We compare 8 of The Best Sun Loungers For 2018

We compare 8 of The Best Sun Loungers For 2018

We compare 8 of The Best Sun Loungers For 2018

We Reveal the Best Sun Loungers For Pure Relaxation

Remember those summer days, when it was too hot and you were either by the pool, at the beach or somewhere in the shade. Those are the times that people brought out their hammocks and sun loungers out. These pieces of furniture have become part of our outdoors experience. They are durable and if selected correctly, can add onto the aesthetics of the property.

The sun lounger is very convenient furniture when you want to relax. Nowadays, after a hard day at work, you can kick back with a glass of wine and a good book. The sun lounger provides the right position and spread that will let you relax and maybe soak in the sun.

The current market is full of different kinds of sun loungers. These loungers come in various shapes, sizes, and prices from £30 to well over £100.

There are a number of factors that you need to keep an eye on so that you select the best sun lounger. These factors vary, but they are simple enough to grasp and will definitely ease the process. Read on to learn what makes a good sunlounger and which models we would recommend after our intensive research.

Below is our 'Best Pick', its beautifully designed, manufactured to the highest standards and best of all, affordable making it a great choice for most people.

Transcontinental Group Havana Mocha Steel Sunlounger Review

Havana Mocha Steel Sunlounger


Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger

After extensive research through the available brands of sun loungers currently available in stores and online, we have come to the conclusion, that the Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger is the best sun lounger in this review for most people.

We are taken by its beautiful but minimal design, strong metal folding frame, comfortable Beige Textilene fabric with pillow headrest and affordable price.

The Sun Lounger Buyers Guide

Whenever money is dispensed from your pocket, you want to be certain that it is being used for the best purposes. The market is full of variety. You need sun loungers that will serve through the weather and maintain through the cold. You want to have a lounger that you can be proud of.

Below are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a sunlounger.

  • Material: When selecting the material that covers your sun loungers, you need sturdy material. Considering that this kind of furniture is usually located outdoor you need it to withstand the effects of the elements. The structure is made to be rust free and weather resistant since they are often exposed to the weather. The most popular materials include wood, aluminium, steel, among other materials.
  • Adjustable setting - For the comfort of the users of sun loungers, the manufactures have added a reclining feature. This adjustable feature is included to give the ability to choose the most comfortable position. For those who are tall and need extra limb support, some brands include an extendable foot support. These adjustable settings also aid in storage. A foldable sun lounger is never a bad idea and usually essential and easy to store..
  • Weight - Unless you are completely sure that you are looking for a sun lounger that will be moved often or used for camping, you should purchase the heavier set ones. In general the heavier set loungers are considered more durable and robust. If you are looking for an agile versatile sun lounger, it is better if you settle for ones constructed from lighter materials such as plastic or aluminium as a apposed to steel which is heavier.
  • Reputable brands - It is usually recommended that if you are a first time shopper you go with reputable brands or models with lots of positive reviews on sites such as Amazon. The reason for this counsel is that these brands value their reviews. These ratings and reviews from previous customers will indicate to you if the model is worth the buy. Remember however, to keep in mind that people put into consideration their own preferences when jotting their comments. Take any biased comments with a pinch of salt if there are lots of positive ones..
  • Fit - The sun lounger you seek should match the aesthetics and location of your property. If you are looking for sun loungers that are to be positioned near the pool, you will not expect to see flimsy and badly constructed structures. Look for loungers that fit the style of your home, so that it can complement rather than take away from it. This is especially for those interior designers looking for sun loungers.
  • Cost - Work within your budget to decide what kind of sun lounger is available to you. Also if the lounger is to be used for minor activities such as camping, consider that. There are high end brands that cost a pretty penny since the construct and design is made of the best materials on the market. There are cheaper brands of course but do not expect them to measure up to the standards required for overtime durability. If money is not a problem, then I guess the only obstacle is selecting the style, colour and fabric. We find you can get a good quality lounger for around £60, cheaper loungers seem to be flimsy all though there is the odd cheaper model which impresses.
  • Ease of use - Select brands that include, construction materials that are easy to clean. Since the furniture is mostly outside, the material should be able to maintain its form despite exposure. If you have loungers that are sensitive to weather conditions, you have to make sure that they can be stored away or has a cover. This involves the overall size, weight, and adjustability.

Now that you know what to look out for when choosing a sun lounger, its time to see what models we think stand out from the rest and see which model you think would be a perfect fit for you.

We start with out best pick and follow in no particular order, personal choice you see.


Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger Review


Transcontinental Group Havana Mocha Steel Sunlounger Review

Havana Mocha Steel Sunlounger

  • With an overall length of 173cm and a generous width of 63cm, there plenty of space to kick back and relax in the sun.
  • Constructed with strong and durable materials, namely steel for added strength and beige Textilene for comfort and clean-ability.
  • With ample leg room, this can comfortably sit average sized people with plenty to spare.
  • It is designed to offer you efficient backrest with cushioned headrest  and comfortable sitting even over long periods of time while you relax.
  • The beige frame is strong, stable and built to last.

The Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger, won us over with its simplicity, sturdiness and blend. The colour on this model is beige which is a neutral colour. What this means is that it can easily be compatible with the colour scheme of your garden.

The construct is robust enough to withstand the weather elements that usually catalyse wear and tear. The coated steel frame is rust resistant to help prolong the life of the sunlounger over many years.

The model is covered in Textilene fabric that has a many advantages. This amazing fabric is very strong and can support different weights. It is very easy to clean and maintain as it is tear resistant. It can handle being in the sun all day without any wear as it is protected from UV rays which means the material can serve you up to ten years without incidences.

The Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger, weights 10kg which is not light but it is sturdy enough to support itself during strong winds and the extra weight actually works as an advantage.

Last but not least, this model has been designed to recline so as to make you as comfortable as you can be. If you are suffering from back problems, this model is a blessing as it can provide constant support. No matter the height, the person relaxing on the lounger will have no problem being comfortable. There is enough space to carry heavier-set people.

  • It doesn't quit lie totally flat, however it does lie flat enough to be able to sunbathe.

Would we recommend - For little over £60 pounds at the time of our review, you can get yourself this amazing the Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger. It has received glowing reviews from customers on Amazon.co.uk which reinforces how good this model is.

It is quite sturdy for such an affordable price and it is durable enough to last many years of use making it worth the extra cost when compared to cheaper models that would probably only last a couple of seasons if that.

The fact that it is made from steel which is very robust, and Textilene which is a fabric that can last you up to a decade. This model is assured to provide you with many years of service.

It might not be the more high-end product in this review but its certainly one of the best.

Thanks to its affordable price, anyone looking for a decent sunlounger that will last for many years without spending the earth, this is an easy recommendation which is why it won our 'Best Pick Award' and offers excellent value for money.

Pair of Life Carver zero gravity chair Sun Loungers Review


Life Carver zero gravity chair Sun Loungers Review

Life Carver zero gravity chair Sun Loungers

  • The sun lounger can recline from upright to about 30º. This gives you an adjustable relaxation angle. It comes with an adjustable pillow.
  • It is made of a powder coated steel frame covered with oxford fabric which makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • This model features ‘zero gravity’ which ensures you have stability at all given angles.
  • The size of the model is approximately L 151 x W 53 x H 86cm (59.4 x 20.9 x 33.9 inch). This means you have enough leg room to relax and support up to 150kgs.
  • Fitted with knob-locking mechanisms which are simple and easy to use  to maint your desired position.

The Life Carver zero gravity, is an impressive light weight sun lounger that is agile and portable enough to be transported somewhere. It’s made of a light steel material that is durable and weather resistant thanks to its powder coated frame. Whether you can use this model on the beach, in your garden, or your local sporting events. The choice is yours. The steel also makes it very simple to clean this lounger. Just a bit of soapy water and you are good.

Since the Life Carver zero gravity lounger, can support weight up to 150kgs. It needs to have extra features to make sure that the structure holds when such weight is exerted on it. That is why the model has a lock system built in. The system uses knobs to fix the lock into position. That way you can relax and not worry about falling.

When the chair is unfolded it gives your legs enough space to stretch out comfortably. The chairs are designed to make you feel as light as a feather every time you decide to kick back and relax.

The lounges are covered with oxford fabric which is usually treated with other materials such as polyurethane which make it water resistant and more durable against the elements. Also this fabric is pest resistant and can easily be cleaned. Once you clean the lounger you can sip on some wine and read your favourite book. The lounger can recline from upright to a thirty-degree angle. This makes sure that your back is supported and rested.

  • Users have reported the joints getting a little rusty after a while of usage which is not good for durability. This means that care should be taken to dry it off and keep it stores away from the elements when not in use.

Would we recommend - This model is agile and light enough to be carried around and stored. At around £50 for two (thats around £25.00 each), you can get yourself this pair of sun lounger for less than our 'Best Pick'.

We also noticed it was also a best seller at Amazon.co.uk when we reviewed it with mostly positive reviews which is a good sign.

Unlike the Transcontinental lounger (Our Best Pick), it is not made completely out of rust free material and it cannot recline properly. Apart from this, this model is a perfectly good chair to be carried around for beach or camping activities or in the garden.

The model is pocket friendly and with extra proper care and maintenance the chairs cans last you for many years. Overall an excellent choice for anyone looking for excellent value for money, specially when to note it comes in a pack of 2. Fantastic value, its no wonder its such a popular model.

Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger with Roof Review


Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger with Roof

Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger with Roof

  • It can offer you comfortable rest in four various backrest positions.
  • Has the following dimensions 210x68 cm; Laying area 196x68 cm, height: 166 cm.
  • It comes with textile covers and the roof which can be optional if you want to remove them.
  • It is constructed from easy to wash materials. With a bit of cleaning you can maintain the lounger and keep it looking like new. The roof fabric is also washable.
  • It includes adjustable foot settings to provide more room for comfortable footing.
  • The fiber is of synthetic weaving making it stronger and easy to clean the stains off and keep moisture away.

The Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger with a stable build that can support a variety of body sizes and weights. The structure is made of a powder coated metal frame which is rust resistant and is designed to support the weight put on it.

This lounger is also covered with polyester. This material is brilliant as it can retain its shape. It does not support the survival of bacteria, it is durable and amazingly easy to clean.

You can remove the covers when they get dirty and just pop them into the washing machine and wash at 30ºC. 

The synthetic rattan weave gives it an extra aesthetic appeal that can look good when used indoors and outdoors. The weaver also makes the sun longer very easy to clean and maintain.

If you want to have the sunroof shield you from those scorching days or you need it taken off so that you can enjoy the sun. You can have whichever you choose as its easy to remove. To add on to the advantages of this model, it has enough room to house people who lean more on the taller build.

The manufacture has made sure that he put in reclining features so that you can sit upright or lay back the model gives you 4 different sitting positions, this is made possible by the levers positioned at the ends of the lounge chair. The lever has four positions in which you can probably adjust to find the right sitting position that works for you.

  • The model comes not assembled. The consumers complained that the manual was hard to understand so it made assembly frustrating. Take your time and be patient.

Would we recommend - The Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger a stylish sun lounger that is easy to clean and maintain. The design is unique unlike most of the sun lounges in this review which is why we love it so much.

It beats the rest when it comes to versatility in design and its construction is strong enough to last you many years if looked after. They look pretty wherever they are put so you don’t have to worry about aesthetics.

The manual is hard to understand but you can always get help online from Youtube videos and DIY tutorials. Overall, this is stunning sunbed that will become a talking point in the garden. It's not for everybody but certainly will appeal to some people. We really this model which is why it made our Top 8 models.

Keter Allibert Sun lounger Review


keter Allibert Daytona Sunlounger Review

keter Allibert Daytona Sunlounger

  • Beautiful modern design.
  • It comes with rattan style weaving which aesthetically pleasing and very manageable to clean.
  • It provides you with four different sitting positions just in case you get tired or if you need to keep an eye on something.
  • It comes with a 5 year guarantee that acts as assurance of the quality of the lounger you want to purchase.
  • The dimensions of the longer are accurate and efficient enough to house any one despite their height. The dimensions are L195 cm x W 64 cm x H22 cm

The Keter Allibert Sun lounger is a stylish and elegant lounger that can be set in your garden without looking out of place. The style is further embellished by the rattan style weaving. This weaving protects the chair from dust and moisture that would otherwise cause fading and peeling. The material is easy to clean making it more durable due to low maintenance needs. this is a characteristic that you need a prospective sun lounger to achieve. This is so that every valuable penny you have spent will be worth the service.

The four sitting positions that are enabled can be easily adjusted. Making this a very versatile furniture to have in your back yard. The manufactures are generous in giving a 5-year warranty. This gesture makes us sure that the manufacturers are confident in their products. They have given you the best and know it is time for you to enjoy life.

The dimensions are wide enough to hold any body size and weight. The design is stable and strong enough to support any weight. This is a very good thing since you can hang out with your kids during summer, enjoying the weather. If you are tall. Do not worry, the lounger will be able to accommodate you. The model comes with padded surfaces for extra comfort during those relaxing times.

  • The material used to make is plastic that is patterned to look as said rattan. The cushion takes up quite a large surface area and storage can be a problem during raining seasons if storage space tight, however the sunbed itself is fine stored outside.

Would we recommend - The comes at a price just over £100 which is quite pocket friendly for such a stylish sun lounger. On Amazon.co.uk it has received positive reviews for its structure. The product has received over 100 reviews most of which are very positive.

Unlike our best sun lounger, the Transcontinental model, the Allibert is not foldable and takes up considerable storage space. This means if you want to store it undercover this may be difficult, however thanks to its quality build and UV protection it will withstand the weather with many owners commenting how it looks like new even after being outdoors for many years.

There are many other sun loungers that look very similar, however we found that this model is probably one of the best.

Wooden Sun Lounger Review


Garden Patio Deck Chair Curved Sauna Seat Review

Garden Patio Deck Chair Curved Sauna Seat

  • It has an incredible design that would fit well in most surroundings and is designed to provide a rocker motion.
  • The lounger has the dimensions of 150 cm x 60 cm x 93 cm. this provides enough coverage for comfortable seating.
  • It is designed with special acacia hard wood which is strong and supple enough to hold weight without snapping.
  • It is great for both indoors and outdoors relaxation. The design blends in with both settings.
  • It has a simple installation process and is designed to have your comfort in mind as you sit.

This wooden sun lounger is a sight for sore eyes. Its design is neat and breath taking. It is ergonomically designed to make sure that your back is supported as you sit. Most people would think that the rigidity of the wood would make sitting unbearable especially, for extended periods. That is not the case. With this beautifully designed chair you can relax and rock away to the motion of the chair moving back and forth.

The wood that is used to create is a hard wood. Hardwoods are known to withstand the test of time and stress. The Acacia woods is supple that is why it’s easy to curve out the design. The wood has its own oils that make it water proof which is essential especially if you will locate it in the sauna. The manufactures of coarse have given the lounger an extra layer of protection against water and dust. The chair is not too large so as to occupy valuable space and can easily support a lot of weight.

The dimensions are accurate and any height can be seated. When you buy loungers whose length is short, you chose to have your legs hanging. This does not contribute to the overall comfortability of the chair. With this brand however you do not have to be concerned about that. You can be sure that its sturdy build will give you years of constant service with low maintenance.

  • Setting it up can be tricky but it is manageable with a little help.

Would we recommend - Just like most of the high end models this model is expensive, specially when compared to cheaper standard models.

This chair has received positive reviews for its fantastic design and durable structure. It has received a good rating which shows us that this product can be trusted and is built to last.

It is the only lounger with a rocker feature which we like. This feature provides that smooth feeling of comfort and familiarity. Unlike some of the other models it cannot be folded into storage.

This is a fantastic piece of furniture to have in your garden. This certainly will be a talking point if you have family round or parties.

Outsunny Sun Bed Chairs Garden Lounge Review


Outsunny Sun Bed Chairs Garden Lounger Review

Outsunny Sun Bed Chairs Garden Lounger

  • It is designed to save space through its foldable feature which is convenient if you don’t have a lot of storage space or want to take it with you to the beach, park or camping.
  • The material is easy to clean and carry around town. It’s incredibly light weighing in at only 4.4kgs.
  • The design includes a sun visor that is meant to block out the sun as you are busy relaxing, this can be removed.
  • The lounger has a recline feature that enables you to lie further back down or come further up.
  • The model measures 187cm x 60cm x 30cm which offers enough space for relaxation.

This range of sun loungers comes with convenience in mind. The design allows the lounger to be folded and unfolded whenever possible. Some of you are living in residences where space is very limited. Acquiring a lounger that needs a lot of space to be used will leave you with a predicament once the weather outside is no longer friendly. Designs like the ones on this model are the ones you should select if you are indeed of a portable sun lounger.

The design is versatile enough for it to act as a lounger or as a simple garden chair. The design has enough space to house considerable weight and people of different sizes and heights. The height is perfect for both short and tall people.

The metal handles are made of rust free metal which ensures that the lounger will continue to do its work. Rust is a common problem with lower end sun loungers.

We relax on these loungers meaning that we carry food and drinks with us. Sometimes mistakes happen and the fabric of the sun lounger gets stained. It will be difficult to remove stains from some kinds of materials. Choose low maintenance material that require occasional cleaning and repair to remain valuable to you. That is one characteristic that this model has. It is easy to clean and store so no need to worry about the odd spill.

  • The sun visor is not tightly fixed. It may keep dropping which is annoying, if you don't need the visor at least you can remove it.

Would we recommend - This model comes at a substantially lower price than most of the loungers in this review. We think its great for portability and versatility. Although it is a bit heavy to be moved by hand over large distances. However sometimes you have to trade a little extra weight for quality.?

Unlike the heavier models in this review, it cannot support large amount of weight but it is awesome for camping or beaching activities. It is inexpensive but it should not be underestimated and is a great model.

If your looking for a quality, light weight sun lounger that is easy to transport and store then this model is one of the best options we could find and would certainly recommend.

Miadomodo Poly-rattan Sun Lounger Review


Miadomodo Polyrattan Sun Lounger Review

Miadomodo Polyrattan Sun Lounger

  • It has been embellished with Poly-rattan weaving which acts as a protective shield and as a decorative measure.
  • It is versatile in its use as it can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Removable polyester cover for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It is equipped with an adjustable backrest which offers efficient support.
  • To make possible portability, the head is fitted with wheels.
  • From more grip and comfortability as you relax the model is fitted with a non-slip feature for your feet.

The Miadomodo Poly-rattan Sun Lounger, is a favourite with the consumers. The Polly-rattan weaving is of the highest quality. This quality can clearly be visible when you set your eyes on the product. The weaving is put there for aesthetic reasons and also to make sure that the frame remains strong and untouched. Also the Polly-rattan makes cleaning and maintaining the sun longer possible to increase durability.

For those sunny days when you want to watch your family swim as you chat with the neighbour can be made possible. this is through the adjustable back settings that can allow you to sit up or lie down. This is a feature that most sun loungers should have. The polyester material is easy to clean and it is not easily attacked by pests. You can peel the cover and replace it with another clean one. Rather convenient, don’t you think?

The structure is robust and sturdy structure can support the weight of a couple of people. Whether you are tall or short, this sun lounger would make a valuable addition to your property. Its versatile enough to be used indoors and outdoors. It has a compact and neutral look that fits in most backgrounds.

For safety reasons, the Miadomodo Poly-rattan Sun Lounger, is fitted with non-slip features that ensure you sit comfortably. It is easy to assemble and install thanks to the simplified manual. 

Would we recommend - The Miadomodo Poly-rattan Sun Lounger has proved as a favourite on Amazon.co.uk due to its stability. The product has over 130 reviews, most of them positive.

It is a heavy duty performer and the fact that it can recline makes it relatable and useable. It is definitely not easily movable but its sturdy enough to last for years.

It is not portable like the Life carver or the Transcontinental brands, cannot be easily folded for storage so be sure to either have ample storage space or prepared to store outdoors.

Overall, this is very similar to the Keter Sunlounger we reviewed, however this model is probably a little better with the advantage of the wheels for portability and armrest.

Chichester FSC Sun lounger with Weather-Tex Cushion Review

Chichester FSC Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Sunlounger Review

Chichester FSC Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Sunlounger

  • Has a reclining mechanism for when you want to adjust your position.
  • For easy mobility it has been equipped with wheels at the head.
  • It is made of eucalyptus wood which is certified, durable and can easily be cleaned and maintained.
  • Treated with oil to preserve and extend the life and colour of the wood. The sealer used is from ScanCom.
  • The dimensions are W) 70 *(H) 82 *(L) 190cm which is sufficient room for comfortable sitting/
  • The lounger comes with weather Tex cushions that are comfortable and resistant to constant wear and tear.

The Chichester FSC Sun lounger, is not among the lightest loungers there are in the market. It comes in at around 17kg. This can make it somewhat strenuous to keep moving it. However, all this weight is caused by the construction materials. Mobility is however supported by the wheels that are fitted at the head of the lounger. The frame is made of heavy eucalyptus wood. This wood is strong enough to sustain impact and also can be treated to ward of moisture damage. It has the capacity of rot resistance which is good since the lounger is located outside where moisture content cannot be controlled.

Like mentioned before, sun loungers that have adjustable features make some of the best sun loungers. This model has not been left out of the movement. The Chichester FSC Sun lounger, has these adjustable features. Whatever position you want to incline is made possible with this feature. The material that covers the lounger is weather resistant and vey easy to clean. Since it is suitable for the outdoors you can be sure that it is protected also from UV damage.

For the tall guys we have good news for you. This model can fit your comfortably for you to relax around your property. It is heavy enough to support weight and has enough surface area to provide moving room. The wood is protected by ScanComoil that is great at preserving the grain, surface and colour of the wood. You can be assured that the Chichester FSC Sun lounger can maintain its shine.

  • The instructions were complex and did not help making assembly easy. Some of the bits and screws were not properly aligned affecting the overall structure.

Would we recommend - This model is popular and we can definitely see why. It has sturdy design and you can purchase it for little over £100. The construct is robust enough to support weighty and tall people. It has received over 150 customer reviews most of which confirm how good this sunlounger actually is.

It can be levelled off with the Miadomodo brands which are heavy weight sun loungers. They are better suited for stationary use.

They are a great addition and depending on your preference you can choose between black and grey.

If this sunlounger is within your budget, then despite it's expensive price tag, this model certainly is ?one of the best models we have seem.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

We await those long summer days with delight. We know we have a comfortable spot in our garden where we can kick off our shoes. Choose the best sun lounger from our best picks. Sun loungers are among our favourite pieces of furniture so be sure to choose the best model within your budget for complete peace of mind.

Below is a quick overview of our top 3 recommended models.

Our Top Pick

Transcontinental Group Havana Mocha Steel Sunlounger Review

We still agree that the Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger, is the best one in this review. This is simply because it is pocket friendly, robust and it can be simply stored away. The other brands are phenomenal too, but they might be a tad on the higher end, or a tad too simple or not to everyone's taste.

View on Amazon.co.uk

Our best light weight sun lounger

Outsunny Sun Bed Chairs Garden Lounger Review

For the lightest and most manoeuvrable brand has to go to the Outsunny sun lounger. The reason is that it weights a measly 4kgs compared to other brands which weigh more than 10kgs. You can pack it up and carry it anywhere with ease and you still get the quality you exect from the best sun loungers.

View on Amazon.co.uk

Our 'Best of the Best' sunlounger

Chichester FSC Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Sunlounger Review

This goes to the Chichester FSC Sun Lounger, we really like both the design and quality and it has the reviews to prove it. If storage and budget is not a problem, this would be our first choice every time. Simply stunning.

View on Amazon.co.uk

Transcontinental Group Havana Mocha Steel Sunlounger Review

Havana Mocha Steel Sunlounger


Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger

After extensive research through the available brands of sun loungers currently available in stores and online, we have come to the conclusion, that the Havana Mocha Steel Sun lounger is the best sun lounger in this review for most people.

We are taken by its beautiful but minimal design, strong metal folding frame, comfortable Beige Textilene fabric with pillow headrest and affordable price.

With all the information that has been gathered here, we are sure that the sun longer of your dreams is not very far away from your grasp. Happy shopping!

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