  • Ease of useSelect models that include construction materials that are easy to clean. Because the furniture is mostly outside, the material should be able to maintain its form despite exposure. If you have loungers that are sensitive to weather conditions, such as wood, you have to make sure that they can be stored away or have a cover. This involves the overall size, weight and adjustability.

Final Conclusion

As you can tell from my list of my top recommended sun loungers, they come in many styles and designs. When it comes to sun loungers, it really comes down to your taste in design and then choosing a model that is made to last and is comfortable. Does it need to be lightweight and easy to travel with? Do you want a rattan-style design to match your furniture like I recently did? You decide and base your choice on that.

There are lots of cheap models available, so I tried to choose some of the best sun loungers, taking into account different styles, comfort and budgets. I hope we have helped you choose a suitable sun lounger.

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