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Best Framing Nailer Reviews

Power nailers are designed to ease the carpenters work load by subtracting the need to hammer. Framing nailer are best suited for high powered, quick projects, different to smaller models which are mainly used for precision jobs. Framing nailer must have specific features and performance so as to strive in our severe testing.

When choosing a framing nailer you have to first consider the task ahead so as to choose the best framing nailer. There is a lot of framing nailer brands claiming to have the best product in the market but from our extended research we have compiled a list of the best framing nailers according to performance and price.?

Below is the winner our of 'Best Pick' which after more than 15 hours of research and comparing over 24 different models, the Tacwise 50mm Nailer is what we consider to be the best nailer for both home use and professional tradesmen. Outstanding quality and excellent value for money.

Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer - Air Nail Gun DGN50V Review


Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer- Air Nail Gun

  • Extremely lightweight tool at only 1.2kg.
  • Has an ultra-quick reloading system.
  • 360 degree adjustable exhaust port.
  • It fires type 180/18G nails ranging from sizes 20-50.
  • It has a quick release nose plate.
  • Includes depth control adjustment system.

Framing Nailer Buyers Guide

Knowing the basics of framing nailers will help you find an ideal tool for the project you want to tackle. These tools come in different styles and there are some crucial features to look out for when shopping.

Type of Nailers

Home remodelling is a normal thing in this day and age and some projects are so easy that you can avoid hiring a professional and a framing nailer is one of those tools that will really come in handy when undertaking such tasks. Let’s take a look at the different types of nailers out there in the market.

Framing Nailer

This is the heaviest duty nailer, just like the name suggests it’s mainly used for wood framing in heavy constructions or buildings. Frequently they require 3 ½ nails to join 2 x 4’s and they vary in gun degrees as listed below;

  • 21 degree guns - These guns are very alike in both performance and quality. The magazines angle was designed in accordance with the angle of the nail clip. The 21 degree gun uses a full head of nails and is attached together with a plastic strip which when fired snaps loose from each nail.
  • 30 and 34 degree guns - These guns have great performances and they are much lighter as compared to other degree guns. They use a full head nail and unlike 21 and 28 degree guns and a clip of nails with a paper strip to hold the nails together in the gun clip. The nails fit tightly together inside and by looking closely you notice there is a slight difference in the length of the magazine.
  • 28 degree guns - These types of guns use a strip of nails that are held tightly together by a strip of wire. The magazine holding the two clips is much longer as compared to the other degree guns since the nails are further apart.

Roofing Nailer

The name of this gun speaks for itself; they are mostly used for tasks limited to roofing. They use shorter nails but with larger heads and they may also be used for siding and similar materials. The nails mostly come on coils.

Flooring Nailer

When your flooring most of the time you find yourself on your knees toe nailing your flooring in place. Initially the first ever floor nailer ever to come out was held with one hand while with the other hand was used to drive down the plunger with a heavy hammer. Back then this was much better and faster than toe nailing. Currently the new improved flooring nailer works almost the same way but, with the much needed help of air power. You don’t need to much force when using it.

Finish Nailer

Trim works in construction is usually a very tricky job, the cuts must be neat and the installations must be perfect. Now the finish gun is the perfect tool for this type of job since it makes it easy to nail oak and pine. There’s a wide range of nail sizes available in the market currently and a power dial will make trim works much cleaner and faster.

Brad Nailer

To an armature the brad and finish nailers may appear similar since they are almost similar in features. The brad nailer gun is straight as compared to the finish gun which has an angle clip of nails. Brad nails usually have a bigger head and the shank is slightly thicker. They are a perfect tool for cabinets or shop projects.

Factors to consider when choosing a nail gun.

When you need to drive a lot of nails accurately a nail gun will come in handy. A nail gun will sink thousands of nails in a single and accurately.

Nailer Power Sources

The power source of a nailer will determine its mobility and the type of work it can handle. There are different type nailer power sources as listed below;

  • Pneumatic nailer - this nailer drives nails using air coming from a compressor. The ratings for compressor pressure, which is usually measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), and volume, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), should always be greater or equal than the nailers requirement. If you’re thinking about running other air tools, then you need to make sure that the power tools compressor can be able to handle the joint load. Pneumatic nailers are powerful and capable of handling heavy duty workloads but, the compressor and air hose limit its mobility.
  • Battery powered nailer - this type of nailer is cordless and it offers much needed mobility as compared to the pneumatic nailer because it doesn’t require a compressor or a hose. The battery powered nailer is very quick to start but, it doesn’t have enough power compared to a pneumatic nailer.
  • Fuel driven nailer - just like the battery powered nailer this one too is cordless and it uses combustion to drive nails into surfaces. Fuel is drained from a disposable gas cartridge and is pushed into a combustion chamber. The fuel is then ignited by an electric charge from the battery. A fuel driven nailer has enough power to handle heavy duty jobs and is capable of driving nails into large hard materials.

Nailer Firing Methods

By understanding the different nailer firing methods will greatly assist you in choosing the right tool for your project and in the process help you avoid accidental firing. You should note that different manufacturers have different names for firing methods. On most nailers, if not all, the firing method is strictly dependent on the operations of both the trigger and a safety tip control that is depressed against the work surface.

  • Contact (bump) - this firing method lets you quickly drive nails in surfaces, just as long as you’re holding down the trigger. This type of firing speed is perfect for increasing production work, but its more accident prone since it’s very difficult to control it and there are much higher chances of unintentional firing.
  • Single-sequential - this type of firing greatly prevents you from bump-firing nails. The safety tip and the trigger must be operated in sequence so as to fire the first nail. You can also keep the safety tip hard-pressed against the material and just release and reactivate the trigger for every additional nail.
  • Single-actuation - it typically functions like the singe-sequential firing method, however in this method to fire the first nail the trigger and the safety tip can be operated in any order. What this means is the first nail can be bump-fired.
  • Full-sequential - makes safety its number one priority by demanding on each nailed fired a sequential activation of both the trigger and the safety tip, you just cannot bump-fire. First the safety tip needs to be activated and then the trigger so as to fire the nail. Releasing the tip and the trigger then in the correct sequence reactivating them enables you to fire the next nail. This method is much slower but it’s the safest method since it’s unlikely for you to fire a nail unintentionally.

    The much smaller trigger operated nailers don’t have a safety tip. They incorporate the use of a single or dual trigger when firing a nail. Some nailers usually offer multiple setting or optional accessories which enable you choose the firing method that fit the task ahead.

Choosing the best nails for your nailer

Nails which are used in power nailers are often attached together with paper, or plastic wire. Most of them have clipped heads which enables nails to closely sit together in a firm line. In a different situation others are secured firmly together with a flexible wire. Usually they have a layer of lubricant which is used to lubricate the nail as the nail contacts the nailing material. Regular round-head or clipped is often used for nailers but often the use of nails is usually governed by the local building codes.

Nailer Features

Once you’ve chosen the nailer that best works for your task certain features will make your work easier and faster.

  • Directional exhaust - this system best suited for working in dusty conditions as it allows you to channel the tool’s exhaust. Some exhaust systems due require special tools for adjustments compared to some which are tool-free.
  • Jam clearing - this type system simplify maintenance since occasionally nails jam in the mechanism.
  • Depth adjustment - nailer can sometimes leave nails protruding or countersink them depending on the depth setting. The depth adjustment allows you to efficiently control how far the tool drives the nail into the material. With some nailers other tools are needed for depth adjustment while with others you can just adjust them by hand.
  • Large triggers - this feature simplifies the hassle of operating the tool with gloved fingers.
  • Cases - carrying cases usually protect the tool from damage during transportation.
  • Swivelling air connectors - this feature is mostly used in pneumatic nailers to reduce air hose tangles. It allows you to swiftly move the air hose out of the way when you need to reload.
  • Work lights - they improve visibility in low light areas.
  • Nail size adjustment - this allows you to easily change the nail sizes when you switch tasks.

Nailer Safety tips

All tools require some form of attention and nailers are no different. Some basic safety measures are listed below but remember to always follow manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Never ever alter a nailer.
  • Wear safety equipment whenever you are using the nailer.
  • Inspect the nailer regularly and repair damaged parts before use.
  • Disconnect from the air compressor before performing maintenance or attempting to clear a jam.
  • Never directly point the power tool to a human being or an animal.
  • Always keep your body clear from the firing area.


Tacwise 50mm Nailer DGN50V - Air Nail Gun Review


Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer - Air Nail Gun DGN50V Review

Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer - Air Nail Gun DGN50V

The Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer DGN50V - Air Nail Gun arrives well designed. The nailer comes with a quick loading system. You have no need for tools to engage your nails in position. The quick loading system is accompanied by a precise trigger. Once pressure is applied, the nail is released just as quick.

This lightweight model estimated at approximatley 1.2 kgs is designed for avid DIY enthusiasts and small projects. The pressure produced is not enough to handle industrial applications. It will fail miserably. If you want a powerful air gun we suggest you find a larger size. The nail gun is able to dispense 100-18 gauge nails per load. As you can see the capacity is not very high but it is sufficient to work with.

The operating PSI on this model is approximated at 60-100. This indicates that a small compressor would provide adequate pressure.The pressure is adequate to successfully launch nails in softwood. The recommended nail size to work with when it comes to this model is between 20mm-50mm. This is an acceptable size for small framing jobs. You can adjust the height of the nail depth for even countersinking. Be sure to use the right size of nails to avoid jams.

This compact and versatile air gun will provide you with adequate service if taken care of properly. It is advisable to take advantage of the carry case to minimise damage to the tool during transportation or storage. This nailer does not take up to much space and neither is it expensive.

As all good tools go, ergonomic functions are important. The handle is well designed so that you are comfortable while working. The soft rubber exterior supplies you with adequate padding so that you can manage stressed working angles. Paired with its lightweight nature, it is a breeze to handle this air gun.?


  • Affordable price.
  • Comes with a durable carry case.
  • Lightweight for easy handling.
  • Larger magazine capacity.


  • Limited to Tacwise 18G brads.
  • It needs an air compressor to function.

Final conclusion

The Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer DGN50V - Air Nail Gun is air gun depends or an air compressor to fire the nails. The need of the compressor limits those who have no access to compressors.

We have seen previous models from this company that do not require air compressors. Apart from this fact, however, we think that this product is well made. The large magazine capacity will serve you well if you need coverage. This nailer as stated before can be used for small applications.

If you are looking an occasional nailer, this would be perfect. The price is not too high and the service is remarkable. We do not see the reason not to purchase this item.

Hitachi NR90GC2 Cordless Gas Clipped Head Framing Nailer Review


Hitachi NR90GC2 Cordless Gas Clipped Framing Nailer Review

Hitachi NR90GC2 Cordless Gas Clipped Framing Nailer

The Hitachi NR90GC2 framing nailer is an improvement from the NR90GC2 nail gun. It has a well-balanced design and lightweight which makes it very easy to work with for an extended period of time.

This cordless gas clipped nailer fires up to 1,200 nails per fuel cell and has a driving power of up to 90 joules. It’s fitted with 2 x 1.4Ah batteries and quick 60 minutes charger which effectively eliminates downtime increasing your productivity. It features a quick to load access magazine and a double action nail feed. This simply means the nails are dropped and when you pull back the feeder it’s ready for action.

The fuel cell chamber is well located and easily accessible plus the design of the magazine enhances visibility so you can be able to see if you’re running low on nails. It has a very soft grip and very easy to clean and maintain. It holds about 47 at a time with a battery capacity of 4000 nails per charge and a fuel capacity of up to 1000 nails. The Hitachi NR90GC2 features a dry firing lockout function which increases your safety by preventing unintentional firing. Once purchased the nail is supplied with;

  • 1 x carry case
  • 2 x 7.2V 1.4Ah Li-Ion Batteries
  • 1 x 4mm Hex wrench
  • 1 x oil
  • 1 x 60 minute charger
  • 1 x safety glasses


  • Light weight for that much needed ease of handling.
  • It is precise and accurate meaning that it has very minimal misfire.


  • The batteries have limited run time.
  • The rafter clip swings too much.

Final conclusion

Like previously stated the Hitachi NR90GC2 is an improvement from the much older Hitachi NR90GC2 version. It’s well balanced and it has enough power to penetrate hard surface but, this model is best suited for home use only. This power tool isn’t long lasting and doesn’t have enough power for professional use.

We do agree it’s quite cheaper compared to other models with the same features but in a professional hand it wouldn’t last long since it can’t stand the work load and it’s subject to a lot of maintenance. I wouldn’t recommend this tool for any professional builder, but for DIY tasks it’s remarkable and it’s worth the price.

Dewalt 18V Li-Ion Cordless Brushless 90mm Framing Nailer Review


DeWalt 18V Li-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer Review

DeWalt 18V Li-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer

Dewalt is a world leading brand and they were the first manufacturer’s to bring you the first ever cordless framing nailer. This product has much more improved features than the first one with a sequential operation mode which enables you to precisely place nails plus the bump operating mode enhances your work productivity.

The tool free jam clearances minimises the amount of time used to clear anything stuck on the power tool and minimizes downtime. The two speed framing nailer features a brushless motor, a XR 5.0Ah battery packs and mechanical operations, as compared to gas, which provide much enhanced performance temperature (20-50 degree Celsius) and minimized cleaning requirements.

Brushless motor technology is enhances the nailers fire power to 90mm Ring shank in softer wood and 63mm into Hard wood. This power tool has two speeds which enable it to fire the nails full length. The high capacity 5.0Ah XR battery packs have improved runtime for either speed or flexibility depending on the project ahead. The gas free operations saves you more money on gas expenses in running costs. The depth can be adjusted by using the wheel depth adjuster. This nailer has top-notch vibrations and sound figures which offer great user protection. On purchase the nailer is supplied with;

  • 1 x heavy duty carry case.
  • 1 x belt hook.
  • 1 x multi voltage XR battery charger.
  • 1 x no mark tip.
  • 2 x 5Ah Li-Ion batteries.


  • Quiet than a gas powered gun.
  • It has an outstanding amount of power.
  • It is energy saving.


  • The gun is slightly heavier.

Final conclusion

Dewalt have definitely upped their game with this power tool. It’s great for both DIY’s and in a professional environment. It has immense power and works greatly in even much harder surfaces.

The ergonomic design allows you to grip the nailer firmly. There have been a lot of complains though in regards to the tools accurate firing. There has been a lot of misfiring cases reported and the tool requires service after every 30000 nails and yet they claim it’s a service free nailer.

This nailer from Dewalt is very efficient and can withstand constant punishment for an extended period of time.

Bostitch GF33PTU 90mm Cordless Framing Stick Nailer Review

Bostitch GF33PTU 90mm Cordless Framing Stick Nailer Review

Bostitch GF33PTU 90mm Cordless Framing Stick Nailer

The Bostitch GF33PTU 90mm Cordless Framing Stick Nailer is gaining popularity as one of the high-quality framing nailers in the market. Its magazine holds up to 42 papertape collated stick nails from 2.5 – 3.3mm diameter. Its 42 nail magazine capacity is not quite impressive but it is sufficient and comparable to most framing nailers in its class. This nail gun is made of magnesium material which is the real claim to its light weight of 3.2kg. Most professional handymen will find it easy to use also due to its ergonomic handle.

Featuring an adjustable depth control, it is a great tool to have in tasks that throw a little bit of everything on your way yet you have to finish them at once. Plus, the adjustment is easy as you simply do it at the push of a button.

The fact this it is a cordless nailer implies that you even get to work in those spaces. The model comes with 1.4h Ni-Cd 7.2V battery plus a spare battery in case you run out of power with work still pending. Supplied along is a useful charger and Bostitch has it that the battery has a quick charging time of 60 minutes. A carry case is also available to help in transporting the tool from one job to the next. The noise levels are rated at LPA 1sd 99. 0 LWA 1sd 108.0 and its vibration rates m/s 23. 5. The product comes with a 2-year warranty so in case of any problems, Bostitch will be glad to replace or repair any parts.


  • It is quite lightweight at 3.2kg.
  • Fast recharge time of 60 minutes.
  • Supplied with 2 batteries, one as a spare.
  • Features adjustable depth control for all-round use.


  • Low magazine capacity.
  • Not that good for nailing at an angle.

Final conclusion

The quality and adjustability of the Bostitch GF33PTU 90mm Cordless Framing Stick Nailer makes it a great tool for professional use. This is a very powerful tool that copes well with the job and its nail range is very good.

Its balanced design and lightweight will ensure that you get into any confined space and work with less fatigue. The selling point are the two batteries which means you can work for longer without having to make many trips to recharge the batteries.

We think its magazine capacity is on the lower side for its quality and price. It also fails on precision when nailing at tight angles. However, it is one of the best for nailing on straight line.

Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer Review


Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer Review

Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer

The Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer is a powerful nailer that fires 50-90mm 34 degrees paper collated clipped head nails. It has a working pressure 75 – 115 PSI which can go up to a maximum of 120PSI.

This nailer has the ability to fire nails of different styles including thanks to its adjustable penetration depth. It accepts 10 -12 nail gauges as well as nail shank diameters from 2.87 – 3.33mm. This is a very useful feature for when working on those carpentry jobs that involve nails of variable lengths and diameters. A cut-out feature prevents empty firing and this ensures that all your nails are well utilised.

At 3.3kg, the Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer is among the lightweight models available. This is greatly due to its aluminium body construction as well as magnesium housing – these materials are known to be extremely light. The primary handle is finished with rubber which not only provides excellent grip but is also comfortable for when you have to hold the tool for extended periods.

One outstanding feature of this tool is its 90-piece magazine capacity. This is a big advantage compared to most other models in our list and even others on the market. Another impressive thing is the no-mark tip which protects the work surface from potential damage. Also included in this tool is 1/4 inch male connector.

This product is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. This covers any faults developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. Make sure to register your model online for you to benefit from their 3-year warranty.


  • Lightweight design for easy manoeuvring and enhanced comfort.
  • Great magazine capacity – it holds 90 nail pieces.
  • Features no-mark tip which leaves a clean work surface.
  • No empty firing due to its cut-out feature.
  • It has an adjustable depth penetration.
  • 3 Year warranty.


  • Supplied with low quality nails.
  • Some reports of the customer service could be better.

Final conclusion

The Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer does a great job as a DIY tool. If you are looking for a basic domestic nailer that you will only use now and again, it is a good tool to start with.

Some of its useful features include the 90 magazine capacity, adjustable depth penetration, cut-out feature and no-mark tip. However, we don’t recommend it for commercial use since it has durability issues.

Furthermore, many people have complained that Silverline does not provide repair parts for this tool, so we even doubt the 3-year warranty.

Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun Review


Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun Reiew

Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun

The Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun comes with an angled magazine system which offers extra convenience when you want to fire into those very tight spaces, also due to its extremely compact design. Adding to its convenience is its 1.8kg weight which sounds manageable for extended working periods. Furthermore, this tool is corded electric meaning you have no limitation on power supply.

This nailer is capable of firing 6 lengths of nails ranging from 20-40mm in a single shot trigger. It does that at speeds of 30 nails per minute which is more than enough for practically all kinds of jobs. In addition to its incredible speeds, the tool has a magazine capacity of 100 nails. It also features a metal, quick release magazine with easy close butt.

The manufacturer recommends using Tacwise nails for this nail gun just to ensure the least chance nail gun jams. Furthermore, Tacwise nails are fairly priced so the idea seems to be a no-brainer. In any case, it features a quick release nose gate in the unlikely event of a jam.

When it comes to ease of use, the tool has a rubberised handle grip and top cap. This make it very comfortable to hold for long periods but even so, gloves are usually recommended to prevent burns. The tool comes in a strong carry case which is handy for storage and transportation.


  • Easy to penetrate into tight areas due to its angled magazine.
  • It is fast with speeds of 30 nails per minute.
  • Supplied with a carry case for storage and transportation.
  • Easy to use because of its compact design.


  • Its electrical cord is quite short.

Final conclusion

The Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun finds a slot in this list because of its angled magazine design. This tool is just ideal for use where access is restricted such as tight corners, under stairs, behind baths, and such places. Basically, if you want to work in those confined spaces, this is the best tool available. We also like the speeds and the useful carry case it comes in.

Unfortunately its cord is a bit short. It only comes in 2m length which makes them less useful especially in rooms with few electric outlets. So while buying this tool, think about getting an extension cord for the best use of the tool.

Makita GN900SE 7.2V First Fix Gas Nailer Review


Makita GN900SE 7.2V First Fix Gas Nailer Review

Makita GN900SE 7.2V First Fix Gas Nailer

The Makita GN900SE 7.2V First Fix Gas Nailer is another cordless nailer featured in this review. It is designed with quick loading and quick release mechanisms. These mechanisms are installed to make certain that once you pull the trigger, the nail is dispatched on time. All you have to do to load your nailer is insert the nail bar, make sure it's secure and you are good to go.

This 40g gas model depends on Lithium-Ion batteries which are popular for their compact size. The batteries have the ability to recharge faster and dispense energy in a sufficient way. This cordless nailer uses 7.2V for maximum performance. The batteries are included so there is no need to spend more money.

To protect the cylinder from accumulating dust, the nailer is fitted with an air filter. The air filter acts as a barrier to make certain that your nail gun does not jam over time. We all know how annoying it can be dealing with a gun that jams and you are pressed for time.

This gun is adapted to the 34° head nails which are common. The recommended nail sizes to work with is between the ranges of 50mm-90mm. This is enough length to go attend to activities such as decking and floor boarding. The nailer can accommodate 44 nails per load which is neat for such a size. You can adjust the depth to the height that you need with the 5 level adjuster.

For the sake of ease of use, the model comes with a LED indicator. This indicator is used to visibly notify you about the status of the nailer. It will show you the battery status or troubleshoot any problems that the nailer might be facing. The LED display is well illustrated so as to offer simple instructions without confusion.

This lightweight nailer is designed to work in tight spaces. The angled magazine is the feature that enables this. Now you can enjoy the ergonomically designed handle for comfort as you work. With this model, you can forget about having sore hands at the end of the shift. The weight is well balanced which only adds to comfort while working.?


  • Lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation.
  • The battery recharges fast for efficient productivity.
  • Great value for money.
  • Quick and robust action.


  • Limited in industrial applications.

Final conclusion

The Makita GN900SE 7.2V First Fix Gas Nailer will work wonderfully for home applications and some commercial applications. Delivering 44 nails per load, you will find the speed adequate for fast applications.

The weight balance on this model is perfect. It is well balanced and supported by an ergonomic handle. These factors come together to provide you with comfortable handling. The price is steep but we believe that the service provided is worth every penny.

The nailer is protected from jamming so that you work seamlessly. This nailer will facilitate a total of 4000shots from one battery pack. This only continues to show that this is a high performance and well-made products. 

Our Final Conclusion

Most of our nailers above are best fitted for DYI’s. Raging from the best frame nailers and to brad nailers, the above power tools have been researched tested and reviewed so as to fit both your budget and your needs. They do satisfy the criteria needed for an effective nail gun. Choose a framing nailer that best suits the job ahead and your wallet.

Our Best Pick

Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer - Air Nail Gun DGN50V Review

After plenty of research and analysis, we concluded that the Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer DGN50V - Air Nail Gun the best framing nailer. It is an improvement of the C1832V. The only major difference is the size of the nail they can accommodate. This nailer can hold nails that are between 20-50mm in length. The tool is lightweight and fast just like the high end brad nailers. The handle is very soft and is made of a silicon type material, which is very comfortable to handle and the nail guns main body has a robust finish.

The Tacwise DGN50V Brad air nailer has two modes of operation, the single fire mode where you are required to depress the safety tip against the surface before you press the trigger and a nail is ejected and a second mode where you hold and pull the trigger, while with each depression of the tip the gun is fired against the surface resulting to a rapid firing of nails. Another feature is the rotatable exhaust that exhaust’s air directly away from the user.

Last updated on February 28th, 2020


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