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Best garden swing seats for relaxing

Last updated on May 17th, 2022

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Gardens should not be just about work – you need to relax in them as well although some people find gardening the relaxing part. Sitting on a patio chair or on a sun lounger is just fine, but they don’t move. The gentle swaying movement of a garden swing chair is restful whether you lounge, loaf or layback. It also may send you to sleep. Whether you’re in the swing chair by yourself or with other people (or even your pet), you know that you can settle down for a soothing rest or nap on long sunny days.

In this best garden swing seats round-up, we present our favourite swing chairs. For each model, we list the pros and cons. As well, we discuss the features of each model and what they mean for a comfortable time in your garden swing seat. We also have a detailed Buyer’s Guide that explains the key features of a garden swing chair and will help you make your decision on which one to buy as some require a little maintenance while others don’t.

Our pick for the best outdoor swing chair is the Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy. This swing chair seats two people comfortably and has a removable seat that makes it easier to move the chair.

The Runner-up for best swing chair is the Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair. The style of this chair is the familiar egg shape and holds one person. The cushions are included and are a neutral white colour.


Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy
The Best Pick of our review is the Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy. You (and a companion) can sit on the padded seat and swing gently together. The cushion is included with this garden swing chair. The wood frame and seat make this an eye-catching bench chair. For convenience, the seat is removable to make moving the swing chair easier. Assembly is straightforward and you don’t have to get out your toolbox as this chair comes with the necessary tools. Overall the quality is exceptional, it's comfortable to sit on while the price is reasonable which is why we named it our best pick.


Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair
The Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair is our choice for the Runner-up. This is a one-person chair in the iconic egg shape design that makes people feel good. The black stand and matching black synthetic rattan chair stand out against the bright white cushions. This outdoors garden chair has an open wicker weave pattern giving it a light and airy appearance and letting the sitter look all around them. This is a swing chair that looks as good indoors as it does outside in the garden, there are plenty of egg chairs out there but this is probably one of the best.

Top 5 Garden Swing Chairs reviews

1. Kingfisher Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy  


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Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy

The Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with its Canopy is the only swing chair in this article that’s made of wood. The frame and the seat are both made of hardwood. The frame is brown wood and the canopy is canvas green and the two go together nicely.

You and a companion will be comfortable sitting on the two-person seat. This swing chair comes with a cushion that is slightly padded (and the same colour as the canopy) to cover the wooden slats in the seat which makes it much more comfortable to sit on. The fabric used throughout this swing chair is the same as you find in tents. This makes it waterproof (which is an important part for some) so you can outlast any light showers.

A convenient feature not often found on outdoor swing chairs is that the seat is removable. This lightens the swing chair so you can move it around your garden easily should you need to. The seat height is also adjustable, another feature some models don’t have; you only have to shorten or lengthen the suspending chain to the correct length for the height you want. The back of the seat is 66cm high making it comfortable to lean against, even if you’re a tall person.

As with all wooden furniture, we recommend you use a waterproof sealer or oil regularly to extend the life of your wooden garden swing chair while keeping it looking good.


  • Hardwood frame and polyester canopy for a more rustic look in your garden.
  • Clean by wiping with a damp cloth to remove any grime or marks from birds.
  • The frame is brown hardwood and the canopy is canvas green so it doesn’t stand out too much among your greenery.
  • Seats two people for a cosy relaxing time. 
  • The seat is suspended by a chain that’s a neutral gold colour.
  • Comes with a double seat cushion so you won’t be sitting on wooden slats.
  • A removable seat makes it easier to carry the garden swing.
  • The back of the seat is 66cm high, which fits comfortably against your back, especially if you’re tall.
  • The seat height is adjustable by changing the length of the chain.
  • Tools are supplied for assembling the swing so you don’t have to get your toolbox out.


  • The rain can pool in the middle of the canopy and needs pushing off with your hand rather than running off.

Our recommendation

The Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat has a wooden frame and a canvas green canopy and cushion. This swing fits into any garden without drawing attention to itself. This two-seater swing chair comes with a padded cushion to cover the wooden slats. It’s easy to clean because you just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth. Assembly is not difficult, even for people who are not so handy, which is a plus. All the tools you need are included so you don’t need to have a fully stocked toolbox to be able to put it together.

One small downside is that the rain tends to puddle in the middle of the canopy instead of running off. If the canopy was a little tighter this wouldn’t happen. While the fixings are conveniently packaged separately for each stage, some of the directions are difficult to follow but if you take your time it’s not too difficult.

We think this is one of the best swing chairs for gardens in our review. If you’re looking for a multi-seat swing chair with a natural style, the Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat is a strong contender. We’re impressed by all the features of this swing chair and its natural wooden frame. It’s also worth noting that this model has over 180 reviews on Amazon, of which most of them are very positive.

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2. Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair 


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Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair

The Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair is the style of a chair from the 1960s that makes people smile. This egg-shaped outdoors swinging garden chair is built for one adult, although two small children could probably fit in it. The maximum weight it can hold is 150kg so it’s very strong and stable.

This swing chair is all about contrast. The frame is iron and the cushions are polyester. The top of the pole is curved and the pole is black to match the chair. The chair is made of black synthetic rattan that contrasts sharply with the white cushions (included). The chair is made in a wicker weave pattern that makes it look light and airy. The maximum capacity it can hold is 150kg so even the largest of people will enjoy using this chair. The white cushions include a headrest and they’re generously padded for extra comfort.

Assembly is quick and easy. This Yaheetech swing egg chair comes in three parts along with all the bolts that you need. You attach the stand to the base and then hang the chair. One person can do this by themselves. The base of the stand is a circular design that spreads the weight of the chair evenly across the ground. You can easily change the height of the chair by shortening or lengthening the chain.


  • The outdoor egg shape seat makes you look cool while you relax.
  • The black iron stand base is circular for a strong and stable stand.
  • The chair is made from black polyethylene synthetic rattan in a wicker weave for an open look to the swing.
  • Comes with a white cushion seat, headrest and attached cushion (all polyester) for maximum comfort.
  • Maximum capacity of 150kg so most people can sit in it.
  • Use it indoors or outdoors, so you can use it inside during the winter.
  • The swing chair height is adjustable by shortening or lengthening the chain.
  • Comes with a cover to protect the chair if you leave it outside.


  • The cushion is not high enough for taller people. 

Our recommendation

The Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair is comfortable for most people and looks cool. Use it outdoors and then bring it inside a conservatory when the weather cools where it will be just as at home. Although, if you do leave it outside, bring in the cushions and use the included cover to protect the frame.

You can adjust the height of the swing chair by changing the length of the suspending chains. No matter how tall you are, you don’t have to sit with your legs on the ground. You can swing the chair as you want. What we will say is taller people (over 6ft) may find it not as comfortable as those who are a little shorter, the combined cushion and headrest are not high enough for taller people.

We do have a little concern over the cushions. They are bright white and will often show stains and spills.

If you’re looking for a stylish, one-person swing chair and the Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair fits your requirements, it is probably one of the best eggs chairs currently available and we looked at a few to compare against. It’s the Runner-up in this review of swing chairs for gardens and we think it’s well deserved.

3. TecTake 800699 Swing Chair

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TecTake 800699 Swing Chair

The TecTake Swing Chair is a cross between a hammock (check our hammock reviews here) and a hanging sun lounger. You feel like you’re floating when you lay on it, which I’m sure you will agree, is an amazing feeling.

The curved frame contrasts with the straight legs to make one of the most contemporary stylish swing chairs in this review. The black powder-coated steel frame stands out against the cushion (4 colours to choose from) and canopy. The canopy has UV protection so sunburn is not in your future, however, if you are the type to enjoy lapping up the sun then it’s also removable. The canopy only reaches along your lounging body to your knees. However, your whole body is still protected from the sun because you can rotate and tilt the canopy to block it out. You can also remove the canopy if the sky is overcast or you simply prefer not to use it.

The one-piece padded cushion starts out as a headrest and stretches to the other end of the seat. It’s washable so you can keep it clean easily, which is essential. The legs of the stand have non-slip plastic caps to ensure that it doesn’t move around unexpectedly whilst you are on it. This single person swing chair holds a body up to 100kg in weight which is more than enough for most people.


  • Combination of hammock and hanging sun lounger for laid out rocking.
  • A very strong single person chair that holds 100kg.
  • The canopy has UV protection and can be rotated and tilted so you avoid the sunshine.
  • Ergonomically shaped so you can remain comfortable for a long time.
  • The polyester seat cushion included comes in a choice of 4 colours, along with a matching canopy, for a neutral décor and a modern design.
  • The lounger-type seat for one person is suspended from a curved frame for gentle swinging.
  • The powder-coated steel frame is weather-resistant so you can leave the frame out in any weather, although we recommend using a cover.
  • The frame is stable through four feet which makes it non-slip and tilt-proof.
  • The pillow can be washed so it’s always looking like new.
  • Armrests are curved so you can dangle your arms comfortably over the sides of the swinging chair. 


  • The steel/iron base frame has been varnished to protect against corrosion so could potentially rust if the varnish was damaged or scraped.

Our recommendation

The TecTake 800699 Swing Chair is a single person suspended lounger with a canopy over it. You can lay back in the shade while you gently swing. It’s a stylish piece of garden furniture that will make your neighbours look twice.

The black curved stand is made of powder-coated steel so you don’t have to worry about leaving it out in bad weather. But using a cover (not included) is still a better idea and being careful not to damage the powder coating. The stand is water and rust-resistant. The generously padded cushion is washable and it’s easy to keep it looking bright and clean.

If you don’t like sharing your garden chair and want to gently swing as you lie down, this is the outdoor garden swing for you. We looked at a few similar to this model but we came to the conclusion this was one of the better ones currently available.

4. Garden Market Place Blenheim Heavy Duty Garden 3 Seater Swing Seat 

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Garden Market Place Blenheim Heavy Duty Garden 3 Seater Swing Seat

The Garden Market Place Blenheim 3 Seater Swing Seat is easy to assemble from a flat pack by two people and only takes around 30 minutes because it’s fairly straightforward. The tools you need come with the swing chair which is a bonus as you don’t need to worry about having the right tool sizes etc.

The Blenheim swing chair has ample room for three people at 144cm wide, and a full width of 180cm (6ft). The combined weight of those sat on the chair shouldn’t be more than 200kg, so again, it is very strong.  

The frame is made from durable heavy-duty power-coated steel like most steel models. This makes it water and rust-resistant (as any other metal swing chair) and the finish is also exceptionally good. Just be sure to paint over any scratches in the powder coating to stop rust from attacking the underlying steel, which is a common problem with all-metal furniture.

This outdoor swing chair is colour coordinated in shades of brown in a back-to-nature scheme which many people will like. The seat is woven textilene fabric (in a tweed pattern) so it’s durable, weatherproof and makes it easy to clean. The curved canopy stands out beyond the front of the seat to give full coverage. The shade is always available because the canopy is adjustable to block out sunlight, something that is a nice feature and separates the premium models from the cheaper models. What we do like is that you can actually buy a spare canopy if your’s becomes torn for any reason.


  • Holds three people comfortably and closely for quiet talks.
  • The frame is made from heavy-duty powder coated steel for durability and good looks.
  • Easily assembled from flatpack by two people.
  • Colour coordinated frame, seat and canopy in shades of brown for a neutral appearance.
  • Adjustable canopy angle so you’re always in the shade.
  • Spare canopies are available in case something happens to yours.
  • The maximum load is 200kg for the three people.


  • No padding under the seat and it doesn’t come with cushions.
  • The back and seat are not adjustable.

Our recommendation

The Garden Market Place Blenheim 3 Seater Swing Seat is built for three people to enjoy the shade at the same time. The frame is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel just like most other models, this means you can expect to get many years out of it. The colour-matching brown canopy is adjustable should you want to follow the sun. Unlike many other manufacturers of garden swing chairs, this one sells a spare canopy in case disaster befalls your original one, which unfortunately can happen, even on the expensive and premium models.

Some online reviewers have noted that the seat of this Garden Market Place swing chair is not padded and cushions are not included. For maximum comfort, you will need to buy your own cushions for the seat and for the back of the swing chair. The back and seat are not adjustable so you sit in the position the seat is in which may or may not be comfortable.

If you want several friends or family to join you on an outdoor swing chair, consider the Garden Market Place Blenheim Heavy Duty Garden 3 Seater Swing Seat.

5. Suntime Havana Charcoal Garden Outdoor Swing Chair

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Suntime Havana Charcoal Garden Outdoor Swing Chair

The Suntime Havana Charcoal Garden Outdoor Swing Chair is a swing chair that fits in with any garden and patio colour scheme. With a charcoal colour frame, a light brown canopy and a beige padded seat, this swing chair won’t detract from your garden’s carefully chosen colour palette. 

The canopy is shaped like a hollow cylinder cut in half lengthwise. It’s positioned over the seat and covers the space in front of and behind the seat. The canopy is tiltable lengthwise so you have more shade on the front and behind the swing chair. With its showerproof treatment, the canopy keeps you dry from light passing summer showers.

The seat is made of textilene fabric and it is designed to be tough because it’s both weather-resistant and long-lasting. The seat has a headrest along its length so your head is supported in whichever lounging position you choose. This Suntime Havana Swing Chair has ball feet that won’t scratch your patio or make dents in your lawn which is a nice touch.


  • Two people can sit comfortably on this swing.
  • Charcoal frame, light brown canopy and beige padded seat for a neutral coordinated look.
  • The seat has a headrest to support your neck so it doesn’t ache when you sit in the swing.
  • The seat is made from textilene, a fabric that is weather-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Ball feet protect the surface the swing is on.
  • The canopy is adjustable to keep the sun out at most times of the day.
  • The canopy is showerproof so you won’t have to go inside when a light shower comes.


  • Cushions and storm cover are not included.
  • Assembly instructions are not easy to follow.

Our recommendation

The Suntime Havana charcoal Garden 2 seater Swing Chair throws a large amount of shade because its canopy is much larger than the chair seat. Two people can avoid the sunshine whatever the time of day as the canopy tilts to direct the shade. The charcoal colour of the frame and the coordinated colours of the canopy and seat provide a neutral appearance and won’t clash with your flower beds or patio tubs. 

We couldn’t find much information about the Suntime Havana Charcoal Garden Outdoor Swing Chair 2 Seater. The manufacturer’s website doesn’t have any information and neither do the shops that carry it. The cushions and a cover doesn’t appear to be included. Comments from online reviewers say that the assembly instructions are not easy to follow either.

If you’re looking for a basic, neutral coloured and relatively inexpensive two-seat outdoors swing chair, then add this to your list of models to look at.

Swing Chair Buyer’s Guide

Relaxing in your garden in a swinging chair makes time seem to slow down and the sunny days last longer. But first, you need to make a decision about which swing to purchase. 

This Buyer’s Guide presents the main features of a garden swing chair and explains what to look for in each one. Once you’ve made the key decision about what size swing you need, the rest of the choices are about style and comfort, and practicality of course.


Swinging garden seats hold a maximum number of people. Decide how many people you want to use the swing with at the same time. Swinging chairs are for one adult (and maybe two kids), for two or three adults sitting or one or two laying out, and you can also find four-seater swings. The swings for two to three adults are the ones that are the most popular.

In addition to the size, look also at the maximum weight that the garden swing can hold. Choose one with a large maximum weight as it’s impolite to ask your guests how much they weigh.


The material the frame is made of relates to how weatherproof and durable the swing is. Garden swing chairs are different in how they suspend the seat. Many are hung by chains while others use metal bars for suspension. The shape of the frame is usually a V for multi-seat swing chairs while chairs for a single person are mostly on curved stands. Check whether the frame comes with non-slip and non-marking feet. It may also need to be secured to the floor or ground.

The frame construction can be of aluminium, galvanised steel, iron, powder-coated steel, wood or woven resin. 

Wood has a natural and warm look. Treat European woods (e.g. pine, oak and acacia) so they can handle the dampness and the rain. Exotic woods (e.g. teak, ituaba) are naturally water resistant. Whichever you choose, treat the wood regularly with the appropriate product such as oil, wax or varnish.

If you’re concerned about the sustainability of harvesting the wood, look for a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council or the Pan European Forest Certification

Steel frames are made of either galvanised steel or powder-coated steel (covered in epoxy resin). Both of these materials are UV and weather resistant. Note that scratches through the powder covering leave the steel exposed to the elements and the frame may rust in that spot. Remember that steel is a metal and it heats up in the summer.

Aluminium frames are resistant to many things – rain, heat, and frost, plus rust. These frames are both lightweight and strong. They don’t need any special care and don’t heat up in strong sun but can make swing chairs expensive.

Woven resin frames are made of plastic that’s formed to look like woven rattan. These woven frames are lightweight and resistant to rain and snow and may have a UV coating so the sun doesn’t affect them. To clean them, just go over them with soapy water. Be sure to take in these frames over winter.


The size of the garden swing seat depends on how many people can sit on it. Some bench seats have just one piece and others are divided into individual-looking seats. The seats are usually made of wooden slats, steel or nylon. Some garden swing chairs have seats that recline for a very comfortable afternoon in the sun. Garden swing chairs for a single person is usually of an egg or cocoon shape.

Cushions soften the seat and the backrest of the garden swing chair so your body won’t ache after sitting in it. Be sure to check whether the garden swing chair comes with cushions. Some swing chairs come with just a slightly padded seat. You have to buy your own cushions if you don’t like those cushions supplied or buy a swing chair that doesn’t include cushions. Wherever you get your cushions from, see if they’re made of waterproof and sunproof fabric for a long-lasting and vibrant life. It’s also convenient if the cushion cover comes off for cleaning.

Remember to keep the cushions in a dry, warm space for the winter.


All swing chairs come with a canopy that protects the seat, the cushions and you. But not all canopies are the same. Most canopies are made from polyester which doesn’t fade in the sun. If it’s coated with resin, the canopy keeps the light in and the UV rays out.

Textilene is a fabric made, in part, for outdoor furniture. It reduces heat, is fade resistant and is waterproof. Other speciality fabrics you may come across are Sunbrella and Olefin. These are also durable, and weather and fade resistant.

Another feature to look for in a canopy is whether it tilts so you can change its angle as the sun moves across the sky. This ensures that you always have some shade. Also, check if the manufacturer sells replacement canopies. Canopies sometimes become torn in the wind or succumb to heavy rain. A replacement canopy keeps your garden swing chair looking new.


Many garden swing chairs come in a selection of colours. The colours are chosen to complement each other in the canopy, frame and seat, plus any cushions that are included. Most of them are neutral to fit into whatever décor scheme you have in your garden and on your patio. If you’re looking for a pop of extra colour, buy bright cushions to put on the seat.

Protective cover

Another way of protecting your garden swing set is to use a protective cover in bad weather. This covers the entire swing chair – canopy, frame and seat – and increases its longevity. If you’re not using the swing chair for a while, cover it to protect it from the sun. In winter, remove the seat and cushions and then use the cover to keep the frame free of snow.

If your swing chair doesn’t come with a cover, you may be able to buy one separately. Be sure that it matches the size and shape of the swing chair.


We include location in our Buyer’s Guide because where you place the garden swing chair will affect how you use it and how much you enjoy it. Give thought to where in the garden or on your patio you want to have the swing chair. Most of them are heavy and you don’t want to keep moving them from place to place.  Place the chair on a flat and sturdy surface. Remember to have enough space in front of and behind the swing so you can swing it. Having a stationary garden swing chair is not the goal here.


As well as the cover (Canopy section) and maybe the cushions (Seat section), you can buy a few other accessories for your swing chair. The most useful may be the trays that you attach to the armrests. Use these to hold your phone or a beverage. Just remember that things may fall off the trays if you like to swing forcefully. 

Final Conclusion

The appeal of a garden seat that swings gently and smoothly can’t be denied. The option of laying on it for a nap is irresistible. This review of the best swing garden chairs shows the range of choices you have. From the construction and material of the frame to the size and functionality of the canopy to the comfort provided by the seat, there are nothing but options. If you’re undecided, it helps to reread the Buyer’s Guide to see what features you should look for.

Our Best Pick is the Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat. It’s unusual in that the frame and seat are made of wood. The height of the seat is adjustable and the swing chair comes with a comfortable double cushion. 

The Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair is our Runner-up selection. This fun suspended chair is in the well-known egg shape and seats one person. The black stand and chair contrast strongly with the white cushions. This is a chair that wants to be seen.

If you’re also looking for other garden furniture, we have great information in our reviews for the Best Garden Furniture Sets and the Best Garden Patio Umbrellas. Read these to find out what you can add to your outdoor living spaces.

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