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The Best Manual Push Mowers, comparison and reviews

Last updated on March 23rd, 2021

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The best cylinder push lawnmowers, no cables, no fuss and amazing results from some innovative, yet simple designs

Not everybody prefers petrol mowers or electric lawnmowers that are so popular nowadays. Some of us like the traditional push mowers that work quietly and are perfect for small lawns that need to be manicured and maintained regularly.

The push mowers in the marketplace now have been upgraded and they provide better service compared to the older models with some exceptional improvements. To find the best push mower available means considering all the features offered. Do you want a push mower that has steel or aluminium blades? How wide do you want the cutting width to be? These are some considerations that one needs to make before settling for any model.

Luckily, we have spent hours searching the market for push mowers that possess the right features from the most trusted brands. These push mowers are made of quality materials and they will get the job done. There are push mowers like our best pick that stand out compared to the others due to superior quality and performance. Read more details on the products presented below and see if you agree with our selection.


Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower 400 C
Definitely worth checking out, this push mower is designed to tackle both small and large lawns with immaculate ease. The strong and sharp steel blades will leave your lawn looking clean and pristine. It has nifty features that encourage easy user operation such as a padded handle that is foldable for easy storage. It additionally has a wide cutting width which gets the work done quicker. When you do purchase this model you get exactly what you pay for which is a dependable premium quality push mower.


Einhell GC-HM 40 Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower
A cheaper alternative to our best pick, this model is still a premium models and also covers a large area of up to 250m2 thanks to the wide cutting width of 40cm. The mower features four cutting height adjustment settings that range from 15-35mm. A 27L grass basket is a really nice addition too.

When to use a push mower

These lawnmowers are ideal for small to medium-sized gardens. They have a cylinder cutter, usually with 5 blades but sometimes with more. They produce a very clean cut and you will have no electric cables or fuel to worry about. Some models also have a roller on the back that creates those famous green stripes in your lawn.

The condition of the lawn is important when using a push mower

Ideally to use a push mower you need to have a relatively flat lawn and be able to cut your grass around once a week. If the lawn is very uneven or the grass is very long it can become problematic.

However, if you have a flat lawn, a push mower should be the perfect lawnmower and give you fantastic results.

If you have an uneven lawn, then you may have to fill in the uneven parts or re-seed, if this is not for you then you may be better sticking to a rotary mower.

The ultimate push mower

The Brill Razorcut Premium Cylinder Lawn Mower
If you looking for a premium lawnmower, one that will provide many years of service and produce a very neat cut with those stripes everybody appreciates, then this model is well worth considering.

It's expensive compared to most other models but its simply in a league of its own. Amazing in every way, a real piece of engineering.

Push Lawn Mower Reviews

After our in-depth research it soon becomes clear that spending more on a higher-end mower does not guarantee better results, in fact, our top push mower is actually a mid-range model and less than half the price of more expensive models but gave the best results.

What to take into account when choosing the best manual lawn mower

  • Cutting width: The larger the cylinder cutting width, the larger area it will cut at once, smaller cutting widths are good for smaller gardens. Wider cutting widths can be better for larger gardens but can weigh more, making them a little harder to move back into the shed although not always any harder to push and use.
  • Is it made from quality materials? – Is it made from durable, strong materials? Some cheaper models made primary of plastic can fade and become brittle over time whilst others can be made using quality strong plastic and aluminium making them lightweight and robust
  • Does it have a grass box? – Some models do not have a grass box to collect the grass cuttings and cost extra to get one. If you cut your lawn a couple of times a week then you may not require a grass box as you may choose to leave the grass on the lawn which helps put nutrients back into the lawn. This is usually only recommended when you cut your lawn very frequently. If you do not have a grass box you may have to rake up the grass cutting after mowing.

Top 8 Push Lawn Mowers


1. Gardena Comfort 400 C Cylinder Mower

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Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower 400 C: Manual Mower with a 40-cm Working Width for Lawn Areas of up to 250 m sq, Blade Cylinder of High-Quality Steel, Touchless Cutting Technology (4022-20)

This Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower 400 C has a wide cutting width of 40cm that can clear lawns up to 250m2. The push mower sports impressive stainless steel blades that clear grass off your lawn with clean precision. The blades are made of steel and therefore they are less likely to go blunt easily. This model can be used during the day and at night without causing a racket as it operates silently.

Additionally, the push mower features cutting height adjustment ranging from 12-42mm.  You can adjust the cutting height depending on how tall the grass is. The 9.4kg mower also features large durable wheels that provide adequate tread and minimise damage to the lawn.

To make operation and storage easier, this push mower has a foldable, ergonomic handle. The handle has been padded with a rubber layer to provide adequate grip and keep the user’s hands from forming blisters. You will have to purchase a collection box if you want to collect all the cut grass for disposal. The recommended collection box is the Gardena grass catcher box no. 4029 which can be fetched at an affordable price.

Would we recommend

The Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower 400 C is among the best in the market due to the quality of the features offered. The fact that it runs silently makes it easy to whip it out at any time to cut grass without disturbing the neighbours. This premium product costs a little more than other models but you get absolute value because it’s durable. If you have a standard UK garden (ideally around 250m²) this lightweight, easy-to-push and brilliantly designed mower makes an excellent buy for you.


2. Einhell GC-HM 40 Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower

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Einhell GC-HM 40 Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower, 27 L - Multi-Colour

This hand lawnmower by Einhell has an excellent rating on Amazon and is probably one of the most popular models currently available, so our first thoughts with this model is its fairly expensive for this model but it does have a wider 40cm cutting this do also have the option of a smaller 30cm cutting width which is somewhat more affordable.

So what did our research reveal? Firstly it appears to be easy to assemble and takes around 10 minutes but then there not really much to it, a fairly simple design that has proven reliable over the years.

It has multiple height cut settings, right down to 15mm to give a close cut and as high as 35mm for taller grass or for those who like their lawn to be the little bit longer.

Would we recommend

With so many good reviews for this mower, it is hard to give a reason why we would not recommend it. First, off you should have no problems setting it up, very simple and easy to do, you should be mowing within ten minutes.

Most will find it very lightweight and easy to push, if your grass is long then you may find it more difficult the first time but if you mow regularly, once a week for example, then this will prove very reliable and will give excellent results. Well worth considering.

3. Brill Razorcut Premium 38 Cylinder Mower

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Brill Razor Cut Premium Push Mower Review

If you are looking for a premium quality push mower then this model by ‘Brill’ could be the answer. It truly is the Rolls Royce of push mowers and Brill have kept this masterpiece simple yet incorporated some very much appreciated features that you will love.

Firstly, it has been made from the very best materials and is made to last. The 5 blades rotating cylinder and bottom blade have a 38cm cutting width and are made from superior hardened steel and the blades are precision sharpened to a hundredth of a millimetre. So what does this mean? Put simply, they cut like scissors and the blades are very sharp and make light work of cutting grass using the contact-free cutting technique which means it is super quiet when in use,

So what else makes it special? It takes 5 minutes to assemble, and the black and silver ergonomic foam rubber handle folds down to make the mower very compact for easy storage as well as being very strong and sturdy to make pushing the mower effortless.

At around 7kg is lightweight making move-ability easy when cutting in tight spaces and the cutting length is easily adjusted between 14mm and 45mm to give that superior finish.

Would we recommend

This is, without doubt, the best push mower available and for the price, it is not cheap but if you are looking for a superior push mower which all the bells and whistles that will give excellent results then this will tick all the boxes.

So what makes it better? On it has the best reviews by far with very few negative comments if any. It is made from good quality, solid materials that will last many years and the fact it is German engineered shows

When it comes to cutting grass it will cut even the toughest grass with ease and will not jam like other models when mowing over weed stalks and twigs due to the heat-treated hardened steel blades that are precision sharpened.

Finally, the fact that the handles are super-compact, well designed to fold down to a minimum and comfortable to push makes it easy to use and can be stored in the smallest of spaces.

Simply a work of art would highly recommend if your budget allows.

4. Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower

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Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower, 40 cm (16 Inch) 20 Litre Collection Bag

Keep your lawn in good shape with the Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower. It comes with sharp aluminium blades for use right out of the box, with a cutting width of 40cm to tackle small-large lawns with ease. This cylinder mower has a cutting height adjustment feature that lets the user decide how short they want to cut the grass, ranging from 13-38mm with four settings.

It does come with a collection box and you have the option to use the push mower with or without it. You can easily disengage the 20-litre collection box from the main body with ease to rear-discharge the clippings. This box capacity itself tells the story of this mower being ideal for small areas. The handle is ergonomic and allows you to work in comfort for long periods of time. Also, this mower operates quietly and is one of the most affordable models you can buy for light-duty applications.  

Would we recommend

The Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower is a steal at the price it’s going at. It doesn’t ring bells and whistles but offers the basic features you need to give your lawn a decent cut. The blades are made of durable aluminium but it may not offer as much durability compared to the steel blades. This model is, however, more than adequate to tend to the soft grass. Its height adjustment feature plus wide cutting width assures that the job will get done perfectly.

5. Bosch AHM 38 G Push Mower

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Bosch AHM 38 G Manual push mower review

This Bosch AHM 38 G manual mower is the best selling cylinder mower on and it is easy to see why. It has everything you would expect from a quality product from a well-known brand such as Bosch including a very sharp 5 bladed cylinder roller and rear roller which leaves the defining stripes on the lawn. Has a 25-litre grass box for collecting grass cuttings, saving the need for raking.

It has a cutting width of 38cm and a cutting height of 15mm to 43mm which should give a quality finish. Finally and importantly it has large geared wheels to make pushing it effortless and easy.

Verdict –  Ideal for smaller lawns it gives the best finish due to it’s 5 bladed cylinder blade that when put against a fixed bottom blade works likes scissors, meaning it cuts cleanly and will not rip the grass out like other models sometimes do especially when the grass is a little wet. The cutting height can easily be changed with no tools and adjusted easily unlike other models which are handy.

The back roller which gives those stripes everybody wants and it will also help cut right to the edge of the lawn as it has stability when mowing right at the edge.

One final important point is that it only weighs 7kg, this means moving it around and storing it is easy and for people who may not be a strong as they use to this is a large advantage.

Negative thoughts – On Amazon, there are a few customers who have left negative comments, most would agree that it is easy to set up, being that only the handle needs attaching and that the blades are easy to set and adjust. Most complaints were about it not cutting grass or cutting intermittently or jamming,

I think that this is actually not a fault with the design as most would say, firstly as mentioned above all cylinder mowers should be used on flat lawns and be free of twigs. If the ground is uneven then no cylinder mower will cut grass evenly, they are simply not designed for this. Twigs will also catch in the blades so these must be removed from the lawn before mowing.

Would we recommend

The simple answer is yes, it has heaps of good reviews from hundreds of customers on Amazon and like we have said before, most negative comments are probably due to improper use. This is one of the best-rated push lawn mowers available on Amazon.

6. Fiskars Momentom Reel Mower

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Fiskars 113880 Momentum Reel Mower

Fiskars is known for turning to the latest technology and innovative designs when designing the latest garden tools and with their new momentum reel mower, they took the traditional cylinder mower and have given it a modern advantage to make cutting grass easier.

However, being one of the most expensive push mowers available what makes this different than the more traditional models?

Firstly it uses new StaySharp technology which allows it to cut grass without the blades touching which is how more traditional cylinder mowers work. This means it reduces the push force needed by up to 30% in long grass and reduces the need to sharpen the blades annually.

The cutting height can be changed from 2.5cm to 10cm so you can keep your lawn cut to your desired height. It also has twice the cutting power of traditional cylinder mowers meaning it will cut through small twigs, weeds and even the tallest of grass that a traditional mower would jam upon at the first attempt.

Would we recommend

To sum the superior mower up, it is very easy to push, taking much less effort than other mowers especially in the long grass. It reduces the risk of jamming by cutting the longest of lawns as well as twigs and weeds which usually jam cheaper models and it has the greatest range of any cylinder mower meaning it will cut right along the edges. It is simply the best push lawnmower you can ever buy. It is expensive but if you are after a very high-quality mower then you cannot go wrong with this Fiskars push mower. It is simply in a different league when comparing it to other mowers.

7. Web 12-inch push Mower

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Webb push mower review

If you are looking for a more traditional look and feel, this model by Webb could be for you and it comes with 24 months warranty. It is a little more expensive than most other models but still a competitive price as far as lawnmowers go.

It has strong sturdy handles and from reports cuts grass well as you would expect from a quality product, it comes complete with a collection box.

Negative thoughts – It is a little fiddly to assemble, especially the handles. However, they are strong and slightly adjustable so not sure this is really a negative point although they do not remove easily for storage if you wanted to remove them. The roller at the back is plastic as with most modern push mowers and it could benefit from being heavier to help it grip the grass, however, it would not be as easy to move around and store if this was the case.

Would we recommend

It looks fantastic and really looks like a quality mower that deserves to be used. If it is within your price range then this would be a good choice. It also comes with 24 months warranty for peace of mind and is one of the best reel lawnmowers with a traditional look and feel.

8. Wolf-Garten 30cm Cylinder Push Mower

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WOLF-Garten WPCM-F Hand Push Cylinder Garden Lawn Mower with 5 Helix Carbon Steel Blades

We have reviewed garden tools by Wolf-Garten before and they always produced good quality garden products that always come out on top and this push mower is no exception. It is well designed and they have simply thought of everything, from the easily adjustable cutting height to the large 20-litre collection box to the easy to fold down handle for easy storage.

Now, this is a mid-range product that offers value for money, at around £60 at the time of this roundup it is not the cheapest but it is worth every penny. So what makes this mower one of the best? The 5 bladed cutting cylinder is made from carbon steel which means it is both very sharp and very strong for superior cutting action and longer-lasting.

Unlike most push mowers it is easy to adjust the cutting height from 19mm to 35mm and the back roller ensures you get the stripes on your lawn. Finally when you have finished mowing the ergonomic grip handle folds down quickly and easily for storing.

Finally, it comes with 2 years domestic warranty

Would we recommend

This is probably one of the best, if not the best, push mower available under £60.00. It is either this or the one by Bosch, however, I think this wins just mainly due to quality and neat little features such as the folding handle and easily adjustable height cut. It also weighs 16kg so is quite weighty compared to other models which will help improve its performance when cutting grass. On Amazon, there are over 80 reviews and very little are negative, the only real negative comment is that the instructions are not good enough, that aside this has to be one of the best push mowers available

Finals thoughts and conclusion

This brings us to the end of our push mower review and we hope you have found a model that works for your lawn. The Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower 400 C is the perfect option if you are not tied to a small budget and you need a push mower that will offer years of service.

Elsewhere, Einhell offers a fairly perfect push mower, the GC-HM 40 Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower for half the price of our best pick. All you need to do is make an informed decision and get to mow your lawn to perfection.

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