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6 Best outdoor recliners for relaxing in comfort

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

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Do you have the best furniture for chilling in your garden? If sitting on upright garden chairs is not as relaxing as you would like it to be, consider outdoor garden recliners. Get your daily requirement of Vitamin D in a restful way.

A recliner is a must-have piece of garden furniture for you to spend hours outside in the sun, comfortably reclining and relaxing, working, reading or even sleeping. Most garden recliners fold up and are light enough for you to carry around the lawn or patio to the best sunny or shady places. Some even have wheels for easy transport. 

Our pick for Best Outdoor Recliner is the Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner. This is a premium lounger that provides zero-gravity seating for the most relaxing experience. The padded cushions and ergonomic armrests encourage you to stay there for hours plus they are excellent for anyone who suffers from back pain.

The runner-up in our selection of patio recliners is the Steuben Sun Lounger Set (Set of 2) which is much more affordable than our best pick while still being good quality and comfortable. The mesh bed fabric is comfortable and allows rain to run off easily, great for the British weather. The powder-coated steel frame is both attractive and long-lasting which further adds to the durability.


Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner
The Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner is our Best Pick of Outdoor Recliners. This is a top-of-the-line recliner with thickly padded cushions that are UV- and water-resistant. The head rest (also padded) is adjustable and removable to suit whatever depth of relaxation you want. The entire recliner is ergonomically designed and has a zero gravity position for ultimate comfort. This is for you if you want to lay back and chill in a durable and comfortable premium recliner and as already mentioned by far the best pick for anyone who suffers from back pain too.

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6 Best Outdoor Recliners for Relaxing in Comfort

1. Lafuma Relaxe Mobilier Recliner


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Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner

The Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner is a premium recliner that combines style with comfort. It has many features that will aid you in laying and relaxing in your garden and the quality and comfort of these are really hard to beat, however, it does come at a more expensive price tag.

This Lafuma Relaxe has a frame constructed of galvanised steel tubing. The steel has protective paint on it for UV resistance. The frame won’t fade or be damaged by the rays of the sun. 

The rest of the recliner is a thick, padded polypropylene cushion for your ultimate comfort. The cushion’s fabric is permeable, breathable and is UV- and water-resistant. Don’t worry about leaving the cushions out in a light drizzle. There’s also an adjustable and removable padded headrest to support your neck if you take a nap. This recliner comes in taupe, coral blue and steel (dark grey) colours to match your garden décor.

The recliner is ergonomically designed for maximum support. You can choose how far you want to lay back because there are no pre-set angles. The armrests are of foam and resin and provide both support and comfort when sitting upright. For the ultimate in relaxation use the “zero gravity” position. This is the same position that astronauts sit in for take-off. The recliner tilts to 127° which places your legs slightly above your heart. This helps your blood circulation and gives you rest. 

To change the position of this Lafuma Relaxe Recliner just place your feet on the bar and push backwards. Then lock in the position by using the two levers under the armrest.

This lounger holds up to 140kg of people. If you expect more weight than that on your lounger, buy the XL model. This model is also better for taller people over 6ft too. A cup holder is available for an extra cost which may be worth considering.


  • Recliner for one person is a premium model with a multitude of features.
  • The frame is made of galvanised steel tubing and is covered with UV-resistant paint for long service.
  • The seat, back, footrest and headrest are of triple-layer proprietary air comfort padding so you won’t want to move.
  • The ergonomic armrests are of resin and foam and at the right height to lean against.
  • Multi-positioning reclining lets you choose whichever angle you want to lay back to.
  • “Zero Gravity” position puts you in the same ultra-comfortable position as astronauts in a space capsule.
  • Folds up fairly flat for easy transport and storage.
  • Dimensions when open are 107cm (height) by 163cm (length) and 70cm (width).


  • Fairly expensive.

Our recommendation

The Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner looks good as well as provides you with maximum comfort, especially if you lay on it in the zero gravity position. The well-padded cushion covers the entire frame and has a removable headrest. The polypropylene cushion is breathable and resistant to UV rays and water.

This is our Best Pick for Outdoor Recliners. We like the Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner for its premium features, its comfy cushion and the ability to lie back however you want to. It’s also by far the best choice if you suffer from back pain as it’s been designed with this in mind too.

If you’re looking for a high-end garden recliner with maximum comfort, the Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner is definitely worth considering.

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2. Steuben Sun Lounger Set (Set of 2)


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The Steuben Sun Lounger Set (Set of 2) is a garden lounger designed for one person. However, you receive two loungers for the purchase price which feel makes them excellent value for money. You won’t have to fight with anyone for your only lounger and they don’t cost the earth. 

This Steuben outdoor lounger is very durable and very well made. The powder-coated steel frame is strong and rust-resistant. The seating part of the lounger is made from mesh fabric, This is long-lasting and fade resistant. The mesh lets water flow through the seat so you won’t have to worry about the lounger being rained upon and they do quickly dry if you get caught out in a shower or two and have to sit it out under your gazebo.

You can recline from 90° to 150°. This lets you sit up if you’re eating and then lay back to rest. Locking the recliner into your favourite position is easy with the accessible twist knobs on the armrests which is a simple but effective design. The armrests themselves are wide and have a curved upper surface to give support to your wrists and lower arms. The padded headrest is removable and you can position it anywhere along the back of the lounger which we think is a nice touch.

The maximum load that can sit safely on this lounger is 100kg so they are very strong. If you plan on taking your lounger inside for the winter (which we highly recommend) it folds up flat for compact storage. Its dimensions are: 146cm (height), 200cm (length) and 52cm (width).


  • Single outdoor recliner for all-weather use.
  • Two recliners are included in your purchase so your family won’t fight over your lounger.
  • Strong rust-resistant, powder-coated steel frame for maximum durability. 
  • The seat, back and footrest are made from a mesh fabric that is long-lasting.
  • The padded headrest cushion is removable if you don’t need your neck supported.
  • Reclining positions are from 90° (sitting straight up) to 150°
  • The twist knobs let you easily lock the recliner in the position that feels the best.
  • Folds flat to store in a small space.
  • The maximum load it can hold is 100kg.
  • Dimensions are: 107cm (height), 74cm (length) and 52cm (width); floor to seat is 40cm.


  • No cushions except the headrest.

Our recommendation

The Steuben Sun Lounger Set (Set of 2) provides both you and a friend with a practical recliner. The powder-coated steel frame and the mesh seating are made for durability and strength. Sit up straight and then recline up to 150° for a long and comfortable relaxation.

The Steuben Sun Lounger Set (Set of 2) is our Runner-up for Best Garden Recliner and is available from one of our favourite retailers Wayfair. We like the practicality and durability of its frame and seating as well as receiving two recliners for the purchase price.

If you’re looking for a pair of practical outdoor recliners at a reasonable price, this may be the set for you and is well worth considering.

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3. VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy

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VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy

The VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy has two features that many other outdoor recliners do not. This durable recliner is designed for your comfort and convenience.

This zero gravity recliner is designed for a single person but you receive two chairs in the set. When you consider you get two chairs, it makes it an inexpensive set. The frame is made of powder-coated alloy steel that’s weather-resistant and long lasting. The seating is of classic grey textoline fabric. This fabric is hard-wearing and easy to clean and maintain.

To tilt back in this recliner simply lean back to one of the two pre-set positions that feels right. A lever under the armrest lets you lock the recliner in place so you don’t suddenly fly up or thump down. The adjustable and removable headrest lets your neck relax without strain but you can also move it down as lumber support. The maximum weight that this recliner can tolerate is 110kg for you, your pets, your kids and anyone that may need to relax.

Two extra features set the VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy apart from other recliners. A drinks holder comes with each chair which is a very simple but excellent idea. The holder attaches to the back of the recliner below the armrests, meaning you can’t accidentally bump your drink off it.

To protect you from the sun, a canopy fits at the top of the recliner. This sun protection is adjustable so the top part of your body will always be in the shade. You can also remove it on days with little sun or just push it back behind the headrest.


  • Single person recliner with several extra features such as a drink holder.
  • Two recliners in the set for matching seats in your garden.
  • The frame is of alloy steel that’s strong and wears well.
  • The seating component is from close-weave textoline fabric in classic grey.
  • The drinks holder is large enough to hold a phone and a beverage.
  • The canopy overhead provides shade to the upper part of your body.
  • The locking mechanism is under each armrest for easy access.
  • The head pillow is detachable and adjustable for your comfort.
  • The maximum capacity is 110kg of people and stuff.
  • Dimensions (open) are: 77cm (height), 165cm (length) and 67cm (wide).


  • Doesn’t come with cushions, except the head rest.

Our recommendation

The VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy has some features that many other outdoor recliners don’t have. A drinks holder/shelf keeps your beverage of choice and your phone or a book safely within reach. The canopy over the seat of the recliner keeps you in the shade. The canopy is adjustable and both it and the drinks holder are removable.

We like the VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy for the strength and low maintenance of the seating fabric and the extra features.

If your idea of relation is to be with a friend, in the shade and sipping a cold drink, this could be the best garden recliner for you. Really good quality and has an excellent price point too.

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4. Songmics Folding Garden Chairs

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SONGMICS Set of 2 Folding Garden Chairs

The Songmics Folding Garden Chair is what their name says – a folding garden chair that reclines and they are a good alternative to a sun lounger type recliners if you need a chair for sitting around an outdoor dining table. These chairs have just a back and a seat – there’s no footrest section. However, this chair is significantly lighter than full outdoor recliners at only 3.3kg.

The frame of this garden furniture piece is of grey powder-coated aluminium. This makes the reclining chair strong, lightweight, rust-proof, weather-resistant and easy to maintain. The seat and back are of synthetic fibre fabric that’s breathable so you don’t get hot and sticky. This item comes without a headrest or any other form of cushion.

The back of the chair reclines into eight positions. Although the positions are pre-set, this is more choice than many full-length recliners offer. The top of the back of the chair is slightly curved at the top to follow the line of your neck and head for extra comfort.

This is a good choice of reclining chair if you don’t have much storage space for your outdoor furniture or you live in a flat. It’s lightweight and folds up compactly to only 13cm thick. Dimensions are: 106cm (height), 70cm (depth) and 56cm (width).


  • A Garden chair that reclines into eight positions gives a wide choice of laid-back positions.
  • Ideal for seating around an outdoor dining table.
  • The frame is of powder-coated aluminium that’s strong and lightweight.
  • Synthetic fibre fabric makes up the seat and the back of the recliner.
  • The back of the chair, at the top, is curved to not stress your neck.
  • Foldable into a compact form only 13cm deep to suit small storage spaces.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 150kg, which is higher than some full-length recliners.
  • Dimensions are: 106cm (height), 70cm (depth) and 56cm (width).


  • No footrest – just a seat and back 
  • No cushions at all.

Our recommendation

The Songmics Folding Garden Chair is an upright chair with a selection of eight reclining positions so it has plenty of positions for you to be able to find a comfortable position. As a chair without a footrest,  you can use it as dining chair around your outdoor table. The powder-coated aluminium chairs are light to move and compact to store.

We like the Songmics Garden Chair because they’re inexpensive, strong and lightweight.

If you have limited outdoor space or storage space, or need outdoor dining chairs that you can move to the lawn, this Songmics garden chair set may be your choice.

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5. Vanness Reclining Sun Lounger with Cushion 

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The Vanness Reclining Sun Lounger with Cushion is a recliner with the unusual skill of turning into a sleeping bed for extended garden relaxation or for overnight visitors (indoor).

This recliner has sturdy powder-coated steel that’s also weather-resistant. The seating is of breathable oxford cloth. This cloth is long-lasting and easy to wash as well as very comfortable. This is not a mesh fabric but a single piece of material. The pillow has a filling of thick padded sponge and is detachable; this is especially useful when the recliner is used for sleeping.

The backrest is adjustable to three positions, including the flat one for sleeping. There’s also a generously sized armrest. The dimensions are: 89cm (height), 135cm (length) and 60cm (width). You can have up to 136kg of people and pets on this sun lounger.


  • Foldable, single person sun recliner for indoors and outdoors – use it anywhere.
  • Doubles as a bed because you can recline it so that it’s flat.
  • Powder-coated steel frame for long service and easy maintenance.
  • The seating component is from oxford cloth that’s hard-wearing and breathable for long, comfortable sessions in the recliner.
  • Adjusts to three positions (including flat) so you choose how relaxed you want to be.
  • Comes with a padded headrest cushion to fit the curve of your neck.
  • Holds up to an, above standard, 136kg of weight.
  • Dimensions are: 89cm (height) 136cm (length) and 60cm (width).


  • Limited reclining positions compared to most other models.

Our recommendation

The Vanness Reclining Sun Lounger with Cushion is for not only outdoors but also indoors. Instead of just bringing your recliner into the house as a chair, you have the advantage of reclining it so it’s flat. Use this sun lounger as a bed for stop-over visitors. Oxford cloth makes up the seating component and covers the headrest cushion. This is a solid fabric that wears well and is breathable, something that is important if you are napping or sleeping.

We like the Vanness Reclining Sun Lounger with Cushion for its versatility and its ability to turn into a sleeping bed. It is a little limited in terms of reclining positions but this may not matter to most people.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose recliner that doubles up as furniture to sleep on, this is the one for you.

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6. ART TO REAL Garden Reclining Chair with Beige Cushions

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ART TO REAL Garden Reclining Chair with Beige Cushions

If you want to sit in your garden in a more conventional way, the ART TO REAL Garden Reclining Chair with Beige Cushions delivers both formality and comfort. This reclining armchair fits into your garden or patio and is attractive enough for indoor use as well.

The armchair’s frame is of powder-coated aluminium alloy which lends to its light weight. The frame is covered with resin that looks like wicker to give the look of lounge furniture, perfect if you have other rattan furniture.

The resin is UV-resistant for 3,000 hours. That’s a lot of relaxing-in-the-garden sessions. The UV protection also prevents the resin from cracking and fading. The two soft sponge cushions are covered with easily removable (zips) cushion covers. It’s no trouble to take them off and wash them. The cushion covers are UV and water-resistant so you don’t have to run out and bring them in at the first sign of rain. 

This ART TO REAL garden armchair has three reclining positions. Apart from the most upright position, the footrest is in use when you lean back. However, the footrest is a smaller size than the ones found on full-length recliners. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 150kg, which is heavier than the other recliners in this review.


  • Reclining outdoor armchair that’s easy to assemble.
  • The frame is constructed of resin wicker over powder-coated aluminium alloy for long life and all-weather resistance.
  • Holds 150kg of weight safely and comfortably.
  • Soft sponge cushions have zippered cushion covers that are easy to remove and clean.
  • Three adjustable reclining positions, with two that include the footrest.
  • Dimensions are 56cm (height to top of armrest), unknown (length) and 56cm wide.


  • No headrest.
  • Expensive.

Our recommendation

The ART TO REAL Garden Reclining Chair with Beige Cushions brings a touch of formality to any garden, patio or conservatory. Its wicker-look resin surface is resistant to many elements, while the cushions are UV and water-resistant. The aluminium frame under the resin is lightweight so you can easily move this reclining chair from the patio to your lawn.

We like the ART TO REAL Garden Reclining Chair with Beige Cushions for its look of “indoors” furniture and for its all-weather resistance.

If you have a formal garden with plenty of other resin furniture or want to add a conventional but comfortable element to it, take a long look at the ART TO REAL Garden Reclining Chair with Beige Cushions.

Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor patio furniture is usually as good looking as indoor furniture, but it also has to stand up to the weather and the environment, not to mention bugs and other pests. It’s important that you choose your outdoor recliner carefully and knowledgeably so that it suits your needs for a long time.

Here are the features to be aware of and some of the choices you have for them.

Styles and colours

Rocker Lounger Cream Sun Chair Recliner

From contemporary minimalist charm to laid-back oversized comfort, outdoor recliners come in a wide variety of styles to suit any garden decor. Your choice of recliner style and colour may be constrained by your existing garden furniture. The materials of the recliner frame influence the shape of the recliner (angular, curvy, etc.) as well as the colours that they are available in. And, of course, the recliner’s seat provides the largest area of colour.

As well as style and colour, choose your outdoor garden recliner to reflect how you want to use it. Here are some features of a recliner’s style to take into consideration.

Number of people

Will you be the only one relaxing on the recliner at any time? Or perhaps you want a partner or your family to join you. If you anticipate that you’ll have company on the recliner, consider buying a double-size one.

Size of people

Look for the maximum weight that each recliner can handle. Regular single loungers usually take about 140kg of people. Look for an extra-size lounger if you need more weight capacity than this or if you’re tall.


SONGMICS rocking Sun Lounger

Most patio recliners stay where they are – sitting up or reclining. However, rocking loungers are great if you want to add some gentle back-and-forth swaying to your relaxing experience, unfortunately, none of the models in our review has this feature.

Zero gravity

If you sometimes feel too stressed to relax easily, consider a zero-gravity garden recliner. This is a lounger that adjusts to raise your legs and feet and gently supports your back in a neutral position. This mimics the positions that astronauts are in as they ascend beyond Earth’s gravity. Laying back on your recliner like this makes you feel lighter, though weightless might be a stretch.


If you like sitting quite upright when relaxing, consider a chair recliner. This is basically a chair that reclines for additional resting positions. Some of these look like armchairs and may not have foot support. If you really like to lay back, consider a traditional sun lounger with a back, seat and foot section.



Comfort should also be part of the style. Check if the recliner has just a mesh back and seat or whether it comes with cushions. Mesh recliners let the rain runoff easily and cushions, especially padded ones, let you lie there for hours. Also, think about whether you would like a headrest cushion to support your neck, some can even be moved down as lumber support.

Of course, if your recliner comes without cushions, you can always buy them as accessories.


Make sure to look for materials that are easy to care for and low maintenance, both for the frame and in the seat.


TecTake 800720 Relaxing Chair

A recliner frame comes in a wide selection of materials. Some of the most popular are:

  • Aluminium
  • Resin Wicker 
  • Wood
  • Recycled Plastic 
  • Wrought Iron
  • Powder-coated steel

Aluminium is the most popular, and one of the lightest, materials used. Each material has its own properties with regard to resistance to heat, rain, rust, mould and mildew. For example, aluminium loungers become hot in direct sunlight but cool down quickly, whereas, steel loungers don’t become as hot but need longer to cool down.

Check the manufacturers’ claims about the durability and resistance of each material.

Seat, back, footrest 

Your main choice here is between a mash fabric generally made of polypropylene or a natural fabric such as cotton or canvas that has been coated with different kinds of resistance protections. Lounger seats made from mesh may not come with cushions, but you could add some of your own.

Comfort and convenience

Outdoor loungers should be both comfortable and convenient to use. Here are some things to look out for.


image credit –

Most patio recliners have three or more adjustable reclining positions for you to relax in. If you want to use your lounger as a bed, check that it reclines fully to a horizontal position. Most loungers have pre-set angles/steps to tilt back to, but others let you go back as far as you want.

Staying out of the sun is advised when you’re relaxing on your lounger. A garden lounger with a canopy works well if you don’t have a patio umbrella to place your lounger beneath. Canopies generally shade your head and some of your upper body. Look for a canopy that’s easy to adjust when you’re in a laid-out position. One that’s removable lets you lay out on warm, cloudy days. 

Are you a person that likes to lay on your back and your front to (safely) get a tan? If so, check that your lounger lets you do that. Some loungers even have a hole in the pillow at face level so you can breathe when on your front without having to turn your head to the side.


If you won’t be separated from your phone or a cold beverage when you’re relaxing, look for loungers that come with a side shelf or table. This attaches to one of the arms of the frame. If your lounger doesn’t come with this convenience, you can sometimes purchase them as an accessory.

Reclining mechanism

TecTake 800720 Relaxing Chair recliner mechanism

We talked about the comfort of a variety of reclining positions, but how about the convenience of where the lever to lock the angle of recline is situated? If the reclining angles are pre-set, you’ll just stop at the right place. If your lounger has multi-positioning, lean as far back as you want to go then lock in the levers when you’re in the right position.

Check that you can reach the reclining mechanism from wherever you’re positioned, even if you’re lying flat down. It’s such a hassle if you have to get up to change the arrangement of the lounger.


You can always fold up your lounger and carry it to a new position when the sun changes. But wouldn’t it be convenient if you could just wheel it across the patio or the lawn? The more expensive heavier loungers may have wheels and you lock them when you’re settled into your new space.


Dokon Garden Sunbed Cover

You could leave your lounger out all year-long, but for durability and good looks, consider storing it away somewhere or at least buy a cover to protect it over winter. If you don’t have much space, look for a lounger that folds flat, or almost flat. It also helps if it’s relatively lightweight. If you don’t have a shed or a garage to store the lounger in, check out our Best Outdoor Furniture Covers review.

Final Conclusion

If sitting upright in your garden on a chair is not relaxing enough for you, choose a garden lounger to lie on in comfort. Do you want padded cushions to lay on or will a mesh seat be enough? What about a canopy to protect you from burning in the sun? And does sprawling in a position of zero gravity (like an astronaut) sound enticing? The garden loungers in this review offer many combinations of features for your outdoor reclining pleasures.

The Best Pick of outdoor recliners is the Lafuma Relaxe MOBILIER Recliner. This is a premium model that delivers maximum comfort along with sturdiness and versatility but it’s fairly expensive.

The Runner-up is the Steuben Sun Lounger Set (Set of 2). Receiving two recliners makes this a budget-friendly option that’s practical and long-lasting.

Look around your patio and lawn and decide if you have enough garden furniture. Perhaps you need a dining table, a sofa for visitors, or even another lounger.

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